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tv   News4 Today  NBC  March 18, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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will visit lincoln and martin luther king jr. memorials. this afternoon the duchess will stop by the shakespeare theater. she will see a short production there. and tomorrow, the royals will meet with president obama at the white house. all right. well i don't knowen if they brought the british weather with them but we have a big change. >> chuck bell is in the storm team 4 "weather center". >> good morning. yeah off to a cold start this morning after such a nice day yesterday. 73 degrees yesterday afternoon, that was our warmest day in 3 1/2 months. december 1. i can do math at 4:00 a.m. i promise. 34frederick, maryland. manassas one of our usual cold spots down to 27 this morning. 35 in annapolis. when you factor in what is still
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a fairly substantial breeze out will windchills are back into the 20s in many neighborhoods. feels like 27 in manassas. again, don't forget your warm coat and sunglasses. at least the sun will be shining. 37 right now at national airport. if you're going out this afternoon, mild by staying on the breezy side. temperatures today barely making it up to right around 50 glees. we'll talk about tomorrow and weekend when i see you in a few minutes. 270 south at father murderly, lanes now open. megan mcgrath on the way to that scene. this shall a pedestrian fatality. road was shut down for some time but lanes we're being told are open. meg apwill be on the scene in a little bit for us to show us what is happening on the ground. 66 into and out of town and 95 in and out of town, no problems
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there. prince george's county overall looking quite good. branch avenue pennsylvania avenue indian head highway, everything rolling along. same thing 95 in maryland and bw parkway, north and southbound. we have road work until 5:00. lanes alternating until 5:00 a.m.. hkwe're learning new details about a d.c. police officer accused of sexually abusing two teens. the latest victims says officer darrell best as saltsaulted her inside best headquarters in december. he was off duty but wearing his uniform. best met the girl at the god of a second chance ministry, he was pastor of the church this southeast washington. the investigation against best began saturday when another girl said she was sexually assaulted when she was 16. list are trying to figure
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out how a body ended up on a walking trail in herndon. his death has been ruled a homicide. no word on how he died. we do know there was trauma to his upper body. the 22-year-old is from herndon area. julie carey will be at a course in prince william county this morning. there is a hearing in the case of a murdered teen. and four other young people helped smalls commit the crime. held all be in court this morning. wilson was a junior at woodbridge high school when he was shot during what investigators say was an apparent drug deal p. he was just 16. a man blows through a dui check point and leading police on a chase through and runanne arundel count i. police followed the car for several miles before it crashed into two vehicles near the navy marine corps stadium. the car burst into flames. the suspect was not hurt but he
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was arrested. police say his driving was consistent with someone up ter the influence of alcohol. new details changes coming to the metro board of directors and we can telling you that it's official. corbett price and leif dormsjo are the newest appointees. some city leaders believe metro needs someone in financial management to keep the agency's finances on track. >> both price and dormsjo are expected to take that approach. transportation leader tsz in our area will be talking about the silver line today. phase two through loudoun county out to dulles airport expected to be finished in 2019. airport authority directors are meeting this morning. 4:34. and we're hearing from one of the men who tackled a passenger who forced a united airlines flight to return to dulles. the incident was captured on cell phone video. it happened monday night on that
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flight from dulles to denver. scott maldonado says the passenger was screaming jihad and said he had a bomb. that passenger had to be tackled and is in the hospital now undergoing a psychiatric evaluation. his name has not been released. we've posted the video and interview on our website you can also see it on our mobile app. today family and friends will remember the 2-year-old girl who was killed by a van in prince george's county. the candlelight vigil for destiny is being held tonight at 197 and old chapel road. she was killed saturday as she and her grandmother crossed 197. a go fund me website has been set up to help the family with funeral expenses. three dead four recovering
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after a shooting in stockton california. not a lot of details, but a local newspaper saying a body was found outside of the store which led police inside where they found the others shot. back to you. testifs take a stemperatures taking a nose dive. you can see it is just 30 degrees. chuck bell is timing out when it will be the coldest today. you might find inside those cracked mac and cheese boxes that is prompting sores to clear the shelves. plus a maryland woman managed to fight off a man who robbed her in broad daylight. what the woman said she d
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a man accused of trying to rob a fairfax county home is in the hospital this morning, he was shot the by owner of the home. we first brought you the story during midday. the homeowner says he was just about to run on his treadmill yesterday when he heard the burglar trying to break in. we talked to the owner. he did that want to be identified. >> it was a little terrifying somebody breaking into your house, you don't know what to do. so and got my gun and then i told the guy to stop but he didn't hear me, so that's when i returned fire at him and unfortunately, i hurt the young man, you know. >> the 27-year-old man was caught by police a short time later on telegraph road.
