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tv   News4 Today  NBC  March 12, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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rains likely moving in on friday. you'll be comfortable with a light jacket. don't forget your sunglasses because we'll have bright sunshine throughout the day ahead as just a few high clouds will be drifting over. when you are away from your tv you can keep up with the weather with the storm team 4 app. get it on google play and the itunes store. now let's check on the roads this morning. we've already had a couple accidents. already had a couple sdemts. and this is the one blocking all lanes. ally two. this is damascus clarksburg road at bethesda church road, again all lanes blocked there in damascus da. and then 75 at price road, overturned vehicle there, all lanes blocked there as well. so two big accidents right now that we'll check out for you. 66 and 95 overall 66 looking pretty good headed through manassas always slow 45 50 miles per hour.
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and then northbound 95 in virginia slow headed through dale city. that is typical, of course. 270 at montrose rolling along just fine. and then prince george's county over all looking quite good as well. no major issues there. what's fairs ferry is closed today. back in ten minutes with travel times. i'm molette green at the live desk. just got an update on the police officers shot during a protest outside the ferguson police department. the st. louis county police department just tweeted that both are in serious condition. a 32-year-old was shot in the face the other officer a 41-year-old hit in the shoulder while standing guard. their families are with them right now. at least three shots were fired. this happened just after midnight. there is no description of the suspects or the gun involved. that is the latest from the live desk. back to you. it's 6:02.
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the shooting came just hours after the embattled ferguson police chief tom jackson resigned. jackson fought off previous calls for his resignation, but he decided it was better to leave after a scathing justice department report prompted by michael brown's shooting death found deep racial bias in that police department. it is new 6:02. a man was murdered overnight in prince george's county. we're working to find out why. officers responded to shots on just after 11:00 p.m. and the victim found at a gas station. megan mcgrath is live with more. >> reporter: the gas station has now reopened for business this morning p. the mrs. poli tape thrown in that crash can there. but investigators are still trying to figure out exactly what happened. there were two calls that came in to police last night right
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around 11:00. one was for the report of a shooting in the 5100 block of edmond son road in hyattsville. another call came into 911 for trouble at the red top gas station at kenilworth avenue.road in hyattsville. another call c. when police got here to the gas station, they found a man suffering from very serious wound, but there is no evidence that he was shot. they are still trying to figure out what the cause of the wounds were. he was taken to an area hospital but later died. investigators still trying to figure out exactly the sequence of events. possible motive. and still no word on suspects or any arrests in this case. reporting live in hyattsville, megan mcgrath, news 4. nbc news has confirmed the names of two senior secret service agents under investigation for crashing a government car on white house grounds last week. mark connolly is second in command of the presidential security detail. george ogilvy is a supervisor in
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the washington field office. the two agents reportedly drove a vehicle into barricades after a night of drinking. the secret service has handled the investigation -- rather handed the investigation over to the homeland security department's inspector general. in a statement, they added, quote, if misconduct is identified appropriate action will be taken based on established rules and regulations. new this morning, a new report says it's nearly impossible to find affordable housing in the district. according to a d.c. think tank group, the number of apartments representing for less than $800 fell 42%. the study says there are nearly no apartments left for rent upper $800 a mother. mayor bowser has pledged to spend $100 million a year on affordable housing. it's official former maryland lieutenant governor anthony brown will run for congress. he posted the announcement on his website. he's running for donna edwards' house seat.
