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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  March 16, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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>> wendy rieger has more live in the newsroom. >> 26-year-old staff sergeant thomas flore one of the four army natguards on board the choppe born in ft. belvoir, virginia.r rep and served in the national guard operations during the bp oil spill and the evacuation during hurricane isaac. the black hawk helicopter went down not far from destin florida, in heavy fog last tuesday durg a training exercise. night. flores grew up in a military family and spent time in germany, alabama, louisiana. family members tell an alabama newspaper that his mother died of leukemia when flores was quite young and that he wanted to make a career out of military service just like his father. his father and his stepmother now live in king george
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virginia. flor had just gotten married last march. back to you. we made sure you were the first to know about this with a push alert from our nbc wash today. an american health care worker being treated for ebola at nachih is in critical condition. he was infected while working in sierra leone. ten health worker who is treated that patient in west africa are being evacuated to the u.s. for observation because they may have been exposed to the viru the heir to one of the country's wealthiest real estate families is returning to los s to face a murder charge. robert dur waived extra diggs. he is accused of killing susan berman, a writer and friend who acted as his spokesperson. he's also been linked to the death of his wife. he was acquitted in a
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dismembermt case in texas after claiming self-defense. a series just aired and is heard saying he killed them all. coming up in a few minutes the defense strategy to keep that confession out of the court. explosive new allegations against a state department counterter expert. daniel rosen is expected to appear in court anytime now to be charged with taking videos of up to two dozen women pout withr knowledge. he w arrested last month for soliciting sex from a minor. mark segras live at d.c. superior court with the latest. mark? >> reporte daniel rosen was arrested a for a second time last night. as you said he's tu in court any minute. police say that he secretly videotaped 24 women over the course of at least six months. here's how police describe thos
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>> a follow-up search warrant on mr. rosen's phone revealed multiple video files that depicted acts of voyeurism in the u street northwest and other neighborhos of washington, specificale videos showed what appear to be adult women in the privacy of their homes in various stages of undress. >> reporte now, rosen was arrested back in february on charges in virginia that he tried to solicit sex from a minor over the internet. he is pending those cases right now. he's out on for that case, but he's about to appear at d.c. superior court any minute. phone when they arrested him 40 video files depictingt 24 women either in their or in their bedrooms getting undressed. they also say that at least seven of those victims, there were multiple videos and that's why he's also being charged with
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stalking. now, coming up at 5:00 we'll update you on what happened inside the courtroom today and i'll tell you why police are so certain that rosen actually shot those videos that were on his phone. back to you. >> mark thank you. nus in this afternoon a guilty verdict against a man accused of killing his friend over a possible love triangle. rahul gupta was found guilty of first-degr mur for killing georgetown university student mark wah. he stabbed him several times with a butcher knife in 2013. gupta reportedly said he thought his girlfriend was cheating on him with wah. zachary ki is going over pea kooe pieces of evidence that were just released for the first time. his live repor coming up on news 4 a5:00. a truck driver at dulles airport is being questioned after an accident on a runway this morning. a service truck struck a delta jet that was parked at the gate. the truck cleans up glycol, the es planes.
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no passengers or crew were injured although the plane was damaged. delta flight 1160 to atlanta was canceled. passengers were placed on other flights. d.c.'s u.s. attorney is stepping down april 1st. ronald meacham made the announce today and you saw the push alert right here on your nbc washington app. meacham has served as the city's chief prosecutor for five years. he's leaving without completing d inves into former mayor vincent gray's mayoral campaign. coming up tonight, reaction to meacham's departure before completingt inv and who will tyke taik his place. a gaithersburg townhouse fire has displaced two families today and left them with $200,000 worth of damage to their homes. montgomeryy firefighters we called to the scene at the 18000 caliber drive address this morning. they found fire and smoke e roof. the flames were put out quickly and no one was hurt. mont investigs tell us the home
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was being renovated for water damage. they discovered the fire was caused by electric joef load due to several pieces being used to dehumidify the house. a developing story out of milwaukee, wisconsin, where firefigh have finally managed to contain a massive blaze at a metal finishing plant on the city's south side. investigats bel several propane tanks caught fire inside the galvanizing company then exploded. shook the entire neighborho. we pulled up here and all of a it just blew up and it shook the car windows an my wife sa let's go from here she was getting scared. i said no, let's call 911 with them in case somebody was getting hurt over there. >> all the workers got out safely. but the building is a total loss. turning now to storm team 4
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and what a difference a fes can make. >> and buckle down for more changes on the way. let's get straight to storm team t doug kammerer in the weather center. doug what's happening? >> what's happening is a huge range in temperatures across our region. let's show you the numbers. this is all across the mid-atlant. temperaturn our area close to the 70s in some regions, 76 down around roanoke, 71 richmond 64 in d.c. look at ocean city. only 45 degrees here. so a wide range of temperatures. wait till i show you the local numbers that we'll be seeing coming up. at least we have warmer air trying to make its way in and everybody will see that tomorrow. today's headlines, great today. another good one tomorrow but turning colder much colder through the day tomorrow into the day on wednesday. then look at this. rain and, yes, snow coming up likely during late week. i'll show you when that next storm moves in how much you can expect from that in a couple minutes.e done with that word. thank you, doug. be careful where you park.
