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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  March 20, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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that northeast pocket of maryland right now, it's on the way out, our snowfall totals nailed it on this system, frostburg frostburg, 6 inches new market 3.5. damascus 3 inches of snow. there was a bit less in virginia with crossroads just a half inch of snows. and of course today a few delays and cancellations. that radar, annapolis, right around the areas of the northeast beltway, still getting some very very light rain showers. it is that rain that came on top of the snow eve an few ice pellets that have started to
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vaporize the snow. 34 degrees right now in gaithersburg maryland. if you're going to be going out this evening, we're still going to hang onto the cloud cover. but late tonight after around 11:00 midnight there could be a few split second spots. we'll talk about what you can expect tomorrow morning and the ever-important weekend forecast as the cherry blossom festival kicks off. just in the past hour uva students marched out of a meeting with law enforcement chanting "black lives matter." they claimed police won't answer their questions following that bloody arrest of a student this week. news4's david culvert was in that meeting and is on campus in charlottesville. >> reporter: this was promoted as an event of dialogue an opportunity to create conversation between students and law enforcement. it ended, though weather representatives from black student groups marching out in protest. they were frustrated by what they call a lack of transparency. students processing now out of a university theater.
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among them martese johnson. he was arrested wednesday morning. alcoholic beverage control agents took him into custody. it led to a bloody scene that went viral. today's gathering was a chance for students to question law enforcement on their actions and for misto mend their relationship. but students quickly grew angry over the responses, shouting for the panelists to answer again and ultimately walking out. coming up at 5:00 you'll hear from two police chiefs here the charlottesville police chief and the albemarle county police chief. why they walked into this event hopeful and why the student council is feeling heat from students. more than 100 students demonstrated on the penn state campus today against a fraternity involved in a sex scandal. kappa delta rho is suspended from campus accused of posting photos of nude women, some of them asleep or passed out. on facebook. police say at least two of the photos could bring criminal charges. organizers say protest is to show support for the victims.
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breaking news from prince george's county. this man is now in custody in connection to a deadly crash near the naylor road metro station. his name is larry henson. police tell us he sped off during a traffic stop last night hitting an officer then crashing into other cars here along branch avenue before driving off. 61-year-old charlie viveret of clinton was in one of the other cars and died. we're told the car henson was driving had been reported stolen. a former fbi agent who worked on several high-profile drug cases in our area is now facing more than 60 charges and among the accusations that he stole and used heroin that was seized during his own investigations. in the process he botched dozens of cases in several states. federal prosecutors filed papers today charging matthew lowery with 64 counts. that includes evidence tampering and drug to pegs.
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he could plead guilty to these charges as soon as next week. news4's mark segraves is combing through charges. disturbing and unacceptable. that's how the chief is describing allegations against a prince george's county police officer. santiago is accused of holding a gun to a man's head. prosecutors say it happened over a dispute over parking outside a home in bowie last month. santiago is suspended without pay. the search is on right now for two people involved in a deadly hit-and-run crash on the b.w. parkway today. it happened just before 3:00 a.m. and fekted a lot of commutes this morning. the driver of a lincoln sit a mustang and forced it off the road near route 20 20 2. the mustang rolled over and caught fire. the driver was trapped and died on the scene. the passenger and driver in the
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other car ran off. the northbound lanes of the b.w. parkway were closed for nearly eight hours today. arrests this afternoon in that mob attack on a teenager that we told you about earlier this week. sixteen age boys have been identified from the videos that were taken by people who were watching this attack at the boys and girls club in woodbridge. five are under arrest and charged with assault and gang participation. police say this attack was in retaliation for an earlier fight at the potomac malls mill. the victim was misidentified as being involved in that fight. a judge has delayed sentence for a man convicted of sexually assaulting men he met while playing beer pong. he was supposed to be sentenced today. joey poindexter had been victimizing young adult men for a decade. meeting them at bars and luring them when they were drunk to his maryland home. a former nfl player already charged with sex assault is now
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facing new rain charges. details are next. courtroom drama in the suge knight case after the rapper passes out. the latest on his conditions. monica lewinsky is using her story to try and help others. what she is saying publicly now.
