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tv   News4 Today  NBC  March 23, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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storm team 4 tower camera overlooking northwest washington. all is calm and quiet. but we have a cold start for the morning, but then a cool afternoon to follow. roller coaster temperatures for the week ahead. temperatures right now are freezing including howard montgomery frederick northern shenandoah valley panhandle of west virginia, hagerstown one of the cool spots down to 29 p. rest of northern virginia hovering a little above freezing. spotsylvania culpeper fauquier hovering upper 30s. upper 30s mere 40 around the chesapeake bay, as well. for the morning between 7 ouk:00 and 8:00 mid-30s. partly cloudy. next weather and traffic on the 1s coming up at 5:11 your drive time forecast commute for the day ahead. and now let's check on the road work around on this monday morning. lots of road work hanging
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around. these are longer term projects. some of the temporary stuff daily stuff, is sort of out of the way now. eastbound montgomery village avenue at 355 in gaithersburg still have that road work there. that's been there for about a week and a half as you're trying to repair that area. taking a look at branch avenue at that i lohr road this is emergency road work that popped up. happening in the intersection. beer also getting the same report that i lorenaylor at branch. 66 and 95 looking good. do have this though. this is something that also just popped up here. 95 north, the ramp to or from fairfax county parkway here we have survey work. so it's been blocked and until 6:00 tonight. we'll get more information are on that and be back at 5:11. potholepalooza is nearly
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here in d.c.. and we knee if you drive in the district, you can't wait for this. it was a rough winter on the roads. megan mcgrath live where she found one potentially problematic pothole on nebraska avenue northwest. >> reporter: yeah, you almost need to be a stunt driver to avoid some of these potholes. you can take a look behind me here and you can see what we found on nebraska avenue. a pothole right there by the center line. and really they are all over the lays. the freeze and thaw cycle just causes the potholes to literally pop up randomly all around. so what they're trying to do here during potholepalooza is get a handle on all this. they will be throwing a lot of resources out there on the roadways trying to fix all of these holes. basically they will be cutting the response time from 72 hours which is what it typically have to get the report of a pothole and then fill it. during this month, they will be cutting that response time down to 48 hours.
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but they immediateneed help from the public. so you can report a pothole. you can do that a couple different ways. 311 the mayor's call center or you can use twitter. you can tweet out the location of a pothole at#ddotdc, use #potholepalooza #potholepalooza. give the location and information about the size, and within 48 hours, it should be fixed. back to you. right now new rules are in place on i-66 that could make your ride to work a lot easier. if you take the bus, you may be riding on the shoulder. during rush hour buses can use the lachbs inside the beltway in the highlighted areas that you see another match. the change is part of a much bigger project as vdot works to ease traffic on the highway. the department says this change alone could cost about $600,000.
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today we will hear an update on the investigation into alleged sex you'llual assault at the university of virginia. the sex assault was detailed in a now discredited "rolling stone" article last year. we'll send out a breaking news push alert on whether that investigation will lead to any criminal charges. two 19-year-olds died a day after a very big crash in anne arundel county saturday afternoon on route 50 near route 97. maryland state police say an off duty takoma park police officer did not see traffic stopped ahead of him. he slammed into a car killing a 63-year-old father at the scene. that man's daughter and her friend died. d.c. police are looking for three robbers who attacked a man walking willin georgetown. somebody punched that man and his shopping backs last night. this happened on 33rd and volta. the victim held an ice back over
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his face there. police found his shopping bags down the street. they're also looking into whether this attack is connected to a similar attack on 42nd street a week ago. i'm poemolette green at the live desk. just got -- all right. some details coming in about an earthquake. we'll tell that you we got word from the usgs about an upgrade of the earthquake that rolgtsed which i would lay to a 6.4. it was a 6.1. hit vusjust before 2:00 in the northern part of chile. no immediate reports of damage and no tsunami warning along the coast. next time you enter nats park, you'll notice something different. might take you a lot longer to get to your seat. we'll explain how the tradeoff could ensure your safety. students demand action after a university of virginia
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student's bloody arrest how a new effort could impact what law enforcement will and will not be able to do. and a live look outside. looking pretty good out there. a little chilly morning so you'll need the coats. but what else will you see this week? we'll check your forecast. ♪ deidre & the dark - classic girl plays in the background ♪
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today the nats are unveiling a new security measure at the ballpark to make sure you and your family are safe. you'll see metal detectors when you go to a game this year. we'll put some of the pictures of the ones we see today online. the nats say major league baseball teams across the country are all doing this. opening day this year april 6. and big brother still watching. six new d.c. speed cameras expected to start issuing washing swash warnings. violeters will be fined following a 30 day grace period. want p to show you on a map here the new locations. okay. we'll tell you they include places like south capitol street near nats park. we'll post them for you on the nbc washington app, just search d.c. speed cameras. >> sitting on one right now that i wish was a warning. expensive. time is 5:10. time for your weather and traffic coming up on the 1.
