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tv   News4 Today  NBC  March 11, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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plans to double the number of officers wearing body cameras this year. right now a montgomery county family is looking for your help to find a missing man. take a good look at this photo of the 67 old. he was last seen monday night at his home in gaithersburg. he has dementia. if you see him, call police. still no word on the of a virginia tech student missing after falling off of a cruise ship. the 21-year-old student was reported missing sunday from the carnival glory ship. footage reportedly shows the fall in the bahamas. the u.s. coast guard says the search is ongoing. carnival has released a statement extending sympathies to the family. coming up on 4:31 now on this wednesday morning. another nice morning temperature-wise. still a little wetness to deal
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with. >> let's check in with tom kierein to find out if things will dry up today. >> not for the morning. but by later this afternoon, we'll begin to dry out. but we'll be dealing with light rain off and on. we have more coming in southwestern virginia around the metro area, a few scattered sprinkles, a little mist patchy dense fog just to the north of the metro area. so use your low beams and slow down. visibilities are very low. i nearly hit a deer this morning that was lurgking in the fog. temperatures are chilly but we're in the 40s most locations. for the drive time, wet roads with patchy fog around. p its in the 40s. for the away, we'll dry out, sunshine breaks out and we'll jump into the mid-60s by mid
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afternoon. a look at neighborhood highs that vary quite widely. that's coming up at 4:41. now a look at the roads with that lisa. >> and you're right, it is foggy out there this.lisa. >> and you're right, it is foggy . first where richard is, canal closed from reservoir to foxhall. you can get up to -- sorry canal road is closed there reservoir to arizona. shut down there. richard will be out there for us. gw parkway north at spout run, still have that closure, they're pushing you off to spout because of all the pothole repair happening. taking a look at prince george's county overall no major problems. and then a little bit of the fog that i saw coming in river road at little falls parkway, pretty nasty out there. just be careful as you're out this morning. back in ten minutes. it is now 4:33. police now say a single driver is to blame for this major crash
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on i-95. p a tanker overturned spilling fuel and causing police to shut down southbound lanes for seven hours on the highway. you first learned about this crash through a push alert on the nbc washington app. police charged a ford focused driver they say cut someone off and caused a chain reaction accident. i'm angie goff at the live desk. university of oklahoma right now sigma alpha epsilon members are out. take a look at this new video. you can see what is left behind at their fraternity house. these pictures posted on twitter after being forced to move out overnight. now, this as we get new apologies from the group's top brass in response to the outrage over the video, this one where members are seen singing that racist chant. sae says it is working on expelling all those seen in this video from the national organization saying in part we
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teach our members to serve as role models and to live up to our creed, true gentlemen. when members fail to do so we will not hesitate to take corrective actions or to impose sanctions. two frat members have already been expelled from the university. aaron. it's 4:34. and happening today, the trial begins for prince george's county teacher accused of sex abuse. andre brown was a teacher and coach at high point high school in beltsville. prosecutors say he abused a 17-year-old student after asking her to go with him into a logger room during a football game in 2013. he was arrested last may after she reported to police. and no jail time for former contractor who admitted to sexually assaulting a quirl at a middle school. john epps pleaded guilty yesterday. prosecutors say this surveillance video shows epps touch a 12-year-old girl on the back side last october.
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epps will be on probation for five years and listed on the sex offender registry for 15 years. a handwritten note on the inside walls of a poet is at the center of testimony in the boston marathon bombing trial. prosecutors revealed the blood stained note yesterday they say it was written by dzhokhar are tsarnaev while he hid from police. the note says the u.s. government is killing our innocent civilians and as a muslim i can't see they go unpunished. the judge will decide whether the jurors will see it. joe morrissey completed his sentence yesterday. he served time for a relationship with a 17-year-old girl. he was voted back in to office in a special election for the seat that he gave up. it is now 4:36. three bills to help prevent sex all violence on campus are heading to the governor's desk in virginia. 25 related bills were scaled
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back tabled or consolidated it at the general assembly into three bills. if approved campus employees would need to report any allegations to the title ix coordinator. the commonwealth attorney will also need to be notified within 48 hours. schools would also be required to make a note on academic transcripts of any student who was suspended, dismissed or withdrawals while under investigation. today glenn ivey is expected to announce he's running for congress. he's hoping to fill the spot filled by condondonna edwards today. she's facing off against chris van hollen for another seat. a costco will be built. the proposal to build it there. the county board of appeals is expected to rule for one of the sites just a few hours from now.
