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tv   News4 Today  NBC  March 13, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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he has pleaded not guilty. a developing story right now, tensions remain high in ferguson missouri this morning as the hunt for the person who shot two police officers continues. protesters gd again overnight. these protests came on the heels of a candlelight vigil, both within 24 hours after two police officers were shot in the same location. they are both expected to recover. last night community leaders called for peace. >> came to remember that we are all connected. and until we recognize the humanity in one another, we cannot heal. >> the search for the shooter put one neighborhood in lockdown yesterday. investigators did question three people but to this point, there are no suspects and no arrests. today you can rec sister to run the marine corps marathon. all the runners have to enter a lottery for a spot. that rotary opens at noon today.
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we posted registration info to the nbc washington app for you. the lottery will open for ten days. runners who enter should hear back by march 25th and the marathon is set for october 25th. big event here in washington, d.c.. i take it you're not registering. >> i might. >> okay. good for you. >> probably won't. >> yeah me either. 4:31 is our time. want to get you up to speed on the forecast if you're just waking up. >> cold start so far. tom kierein here now with a look at the weather. >> good morning. another big marathon going on tomorrow. it's the rock 'n' roll marathon it's looking wet. right now we're dry and cold. shenandoah valley it's down near freezing from winchester down to front royal and luray. farther to the west a little below freezing down to stanton, virginia, near 30. around the metro area a few isolated spots across northern virginia nearby suburbs near 30. southern maryland, 30. near the bay, upper 30s.
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and we have just a few clouds coming through now storm team 4 radar scanning the sky, we have no rain around this morning. waiting for the petro or the bus, you need to layer up. it will be quite a chill in the air, temperatures hovering just around 30 degrees between 7:00 to 8:00 a.m. throughout much of the region and then between 8:00 to 9:00 we'll be in the upper 30s. so it will be quickly jumping above freezing and then by mid-morning, quickly climbing into the 40s. and county by county temperatures for the awayfternoon much of montgomery low to mid-50s. district should be in the mid-50s. most of fairfax county temperatures in the afternoon into the mid-50s. a look at the drive time commuter forecast coming up next weather and traffic on the 1s at 4:41. right now overall we're looking pretty good. taking a look at 95 in maryland and bw parkway in and out of up to no problems there. beltway at dolsvillecolesv .of up
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to, no problems there.. 270 into and out of town no issues there. same thick asng overall at prince george's county. we do have the one problem in southeast with the road shut down brachlg avenueh avenue shut down between p and pennsylvania because of a crash. we'll see you at 4:41. d.c. police are trying to figure out whether two shootings that happened just blocks apart are connected. a man is in critical condition this morning after he was shot yesterday afternoon. this happened on fourth street in northwest washington. d.c. police believe the shooting may be linked to an ove homicide on jefferson street. 20-year-old chris adams was found dead in a car on jefferson street around 2:00 this morning. he had been shot. adams was a graduate of wilson high school in northwest. police are searching for the armed robber who hit this will bank in wheaton. chopper 4 flew over the capital
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one bank as police taped off the entrance there. montgomery county police were alerted to the robbery just before 5:00 yesterday evening. at one point, a man was in custody but he was released. today you can len me about the budget in prince george's county. it will be revealed at 2:30 and streamed live. four new schools are coming to d.c. next school year. kaya henderson made the announcement yesterday. according to the "washington post," the d.c. public school system plans to cut staff and spending at its central office. and that will open up funding for the new schools. 200 new school based staff members is what you can expect here. most of those new hires will work in the city's high schools. the mclean boy who was badly hurt in a sledding accident has returned home. bensten schone was sledding on a sleep driveway when he slid into a passing car.
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he fractured his skull, was put in a medically induced coma. his story quickly spread true social media when his family posted the #pray for the b man. and it even drew the attention of the washington capitals who made him a get well soon video. >> good to series rougherecovering. the awards today at noon honor local leaders who have shown exceptional bravery. among those being honored are the first responders from the gaithersburg plane crash. their quick work saved the lives of people living in that neighborhood after a plane crashed and started a fire. pat lawson muse will emcee along with tom costello. we first told yo lawson muse will emcee along wie vdot is plafrn to go convert all lanes inside the beltway will into high occupancy toll lanes. this is during rush hour.