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why you could find a ticket on your car even if you're not careful, and this wasn't a problem 24 hours ago. stepping outside the courtroom. why jurors in one of the most watched trials in the country ended .
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it may have been a prank,
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but it's no laughing matter to police. hazmat teams were called to the public library in rockville town centre after someone unwittingly opened a package that contained a so-called glitter bomb today. the library was closed for about 90 minutes so hazmat teams could confirm nothi more harmful than glitter sprayed out of the package. po are looking for the person who sent the package. jurors in the boston ma saw fist hand today the bullet-riddled boat where dzhokhar tsarna was captured. arrived at the black falcon nooer boston this morning. jurors walked around the outside of the boat two at a time. they were tak on the look inside where they could see certain ye written note denouncing u.s. for its war on muslim countries. the note is broken up by about ten bullet holes and stained wi blood. tsarnaev watched from about 50 feet away. today jurors also heard testimony fm the officers involved in that shooting. well, from the runway to hot water, the apology this
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afternoon on a story that has so many of you talking online about fashion and families. traffic alert. we'll tell you about the big project that's about to begin that cou cause some big problems f.
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their views on same sex families triggea big backlash on so media. >> this afternoon, designers
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dolce & gabban who a gay themselves, explained their views. "access hollywood's" billy bush joins us. they referred to children of gay couples as synthetic children. >> they're sayi they have problems withay adoption. that was the ove sort of biggest blaspheme is they're talking about in vitro fertilization, w doesn't just pertain to the gay community. we're talking act everybody. every woman who's got an issue with her fallopian tubes or whatever, ever who gets involved in this kind of chemistry, dolc you're born to a mother and father, at least that's how it should be. i call children of chemistry synthetic children, rented uterus. really shocking coming from -- by the way dolce & gabbana were together as a couple for 25 years and reportedly tried to have a family of their own. elton john furious.
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he started the hashtag boycott dolce & gabbana. he said how dare you refer to my beautiful cr as synthetic. stefano gabana decides to respond and says, look, it is never our intenon to judge other people's choices. we believe in freedom and love. a lot of people not accepting this. victoria beckham has tweeted out her support for elton. courtney love sa she is going through her closet and grabbing every dolce & gabbana item she has and throwing it out. the guys say, wait a minute if you go shopping at a grocery store and you don't like that grocer's view on in vitro fertilization, do you not get your fresh vege fm h nobody acctilo and dolce & gabbana backing down. >> not going away. stay tuned. >> thanks billy. so watch where you park in the district. street sweeping season officially opens today. and while it may not be a sure
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sign of swing as cherry blossoms usually are the start of the season was delayed twice due to late snow falls. from now through the end of october street sweepers will operate along residential streets. signs are poed restricting parking during street sweeping hours. violations will co you about $45. can i just talk about the difference in t temperature right now across the region? it is amazing. first off let's show you what we are dealing with here in d.c. we've got some cloud cover, temperatures of 64 a nice afternoon, but some of you are nearly 20 degre colder than this, others d warmer than this. 81 in culpepper, near 80 in lieu ray. the flip side, the chesapeake bay, 48 in annapolis, 45 towards patuxent river. a 36-degree temperature spread
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between culpep and patuxent river. absolutely amazing what's going on in our region. this warm air making its way in but cannot overcome the very cold bay. huntingtown at 58 degrees, 61 towards gaithsb but a big warm-up down to the south. easily the warmest day we've seen this year. get the car washed. yes, drive-through thursday for sure. great time to get that car washed right now. we'll see another storm on friday. that's the next chance of any rain or -- yeah. storm team 4 ran showing anything across our region. we'll be on the dry side as i mentioned, no worries there. but something's going on here. notice the northwesterly flow here and we have a frontal boundary to the north and west bringing rain a snow towards the minneapolis region. that's a cold front th will come through tomorrow. ahead of that front we'll be on the warm side, temperatures tomorrow righ around where they are today in some areas, 68 in d.c., 69 culpeper, 71 around fredericksburg, 69 towards la plata. hagerstown around 57 degrees and that's early in the day. this does not represent the day.