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first at 4, former nfl pro bowler and richmond native darren sharper is facing new rape charges in las vegas today. he's already in jail in los angeles accused of drugging and raping two women in 2013. the new charges accuse him of forcing sex on two women last year while they were incapable of resisting. he faces similar charges in new orleans and the phoenix area from the attacks in 2013. draw thatma inside a courtroom for suge knight. he collapsed shortly after a judge ordered him held on $25 million bail in a murder case. knight's attorney says his client has been held in solitarily confinement and didn't look well in an earlier visit. >> he was dripping sweat, like someone threw a bucket of water on him. i noticed his right eye was fluttering. and i said what's wrong?
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and wiped the sweat off his head and he said i haven't had any medication. he said since when? he said since yesterday. >> knight hit his head on a chair when he fell today. he was unconscious for some time and take on the a hospital for evaluation. an update on his condition is still unknown. knight has pleaded not guilty to striking and killing two people with his car back in january. i'm chris lawrence at the live desk. a violent incident on board a metro bus. a woman on the bus has been shot, a man on the bus severely beaten. right now metro transit police and d.c. police are both investigating this case. this happened on bus route 92 on good hope road in southeast near naylor road and alabama. that entire area part of that is a crime scene, police blocking off parts of the area so avoid that if you can. jackie bensen is on her way to
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the scene. more details on news 4 at 5:00. monica lewinsky is opening up about her affair with president bill clinton and what she calls the devastating consequences. he's part of a new series of t.e.d. talks focusing on the price of shame. this is only the second time she's spoken out publicly in a decade. and now nearly two decades since that famous or infamous affair she says she has turned a page. >> i know it's hard. it may not be painless quick, or easy. but you can insist on a different ending to your story. >> she says the decision to speak was not politically motivated. she says it's time for her to stop tiptoeing around the past. this is a full 20-minute video of lewinsky -- or there is a full 20-minute video of this talk available on
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the blue bloods are on the bluegrass. prince charles and camilla spent the day in kentucky. details of their last day in the united states. and winter going out with one last blast or was it a whimper. storm team 4 tracking the rain and snow as it moves out of our region tonight.
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the royals are wrapping up their u.s. visit in kentucky today. they started with a tour of the african-american her tanl center. then prince charles and camilla split up for the trip. prince charles made trips. you never know. they made stops at old louisville while camilla attended a food literacy project, the focus on inspiring new generations to build healthy relationships with their food. the visit wraps up with a cherry party at churchill downs, which, of course, is where the kentucky
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derby is hosted for those of you who are also visiting this country. one of the most cherished gifts from the people of japan will be celebrated in the next couple weeks here. talking about for those of you, again not from here, the annual cherry blossom festival. it kicked off today in washington. the official opening ceremony is tomorrow night at the warner theater. every saturday you can take part in free fitness workouts on the national mall. there's a picnic tomorrow afternoon at the national bidding museum. you can find a list of the events on nbc washington app. search cherry blossom. what's the best way to get downtown? melissa mollet has a few ideas. if you're headed down to check out the cherry blossom festival this weekend, you'll probably take metro. some tips to make your trip'sier. travel during off-peak hours, avoid taking trains before 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. when stations are most crowded. avoid getting off at the
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smithsonian station. instead you want to avoid the crowds and get off at l'enphant plaza, archives or arlington cemetery. >> those cherry blossoms may not be out yet but intern andrew sure is. we sent him to the tidal basin. there he is. we need to put a smile on that face. no buds yet. he shared his pics on snap chat and a story by nbc washington. snap with us at nbc washington. >> how much do we love intern andy? a promise from d.c.'s government hopes to smooth out your commute. pothole palooza will be next week. it promises to speed up response to to get to the potholes you report. the aim is to get them filled 48 hours after the report comes in instead of the normal 72. you can see the news4 i-team's investigation into how long d.c. takes to fill a pothole and learn how to report one in the
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investigations section of our nbc washington app. for some it was a cold slap on the face from old man winter. for others it was snow big deal. but most are just ready for the weather to change right? news4's megan mcgrath talked about the spring snow with folks in frederick county maryland. >> reporter: it's a sad sight to see. beautiful purple pansies weighed down by snow. snow on the grass and bush taos. people are just sick of it. >> it's time for the snow to stop. >> reporter: what you got there? >> snowball. >> reporter: on the first day of spring. >> first day of spring. >> reporter: it is the first day of spring and in frederick it snowed again, the school system closed and once again people had to pull their boots out of the closet. >> please warm-up. 75 degrees. please. i can't take it. no more shoveling. no more cold. >> i've had enough. time to move on. let's get some flowers and trees
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and such going. >> reporter: on a positive note roads were pretreated and the temperatures were above freezing so streets were just wet. while it did snow for hour things went pretty well this morning. no major fender benders in the frederick area. megan mcgrath news4. >> a lot of snow out there. it's going away right? >> fading fast. it's vaporizing. like that. so in case you missed it that snow did make it all the way down to some of the southern county charles county picking up a little bit of snow. look at the graphic here. northern faulkier county that's the light snow down there. check out the dark blue. remember those areas under the winter storm warning yesterday, they got some of the higher snowfall amounts between 4 and 6 inches from frederick into areas like morgan and berkeley county in west virginia. that snow all the way um into areas of the northeast. once again, boston getting just a little more new york city as well.
