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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  March 18, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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was entering the station. chopper 4 was over the scene shortly after first responders arrived. >> shuttle buses were brought in. that station reopened about an hour ago. we'll bring you any updates as they come. also developing those strong winds, bursts of wind making it a lot colder outside than it looks. >> this is just the beginning. metersologist veronica johnson fine tuning the forecast. straight up at 4:00 disturbing new details in the shooting death of a local high school student. >> brendan wilson was killed last november on a path that led to woodbridge high school. julie carey was the only one there as the gunman detailed the confession confession. >> reporter: for the first time we heard them say the alleged trigger man kawain smalls confessed to the shooting the
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day after brendan wilson died. smalls' sister lured wilson into the woods saying she wanted to buy drugs. once wilson got there, smalls ambushed the high school student from behind. he told police he fired multiple shots at point-blank range into wilson's back. after the teen fell to the ground smalls fired a final shot into his head. the victim's mother heard many of the details for the first time. >> treated him like a dead animal. to treat him like a dead animal. >> and shot him again. >> uh-huh. shot him again. >> reporter: the judge ruled there was enough evidence to move the case forward to a grand jury that will meet in april. coming up more from the victim's mother about these new revelations and what the detective says was the motive for the shooting. i'm julie carey, news 4.
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the d.c. man who landed a drone at the white house will not face criminal charges. the man's story checks out. back in january he borrowed a friend's quad copter drone but lost control of it somewhere near 10th street. he went to bed not knowing it ended up at the white house and didn't know about it until hearing it on the news. the faa is reviewing the incident for possible administrative action. we're waiting for the results of a third test on a letter sent to thes who that may have contained cyanide. one test was negative the other positive for possible cyanide. it was discovered before it ever reached the executive mansion. screening takes place at an off-site facility. right now a tense search may be over in mesa arizona, for the gunman accused of killing one person and wounding five others. there are breaking reports on two media outlets in arizona
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that police have captured a suspect. the rampage began several hours ago where two people were shot inside a motel. the gunman reportedly carjacked another victim and later made his way into someone's apartment where another victim was shot. police say this is still a very fluid situation. we'll bring you any updates. alcohol may have played a role in a deadly pedestrian accident on i-270 in montgomery county. the driver of a tractor trailer was traveling south near father hurley boulevard and spotted an suv parked on the shoulder. he then saw a man walking in a traffic lane. the driver couldn't stop in time and his truck hit the man. this happened about 1:30 this morning. there was a strong smell of alcohol coming from that suv which had virginia plates. a new development in a women's lacrosse cyberbullying scandal at the university of maryland baltimore county. the co-head coach of that team
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has been fired. this comes after five players were suspended for sending text messages that threatened to kill and injure freshman teammates. the school's athletic department says the coach's dismissal is taking steps to protect those students. we're still waiting to hear what led to a child being shot. d.c. police tell us someone shot a girl in the hand near 22nd and savannah streets last night in southeast. the girl is just 6 years old. police have not said if they know who did it or why. a man is in critical condition this afternoon after a stabbing incident last night on landover road. police tell us that there was an armt between the victim and suspect. when police arrived they found the victim suffering life-threatening injuries. he was transported to a nearby hospital and an arrest warrant has been issued for a suspect, but we don't know yet that person's name. now to storm team 4. that dramatic drop we told you
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about yesterday has arifd. by the end of the week it's going to look very different around here. >> the latest from storm team 4 meteorologist veronica johnson. >> today, not too bad. we had sunshine across the area. temperatures just a few degrees below average. next for us winter is set to hit an friday. 73 our high temperature yesterday. today much lower with most neighborhoods only getting around 50 degrees. our windchills were under the freezing mark. part of the reason with the cooler air that's moved in the wind. it's a stiff wind. sustained winds around 15 to 20 degrees. many neighborhoods. strongest wind around manassas virginia. if you'll be going out this evening, the wind settles don, but it's going to be cold. we head donwn to 36 degrees and we're tracking that storm system as the cold air that comes in. we'll show you a map and tell you how much and what we're
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expecting coming up. the royal couple is in the midst of a busy day. prince charles took in a tour at the national archives for a look at the magna carta, the bill of rights the declaration of independence. his wife toured the shakespeare theater company instead. also stops at the ln conmemoryincoln memorial and mlk memorial. we'll have an update coming up in a few minutes. donald trump is scheduled to visit new hampshire later this week. it appears he's making a run for the white house. he formed a presidential exploratory committee today. it's a step short of a formal campaign launch but does allow him to begin raising money and hiring staff. in a statement announcing this move trump says he's the only one who can make america truly great again. trump recently said he'd not renew his contract with nbc for "the apprentice."
