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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  March 10, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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not everything. after days of controversy, hillary clinton is defending her use of private e-mails as secretary of state, calling it a matter of convenience and nothing more. >> looking back it would have been better if i had simply used a second e-mail account and carried a second phone. but at the time this didn't seem like an issue. >> reporter: the former secretary says the vast majority of her e-mails were to government employees and archived on government e-mail servers. >> i fully complied with every rule that i was governed by. >> reporter: she says 55,000 pages of e-mails have been handed over to the state department which announced they'll be publicly released after they've been reviewed and redacted. >> we said we expect the review to take several months. obviously that hasn't changed. release will be posted on a publicly available website. >> reporter: but clinton also revealed she didn't keep thousands of e-mails she considers personal. >> emails about planning chelsea's wedding or my mother's
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funeral arrangements condolence notes to friends as well as yoga routines family vacations, the other things you typically find in ip boxes. >> reporter: that's unlikely to satisfy critics, including republicans who want her to turn over the server that hosted the private account. that's something hillary clinton says she won't do. republicans meanwhile say she can't be expected to decide on her own what should and shouldn't be kept public. live on capitol hill brian mooar, news4. just in news4 i-team reporter scott mcfarlane has obtained new information about the emails of mrs. clinton. scott? >> yeah jim, good evening. the news4 i-team prepared to report former secretary of defense chuck hagel also used a private e-mail address while corresponding with his white house during his time leading the pentagon. he used two separate blackberries, one which features a private g gmail account.
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hagel ran the defense department from february 2013 until last month and on at least one occasion in october 2013 white house chief of staff dennis mcdonough wrote to a group of u.s. cabinet secretaries and copied this now defunct private address, the e-mail believed to have belonged to the 24th secretary of defense chuck hagel hagel. contacted by news4, a spokesman said of hagel, "he understood the need to keep two separate and to keep government business emails on his official e-mail and on some limited occasions an e-mail may have been sent to or from the wrong account." the pentagon spokesman also says ash karlter, chuck hagel's successor, also maintains separate personal and governmental e-mail accounts. we just put the white house spops to our story on to our story on nbcwashington. iran's foreign minister says a letter from u.s. republican
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lawmakers suggest the united states is not trustworthy. 47 gop senators sent a letter warning that any nuclear deal with the obama administration could be scrapped once the president leaves office. the white house and senate democrats have denounced this letter accusing republicans of trying to sabotage the negotiations. iran's government called the letter unprecedented and undiplomatic. kind of messy out there right now. all day, in fact. doug we got much more of this? >> yeah jim, we do. this is going to last right on through the night tonight and maybe through early tomorrow morning. but then i think things will get a little better. we not only have the rain we also have the fog across the area. storm team 4 doppler radar showing the rain across the area and it will continue through the night. we're seeing light to moderate rain at times. some of the barker batches coming through fairfax county and the district right now. there's a lot more to come. look back to the west. we have to go through all of this moisture too.
