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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  March 14, 2015 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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price, guaranteed for two full years! plus, get a $300 bonus with a two-year agreement. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v off the top at 11:00, this picture captures the frightening scene at a high school basketball game. a man sings the national anthem and then collapses.
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the man suffered a medical emergency on the floor at the xfinity center. that shocked spectators coming to the campus to watch a high school championship game. darcy spencer joins us live outside the arena. she spoke to people who were there. darcy? >> reporte well chris, one witness told me tonight that this was a horrifying experience. you imagine thousands of high school students here to watch that championship game. the man walked out on to the floor of the xfinity center here tonight. he began to sing the national anthem when something horrible happened. he took a knee and apparently collapsed and rescuers were there. they rushed in and began to perform cpr. once things settled down students of both teams decided to go ahead and sing the national anthem .
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news 4 is not identifying the man but apparently performed the national anthem for three other games here this evening and collapsed. he taken to the hospital for treatment. >> like i say, the guy was singing and all of a sudden he was -- he come to a loss for words and you could see him just fall down and collapse. and it was like total chaos in there. you know? people didn't know what to expect. people were horrified. >> after he was removed far while and taken the teams off the court, the meade student body started and then chevy chase in honor of him actually. >> how did you feel about that? >> it was stirring. >> reporte it certainly was. now, because of privacy concerns the fire department could only tell us that the man was conscious when he was transported to the hospital. many folks out here telling me
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tonight they're praying he makes a full recovery. chris, back to you. >> all right. thanks a lot, darcy. really hope he gets better soon. new at 11:00, a truck caught and sent smoke across jefferson davis highway. a viewer captured this video. crews could clear the scene so the road was closed. a van ran over a little girl crossing the street with his grandma. she was only 2 years old. didn't survive the crash. r was hit, too, and tonight she is in the hospital. the accident happened in bowie as the van was turning left from old chapel road on to route 197. >> saw the debris path. you know? it's just a shame. people really do need to slow down. that's -- yeah. pay more attention. >> paramedics rushed both to the hospital where the toddler died.
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police say the person driving the van did stay on the scene. the power's back on at dulles international airport after two power surges cut the electricity in the main terminal and all four concourses. didn't impact any flights but united airlines voluntarily delayed some of the departures. outage lasted about three hours and created long lines for passengers trying to check in. investigators now say that the two men that robbed this bank are from d.c. yesterday they hel fargo on connecticut avenue. didn't take long for police to arrest thomas george and dewitt hall. sources tell news 4 that federal agents investigating whether they're the black hat bandits and they held up a string of banks with ski masks, fake beards sunglasses and black hats. arlington county's board green lighted a major redevelopment project bringing shopping and parking to the courthouse area.
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now, the board approved a 12-story building and public plaza built on clarendon boulevard and drivers can go before the county manager to appeal certain types of parking citations i. after years of debate officials of alexandra approve a boat club. the existing area rezoned to make way for a new waterfront park and took decades of litigation to get it done and didn't happen until boat club members agreed to swap land with the city and move to another property. new at 11:00, u.s. officials say the obama administration will abandon its plans to cut the number of american troops in afghanistan. now, they have not decided on exact numbers but as many as 9,800 u.s. troops will stay in afghanistan through next year. the originals to withdraw about 5,000 troops by the end of this year. but military leaders argued for
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more manpower to go after what's left of al qaeda and track islamic state militants. relief agencies and crisis teams heading to the south pacific for what's being called a majordisaster. vanuta took the brunt of a category 5 cyclone. a unicef worker recorded her scary moments as she rode out >> i'm just holding on for dear life here. this isn't fun. and all i can do during this is think about the people in vanuata who have absolutely no shelter. this is going to be a horrific humanitarian disaster. we need your help is pleading for outside help and new zealand and australia promising to send money and disast. police officers put it all
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on the line to save a toddler trapped in the river. see of their point of view. and different kind of pi day for couples at this pizza joint. why tying the knot on this particul ♪ land of the free ♪ competing to belt out the national anthem for the nets. se
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♪ or the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming ♪ singing the anthem a
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cappella local musicians auditioned today and if they get the job they sing the star-spangled anthem this year. it is national pi day, otherwise known as the return of that little funky mathematical symbol of math class. the date 3/14/15 won't come around for another 100 years and as middle school students know pi is a mathematical constant used to calculate the area of a circle. a local math teacher decided it was the perfect day to get hooked. they combined math and matrimony and got married at a local pizza joint in d.c. >> they're all about fun. >> i didn't really have a say in when the wedding was going to happen or not because it had to be this day. >> of course he didn't have a say. they're not going to have any
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trouble remembering the anniversary. let us know if you did anything special for pi day. tweet us your photos with #piday. breezy conditions are moving into the area. amedia shows us how the winds could impact our sunday and we're getting the first look at the incredible video that shows police officers saving a toddler. the girl was trapped in a wreck car in the river for 14 hours.
