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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  March 20, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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i'm news 4 meteorologist chuck bell. winter weather advisories remain in place as the snow is gradually starting to change over to rain pap complete check of your forecast is just ahead. i'm richard jordan at the live desk. a frantic search for a 3-year-old is over. the sad announcement made by police a short time ago. breaking news from the catholic church. a high-ranking member of the church resigning this morning because of allegations of sexual misconduct. and i'm barbara harrison. d.c. despite the snow the cherry blossom event starts this weekend. an event e won't want to miss. how long the snow chuck? >> deal wig rain and snow mix aid cross the metro area the next couple of hours.
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from hagerstown maryland. snow on both sides of the road. the travel lanes remain open. slush any places. use extreme caution. #spinning2015 but written in snowflakes on the window of this car. tweeted from one of our weather watchers. temperatures above freezing for almost this entire event around the metro area with 34 in germantown and gaithersburg 34 leesburg now. fred lik maryland martinsburg, winchester all above freezing. mid to upper 30s from washington to points southbound. shaded counties including loudy, montgomery and frederick and towards the blue ridge, for frederick county virginia and warren county continue to see wet snow and slushy roads the next couple of hours. use extra caution. everything slowly changing to rain and coming to an end across parts of southern virginia. back to the news.
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>> reporter: well you can see behind me here that in frederick we still have snow coming down. in fact look at all of the snow that we got here. it may be the first day of spring but it sure doesn't feel like it. we've been talking to folks around town today. needless to say, they are fed up. it's a sad sight to see. beautiful, purple pansies weighed down by snow. snow on the grass and bushes too. people are just sick of it. >> it's time for the snow to stop. >> what you got there? >> a snowball. >> reporter: on the first day of spring. >> the first day of spring. >> reporter: it is the first day of spring and in frederick it snowed again. the school system closed and once again people had to pull their boots out of the closet. >> please warm up. 75 degrees. please. i can't take it. no more shoveling. no more cold. >> i've had enough. time to move on. let's get some flowers and trees and such going.
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>> reporter: o note roads were pretreated and the temperature above freezing. so streets were just wet. and we still have snow falling here in frederick, but as you can see, the roads are in good condition. if you have to go out, you shouldn't have any problem. in frederick, macon mcgrath news 4. breaking news from the live desk. the vatican just announced a scottish cardinal resigned amid sexual misconduct allegations. the first time a cardinal steps down since the 1920s. cardinal keith o'brien was accused of making sexual advances towards a number of priests. now he resigns. he loses his rights and privileges and cannot participate in any public religious events or vote for the pope but he will hold on to his title as cardinal. he's been under investigation since 2013. the resignation coming down today. still, no comment yet from pope francis. melissa? >> all right.
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richard, thanks. official start are the cherry blossom festival. activities to take part in this weekend. a link to the page on the nbc washington app. today, take an art tour. tomorrow opening ceremony and sunday a free orchestra concert at union station. other things can you do. a paddle boat on the tide'll base -- tidal basin, and work out, and sunday a spring film festival at the east street cinema in downtown d.c. but when of course will we see these beautiful blooms? that's the question. of course this is what it looks like now. not so pretty. we want these things to really be as pretty as they can. come out, show color. show us that pink. peak bloom, april 11th through 14th. be in town noor april 11th through 14th. the estimate at this point. barbara? melissa if you're headed down to
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check out the cherry blossom festival you'll probably take metro. tips to make your trip easier. travel during off-peak hours. avoid trains between 4:00 and 6:00 p.m. when stations are most crowded and avoid getting off at the smithsonian station. avoid crowds and get off on l'enfant plaza. archives at arlington cemetery g. advice. if you still have a perfect bracket this morning you are most definitely in the minority. after just one day of the ncaa tournament only 272 perfect brackets remain. there were 11 million filled out on a lot of upsets. one game that turned out right, though was the georgetown/eastern washington game pap 13 seed eastern washington. jim hayford predicted his team would win and he was wrong. georgetown won 84-74. the hoya play again term
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tomorrow. my vcu rams a short run. saw my facebook. devastated losing to ohio state in a crazy overtime thriller. a lot of you posted condolences. appreciate that. ram fan, looking forward to a great next year with smart and halve ig havoc, add virginia takes on and maryland and valparaiso. and developing now from the live desk a heartbreaking discovery in hollywood, florida. the body of a 3-year-old that had been missing for about a day was just discovered outside his father's home. police had been searching for him about 24 hours. the boy's mother saying that the boy had been with lis father and stepmother on thursday morning. that was just before he went missing. yesterday the mother made a frantic plea for help then this morning police saying that they no longer needed help from the public shortly after announcing they discovered his body.
