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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  March 17, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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o. two victims, one 16 years old and another 17 years old at the time of the attack. the 17-year-old told police that daryl best took her out to dinner in his police uniform and then said before taking her home he had to stop by his office. that office two doors down from d.c. superior court. metropolitan police headquarters. according to police documents, he took the 17-year-old girl to his office on the fifth floor, right down the hallway from the chief of police's office and that's where he sexually assaulted her while he was wearing his badge and his gun. in the second incident a 16-year-old girl said it happened at the church where he was the senior pastor in southeast washington. that happened on three separate occasions dating back to december of last year. the victim told police he took her out of choir practice one night and sexually assaulted her in his office inside the church. the family of that second victim confronted the officer sometime
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last week before going to police. now police have confirmed that as soon as the allegations were made they revoked darrell best's police powers and took his badge and gun away from him. last night he was arrested in largo, maryland at his lawyer's office. there was no resistance. he was not wearing a gun at the time. he appeared in court about 20 minutes ago. his lawyer did not dispute any of the evidence that prosecutors put before the judge and so the judge ordered him held without bond until a hearing later this week. he will be segregated from the general population of d.c. jail because he is a police officer and therefore could be in some type of danger inside of a jail. now, coming up at 6:00 we'll tell you about the explosive evidence that police have linking him to at least one of these sexual assaults. reporting live in northwest, mark segraves news4. back to you in the studio. scott mcfarlane at the live desk. new details just coming in about a stabbing on the campus of
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morgan state university. baltimore police say one student was stabbed in the chest, another in the back a third in the arm. ausmsers say all three were expected to survive. none life-threatening injury. our affiliate wbal tv reports the three students were football players. investigators believe the stabbing stemmeded from an argument outside a dining hall between the football players and a group of other people. wbal also reports one person is in custody now and police say they are speaking with several persons of interest. this stabbing follows another over the weekend in which a student was stabbed by his roommate. at the live desk i'm scott mcfarlane. we're learning more right now at the scare on a commercial airliner leaving the washington area. two passengers tackle a man who claimed to have a bomb. one passenger was a former soldier. >> united 1074 declaring an emergency due to a passenger disturbance he is restrained. we need to return to the airport. >> passengers held that man
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down. what would you do? news4 transportation reporter adam tuss live now at washington dulles airport with reaction from fliers. adam? >> reporter: that's right, jim. and new at 5:00 tonight we're actually hearing from a passenger who was right there as the whole wild situation unfolded right there as that man was tackled to the ground. >> united 1074 declaring an emergency due to a passenger disturbance. he is restrained. we need to return to the airport. >> reporter: that call from the cockpit to the air traffic control tower here at dulles after 10:00 last night. then the video to go along with what unfolded passengers holding down the man on the ground after he apparently rushed toward the cockpit. a woman on the plane told her husband late they're the man was acting suspiciously before the plane even took off. it all came to a head with passengers stepping in. >> he was saying jihad, he was saying there's -- the plane's going down they're in the
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belly, they're shooting at the plane, and it was just -- it was just -- it was unbelievable is what it was. >> if i was in the same situation, i would have done the same thing, you know. no questions asked. >> reporter: rodney walters from dulles weighing in. >> something although you don't want to see it you can expect that at some point it may happen. >> reporter: other agree they'd step in too. >> if somebody's going to try to interfere with you getting down safely yeah he's definitely going to reap whatever he gets. >> reporter: so far what he got was lot of bruises and a trip to the hospital. now, coming up in my next report at 6:00 we'll hear from the guy who actually tackled that man to the ground. wendy, back to you. >> adam tuss. a natural gas leak disresulted the workday for dozens of workers in downtown d.c. we're told a construction crew broke a gas linl in the middle
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of m street in northwest near 17th street right across in "national geographic." this was just before noon. no one was hurt. but, boy, that leak forced people in several buildings to evacuate created a mess for traffic down there. m street was temporarily shut down. the buildings reopened after about 90 minutes. a live look right now at the jefferson memorial. >> we had the luck of the irish today but that's about to run out, right, doug? >> it's already running out in some areas. but exactly right, today, the second warmest march 17th we've seen since 1999. a beautiful day out there. take a look at the numbers across our region. right now 73. that was the high temperature we saw today. 74 around fredericksburg and 66 in frederick, the first time we've seen temperatures above the 70-degree mark yesterday and again today. two days in a row it's above 70 degrees, but it's not going to last. they were 82 a couple hours ago at virginia beach, now starting to see the cooler air, 41 in pittsburgh that's what's coming