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car poolers will still be able to use the lanes for free. that move is designed to ease gridlock. thousands will be affected. the tolls are expected to start in 2017. if you live offerr drive in prince george's county you may soon get a smoother right. a pothole blitz is now under way. the county says it is easier for crews on tackle the road problems now that the snow and ice has melted away. you can use the #dc potholes. and you can also report them by calling 311 between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.. about 150 volunteers will provide free dental care today and tomorrow for low income virginians. this is the 13th year of mission of mercy. about # 00 people have made0 people have made appointments. it will be held on the nova medical education campus in
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developing right now congressional alarmed by new misconduct of secret service agents. the actions they're calling for. and a local police officer risks his life to save a map from a burning car. we'll tell you what got him in happened cuffs. and it's freezing out there right now. tom is tracking how temperatures wi
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sometimes some pizza is too good to wait in line to get. you see this video? take a look. this is a car that clearly slammed right through the front window of pudge brothers pete the sa in e is walking by ends up on the hooftd car carried through the window popped ride up walked out. she's expected to be okay. >> she's very lucky. a northern virginia officer is being called a hero for pulling a man from this burning car. the smoke and flamest feet into the air after a car hit a tree. that's when the officer took action. >> i could feel the heat as i was approaching the vehicle, so once i got there, it just got worse and worse. i was actually -- when i was dealing with him, i was trying to position myself because where
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i was standing i was too hot. it was burning me. >> look at the damaged car there, what was left behind despite this dangerous ordeal the officer was not hurt.driver is okay as well. the officer conducted sobriety tests on the driver and charged him with dui. talk about a full day at work. save somebody sobriety test give a ticket. move on. >> the down side to drinking and driving. just saying. >> there are many down sides. 4:41 our time. want to take look at your forecast. >> tom kierein here now with what i hope is a warm-up, tom. >> well, yes. a bit later. but now we're dealing with the cold temperatures. dry sky over the metro area live view from metro tower camera. morning commute will be cold. you you'll need the heater on in the car this morning and temperatures will be near or a little below freezing between now and around 6:00. but then around 7:00 to 8:00
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getting above freezing. dry roads and upper 30s later in the morning. jumping into the mid-50s by midafternoon with increasing clouds, dry roads moving on in. a look at rain timing arriving tonight and through the day on saturday that's next weather and traffic on the 1s at 4:51. now what is going on, melissa? >> had a little biof construction 395 north at seminary, same thing south. one lane blocked taking a look in the virginia 95 southbound at route 1, have road work happening there. remember branch avenue southeast closed between pennsylvania and alabama avenue. alternate in that area could be minnesota avenue if you need to take the alternate. beltway at river road rolling roonk along just fine. ba with a live picture at 66. why police say a teen caught on chilling video abducting a toddler may have done this before. p. and new this morning, how the from a aternity plans to hit back at the university that kicked
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welcome back. lawmakers are demanding answers as we learn more about the latest secret service mishap. some congressional leaders are calling for some secret service officials to be fired. tracie potts joins us live now with a look at how lawmakers plan to deal with the latest scandal. >> reporter: good morning. yeah elijah cummings said heads need to roll. the house oversight and government reform committee wants the new secret service director joe clancy to come if and give them a briefing by wednesday next week on what happened at the white house when those agents hit the gate in the middle of what turned out to be an active bomb investigation. that happened last week. they want the briefing next
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week. there were allegations that they had been at a party drinking before that happened. >> does it really need to be said that you can't show up drunk at work especially when you're in the secret service? >> reporter: for word from the agents so far, but someone close to the investigation says that at the are devastated, embarrassed and ashamed. >> tracie potts live on capitol hill for us. thank you. today president obama is on the road heading to arizona. he'll visit the veterans affairs medical center in phoenix. that center was at the center of the scandal overweighting times for veterans to get medical help. he will get an update on the new changes implemented by the new v.a. secretary. official reports say that the center in phoenix and many others across the nation were falsely reporting wait times. republican senator rand paul will be in prince george's county today. the senator is set to speak about criminal justice reformat bowie state. that's happening at 1:00. senator paul is coming off a third consecutive win of cpac's
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straw poll that's when attendees vote on their favorite candidate for the republican nomination for president. the senator has not said whether he's running. we're following the latest developments in the search for 11 service members who were on board a blackhawk hawk helicopter when it crashed. the chopper went down off the florida panhandle tuesday night. most of the wreckage was found yesterday. so far the body of seven marines and four army national guardsmen have not been recovered. today the business community this fairfax county is rallying to help a store owner whose shop was wrecked by vandals. postnet has been closed for a month now after almost every single piece of equipment there was broken. look at the video. we're told that repairs and replacements may cost up to $100,000. the owner james cudney says he appreciates the encouraging message has other business owners and customers painted on their windows. cudney plans to reopen possibly
