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tv   News4 Today  NBC  March 20, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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will be good for business generating 350 jobs and tax revenue for the district. "news 4 today" continues right now at 5:00 a.m.. rain to start off your friday. this is the start to spring you might not expect. >> but looking at the radar, this is not the spring fling you had in mind. snow is in your forecast. let's get straight to chuck bell. good morning. >> good friday morning, everybody. as advertised rain is quickly changing over to snow. winter weather advisories posted for everywhere north and west of the metro area. it does include loudoun and montgomery counties but it does not include fairfax arlington, the strict or prince george's county. rain quickly changing over to snow though. and as a result slushy snowy commute in the morning and western suburbs. roads could be quite slushy at times up towards hagerstown and
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along 270. most impactful time is between now and about noontime today. storm team 4 radar, all rain south along i-95 toward fredericksburg and along 295 down into part of prince george's county. but there is the changeover right there. here is the top part of the capital beltway. raindrops and snowflakes mixing now into far northwest washington. also across much of fairfax county now. still rain in fairfax, but snowflakes mixing in as you get out toward reston town center. snow quickly changing over across the blue ridge, as well. so highest impact here northern maryland today. how much snow? generally an inch or less in and around town. but 1 to 3 as close in as really gaithersburg and germantown out toward leesburg and 3 to 5 inch across northern maryland into the panhandle of west virginia. breaking news first 4 traffic. breaking news again, bw parkway northbound here completely shut down at route
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50. all northbound traffic being pushed on to eastbound route 50 a, some southbound lanes of bw parkway also shut down. we just spoke with police this was a fatal accident. so no doubt it could be shut down for the next couple of hours here. taking a look at 70 just east of 270, hard to see, but we know that slushy kind of snow is falling here in this area right now. megan mcfrath for us on 270 northbound even seeing a little bit of the slush and snow a couple minutes ago through montgomery village. 66 and 95 no problems. nice and green. 95 at cherry hill road looking good, as well. and then a big look at things inner loop and outer loop no major issues. more on this bw parkway crash coming up. 5:02. a developing story. we have new details this morning about a police chase along branch avenue. prince george's county police tell news 4 one person is dead. their car hit by the suspect in this case. this all started when officers attempted a traffic stop on an
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suv around 8:40 last night. police say the suspect suddenly drove off, striking an officer as he sped away. police briefly lost sight of the suv. then another officer spotted it. the suspect lost control of the vehicle striking three other cars and then ran. police pursued him, calling in helicopter and k-9 units. the suspect was caught a short time later. the person who died was in one of the cars that was hit. two others were injured including the officer struck in the first moments of the chase. today local police and virginia alcohol beverage control agents will come together to talk to students at uva. there will be a forum at 1:00 this afternoon to address student concerns about the recent arrest of martese johnson outside a charlottesville bar. johnson is offering his side of the story already. he stood be side his lawyer and his mother yesterday offering an account of what happened early wednesday morning. johnson says he did not try to use a fake i.d. to enter a local bar.
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the bar called a.b.c. agents who arrested johnson. >> three officers pinned me to the ground pressing their knees in my back while blood flowed freely from the gash to my head. >> that was martese's lawyer reading a statement. governor mcyouauliffe has called for a full state police investigation into the arrest. today is the first day of spring and we are expecting some snow here. >> megan mcgrath is driving north on i 2 it-270 heading to see where the snow has begun. what are you seeing where you are? >> reporter: we are seeing snow eun. it started i would say about 15 or 20 minutes ago. take a live look here at the camera that shows the roadway. and you can see for yourself we actually have snow coming down at a decent clip. we are headed north toward frederick. we just passed a little while ago the clarksburg exit. and we're seeing accumulation on
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the grass in the median. and it's only been snowing for, i don't know maybe 20 minutes or so. so we are seeing the impact here. the roads, however, they were pre-treated. they are basically just wet. although i am starting to notice a little something in between the lanes right there where you see the striping in the road. maybe a little bit of slush starting to accumulate. but hard to believe that we are still seeing snow this late in the game. in fact, i don't know i find it a little bit depressing. i don't know but you. >> i'm with you 100%. first day of spring. we should not be talking about snow. thank you, megan. coming up, who metro is holding accountable after handrail fires at more than one station. and take a live look here at the roads in virginia as get one more taste of wintry weather. how it could impact your drive
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to work. and money may not buy you happiness, but time could. how your age could affect your outlook.