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our way. much colder during the day tomorrow. today 73 degrees, but tomorrow we start at 35. and the windchills will be in the 20s. that's right. get ready. winter trying to make a little bit of a comeback. i have that and a forecast that could involve a little built of snow late they are week. reaction pouring in tonight to the surprise resignation of a republican congressman. aaron shock. shock has faced weeks of questions about lavish spending on everything from redecorating his office to resemble the set of "downton abbey" to using public funds for personal trips. he says the constant questions have made it too difficult for him to serve. illinois senator dick durbin says the resignation reflects the gravity of the situation. house speaker john boehner simply said he wishes him well. doctors are now treating a man who was shot in a botched burglary. police believe the man tried to break into a house on lenore lane this morning and after the gunshot a neighbor saw the man hunched over running from the
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scene. our northern virginia reporter david culvert is live in fairfax county with the latest on this. >> reporter: wendy, we didn't think this was going to happen. we just heard from the homeowner. we didn't think it was going to happen because he's been in his house all day speaking with police. they've been interviewing him. tonight he tells me he is shaken terrified after what happened here this morning. he says he was just about to take a run on his treadmill when he heard someone trying to break into his home with a brick. >> it was a little terrifying somebody breaking into your house. you don't know what to do. you know so just ran and got my gun and then i told the guy to stop but he didn't hear me so that's when i returned fire at him. and unfortunately i hurt the young man, you know. i was just shaken. i was really terrified. i mean i didn't even know if i was going to even hit the guy.
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i didn't aim to shoot to kill him or nothing. i'm just glad he's doing fine. >> reporter: and police just giving us this information. that man is 27 years old. he ran from the home wounded. a witness tells us that he passed by him and mumbled to him, "i got the wrong house." while still bleeding he got to the intersection with the busy tell graph road. police say he then tried to flag down a school bus carrying children. it was at that time that an ausmser pulled up took the man into custody. we're told tonight charges are pending and he is recovering in the hospital. coming up ahead all new at 6:00 we've been talking to neighbors all day. i can tell you they too, are terrified. they're making some changes when it comes to their own safety. that part of the story when i see you again in our next hour. for now, back to you. >> thanks david. right now we're working to learn more about two people who were found dead in the woods in fairfax county. the bodies were found about 20 miles apart and both are men. we don't know who they are yet. one man was found in annandale just before 5:00 monday in a
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creek in the woods behind some apartments near ivy mount court. that was just a few hours after a second body was found in herndon. it was in the woods near hidden brook drive. both deaths are under investigation. secret service director joseph clancy has been on the job for a month now. and he was hired with a mandate to turn things around. today members of congress made it crystal clear he is not moving fast enough for their taste. this hearing was spoeed to be about the secret service budget but lawmakers wanted to know about the scandal that came to light last week. well two senior agents reportedly went to a party then drove back to the white house, disrupted an active investigation, and got sent home without sobriety tests. lawmakers were not happy to learn clancy turned the investigation over to the department of homeland security. >> i'm disappointed that you have not waged your own vigorous tough investigation.
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to say you're not investigating, you want the inspector general of the department to investigate is hogwash. >> yes, sir. >> clancy did make one request of members of congress today during his visit to the hill. he's asking for $8 million so the secret service can build a replica white house to help better train agents. the agency currently has a training facility in beltsville but clancy says it doesn't provide a real enough training experience. new developments in the hillary clinton e-mail saga. house speaker john boehner is asking her to turn over her computer server to a third party. he says that would give an independent person access to those e-mails and the ability to determine which are government related and which are personal. earlier this month, clinton revealed she used a personal e-mail address and a home-based server to conduct state department business. emotional testimony as students describe what they went through to join fraternities and
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sorority sororities. what they're hoping to change by speaking out against hazing. and helping parents with a daycare dilemma. what's being done to make child care more accessible. and retiring at age 24 walking away from a potential financial windfall.