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as we move on through the rest of the night, your headlines this evening, rain tonight, ending early tomorrow morning. looking really good for the day tomorrow. but the rain returns and it's going to affect your weekend. i have that forecast in just a minute. >> thanks, doug. traffic now getting slowly back to normal along between washington and baltimore tonight. it wasn't that way earlier, though when a tractor-trailer crash closed the southbound lanes. closed for nearly seven hours. consider you have your tuesday all planned out. jump on the highway. and then you don't go anywhere. you sit. and then you sit for even longer. and then oh my goodness you see pat collins. my gracious. pat, i'm getting you did not find too many people too happy to see you today. >> reporter: vance, they greeted me with open arms you can imagine. one guy missed three meetings today. another guy almost ran out of gas down there. a third guy was so late for work he just turned around and
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bailed. i asked all these drivers to describe their commute in one word. i put all those words together and you're going to hear them in a minute. but first i got to tell you, it was an incredible accident. the emergency response was fast and efficient. but even with all of that it took hours to get things rolling here again. it was a massive accident scene. a tanker truck sprawled over three lanes of highway. dams built to contain a biodiesel fuel spill and traffic. traffic. traffic. backed up for miles and miles and mimes. this was one of those all hands on deck situations. crews from forest heights, college park berwyn heights, montgomery county prince george's county scores and scores of firefighters and
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emergency workers deply ploied here on the scene. >> we wanted to make sure we had an adequate response. we dispatched hazardous materials where the additional personnel can bring 50 people. >> reporter: it happened after 10:00 this morning on the southbound lane of 95 in laurel. a 7,500-gallon tanker truck flips over and fuel starts spilling out. police say three cars and that truck were involved in the accident. one woman was take on the hospital. her injuries are described as minor. now, it took hours to offload the fuel. hours to carefully right the tanker. and then eventually tow it away. and for the drivers caught up in the traffic, it was a day they will not soon forgot. in a word it was -- >> unbearable. >> scary. >> brutal.
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>> reporter: for all you commuters imprisoned in your cars down there today, i'm feeling for you. vance, back to you. >> reporter: new video tonight shows another angle of that collision between the amtrak train and the truck in north carolina. state transportation officials say that crash could have been avoided because the truck was being escorted by state police and was stuck for five minutes before the train hit. officials say in that time police could have called an emergency number at the crossing to warn amtrak possibly giving the train enough time to stop. 55 people were hurt in the accident. investigators say hong young shot at two restaurants in laurel last week. police also say he shot at a truck on the intercounty connector and a building at the national security agency.
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nobody was seriously injured. his lawyers say he was hearing voices. congresswoman donna edward says she's going to run for the senate seat next year and that could open a competition to fill her seat in the house. prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins live in national harbor with some of the names we could see on the ballot. >> reporter: congresswoman edwards released that video today, recorded it here at national harbor talking about her run for the senate. and as soon as that video hit twit err number of names started to circulate, folks interested and running for that seat. >> i never learned the meaning of i can't or i won't or it's not my responsibility. >> reporter: with that donna edwards announced her candidacy for the u.s. senate hoping to fill barbara mikulski's seat when she retires. >> there's no way we can't win.
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when i step into barbara mikulski's shoes as your next senator, you'll always know where i stand. with you. >> reporter: edwards made the announcement through social a with the release of a two-minute video outlining how she began in politics and what she's done as a congresswoman. since 2008 she's represented maryland's fourth district which includes parts of prince george's and anne arundel counties. >> she's ban partner with us. >> reporter: chris van hollen of maryland's eighth district which includes montgomery and parts of frederick and carroll countys announced his candidacy. a source close to anthony brown says the former maryland lieutenant governor is exploring his opportunities and will announce his intentions soon. news4 as also confirmed that former prince george's maryland state's attorney glen ivy has interest in the seat and maryland senator anthony mousse maryland delegate michael vaughn and former council web ingrid
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turner have confirmed their intentions to run as well. former delegate and edward supporter aisha bravevoice says she's excited about the pofblts. >> in maryland we've never ae electricitied an african-american woman to the u.s. senate and donna was a pioneer being the first african-american woman elected to congress from our state. >> reporter: no one has officially filed to run for edward' seat. it will be fund-raising and campaigning for that seat and van hol listen's seat as well. back to you. former senator edward brooke remembered today as a trail blazing legislator. hundreds of people gathered for his funeral this morning at the washington national cathedral. brooke was the first african-american senator elected by popular vote. he represented massachusetts for 30 years.
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he was born and raised in washington and graduated before serving with honor in world war ii. eleanor holmes norton spoke at the service today. senator brooke was buried this afternoon at arlington national cemetery. new at 6, the u.s. senate could vote next week on president obama's nominee for attorney general. the president nominated loretta lynch in november. the senate judiciary committee signed off on lynch two weeks ago. now majority leader mitch mb connell says the full senate will debate her nomination next week. lynch would become the first black woman to hold the office of attorney general. d.c.'s police chief today made a pledge about body cameras in the city. her response today to accusations of illegal police tactics. and the evidence revealed today in the boston marathon bombing trial.