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as soon as may. no arrests have been made. another twist in the case of a north carolina teenager murdered while visiting her sister in maryland. a judge dismissed an indictment yesterday against michael johnson the man accused of murdering felicia barnes. she vanished in 2010 while visiting baltimore. her body was found months later will in the susquehanna river. this would have been johnson's third trial in the same case. today a six member panel hold as discussion on how colleges deals with sex .as discussion on how colleges. that panel says these student committees are not equipped to deal with these and student committee rulings ca huge impacts on students lives. the panel will address complaints from victims and students who have been false accused the security director for the baltimore ravens says he's not guilty in an alleged as suggest case. darren sanders appeared in court yesterday. he's accused of grabbing a woman's breast and back side and
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kissing her without her permission. she says it happened back in december while she was walking sanders to his car. sanders denies the allegations. he's set to go on trial in may. new this morning, a fraternity kicked off campus at the university of oklahoma has hired a lawyer and may sue the university. steven jones has been hired to represent the sae chapter. they were kicked off campus after video emerged showing members singing a racist chant. jones says he's outraged that the sae members have been branded as racists and bigots. the football players walked on to the field arm in arm to show their solidarity, and their mission is to raise awareness and he said thed the culture of exclusivity the teen who nearly abducteda toddler may have attempted a similar act in the past. this video is chilling. a 15-year-old boy grabbed a 22
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month old boy from a stroller. the toddler's siblings then ran after him. on wednesday, that teen was arrested. one woman says that same teen tried walking off with her 11-year-old autistic son last summer. he escaped less than a block away. >> i'm like, hey, what are you doing? and he go, oh i was taking him home. i said you know this is his home. what are you doing? >> police did investigate the teen for child luring in that case. new report says raising the legal smoking age could save hundreds of thousands of lives. that report from the institute of medicine says if the national age for legal tobacco use was raised from 18 to 21 there would be about a quarter of a million fewer premature deaths. they say the number of smokes would drop 2%. right now 99% of smokers start before the age of 19. new york city has already raised the legal smoking age to 21. several states are considering doing the same. they say you should probably
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eat for two when you're pregnant but a new study reveal there is about half of all women gain too much weight during pregnancy. the cdc says only one third of women gain just the right amount of weight recommended by the institute of medicine. women who are overweight or obese before pregnancy have the highest risk of get weight grain, but the most obese women tend to gain too little weight. extra weight can cause health problems for both the mother and the baby. 4:51 is our time right now. brought a tear to my eye this morning. i saw you crews patching potholes on the drive in. it was nice to see. but some are worried about the rain. need a good stretch of dry days to really repair the holes. >> brought a tear to my eye when i had to wear my puffy coat again. >> i refuse. i won't even look at that thing again. i'm done. >> if you're going to be out for a length of time you'll happy you had it. it's now around 30 degrees out
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in many of the rural areas and nearby suburbs are right they're freezing on this friday morning. we're starting off with a partly cloudy sky half moon playing peek a boo with the clouds. 40 at reagan national. but elsewhere, it's down to near 30 degrees in the suburbs. lorton down to 30 dulles now at 28. leesburg down to 32. warrington manassas around 30. and much of southern maryland too, away from the waters even near the waters near 30 degrees. farther north and west, frederick now at 28. storm team 4 radar scanning the sky, don't have any rain anywhere near by. there is some rain moving into southwestern virginia, western north caro the leading edge of rain that will eventually make its way up here but most of the rain will be affecting us still way down here in tennessee going to take a long time before it gets in here. here is timing on rain arriving. now, this is as of around 6:00 p.m.. we'll have this rain moving closer to the metro area. 9:00 this evening, that's when we'll likely seat first
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rain drops falling and after that, wet andseat first rain drops falling d fog developing. rainy start to saturday morning with fog around. rain continues off and on through much of the day tomorrow. and then saturday afternoon, begins to taper off a bit as most of the rain starts tracking off to the east. maybe a few lingering sprinkles all the way until sun seth on saturday. by 8:00 this morning, upper 30s and partly cloudy. by 5:00 p.m. mid-50s and thickening clouds. look at that gorgeous sunset over alexandria taken yesterday and posted on twitter. after we get through the rain on saturday and mild into the 60s, sun back sunday a bit breezy, but great weather for outdoor activities. and then near 60 on monday. feast your eyes on the seven day outlook. each day highs near 60. looking nice and springlike. now let's check traffic and what is going on now?