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welcome back. metro is promising accountability after handrail fires at two silver line stations. these lighted handrails reportedly overheated. no one was injured. metro is calling this a systemic
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problem because fires also happened during construction. metropolitan washington airport authority built the line and metro says it will hold them accountable. montgomery county is moving ahead with plans to extend the mid county highway between gaithersburg and clarksburg. it would run between goshen road and ridge road. transportation officials have studied nearly a dozen routes for the road over the past officials allowed development in the area believing the extension would be built. it still needs to go under reviews. berkeley and morgan county schools are closed this morning. >> and in virginia warren county schools are opening two hours late today. >> and this is because of the snow that is heading our way. and in some places has arrived. let's check in with chuck bellwether and traffic on the 1s. and welcome to your friday everybody.
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winter weather advisories remain in effect from really the immediate downtown washington area northbound into montgomery and loudoun counties and frederick county maryland as well. snowy commute north and west of the metro area. roads could become very slushy. and even though temperatures are above freezing, so the roads will be freezing up slushiness on the roads can be just as slippery as ice. so be careful. there is the changeover already taking place now in the northern half of the capital beltway. snowflakes mixing in all the way down towards bowie. so be on the lookout west of the metro along i-66 still rain through fairfax, out toward chantilly, but that will quickly be mixing with and eventually changing over to snow. current temperature 34 at gaithersburg but 38 in ft. belvoir, 37 at joint base andrews and 41 at national airport. biggest road impacts will be 70 270 and 81. but the beltway and 6 of may also be impacted as well. temperatures gradually inching their way into the upper 30s to
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near 40. snow up through lunchtime, mostly rain though, by later this afternoon. still have will breaking news here northbound bw parkway still shut down at route 50. all northbound traffic being pushed on to eastbound 50. so you'll take 50 to the beltway or take bladensburg road turning in to route 1 there to try to avoid this mess this morning. just got off the phone with police. southbound bw parkway still also shut down just in that area as they're trying to turn some folks around and make it a little less of a headache. 270 at old hundred, you can see a little bit of snow on the grass and wet roads that were pre-treated. wide look at things overall beltway actually looking pretty good here and prince george's county nice and green and rolling along. i'm back in ten minutes. they started this will week as tip student but ending it
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planning to kill a classmate. sgloond >>
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5:15. today the p man accused of a murder in silver spring will be in court. eric ramirez shot jonathan lopez monday might.night. lopez later died. police say lopez was dating one of ramirez's ex-girl friends. the men arguedonting each other in person and lopez was shot. the man accused of killing a pastor thisin germantown heads to court for a bond hearing. montgomery county police say he killed the pastor on march 11. and reportedly told police the pastor was opposed, saying i
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kill demons just kill me. the man accuse of ramming two police cruisers with a dump truck will not stand trial. a prince george's county judge says 31-year-old gene brandon jr. is not competent to stand trial. the incident happened in january. court documents say brandon was driving the dump truck when he became agitated and tried to hit two officers. the officers were able to jump out of the way. five high school students are accused of plotting to kill another student in arizona. tucson, police say they arrested two 17-year-old girls, two 15-year-old boys and an 18-year-old on wednesday. officers made the arrest after another student told school administrators of the alleged plot. police say one of the students arrested did bring a knife to school on wednesday. the younger students could be charged as adults. a body is found hanging and now the fbi is investigating. federal officials say otis bird
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was found and last seen being dropped off at the river walk casino on march 2. his family filed a missing persons report later that week. sheriff's deputies were searching for him when they found his body not far from his home. p. it is 5:17. today joe biden will speak at a conference about gles techdomestic violence. it's put on by a nonprofit. he will take the podium at noon at the renaissance washington hotel this northwest. new school changes. jefferson county in west virginia closed and shen shen did he owe and fauquier county on a two hour delay. we may start to foughtrget thing as we get old, but a brighter side. two new studies show as person's trust if others tends to increase with age and that trust can make us feel happier. this is probably why everyone loves grandparents. researchers at northwestern
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university say that older people are better able to see the best in others. older people also are more forgiving than younger people. watching a natural phenomenon unfold right now. we have live pictures of a solar ekripsclipse taking place. the best place to see the eclipse and in fact to see a total solar eclipse is the farrowfair faroe islands. they brought their telescopes glasses. there is a hitch, though. it's a little cloudy, so not clear what the visibility will be when the total eclipse happens in about 20 minutes or so. the sun, the earth and the moon will align for about 2 to 3 minutes. so we have our eye on it and hopefully we can get the live pictures as soon as that total eclipse happens here. >> so cool. can't wait to see it. thank you, richard.