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he's expected to be okay. a robbery victim in an a run tell county fought back by biting her attacker and it was all caught on camera. this happened outside a pizza hut on ritchie highway south. a 58-year-old woman was leaving with her pizza when a man opened her car door and tried to take her purse. >> his hand come to my mouth and i bite him i bite as afternoon as i can. i just fight. you're not going to take my purse. >> i like how she fixed her hair when she said that. you're not taking my purse no ma'am. the victim stopped fighting when the robber warned her he had a gun and he took off with her purse. these pictures are from 20 minutes later when police say the map tried to use her bank card at an atm in southwest baltimore. police believe they're looking for a green tune and country minivan. you're inclined to fight back, which is probably fine unless there is greater danger involved. >> i'm glad she didn't get hurt.
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>> obviously he did. it is now 4:41. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. big story today is man, how winter is trying to return. we want to push it away. >> if you could see cold in this live picture, close your eyes. >> that's right. good news is we're already at work. our coldest time of the day will be just before sun rise. so right around 7:00 a.m. will be the coldest part of the day. 24 hour temperature change we're 12 to 25 almost 30 degrees colder now than we were at the same time yesterday morning. so weather will have an impact on your day from a what happened perspective. but breezy and cool so not much impact on the remainder of the day. temperatures right now are mostly in the upper 20s to low 30s. so highs today will be in the upper 40s to near 50 and tomorrow back into the low 50s. when i see you next we'll talk about friday snowflakes. but for now it's wednesday traffic troubles.
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>> outer loop at 450, we have the left lane blocked here. this just popped up for us this morning. and then 270 at father hurley southbound lanes, they are now open. still it looks like we might have some activity here on the scene after a pedestrian was hit there a couple hours ago, fatal crash there unfortunately. 66 in and out of town, no issue there is. 95 in virginia north of route 1 actually looking good. beltway at st. barnabas, no issues inner loop or outer loop. new this morning, election results are coming out of israel. what it could mean for the future relations between president obama and the new prime minister. naked women, drugs and hazing all found on a private facebook page. how police
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it is now 4:45. new this morning, in a stunning turnaround israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu's party scored a huge election victory. tracie potts is live on capitol hill for us. so could this one escalate tensions between president obama and netanyahu right now? >> reporter: well, could. the official word from the white house is that there is a strong relationship with israel and that will continue. the fact is if netanyahu is able to put together a coalition and it looks like he will be based on these election results overnight, then he will remain prime minister and he's taken some positions that are against the obama administration on iran and on a two state solution for israel and pal less steinisaac herzog concededs he was the main challenger. if the coalition is put together their elections are a little different than ours.