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that 3-year-old, there is a criminal investigation underway. still no word from authorities as to what led to that little boy's death. aaron, back to you. >> richard, thank you. back in 60 seconds with a look at the big change for the world cup.
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an fbi agent who worked on several high-profile drug kagss in the d.c. region has been charged with 64 counts of obstruction, falsifying records and selling heroin that he stole from the fbi evidence control center. matthew lowry suspended last year after found in his car in an incoherent state and an investigation resulted in 28 drug cases lowry worked on being dismissed including 14 defendant whose had already pled guilty. today federal prosecutors announced the 64 charges against lowry.
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the charges come in the form of an information filing with the courts, which indicates a plea deal with defendants has been reached. lowry is akised of stealing thousands of grams of heroin and could appear in federal court as soon as next week and faces more than seven years in prison and $16 million in fines. here's a look what's trending online today. soccer fans you may want to trade in your team's jersey for a jacket. the feeifa announced played in nofr and december with the finals on december 18th. now, typically the world cup is played in the summer but organizers wanted the final game to coincide with guitar's national holiday. the kickoff announced later today. check this out. you could have breakfast in bed without ever leaving your home. waffle house is teaming up with the mobile app roadie for home delivery. this beats pulling up through the drive-through in pajama. instead a roadie driver picks up your order and brings it to your
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door. you could technically have breakfast at any time and they're open 24 hours. and cherry blossom festival unkov ert secret to beating out the big crowds at the tidal basin. a list of the overlooked spots near the national mall you can still take that perfect pic without interference. may not even need to crop the outsiders attempting to photo
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welcome back to "news4 midday." storm team 4 radar, still wet snow falling across much of northern maryland. the rain/snow line retraettreat retreating to the north. it's drying out just a touch down towards fredericksburg northern neck and southern maryland. total snow accumulations,
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forecast on the money. one to three slushy inches in the northern and western suburbs. three to five inches of snow across much of northern maryland into the panhandle of west virginia. most of the accumulating stuff is just about done with us right now. temperatures inch up near 40 degrees later this afternoon. barbara? >> all right. free ice falling from the sky out there. here's a story that's popular on facebook. free ice? that's not just outside. today is free ice day at rita store ace cross the country. it's the annual giveaway putting a spring in your everyday step. head out between noon and 9:00 p.m. and get a free italian ice. share your experience with rita's using the hash tag receipt tasfirstdayofspring. you could win prizes. and a group of people a total solar eclipse at 5:30 this morning. the sun, moon and earth lined up perfectly to create the eclipse. a time lapse video what it
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looked like as the moon covered the sun. shot over the atlantic ocean near the norwegian sea, one of the only spots you could see it. this is the only solar eclipse we'll see this year. thousands went there to take a look. not the only event happening in the sky today, though. a super moon today. a super moon is a full or new noon occurs during the moon the closest approach to earth. the idea of mandatory voting in this country is starting to heat up sort of. take a look at one headline today. rubio fires back at obama. not voting a legitimate choice. senator marco rubio responding to comments the president made wednesday in cleveland. the president said mandatory voting would be transformative and even believes it would help take away the influence money has in politics. rubio, though said not voting is a choice of living in a free society. i asked nbc's political editor mark murray about the likelihood of mandatory voting. take a listen. >> not all that crazy from a global perspective.
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a country like australia actually has mandatory voting. in this country even president obama recognized it's going to change the constitution change a new amendment to be able to have something like that, but what was trying to do encourage more voting and in this country as we've seen in presidential mid-term election not a lot of americans turn out. >> a possibility of this gaining traction and becoming something? >> no. a pipe dream. >> thanks mark. back later in the newscast with congress' battle with the president over iran. >> absolutely. new rules on fracking. the obama administrational boldest move to regulate the oil industry and expected unleash criticism from big oil supporter saying the kearns about fracking are overblown. also criticism from environmentalist because the laws only regulate federal land and land that is controlled by indian tribes. we have new information on a deadly attack an accident rather that has a major roadway in our area closed.