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a handwritten note on the inside walls of a boat. that was at the center of testimony today in the boston marathon bombing trial. prosecutors say that note was written by dzhokhar tsarnaev. while he was hiding from police. the note says the u.s. government quoting, is killing our innocent civilians and as a muslim i cannot stand to see such evil go unpunished.
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that note has lines of blood and there are several bullet holes through it. during cross-examination the defense said all the bullet holes were from shots from outside the boat and coming into the boat from outside and that no bombs, guns or weapons of any kind were found in the boat. d.c. police are accused of using military-style tactics and xesive force when they stop and question suspects. today chief cathy lanier defended her officers. new at 6:00 mark segraves explains how she plans to use body cameras to hem put the community at ease. >> reporter: d.c. police chief cathy lanier announced today she plans to more than double the number of officers wearing body cameras and keep adding more cameras each year until just about every officer has one. >> all the units that are out having front-line contact will have the body cameras. >> suggestion that you put a camera on a cop for them to act right is a further indictment of their brutality.
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that you trust them. >> reporter: lanier came under fire today for the use of what protesters call jump-out tactics, when undercover officers in unmarked cars jump out of their cars and swarm a group of suspects. >> not just oakland, not just ferguson not just cleveland, it's right here in washington, d.c. >> reporter: lanier and the head of the police union disputed claims that officers routinely use excessive force and military-style tactics to stop and question suspects. lanier testified that the tactic protesters call jump-outs are mostly undercover drug stipgs. >> they'll come in two separate car, usually unmarked car and once the drug transaction is made with the undercover they will come into the area and stop the individuals involved in the drug transaction. that's the most common scenario. >> reporter: in the district mark segraves news4. we told you the d.c. fire department is facing a critical staffing shortage. so is the police department. today chief lanier told the council that the department's hiring is not keeping up with retirement and the number of officers quitting.
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the head of the police union has been warning about this problem for years and he's now calling it a crisis. chief lanier says she wants to civilianize more than a hundred positions currently held by sworn officers to help alleviate this problem. she says 300 officers left last year and 400 more are expected to leave this year. today marks one year since a major development in the long-running federal investigation into former d.c. mayor vincent gray and his 2010 campaign for mayor. one year ago, d.c. businessman jeffrey thompson pleaded guilty to financing a shadow campaign that illegally spent more than $600,000 to get re-elected. thompson and prosecutors claim that former mayor gray knew about the secret funds. but thompson was yet to be sentenced in the case because he agreed to cooperate with the investigation. the u.s. attorney's office tells news4 the investigation of gray's campaign is ongoing.
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the former mayor has denied doing anything wrong and he has not been charged either. nearly 5,000 sailors spent the day waiting in norfolk because they could not be deployed. sea life was clogging up the intake of the "uss theodore roosevelt," the aircraft carrier. some family used the time to talk to their loved ones for a few extra hours before the worldwide tour begins. crew will have to wait for the tide and hope to get out sometime this evening. >> sea life? >> sea life. >> do we know what kind? >> i don't think it was water skiers and fishermen. i think it was barnacles and other things that get sucked up. >> got cha. a lot of things getting sucked down right now. how was that? >> go with it. >> got to transition somehow. it eat raining outside.
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everybody seeing rain for the most part. you can see where some of the heavier rain is up along i-270, also out along 66 in through faulkier county seeing some of that heavier rain. prince george's county seeing moderate to heavy rain. right along 301 and the beltway. darker spots is even heavier rain. is that rain continues around the chillum area. it will be a wet go of things through the rest of the evening hours. if you're going to be out on the roads, expect ponding and problems. look at the moisture train coming up. haven't used that word since last fall, the moisture train coming right out of the gulf of mexico. that means we're in far lot of rain for the rest of the night.