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not going to see it around here. all we'll see is rain and snow. there you go. right there. >> storm team 4 heat roll xwisemam 4 meteorologist chuck bell. >> and i'm on snowflake patrol. if you have snowflakes outside your window, send them to me me @chuckbell4. it looks like it will be a snowy morning rush metro northbound. relatively minimal impact on roads in and around town. downtown washington not much of a problem. south of town not much of a problem. all this should be changing over to primarily rain after about noontime today. as of now though, all these shaded counties north and west of the metro are under a winter weather advisory except for winter storm warnings from hagerstown out to frostburg, maryland. notice how the snow flakes pretty much line up where the shaded counties were. these snowflakes moving in to
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montgomery howard and northern anne arundel and prince george's county. this is literally the changeover line. coming right into downtown. again, temperatures are close to 40 degree this is downtown washington. 41 at national airport. but 35 in rockville, 34 in gaithersburg. it's not enough to freeze it solid on the roads, but it sure is cold enough to support snow all the way down to the ground. so if you're headed out this morning, rain and snow at the bus stops, all over the region. temperatures at or above freezing. but nonetheless accumulating snow likely. here is future weather 7:00 a.m. snow montgomery, northern prince george's county, howard, even northern fairfax. by 9:00 a.m. snow continuing on inch its way south. but not along after that by 11:00, 12:00 today, the cold air retreating just enough whereby lunchtime today, most of the snow threat will be northern montgomery county northbound just plain old rain in and around town here we are at 3:00 this afternoon, this gradually coming to an end by 6:00 7:008:00 this evening.
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staying cloudy overnight tonight, but skies will start to clear out tomorrow and tomorrow we're having snowflakes today. tomorrow we'll be near 60. coming home later on today, temperatures in the mid to upper 30s. how much snow to expect. generally an inch or less around town but a slushy 1 to 3 northern fairfax, loudoun, montgomery. but 3 to 5 across northern maryland. next couple of days here 40 today, 60 tomorrow. dry both days this weekend. that's good news. chilly weather to start next week, but 60s with raindrops next thursday. breaking news again northbound bw parkway still totally shut down at route 50. so all mort bound traffic being pushed on on eastbound 50. alternate you'll have to take 50 to the beltway are or bladensburg road northbound. that snow falling look like glitter here, 270 at clarksburg road. and of course the main roads have been pre-treated and really just look wet. megan mcgrath has been driving around for us this morning.
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this is a picture somebody tweeted michael vance there frederick to show us the accumulation on the grassy area sidewalks and roads look okay. just wet this morning. 66 into town no problems there. 95 getting a little slow here northbound at dale city. taking a look now indian head highway just south of the beltway, no major issues, just wet there. again, this is our biggest problem, the situation northbound bw parkway completely shut down at 50. molette green is it now out there. what's happening? >> reporter: melissa, we are just approaching the accident scene here on southbound -- as we go southbound to 95. i can see the police cars here with our camera. and not a lot that we can see because it's so very dark. there are emergency vehicles on the scene. we have it confirmed one person died in this crash. i can seat burnkcan see the burned
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out car on the side of the road and another car on the side of the road as well. one car flipped over looks like it is charred. and then another car on the scene not far away off the road about in the grassy area crashed up. police investigation active at this time. of course traffic backed up in the other direction. as police have been diverting traffic away from the accident scene. they're out here investigating to see what exactly caused this deadly crash. right now park police telling us one person died in this crash. but calling it only a single car accident. but we see two cars, one charred and another car crashed on the side of the road here. that is the latest reporting live along 295. i'm molette green back to you in the studio. it is now 5:24. prince george's county received a special honor on his last night in the district. the international conservation caucus foundation gave him will
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the the teddy roosevelt award. he has spent decades work to go protect the environment which he says directly impacts the u.s. and uk security and economics. the royals leave d.c. today for a taste of kentucky. and check out this moment yesterday. prince charles arrive to go a huge welcome atn adult education center. at the hosted the prince for a tour. many students there are still learning english and some needed an interpreter to speak with the prince. the schoolteacher's language and job skills who immigrants hoping to become citizens. matterryland's governor is backing a bill the second chance act that would allow people with nonviolent misdemeanor criminal records to being blocked from the public after three years. the bill passed the senate and now heads to the house. an economic boost is planned for the vee ienna area.