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a lock doub has been lifted in manassas. police are looking for a man seen near manassas park elementary school with a weapon. no word if officers found that man. a lockdown in manassas park has just been lifted. police say he admitted to having sexual contact with a student at beltsville high school but a jury couldn't decide if a former coach was guilty or innocence of that
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sexual assault. tracee wilkins is live with reaction to the hung jury. >> reporter: we know the decision was 11-1 but we don't know if that was for him being guilty or innocent in this case so he is a free man and will be back in court in june because the state's attorney's office say they want to retry this case. now, this man was a teacher in highpoint high school in beltsville, maryland, and had been there for some time graduated from high point high school in the '90s and returned to be a football coach. the alleged incident happened during school hours back in september of 2013. according to court testimony, another teacher approach the 17-year-old student after hearing rumors that she may have had some kind of sexual relationship with mr. brown. the student then reported brown to police. now, brown, again, graduated from high point high school in the late '90s and was hired as the football coach but fired after the team had consecutive losses. he admitted involvement with the student according to a videotaped police interview police played in court, but in the end, he was not convicted by
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this jury. >> we're disappointed. we certainly still do feel that we have a strong case. we plan to pursue a retrial that'll be june 29th. and, you know, so we feel that we have enough evidence to go forward as we did before. >> reporter: now, when this case first began, prince george's county school system put brown on believe pay pending the outcome of this investigation. today they say that they have no comment on this investigation or where he stands with the school system because it is a personnel matter. tracee wilkins, back to you in the studio. concern over vandalism may have helped capture the boston marathon bombing suspect. the man whose boat dzhokhar tsarnaev was found hiding inside testified at his trial today. he said he looked in his backyard and noticed the boat's cover was torn. he saw a man inside who appeared to be dead and calmled police. a childhood friend also
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testified he gave tsarnaev a gun used to kill an m.i.t. officer. tsarnaev faces the death penalty if convicted. retiger at only 24 years old. 49ers linebacker chris borland is putquitting football because of concerns about the long term effects of head trauma. he made his desis after talking to his family and friends as well as concussion research. he told espn's "outside the lines," "i just honestly want to do what's best for my health from what i've researched and experienced. i don't think it's worth the risk." more than 70 former players have been diagnosed with progressive neurological disease after their deaths. the nfl, they released a statement today saying in part "by any measure, football has never been safer and we continue to make progress with rule changes, safer tackling techniques at all levels of football and better equipment,
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protocols and medical care for players. we continue to make significant investments in independent research to advance the science and understanding of these issues. we are seeing a growing culture of safety." coming up at 6:00 this story has everyone talking including current redskins players and we're going to have their reaction coming up. i'm us are russdiana russini. back to you. five students suspended from a university of maryland ha cross team. the allegations that the school fishes are now taking a close look at. the hidden dangers andryings of auto pay. why you shouldn't set it and fefrgt it.