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ponding on roads, isolated flooding. we've seen that on some of the local roadways too in some of the poor drainage areas. those puddles may be deep potholes. you don't know how deep they are. heads up for those as you move in. 46 degrees, the winds are calm. it was 50 about ten minutes ago so we've seen some kind of a directional change in the wind that brought us down to 46 with that rain. something else we're looking at dense fog, some areas below a half-mile. that's for everybody in the gray until tomorrow morning. look at the roads towards rockville. can barely see out 355. normally you can mark segraves well down the south. here's the rain through around the 11:00 hour still seeing that rain in and around d.c. up to the north especially then it drifts down to the south. by early tomorrow morning rush hour i think should be dry from the rain falling but the roads will still be rather wet. you may need a little bit of extra time.
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tomorrow afternoon around noon you may see a couple of showers down to the south. the rest of us remain dry. then watch what happens. the clearing moves in and we see it come in fast and we see warm temperatures too. high temperatures tomorrow on the warm side going for a high of 64 degrees with sunshine in the afternoon. early morning showers, about 30% chance high of 64. 56 on your thursday. thursday looks good. then the rain moves back in late friday night. it will affect your plans if you're going out friday night for dinner or to the movies. 48 on friday 61 on saturday with rain likely. most of the day. sunday monday and tuesday not looking bad. transportation reporter adam tuss is getting out the tape measure and finding some to have worst craters in our area.
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two students have been taking part in a racist chant at the university of oklahoma and more students could be disciplined. the president of the university says the fraternity of brothers who were kicked out led the chant. it included a racial slur and reference to lynching. the sigma alpha epsilon house
6:25 pm
has now been boarded up. all of its members have been ordered to move out by midnight. student borrowers in the district maryland and virginia owe more than $60 billion in federal student loans. today president obama unveiled new protections for these students in what he calls the student aid bill of rights. he spelled out the changes at an appearance at georgia tech. before he left he signed an odder that directs federal agencies to make it easier for students to finance their educations and pay back the loans without being cheated by unethical lenders and loan servicers. >> we're creating a way for you to ask questions about your loan, file a complaint, cut through the bureaucracy, get a faster response. that's not just from the government. that's also from the contractors who, you know, sometimes service your loans.
6:26 pm
the plan includes a single website where students with see all of their loans in one place to make it'ier to keep track of the records. the national transportation safety board is still not sure what caused a failure in the engine on the plane that was crash landed by actor harrison ford last week. he was flying an world war ii era plane when the engine failed. the initial ntsb report says ford told air traffic control hemmediately return to the airport after take auch because he was having engine trouble. the plane hit the top of a tree then crash landed into a golf course in santa monica just a few hundred yards from the airport runway. ford suffered several broken bones. his son says the actor was battered but he was oak. next a husband, father now sex offender. why a local school janitor won't be going to jail for assaulting dozens of students. >> reporter: potholes potholes they are everywhere.
6:27 pm
no doubt you're hitting them in your car and some are quite deep.
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a new form of innovation is taking shape, bringing media and technology together for more people. together is more wi-fi access in more places. it's a home you control with the touch of a finger. it's reimaging tv to give more people
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more choices. it's bringing technology and people together in ways you never thought possible. comcast and time warner cable. together is better for more people. we asked you for pictures of
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some of the biggest potholes you've seen around town. tonight we'll tell you what's being done around the region to fill them in a reasonable amount of time. >> our weather is not helping. the rain will stick around all night making holes in the road tough to see. team coverage at 6:30 starting with transportation reporter adam tuss live in northwest d.c. what are you measuring out there? >> we're measuring huge craters in the ground. we have potholes all over the place. this is 45th street. take a look here at how deep some of these go. the cone xwoes into the hole and it pretty much disappears down to the bottom. and they are lining 45th street. it is a rough ride all around our region as these holes are now filled with water. they are literally everywhere. you asked us to send your picks. this is called the abyss. another says on maryland 210 indian head highway the right lane filled with these.