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we'll send you an alert on the nbc washington app when that decision is made. this afternoon maryland's comptroller will push for lawmakers to start school after labor day. testimony will start at 1:00. those in favor of the plan say a later start would result in about $74 million in economic benefit. a recent survey found 72% of marylanders support starting public schools after labor day. and we are still dealing with some lingering rain showers this morning on the radar. tom is tracking how warm it will get in your neighborhood once the rain moves out. and we'll tell you the major action the u.s. senate is about to take in the fight against isis plus what a new poll reveals about what you think the u.s. will be successful at if we go up against isis. and a new traffic plan for one of the busiest roads in northern virginia. the big change for
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you may be able to help d.c. police if you recognize this man. take a close look. this is new video showing a guy who broke into a custom tailer showroom on 14th street northwest. he left with an arm full of clothe there is. there is a $1,000 reward for information about that burglary. and in northeast d.c., we're learning about a wave of burglaries according to some police reports.
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there were four home burglaries within a span of about 9 hours on monday near 19th in maryland. a car was also stolen just a few blocks away. it's not yet note whether those climbs are related. new bus rules start in less than two weeks this i-66 and they can make your commute a lot faster. buses will be able to start driving on the shoulder. it's a pilot program and would only apply to certain sections of the road. we put a map of the new you routes on and nbc washington facebook page. the changes begin monday march 23. 4:41 is our time. we had a really wet day yesterday and it's kind of sticking away for a little while. >> let's find out from tom kierein when things will dry out. weather and traffic on the 1s at 4:41. >> not growing mushrooms yet, but we will be getting rain later this morning. there is quite a bit more rain in the tennessee valley that is all light rain on a track to get closer to us. right now the metro area just a
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few scattered sprinkles, a little bit of drizzle around along with fog just to our north. so have an umbrella with you. you'll need light jacket rain boots and umbrella through the morning. but in the afternoon, you can shed the jacket. we'll have the warmest temperatures right in washington southern maryland into virginia reaching the low to mid-60s as the sun breaks out. coolest temperatures will be right around the bay. highs there will just be in the 50s through the afternoon they're the pennsylvania border here 60. nice day out in the mountains, too, near 60 with sunshine breaking out. look at the next chance of rain for the weekend coming up at 4:51. gw parkway, we initially told you about this situation shut down northbound at spout run. just got off the phone and they say the lanes just reopened. so not a problem if you're heading out anytime soon there. everything open the spout run. canal road closed between reservoir and foxhall. traffic pushed on to reservoir
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if you're coming into town. outbound being pushed on to fogs hall. much more on that coming up. the state which is now considering death by firing squad. >> message written on the side of a house which exploded what a man had to say about his wife.