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chuck bell live now at the woodbridge slug line. what are you you seeing out there, chuck? >> reporter: it is a cloudy but cold morning outside this morning. temperatures here in woodbridge only about 40 degree. so it's puffy coat time again. who would have thought that we would be talking about that again after such a couple nice days yesterday. today will be a good day for the most part. you won't need the umbrella, but you will need your warm gear. watch out for the potholes. 40 degrees here but it's that free and thaw that is starting to take its toll on the roads. so on the drive down here, even on the big roads like i-95 there are spots where you really have to have both hands firmly on the wheel. so be on the lookout for that. plan on 30s on your way out the door early this morning. so layer up a little bit. but strong march sunshine coming
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our are way will allow for a bet of a warm-up. highs today up near 50. that's still ten degrees colder than average. tom will have your 7 day coming up at 5:21. but plan on a cold start this monday morning. >> you'll want the seat heater for sure this morning. 3:3 301 at branch everything looking quite good. but we have on branch avenue that road work at naylor road that just popped up. you'll have road work for a little bit here. 270 at montrose road, all these folks head willed southbound no problems there. everything looking quite good. same thing when you're looking at 66 headed into town out of centreville, no problems in to town. nice and green. same thing hut of town there. and 95 authority bound
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southbound no major issues. the specific things experts say should be happening during recess that could improve your student's performance in the classroom and later will in life. the maryland terrapins postseason run ends in tears. i'm carol maloney in ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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you've seen this video by this point of two alcoholic beverage control agents arresting martese johnson. lots of you are still reacting to this story. now one law student at the university is trying to reform the a.b.c. department across the state. he started a petition online to remove its law enforcement powers. as of right now, more than 100 people have signed that petition. the department is under investigation and the bar johnson was leaving is now weighing in on what happened. the owner says johnson was
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turned away because he couldn't answer a question about the zip code on his i.d. however he did not appear to be drunk and was not argument difference or violent according to the war. agents say johnson was publicly drunk and, quote, agitated and belligerent when they arrested him. >> a police officer has beensault and misconduct charges. william cunningham says officer santiago confronted him over where he was parked and placed a glock to his forehead and in his mouth and threatened him. >> when the officer, you know pulled high school service revolver and put it against my head several times, i just you know kind of felt like it was the end of my life. >> there is cell phone video of the incident but that has not been release publicly. cunningham and his family say
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they believe this was an isolated incident. the board responsible for reviewing police tactics will meet tonight for the first time. the ad hoc police commission causes create was created in response to the shooting of -- expected in a louisiana courtroom for a bond hearing. during his arrest police found a gun and marijuana in his hotel room. he faces charges in new orleans. officer there is arrested him while serving a california warrant for the murder of his friend back in 2000. he denies the charge, though. durst is now awaiting extradition to los angeles county. the 71-year-old was the focus of an lhbo documentary.
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an expert will testify dzhokhar satisfiner had an al qaeda inspired magazine on his compute per p he's facing the death penalty for carrying out the attack with his brother. three people died and more than 260 were hurt. new york uhe jewish community is rallying around one father this morning. 7 of his children were killed in a fire over the weekend. his wife and another daughter escaped the fire by jumping out of a window. they are in critical condition. hundreds of mourners turned out for yeed funsterday's funeral. the youngers victim, 5. the oldest 16. the fire was caused by a hot plate that was left on to warm food on the sabbath. today maryland lawmakers will try to lure the fbi to prince george's county. governor hogan will hold a press conference and he and along with the u.s. house delegate to work to convince the fbi to move headquarters near the greenbelt
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metro station in prince george's county. for many of us pets are family. so it is devastating when they go missing. thousand there and there is a new app that are hopefully make it easier for you to find missing cats and dogs. right now using a free appfinding rover. >> if you ever lose your dog, you report it lost. anybody that has found your dog that has the app and takes a picture of it, it can instantly match it through our facial recognition. >> that's great. >> incredible. >> this app include as notification system that pings your phone if your dog is lost within a 10 mile raiddiusradius. >> that is a wonderful idea. i'm sure a lot of people in our area will take use of it. >> for all the complaints there are about people using their phones too much, you have apps like this -- >> makes it worth it.