6:31 pm
>> they're all over the place. everywhere you go there's a pothole. >> reporter: potholes potholes, they are everywhere. no doubt you're hitting them in your car and some of them are quite deep. we measured them some one foot wide some two feet wide many three feet wide or more. and they can be deep. >> all over the place. i have an app that tells me where the potholes are. >> reporter: imagine navigating on a bike. sam out with his helmet on. >> i thought last winter was really bad, but this year they're worse. they're just terrible. >> just terrible. not a bad way to describe it. road crews around the region say they know this is happening earlier than usual but they want you to keep reporting the potholes and they'll try to repair them as fast as they can before they need a permanent fix. what do you say, doug?
6:32 pm
>> it's this weather that just continues that makes these potholes bigger and bigger. today anytime you get those potholes filled with water, it's hard to see how deep they are so you're going to be going faster than normal when you hit them and that's going to make them bigger still. the rain continuing to make it way around the region. look at this heavier rain through faulkier county some around prince william county towards prince george's anne arundel county everybody starting to see the moderate rain kicking in through the rest of the night tonight. as you make your way out, remember we are going to see those potholes so that impact ponding on the road isolated flooding in some areas with poor danage regions and slow down. keep your speed low. you don't want to hurt that car. the weather will improve. i'll show you when in my forecast. he cried in court as he pled guilty and he wasn't getting any sympathy from prosecutors who say that he knowingly had unprotected sex with women while he was hiv positive. pat lawson muse is in our newsroom with more. >> daniel cleaves pleaded guilty
6:33 pm
to two counts of reckless endangerment. he's acued of picking up two women in bethesda on separate occasions and having unprotected sex with them without telling them he was hiv positive. court documents show one victim texted cleaves saying "i can't believe you didn't tell me. i'm going to the hospital right now. i'm crying and i don't feel like living anymore." we're told the women still have to go through six more months of testing to know whether they've been infected. back in december cleaves' bond was revoked after prosecutors say he violated his house arrest several times and even invited a transgender woman to his house. his attorney says cleaves' alcohol addiction is to blame. cleaves will be sentenced at the end of the month and faces up to 18 months in prison. vance? >> thanks pat. a former contractor for montgomery county schools will have to register as a sex offender. prosecutors say surveillance video shows john embassy touching a is-year-old girl on the backside in a hallway at baker middle school in damascus
6:34 pm
last october. today epps pleaded guilty to second-degree assault and fourth-degree sex offense. he'll be on probation for five year ts and he'll serve no jail time. as part of the deal the married father of two boys will now be listed on the maryland sex offender registry for 15 years. he also has been banned from going anywhere near a scho. >> i'm hoping what we've achieved makes sure he's monitored, supervised and stays out of our schools for any kind of foreseeable future. in the district and all over our area housing is increasingly expensive and out of the reach of many workers. but some have figured out a way. today news4 caught up with a hotel housekeeper.
6:35 pm
she's hoping to buy her very first home. >> reporter: she was showing muriel bowser how to clean a hotel room. king who says she once was addicted to drugs, makes nearly $20 an hour. she told bowser a good i don't know i don't know jobs are one way people can afford the increasingly expensive district. now six mos later, mayor bowser was hugging union officials and juanita here at local 25 was announcing the labor agreement with the proposed d.c. soccer stadium and the team. with her good job, king says she's now looking to buy her own house. >> even now with everything getting more expensive, i've been able to start saving up to buy a house. >> reporter: the moth maye yor juanita king is one of thousands of low and moderate
6:36 pm
worker who is want to remain in the district. next no mo she'll unveil her promised plan to spend $100 million a year for affordable housing. >> he will invest $100 million annually in affordable housing, but if you don't have a job or if you don't have a good job, you still won't be able to afford the housing that we're creating. >> reporter: the high prices aren't skarg off juanita, hoeing to five a five bedroom home east of the anacostia where housing is still affordable. >> prices is going up but if you know how to save it's going to be okay. >> reporter: tom sherwood news4. next at 6:00 new video shows the aftermath of that midair collision during the taping of a reality show. what investigators are saying tonight about the conditions just before this deadly crash. a new plan in the works for one of the busiest roads in virginia.