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edwards is now running for at some. brown's announcement came one day after glenn ivey said he would run, as well. another big announcement expected in the day ahead. vdot is going to tell us new plans to put toll lanes on i-66. now, they would be inside the beltway. another plan the department may mention is adding another lane outside the beltway. as many as 35 homes would have to be torn down. vdot says that plan is in the earliest stages right now. and your input would be a part of any changes that are made. it was a brazen abduction attempt caught on camera. now the family at the center of this scare is talking about the experience and the heroic actions of their children. less pleasant start to the morning. tom has how warm plus a potential problem that could affect your drive to and from work for months. what is being blamed for the
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mess that could restrict your access as to a busy local
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just incredible video to show you of a tanker that blew up. nobody seriously hurt. this is in michigan. you can see the tanker is just completely engulfed in flames there. that created a thick black smoke. according to one report, this also caused a lot of damage to the road there as you might imagine. so that traffic could be affected for the next several days. if you use a tthe new carrollton metro or route 50, your commute could be affected. the ramps at garden city are closed. maryland state highway administration says a broken pipe could mean months of work. if you use the new carol ton
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metro parking lot, you'll need to follow detour signs for get the creep to warmer temperatures is under way. tom kierein here now with a look the at your forecast. there is a live view from city camera this morning under a clear sky. yesterday we got into the low 60s. not quite as mild today, but we're still thinking spring. that's the hash tag for the day. lots of sunshine for the mornin l be in the mid-40s by 8:00. by noontime should be climbing in to the low 50s. just a few high clouds drifting over. lots of sun for the afternoon. beautiful spring day. afternoon highs reaching upper 50s with a light wind that will be with us here off and on in to the afternoon and the evening hours. temperatures right now as you head out the door are hovering right near 40 in montgomery and
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prince george's county. lo hidmid-40s in fairfax county. manassas down to 36. a look at new rain coming in for the friday/saturday time frame, a look at that at 6:21. good morning. a couple crashes up north. in damascus clarksburg road at bethesda all lanes blocked because of a crash. we're sending chopper 4. and then in frederick, 75 at price road an overturned vehicle also has all lanes blocked. camden trains 10 to 0 minutes behind in general today. taking a look at travel time 270 looking good from germantown to the beltway. outer loop top of the beltway 95 to 270, just about on time. 13 minute there is. 66 east from the fairfax county parkway looks good. and quantico to the beltway about 7 minutes behind. i'm back in ten. no end to the anger. why members of a fraternity at the university of oklahoma at
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the center of a racist video for having a hard time escaping protesters. and also ahead, the barbie that is supposed to be able to talk back to your children. but we'll show you why some want to keep the controversial toy off store shel
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about 20 re testprotested out of parker rice's home. he was seen chanting racist slurs in a video. he has apologized for participating. his family did not appear to be at home last night. rice says threatening calls to his family have romted edprompted them to leave. a fraternity in virginia is under suspension for tasing someone. this was at washington and lee university. the phi kappa psi fraternity used the taser on a pledge during a hazing ritual. the pledge was in the seriously hurt. the fraternity is suspended now from the campus for three years.
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we have more details this morning on virginia tech student missing after falling from a cruise ship. carnival cruise lines says surveillance cameras show 21-year-old cameron smoke climbing over a balcony railing before he fell overboard near the bahamas. smoke was a senior from glen allen. his fame says he had just accepted a job. the coast guard has called off the search. >> the man accused in a string of ran tomorrowdom shootings linked to nine cases including one at the national security agency. d a popular casino was among the targets. court documents reveal hong young has said he was hearing voices telling him to shoot. no one was hurt in those shootings. in spotsylvania a four month old is in critical condition. his parents charged with several counts of child neglect and
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cruelty. they were arrested on monday. the infant was taken to the hospital last week suffering with what authorities describe as suspicious life threatening injuries. 27 after the hour. and thorn we're hearing from the father of a toddler who was rescued from an attempted abduction in part by his younger siblings. this video was provided to us by the police department. the list in washington state arrested a 15-year-old boy saying he grabbed the toddler from a stroller and then ran off. the boy's siblings chased the teen. they eventually dropped the boy the teen did, and then took off. >> a relief that if it is him, that he's off the streets and that other families and we're safe. we won't have to worry about this ever again. >> now all three children are safe and with their parents. they were under the care of a baby-sitter at the time of that attempted abduction. i'm molette green at the live desk. right now the battle to take
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back tikrit from the islamic state is moving to the next phase. iraqi security norss are battling isis militants with rockets. and s in the sunni city north of baghdad. phase two of this offensive reportedly is to reach the city's center. recapturing this area is considered a key step toward pushing back the extremist group which has taken control of large portions of iraq and syria. back to you, aaron. it's 18 after the hour now. the truck driver who caused a d.c. bound train to derail has a long history of run-s ins with the law apparently. police say john black is a convicted felon with a long list will of traffic citations. he also serbed edserved prison time for child abuse. on monday his truck was on the tracks as an amtrak train came through. that train hit the truck and several cars derailed. 55 people were hurt. 6:19 now.