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welcome back at 4:45. today a senate committee holds a high profile hearing on president obama's request to authorize military force against isis. this comes as a new poll shows how americans feel about the chances for success. tracie potts is here with more on today's hearing and a breakdown of the poll. >> reporter: for the first time the senate foreign relations committee will look at the president's request. he wants to go to war with the
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islamic state for no more than three years respect possibly using special forces. democrats say they're concerned about a ground war. republicans say it may not be enough. in that hearing today, we'll hear from secretary of state john kerry from our new defense secretary ashton carter and also general dempsey the joint chiefs chair. they're all set to testify. now, the latest nbc/"wall street journal" poll shows most people more than seven out of ten think if the u.s. does go to war with isis, we're very likely or somewhat likely to succeed. >> tracie potts live on which i will capitol hill for us. hillary clinton is still facing tough questions about her use of personal e-mail. the chairman of the investigative panel says he will call clinton to testify twice but clinton says she has nothing to hide. >> i feel i've taken you been
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unprecedented steps to provide the work-related e-mails. >> the former secretary of state says she used personal e-mail out of convenience, but in hindsight, wishes she had used a government account. the news 4 iteam has discovered that a member of the president's cabinet may have used a private e-mail address, as well. you're looking at an e-mail the iteam obtained that appears to include the private address. little's believe order belong to chuck hagel. he used two blackberry one for personal use and the other for government e hails. a pentagon official tells us on some limited occasions an e-mail may have been september tont to or from the wrong account. the white house declineded to answer why or how often it sent official e-mails to the g-mail account . new developments on a man accused of threatening to shoot president obama in the name of isis. yesterday federal prosecutors filed a motion to restrict phone access for christopher cornell. he's been locked up in ohio
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since january. last week cornell made a surprise phone call from jail to a tv station. he was recorded saying if he had made to washington he would have tried to shoot the president. the fbi initially arrested cornell for an alleged plot to shoot up the u.s. capitol. we have this new this morning out of south korea, the flight attendant harassed by a rea vp on how she was served nuts is suing the airline and the executive lawyers. the woman says she was verbally and physically attacked by the airline chairman's daughter in an incident that became known as the nut rage case. cho forced the plane to return to the gate and eventually sentenced to one year in prison over the debacle. back to you. you remember one of the biggest songs of 2013. well, a jury has ruled that it
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was a rip soef. jurors say blurred lines copied marvin gaye's 1997 got to give it up and owe $7.3 million. williams and thicke have defended blurred lines as original. they will consider options to fight the ruling. ferguson missouri is getting a new city manager. the current one is resigning following the justice department accusing ferguson police of racial bias. a city clerk was fired and a judge and two police officers have all resigned so far. utah may soon become the only thing to allow death by firing squad. the state senate passed a bill that reinstates that penalty more than a decade after it was banned. it would require the state to use a firing squad if lethal injection drugs are not available 30 days before an execution. it now goes to the governor who has not said whether he will sign that measure. in "news 4 your health,"
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breast cancer treatment often rubs rub as woman of her fertility, but a new drug is helping some cancer patients survive the disease and still have a family. clinic say a medication is given at the same time as chemotherapy and the drug puts your ovaries to sleep protecting them from the harsh effects of chemotherapy. >> more people want to have normal quality of life following their treatment. for women, that may include not going into early menopause. >> the results would compare to women who received chemo without the new drug. almost three times as many women protected their fer ilt during chemotherapy and nearly twice as many asly became pregnant. if you're diagnosed with any kind of cancer talk to your doctor about fertility options before you start treatment. a message written on the side of a house led police to arrest a man for are arson. take a look here police say the man wrote, quote, my wife is a cheater on the side of this home that caught fire. colorado just outside
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denver. according to police all that damage was you caused by appalachian parent explosion inside the home. so he hood a message, that is clear. if he executed it in a proper way -- no. >> no he's going to jail. all right. 4:51 our time. tom is here with us this morning. and i drove through quite a bit of fog this morning coming in for me. >> yeah kind of patchy. sometimes it's clear and then you'd come into dense fog. almost hit a deer again this morning. >> you have to be careful. >> they're after you. >> they are. they're stalking me. and watch out for them because you you just can't see especially in the fog. watch out for peds this morning, as well. fog will be around here for another few hours. and some light rain getting moderate rain now in the tennessee valley, darker green area in southern kentucky that is on a track to come into the petro area later morning. so we have more rain to go through, not a lot. but enough to keep everything wet. just few scattered sprinkles.