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a show and tell at the trial of the accused boston marathon bomber. jurors saw the two pipe bombs thrown at police as dzhokhar tsarnaev and his brother tried to flee in the days after the 2013 deadly attack. those bombs were filled with bbs. jurors also saw a plastic container filled with explosive powder and fuses in a car that was stolen by the brothers. tsarnaev could get the death penalty if convicted. a former air force mechanic pleads not guilty to trying to join isis. pugh is accused of trying to give material to the terrorist group and obstruction of just. pugh was stopped at a turkish airport in january. he had a laptop with information on how to cross into syria. he served in the u.s. in the late '80s and early '90s. she's the target of some alarming threats. new details about the phone
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calls that have police very concerned about the daughter of john f. kennedy. and a fraternity fallout this afternoon. new information on a domino effect that has colleges around the country scrambling. and has more people talking
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a man has now been charged with first-degree murder for a shooting we told you about
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monday night in silver spring. eric ramirez was taken into custody. jonathan lopez was in a relationship with a woman who had previously been romantic with ramirez. ramirez is now awaiting extradition. we now know how that civilian got on the naval ghas norfolk and killed a sailor aboard a ship in march. it was a security lapse at the main gate. jeffrey savage drove on to the world's largest naval base without ever being asked for identification or authorization to be there. savage then dsisarmed a sailor standing watch and used her gun to shoot mark mayo. navy security then shot and killed savage. it was secretary of state john kerry who called to congratulate israeli prime minister netanyahu on his election victory last night. the last-minute hard shift to the right resulted in the decisive and dramatic upset
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victory last night. what it will mean for israel's relationship with the white house is less clear. on the eve of the election he abandoned a commitment to negotiate a palestinian state. that commitment has been a cornerstone of u.s. involvement in the middle east peace process since jimmy carter was present. netanyahu was strongly aligned with congressional republicans in criticism of negotiations on iran's nuclear program. paying the price for those snow days. first at 4:00 thousands of local kids learn whether those wintry days off will turn into summer days in the classroom. speaking of winter is not over yet. by the end of this week we could see some snow. how much and when? veronica joins us after the br
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you're watching "news 4 at 4:00." >> racial discrimination and violent sometimes criminal behavior has brought greek life on university campuses to the national spotlight. >> sigma alpha epsilon, sae, at the university of oklahoma was disbanded after a late video showed members chanting a racist song. >> now the national executive director is making moves to eradicate any racial discrimination among all chapters. jay gray has more on what this means for current and future members of any fraternity. >> reporter: it has become a national epideming.
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>> it's intolerable. it's not right. it's despicable acts. you better rip that page out of your book. >> reporter: allegations and some cases evidence of racism dangerous and even criminal behavior at fraternities from the northeast through the southwest. police and officials at penn state have identified two private facebook pages run by members of the kappa delta rho fraternity that allegedly include photos of sexual misconduct drug deals and hazing. >> we're working throughor process to determine which individuals may have been involved. >> reporter: a criminal investigation is under way at the university of houston where members of the sigma kai fraternity have been suspended after allegations of hazing. and who is responsible for spray painting three swastikas inside the jewish fraternity alpha epsilon pi all on the heels of this video uncovered by students
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at the university of oklahoma that shows members chanting racial slurs. today the nationality organization announced a four-part initiative that includes mandatory diversity training for all sae members and the first ever national director of diversity and inclusion. >> there is no end game so we'll constantley stay an it and this will constantly be a focus for us. >> reporter: as it continues to be a focus across the country. jay gray nbc news. >> the man who managed a chemical plant at the center of a huge chemical spill just pleaded guilty. last year the city of charleston west virginia couldn't drink the wart for days because an agent that cleans coal, a chemical that cleans coal wise introduced to the elk river. he faces up to a year in prison for his role in that chemical spill. he worked for freedom industries who is now faisscing jailtime. the lack of food and shelter, growing worries for
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survivors of cyclone pam in vanuatu. poor weather and communication issues have hampered relief efforts to reach the outer islands. the death toll is 11 so far, but there appears to be an encouraging note. the locals' careful planning and familiarity with cyclones appears to have saved a lot of lives. >> devastating. and we have a storm, it's already starting to form. >> down soth. so we are going to start tracking it closely. for much of the country, it's really going to be a rainmaker. that's going to be on friday morning for our rsh hour heading in. 51 degrees coordinateurrently. today has been cool. running a couple degrees below average. midnight hour under a clear sky. with diminishing wind.