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nine minutes of terror panic and heroism and all caught on camera. getting a new look through the eyes of first responders as they
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rescue a baby from the submerged car in utah. nbc's halle jackson shows us how rescuers flipped the car over with their bare hands and pulled lily out of the frigid >> it's a heart stopping look at the nine minutes that saved baby lily's life. >> what have you got? >> reporter: after she spent 14 hours upside down in a half submerged ca with no hesitation first responders race to the wreck, splashing into the icy river. >> better get down and try and flip it. >> reporter: on the video you hear them realize the 18-month-old is inside. >> get up here. >> oh! god, there's a baby. >> reporter: along with her mother who police say died when the ca >> let's go guys! come on. >> reporter: straining to get the baby out, they do. >> pass her up! pass her up! pass her up. right here right here.
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>> go, go go. >> reporter: moving fast breathing hard. she's in trouble and they know it. >> she's hype thermic. she's freezing. >> repor they try to get her blood circulating. >> come on sweetie. >> reporter: wrapping her in a blanket, performing cpr. >> almost there. are you getting a pulse? >> reporter: final. >> straight in. >> straight in! we have been doing cpr on her. >> reporter: the video ends with lily grossbeck in the care of the doctors that helped save her life. >> underwater e submerged? perspective of those that jumped into action. >> everybody was in the right position everything happened just right. >> reporter: baby lily's story captivated the country. her recovery and return to her family safe and healthy. >> i'm just really blessed and i'm just glad to have my daughter here with me. i'm overwhelmed with joy right now and she's just a miracle to me.
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>> reporte from start to finish an incredible story of heroism and hope. halle jackson, nbc news los angeles. >> wow. i've seen a lot. never seen anything like that before. heroes. doesn't even do justice to what they did. to get that little girl out of there. that was just flat-out amazing. >> and the amount of time she was there, as 18 months old. back here at home i guess a big event today with the marathon and dealing with the rain. together a big event with the st. patrick's day parade. >> downtown kicking off at noon and i recommend a sweatshirt or a light jacket because it's breezy and windy. temperatures around the midday hours tomorrow in washington feel like the 40s. i'll be showing you that in a moment. here's the weather headlines. tomorrow it's breezy even windy at times throughout the en the winds dying down tomorrow evening. winds aren't strong enough to be
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talking about power outages, downed limbs but a nuisance throughout the day. if you want to get something done outdoors. tracking minor rain chances for the upcoming week. an isolated shower on st. patrick's day and then another shot at rain on friday. the seven-day is dry and cool temperatures arrive on wednesday and stick around through friday. wait until you see the 7-dy and how chillyt wil relatively speaking. traveling tomorrow looking good. dry roads. exercising as long as you have on your spring weather gear you'll be just fine. heading out and about to runner rands, a light jacket a sweatshirt and sunglasses around and afternoon hours. temperatures right now not so bad outside. we're in the 50s. 56 in washington. chris, at your car, you'll say spring starting to feel like spring is here. 55 in leesburg. 50 for those of you in moanassas. wind gusts of 15 to almost 30 miles per hour across the area
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and it will be breezy overnight tonight, breezy and windy in the day tomorrow. so what that means it's going to feel cooler than the thermometer is actually saying. 6:00 a.m. temperatures feel like they're in the 30s and 40s. 41 in washington. by the midday hours, temperatures feel they're in the 40s inside of the beltway and areas like manassas and leesburg and still feeling like you're in the 30s for gaithersburg. feeling like 44 in washington. at our best tomorrow we feel like it's 50 degrees. that's for the afternoon and early evening hours. skycast 4 showing you the sky conditions throughout the day. so we're going to start off with some morning clouds but those clouds will break up. by the lunchtime hours, we are looking at mostly sunny skies and then we'll stay mostly sunny for the rest of the afternoon and early evening hours. a high temperature tomorrow 55. monday not bad with the temperatures. high of 64 but plenty of clouds. the kids can play outside