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>> it does not look as good as that. that is amazing. closer still branch avenue between pennsylvania and alabama. a crash with a downed pole. crews will be out there fixing that. wisconsin avenue southbound at woodmont we have two right lanes blocked there. road work should be wrapping up in the next 20 minutes i would think. 270 at montrose road looking quite good. 66 east of sudley road, also move along nicely. and beltway at central, everything just fine. 5:01 we'll talk more about the closure in southeast. coming up at 5:00, new pictures of a mystery island in the pacic that wasn't there a few months ago. and why it may vanish. and a district has found a way to cut done on traffic
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welcome back. d.c.'s traffic cameras are bringing in millions of dollars in fines every year. a you newu news 4 investigation found that four of them are responsible for one third of all tickets. camera on branch avenue has issued more than 11,000 tickets. new york avenue, the camera there has issued more than 25,000 tickets and suitland parkway, more than 30,000
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tickets there. camera on k-street northwest has issued more than 41,000 tickets. you can see how many tickets and how much money your neighborhood traffic cameras collects with our interactive map on if you've ever been blocked in by a delivery truck this next story is probably welcome news. the "washington post" is reporting that ddot is trying to encourage all d.c. delivery to happen overnight. the city will offer financial incentives to businesses who complete deliveries between 7:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.. the test program will target georgetown capitol hill and other high traffic areas in the district. >> i don't want somebody knocking on my door at midnight with a delivery. >> maybe those large deliveries you know -- >> business deliveries. >> but then someone has to be there at the business to accept the deliveries. well, some of the nation's most creative minds are flocking to austin texas today. south by southwest opens today, a popular annual festival that roms to showcase the hottest new
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music, films and alternative technologies. d.c. hairmayor bowser will be there to try to make inroads with tech companies here in the district. today if you are traveling from dulles you can try out a new restaurant. celebrity chef michael simon will be cooking for passengers at the opening of his new restaurant bar simon. the menu features new and traditional american cuisine with an emphasis on comfort food. that takes place at 1:00 p.m. today. i know aaron can always go for mac and cheese. absolutely. world police and fire games officially getting under way in our areag more athletes to our area than compete in the olympics. along with some 30,000 visitors. i was there last night to help with the kickoff event. some 12,000 athletes will complete at venues in much of thorn virginia maryland and d.c.. local fire and ems and law enforcement leaders stress the impact this will have on our
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region. >> i'm not going to see this again in my lifetime here in this area. hopefuy most likely we will in the united states but not here. >> i helped last night to announce the draft picks. the opening ceremony set for june 26th at rfk. all the events will be free to the public. nbc 4 a proud sponsor of these games. it's going to be a lot of fun. >> yeah, take advantage of this. >> and it's not just the traditional sports that we're used to. some are more related to those actual fields of policg and firefighting. so it will be fun to watch some of the stuff for sure. stay with us. "news 4 today" continues now at 5:00 a.m.. a shooting inside a metro station tunnel under investigation right now. the overnight changes we're learning that will impact your trip to work. and after a freezing cold start to this morning, we'll start to see a bit of everything. tom is tracking a slight warm-up and then some rain. it is 5:00 a.m.. good 340r7k,


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