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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  March 19, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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news 4 at 11:00 starts now. >> here's a live look at the radar. you could be waking up to snow on the first official day of spring tomorrow. the change in seasons will mean a change in our weather. >> yeah that's right.
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it looks like winter is not going out without a fight. doug joins us with how it plans to make its presence known. >> tomorrow is the last winter morning. nature saying let me get one more little storm in here before spring arrives tomorrow night. one thing you'll notice not a lot going on. we do have moisture around fredericksburg that is not reaching the ground. it is coming down as rain right now as temperatures reach the freezing mark and they'll stay there for most of the overnight period. here's the moisture. a half inch of total moisture with this. we could see five inches of snow if it was cold enough but it will not be cold enough in the d.c. metro area. this will most likely start off as rain then change over to snow early tomorrow morning. weather advisories have been extended into howard county and all of loudoun county. but still does not include d.c. fairfax county and prince george's county and areas to the south and east.
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we may still see snow but the biggest impacts to the northwest. winter storm warnings up around martinsburg and haguers town. here's what to expect from this storm. snow for the morning rush. that's why this is a big deal but i don't think ithe roads. minimal impact on the roads and most of the snow out of here before noon. how muchr area coming up in a minute. crews are mobilizing to help keep your commute safe. there will be 380 trucks in northern virginia alone on the roads to treat trouble spots. maryland will have crews out for the rush hour but transportation officials in both states are still warning everyone to take it slowly and drive with caution. we'll be back on the air tomorrow morning starting at 4:26 a.m. with the latest on any possible closings and delays. you can check for updates any time on our facebook and twitter pages and on the nbc washington app. now to breaking news in maryland. an officer has been injured by a suspected hit and run driver and now police have beefed up their
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presence near a metro station. news 4's jackie bensen is on the scene. what are you hearing? >> reporter: this is all taking place right around the anywaynaylore road metro station. there's a massive police presence. we have pictures to show you what this looks like. this started around 8:45 tonight near the metro station. a police officer attempted to stop an sufb for some type of traffic violation. the officer some time during this encounterwas struck in the leg. we're told the suspect fled at high speed but the officer did manage to get back in his cruiser despite his injuries and pursue the suv. a short distance away that vehicle crashed here in the 3100 block of branch avenue. crashed into a mercedes. the suspect fled on foot. the man who had been in the suv, an occupant of the mercedes, though was very seriously injured, had to be cut out of the vehicle by firefighters. we understand that person does
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have very serious injuries. and i can tell you coming back live here in temple hills that there's a massive police presence in this area and if you do not have to come around naylore road around the naylor road metro station in the next couple of hours, you don't want to do that. it's a very, very organized by chaotic scene, if that makes any sense right now. police are everywhere trying to find this suspect. live in temple hills, jackie bensen. >> great work jackie. new details about crime concerns in a popular d.c. neighborhood. columbia heights business owners are advising people to buddy up after a series of crimes targeting people on their way to work. a few armed robberies today a few minutes apart. one of the victims was walking to work when two men came up trying to rob her. >> i had my hands up in the air, help help help.