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google is working to keep you safe while you're browsing. next time you are using the search engine you may notice more red warning signs. the red will alert to you websites riddled with unwanted can change your settings without permission. it will redirect you to websites you don't want to see. the safe browsing application is only available on google chrome. so you've probably heard of the national book festival here in washington. now a national math festival is coming to d.c.. organizers plan to announce it today. the festival will be held on the national mall next month. it will include a lot of math related performances exhibits and activities for you and the entire family to enjoy. will ferrell is adding another title to his resume today. baseball player. how about that? the funny man is taking part in a five different spring training games in arizona today.
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he'll be playing every on field position for 10 different feels. steams. it's being filmed for an upcoming hbo special and proceeds being donated to cancer research. the special won't ai you can follow his exploits through social media with the #farrell takes the field. a lot of baseball playing. >> baseball playing. come on now. it's will ferrell. it will be a lot of fun. and we are in for a pretty nice day around here after some clouds and rain yesterday. >> we will take it. the warmer weather is such a nice change. tom kierein here now with weather and traffic on the 1s. >> all of our moods have been uplifted with this wonderful spring weather we've had moving in. yesterday got into the 60s. not quite as mild today, but still a delightful spring morning under way.
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temperatures are generally near 40 nearby suburbs to low to mid-40s right in washington inside the beltway right by the bay. low 40s. drive pavement most of the region. although there is a little bit of water on some rural roads. lots of sunshine. a mostly sunny afternoon, dry roads for the afternoon commute. temperatures should be in the mid and upper 50s throughout much of the region. and here are the first signs of spring showing up in our trees. this is a maple tree big buds on that tree showing signs of spring. now, here is new timing on rain arriving tomorrow and in to saturday. now, this area in green is the rain. coming into the shenandoah valley by 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. after that it gets closer to the metro area by 6:00, rest of northern virginia and crossing the potomac coming right into washington after that. and then during the rest of the
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evening friday night, looking wet. if you have plans to go out friday night, you'll need an umbrella. and probably no flood but rain light to moderate rain all friday night. saturday morning, still raining. brief moderate showers by mid to late morning. then by noontime much of the rain pulls east of the metro area. by 3:00 saturday afternoon, things dry out and temperatures will be mild. into the low 50s before the rain arrives on friday with the increasing clouds. and then after the rain ends saturday afternoon, ought to be right around 60 degrees. there is the big rock 'n' roll marathon in washington on saturday morning. it does look like rain likely for the marathon with temperatures in the 40s. then great weather for outdoor running and recreation on sunday. we'll be in the upper 50s and partly sunny. beautiful day on monday too, mid-50s. another chance everof rain perhaps on tuesday. next we'll have a look at
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hometown highs at 6:31. melissa has an update. in today massdamascus chopper 4 at the scene, clarksburg at bethesda there is a vehicle off to the side and they are either willing traffic through one side as a time. so we will see some buildups there. so again clarksburg at bethesda church road. 75 at price, still an overturned vehicle with all lanes blocked there, as well. you can see 270 is a little slow coming out of frederick here southbound. wide look at things beltway looks pretty good until you get to the top here as you're approaching georgia avenue. beltway at colesville road, just a little bit of volume as you can see there. taking a look at 66 about 45 through manassas. and then 95 at gordon boulevard, everything looking quite good there. reminder in general camden trains all about 10 to 20
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minutes behind today. time for an extra cup of coffee. i'm back at 6:31 with more on the crash in damascus. 6:24 now. one person was killed two others injured in this explosion at a plant in central alabama. you can see the fireball there followed by the massive plume of black smoke. one person with burns was air lifted to a hospital. at least six people were inside the brents industries plant when the explosion happened. you can 150e packets of powdered alcohol on store shelves this summer. federal regulators approved its sale yesterday. the powder can be mixed with water like instant tea. the one place you won't see it is virginia. lawmakers banned it last month. in news"news 4 your health"," new research finds heavy marijuana smoking during teenage years may affect memory in adulthood. researchers say smoking pot directly affects the part of the brain associated with long term memory. young people who smoked mayor hair during the steady performed