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the fountain green in washington. it was the idea of first lady michelle obama. her hometown of chicago dyes the river jeep. ireland's prime minister a
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guest of honor for the shamrock ceremony that is a tradition between the two countries going on about 60 years. to make things more mystical we're going to have the aurora borealis reaching down our way tonight. >> there is potential for that. >> that's crazy. how often does that happen? >> not often. back in 2009 saw one in 2003. they could get all wa the way down to this area. a strong magnetic storm coming off the sun. three cmes, mass ejections out there and they bring energy toward the earth and the way that it affects the magnetic -- magnetic portions of the earth. there you go. we could be seeing some of that making our way through the night tonight. our rockville camera shaking in the wind just a little bit. it is rather shaky. a nice afternoon. our camera towards the airport also fairly shaky. 66 degrees, winds out of the northwest at 21 miles per hour
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but winds are gusting upwards of 30 to 35. show you that in a second. 66 in washington 68 in fredericksburg. temperatures have been falling. we were in the upper 60s around hagerstown earlier, already down to 48 in cumberland. that cold air continues to move in. 37 gaithersburg 28 manassas and right now 35 in leesburg. a very windy evening. it will be a windy overnight period too. winds could gust upwards of 35 miles per hour tonight and that will affect the windchill tonight as well. storm team 4 radar showing nothing out there as far as the clear skies are concerned. again, that's why we could see the aurora tonight. you have to get into a very dark area obviously look up toward the north but could be something really cool in parts of our region. if you see it send us a picture. now, satellite and radar shows our front very clearly defined here. look at the clouds parting ways here, making our way toward the south, bringing us close clearing skies. toward the north, you can see where the air is coming from straight across the lakes down
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towards our region and we'll see very cold temperatures tomorrow morning. tomorrow much colder. 50 degrees in d.c. that's not bad for january but we are we are in march, temperatures close to 35 to 10 degrees below average tomorrow. 45 hagerstown 53 in fredericksburg 49 in manassas. it will be rather breezy too. again it's not really the temperatures but the windchill. tomorrow morning, wednesday around 6:00 a.m. 29 in d.c. 24 in gaithersburg 26 in manassas. so we go from 73 down into the 20s early tomorrow morning. a very cold start to the day. even around 12:30 tomorrow afternoon we're still in the 30s with those windchills. winds still gusting 10 to 20 miles per hour. a very cold wednesday across our region. the cold air looks like it wants to stick around far while. your impact forecast on the low side. weather not a huge impact tomorrow but wear the coats. breezy and cool across the region for tomorrow. same deal on thursday still cool. 53 degrees on thursday. then friday high temperature of 43. but maybe a chance for rain or snow. best chance of snow early on
5:25 pm
friday morning could affect the early rush. not anticipating a lot of road issues with this storm. it's not going to be a big one by any means but we could see snow friday morning. we rebound back to 60 degrees on saturday and then right back down again sunday monday and tuesday. temperatures into the 40s. the first full week of spring guy, it looks like a cold one. >> all right. thank you, doug. up next, a crackdown on college hazing. >> the second night they took us to the basement of an abandoned townhome where we were pushed punched, slapped around to the point where my nose began bleeding. >> what these alleged victims are seeking as they share their stories with others today. >> reporter: working parents in montgomery county understand that finding child care is difficult. finding affordable child care is a bigger challenge.
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changing the culture on college campuses victims of hazing share their emotional stories in np today hoping to
5:29 pm
convince lawmakers there to crack down on abuse. news4's zachary kiesch was there and has their stories. >> they took us to the basement of ayn ban donned townhome where we were pushed punched, slapped around to the point where my nose began pleadbleeding. >> reporter: the prefs lens of hazing and an appropriate punishment for those who participate in it. >> i'm here to testify on behalf of the house bill 448 and to increase the hazing fine from $500 to $5,000. >> reporter: she was an hmo freshman interested in joining a sorority at penn state when she was hazed. criminal charges were filed against three people, but despite the long lasting impact on trowel nobody received more than community service. she's in favor of the bill that increases fines and introduces possible jail time for those who intentionally participate in the behavior. >> greek life seems to be the greatest violators. >> reporter: delegate karen lewis young is the lead sponsor of the bill. >> reading these stories just
5:30 pm
brought tears to my eyes. >> reporter: one of those stories is johnny powell ii. >> i am in physical therapy now for my back pain psychologists for the mental parts, the days that i wake up and have bad dreams. i feel like i'm still in the situation. >> reporter: i caught up with pow knell january after he had filed a $4 million lawsuit against kappa alpha psi, inc. for hazing he says occurred in this home. a new bill in many ways designed to change culture and hold people accountable. reporting in annapolis, zachary kiesch news4. i'm scott mcfarlane at the live desk. the inspector general of the u.s. department of homeland security confirms they've begun an investigation into the u.s. secret service. that investigation will center on the recent allegations against two senior secret service agents. those agents accused of leaving a retirement party earlier this month to respond to a potential bomb scare at the white house.