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en a collision killed 3-0 olympians. ten people were killed in all. the video leased shows the helicopters clipped each other and then fell to the ground. the group was filming a reality show called "dropped." it features french celebrityies testing their survival skills. there is a new bipartisan push in congress to ease restrictions on medical marijuana. senators rand paul kristin gillibrand and cory booker today introduced the measure. it would make marijuana a schedule two substance. and it would allow states to change medical marijuana laws. so doctors could prescribe the drug without fear of prosecution. >> the government should not block families from accessing treatment that would ease their children's suffering.
6:40 pm
>> there are thousands of people in our country, probably tens of thousands of people in our country, who have diseases that are incurable and that would like to seek palliative >> the proposed bill would also allow for legal banking of profits from recreational profits in states that have legalized it. >> we told you about a plan to allow buss to drive on the shoulder of i-66. now there is one thing that vdot is begging drivers to do when they roll out this program. and giving those with mental illness a chance to succeed in the workplace.
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with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v there might soon be buses on i-66 inside the beltway. the virginia department of transportation will soon allow buss to drive on the shoulder when traffic backs up. and drivers will have to be quite alert. our northern virginia bureau chief julie cay joins us now from arlington to explain how this is all going to work. julie? >> reporter: well the condition you see out here right now, the slow roll, that's what could soon allow some buses bound for manassas and gainesville to use certain segments of the shoulder on i-66 inside the beltway to do a kind of end run around the traffic. vdot estimates it could save some five to ten minutes off the drive to and from work were those prince william county
6:44 pm
commuters. for nearly a decade bruce campbell has been commuting from his manassas home aboard an omni ride bus. it travels along i-66 then to the pentagon or downtown destinations. even with the help of hov lanes, the trip suspect always speedy. >> sometimes it's bad but sometimes it's pretty okay. >> reporter: these signs in place provide a preview. starting monday march 23rd buses will be allowed to leapfrog gridlock and drive on the shoulder in certain i-66 segments two eastbound and two west bound. but there are rules. the buses can't use the shoulder unless traffic slows 35 miles an hour. once on the shoulder they can't travel any faster than 25 miles an hour. bruce campbell likes the idea of a quicker commute but he has concerns. >> safety. that's about it. you know there's cars parked on the side. there's a trooper on the side how much do we need to slow down to get back into the flow of traffic.