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evening planner forecast the temperature at 37 degrees, but you probably notice the fog. i think that fog will start to improve bit. we're not seeing the visibilities that low yet. they're saying above two miles and i think they will as we get into the evening. we'll start cooling off through the evening and temperatures by morning will be in that 32 to 35 degree range, cold enough for a few split spots especially after midnight. keep that in mind if you're going out. storm team 4 radar, the last of the showers and a few flakes hanging on in areas of north baltimore. annapolis, light showers. leonardtown a light shower or two. what's behind that all this white. that's the cloud cover. look how far west it goes back into ohio keep going back toward illinois. we won't really clear out tonight. even tomorrow morning i think a fair amount of clouds to start the day. a cold start for us down around
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32 to 35 so you'll need a nice warm jacket if you're going out. by afternoon, tomorrow warmest day out of weekend. 60 degrees in d.c. 62 around waldorf and la plata areas like lexington, st. mary's getting up to a high temperature, about 56 degrees. 63 in fredericksburg. 57 degrees in gaithersburg. nice and mild again. our mildest day out of the weekend. if you're wondering if you want to wash that car,ly say yes because it is looking dry for the next couple of days. we'll see melting and slush along the road there could come back to your car so maybe you want to wait until sunday to wash your car. 60 degrees by 3:00 tomorrow. the forecast goo next week a little cooler. we'll look at not just the seven-day trend but your spring outlook. looking months down the rain how much rain we'll get and where will the temperatures
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fall. a developing story in yemen this evening. more than 100 people have been killed hundreds more injured in a series of bombings. who's claiming responsibility and what the white house is staying. amazon one step closer to thank you, cable for the slower internet upload speeds. for making me wait longer to share my photo albums. thank you cable, because if we never had you we wouldn't know the incredible difference verizon fios makes. in customer satisfaction studies, fios is rated #1 in internet speed and reliability - 8 years running. plus, fios has the fastest wi-fi available from any provider. period. see the difference for yourself. get a fios triple play online at an amazing price, guaranteed for two full years! plus, get a $300 bonus with a two-year agreement. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v
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a dwopg story overseas today where a group claiming to be isis says it carried out a series of deadly bombings in yemen. four suicide bombers attacked two mosques in yemen killing at least 137 people injuring 300 others including several children. the u.s. is condemning the attacks but the white house says there's no clear indication the islamic state group is responsible. however, if it is true today's bombing would be the first major attack by isis supporters in yemen. a japanese man wutz arrested in connection with phone threats made against u.s. ambassador caroline kennedy. japanese media identified the 52-year-old man as a resident of okinawa and showed video of the man being brought by police through the airport in tokyo for questioning. the embassy received several calls last month, the caller threatening to kill kennedy. the long winter took a heavy toll on our local schools. millions of dollars have been spent repairing furnaces. the i-team investigating how
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muchitis going to cost your school district to keep students warm. and dangerous levels of arsenic in your wine? a new lawsuit's calling out some of the biggest sellers.