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>> we'll pan across the district for you here this morning. 40 outside our studios and cloudy skies. >> it is late march. we're hoping for more springlike temperatures, but i guess up and down is the way things go in march. tom kierein is standing by p. >> yes, march is a fickle month. much of the region we're near freezing. north and west of the metro area especially mere freezenear freezing right now. closer to the metro area, generally in the mid-30s and near 40 in washington. upper 30s around the bay. low to mid-40s to our south. fredericksburg at 44 degrees. much of the region by 8:00 still in the mid-30s with sunshine in and out. mostly sunny by noontime. mid-40s. and then by the time you're heading back home from work and school we'll be right around 50 degrees later this afternoon. so pleasant afternoon, but still rather cool and we'll have lots of sunshine. then increasing clouds overnight
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tonight. the average high this time of year is 59. we will be below that today and tomorrow with highs around 50. then wednesday, up near the average, upper 50s. and then getting way above average on thursday. p may even be near 70 degrees on thursday afternoon. then friday back near the average high. and then a bit cooler than average for saturday and sunday. so up and down we go roller coaster right here for the next seven days. and a few scattered flurries are possible very early tomorrow morning. don't be surprised to see a few scattered flurries. not an an accumulating snow. just a few flurries. then sun back in the afternoon and highs in the upper 40s. during the day wednesday, highs upper 50s and partly sunny. then along with that mild temperature on thursday some scattered showers looking likely. might even hear a rumble of thunder during the afternoon. and then that clears out thursday night, and in on friday, friday partly cloudy upper 50s.
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and then a chance maybe a little bit snow or light rain on saturday. highs around 50 hoe. and then mid-50s with sun back on sunday. coming youup a look at neighborhood highs. beltway at new hampshire avenue no major problems here. this is the outer loop of the beltway. inner loop also move along nicely. this is going to be there probably for much of the morning. branch avenue at naylor road, that intersection there, emergency road work you said way. so probably for the next couple of hours could be there for the morning commute. 66 into town, out of town looking good. same thing when you're looking at 95 there in virginia no major issues there for you. do have this pop road westbound route 7 there at west market street they will have the right lane blocked. road work just popped up until about 2:00 this afternoon. taking a look at 270 out of
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frederick, southbound a little slow. northbound looking quite good. back at 531. it's 5:23. check your cupboards. giant foods is recalling its walnuts and trail mix blends. it could be tainted with salmonella. the blebds are sold under the giant and aurora foods brand. no one has gotten sick so far. this information is on the nbc washington app and you can check all of it here and share it with your friend and family as well. a new study is proving what a lot of parents already know. recess is pretty much essential for your kids. researchers at stanford university is quality recess. specially trained coaches were sent to six element area schools to start organized recesses programs. nearly half of those teachers said their students showed better teamwork and a better
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attitude overall. 5:24. right now brackets busted. upsets this weekend turned out on the wrong side for pretty much all the teams in our area. georgetown virginia, maryland, all lost to lower seed teams. >> and maryland's was the most recent defeat. painful. carol ma maloney shows us out team is working to rougher. >> reporter: the road ends here. a magical season closes with a brutal finish. but it wasn't the game that had the guys in tears afterwards. it was the good-bye. >> haven't cried that much in a long time. but, yeah, i'm never going to get to play with them again on the same team. >> obviously it's been an
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unbelievable year. i just want to thank them for giving me a great ride. a year ago today, i wasn't in a very good place. and today i'm in a great place because of that group in there. >> how much does it make it tougher knowing that you have to split up? >> it will be tough. it will be extremely tough. but he caught me how to play the game the right way. he told me things that i needed to know in life. so it was never just about basketball. >> reporter: all good things don't have to come to an end. the tara pinear terrapins coming home knowing the future looks bright. but first trimble had to recover from the head injury. yes, this one will hurt for a while. in columbus, carol maloney, news 4 sports. nice season, twice. maryland thanks its seniors and of course all the fans online in a post on facebook.