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it was
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welcome back to "news4 midday." the last snow of the winter of 2015? many hope so. just a coating of snow on the ground here in northwest washington. just enough to cover the ground here in northwest d.c., but the ground is definitely covered white now in our northern and western suburbs. a high impact from today's heavy, wet snow across northern maryland and hout into the
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panhandle of vest west virginia. call ahead in flying out later this afternoon from our three airports. the rain/snow line progressing ever northward. high temperatures later into the upper 30s to nearing in on 40. 39 in the manassas and 42 cull pup culpeper. near 60 tomorrow with sunshine coming back. >> all right. bw parkway open now after being shut down for hours. this was why. a deadly crash earlier this morning. news 4 molette green is live with more on the manhunt for the driver police say is responsible. good morning, molette. >> reporter: the kind of car that comedian was in when he crashed. [ long pause ] >> we now know the two-car accident involve add ford
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lincoln and a mustang. u.s. park police say just before 3:00 a.m. the driver of the lincoln pictured here foreforced the mustang off the road into the grassy area causing it to crash and catch fire. killing the driver inside. the driver of the other car left the scene. the accident investigation shut down the northbound lanes of the bw parkway between route 50 and 202, and created a complicated morning rush hour for commuters who had to find other options. police diverted traffic on to kenilworth avenue from 295 north and off d.c. 295 at route 50. >> all right. molette green reporting. also new details now about a police chase along branch avenue. prince george's police tell news 4 one tern has died after their kwars hit by the suspect. it all started last night when officers attempt add traffic spot on an suv. the man behind the wheel suddenly drove off striking an officer as he sped away.
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now, police briefly lost sight of his suv. another officer then spotted it. the suspect lost control of his vehicle striking three other cars and then got out and ran. police went after him calling in a helicopter and kay nine united nations as nations -- canine unit as well. one person killed including the officer struck in the first moments of that chase. house speaker john boehner announced he will soon travel to israel as yet another sign that tensions between the white house, congress and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu will keep playing out in realtime for the world to see. president obama calmedled netanyahu last night congratulate him on his election victory. more with a look on what was said on that call. >> reporter: apparently a pretty frank phone call where president obama brought up the fact that netanyahu previously said he supported a wouldtwo-state solution and right before the election there would be no two-state
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solution on his watch and nen an exclusive interview with nbc he said this -- >> i haven't changed my policy. i don't want a one-state solution. i want a sustainable, peaceful two-state solution. >> reporter: the u.s. is also concerned that netanyahu is not supporting these ongoing nuclear talks with iran just this morning we learned that the irani delegation has left switzerland but plan to come back next week. back to you. >> thank you. despite the break in talks, secretary of state john kerry told reporters this morning there has been progress towards a deal. aaron? >> thanks. growing concerns about substitute teachers and a shortage across the country. one unofficial survey found half the school districts across the nation of impacted by the short amp. here's a look at reasons why. most of it has to do with the negative perception of public education these days. fewer people are choosing education as a major. that's because they're concerned about recent layoffs, about new education standards and the growing effort to link teacher
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evaluations to student test scores. a call to change the faces we see on
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today is the first day of spring. you probably knee. google is getting in the spirit. the google team planted flowers on their home page for to you check out before searching. >> cool. if you have a $20 in your pocket or purse, we both do, don't we? >> let me see. >> take a look. very unusual to have cash. right. here you see the nation's seventh president, andrew jackson. >> a movement to replace jackson with an american woman. that's going viral now. called the women on 20s movement and getting a huge response around 80,000 people already voted on the first round of 16 candidates. the vote runs through april. >> the question is who are the candidates american icons like sorry jurner rosa parks, harriet tugman and susan brchlts
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anthony. down to four finalists and creating a white house petition. worth noting the president does not have the poufrer to change portraits on u.s. currency but the movement galvanized a lot of people including young women. take a listen. >> if it does happen i'll show it to my kids and say i was a part of this. i did this. >> you know you kwo come up with another piece of currency. i mean it could be something else. >> why not? >> name the $8. i have a $2 bill. >> i have seen a $2 bill. >> who's that on there? oh. it's -- jefferson. jefferson's on the $2. we don't want to replace him. >> don't really want to replace anybody. the first slaed in