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wrinter officially ends a few hours from now but the long cold spell took an enormous toll on our schools. >> old heating systems pushed near their limits boiling systems break do you think. as scott mcfarlane reports in maryland the backlog of furnace repairs and replacements is approaching a half billion dollars. >> let's brainstorms ideas. >> reporter: inside the new elementary school in beltsville there is a new heating system. on one of the coldest days of winter the news4 i-team found comfortable temperatures inside. principal walter reeves says that's one less distraction for the students. >> you just don't know what the weather will be outside but we
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try and focus on the time we have the students in the building and make sure we maximize those opportunities. >> reporter: eve inside some of the newest school buildings in maryland heating systems failed this winter. >> i'm sure you're aware we have experienced historically frigid temperatures in the past couple weeks and even in our newest buildings, our infrastructure just wasn't able to take handle the frigid temperatures. >> reporter: during one of the final weeks of winter our cameras spotted mom zina warren hustling her kids out of one of the older school buildings around gwynn park high school built in 1956. heat failed in some of the rooms. >> the kids are complaining, staff is complaining, everyone's wearing coats. people are inside looking like this. >> reporter: the district acknowledged problems and fixed them and wellrecommended kids wear layers. >> i didn't feel like these conditions were appropriate for a learning environment. >> reporter: a review of public school district building records obtained by the news4 i-team show gwynn park's heating system is considered beyond its useful life overdue for replacement or
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repair. it's just one of hundreds of schools with aging, outdated furnaces in these four counties in maryland alone. >> you can't rely on an old unit like this to continue on indefinitely. >> reporter: ray barnes oversees buildings for the public schools including valley elementary where the boiler was installed in the 1960s. why hasn'tn't been replaced? >> it has to stand in line. >> reporter: he says it still works and will be replaced in about a year. in howard county district records show about $17 million in repairs needed for deteriorating hvac systems there and twice this year a school closed for temperature issues. here in montgomery county a more than $100 million back lock of-ak repairs. in one case, an aging heating and cooling system was linked to mold inside this school two children reported sickened. it's since been sick.
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local schools have been lobbying for hundreds of millions of dollars for new nunding for repairs and to build new schools. the i-team found even if the state ratcheted up spending that money alone would not cover every outdated furnace. >> in order to continue to do that, we still need the funding at the state level we've been requesting. >> reporter: maryland's state budget director says about $290 million is set aside for so-called capital improvements in public buildings next year. that's about a third of what's needed to fix or replace every hvac system in prince george's county alone. scott mcfarlane news4 i-team. is your child's school one of the dozens with an outdated heating system or one that needs replacement? the i-team put a list of its findings in all those school district repair lists on click on "investigations." i'm chris lawrence at the live desk. two breaking stories. jackie bensen is on her way to
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good hope road in southeast d.c. that's where a woman was shot on board a metro bus and another man was severely beaten. police are all over the scene. jackie will have a live report coming up on news 4 at 5:00. down in mississippi, the fbi is holding a press conference on the discovery of a man found hanging in a tree. agents met with the man's family today and they also confirm his name is otis bird. he's 54 years old. that's the man that was found in the tree. an autopsy is under way. investigators expect results next week. they won't say if they think this is a suicide or a murder but, again, we may get new details coming up at the press conference. i'm chris lawrence. student filmmakers from around the country and some in our area got an audience they're not going to forget. the white house and president obama. >> i think the biggest message is that even though we are in high school we can make making a difference as members of the community. and being recognized at the white house today, that just
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goes on to encourage us to keep going to have the school keep going on having great projects dealing with social justice, dealing with compassion and community service. >> that 17-year-old of bethesda his film "to change" looks at gender equality and sexual violence through the eyes of a young woman who starts a support group. he believes students have responsibility as he said to address social issues in our country and across the globe. the french government is likely to back a bill that bans excessively thin fashion models. this ban is being criticized by modeling agencies but supported by the public. the health minister says that if passed the agents who hire the excessively thin models would be fined even sent to jail. models would have to present a medical certificate showing a body mass index of at least 18 before being hired far job. this law would also enforce regular weight checks. british technology developers have designed some new clothing.