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18% lower on memory tests than those who never used the drug. most golfers are looking for birdies on the golf course. in florida, they got an alligator. mica pines is surrounded by swachl of course so golfers say it's not unusual to see something like this. but this guy, look at that thing. huge. >> that does not look real. >> a regular on the golf course snapped a couple of photos. >> look that tail? >> don't want to be near that thing. >> it looks rehis ss prehistoric. >> or course these these pictures have gone viral. the talking barbie is starting a big conversation. the campaign for a commercial free childhood says the talking dl oig doll should be banned. the campaign says it can listen in on children while they're playing with it. toy maker thatmattel says the
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technology includes safe guards to make sure any data stored is secure. the doll goes on sale this fall. whatever happened to imagination? you had a doll it didn't talk back. >> right. technology. >> i tell you, youth is just not what it used to be. anyway a light jacket is a must this morning as you step outside. temperatures in the 30s and 40s. tom is tracking high temperatures you'll see in your neighborhood next with your shortening your kids' summer break. the latest school district ready to start the new year before the labor day holiday. plus how the prince george's county police department will remember an officer killed i. ♪ ♪ ♪
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we're watching a breaking news story in ferguson this morning after two of that city's police officers are shot while on duty in the last 30 minutes, we've learned both of those officers are in serious condition. they were targeted during a protest outside of the ferguson police station. molette green has been tracking the story and we will have more on the search for the shooter in about 15 minutes. a week ago we were bracing
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for that vopgstrong winter storm and today the temperatures we're seeing this morning, well, they are having us thinking about spring. >> tom kierein is here with the high temperatures you will see today. tom, i love that you said good-bye winter. >> we have crossed the line. there is no turning back now. hard to believe that was only a week ago. seemed like a month ago go now as we've had this mild weather since then. we'll go hyper l.go now as we've had this mild weat ft. washington 40 degrees with a clear sky. temperatures climbing nicely into the low to mid-50s by midafternoon. just a few clouds coming in. and another neighborhood herndon, 39 there thousand. a clear sky. and then later today, too, a lot of sunshine there with temperatures in the mid-50s. montgomery county silver spring now at 38 with a clear sky there. very light wind this morning away the region. then later today just some clouds building in the afternoon, there ought to make it into the mid-50s right in
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washington should make it in the upper 50s by later this afternoon. got your bus stop forecast coming up next weather and traffic on the 1s at 6:41. melissa has had a couple crashes this morning. still crash this will damascus, chopper 4 over the accident clarksburg road at bethesda church. looks like an overturned vehicle and folks are alternating lanes to get past the accident. in frederick, 75 at price road an overturned vehicle again with all lanes blocked. and orange line delay to vienna. overall, looking quite good. 95 in maryland bw parkway into and out of town beltway at central avenue nice and dry. can't wait for spring only eight days away. roads in general looking pretty good about that taking a look at 95 in virginia as you're headed in northbound, if you're hopping on in stafford county area a little slow through triangle and once again through dale city. 66 in and out of town not so
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bad. it is 6:32 now. new this morning, we're working on learn more about a shooting in northwest washington. this happened just before 2:00 this morning on jefferson street. police closed off that area. there were several police officers on the scene when our cameras arrived. we'll update you on the nbc washington app as soon as we learn more. there is a funeral service in a few hours for a prince george's county police officer who died in the line of duty. fellow officers friends and family will remember brennan rabain in temple hills. darcy spencer is live there now with more on the services. >> reporter: good morning. i've been able to learn a few details about what we can expect out here for the funeral today. i'm told county executive, county council and other county elected leaders are all expected to be here at the funeral today and possibly the governor of maryland. if you take a look here behind me this is a prince george's county police cruiser, we should note the officer's cruiser was
6:33 am