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let's take you hour by hour tomorrow and show you what will be happening. 9:00 a.m., great, 55 degrees a beautiful day to start off. 65 degrees rather windy at noon. breezy and much cooler coming up at 4:00. 63 here and oy 54 degrees at 8:00. temperatures wbe falling we make our way thh the day on tuesday. impact forecast be on the low side nice conditions early but becoming windy. winds could gust upwards of 20 to 30 miles per hour tomorrow, maybe a little higher than that as that cold air begins to come on in. next four day, 68 on your tuesday, 50 degrees on wednesday, that cominwi rather breezy conditions, 49 for a high on thursday. that with sunshine. that sets the stage for our next storm. a mix could be some snow here early on frid morning. switching over tain wi a high of 46 degrees. not calling this a big winter storm but sogo watch for sure. i think we will see some snow in some areas during the day on friday, at leas early in the day on friday. 60 degrees on saturday, only to
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go right back down into the 40s again. winter trying to hold on. by the way, guys spring first day, friday. >> good timing. all right. thank you doug. a memorial is in place this afternoon in broadlands loudoun county, for a local mother who was killed while out jogging. a bench sits near the corner of claiborne parkway and waxpool road near where jamie rally was struck by a car about a year ago. the driver of the vehicle stopped and gave cpr until an ambulance arooi 100 peop we at the dedication of that bench last thursday. it was a trip to the pizza parlor that did not go as planned. first at 4, the unusual thing one local woman tried to do when a crook suddenly reached into her car and it was all caught on camera. it's your chance to have a lasting legacy at the national zoo.
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the next big phase of the 16th street bridge replacement project is about to begin. >> it's going to make an already difficult drive along that busy commuter route a lot worse.
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starting march th crews will start the actual work to replace that bridge. it's going to mean lane closures and other restrictions that will continue well into the summer. city leaders announced the traffic alert this morning and had some advice for drivers. news4's megan m was there. >> reporter: behind me here you see the 16th street bridge and running down underneath it, that is military road. two major commuter routes. take away any lanes and you'll no doubt see major traffic problems. work to improve ta rd has been under way since last october and in a few weeks work on replacing the 16th street bridge begins and that's when things are really going to get messy. the bridges going to go down to just one lane in each direction. milita ro is going to have just one lane headed east and two lanes going west. six bus routes will have to be diverted and at times military road will have to be shut down completely as bridge segments are put in place above it. they hope to do that work, though, on the weekends.
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>> we do want to point out that the one loop ramp across the road that will have to close during constrn as there will be lane shifts and so on underneath. >> reporte ns to say, drivers who travethugh ts area are not looking forward to it. >> a lot more time sitting in traffic. i will do that enough. >> military road has been bad for years, getting between 16th street and georgia avenue going over to northeast, awful tough. >> we want people to think about their commutes, al o neighbors to the north in maryland. we are going to try to attract as many people to public transportation,lso to think about alternative ways to get downtown. >> reporter: now, ddot was able to shave six months off the project by actually assembling the bridge pieces offsite. they're then goi to be trucked here and put in place sort of like a puzzle. but even so, the whole project is expected to take four months to complete. you may want to think about a different way to get to and from
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work. in northwest, megan mcgrath news4. tomorrow many of your kids will take a little break from class for a very important exercise. >> many schools, businesses, and organizatio as virginia will hold a statewide tornado drill at 9:45 tomorrow morning. first at 4, a situation escalating right now new details this ton about just how devastating this storm really was. and hear from some of the people who were lucky to survive it. plus, how could this play a role in your tuesday night plans?