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the garment becomes an active motion sensor. this is video that shows how it works. bend sensitive fiber-optics as they're called are stitched inside the clothing. the makers say until now smart fabric has had lots of electronic sensors making them bulky and sensitive to moisture. this technology is now at an advanced stage and developers are looking to work with fashion and design companies to get it into stores. package using drones is a step closer to reality. the federal aviation administration granted amazon an experimental airworthiness certificate that allows the company to test its unmanned aircraft. there are also some restrictions though. they can only fly the drones during the day and in clear conditions. drones can't fly out of sight of the pilot and the pilot must have a private pilot certificate. wine lovers listen up. there's a new daut against 28 california wineries accusing them of selling wine with dangerous levels of arsenic. some popular names on the list
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include franz ya sutter home and cupcake. four people who filed the suit want class action status. damages. they want the wineries to correct the problem. arsenic is colorless, odorless and a highly toxic poison. it is known to cause illness and it can also lead to death. medical expermits say long-term health effects of arsenic exposure can include various types of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. a first ever job fair for teenagers is set for tomorrow at west springfield high school. about 30 companies like restaurants, retail stores and a supermarket will be looking for summer help. student leaders at the school helped put that event together. >> i do think a lot of kids are excited about this opportunity. it's definitely uniqu opposed to doing it online. and you get that interaction, that social interaction between someone who could be your next potential boss. >> i heard that wegmans will be
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there and i heard they have very good opportunities for young people looking for jobs. they give scholarships to college students and they're very flexible with their hours. that's something that i'm looking for. >> supervisor pat herrity and the chamber of commerce are involved. the fair is from 1:00 to 5:00 at the school on rolling road. job seekers, bring a resume. popular time of year for spring clean bug when it comes to important documents, what do you keep and what do you toss? the consumer team is breaking it down for you. storm team 4 tracking a weekend warm-up. v.j.? >> first on our radar, the last of the snow showers, those have been done for a while. the rain showers moving out. here's what's coming up your weekend outlook.
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in the wake of the largest ever car seat recall graco has been fined $3 million for taking too long to report issues with buckles on car seats. they have buckles that stick, posing a safety hazard trying to free a child from the seat. graco has to spend $7 million on safety improvements or be fined that amount. you can find a list of the affected seats on just search "graco." well it may have snowed this morning but the cold, wet weather isn't stopping spring from coming.
4:41 pm
>> now is a great time to jump-start your spring cleaning especially when it comes to your documents and paperwork. consumer reporter erika gonzalez joins us with ways to simplify the process. do you shred it save it? here are some things to keep in mind while you tackle all those mounds of paper this weekend. let's start with taxes. since you might be doing those this weekend as well. "consumer reports" says you want to keep tax records for at least seven years. that's amount of time the irs has to audit you. how about bank statements? you want to save those for one year before shredding. credit card records, shred those after paying them unless you need them for tax purposes but you can let those go. and of course keep things like your life insurance policy home insurance policy and any medical records that you may have. you want to keep those, put those in a safe place, permanently, make sure you can get to them easily when you need to. if you don't have a shredder you are in luck. next weekend nbc 4 is sponsoring a community shred with allstate. next weekend, saturday march
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28th take your papers to the annandale campus of the northern virginia community college from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. let them do all the work for you. all right. so you've tackled all the papers. what about the rest of your house? coming up on news4 at 5, some short cuts when it comes to cleaning and organizing your home for spring cleaning. he went for more than 90 minutes without a pulse after he fell into an icy creek, but doctors were able to bring the little boy back to life. what helped save him? and it's a moment two decades in the making. we're there as a brother and sister see each other for the very first time.
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an hour and 59 minutes away. we are counting down. >> 6:45. spring comes rushing in!