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by morning, you'll notice partly sunny sky but clouds will quickly start increasing. 28 to 34 temperature range. a cold start. a few degrees lower with our temperatures by tomorrow morning. there it is. cloud cover across the area tomorrow but going up to a high around 50 degrees. 47 gaithersburg. leesburg at 51. manassas already tracking this storm system. down south around dallas little rock new orleans, rain out ahead of it. mostly rain until early friday morning. let me show you what i'm talking about. here's 6:00 p.m. on thursday. there's the cold air dropping in producing snow as early as 3:00 a.m. in the mountains of virginia even western maryland by 3:00 a.m. friday. then more cold air, snow will start to overspread the area for the morning rush. 6:00 a.m. into leesburg
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culpeper fredericks burg. most of our area will be seeing snowflakes but keep in mind how warm the ground. don't think we'll see a whole lot sticking to the roads. not everywhere. there will be some roads impacted. we'll have that coming up later in the news cast. a little snow/mix rain to the north. an early look at friday morning, what we could be left with in terms of snowfall accumulating on the grass, on cars or sidewalks. some of the cooler surfaces as much as three inches. somewhere around one to two, d.c. annapolis, waldorf, friend ricksburg and between two and three from baltimore toward warrenton. again, really don't see any big widespread problems on area rain. this will be a minimal storm system for us. most of it over with justice before 2:00 p.m. a few snowflakes hanging on as
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we get into the late afternoon hours on friday. look at that temperature. just 39. for the weekend, rising. a detailed look at the weekend, as well as roads impacted the greatest for your friday morning rush coming up later. >> thank you veronica. new details on the death threats against caroloon kennedy. there were phone calls that threatened to killer ed toed to kill kennedy and another american there. they are working to ensure necessary security measures are in place according to the stat department. this report comes two weeks after the ambassador to south korea survived a knife attack bye an anti-american activist in seoul. it's the way so many of us browse the web. the name that's been around on your defrktop for so long is about to go aweiay. and it's a big tall cup of
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controversy. starbucks is serving up something that has a lot of people talking, and it's not about the coffee. the headline in our washington app says it all. snoooooow! make sure you download the nbc washington app.
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it's a great way to get rid of all those old documents. it's the next nbc 4 allstate community shred march 28th. two saturdays from now at the northern virginia community college annandale campus. news 4 and allstate are proud to be offering you this service for free. you'll find details at the nbc washington app. well keeping spring break intact will mean a longer wait for summer in montgomery county schools. montgomery county schools will not shorten spring break. instead, they are asking for a waver to shorten the school year by three days. school canceled classes more
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days this winter than they allotted. the school year will be extended to june 17th. a decision could come next week. it's had a good run but get used to a life on the web without internet explorer. >> get ready for something new in its place. microsoft will unveil the new microsoft 10. and internet exploro won't be part of it. ie has been around nearly two decades. in its place, they'll use a new browser code named project spartan. london meets washington. they are getting the royal tour this afternoon. what they did at places around our area and what's in store for the royal couple next. why some people are still allowed behind the wheel after being cat for driving drunk. as many as
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you're watching news 4 at
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4:00. >> right now at 4:30 metro's busy greenbelt station is open again. it had to be shut down after someone had to be pulled from the tracks. just in police have arrested the gunman behind that shooting spree in mesa arizona. they believe this person opened fire an six people at multiple crime scenes. at least one person was killed. spring may be two weeks away but it's going to look and feel more like winter. tracking what you'll see and when. right now -- a bit of a rest in a hectic day of events for prince charles and camilla. we look at how they spent their day and will be spending their night. >> if folks are out and about they might have caught sight of them. they spent the day visiting a lot of the monuments and mingled with some of the tourists.