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the credit union is expanding its headquarters adding 600 new employees. they are investing $114 million in its expansion. it will include a new four story office building and a parking deck. the state is providing a $1 million grant to fairfax county to help with this project. depending on who you root for, it was either a great beginning or a rapid painful end to the ncaa tournament. just one day of tournament action only 272 perfect brackets remain from the more than 11 million filled out on there were a lot of upsets. we want to show you how the local teams did. we start with georgetown they took on eastern washington. eastern washington's coach predicted a win before the game. he was wrong. georgetown won 84-74. pretty decent win i'd say there. they play again on saturday
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against fifth seeded utah. and i let you know he how i felt about the vcu game. it was crazy to go in to overtime. it hurt. a lot of you posted your condolence condolences. i appreciate that. for rams fans, though, we can always look forward to next year. it was a pretty outstanding game for our team. and -- >> you were standing up the whole time. >> at the end of the game i was standing yelling at the tv. but we have a good team in place and they will do well p. meanwhile, virginia maryland, they start their dance today. virginia takes on belmont maryland takes on valparaiso at 4:40. >> that's when i'll be yelling, 4:40 this afternoon. and i've heard from a lot of maryland fans from the area who are with me. go terps. a movement to put a woman on the $20 bill is starting to go viral. >> here is how you see the $20 bill now with andrew jack son on it. well the women on 20s movement
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hopes to see him replaced by one of 16 female candidates elizabeth cady stanton. the list will be narrowed down to four finalists. the campaign will then create a white house petition. and if you get a certain number of signatures obviously the white house has to respond. i don't know what it takes to change the image on money, hoe p. >> a lot of worthy nominees. susan b. anthony rosa parks. it would be nice to see a woman mixed in there. >> i think it takes an act of congress. i'll look it up. we're dealing with spring snow. the storm moving through the area right now. here is a live look at -- is that national harbor? >> if you say so. >> hard to tell. chuck will be back with a look at what you face as you head out. also ahead, concerns in
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columbia heights after a recent crime spike. why businesses are especially on high alert. and new developments in the did deadly you museum attack in this tunisia. why isis is claiming responsibility.
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right now we're seeing the rain change over to snow across the metro d.c. area. >> cars are starting to get a coating. can you believe that? this is a live look out in montgomery county. megan mcgrath is out there driving. and you can see it there, falling in gaithersburg. good morning to you. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. let's get right to chuck bell and a look at the forecast. >> it's been a very well advertised event and it's behaving itself so far. so that's what we like from mother nature. just play by the rules. rain is quickly changing over to snow. temperatures remain at or above freezing everywhere. mid-30s northern montgomery county out to leesburg 34 in frederick and martinsburg. manassas closer to 39, 40. winter weather advisories posted points north and west.
5:32 am
report from warren county, they say it's already slush covered roads in warren county virginia this morning. snowy and slushy roads out west and north of the metro. that will continue. use extra caution today. the timing of the slushy snow accumulation is from now up to about lunchtime. storm team 4 radar showing the snow. as we zoom in, you can see the rain/snow line is moving through downtown washington. so northwest d.c. getting the snow. snow being reported in winchester virginia. but this is all rain woodbridge to dumfries quantico triangle stafford all rain. down towards leonard town and california maryland. how much should you expect today? from a snow slush accumulation generally an inch or less across most of the metro, but northern and western suburbs here a slushy 1 to 3 inches of snow is a real possibility. much more impactful amounts of snee snow across northern maryland