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frederick county maryland covered up in heavy, wet snow this morning. averaging about three to four
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inch ace cross most of frederick county. a great picture, send it to us at or directly to me on my twitter handle @chuckbell.4. road impacts going forward, a pretty big impacts on 70 the north part of 270 and i-81. capital beltway and i-66 west of town mainly wet now. same story south of town. eastern wet roads need have extra caution on them. light rain here in the metro. still light snow across northern maryland at this point in time. your weather headlines, wet and slushy friday. much warmer day coming our way for tomorrow but not quite done with the cold yet. seven-day forecast coming up. breaking news. just in to the live desk. the justice department launched an investigation into the spending habits of illinois congressman aaron schork who resigned earlier this week. aaron schock. the feds looking into campaign expenses as well as schock's dealings with political donors. the fbi issues subpoenas to
11:27 am
people close to the republican congressman. schock resigned on tuesday amid accusations of lavish spending while on trips and the decor in his office similar to the style of the popular tv show "downton abbey." also an investigation into his real estate transactions his air travel and some people have become suspicious over some of the photos posted on instagram. aaron? >> richard, thank you. "elle" magazine profiling ten d.c. women they say are inspiring, hard working and determined here in washington. "elle's" annual washington power list. telling "the washington post" she wants to have lunch with the other nominees to get to know them better including spokesman ginsake and "elle's" editor-in-chief talk and the list on "morning joe."
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>> you know the reason we do the list is because of what we're interested in is how women get power, how they accrue it and what they do with it once they have it. you may think it's a cliche but women actually use power in ways that in different ways than men do. >> the first lady of virginia dorothy mcauliffe also made list this year. barbara? police in japan say they arrested the man threatens caroline ken dpip that's not all he's accused of doing. police say the man aplited to making threatening phone calls aimed at kennedy. kennedy is the u.s. ambassador to japan. the american-japanese relationship is rocky. some locals don't like how the u.s. has so much land on that island. u.s. military bases cover about 20% of the island. meanwhile, kennedy joined first lady michelle obama as she wrapped up her tour of japan. the pair visited a buddhist temple founded in kyoto.
11:29 am
one of japan's ancient capitals and while there watched a classical musical drama put on by local college students. the first lady has been in japan since wednesday pro momenting the let girls learn initiative helping girls in the developing words get an education. she heads to cambodia later today. folks are still buzzing about this awkward moment. the first lady stumbled in her heels greeting the japanese emperor and emperess and then shook their hands. critics say she should have bowed. but everyone plain tained composure. smiled at one another and walked inside. probably would have been criticized if she had bowed. an unflattering title for
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♪ deidre & the dark - classic girl plays in the background ♪ a great entrance never goes out of style. dresses start at $25. the eva mendes collection. exclusively at new york and company.
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"news4 midday" is back. mid 20 upper 30s from washington to point south. temperatures over the next hours won't budge much. inch up a couple degrees between now and the end of the day. temperatures climb after the sun goes down and most of the rain and snow showers of our here. trimmed back a little still including montgomery and loudoun county towards frederick county maryland. main threat now slushy roads out there. use extra caution. everything's going to be change over to rain gradually. check of the seven-day forecast 30s, near 40 today. up to near 60 degrees tomorrow. sunshine is coming back tomorrow
11:33 am
afternoon. partly to mosty cloudy cooler sunday. chilly monday tuesday and warming up springlike by mid next week. >> reporter: i'm megan mcgrath in frederick, maryland keeping an eye on this spring snowstorm. yes, it may be the first day of spring but take a look at this. we have snow here in frederick, maryland. and enough to coat the grass and the trees. enough to close the school system but not enough to cause problems on the roads. take a look at 355 here. yesterday they did an excellent job of pre-treating all of the streets, and eastern with the snow -- even with the snow this morning conditions on the roadways were pretty good. just wet streets. in frederick, i'm megan mcgrath. police and students come together at the university of virginia to discuss the recent arrest of martese johnson. this video, showing the arrest outside bar in charlottesville.