5:31 pm
when they arooifded, they drove through the scene and hit a barrier outside the presidential mansion. they were then allowed to leave without undergoing sobriety tests. secret service will cooperate fully with that investigation. at the live desk i'm scott mcfarlane. good news to report tonight out of the city of manassas. crime rates there are falling. from from 2013 to 2014 serious and violent crimes have dropped 12%. lesser crimes have dropped 6%. larcenies down 13%. and vehicle thefts are down 51%. police think they know that the good news -- what's behind it. >> community involvement is a key component into our success and without it i don't think our reduction in crime rate would be possible. >> the crime rate in manassas is slightly lower than the national crime rates reported than the fbi. and charges this afternoon in a drag racing accident. michael janica of spotsylvania is charged with reckless driving and racing after a crash
5:32 pm
yesterday shut down part of route 1 in fredericksburg. police say he crashed into another vehicle that had turned in front of him. both drivers are still in the hospital with serious injuries. the other vehicle involved in the drug race wasn't part of this crash. working parents of small children know just how stressful finding child care can be. now a montgomery county council member wants to centralize the whole process to make child care more accessible and affordable. kristin wright shows us details of the plan. >> reporter: roseanne ward is a mother of four. beyea tris and beverly are her youngest. she also as a 3-year-old with special needs. in addition to her full-time job as a mom, ward works part-time. >> i'm an e.r. nurse and the only times i can really work are from 9:00 p.m. till 1:00 in the morning. >> reporter: so she can take care of her children during the day. child care is not an option right now. not in montgomery county. >> realistically that's just an amount of money i'm unwilling to
5:33 pm
pay for. >> it is pushing many families to the limit. >> reporter: council member hans reamer wants to create a montgomery county office on child care early care and education to focus on making child care more available and affordable. >> the price i think is an indication of how hard it is to get, the price is rising very rapidly. people are projecting double-digit increasinges in the cost of child care services in the coming years. >> reporter: reamer adds there are 65,000 children under 5 living in montgomery county. but only 39,000 slots at regulated child care providers leaving a gap of about 26,000 kids. >> it's a great idea. they have definitely a notable need for it in the county. >> reporter: at 6:00 possible hurdles councilman reamer's plan could face. if you'd like to give your opinion on the proposed office of child care there is a public hearing set for tuesday, march 31st at count si council.
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kristin wright news4. more students are earning their diplomas in the district. d.c. public school officials tell us 58% of high schoolers graduated in 2014 nap's up from 56% the previous year. school's chancellor henderson said there is stale long way to go to increase the graduation rate. the school system plans to spend $13 million, about 1.8% of its budget for the next year to improve education and opportunities at neighborhood high schools. set it and forget it. auto pay, a no-brainer for so many people when it comes to paying bills. but it also comes with a warning. we'll explain the hidden risks. >> apple on the verge of rolling out their own tv service. why some are calling it a cable killer. and much cooler temperatures coming up.
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someone stole eight cavs from the faulkier county livestock exchange. this theft happened last wednesday evening at 9:30. surveillance video shows a man driving a gray-colored dodge pickup truck with a light-colored livestock trailer. the cavs are a mix of black and
5:38 pm
white with distinct markings. anyone with information is asked to call the sheriff's office. automatic bill pay is a convenient way to make sure you're not light lathe on your bills but it might not always be as safe and secure as you think. consumer reporter erika gonzalez joins us now with four things you need to watch out for when signing up for auto pay. erika? >> that's right. you do it i do it about 61% of us have at least one bill set to be paid automatically. according to financial tech services company. but as easy as it may be there are ways that auto pay can have you pay more if you ear not careful. first, watch out for companies taking out more than what you actually owe. that means monitor those monthly statements and keep tabs on your account. next continued withdrawals even if you stop using the service. charges could keep happening even if you request to turn off a service or cancel a contract. so keep an eye out for that. the biggest problem right now, identity theft.