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>> i'm glad it's still not snowing as spring comes in. keep that system out of here. but a lot of folks are going to be enjoying tomorrow. this time tomorrow is going to be very nice across the area. we can have sunshine temperatures will be running much higher than today. but, again, it's all about the countdown. a lot of folks excited of course about the vernal equinox when spring comes in 6:45 p.m. a little more than two hours. make sure you send your spring photos. if you got some of the daffodils or spring flowers that are starting to pop, we'll take a picture of them or whatever you think of when you shi thi of spring tweet it to nbc washington. and include "think spring" in your tweets. here's the last of the rain showers way up here now around baltimore. still cloud cover despite the rain and snow is heading out. we did have pockets of fog out there. by tomorrow morning i don't expect to see fog but temperatures will be around freezing in a few neighborhoods and it will be some of the same spots that pick up some of the
4:47 pm
higher snowfall totals around frederick, maryland germantown into northern loudoun county around luckettsville, 34 the temperature by tomorrow morning, 32 mt. airy and 32 hagerstown. a few isolated slick spots. saturday impacts everything gets the green light from exercising and getting out. wear your spring gear and you'll need your sunglasses. this weekend we'll have a nice day tomorrow but what about the rest of spring? we love looking way forward. doug kammerer has been doing just that. >> noaa came out with its outlook yesterday and it says keep the coats handy. the next couple day i love this shot springtime look at that. doesn't that look good? the leaves on the trees right there. beautiful picture. we'll see that in about two months. this weekend temperatures in the 50s and maybe 60 saturday. midweek, wednesday and thursday we get into the 60s only to come back down by the end of the
4:48 pm
month and maybe starting early april in the low 40s or upper 40s and lower 50s. the spring outlook from noaa says cooler than average for just about the entire mid-atlantic region not just cooler than average but also wetter than average. we could see quite a bit in the way of rain starting with what we could see next week as far as a pretty big storm is concerned. but another above normal time but you know what stha thai say about april showers, bring may flowers. let's hope that's the case. right now a little cool and a little wet over the next 30 to 60 days. >> hoping for pretty blossoms around the tidal basin from the cherry blossoms. a few clouds on saturday temperature going up to a high of 60 degrees. it will be seasonably mild on saturday. then as we get into the day on sunday chilly but nice dry all weekend. that's what i like. you might want to wait till sunday to wash the car as we look forward the next four days. high of 50 cooler on tuesday. going right back up thursday with our next chance of rain
4:49 pm
thursday next week. more on the morning cold coming up on news 4 at 5:00. in today's "news for your health," new concerns about skin cancer after a california study shows that gay and bisexual men are twice as likely to develop this type of cancer compared to straight men. one likely reason gay men are three times more likely to use indoor tanning beds which does greatly increase the risk of skin cancer. other research shows that gay men often avoid regular checkups because of fear of discrimination. and they are less likely to have health insurance. getting a good night's sleep not only makes you feel better it may improve your sex life. researchers surveyed a group of college women for two weeks, those in romantic relationships reported more desire for sex after sleeping a few extra hours the night before. they also had a 14% increase in sexual activity. while other factors play a role in the quality of a person's sex life experts say getting more sleep can't hurt. and they say that you get
4:50 pm
wiser with age, but you also become more trusting according to a new report. two studies actually from the northwestern university and the university of buffalo. researchers find that as people get older the ability to see the best in others increases. older people tend to forgive more easily than younger adults. the study also finds that this increasing trust is good for our well-being and it makes us feel happier. here's a story you saw first on 4. for decades a local woman has been anxiously waiting for the emotional moment that you're about to see. she learned she had a secret brother but was never able to meet him until last night. news4's shomari stone was there for that emotional meeting. >> i'm shaking right now because it's getting really close. >> reporter: have you ever dreamed of a special moment? >> i've been waiting for it. >> reporter: stacey bertotti has. >> for 23 years. >> reporter: and she hasn't slept for 24 hours. >> relax, relax, relax.
4:51 pm
it's okay. it's okay. >> i'm excited. exhausted but excited. it's that crazy adrenaline. >> reporter: it's come down to the wire for her moment. it started about 20 years ago. stacey's mother told her she put her brother up for adoption when she was 30 years old. >> i always felt like i had a brother but i never knew. >> reporter: stacey was born after her mother married. >> i just thought then you didn't have a child out of wedlock. >> reporter: with not much info to go on she searched for her long lost brother for two decades. each search coming empty. until a friend recently found him in atlanta. >> all right, mike. where are you? >> reporter: she will meet him for the first time at reagan national airport. and now that moment -- >> is that him in the blue sweater? >> reporter: the one she's waited two decades for is here. >> how are you? oh my god. how are you? >> reporter: your moment is now a reality. >> yeah.
4:52 pm
wow. now i get to digest it all. >> reporter: these two have a lot to digest. sharing photos. >> oh my gosh. >> that's embarrassing. >> that's hilarious. it's a beautiful car. >> reporter: and this is a beautiful moment one they'll never forget. >> i'm a happier person. >> i think we'll probably be up late tonight. >> definitely catching up a bit. >> reporter: shomari stone, news4. he spent weeks in a virginia jail not knowing why he was there because he is deaf. now he's suing the arlington county sheriff's office. news4's kristin wright sat down with him and has a preview. >> reporter: the arlington county jail is at the center of a lawsuit filed by a deaf and homeless man. he says at first he didn't even understand why he was arrested and the jail would not provide an interpreter. he sat down with "news4 today" to explain how he was confused and scared behind bars and unable to communicate with anyone for six weeks. tonight on news4 he tells hiss
4:53 pm
story and we also asked the sheriff's office for their account of what happened. doctors are calling it a medical miracle, a little boy survives without a pulse for almost 90 minutes. >> help on the way and, yeah, i just gathered the rest of the children around me. we prayed.