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getting home from school. bree on st. patrick's day. there's the chance of an isolated shower and plenty of clouds for st. paddy's day. wednesday, thursday two cool days at least pl high temperatures only around 50 degrees. the average high is now 57 and the chance of some rain on friday as spring begins in the evening hours. >> thanks. i have a chance to go back to the university of maryland today to meet future journalists. part of the urban journalism workshop to introduce young people to careers in the media. today was a fantastic group of high school students from d.c. maryland and virginia and they have amazingly insightful questions. > aright. still ahead, after a 37-point turn around jason will tell us what t
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they say no lead is safe in the nba and, hey, wizards proved that one. >> nba, 30 40-point lead wiped away like 6 minutes in the nba. it is great f. you turned off the wizards game in the first half tonight, i can't blame you. the guys looked a step slow despite e kin being the squad that played last night. t whatever was said at halftime needs to be repeated because the wizards, they were completely different team in the second half. wiz looking to extend that winning streak of theirs to three games. under ten seconds remain in the
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first half. ray mccollough. kings led by as much as 21 points. second half different tide. that's john wall knocking downe 3 pointer. wizards back within one. in the fourth down 2. continuing to use that 3-ball. that's sessions from the same spot wall was in. the wizards, they have their first lead of the game. later on the d.c. three party isn't over. that's wall again. he had 31 points tonight. 12 asitssistassists. they come back from 21 down to win by 16 113-97 your final. and thanks to the turnaround head coach randy whitman a little b. >> i got to go to church tomorrow because of some of the things i said and .
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but i told them. of them because they, 21 in the first half they stuck in there and, you know pulled the game out like this. >> a lot of wizards fans will be in church tomorrow with randy whitman. next opponent for the wizards, trail blazers at home on monday night. we go down a level to college basketball now. maryland unable to complete the three-game sweep over michigan state today so the terps fall short of capturing the big ten tournament title but the team has plenty to play for. here's how it went down today. early on maryland they really had it going, especially the fresh men. started the game 5 for 5, the jumper was falling. the terps led by as much as 16 but the second half it was a different story. here comes michigan state. marvin clark jr. not only cuts
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the lead to 1 but he's also going to make a highlight reel with that play. then just a few minutes later, it's a two-point game. travis thrice drops. got that shot to fall. tied at 45 all of a sudden. later in the half spartans up 3. wells didn't have a great game but this a much-needed bucket. terps down 1. michigan state's day. valentine to brandon dawson. dawson with 17 for the game. michigan state, they beat maryland 62-58. last year at maryland for des wells and he really wanted to >> i don't really care about an extra rest. i wanted to win. but, you know, michigan state tom izzo they're a great program and he's a great coach. >> it is what it is. we've won a lot of close ones. moving into the next tournament and our guys have very confident
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in close games to win the game. atlantic 10 semifinals shaka smart and vcu taking on davidson. first half. graham the shot is off the shot. muscle it is rebound and doesn't miss from that close. 16-point lead at halftime for vcu. davidson did battle back in the second half. tyler buries the 3 pointer. 19 points. it's a 5-point ball game now but vcu start to pull away. cox with the jam. 18 points and 8 rebounds. graham really leading the way for vcu. his shot just couldn't miss. three pointer there. another three ball here from graham. he had 18. vcu 93-73 and head to the third straight atlantic 10 final. to the women's side. patriot lead championship first
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half winding down. dumiak posting up. gets that to drop. showing off the post-up game there. tied at 24 at halftime. seco half more from her. she had a game high 24 points au up 4. american would go on to win this game they advance to the first-ever ncaa tournament. congratulations to the eagles. >> ladies deserve a lot of thumbs up. that's going to do it
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>> you're watching king 5, seattle. >> it's super bowl shut down with seahawks quarterback richard sherman. [ cheers and applause ] >> hey. hi, hello. i'm you're host richard sherman, the greatest corner in the history of the national football league. joining me, as always, is my teammate and good friend running


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