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right now at 4:30, more than 20. that's how many people are believed to be victims of a counterterrorm just arrested for vourm. police say they found explicit images on daniel rosen's phone just weeks after being arrested
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for eliciting sex from a minor. one member killed aboard the military helicopter is a virginia native. thomas flores died when the chopper went dn off t coast of florida. the american health care worker being treated for ebola at nih in bethesda has been graded. the patient status changed from serious to critical condition. unusual claims from the missouri man accused of shooting two police officers last week during a protest outside the ferguson poli department. >> he allegedly admits he fired the shots but says he was aiming at someone else. jay gray joins us live from ferguson with his latest development ins case. jay, what can you tell us? >> reporter: hey there barbara, jim. the suecinhicase, jeffrey williams, has apparently told police he fired the shots but that was during an argument more than 100 yards away from the police department and the officers injured were hurt by stray gunfire.
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we are learning more about jeffrey williams the man police say shot two police officers outside the ferguson police department. bishop derrick robinson said he talked with wil inside the city jail. >> he said he was upset, reacting out of frustration and anger. >> reporter: pe has admitted to firing the shots but also says it sara altercation a he wasn't targeting police. >> the eviden developed at this point in part on his statement that he may have had a dispute with some other individuals or felt some dispute, we're not sure we completely buy tt part of it but in any event it's possible he was firing at some other people. >> report: investigators also point out williams wutz a part of the protest earlier that night. >> he is a demonstrator. he was out there earlier that evening as part of the demonstration. >> rt: b bishop robinson, one of the organizers here, says williams was not marching and ve has.
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>> he had not been a protest. he was actually coming out that afternoon just kind of see what was going on but he had never protested before. >> reporter: protests that have continued since the shooting without incident despite renewed tension and anger here. now, regardless of williams' intent when he allegedly pulled the trigger he is charged with two counts of assault in the first-degree, an that's punishable by le in prison. that's the latest live here in ferguson, missouri. jay gray, news4. i'm reeg roog atndg at the live desk where we have police on the scene in herndon in a wooded area where they have found the body of an adult male who has trauma to his upper body. chopper 4 is over the scene. this is the area of folly lick stream on hidden brook drive in the 1500 block. police are just starting this investigation. th don he lot of details except that it is an adult male
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dead with trauma to his upper body. we'll keep you posted. back to you. he's back in the public eye, but we are still working to find out why russian president vladimir putin disappeared for ten days. he met with kyrgyzstan's president toda in st. petersburg. he was lt seen march 5th when he hosted italy's prime minister. when he abruptly postponed a trip last week, his unexplained absence fueled rumors of a coup or serious illnessness. the kremlin ip cysted he was holding officia meetings and released photos but skeptics said the meetings happened a week earlier. emergency aid is trickling into devastated south pacific nation of vanuatu. the first aid arrived from australia as soo the airport in the capital reopened, saturday's category 5 psi chone flattened vanuatu and winds more than 185 miles per hour and a 26-foot storm surge hit that island. hospitals, schools and homes are gone.
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the damage is so widespread the death toll is unclear at this time. it's expected to soar after rescue teams reach the outer islands and t bore the full brunt of the storm. now that the airport has reopened, touris who survived that terrible storm are returning hoo na reunions with loved ones. this was the sce at the airport in sydney today. >> we're just really lucky. people just looked after us so well. it was awesome. >> i've never seen or heard anything like that noise. it was frightening. it was just terrible. >> one hotel owner just sat on the bed and hoped he would be there in the morning. a woman in anne arundel county used a rather unusual tactic to fend off a purse snatcher. this happened yesterday afternoon and caught on this security camera coming up. the woman walked outside of a pizza hut on richie highway south and climbed into her car pap man drove up and walked up to her. police tell us he implied he had
4:35 pm
a gun, reached into the car and grabbed her purse. that's when the woman then bit the suspect's hand. after a brief struggle, the guy ran back to his vehicle and took off. the woman was not hurt. but he did get her purse. police are looking for him now. it's a dubious distinction. we'll tell you how some very snow-wary people are reacting to news that they a a witness to history. >> storm team 4 tracking some chilly changes. oh, doug. >> that's righ guys. beautiful weaer across our region for the most part, everybody seeing 60s and 70s. but don't get used to them. spring, it's not quite here ju yet.