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this is that story of the
4:56 pm
pennsylvania toddler who nearly drowned after he fell boo into a creek. he department have a pulse for more than an hour. >> he's home from the hospital and expected to make a full recovery. as nbc's marc hiller report doctors have some idea how he survive bud they describe his ordeal as extraordinary. >> reporter: he's living proof that miracles happen. the toddler took comfort in the loving arms of his mother less than a week after nearly losing his life in a fast-moving stream at the rear of the family's home. it was wednesday evening, march 11th around 6:00 when they were in the backyard playing. somehow he slipped into the water. the strong current carried him about a quarter mile downstream pap neighbor who was looking for the missing boy found him about a half hour later stuck on a branch face down in the water and lifeless. first responders were already en route when the child was pulled from the icy 34-degree water. >> i knew there was help on the way, and i just gathered the
4:57 pm
rest of the children around me. we prayed. >> reporter: while they prayed emts began performing cpr on gardell. he was eventually flown to a hospital where the pediatric intensive care staff was waiting. >> as soon as he arrived and we were able to get him from the stretcher onto the table everybody just began to work. >> reporter: doctors richard lambert and frank mcfay were not optimistic. >> he did not have a pulse and he wasn't breathing on his own and he had no neurologic function. all those things were being done for him with the cpr and the breathing that was being done through the ekg. >> reporter: for all purposes and intent he's dead. >> he's dead. >> no signs of life for an hour and 41 minutes. >> reporter: his body temperature plummeted to 75 degrees. >> his organs were in a state of protection. they had very little metabolic needs. >> reporter: as his body was slowly warmed his pulse and heart rate eventually returned
4:58 pm
a recovery for the record books. >> the duration of cpr and the rapidity of the recovery and the completeness of the recovery i think those are the things that stand out as quite striking. >> reporter: a medical recovery for which rose martin can't put into words. >> i just can't thank him enough. we feel very unworthy and very grateful. >> that was marc hiller reporting. this story has been very popular on our facebook today. go to nbc washington to share it with your friends. a police pursuit ends with an innocent driver dead. and now an arrest has been made in the case. >> an opportunity to create conversation between students and law enforcement. it ended, though with representatives from black student groups marching out in protest. >> the calendar says it's spring but the thermometer says otherwise. and so do the cherry blossoms. first at 5, breaking news in the district. >> chris lawrence is at the live desk.
4:59 pm
>> we just got new details about that violent incident on board a metro bus. here's our first picture from the scene just coming in now. we're told a woman has a gunshot wound to the leg, two men have cuts on their hands. all three have been taken to a hospital. we were originally told one man was severely beaten. not sure about that yet. metro transit police still trying to figure out exactly what happened that led to those injuries. it's also unclear at this point if a suspect is in custody or if he is one of the injured. jackie bensen again, very close to the scene. she's going to have a complete update as soon as she gets there as well as a live report. right now at 5:00 we're learning new details about a police chase that ended with a bad crash and an innocent man dead. >> this evening one man is now in custody. police say the car he was driving was stolen. prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins joins us now live. she's at police headquarters with some new information about
5:00 pm
this. >> reporter: prince george's county police are saying that it was not the pursuit that caused the death of this innocent man but the decisions that the driver of that stolen car made last night. police say 22-year-old larry henson of southeast was behind the wheel of that stolen car that injured a police officer and took the life of an innocent 61-year-old driver in temple hills. >> but, again, mr. henson through his flagrant disregard for the safety of the public has led us to a place where we've lost a life. >> reporter: this all started with what appeared to be a routine traffic stop last night for driving without headlights but quickly escalated according to police when the driver took off, striking and injuring one officer and two additional officers who tried to catch up to the fleeing car. police say there was a brief pursuit at about half a mile later. henson crashed into multiple cars


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