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they won 30 seats. they need 61. so over the next few weeks netanyahu's party will have to put together a coalition of smaller groups. this f. they do he will end up being the longest serving prime minister in israel's history. >> tracie thank you. a former member of the u.s. air portion is accused of traying to join isis. a grand jury indicted tie rod pugh he flu from egypt to turkey in an effort to cross the border into syria. he was sent back to egypt and deported to the u.s.. according to the indictment pugh was fired from his job last december he was working as an airplane mechanic in quitekuwait. homeland security investigating reports that two secret service agents were drunk when they crashed into a white house barricade. the two agents were not given a breathalyzer test and were sent
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home after the incident last month. the new head of the secret service joseph clancy was not told about it for five days. lawmakers grilled clancy yesterday on capitol hill saying he must act fast to change the culture of the a little. police investigating a shooting in silver spring are work to go solve a murder. we told you you a man was shot on piney branch road earlier this week. his name was jonathan lopez and officers say whoever killed him is still out there right now. >> detectives are asking if anyone knows anything or saw something regarding the shooting and now a murder please come forward. >> lopez was shot in the stomach in an apparent ran tomorrow attack. he was 24 years old. sbloo former teacher and coach will go back on trial for sex assault. andre brown taught at high point high school.
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brown admitted involvement but said the relationship was consen consensual. jury came back with no decision yesterday. three football players at morgan state university are recovering thorn after being stabbed. this happened yesterday afternoon outside of a dining hall on the campus in baltimore. police officials say they were stabbed by someone who was swinging a knife wildly. a suspect was taken into custody. this is the third outbreak of violence on the baltimore campus in less than a week. on friday a male student was stabbed with scissors by his roommate. early saturday and on campus party was brochbken up. penn state suspended kappa delta rhofraternity. a facebook page you included naked pictures of women, drug deals and hading inghazing rituals. the fraternity was suspended for
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a year. we're still waiting to hear what police found inside robert durst's houston home. on monday prosecutors in l.a. charged durst with an unsolved murder. he's also suspected in the disappearance of his wife. the 71-year-old was the focus of an hbo documentary on the final episode, he mumbled how he quote, killed them all. right now durst is in a new orleans jail waiting on be extradited to california. he could be waiting as long as a week. he is not scheduled to be back in court until monday. 4:49. starting today, you can take a closer look at some of the darkest moments in recent u.s. history. the d.c. crime museum will open its domestic terrorism and hate crimes exhibit. it includes artifacts from september 11th and a jihad rifle and ku klux klan ceremonial robe.
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the museum says it's hoping to raise awareness and change behavior for the better. the jury is hearing chilling new details in the boston bombing trialer. dzhokhar tsarnaev carved a second message into wooden slats in the boat where he hit. the jury also heard from a close friend of tsarnaev's. the friend says that he loaned his gun to tsarnaev two months before the bombing. prosecutors say it was used to kill an m.i.t. police officer. if you are a mac and cheese fan, kraft foods is recalling more than 6 million boxes after small pieces of metal were found in some boxes. we are learning that the recall only applies if you have the 7 1/4 size boxes of the original flavor. check the dates on your boxes. recall includes best before dates that fall between september 18th 2015 and october 11 2015.
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if you need to double check the information, we put it all on the nbc washington facebook page. after all the personal drama behind the scenes fashion police on e! is taking a break. the e! channel says the series is going on hiatus and will return in september. the show lost kelly osbourne and kathy griffin. the remaining hosts and producer will be back. e! is part of nbc universal. it's 4:51 time to look at our forecast. even about we may not want to hear what chuck bell has to say. >> i don't like the evil glances i'm get beingting here. >> we had such a beautiful day yesterday and just like that -- >> i went out and did eight miles yesterday afternoon. we get home and my dog said how about eight more. she's a nut job. but our spring fling is all but
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gone. i put out a tweet last friday from the beach saying you should not be fooled by a couple warm days and winter has returned. 73 yesterday, our warmest day say december the 1st. 20 to 30 degrees colder this afternoon than it was yesterday afternoon. so i hope you soaked it all in yesterday. 37 now at reagan national. bit of a breeze out there. has windchills back down below the freezing mark. hourly temperatures still going down down, down. cold he isest part of the day right before the sun comes up. and it will stay in the 30s through about 9:00 10:00. nearly 50 degrees by 3:00 this afternoon. and most neighborhoods today i think will top out right around 50. franconia, virginia breezy and sunny, 49 today. down near the freezing mark tomorrow morning, tomorrow afternoon, temperature its back in the 50s. but go ahead and have the storm team 4 weather app ready to go
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because there is another chance for some wintry weather coming our way as we get towards friday morning. here is the moisture down south. there is the cold air up to the north. all running in our direction. we don't have anything to worry about today or tomorrow. it's all focused on friday. today just breezy sunshine out there and you'll stay on the chilly side. lows tonight into tomorrow morning, back into the 20s and low 30s. and then as we get into the day tomorrow, upper 40s to low and even mid-50s. so there is a little improvement there. here is future weather as we go through thursday and on in on friday as well. check it out. there comes the little chance for what should just be mainly wet snowflakes in and around the washington around. computers are cranking out a chance for an inch or two of snow around here early friday morning, but the problem is the timing. strong march sunshine makes it very difficult to accumulate snow during the day. so there is your "7-day forecast". only one day on there is close to average. that will be saturday. every other one of those days is well colder than average.