5:39 pm
the more places that you store your bank account or your credit card number the more vulnerable you are to cyber criminals, potentially getting hold of your personal information. and finally, make sure that you have enough money to pay your bills in the account. not having the money to pay the bill could affect your credit history just as much as forgetting to mail the check. wendy and jim, back to you. >> thanks, erika. apple could be ready to launch its online tv service as early as this fall and some see it as an alternative to cable. according to "the wall street journal," apple tv would cost about 40 bucks a have mo and have about 25 channels. nbc reportedly not going to be one of them because of a disagreement between apple and nbc's parent company, comcast. comcast is also the parent company of this station. a body camera captures the dramatic scene as a deputy runs into that burning home there to search far woman trapped inside. and using a set of magnets and a remote control to correct
5:40 pm
a child's curvature of the spine. sp
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5:42 pm
5:43 pm
. heavy smoke. go. call in. >> this body cam video shows a dramatic rescue inside a burning home the deputy wearing the camera the fist to arrive on the scene. an 88-year-old woman tells the deputy her daughter is trapped inside but she couldn't tell him which direction to go inside the home. the heavy smoke made it difficult for deputies but they were able to break a window and rescue the daughter. >> i think this goes to show you it's an excellent example of what we can show not only in court situations, not only in criminal situations but situations such as this. >> mom and daugt rer doing okay now. one deputy was treated at the hospital for smoke inhalation and released. right now school officials are taking a closer look at the women's lacrosse team at the university of maryland baltimore county after some disturbing allegations. five players are suspended and kuzed of threatening violence towards freshmen and coaches in
5:44 pm
an online chat room. four of the accused players are sophomores. some have apologized. entire program now under investigation. >> we take any type of potential safety issue very serious, and the student-athletes are at the center of what we do here and their safety is paramount. >> two of the women suspended are from anne arundel county. the school is waiting for the investigation to be completed before deciding on other punishments for these women. social media postings are also at the center of an investigation of a penn state fraternity capita delta rho under suspension. police say they posted offensive pictures on two secret facebook pages. the pictures include mostly naked women who are sleeping or passed out. one of the victims discovered the posts. the pages have now been shut down. tonight using a remote control to help kids with
5:45 pm
scoliosis. doreen gentzler has details on this magic device that's helping children live better lives. >> it does seem like magic for the people who are getting it. skoeg joel owe scoliosis is a sideways curvature of the spine that typically happens in children before they reach their growth spurt. in some cases it's so severe that the child needs multiple back surgeries to fix the curve. now there's a new treatment that stops the need for all those operations. >> waiting room. snoost thr 8-year-old selena. she's a vibrant, energetic little girl with a will of her own and a smile that brightens up the whole room. but she'll most likely spend her life in a wheelchair. that's because she had muscular dystrophy, a disease that has caused not only muscle loss but severe scoliosis in her spine. >> it was bad. it was affecting her breathing. it was pushing down on her lungs. >> reporter: doctors implanted a rod in salina's spine to help fix some of the curve. her mother christina, says it
5:46 pm
was a rough surgery and it wasn't a permanent solution. she'd have to get new rods every few months as she grew taller. and that meant a lot more surgeries. >> every time you put one of these children or any child with muscular dystrophy under anesthetic you have to sbuintubate and take over lung function. putting them under by itself it's hard hard on the child, hard on the family. it's hard on the moms. >> reporter: but before salina could undergo a second surgery, the food and drug administration approved a new treatment called the magec rod, a titanium implant that is lengthened on its own using magnets and an external remote control that eliminates the need for more surgery. >> it's so much easier on them. it's so much easier on the families. and our rate of infection has gone down. >> reporter: dr. shannon kelly is an orthopedic surgeon at children's national health system. she says with the old rods frequent surgeries meant a high
5:47 pm
risk of infection. in fact many children have eight surgeries over the course of four or five years, and their risk of getting an infection is about 50%. today salina is getting her magic rod lengthened. it takes just a few minutes for doctors to press this device on her back and lengthen the rod just a centimeter or so. >> it doesn't hurt. she seays it like tingles or feels warm. >> reporter: her mother says salina will need a new set of magic rods in about two years when she grows taller but that's a much better option than the number of surgeries she would have had. she's hoping a straighter spine will not only be better for her health but will give her confidence as she gets older. >> we've raised her, you know, you're not different. you're -- you know, you're differently abled but you're no different than anybody else. >> salina she's adorable. this giese device is really forave severe scoliosis. rods don't cure the child but
5:48 pm
they do help keep their torsos in proportion to their arms and can help aleve problems. and giving up up all those surgeries that were necessary before is a huge bonus. wendy? >> certainly is. thank you, do recent. one of the first signs of spring has come to d.c. today. the environmental film festival. with 160 films. this is the largest film festival of its kind in the world. and for 23 years it's been in our backyard. the environmental film festival is bringing more than 60 filmmakers to town as well. for discussions and viewings. lit transport you to some of the world's spectacular places and allow you to get close to some of the planet's more mystical creatures. you will find these films in dozens of venues around the area and almost all of the showings they are free. the environmental film festival starts today and runs till march 29th. find the festival's schedule on the nbc washington app. just search "film festival."