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they started at the lincoln memorial and had to bundle up in the cool weather. then the martin luther king jr. memorial where a few lawmakers and the reverend jesse jackson were on hand. next stop prince charles and camilla crossed the river to the commonwealth where they laid a wreath at george washington's toom tomb. then they split up with prince charles going to the national archives and camilla to the shakespeare company. they'll be attending a reception at the ambassador's residence. the business arts politics. and after that a private reception. we put together a gallery of pictures from all of their stops. i'm chris lawrence. >> thank you chris. the public reaction has been
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a combination of praise ridicule and even confusion. starbucks announced monday it wants to start a national conversation on race relations. the coffee giant says the campaign will be discussed today at his shareholders meeting in seattle. in the meantime baristas at u.s. stores have been told to write "race together" on customers cups. and it's even giving workers printed guidelines on how to spark chats and conversations about this topic. troy johnson is in our studio. one person bought this cup today, no "race together" written on it. yours did. are we going to start seeing this? >> it seems to be early. the barista i talked to just got to work. not a lot of people having the conversation or inquiring about it. it's going to start showing up
4:33 pm
on your cup. this was the georgia avenue location. nobody making a lot of comments. some of the listeners i've spoken to are certainly happy about the fact that starbucks is making this move. it's a bold one and takes the entire community participating in this conversation. that includes the corporate world, too. oftentimes they are left behind. i spoke to stephanie. she is not all that happy about the extra addition to her coffee cup. >> my initial reaction was the whole starbucks thing this morning wiseas wow. pretty surprising. i think corporate has to be careful how they push having the conversation about race. i understand the whole coffee shop concept and barber shop concept and beauty shop salon. it has to happen at people's own comfort level and initiative and not feel forced by a corporate
4:34 pm
entity. >> people thinking is this going to make a contextual conversation about race happen. >> starbucks ceo said they have to demonstrate they care about the communities they serve. some of your listeners take exception. >> why are they so eager to talk about race now when essentially starbucks, some feel is the kind of company that is really involved in that gentrification we see in many communities. they take issue with that. one listener told me they need to put their money where their mouth is. punish to expand franchises in neighborhoods and hire folks in these community. otherwise people think this is a lot of rhetoric. and they hope it's not a race to the counter to buy more expensive cups of coffee. >> i know the people i stand in line with if they don't have caffeine you don't want to talk to them. >> i'm a rare coffee drinker.
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>> you like one pump no milk and you like ice. good to see you buddy. people call it the intersection of doom. it's that intersection in rossland where lee highway meets north lind street. it's a dangerous mix of drivers, pedestrians, bicyclists. our transportation reporter adam tuss has a preview of new safety measures. >> reporter: i'm adam tuss in arlington. this is the so-called intersection of doom right here. lee highway, north lind street. the problem, the cars that are turning from 66 here trying to get to the key bridge creates a conflict point and a dangerous situation here in the middle of the crosswalk. arlington pd has put in this new sign telling people to yield to the pedestrians in the crosswalk. >> a teenager is now in custody
4:36 pm
for stabbing five members of a family in a small town in north carolina. three brothers were killed age 12 5 and 1. the 18-year-old burmese immigrant who was arrested is charged with assault with a deadly weapon and will appear in court tomorrow. we could learn more about the motive. the surprise of a lifetime. first at 4:00 -- our cameras are there as bright young minds get the news that changed everything. storm team 4 is tracking a big change. v.j.? >> overnot, temperatures cold again. cold air will be with us early friday morning. enough so to give us snow. we're tracking that system. we'll tell you the roads impacted the greatest if we could see any del
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you are not alone if you worry about the medicines your kids are taking. parents call poison control centers nearly 1500 times a day, according to a new report from safe kids worldwide. the majority of those calls are related to toddlers taking the wrong medicine or too much of the right medicine. it found teenagers are most at risk for mistakes that involve allergy or adhd meds. secretary of state john kerry is condemning the terrorist attacks that killed at least 19 people at a prominent museum in the tunisian capital.
4:40 pm
other tourists sought shelter in the parliament building next door. security forces brought the siege to an end by storming the museum. the two attackers were killed along with a security guard. it's not clear yet who is behind this attack. there are going to be very sad kids walking through times square soon. the iconic toys "r" us will close its doors february 2016. the flagship store known for its 60-foot indoor ferris wheel and life-size t-rex doesn't plan to renew its lease. it's not because of lagging sales. the real estate is just too pricey there. the asking price is now dobl what toys "r" us agreed to in their original lease back in 2000. he still has almost two years in office. this afternoon we have a better idea of where president obama's presidential library will be. chicago's city council gave planners the green light to turn
4:41 pm
over about 20 acres of land in the city's south side. but that's if their bid is the one chosen. president obama says he hopes it's built in chicago. new york city and hawaii are also in the running. arrested again and again for drunk driving. why are so many of these repeat offenders still on the streets and causing crashes like these? things are going to get nasty. storm team 4 is tracking weather heading our way. doug kammerer breaks down the timi
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right now, first at 4:00 -- say it ain't so. storm team 4 tracking more snow that's headed our way and fast.