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panhandle of west virginia, 3 to 5 inches indeed a possibility. so your morning planner, plan on wet snow here for the next couple of hours. gradually becoming more of a rain/snow mix as opposed to a snow/rain mix. upper 30s later on this afternoon, perhaps near 40 by about 5:00 today as most of the rain will be coming to an end by then. going out for your friday night, roads will still be wet through 7:00. temperatures upper 30s. mostly cloudy and 37 degrees by 11:00 p.m.. check on traffic now with melissa mollet. still have breaking news here. going to be this problem for the next couple of hours at least. northbound bw parkway closed at 50 here. northbound traffic being pushed on to eastbound route 50. southbound bw parkway has now reopened but your alternate of course you'll have to take 50 to the beltway or bladensburg road might be another good option. 270 at father hurley can't see it but i promise we have a little bit of snow falling. the roads are wet because they were treated of course. and you can see a little bit of ing
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aing a accumulating on the sides. prince george's county over all actually looking quite good. same thing looking outside the beltway here at bw parkway and 95. back in ten minutes with travel times. 5:34 is your time. right now it's spring and it's snowing. megan mcgrath is it keeping an eye on your commute this morning in frederick county. what are you seeing? >> reporter: well, unfortunately, we're seeing snow starting to being a koum late on grassy areas and cars. we're in frederick. we just pulled in to a car dealership. and take a look here at the snow that we're actually seeing starting to stack up on these cars. hard to believe it is the first day of spring and, yes, we have snow. if you take a look at high cell phone here you can see just the kind of thing that we're dealing with. an as we continue to drive here,
5:35 am
we'll come up in just a moment to a grassy area. and we are seeing the accumulation on the grass, as well. right here. take a look at that. oh my. if take you a look at the road though you can see that they have pre-treated the roads pretty good shape. we're just seeing wet conditions here at this not the particularly slippery. just a little bit sloppy. but certainly something to keep in mind as you head out to work this morning. we are seeing wet conditions. and, you know that always makes the rush hour a little more complicated and of course the timing of this makes things a little more complicated because we are going into rush hour. and it is starting to get a little wet out here. so just plan accordingly. back to you. megan mcgrath, thank you. so we thought maybe it would miss us, but no such luck right? and a few school delays and closings. this just in rappahannock county schools will open two hours late. >> also loudoun county schools
5:36 am
and warren county schools in virginia on a two hour delay this morning. fauquier county schools and shenandoah county schools you see at the bottom frederick county schools also on a two hour delay. that's in maryland. >> and here are more school delays. jefferson, morgan and berkeley county schools in west virginia are all closed today. and this just into our newsroom winchester schools this virginia are opening two hours late as well. we'll push out any new school closings and delays to the nbc washington app. 5:36. columbia heights business owners telling their employees to stick together after a series of crimes targeting people who were headed to work. there were two attempted armed robberies yesterday just a few minutes apart. one of the victims spoke with news 4. she didn't want us to show her face. she was walking to work when two young men came up and tried to rob her. >> had my hands in the air help will help help. and actually one gentleman was kind enough in the car to stop. and he rolled down his window. he stayed with me and chased
5:37 am
them down and the people across the street came running they stayed with me for a while. it was like a nice community. >> d.c. police say more officers are on patrol in that area. we want to clarify the two hour delay for frederick county is in virginia. frederick county virginia schools are opening two hours late. it's now 5:37. today the so-called beer pong rapist will be sentenced. joey poindexter was convicted of sexually assaulting mull tentiple men. he was police say poindexter had been victimizeing young adult men for a decade luring them into his home. in court dargs we may hear directly from list victims about the impact of these assaults on their lives. isis has claimed responsibility for that vicious terror attack that left 23 dead in tunisia. gun men stormed a popular
5:38 am
museum. it was popular with western tourists. nine people have been arrested. the deadliest attack in 13 years in tunisia. an explosion rocked an indianapolis neighborhood as well as the nerves of mere by firefighters. and how a massive overhaul at watergate hotel could help d.c.. and another live look at the weather deck on this first day of spring. winter making one last appearance. and of course chuck bell is, as well.