11:34 am
johnson bass blood iwas bloodied an a confrontation with police. the latest of the state's response to the arrest is something you'll want to hear. >> yo, his head is bleeding! yo his head is bleeding. >> reporter: this morning a criminal investigation underway to find out hue black student ended up bloodied on the ground at the university of virginia. martese johnson's attorney reading a statement on his behalf. >> i trust the scars on my face and head will one day heal but the trauma from what the abc officers did yesterday will city with me forever. >> reporter: a third year uva student on the honor committee and has a full scholarship. his attorney says johnson was standing outside this bar early wednesday morning when alcohol control agent asked for an i.d. when they questioned him about his address, his lawyer says johnson mistakenly cited the wrong zip code. >> at no time throughout the encounter did martese present as reported by some in the media a fake i.d. >> reporter: what happened next
11:35 am
is unclear. according to the arrest warrant johnson was agitated and belligerent. >> i go to uva! >> racist -- >> reporter: now charged with obstruction of justice without force and public intoxication but a high-ranking university official says johnson wasn't drunk. >> he was not intoxicated. a breathalyzer test was done once arrested. >> reporter: the governor has ordered an indent investigation. >> as a parent i speak for all parents, those pictures are very very disturbing. >> reporter: on kamps, outrage. >> it doesn't matter how many accolades you have at the end of the day he was an african-american. >> not someone to let something of this hold him down. >> today's forum includes members from the university local police and representedives from the abc commission. our david culver will be at that forum. look for his tweets this afternoon when the forum starts at 1:00 p.m. barbara, today we are learning that congress wants its
11:36 am
say in rolling back sanctions on iran's nuclear program. letter signed by more than 300 members of congress from both sides of the house sent to president obama yesterday remindsing him any permanent sanctions relief on iran requires new legislation from the house. a little while ago i talked to nbc's political editor mark murray. >> to everyone celebrating across the united states and in countries around the world -- [ speaking in foreign language ] for thousands of years it's been a time to gather with family and friend and wack new spring and a new year. last week my wife michelle helped mark [ speaking in foreign language ] here at the white house. a celebration of vibrant culture, food music and friendship of our many communities who make extraordinary every day here in the united states. >> mark how is this letter to the president differ and is it hurting negotiations with iran? >> well put it in negotiations right now. the obama administration as well as some of the western countries
11:37 am
have until march 21st to get some kind of deal. looks like they've been making progress. then a bit of a setback. a jump ball on whether there's actually going to be any kind of deal and of course that's going to set up a huge battle in congress if there is a deal that's constructed. >> all right. mark said the deadline for international negotiators is looming. a framework agreement needs to be in place by the end of the month. melissa? this is a story getting a lot of attention today, aaron. take a look at this video. these are parents scaling the walls of a school testing center in india. apparently trying to help their children with their tenth grade school finaling. school officials say they were trying to pass on cheat sheets through the windows. about 600 students expelled after caught cheating and trying to smuggle in textbooks or scraps of paper with notes. police are posted at all of these exam centers but couldn't use force to drive the parents away. a lot of folks sounding off about this story. for the second year in a row,
11:38 am
the mets outfielder voted the most overrated player in the baseball. espn the magazine asked current players any number of questions including who they thought was the most overrated. harper finished the whopping 41% of the vote there. harper may not have helped himself earlier this year either when he was asked about the team's expectations and he confidently responded saying, where's my ring? let you decide that for yourself. a look why
11:39 am
a look at budget-friendly wines have traces of arsenic. lab found out the 1,300 bottles tested one in four had arsenic levels higher than what the epa permits in water. president obama may have his
11:40 am
sites set on another famous nous. not the white house. the hat has house from the '80s tv show magnum p.i. sold for $8.7 million. mart pi nesbitt bought it a close friend of the president's, and speculation the president may want to live in the house tom selleck's character yoursed to call robin's nest on the detective tv series. if you plan on heading to the movies a few films out. chances are you are going to see "divergent" expected to be the most popular film at the box office this weekend. also out today, "the gunman "with sean penn and story the rourke danny collins
11:41 am