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this may come as a shock but that morning cup of coffee isn't as popular as it used to be. for the third year in a row, the percentages of americans who drink a cup of coffee every day has dropped, that according to the national coffee association. this year's coffee trends shows that 59% of people drink one cup a day, down from 61% last year. and for people who still consider themselves coffee drinkers the nber of cups that they have each day also dropped. it's now just under two cups a day, the lowest level since 2010. new services promise to save time in your day, but at a
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price. consumer reportea nzez joins uto break down the cost of convenience. what's this all about? >> we are talking about potentially sang you lots of time, lots of m why am i talking to you? where's barbara and wendy and doreen when i need them? we're talking about saving you time and money when it comes to getting your hair professionally blow dried. is it worth the money? you decide. you're trying to get out of the house on time but we all know this is going to take a while. blow drying your hair depending on length and texture can be time consuming, and many of us face it, are not as good as the pros. >> doesn't lo exactly the same. >> reporter:a wish we had more time. are you a busy woman? >> yes. >> reporter: wi cveen in mind, blow d salons where the focus is just this are starting to be really common. you had a blowou done before, okay. but is the cost worth the convenience? dry bars clientele seems to think so. >> our regular customers come in two, three times a week.
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>> folks are in and out about 45 minutes. the effects are long lasting. >> three to five days. >> reporter:h st open as late as 10:00 and open at 7:00 a.m. then there's blow dry taxi, licensed stylists that come to you. >> hi. >> reporter: kate's a student and au pair with limited time to spare so she's trying this out. she stumbled upon the company online when she needed help on a sunday tackling her locks. in the comfort of her own home a stylist tackles those curls. 30 minutes later she's done. >> say a client gets two blowouts a we and it takes her through a week so, she doesn't need to worry about her hair anymore. we want to bring it to a point where no won needs to do her hair herself anymore. >> reporter: ow dry taxi charges $50 plus 20% tip. dry bar runs $40 and tips are welcome. it has the dry on the fly service. they'll come to you for $95. chain salons like hair cutry are the least expensive options for
4:41 pm
the blow dry service at about $20. for the wom w wants a professional to a time that work for hisre may be a fit for your life. what are you like five minutes? >> i tell you, i'm a busy guy. dry on the fly may be for me you know? >> all right. it's suitable for a lot of people. >> coming up you have a great story pap lot of local folks getting payment a settlement in our area. >> that's right. there is an update to a big mortgage settlement. thousands of people across d.c., maryland, and virginia are eligible for payments. i'm going to tell you who qualifies and howuch money is on the table. let that's coming up tonight at 5:00. >> good story. see you then. >> and money scams whatever your tip is, our best story ideas come from you. be in touch. e-mail or give us a call. >> see you at 5:00. barbara, back you. what you post could get you in trouble. how facebook is revisiting what it says it can remove from your profile. we'll tell you what ow yao need to know, plus potential change of plans when it comes to
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american troops coming home. the important conversations happening right now here in washington. [ female announcer ] business travel isn't just about the going. it's also about the going home. and being connected all along the way. whether you're working or recharging do business travel on your terms. acela. take off.
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right now a major development concng.s. troops from afghanistan. >> the news from the pentagon is being eclipsed by the possibility of a nuclear deal with iran. but u.s. officials are confirming toy a lot of american forces may not be leaving afghani year's end. news4's steve handelsman live on capitol hill widetails on both issues playing out in side-by-side nations. >> afghanistan and iran are side by side. thanks. good evenin the white us still insisting there a near total american pullout from afghanistan by 2017. but not much of a partial pullout that w promised next year. the change could mean almost
4:46 pm
10,000 u.s. troops in afghanistan ntyear, double what presidenobd hoped for. he's bowing to u.s. commander who is say more u.s. forces have to stay. the taliban is getting stronger. afghan government forces still need more training. and the rise of isis after u.s. forces left iraq is a reminder that's a danger in afghanistan. but the danger of nuclear weapons next door in iran is front burner today. secretary of sta kerry met again with iranian foreign minister rouhani in switzerland and the iranian did bring up last week's controversial letter, sent to iran's ruling ayatollah, signed by 47 republican senats, it warned that congress might undercut any agreement. >> it will be an extra amount of critics over in tehran about any deal that's eventually worked out. >> reporter: criticism in congress grew after israeli prime ministeret came to warn that iran might still build the bomb.