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incredible images into the live desk right now. the solar eclipse happening at this very moment. there you see the glimpse of the moon there but what we're really waiting for is the total solar eclipse and that is only visible there two locations in the world, one of those the faroe islands and that's where thousands have gathered to witness this once in a lifetime opportunity when the sun, earth and moon will align for about two to three minutes. there is a little problem, though. in the faroe islands right now it is very cloudy. this is the picture from the
5:42 am
faroe islands. so you're not getting that picture that we were looking at earlier where you can actually see the eclipse. but you are seeing how dark it is getting. at least there was light, thousand we're seenow we're seeing almost complete darkness. again, this will only last for about two to three minutes. thousands have gone there to the faroe islands to witness it. many will leave disappointed. that's the latest from the live desk. disappointment from the skies continues right here in washington as well. temperatures are in the mid-30s in the northern suburbs to upper 30s and around 40 in and around washington the right now. storm team 4 radar snow from montgomery county northbound, even wet snowflakes mixing into the middle of the downtown washington area. so be on the lookout. snowflakes working south of route 50 as well. 10 minutes from now "7-day forecast" and the timing of the
5:43 am
changeover from rain to snow. right now it's that melissa. bw parkway s closed at 50. a fatal accident there. 70 just east of 270, you can see some snow falling. a little bit of it accumulating on the grassy areas. roads just wet because they have been treated. travel times, 95 north quantico to the beltway, about 8 minutes behind there. 66 east to the beltway, 11 minutes. 270 south germantown to the beltway, 16. on time there. and the beltway outer loop 95 to 270, also on time at 11 minutes. i'll be back in ten minutes weather and traffic always on the 1s. we'll really take another look at that crash bw parkway again northbound here in the next couple of minutes. this just in frederick county maryland schools are closed. frederick county maryland are closed and frederick county virginia schools on a two hour delay. imagine living for decades
5:44 am
not knowing that you had a brother. >> that is exactly what happened to a local woman, how she found her long lost sibling and we were there for the emotional reunion. and they're on just about everything we eat and drink except alcohol. but that could soon change. why you could see a nutrition label on
5:45 am
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5:47 am
back to breaking news melissa has been telling you about this morning. the bw parkway is shut down northbound at route 50 because of an accident. molette green just arrived on the scene. she's live with more on what we know right now. >> reporter: aaron, yes, we are southbound on 295. i'm going to flip the camera around here on my cell phone. we're in the thick of the traffic here. the accident scene in the northbound lanes.
5:48 am
park police confirming one person died in a single car crash. they got the call just before 4:00 this morning. as we approach the accident scene, what we see is the frash flashing light from the emergency rickvehicles. the investigation still very active. we have seen a car on the side of the road in the grassy area charred. the car was engolfed in flames when the officials got to the scene. we also saw another car in the grassy area with a lot of damage but at this point, police telling us this was a single car accident they don't know why the driver may have lost control. we will get closer and give and you better vantage point. again, we're southbound on 295 and the traffic is building on our end.
5:49 am
the other side of the same -- okay. now hopefully from the cell phone footage the one car that is right there in your vantage point charred. terrible scene here. one person lost their loof.ife. there is another car that is heavily damaged. this is being called a single car accident. one person dead. no identification yet. this scene still very active. now we'll go back to melissa to give us some alternate routes. >> that really does show what is happening out there. so again, northbound bw parkway shut down at 50. southbound is slow where molette is. that authority bound traffic being pushed on to 50 so you can take 50 over to the beltway or take route one to get northbound out of there. going to be a mess for the next couple of hours.
5:50 am
and roads will get worse before they get better especially for the north side of the metro area. there is the changeover. rain to the south, snow to the north. and that changeover line is headed southbound. future weather when it changes back to rain coming up. a promise from d.c.'s government as they try to smooth out your commute. the department of transportation plans to hold its pothole apolooza next week. it also plans to accelerate its response time to get to those reports of potholes. it will aim to get them filled 48 hours after the reports come in instead of the normal 72 hours. you can see the news 4 iteam investigation into how long d.c. takes to fill potholes and you can how to report them in the investigations section on the nbc washington app. a big break in a charles county cold case after nearly four years, a suspect has been indicted for the murder of crystal anderson. a grand jury returned the indictment against 22-year-old raymond posey yesterday.
5:51 am
crystal anderson was 29 when she went missing in august of 2011. her body was found six months later. anderson's family was there for the announcement wearing her photo in tribute. her mother still inconsolable over her search for her daughter years ago. >> for months i surged for my child. and i cooperate find a her. the world too big. where could she be? >> the charles county sheriff's office says the motive for the murder was robbery. 5:51 is our time right now. want to switch to tell you about the weather of course. we're sitting at about 39 here in d.c.. that's a good thing for the precipitation. >> and we're seeing the snow it's here. >> you betcha. and people don't think you can get snow above freezing. you most certainly can. the air aloft is below freezing.