sometimes spring doesn't look or feel like you hope to will. spring arrived, and the last hours of winter have looked and felt just like that. a fresh coating of snow across much of the area from the metro
11:42 am
area northbound pap great picture from ft. detrick, washington. temperature, mid-30s. a lot of it stuck effectively on the grass. not so much on the roads. a saving grace for anybody driving around today. temperatures at our above freezing everywhere. the rain/snow line making slow and steady course. moved up another 30 40 miles. with time that rain/snow line gets out of here. today a nasty, cold wet day to be outside. the weekend looking better and better. sunshine near 60 tomorrow. low 50s sunday. both days this weekend looking mostly dry. a promise from d.c.'s government hopes to make your commute a smoother ride. the department of transportation plans to hold its potholepalooza next week and accelerate no pun intended response time to reports of potholeses aimed to get them filled 48 hours amp the report comes in instead of the normal 82 hours. see the news teeming's investigation how long d.c. takes to fill potholes and learn
11:43 am
how to report them in the investigations section on the nbc washington app. >> the thing a lot of people don't realize. actually reporting the potholes whether in d.c. or prince george's or fairfax, report them increases odds of getting fixed more quickly because then they know they're there. >> key. barbara? a story popular on facebook. free ice. you think you need some? not just outside, though. we're talking about today's free ice day at rita's stores across the country. it's an annual giveaway that puts the spring in every step. head out to one of their stores today between plan to and 9:00 p.m. and get a free italian ice. share your icy experience with rita's using their hash tag and could you win sweet prizes. coming unlater today, i'll show you quick fixes with items you already have in your house to tackle your spring cleaning do it in a couple minutes. promise, it won't take long. show you, also what kind of papers to keep and to shred to
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move on with what is supposed to be a beautiful weekend. i'll see you later today. >> all righty. thank you, erika. a look how hagerstown is dealing with this morning's snow when we come back.
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yoplait. with a smooth and creamy taste your whole family loves. don't miss yoplait's exciting new flavors -- creamy caramel and cookies 'n cream. and mdot camera 270 at montrose roads. lots of road spray and wet snowflakes mixing with rain drops across much of montgomery
11:47 am
count around points north. the farther north the more snow mixing in at times. this picture from kenneth in inward west virginia. a solid two to three inches of wet snow in the panhandle's west virginia. temperatures in the immediate metro area mid30s, 38 in washington. 36 in fort bellvoir. and northern parts of maryland slushy roads, main impact. use extra caution. should be mostly rain by later this afternoon. nonetheless, wet roads can still cause troubles out there. aaron, you know how people like to just drive as fast as they can around here. >> yeah. we don't want to hear snow out of your mouth one more time cluck. that's it. after today, don't want to hear it. thank you, chuck. hey, we are still calling this a winter storm, because spring doesn't actually get here until 6:00 or so this evening. the weather channel's mike seidel spent the morning in hagerstown. >> reporter: the first day of spring and snow has been flying
11:48 am
in western maryland since about 3:00 this morning. we're in hagerstown about 70 to 75 north and west of d.c. and baltimore. as you get down towards d.c., temperatures are a little warmer. it started later. no serious issues on the roadway there's. and likewise here. high mark sun angle. temperatures running about freezing. it's been a 33 or 34. you can see interstate 81 is in pretty good shape. had a little slushy accumulation on the sides and in the middle before sunrise, but that is all gone. sticking on several favorite locations that we often see this time of year because of that sun angle and relatively mild temperatures. on the trees, but beginning to melt now and on the ground. a heavy, wet, gloppy snow. between two and three inches here in washington county. by the way, one of the few counties that didn't delay or close, five snow days. had they closed today, would have had to take that out of spring break coming up in a couple weeks. aye think the kids teachers and parents were happy they went into the school today and on time. snowball something we hopefully
11:49 am
won't have to do anymore this year at least in this part of the world, clean off the car. it's a heavy, wet snow and slides right off. in the winter scraping easy especially with freezing rain comes right off the vehicle nicely. if you like spring it's coming in tomorrow here across the mid-atlantic. temperatures will turn around nicely tomorrow into the 50s. maybe touching 60 around washington and baltimore. meanwhile, this afternoon the snow continues to pile up in the poconos, certainly the higher elevations philadelphia one to three inches on grassy surfaces and watch out for the evening rush hour in new york city. although again, before sundown, the roads for the most part in the new york city area should be in pretty good shape. watch for the slushy accumulations as we head towards sundown. i'm weather channel metering on mike seidel in hargers ershagerstown maryland for nbc news. and announcing soon traveling to israel coming amid icy relations between president obama and israeli prime minister