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one gentleman was kind enough in a car to stop. he rolled down his window. he stayed with me and chased them down. the people across the street came over and stayed with me for a while. >> d.c. police put more officer on patrol in the area. people are told to walk in pairs of use uber to get home. the lighted handrails at tysons corner and greensboro have overheated and they caught fire. nobody was injured. tonight all the lights have been turned off. metro is calling this a systemic problem because the fires also happened during construction of the silver line. metro says it's going to hold them accountable for this work. fairfax county is cracking down on truck drivers who don't follow the rules. they stopped 11 trucks and found 22 violations. the officers conducted the inspections in a parking lot at northern virginia community college. police issued ten summons and ordered four trucks to be taken
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out of service. a university of virginia student left bloodied after an arrest outside a bar is sharing his side of the story. as we report from charlottesville martese johnson said the incident shocked him and he did not try to use a fake i.d. >> reporter: walking up to the podium with his attorney he tells his story. >> his mother works the night shift with social services and was just able to fly in today from chicago to be here and to support martese during this trying time. >> reporter: on her son's forehead a reminder of his bloody arrest. we warn you, it is tough to see. early wednesday, the 20-year-old uva student was turned away from a local pub. >> at no time during the encounterdid martese present a fake i.d. >> reporter: they cuffed him on the ground. watkins read his client's account. >> officers pinned me to the ground pressing their knee
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mismy back while blood flowed freely from the gash on my head. >> reporter: they said he was belligerent. but terry macawcauliffe has urged the state police to conduct a full investigation into the incident. tomorrow the uva community will have a chance to address their concerns directly with the police agency involved in this incident and we'll let you know what happens during tomorrow's student council town hall with the virginia alcoholic beverage control board which starts at 1:00 p.m. new at 11:00, a body found hanging in a tree in mississippi has prompted an investigation by the fbi. the naacp says the man, otis bird was found outside of vicksburg his family filed a missing persons report later that woke. sheriff's deputies were searching for him when they
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found his body not far from his home. the white house says it's reassessing its approach to middle east peace after the israeli prime minister said there would be no palestinian state on his watch. benjamin netanyahu made those comments at the end of a tight re-election campaign and he was already trying to walk it back today in an interview with andrea mitchell. >> i don't want a one-state solution. i want a sustainable, peaceful two-state solution but for that circumstances have to change. >> president obama did congratulate the prime minister on his victory, but he waited nearly two days to make the call and restated u.s. support for palestinian statehood. new at 11:00, for decades a local woman has been anxiously waiting for the emotional moment you're about to see. she learned she had a secret was never able to meet him until tonight. news 4's shomari stone with a story you'll see only on 4. >> i'm shaking right now because it's getting really close. >> reporter: have su ever
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dreamed of a special moment? stacy bertotti has. >> for 23 years. >> reporter: and she hasn't slept for 24 hours. >> it's okay. >> excited. i'm exhausted, but i'm excited. it's that crazy adrenaline. >> reporter: it's come down to the wire for her moment. it started about 20 years ago. stacy's mother told her she put her brother up for adoption when she was 30 years old. >> i always felt like i had a brother, but i never knew. >> reporter: stacy was born after her mother married. >> i guess back then you just -- you didn't have a child out of wedlock. >> reporter: without much info to go on she searched for her long lost brother for two decades, each search coming up empty until a friend recently found him in atlanta. >> all right, mike where are you? >> reporter: she'll meet him for first time at reagan national airport. and now that moment -- >> is that him in the blue sweater. >> reporter: the one she's waited two decades for is here. >> how are you?
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my god. >> reporter: your moment is now a reality. >> yeah. wow. now i get to digest it all. >> reporter: these two have a lot to digest. sharing photos. >> oh my god. >> that's embarrassing. >> that's hilarious. that's a beautiful car. >> reporter: and this is a beautiful moment one they'll never forget. >> i'm happier person. >> i think we'll be up late tonight. >> definitely catching up a little bit. >> reporter: at reagan national shomari stone, news 4. and i'm tracking the latest on the rain and the snow it will affect your morning commute. when it moves in and when it moves out. >> our infrastructure wasn't able to handle the frigid temperatures. >> and the i-team investigates the heavy toll the long winter took on maryland schools. one local team battles to overtime.