6:45 pm
>> reporter: this commuter bus driver is eager to try out the shoulders. >> it will alleviate some of the combustion in the traffic but it's a little tight, too though okay? >> reporter: vdot officials say they'll operate the pilot program for a year and if it works the speed bus trips and save money, they'll expand it. they also have a big request for other drivers sharing i-66. >> one of the concerns is for the buses to merge back in and we ask that drivers please allow the buses to get back in so that they can get where they are trying to go. >> reporter: some 1,200 commuters ride those omni ride buses every day to gainesville and manassas. they'll be first to be able to take advantage of this program and some loudoun county buses will be added soon after that. if you want to get a look at the vdot map showing the exact segment where this bus on the shoulder drive can occur, go to our facebook page. back to you. it's a store that carries
6:46 pm
just about anything you can think of and it means just about everything to its employees. it's called upscale resale. it's a nonprofit and it's dedicated to employing adults with mental illnesses. news4's melissa mollet shows us how the is changing minds. >> reporter: he greets you with a smile. >> hey, sean. how you doing? >> reporter: a kind woord. >> good to see you. >> reporter: it's been this way for 11 1/2 years. >> this is our electronics section. >> reporter: that's how long joe wall witz has been working here. >> i love it. >> reporter: at upscale resale it's a family. >> i love it. the high point in my week. >> reporter: a place that makes the employees here feel a way -- >> a nonjudgmental place to work. >> reporter: -- they lnt felt before. >> i love it here. i don't feel like it's a mental illness situation. >> reporter: they all suffer from mental illness. >> certified paranoid schizophrenic. >> i had a childhood onset psychosis. >> reporter: upscale resale
6:47 pm
thrift shop is run by jobs unlimited. >> this is going to go for 50 cents. >> reporter: the goal of the nonprofit for participants to learn job skills gain financial independence and confidence. >> without us i think it's safe to say that something would be spending long periods of time in the hospital long periods of time homeless. >> reporter: clothes, furniture, dvds. how often do you come here? >> every week. >> reporter: rows and rows of little treasures to be found. >> i don't bargain too hard when i come here because the money goes to a good place. >> reporter: any money made on these donated goods goes to employee salaries and operational costs here like rent and heat. >> before i came to jobs unlimited i had not held a job for more than nine months. >> reporter: james becker was first on board. >> i stuck with jobs unlimited and they stuck with me. >> reporter: a jobs unlimited grant program. >> so this piece of furniture is $200. >> reporter: allowed james to take classes at nearby montgomery college, with where he put his all into a schoolwork
6:48 pm
and now has a certificate in accounting. >> people that knew me five years ago would not even believe that i could do that. >> reporter: jobs unlimited was founded back in 1991. over the years they've hired hundreds of employees like cameron here. right now they have 24 people working part-time. >> we've been i believe a wonderful organization for these 24 people but there's hundreds more we could serve if we had the funding to do it. >> reporter: they're all willing to work hard. and overcome a personal battle. >> thank you so much. all right. >> reporter: all with a smile, a grateful attitude excited for that next customer. >> going to buy it okay? >> reporter: who no doubt is just around the corner. in rockville, melissa mollet news4. >> you want to find out how you can help and find out more on how to donate goods or even your time at upscale resale go to doug i think on all our live shots it looks like the
6:49 pm
reporters would certainly much rather be in here than out there on overpasses in the rain. >> i love watching them though you know? it's kind of fun. >> not bad from in here. >> reporter: adam tuss doubtout there, got his hood on getting rained on an anld you're sitting back. he know what is he signed up for today. the rain will continue to come down tonight some on the heavy side. your evening planner, it will show you one thing. they're both right there, actually. two things. if fog and the rain. we have 46 degrees. temperatures will fluctuate between 46 47 as we move on through the night. we'll fog all night tonight. so heads up. and look at this. we're getting into the moderate rain right now. anytime you see the dark green and the yellows like this around annapolis, this is right over the bay bridge here and then back towards the west in towards prince william county loudoun county down towards faulkier county and then farther west. this is all moving to the east. so yeah we are seeing some of that heavier rain. we'll zoom in on this area and show you where that heavier rain is. this is right around parts of
6:50 pm
montgomery county right along river road as we move towards potomac and right around the airport. chantilly, sent reville, manassas all seeing moderate to heavy rain all courtesy of our storm system that's bringing that rain up from the gulf of mexico and then just kind of wringing it out over our region. all the snow that we've seen last week well most of that snow starting to get out of here now and now we're dealing with some fog. the fog advisory in effect and through 10:00 tomorrow morning. give yourself extra time early tomorrow morning and really overnight tonight i think is when it's going to be the worst. right now visibility less than a tenth of a mile in frederick, bad towards frederick county and annapolis. the rest of the area above a mile so it will be going down as we move through the night tonight. four-day 64 degrees on your wednesday, nice tomorrow afternoon after some early showers tomorrow afternoon. thursday it looks good. then we move into another fairly rainy pattern, late friday and into the day on saturday. saturday's rain sunday not too bad. >> looking forward to it.