11:50 am
benjamin netanyahu. president obama did call netanyahu last night to congratulate him on his election victory. it appears to have been a frank conversation. the president, again, asserted the u.s. supports a two-state sligs r solution for israel and the palestinians. netanyahu created confusion over hess position on this and he tried to clarify it in an interview with nbc's andrea mitchell i. haven't changed my policy. i don't want a one-state solution. i want a sustainable, peaceful two-state solution but for that circumstances have to change. >> meanwhile, the u.s. and israel are still at odds over ongoing nuclear negotiations with iran. during their phone call mr. obama again told netanyahu the u.s. remains focused on reaching a deal. this morning secretary of state john kerry told reporters there has been progress in those talks. new today, bw parkway back open after being shut down for hours. this was why. a deadly crash early this morning. now, u.s. park police are looking for the driver
11:51 am
responsible for the crash. police say the drive every of a lincoln forced a ford mustang off the road causing the mustang to crash and burst into flames. that driver died. northbound bw parkway shut down all morning while police investigated. new details this morning about a police chase along branch avenue where someone else died. their car hit by the suspect. officers were trying to pull over and suv around 8:40 p.m. last night. the suspect drove off striking an officer as he sped away. police briefly lost sight of his suv. the other officers then spotted it. the suspect lost control of his vehicle striking three other cars and he got out and ran. police pursued him calling in a helicopter and canine units. the suspect caught a short time later. the person who died was in one of those cars. the suspect hit. two others injured including the officer struck in the first moments of that chase. and models out of a
11:52 am
11:53 am
the french government imposing a ban on skinny models. setting out to ban too skinny models risking discriminating against skinny people in the workplace. if the bill was approved fashion bosses who glorified anorexia hiring underweight girls may have served prison time. models have also had to carry medical cards showing body mass index. italy, spain and israel adopted laws against too thin models back in 2013. aened slamming "elle" magazine accusing it of giving an actress the plus-size cove treatment. the cover foet so a tight shot of her face. yahoo! says the magazine has yet to depict a non-sample sized woman properly. and citing several examples when full figured actresses like melissa mccarthy and lena durham appeared on the cover.
11:54 am
all three actresses bodies concealed. "elle" hasn't responded a. >> a beautiful picture of her face. why not see her body? >> what difference does it make? we
11:55 am
this weekend, the official start of spring and the cherry blossom festival too. step into spring by working out on the tidal basin. sunday a film festival at east street cinema in downtown d.c. a list of the fun things to do on the nbc washington app. check out cherry blos you blossom. strange to think about the cherry blossom festival after this morning's snow. chuck? >> good morning. temperatures remain in the mid to upper 30s across the area at
11:56 am
least it's above freezing and will stay that way not only the remainder of the day but not get below freezing tonight. the roads will not be a slushy mess or icy problem even overnight tonight into early tomorrow. so that is welcome news. rain/snow gradually but slowly coming to an end going through the rest of the day. barbara? >> thank you, chuck. well we've got through the snow. guess it's gone now. at least for a while. >> if anybody wants to volunteer to clean my car, though. >> right. walking out now. >> saw how easy it was to wipe it off. check out the cherry blossoms? >> why not. tomorrow though. >> a good day for it. >> sounds like the weekend will be nice. hope you'll have a great friday and a nice weekend. join us at 4:00 5:00 6:00 and this afternoon. we'll see you monday morning right here for "news4 midday" subpoena a great weekend.
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detted@@0 l
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12:00 pm
>> will: we have a lot to talk about. >> sonny: yeah. let's begin with this. what the hell is all this? first you sleep with paul, now you're obsessed with him? >> will: obsessed? seriously? >> sonny: then what would you call it, will? >> will: you've got this all wrong, sonny. >> sonny: then--then, wh-- >> will: i just want paul narita out of both of our lives. >> melanie: hey, brady, it's me. hope you're feeling better. i know you didn't want anybody to know about what happened, but i hope you're resting like you said you would, and i'll know if you're cheating, 'cause i have spies. um...[giggles] i'll call you later, and i do, i hope you're feeling better. eric! hi! >> eric: melanie. hey, what's up?


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