4:47 pm
the white house says u.s. lawmakers will g say later on. >> we absolutely do believe that there is a responsibility for congress after iran has demonstrated sustained compliance with the agreement to weigh in and make a decision about removing those sanctions. >> reporter: t niraon is warning now against what it calls back seat driving as kerry races to make a deal with iran by an april 1st deadline. a senior u.s. official who was with kerry and the iranians said today he's still not sure the u.s. can get a deal. i'm steve handelsman, news4. shoveling and plowing and more shoveling and plowing. it's been an epic marathon winter for a lot of folks. for boston, it's going into the record books. after sunday's storm dumped another 3 inches of snow on that city, it pushed the total for the season to 108.6 inches. that's over 9 feet, folks. it breaks a previous record of 107 inches set back in 1995.
4:48 pm
>> i'm done. i'm done. >> as a skier i love snow. glad to see it. but i'm done with winter. >> i'm very excited spring is in five days. >> that may be true but get this -- boston could get even more snow later this week. >> oh and late they are week, doug's got the s-word back in our forecast in the five-day. >> that's what everybody's calling it, the dreaded s-word. i do think we could see a slight chance for snow coming up thursday night into the day on friday. should n be that big of a deal but it's something we'll continue to watch. friday is also the first day of spring. take a look out towards national harbor. the wheel was just going around a minute ago. you can see the beltway off in the distance, 495 there. another vantage point showing 395. man it has been packed all afternoon. not getting anywhere fast on the 14th street bridge right along 395. those cars just don't seem to be moving much at all coming into the city. 64 degrees right now. temperatures are going to be greater around 7:00 63 degrees 55 degrees at 11:00.
4:49 pm
a nice evening. look at the difference again in temperatures. this is al amazing. warrenton, 78eg right now. they've got plenty of sunshine down there. more clouds in the 60s region then you get closer to the bay and only 47 along the water. so a 30-degree temperature difference betw warrenton and annapolis. really quite amazing what's going on in our region. we're trying to get some of that warmer air up here. it's just not making it all the way. storm team 4 ra on dry side. tomorrow it wil a similar day. mostly cloudy, becoming rather windy and cooler late. 60 to the north and west. some areas may not get that high to about 71 count 1 down to the south. in the city i think we'll be in the mid-60s but notice the wide range because we will see a wide range. today that range 30 degrees. tomorrow that ng will be a little different. i want to stop this once or twice, that didn happen. temperatures tw will fall during the afternoon. your biking forecast, 55 beautiful at 9:00 a.m. going to be great 9:00, 10:00 11:00. 1:00 is when the wind picks up.
4:50 pm
temperatures rea around 67, so a nice afternoon, pretty good, but again w o for the breezy conditions. a lot cooler b5:00, many to the northwest even colder than that as we move through the day on our tuesday. 68 tomorrow. of course st. patrick's day looking prettgood. 50 degrees on your wednesday rather breezy conditions, and 49 degrees on thursday with some sunshine. so a lot cooler and much cooler than average, close to 10 degrees below average. friday we get that mix to rain with a temperature of 46 degrees. and let's take a closer look at friday. we're watching this storm closely. it will be a mix of rain and snow. some areas will see some snow and, yes, there could be some possible accumuone so, that's someth we will watch too. the good news here is one thing to notice not much in the way of temperatures below freezing at least in the d.c. metro area. so that means most of the snow would not stick. roads i think should be okay. but we rebound quickly. back to 60 degrees on your saturday. then back to the cool side sunday and monday. so next seven days going to be a little bit on the cool side. guys? >> thank you, doug.
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across the country 31% of all traffic fatalities are caused by drunk drivers. now listen to this startling stat. the number jumps to 55% in the hours after midnight on st. patrick's day. and the blood-alcohol content averages twice the legal limit. to thwart that, sober ride is offering free cab rides up to 30 bucks. for more information search sober ride at nbc washington. facebook is clearing up the confusion on what you are allowed to post on their site. the new community standards are about three times as long as the ones before. facebook says these rewritten rules will he users understand why some content wasn't removed even after there were complaints and provide clarity to what you are allowed to post. the guidelines specifically address graphic violence and the controversy over nudity on the site. now to a story that has been very popular on our nbc washington facebook page.