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the ravages of winter still impacting the midwest and dozens of families who have lost their loved ones. take a look at the awful damage done to the civil war-era headstones of this cemetery in northern ohio. massive chunks of ice, some the size of small cars melteded from the ohio river and knocked over the headstones. city officials say more than 90% of the graves there were damaged. we're going to have another blast of winter heading our way. doug? >> yeah. i'll tell you, guys this is not going to be anything like the month of february where we're talking about high temperatures in the 20s and 30s, but with the windchill tomorrow lit feel like temperatures in the 20s. let's take a look right now. still a nice afternoon. we talked about this earlier. temperatures have been falling dale. we reached 73 earlier today. the warmest day we've seen in d.c. this year. now down to 66. we'll continue to drop down to 58 by 7:00, 48 degrees by 1 1:00 and the windchill by 11:00 will be in the 30s. a much colder night tonight. already down to 52 in
5:50 pm
gaithersburg. you can see where the cold air is. leesburg at 55, still 63 in warrenton, 63 towards huntingtown. that colder air continues to work into the region. you'll notice a big difference if you're thinking about taking a run in the next one to two hours. you'll notice a big difference between when you leave and get back. we'll be dry for the next couple days. that's good news. tomorrow mostly sunny, quite briey, winds gusting upwards of 20 maybe 25 miles per hour. that will put our windchills in the 30s just about all day long. actual temperatures between about 45 and 50 degrees. but not an all bad day. temperatures about 5 to 10 degrees below average nap's going to be about it. here's the windchill. 6:00 a.m. between 22 and 25 degrees. that's cold tomorrow morning. noon around 30 to 35. then when we get better as the winds begin to subside. windchill between 40 and 49. heads up early, especially before noon. that's when temperatures will be
5:51 pm
the coldest, that's when the windchill will be the most prevalent as well. 50 degrees on your wednesday, 53 on thursday. not bad on thursday. we'll see some sunshine. then we get to friday. 43 degrees, chance of rain or snow. yes, we think rain or snow will be there and it will be early. could be accumulating snow in some areas, but mostly just on the grassy surfaces. road problems not likely. i'm not anticipating big problems on the roads early on friday morning, but if it was to happen it would be friday morning during the rush. this is something we'll continue to watch. one thing we know for sure behind this system we go back to 60 degrees only to come right back down. much cooler as we head into the first week of string. spring officially begins the same day it tries to snow on friday. >> we've got to work on that. thank you, doug. it's a gripping survival story, a toddler found upside down in her car seat 14 hours after her mother's car crashed and wound up in a river. tonight we hear from the family that's mourning one loss while
5:52 pm
celebrating a miracle rescue. >> i don't think there can be really any stronger example of, you know loving someone so much.