totalled in the crash. this cruiser here draped in black buptsnting outside of the church. there was a viewing held yesterday for officer brennan rabain. he died saturday when his cruiser crashed into a fence in lanham right there off of greenbelt road. he was trying to pull over a speeding vehicle when this happened. police are still trying to figure out why he lost control. his girlfriend was in the cruiser with him at the time of this crash. she was not seriously hurt. and that funeral is set to get under way here at 10:00 this morning. on a personal note i want to add that we were told that this officer was dearly loved by his squad mates. he was based over in clinton. we're told that his squad hatemates will serving a pallbearers. also developing morning, the coast guard is searching the gulf of mexico looking for the remains of a black hawk helicopter. that chopper crashed tuesday
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night during a training exercise. four army aviators along with seven marines were aboard. military officials still calling this a search and rescue mission, ballut all 11 are presumed dead. wreckage started washing a shore yesterday. fog was heavy during that training mission but officials are not the saying if weather was the cause of the crash. a former virginia officer who shot and killed an unarmed woman is now appealing to the united states supreme court. daniel harmon wright was an officer with culpeper police when he killed patricia cook. he says she started driving away while his arm was caught this her jeep and that he shot her in self-defense. harman wright also appealed to the virginia supreme court which decided to not hear his case. you can help police in prince william county if you recognize this man. take a look at the video here. he is the second suspect wanted in connection with stealing a woman's wallet from the scene of a car crash. the woman was hurt on saturday
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in a crash on dumfries road. a witness says a man took a black bag containing her wallet and while the victim was in the hospital, someone repeatedly used credit cards. thin with information should call police. metro's leaders are asking for a new loan today so they can pay off an old loan. according to the "washington post," the transit agency has to pay back more than $500 million in debts later this year. the paper says metro officials are asking the board of directors for permission to borrow another $220 million to help pay off those debts. metro does not have its typical federal funding right now. the post says the government is limiting how much it gives after an audit last year found several cases of mismanaged money at the transit agency. if you have kids in school in manassas park, the new year will start a little earlier. the school board vote order monday to balanced calendar concept. the first day of school will be august 17.
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that's two weeks earlier than students at manassas and prince william county. student breaks will be announced later this month. the mgm casino won't be open for another already frustrating leaders in prince george's county. the decision made by the casino that is causing controversy. pleasant conditions right now outside that will have you thinking spring today. tom has conditions your children will be dealing with when they head out to ka. also ahead new trouble for the secret service this morning. what we're learning about two senior agents under investigat for crashing a
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if you were hoping to take a bus to the new mgm har bow casino you're out of luck. they say guests won't be able to use public transportation to get on to the property and neither
6:40 am
will employees. the county says the company's decision not include bus stops is a break from previous commitments. today metro's board will discuss the proposed potomac yard metro station in alexandria. the stays would be we along the blue an yellow lines. news 4 will be at the meeting at 1:00 and we'll have a complete breakdown on news 4 at 4:00. right now we want to get a breakdown of the weather that you can expect today. this is a live look outside over the district. first few rays of sunshine coming into the picture. p. >> doesn't that look so good? >> it does. no clouds warmer weather. tom clearkierein, man of the hour. >> a clear sky this morning. if you're waiting for the bus or metro, it will be a chilly morning. you'll need a light jacket. we'll be in the low further between 7:00 and 8:00 with bright sunshine rising higher in the sky. climbing in to the upper 40s between 8:00 and 9:00 a.m.
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then after that we'll continue to see lots of sunshine just a few high clouds coming in. and by noontime should be right around 50 degrees. then by mid to late afternoon, into the upper 50s with high clouds. a look at new timing for rain friday night into saturday, that's coming up next weather and traffic on the 1s at 6:51. what's going on, thatmelissa? lorton road between ox and furnace is completely shut down because of a water main break. estimated to reopen at 8:00. we'll keep you updated. clarksburg road at aboutbethesda church still have the crash in the right side. follows getting by. taking a look at travel time 270 south, not bad. outer loop 95 on 270 taking you 25 minutes. this virginia 66 east 395 north looking okay.
6:42 am
95 north bound quantico to the beltway, about ten minutes behindstress out of your morning commute? the plans set to be unveiled in a matter of hours that could cut down the amount of time you spend in the car each day. plus we are watching a breaking news story in ferguson missouri where two police officers are recovering after being shot at a protest overnight. molette green is gathering information about the officers. she joins us from the live desk ju.