4:45 pm
>> when are we going to see it and how much is going to fall? we have team coverage. we'll get to doug kammerer in a moment. let's begin with veronica. >> it's going to start before the friday morning rush even starts. doug will be tracking this big area of moisture not too far from here. southern west virginia and southwestern virginia. dry this evening for us. we're clear. wind will start to settle don. it's going to go from chilly to cold as we get into the late hours. tomorrow morning, 34 degrees. a cold start. temperatures ranging between 30 and 35 degrees across the area. a little lower than our temperatures this morning. high tomorrow around 50 degrees with an overcast sky. if you want the sunshine get out early in the day. the best part of the day may be around lunchtime if you want to go for that lunch run. 47 48 degrees. not bad.
4:46 pm
your snow impact forecast it starts early, the snow. it comes into the area. it's a low impact at 2:00 a.m. skycast right here. moderate impacts by 5:00 a.m. i think that for 7:00 a.m. for 9:00 a.m. on friday we're going to stay with moderate impacts across our area. we drop to having a low impact by the afternoon as temperatures start to rise. but it is those road temperatures that will be so critical. here's what we think we're going to get in terms of an early look on grass and cars and sidewalks. one to two inches. fredericksburg waldorf. leesburg. warrenton, remington, bethesda fairfax into areas like bowie and laurel. and three inches haguerstown, winchester area. now let's go to doug with more on what roads will be impacted and how important those temperatures will be. >> we're talking about a storm
4:47 pm
that's going to be happening in middle portions of march. hard for that to accumulate on the roadways. look at the numbers. 5:00 a.m. numbers. everybody above freezing. 36 d.c. 34 martinsburg and 35 toward fredericksburg. we're above the freezing mark. the roads should be okay as you move through 8:00 in the morning. 32 baltimore. close to the freezing mark back to the west. these are theiars that could have some concern and some impact. this will be a higher impact because of the amount of snow to the north and west and cooler temperatures. maybe around winchester. maybe in toward gaithersburg. d.c. to the south, we think the roads may be okay with this one, even if we get one to two inches. although things will definitely be on the slow side. >> look at the temperatures saturday afternoon, up to 60
4:48 pm
with a few clouds. seasonably mild. sunday will be the day that will be chilly. grab a jacket. the high just 48 degrees. meanwhile, as we look ahead into the early part of next week your high of 48 on sunday. next week temperatures still a little on the cool side for this time of year. as we've been saying all along, we'll be running below average as we head into the first few days of spring. may top out 70 thursday of next week. we've got a lot more on the snowy situation for the first day of spring coming up on "news 4 at 5:00." drunk drivers putting us all at risk. >> these are not just any old drunk drivers. they are repeat offenders. >> some have been caught more than a dozen times and are still driving. >> as nbc's jeff rossen reports on who is sharing the road with you. >> reporter: under the influence and out of control.
4:49 pm
drunk drivers smashing into traffic. their cars flying into the air. this drunk driver hit speeds over 100 miles per hour trying to evade police before this crash. it was his third dui. >> i'm detecting some impairment. >> reporter: watch as this repeat drunk driver drags an officer down the street when she tries to escape her third dui. the officer broke his arm and she plead not guilty. the consequences can be tragic. >> they turn our roads into a russian roulette. >> reporter: abby was driving to the gym one morning when this drunk driver with half a dozen prior duis crashed into her shattering her spine. >> he was going about 45 miles an hour, never hit the brakes. >> reporter: when you found out he's been convicted six other
4:50 pm
times of dui and this was number seven, what went through your mind? >> i was outraged. these are people who have no regard for the law. >> reporter: like robert groethe with 16 dui convictions. >> jeff rossen from nbc news. >> what the hell do you want. >> reporter: do you think you should be in jail after 16 times. >> i've already done my time. >> reporter: why would you get behind the wheel 16 times? >> because i'm drunk. because i was [ bleep ] drunk all the time. >> reporter: he was sentenced to just two years in prison after his 16th dui. >> all of white houseus who share the road with people like you, it's scary. our investigation found others like him across the cannot with an insane number of duis. this guy may be the worst. 27 dui convictions. but today a free man. >> it's more than staggering. it is off the charts and off the
4:51 pm
charts wrong. >> reporter: believe it or not, advocates say several states have such weak laws if no one is hrt, no matter how many times they are busted it's just a misdemeanor or at most minimal jail time. one of the states with the weakist laws? colorado. >> blow through the tube. >> reporter: when we went out with this dui task force near denver. >> you are under arrest for dui. >> reporter: they caught a repeat offender in justice two hours. >> at least a half a dozen prior duis. we went straight to the governor. sitting here as the governor for four years, why is that? >> i think the legislature didn't feel based on the decline in drunk driving fatalities and felt the problem was being solved. we are aware of this number of
4:52 pm
drunk drivers who clearly have a substance problem and continue to get caught repeated times and we weren't putting them in jail. >> reporter: the governor telling us he's confident they'll pass a tough erlaw this year. >> they've been working on this bill nine years. they are still out there, and they need to go to jail. >> reporter: mothers against drnk driving says these repeat offenders deserve serious jailtime because 50% to 75% of them will drive drunk again, even if their license is suspended. back to you guys in washington. this is scott macfarlane. we expect to hear from police in the suburb of phoenix in mesa. they'll say they've made an arrest in a shooting spree there today. one person killed and five injured in shootings this morning. an arrest made in the last few hours. a shooting at a hotel and a carjacking.