4:52 pm
>> sure has. the national zoo is asking you to pick the names for their newest andean bear cubs. starting today n go to the zoo's website and vote on your favorite choices. each of the name has some significance to the indigenous community where the bears came from. voting lasts until this sunday and in two weeks the bears will make their debut at our zoo. now some stories we're working on in our newsroom tonight. getting ready for a royal visit. we'll show you some of the last-minute preps this afternoon as places around the area get ready to welcome members of britain's roy f it was a night i'll never forget for the r mli. >> sharing her story in hopes of finding justice. the big investment today from the white house aksu violence against women doesn't go unpunishe a bike la watt battle is shaping up in an area you night not expect. that's coming upne 4t
4:53 pm
5:00. >> reporter: i' adam tuss in tyson's corner where a new debate is surfacing here and it has to do with cars and bikes sharing the road. you see, tyson's is now trying to reshape itself to make it more friendly for everyone including cyclists and cars. a public hearing is being held tonight to potentially change some roads around tyson's to make some roads narrower and to add bike lanes into this part of the area. now, of course, this is a debate that a lot ofeoveeen dealing withor long time around our en region. coming up on news 4 at 5:00, we're going to explore the issue in depth hitting the road in tyson's on a bike. it's the few words that could seal a man's fate. but could an audio recording from inside a bathroom be enough to convict an heir to a billion-dollar fne
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he's an heir to a billion-dollar fortune but he's also the suspect in the murder of his wife, his neighbor and
4:57 pm
the killing of a friend. he'll go to california after charges and arrest this weekend. chris pollone dcres how he may be jinxed by a documentary on his life. >> reporter: 71-year-old robert durst sat in a criminal court at times with his eyes closed. facing extradition to california for the murder of his longtime friend susan berman in 2000. durst looked frail as he rose to speak to the judge indicating that he did sign the waiver which will send him to los angeles for trial. >> bob durst didn't kill susan berman. he's ready to end all the rumor and speculation and have a trial. >> reporter: hn the subject of the hbo documentary series "the jinx" which takes a look back at th1982 disappearance o durst's wife, kathy a 2001 texas murder for which he was charged then acquitted claiming the killing was self-defense. >> robert durst not guilty. >> reporter: an the murder he was arrested for late saturday. the show's finale aired sunday night hours after police arrested durst in a new orleans hotel. the show's producers uncovered a
4:58 pm
letter durst addressed to berman and confronted him with it. the handwriting and the spellings look sla to a letter the presumed killer sent to police telling them where to find her body. durst goes into a bathroom with his microphone still on and starts talkintolf. >> you're caught. what the hell did i do? killed them all,cose. >> former westchester county district attorney investigated durst in 2000. >> susan berman was killed because she knew too much about kathleen durst. i believe that murdered her to prevent her from talking to us. >> reportdus lawyers advised him not to take part in "the jinx." instead his desire to talk might just be the thing prosecutors have been looking for all along. chris pollone, nbc news. news 4 at 5:00 starts now. jim wendy? >> well, right now at 5:00, the new allegations against a state department employee recently arrested for soliciting sex from a minor. >> key pieces of evidence just
4:59 pm
released in the trial of a man accused of killing his friend in a possible lo triangle. and a big change at the d.c. prosecutor's off what it means for the investigation into d.c.'s former mayor. but first a 16-year-old is attacked after a party at a boys and girls club. >> and this incident recorded by the attackers and sent to the victim, it's tough to watch. difficult to say the least. the police ho it will help them identify those involved. only on 4 tonight, the victim's mother is talking to our bureau chief, julie carey, in hopes that her words and the video might lead to arrests. julie? >> reporterll the victim's mom says seeing that video sent to her son's phone left her heart broken. the boys and girls club rents out the facility for private teen parties to give teens a safe place to have fun. but it was justa party was breaking up around midnight saturday that the fun ended when a group of teens surrounded the
5:00 pm
victim and assaulted him. it was just outside the doors of the dale city boys and girls club that the attack took place. because juveniles are involved we've blurred their faces. you can see teeher round with phones poised to take video. the leader punches the victim in the face. he falls to the ground. then the other teens begin to kick him. the honking horn send the attackers running. the victim's mother asked we protect her identity. we'll call her vanessa. she tells us she got a frightening ca from police after midnight saturday. she and her husband rushed to the scene to find emts tending to her son. >> as i looked down on the ground i seen a bunch of blood. and i asked is that his and i seen him sitting there, you know, holding tissues to his nose. >> reporter: next morning, to add insult to injury, someone sent a video of the attack to her son's phone. >> when i initially looked at the video i


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