5:52 am
p. >> things are all different in loft. >> they certainly are. the whole column is below freezing so the snow flakes don't have time to melt before making contact with your driveway your car, your sidewalk. we have a gre picture from martha potts. you want to be a friend of chuck's, be like martha send me a picture out here. this is lovettesville. a quick coating of white snow out there early this morning. my twitter handle at@chuckbell4. instragram is 4 cast 4 u. there that's one of my old teachers. >> what kind of a grade did she give you? >> she was a good teacher. >> that's what i was afraid of. c minus. accumulations of snow today, generally an inch or less of slushy snow around washington area appoints just on the south
5:53 am
side. but north and west, 1 to 3 inches is likely. get out toward lovettesville, northern loudoun county be 3 to 5 inches is likely and that will cause some trouble warren county schools said the roads are getting slush covered. so road impacts, 70 270, 81 could be a slow go. 49 a 5, 50 and 66, slushy in spots. south of town even if it's just rain slow down. you know how you are. you drive too fast on the snowy roads. morning snow north side of the metro, then just blaineplain old rain. have the umbrella your warm coat and hat. it is 41 and raining at reagan national airport right now. but temperatures today won't budge much. whatever the temperature is
5:54 am
outside of your house right now plan on only about a 2 to maybe 3 degree rise in temperatures later on this afternoon. clarksburg maryland snow gradually becoming rain this afternoon. temperatures mid to upper 30s. cloudy overnight, about you should stay above freezing in everybody's neighborhood so that will keep the roads in much better shape. tomorrow clearing and mild. all this going organization you know the best thing for when we go off the air, have the storm team 4 weather app in the palm of your hand. an area of snow across much of pennsylvania. if you're driving or flying northbound new york, philadelphia or boston, could have substantial delays. and there you can see the changeover now across much of the metro area. over from rain to snow on the north sides there. still all rain down south of town. future weather shows it at 7:00 a.m. mostly snow from route 50 northbound. could get a little bit farther south down towards alexandria before it turns back over to rain later on today. "7-day forecast" now temperatures only in the upper
5:55 am
30s to near 40 today. sunshine returns tomorrow high near 60. then cooler on sunday, but still dry for the weekend and chilly weather early next week and then finally springtime raindrops by thursday it temperatures in the 60s. breaking news northbound bw pack way, still completely shut down at route 50. so all that northbound traffic is being pushed on to eastbound route 50. we just talked to molette green with the live picture driving southbound bw parkway. about a one mile backup there. your alternate headed northbound you'll have to take 50 to the beltway or bladensburg road. 270 at montgomery village avenue not really seeing the snow falling here. we know it's happening. so roads are wet and of course we have accumulation on the grassy areas. will this a picture from my friend michael vance who just tweeted this to @first4traffic. thank you for that. wide look at things overall no
5:56 am
major problems. 66 into town, look good. 95 a little slow northbound through dale city. 5:56 now. you'll start to see labels on more than just your favorite foods. soon you'll see it on your next pint. landon dowdy has more now "4 your money". >> do you want to know how many calories are in a pints of guinness? the company behind the beer, johnny walker and vodka will start putting nutritional information on the labels including calories and alcohol content. the data will be based on typical serving size. so consumers know what they're drinking. i don't know if i want to know how many calories i'm drinking if i'm drinking a guinness. >> i'm with you. probably too many. >> cover up the label. >> exactly. better not to know. ignorance is bliss sometimes on this occasion. thanks landon. well, you you are lighting up facebook with your spentcomments
5:57 am
about this. a woman has been eager will awaiting the xwleegs al moment of meeting her brother for the first time. >> she learned she had a secret brother but was never able to meet him until now. stacey bertotti's mother told her he was put up for adoption and she started her search. each search came up empty until a friend pound him in atlanta. >> i always felt like i had a brother, but i never knew. >> they met for the first time at reagan national airport and they have a lot of years to catch up on. love that. >> very nice. busy morning right now. and that's because of the spring snowstorm. we're seeing it on radar. take a look the rain is st over to snow if in most places. whether it sticks is a different story. we have school closings and delays on the bottom of your screen.
5:58 am
5:59 am
breaking news right the now. that could impact your morning commute. the bw parkway is shut down northbound right now at route 50. and that's because of an accident. molette green has been keeping an eye on the situation all morning. molette, what is it looking like right now out there?
6:00 am
>> reporter: right now i'm going to flip the camera around on my cell phone here. we are on 202 just about to get on the parkway here. traffic is moving a little slowly. we're not at the accident scene. but we're just a few minutes away from it. and we'll show you what it looks like as we drive through there. melissa mollet has been doing a bang up job telling us the routes that you can take. but we're about to get on to the parkway here going south where traffic is moving very slowly. again, the accident that we've been following throughout the morning has been in the northbound lanes. park police telling us at this point -- >> sounds hike we lost her and you had i don't. again, though northbound b


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