4:53 pm
they saw police brnging a handcuffed man to a car. we'll hear about those arrest details when police speak in mesa in the coming minutes. >> thank you scott. we've just learned how many people took part in virginia's statewide tornado drill. almost a million people took cover yesterday morning. some of the highest participation was in our area in schools and homes across fairfax and loudoun counties. it's the news some bright young minds have been hoping for. a dream come true for local students and their families. and it's putting them on the right path for success. busy intersection. pedestrians trying to cross. and now a new safety challenge in arlington county. i'm adam tuss. the story coming up. hear that? it could be the milwaukeeing ingmakings of the next great news jingle. an ener
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imagine you are riding a city bus home from work when a freak accident seems to bring the world crashing down around you. eight people were rushed to the hospital when this happened on a state highway bridge in seattle. they dropped a steel plate that slammed into the metro bus and crashed into a highway sign that came crashing down on top of the bs. no one suffered any marge
4:57 pm
injuries. a big celebration for some teen aurges sagers regarding their futures. they fond out they'll biblee able to attend george washington university for free. >> the fruits of sacrifice and determination look like this. for byron fullerton, the college decision-making process just got a little easier. >> i just received a full scholarship to george washington university. >> we were with them. >> they are graduates of d.c. high schools. they are selected on the basis of extraordinary academic performance. >> reporter: they are also leaders in the classroom and community. they are the cream of the crop and beating the odds. like mario velazquez. a first generation immigrant
4:58 pm
raised by a single mother. >> it's a full scholarship for your entire career at the george washington university. >> reporter: eight schools, nine scholarships. each student getting a full ride. >> since 1989 it's become tradition. they go by the name prize patrol. school mascot president, the whole crew. and they change lives. mario's mother -- >> thank you. >> reporter: dreams realized for byron, his father who dropped out of school at 16 to help at home. for his brother who emphasized the value of an education. >> yeah it is very important in our household. >> i applyied to several schools but g.w. was at the top of the list. >> the surprise of a lifetime. he's in and it's free. reporting in northwest d.c. zachary kiesch news 4. right now at 5:00 -- a mother learns new details about the murder of her teenage son.
4:59 pm
it's known as the intersection of doom. now a big change being made to protect all who cross. >> an injured police officer waits for an ambulance. what happened that made his fellow officers drive him in a cruiser instead. i'm jim handly. >> i'm wendy rieger. some disturbing details in the shooting death of a virginia teen aurge. >> brenden wilson was gunned down last year on a path that leads to woodbridge high school. >> a detective detailed the gunman's confession. julie? >> reporter: well take a look at this sign on the tree. it says brenden's path. it's been named that in honor of the teen killed here. that memorial a place his mom likes to come when she needs some comfort. it's a place she planned to come
5:00 pm
today after a painful court hearing detailed exactly how her son was shot and killed. for this mother losing her 16-year-old son brenden wilson has been hard enough. today she learned details of how the woodbridge student was shot to death last november 10th. >> i was shocked. >> reporter: this large memorial now sits alongside the path to woodbridge high school where wilson's body was found. five suspects have been arrested in connection with his death. most of them teenagers. at the preliminary hearing for the alleged triggerman kawain smalls -- >> did the defendant admit he shot mr. wilson? the detective, yes, he did. there had been a dispute between wilson and the defendant's brother. they asked two of his sub


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