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so stay bundled up melissa. >> and saturday looks good to me. i'll take it. taking a look at our problems away town right now outer loop at 450 annapolis road, that crash has moved over to the left shoulder. so that's the only thing blocked right now. so pretty much out of the way this morning. 270 at father hurley, southbound lanes now open, megan mcgrath on the scene there. we'll hear from her in a couple of minutes. eastbound montgomery village avenue at 355, right lane is blocked because of some emergency road work. that's the same road work we saw yesterday, as well. wide look at things inner loop and outer loop everything moving along quite nicely. no major problems. prince george's county overall nice and green. 4:54 right now. if you are a wine lover, wouldn't it be nice to enjoy a glass without the headache the next morning some. >> the no hangover wine coming up. plus how you can get money for
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using your facebook account.
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4:57. this morning two 12-year-old boys are accused of starting a fire that did millions of dollars in damage. this broke out at a walmart in martinsburg, west virginia last
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month. police say the boys set a rack of towels and boxes on fire. everyone was forced to leave the store. police identified the boys through surveillance video and witnesses. if you are a facebook messenger app user you will soon be able to use to send and receive money and you can do that by clicking the dollar icon in the new chat window. your account needs to be linked to a debit card or u.s. bank account. there is no set date for the new feature to be rolled out. snap the chat launched a similar service called snap cash in november. still makes me nervous. i don't know. illinois congressman aaron schock says he will resign at the end of the month. in a statement, the republican says quote the constant questions over the last six weeks have proven a great distraction that has made it too difficult for me to serve the people. the "washington post" reported on his $40,000 office makeover with a downton abbey theme. there are questions how he spent taxpayer money.
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northern virginia democrats are giving their first indication of who they think the democratic nominee for president should be. more than 1 thourgs activists and politicians took part in a straw poll last night. it's become an annual tradition. hillary clinton topped the poll with 48%. also receiving votes, former virginia senator jim webb, vice president jim biden and martin o'malley. today is national kick butts today, all about preventing tobacco use. events will be held trying to rise awareness about the dangers of tobacco. alexandria mayor will kick off a 3:30 event at tc williams high school. stay with us. "news 4 today" continues at 5:00 a.m.. take a look at your tv screen. your eyes are not deceiving you
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it is three days before spring and the temperature outside our studio 30 degrees below freezing right now. and making matters worse, these windchills, we hope you soaked in all of the warm weather yesterday. because storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell says it will be cold all day long. >> i didn't say 30 degrees below freezing. >> no, you said 30 degrees, below freezing. >> right. i understand stood. yeah. if it was 30 degrees below zero i don't think we'll be here. >> we'd be in a corner crying. good morning, it's 5:00 a.m.. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. let's take a look at the forecast with chuck bell. what happened to our warm weather? >> gone. you didn't pay your -- i like spring bill on time and so out it went. winter has returned and there is no warm air in sight. we made 73 yesterday. and there is not even a shot at 70 degrees. probably for the next 10 to 14


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