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we continue to follow breaking news. and we're going to take you out to temple hills, maryland. these are live pictures you're looking at. police are searching for the driver they say ran over a prince george's county police officer then crashed into another vehicle near a metro station in temple hills. now, the person who was in that mercedes suffered some very serious injuries. they've been taken to the hospital. stay with news 4 and for any new developments. winter's about to officially end, but a news 4 i-team investigation reveals the long cold spell took an enormous toll on local schools. furnaces failing, boilers
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breaking down. and in so many places old heating systems pushed near their limit. as the i-team's scott macfarlane reports, the need for replacements is approaching half a billion dollars. >> let's brainstorm ideas. >> reporter: inside the new elementary school in beltsville there's a new heating system. on one of the coldest days the news 4 i-team found comfortable temperatures inside. that's one less distraction for the students. >> we focus on the times that we do have the children in the buildings to maximize the opportunities. >> reporter: but even inside some of the newest buildings in maryland heating systems failed this winter. >> i'm sure you're aware that we've experienced hittic frigid temperatures in the past couple of weeks. even in our newest buildings and many of those new es buildings our infrastructure wasn't to
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handle it. >> reporter: hour cameras spotted xena warren hustling her students out of one of the older buildings. gwynn high school. built in 1956. >> staff is complaining. everybody is wearing coats. people are inside looking like this. >> reporter: the district admitted heat problems. >> i didn't feel like these conditions were appropriate for a learning environment. >> reporter: a review of public school district building records obtained by the news 4 i-team showed that gwynn park's heating system is beyond its useful life overdue for replacement or repear. it's one of hundreds of schools with outdated furnaces in these four counties in maryland alone. >> you can't rely on an old unit like this to continue on indefinitely. >> reporter: ray barnes overcease buildings for frederick county public schools including valley elementary where the boiler was installed in the 1960s.
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why hasn't it been replaced yet? >> well it has to stand in line. >> reporter: barnes says it still works and will be replaces next yeerk. howard county 17 million for deteriorating hvac systems. twice a school closed for temperature issues. here in montgomery county a more than $100 million backlog of hvac repairs. one system was linked to mold in the coma park. money, local schools have been lobbying budget crunched state leaders for hundreds of millions of new funding for repairs and to build new schools. the i-team found even if the state ratcheted up spending that money alone would not cover every outdated furnace. >> we still need the funding at the state level that we've been requesting. >> reporter: maryland state budget director tells us $290 million is set aside for so-called capital improvements
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in buildings statewide next year. our review found that's about a third of what's needed to replace every outdated hvac system in prince george's county alone. scott macfarlane news 4 i-team. >> wondering if your child's school is one of the dozens with an outdated heating system the i-team put all of its findings on click on investigations. tomorrow morning they're just going all those kids to school safely. >>ah i think the thing with this it is 100% the timing. if this were a saturday this would be one of those eh comes in and moves through quickly. but this will be coming at the morning rush. kids will be heading to buses and you'll be heading to work. you notice what's going on down to the south. that's rain making its way in towards the fredericksburg area. most of this not reaching the ground just yet as the atmosphere is fairly dry.
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as it saturates the atmosphere it will also cool the atmosphere. that will change the rain to snow. we've got rain down towards virginia richmond norfolk seeing the rain. starting to move closer to our region as we speak. winter weather advisory has been extended to include all of howard county all of montgomery county all of loudoun county and in towards northern fauquier county. >> just won't have that advisory criteria which tomorrow morning is only an inch. i don't think you'll see even an inch down in these areas. north and west winter storm warning for you. you have the chance to see 4 maybe 5 inches of snow. snow and rain mix starting around midnight down to the south. but by 3:00 in the morning the rain is across the entire area in northern virginia. just making it in towards maryland snow back to the west. but by around 7:00 notice where the rain/snow line is just south
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of the district. lexington park culpepper, this will be an all-rain event. it may mix with snow. but it won't matter much. this is the area of concern and this is the area that will see the snow even around 10:00. that includes d.c. metro area. then we'll see that rain line begin to make its way to the north by 1:00 and by 5:00 just about everybody out of here and most of us just seeing the rain. any snow that does fall will quikly melt and most likely be gone after the rain moves out tomorrow evening. in the d.c. metro area this is under an inch. but the roads here should be fine. 1 to 3 inches in towards fauquier county. western fairfax county and parts of montgomery. but 3 to 5 inches and maybe more in the elevations of frederick county. i think you could see 6 inches. so that's why we have you in the high impact area to the north and west. these are the areas that i
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expect the biggest delays and cancellations. moderate impact leesburg and d.c. down to the south, not too worried about those impacts. what about tomorrow? 39 for the high then right back to 60 on saturday. everything will melt for sure. the roads won't be a problem even by tomorrow evening. the weekend looking pretty good. then on the cool side monday and tuesday, temperatures only in the 40s. but once again all about tomorrow. chuck bell is in for tom kierein starting at 4:26 with the latest on that. >> here we go. well tonight the royal couple is wrapping up their whirlwind trip to washington with a special honor for prince charles. the international conservation caucus foundation gave him the teddy roosevelt award in northwest d.c. prince charles spent decades working to protect the environment, which he says directly impacts the u.s. and uk's security and economy. coming up in sports the madness truly begins.