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
new video now of some of the latest british citizens arrested and suspected of trying to join isis militants. police have detained three teenaged boys who were deported from turkey to england last
5:55 pm
week. airport officers intercepted them in istanbul on friday after the teens were reported missing and thought to be traveling to syria. investigator estimate some 600 british citizens have now gone to syria or iraq to join militant groups including the isis beheading suspect known as jihadi john. more legal troubles for millionaire robert durst. new orleans police booked durst on two new weapons charges. today a judge set a bail hearing for early next week, which means durst will be detained in new orleans at least through monday. this is in addition to the first-degree murder charge filed in los angeles county for the murder of his friend susan berman. cyclone pam has impacted some 60,000 children and their families in the south pacific nation of vanuatu, destroyed 15,000 homes and damaged another 42,000. those are the latest estimates from unicef following the category 5 storm that made landfall over the weekend. and the death toll of 11 people
5:56 pm
is expected to rise once more aid workers make it into the hardest hit areas. tonight the little girl who captured the country's attention with her survival is doing well. lily and her mom were in a car crash in utah. she spent 14 hours upside down in a submerged car seat before being rescued. now a report about family members speaking about her survival and her future. >> pass her up. >> pass her up. >> go, go, go! >> thank you. thank you. >> reporter: there are no word. >> come on baby. >> reporter: to describe a life-changing moment like this. >> i don't think there can be really any stronger example of, you know loving someone so much that you're willing to stick around even after. >> reporter: jennifer grossbeck died more than a week ago when her car crashed into the spanish fork river. her father says he knew something was wrong when he woke up the next morning. >> when i got to her place her car wasn't there.
5:57 pm
i knew something was wrong. >> reporter: rescuers scrambled to save her daughter lily. 14 hours later when a fisherman found the car turned upside down. >> definitely when i saw the video and hearing them talk back to the voice and say we're coming we're here was -- it's incredible. >> up and about, running around. >> rambunctious. she hasn't missed anything. everything she knew before she knows now. >> reporter: while investigators work to investigate the crash, police say they found dug doctor ugs in her purse. >> she has been hb in a car accident and had back surgery a year earlier. she was a medical assistant going to school so, hopefully that can bring some -- a conclusion to a lot of people's ideas. >> reporter: now they say they're focused on their family village raising baby lily. >> it was really important to jenny that she had a close
5:58 pm
relationship with all of us and so that is proving to be very purposeful now. >> reporter: and as they said good-bye to their jenny this past weekend, no they're not really saying good-bye. >> we're very happy and blessed that, you know a part of jenny is still here with us. >> i just feel like she definitely has a purpose here. now at six allegations of sexual abuse inside d.c. police headquarters. the evidence against a local cop and pastor and new reaction from d.c.'s major. midair takedown. the passengers who subdued a man making threat oons flight from dulles tell us what he was saying as they were holding him down. around the new head of the secret service facing questions. first he's a d.c. veteran, pastor of a church. >> now he's being held without bond accused of sex yulgly
5:59 pm
abusing teenage dwirls from his congregation. one of the incidents allegedly happened down the hall from the office of d.c.'s police chief. news4's mark segraves is live with the evidence released today. >> reporter: prosecutors say darrell best sexually assaulted two teenagers over the course of several months beginning late last year into early this year. in court today, officer best did not dispute any of that evidence. some of that evidence includes surveillance video. one of the teenagers says she was sexually assaulted inside police headquarters on the fifth floor. the same floor as the chief of police's office. according to charging documents, police have surveillance video of best and the victim inside police headquarters. best was wearing his badge and gun at the time of the assault. the second victim told police she was raped inside this church in southeast where officer best is the senior pastor.
6:00 pm
she told police she was assaulted on three separate occasions. during one of those assaults best was wearing his badge and gun. both teenagers say they pleaded with best to stop. today mayor muriel bowser reacted to the news of another d.c. police officer being arrested. >> we won't tolerate any employee preying on young people. we know that the accused was off duty when this happened but we think that the process has worked and we know that he'll face justice. >> reporter: several supporters of best were in court today like his attorney they refused to talk to reporters. >> nothing you can tell us about pastor best? >> nothing i can comment on. it's an ongoing case. nothing i can say. >> reporter: now, some more information on the evidence


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