6:51 pm
thanks doug. sports coming up. free agency frenzy. you know what i'm trying to say. the nfl, brian orakpo still with our guys. the question is for how long.
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
this is one of those days where the diehards go crazy. >> you live and die on twitter, though. >> big time. >> we're going to tell you what's up for sure. >> been watching it all day. amazing. >> as expected the rps make a move signing "d" lineman steven pius four years, $to million mike jones from "the washington post" says he can play nose tackle and defensive e something. the skins free agent linebacker brian a brian orakpo hasn't signed anywhere yet but has interest from three teams. the rps, cardinals and titans are going after the 28-year-old linebacker. a report out of tennessee is saying that he has a visit scheduled with the titans. orakpo has missed 24 games over the last three seasons due to injury. a move that redskins fans will have a lot of interest in. the eagles trade quarterback nick foles to the rams for quarterback sam bradford. what? bradford was the top pick in the 2010 draft, but he missed all last season after tearing his
6:55 pm
acl for the second time. for all you burgundy and gold fans bradford has played the redskins three times in his career throwing five touchdowns and two picks, averaging 236 yards a game. bradford's rams won 2 of the 3 though. by far the biggest move of the day according to reports, the saints trading three-time pro bowl tight end jimmy graham and a draft pick to the reigning nfc champion seahawks for two-time pro bowl center max unger and a draft pick. rams one of the best tight ends since he came into the league with almost 5,000 yards receiving and 51 touchdowns in his five seasons in the nfl. >> i heard they traded brees, too, is that true? >> just a rumor. no drew brees. >> phew. >> one more note the ravens trade haloti nada and a seventh-rounder to detroit for a fourth and fifth-round pick. the free agent theme continues as we show you the nationals who today got another look at max scherzer.
6:56 pm
matt williams gets his longest look so far this spring at his new ace. three innings. scherzer looking pretty good. catches marcel sioux that looking. then catches a big fish, the guy he wants, john car low temperatures stanton. got a strike. three innings, three strikeouts and one run allowed from scherzer. bottom nine, the marlins get the last laugh. that's derrick dietrich. he makes this one deep. a walk-off homer from him. and the marlins win it 2-1. sun's out, shades out. o's versus yankees. birds counting on a healthy manny machado after another knee surgery in august. manny looking 100% today. slow-roller and machado fires it and picks him off at first. that looks good. those fans got to love see frag that from manny. at the plate getting it done. with a man on in the fifth takes it right up the middle. he beats the throw. 3 for 3 with the rbi for machado. birds win 3-1.
6:57 pm
acc tournament first round, buzz williams getting sweaty. sweating it out against wake forest. two minutes to go hokies up one, freshman jalen hudson. splitting the "d" and slamming it home. he had a career-high 32 points. isn't that a sick move? tech up three. this one went trigt the end. six seconds to go wake down one. they miss not just one chance not two chances, but three chances to win it and the clock ticks down. virginia tech snapping a seven-game skid eliminating wake 81-80. they'll play miami in the second round tomorrow night. also this afternoon, american university basketball team getting one last practice in at bender arena before departing for easton pennsylvania, where they take on lafayette in the patriot league final. pee wee garner getting on the bus. he's got chips-ahoy some cheetos, ready for the game. just a four-hour bus ride. that's all that separates. and a "w" tomorrow. that's the big thing.
6:58 pm
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on this tuesday night, breaking her silence. hillary clinton finally speaki out about her personal e-mail, d and what she says is off-limits. are expelled, frater brothers thrown out over a racist chant. now a new video clip. a house mother using the same slur. but she said it's not what it security risks. an nbc news investigation. hundreds of i.d. badges used t access secure area stolen from the nation's airports. and caught on camera. chilling video from a quiet town. a stranger snatches a toddler and runs off. tonight the children who gave chase, and the hunt for the kidnapper. "nightly news" begins now.


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