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>> things get physical between
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this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. >> we're not even through the entire first day and people are already ripping up their brackets. >> i know. doug's looks like a disaster. it's all penned up you big loser. just kidding. okay. so it's really like the real first day of the ncaa tournament and already there have been some fantastic games. you could argue put together a one shining moment highlight reel based on today. if we did this vcu fans would
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be heartbroken tonight. their dancing has come to an end. the winners of five straight entering today, but the game it was a physical one. ohio state's d'angelo russell takes an elbow from doug brooks late in the second half. look at the blood streaming from his face. we told you this one was intense. well it went down to the wire. six seconds left. tied at 66. vcu, the chance for the win, but graham's attempt no good. so here we are overtime. tied at 68 until did i op gives ohio state the lead for good. vcu falls 75-72. ohio state will face arizona on saturday. vcu done. meanwhile, in columbus today, the terps getting ready for their game tomorrow against valparaiso. maybe maryland's first trip to the tourney in five years but that doesn't mean there are many nerves out there as carol maloney reports from nationwide
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arena. >> no pressure. that's the motto for the terrapins here in columbus. the tip time with valpo is nearing. the tension is building. but the terps are keeping things loose. they spent the last part of thursday's practice having some fun. and that they say, is the key. >> this team's been great about staying focused on the task at hand. we put a lot into the mental approach to this game. don't make it bigger than it is. go out and have fun, but just go out and play the way we're capable of playing. >> we're so happy to be here we thing of it like another game. we beat this game then we'll keep moving on and advancing as far as we can get. i feel like we're ready for any type of adjustment or anything that the game can throw at us at this point. we've been through it all. our team is built for this type of environment and the bigger stage. >> terps are used to the big stage. maryland's home arena xfinity center seats three times as many fans as valparaiso's.
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reporting from columbus carol maloney, news 4 sports. >> thanks carol. right now georgetown down by one to eastern washington. virginia faces belmont tomorrow at 3:10. the circus is in town. we're not talking the redskins. we're literally talking about the circus. caps on the road in minnesota here. they're going for their third straight win. let's go second period no score here. 4-4, ovechkin with the puck scores on his own rebound shot first of two goals on the night. 1-0 caps he also moved one ahead of sid crosby and john tavares here. caps capitalize on a mistake while a defender can't handle the puck. ninth of the season for him. 2-0 caps. they win it in st. paul for the first time 3-2, winnipeg up next. but tomorrow guys it's really about how this dance continue.
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uva, what do you think? >> the fun is just beginning. >> you know doug a lot of weather time wasn't enough for him. >> driving to the maryland game tomorrow. going to be a tough drive, i think, especially out 70 tow ♪ ♪ ♪ you're only young once.
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house of cards has captured the world's attention. we're not talking about the tv show. look at this. a chinese teenager built a seven-foot-tall tower entirely out of playing cards. it took 1200 cards to create
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this building without any glue or tape. the teenager's been building card houses for years. his dream is to break the world record. boy, one sneeze and he has to
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>> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- ben stiller, tim gunn musical guest, rixton,


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