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right now we have breaking news overnight in ferguson missouri where two police officers have been shot. those officers survived the shooting. what we're learning about their conditions when we go to the live desk after your weather and traffic. off to a chilly start under a clear sky on this thursday morning. things have dried out. temperatures are rather chilly upper 30s montgomery county near 40 prince george's county low to mid-40s across northern virginia. mid-40s in washington. right now closure in northern virginia here lorton road between ox and furnace, road shut down. reopening at 8:00 a.m.. because of a water main break. and orange line delays to vienna. i'm molette green at the live desk with breaking news. st. louis county police just posted a message on facebook asking for the public's help to find the person who shot two
6:46 am
officers right in front of the ferguson police department. we want you to take a look at the scene where officers took cover with long guns after at least three shots rang out. officers two were shot are listed in serious condition. the st. louis county police chief says it appeared the shots were directed exactly at the officers. >> these police officers were standing there. and they were shot. just because they were police officers. >> one of the officers was hit in the face, the other in the shoulder. while they were standing guard during a protest right outside the ferguson police station. back to you. the shooting came just hours after the embattled ferguson police chief tom jackson resigned. jackson fought off previous calls for his resignation, but decided it was best to leave after a scathing justice department report prompted by michael blounrown's smoothing death found racial bias in the police force. nbc news has confirmed the
6:47 am
names of two senior secret service agents under investigation for crashing a government car on white house grounds last week. mark connolly second in command on the presidential security detail gormg owing he will ogilvy a supervisor in the washington field office. they reportedly drove a vehicle into barricades after a nift drinking. secret service says they have hand the the investigation over to the homeland security department inspector general. in a statement they added if misconduct is identified, appropriate action will be taken based on the established rules and regulations. the associated press has officially filed suit against the state department over former secretary of state hillary clinton's e-mails. a.p. is seeking access to key e-mails with clinton aides and information about her calendar. they say this could shed light on as by clinton during crucial times if time in recent history. the suit was filed one day after
6:48 am
clinton addressed the firestorm in a press conference. the state department says it will do its best to field the requests but they face a high volume. they received 19,000 requests last year alone. a man was murdered overnight in prince george's county. we're working to find out why. officers responded on he had monday son road in hyattsville just after 11:00, however the victim was found a few blocks away at a gahyattsville just after 11:00, howe megan mcgrath has more. >> reporter: well, you can see behind me here that the gas station has reopened and that people are coming to fill up before they head out to work this morning. while police have cleared the scene, investigators are still trying to piece together exactly what happened. there were two calls to police that came in right around 11:00 last night. one was for the report of a shooting in the 5100 block of edmondson road, the other call came in repog trouble at the
6:49 am
red top gas station. when police got here they found a man suffering from very serious wounds although they say there was no evidence that he had actually been shot. that man was taken to an area hospital in grave condition and a short time later he was pronounced dead. no word on suspect descriptions or any arrests, but police are asking for information from the public on this case to try and figure out exactly what happened and why. megan mcgrath, news 4. activists will be in an annapolis to talk about three bills designed to improve the relationship between the community and police. one bill is about where officers can use body cameras. another involves how you would issue a complaint against an officer. the third would require an annual report on all deaths of officers and people killed by police officers. it is now 6:49. new this morning, a report says it's nearly impossible to find
6:50 am
afford be housing in the district. according to a d.c. think tank, the number of apartments representingr less than $800 fell 42% from 2002 to 2013. the study says there are nearly no apartments for rent under 8 ood $00. anthony brown making it official this morning, he will run for congress in 2016. brown posted the announcement the on his website. he is running for donna edwards' house seat. edwards is running for at somesenate. glenn ivey says he will run, as well. amazon is catering to the little guy. landon dowdy joins us with a new store about to launch. >> good morning. amazon may be the biggest online retailer in the u.s., but now it's also a place that supports the little guy. amazon is launching a store to sell exclusive electronics, toys
6:51 am