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dense fog advisory until 10:00. visibilities currently in miles down to just a half mile now in gaithersburg. but it's a little bit better in frederick and a half mile visibility in hagerstown. out in the mountains, too, some of the fog is around. but generally to our south, there is not much fog. right near the bay annapolis has about three quarters of a mile visibilities. so use low beams and slow down. you really can't see much in this fog. and temperatures right now are in the upper 40s right in washington. mid-40s prince george's county and fairfax county. much of montgomery county low 40s. but it's all above freezing around the region. it's in the 50s in southern maryland. and right now in fredericksburg look at that it's at 62 degrees.
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that will be staying that way for the rest of the day. a little bit of fog northwest. a little light rain and fog through 8:00 a.m. and then the 40s. by noon maybe lingering light rain for your lunch hour. so have the umbrella handy. we'll be near 50 by then. jumping into the mid-60s around 3:00 4:00. by 5:00 back done to around 60. by dawn tomorrow upper 30s. so a chilly change coming in but above freezing. upper 50s tomo. clouds on friday highs upper 40s. rain looking likely now friday afternoon into friday night and during the day on saturday too, some rain likely much of the day. then we dry out sunday into monday. and another chance of some rain moving in tuesday. now melissa is here taking a look at canal road still closed. >> and probably will be for much of the morning commute. so this is something you'll want to avoid pip. richard jordan will be out there for us. canal closed between reservoir and foxhall.
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inbound, they will push you you on to reservoir, outbound on to foxhall. so avoid it but it will just get worse. wide look at things overall no major problems. same thing looking at 95 in maryland bw parkway also looking quite good. top of the beltway about as good as it gets. and a lot of fog around up to. 270 at mondaytrose, you can see a little bit of a haze there. this almost sounds too good to be true. the new fda approved drug which says it can just melt away the fat. >> definitely too good to be true. the new video which shows the midair collision which killed a number of olympians filming a reality show.
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4:57. a developing story this morning. new video showing a midair collision between two helicopters that left ten people dead. we're learning today that french investigators will led on the crash site in argentina. yesterday argentinean investigators combed through today the brie. eight french nationals were killed including well-known athletes. two pilots were also killed. the group was filming a reality show at the time of the incident. d.c. has extended the
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deadline for teens to sign up for the annual summer jobs program after a night of complaints as about 2,000 students waited in the rain on application deadline day. when the school closed at 7:00 p.m. the city dispatched a mobile command center to help take the applications. the newly extended deadline gives teens three more days to gather proof of residency and apply. about 13,000 teens have already signed up. the program provides six weeks of summer employment for d.c. youth ages 14 to 21. school kids in fauquier county will spend a full day in class this friday the 13th. friday along with two other days have been converted from half days to full days because of all the snow. there will be no half days until june. there is now a hiring deal in place for workers at the new d.c. united stadium. the mayor, team and union leaders agreed on it in advance of construction later this year. the stadium will be built at
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buzzard point. it will need 800 full and part-time workers in total to build it and staff it once complete. the stadium is expected to open in 2017. and d.c. mayor becauseowser expected to announce a new partner with howard university to help encourage innovation in the district. this comes as she prepares to head to the annual south by southwest festival in austin, texas on friday. bowser says she will meet with tech leaders there to promote economic opportunities back here in d.c.. you can sign up to test the vre new app. vr event says it will let you buy tickets on your phone. it is scheduled to be released sometime in the next six months. and stay with us. news"news 4 today" continues right now at 5:00 a.m. grab your umbrella. lilt rain falling across some
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areas. but the showers will make way for some sun and warmer temperatures. there is a dense fog advisory in effect for some areas, too. chuck bell drives in the 4 byx 4. we'll check in with him later. and crews are working to clear away a tree and dangerous fallen canal road northwest. the road is closed. shear a machtp of the affected location. richard jordan has been on the creep scene for us. so how are you expecting this to affect traffic this morning? >> reporter: it's going to be definitely a problem at least for a couple of hours. maybe even throughout the entire morning rush because right now there is a tree that is down on canal road. pepco crews are chopping it up breaking it down dry to gotrying to get it out. for the time peop


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