and other items created by inventor inventors -- shark tank. items will be available for two day free shipping for amazon prime members. >> landon thanks. all right. it is 6:51. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. we've finally turned the corner. this makes me very very happy. >> no turning back. the daffodils are sprouting. they are up around much of the region and the sun is getting up, as well. it's sunrise time at 7:24. look at that, i love hdtv. >> pretty. >> beautiful blueberry apricot sunrise over the potomac where there is not much ice left. just a few small chunks. still quite a bit around annapolis and parts of the bay. drive time weather this morning, dry pavement except some of the rural areas, watery patches on
6:52 am
the road from snow melting. watch out for that. temperatures will be in the 40s for the morning commute. sunshine this afternoon, beautiful day. dry roads. afternoon highs reaching mid to upper 50s. not quite as mild as yesterday, but with that sun it will feel absolutely terrific. temperatures right now rather chilly, they're 40 in montgomery and prince george's county. low to mid-40s in fairfax county and the rest of northern virginia although mans down to 36. rather chilly calvert county, 37. yes, daffodils are up. this photo taken yesterday by sue krocromer. here is the new ti metro area by 6:00 p.m. on friday. then it moves right across the metro area and into the rest of maryland overnight on friday night, the entire region gets rain. and this continues into saturday morning. we'll have this rain through
6:53 am
saturday morning. maybe briefly moderate during the middle part of the morning. then by noon, it tapers off to some sprinkles. d then we dry out in the afternoon, but staying cloudy. temperatures during the day on friday before the rain arrives, low 50s. after it ends on saturday afternoon, near 60. and then sundaysunny, upper 50s. monday mid-50s sunshine another chance of rain on tuesday. breaking news right now in rockville, 270 southbound just after montrose road, two right lanes blocked. take a look at these backups. very slow. also pushing this out on our nbc washington app. perhaps 355 as an alternate. clarksburg at bethesda, one lane getting by. 270 at clarksburg showing you that headed down through germantown looking pretty good. you get slow as you're passing through montgomery village.
6:54 am
lorton road between ox and fur narks furnace, we have the road shut down because of a water main break. just a warning there. 66 into town pretty good. a little slow here just passing fairfax county parkway. di vehicle there. and then orange line delays to vienna this morning. vdot expected to make a big announcement today about toll lanes coming to i-66. now, you'd have to pay a toll if you use the road inside the beltway. the department is considering those toll lanes outside the beltway, too. so there won't be so much traffic there. it says it's also planning to add an extra lane outside the beltway. if it does 35 homes would have to be torn down and one man thinks that's just wrong. >> we may have smaller house, but we chose not to live in that traffic. governor mcauliffe stop this had project. >> you take a look here these are the homes that would be torn down.
6:55 am
we're told it would be at least a year from now before any land would be taken. students in maryland have some bragging rights this morning. marylas has the high he percentage of high school graduates who have passed an advanced placement exam. nearly 32% of graduates passed an a.p. exam that's 2u7%. since 1990 the number of students taking a.t. testp. tests has gasoline to nearly 80,000. most of us probably do the dishes, but one woman has made a living doing it. she has been at consumer reports for 18 years. she tests dishwashers. she puts the machines through a gauntlet of trials. especially to check out the hardest foods to remove because contrary to popular belief, you should not have to clean your plate before you load it. i always do this. i rinse off the plate. tonight at the 5:00 consumer
6:56 am
reporter erika gonzalez takes us into her lab and you won't believe all that goes into testing your next dishwasher. it is now 6:56. in four things to now this morning, anthony brown is officially announcing that he will run for congress this 2016. brown's announcement came just one day after glenn ivey said he will run. prince george's county officer brennan rabain's funeral is today starting at 10:00. an investigation under way after two senior secret service members reportedly crashed a government car on white house grounds last week after a night of drinking. nbc news confirmed they're mark connolly and grnlg owing he wille ogilvy. two police officers shot during protests outside of the ferguson police station. right now they are listed in serious condition. look for a breakdown on the moments leading up to that
6:57 am
shooting coming up on "today". p. here it comes, another beautiful spring day. sunshine this morning, mid-40s. by noon low 50s. by midafternoon ought to hit upper 50s. lots of sun. enjoy. >> appreciate it. and that is the broadcast this morning. >> the "today" 140e isshow is .
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good morning. breaking news. two police officers shot durin a new round of protests in ferguson, missouri. >> is he hit? >> he's hit. >> this morning, the hunt for whoever opened fire on the police. new scandal. two secretervice agents, including a senior member of t president's security detail, under investigation. accused of crashing their car into a white house barricade after a night of drinking. the officers re-assigned while the agency deals with yet another embarrassment. back home. the miracle baby who survived being trapped for 14 hours aft her mother's car crashed into river. she's out of the hospital. >> i'm just really blessed and


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