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you can see it right here. we checked and right now this has more than 500 shares more than 4600 likes. and they deserve it. >> very nice. ted cruz posted a video announcement while you were sleeping and he's making it official in person today in virginia. but why virginia? how it could play this to him snagging some early votes. the power of a power nap. how less than an hour of extra sleep can lead to hours of productivity in your day. and #jackets and shades to describe today's weather. we're starting off a little chilly this morning. but tom kierein is tracking the changes.
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looking at the stories making headlines, today we will learn new details on the investigation into an alleged sexual assault at the university of virginia. the sexual assault was detailed in a now discredited "rolling stone"s magazine article last year.
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we'll send out a breaking push alert on whether that investigation will lead to criminal charges. starting today commuter buses will be allowed to use the shoulder of i-66 in heavy traffic. this is only happening inside the beltway for now. #jacket and shades sums up what you will need for today's weather. temperatures starting off pretty chilly. tom kierein has more on the bright and sunny changes happening later right now temperatures hovering around freezing. so you'll need your jacket but wear some cool shades like this dude here. much of the region will have quite a bit of sunshine. in the mountain, partly cloudy. afternoon high respectrespects neighborhoods north and west mid-40s. to the south charles county fairfax, prince william county
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stafford fauquier culpeper may get briefly in to the low 50s. in the bay, the cool spots in the mid-40s. a look at your walk to work forecast coming up at 5:41. melissa has a new crash. >> brand new crash in northeast washington. north bound south dakota at the 24th we have one lane blocked. d.c. police tweeting about this and we retweeted this. taking a look 270 at father hurley boulevard, everything here southbound everybody rolling along quite nicely. no major problems. wide look at things overall looking quite good. do have a new disableded vehicle off to the right side of the road but it is northbound 95 at 17. and again branch avenue and naylor road emergency road work happening there. probably won't wrap up until
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after the morning commute. travel times coming up. new this morning -- >> i believe in america and her people and i believe we can stand up and restore our promise. >> that was the voice of text senator texas senator ted cruz, the first person to announce he's running for president in 2016. the republican senator put out this video overnight calling for a new kind of courageous conservative. today cruz expected to make an in-person announcement during a speech at liberty university, an evangelical christian school and it represents cruz's conservative base. richard jordan live on capitol hill now with more on what cruz announcement means for the rest of the republican field. >> reporter: good morning. ted cruz trying to appeal to that conservative base where he is very popular. he is a favorite in the he tea party even though there are some republicans who believe he is
5:33 am
too far to the right. there are certainly democrats who feel that way. so he will face some opposition as the only candidate in the race right now, he does have a target on his back. you can expect to hear a lot of his critics coming out against him. but you overnight, he did issue that tweet. he posted that 30 second video and the message attached said i'm running for president and i hope to earn your support. he's expected to repeat that statement today at liberty university in lynchburg. again, addressing that core base that he has. just this month an nbc news/wall street journal poll asked republican primary voters if they could see themselves voting for ted cruz. 40% of them said yes. that puts cruz eighth on the list, eight down from the top. first was marmarco rubio. so cruz has a lot of work to do. but as the first one in the race he has the head start. >> thank you, richard. this morning a 60-year-old
5:34 am
woman is be accused of stabbing her own mother to death in prince george's county. investigators say michelle davis killed her mother harmargaret wells on saturday. the two were arguing at their home in chillum. wells retired from the marine corps annex. she was married for nearly 50 years when her husband passed away. the family can't believe this happened. >> i can't even put it into words. she lived 94 years and to have her life come to an end like this is just devastateing for us. >> the family says davis suffered from mental illness. wells would have turned 95 in may. howard county police officer is recovering this morning after being hit by a drunk driver. montgomery county police say a drunk driver smashed into the officer's patrol car while he was sitting in it. it happened on route 29 and old columbia road near the howard montgomery county line. at that time the officer was helping another officer would
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had hit a deer. emergency lights were flashing on his car. the officer and driver both rushed to the hospital. they are expected to be okay. a developing story in yemen today. a united nations envoy says the country is on the edge of civil war. envoy warned an emergency meeting of the u.n. security council that, quote, a peaceful dialogue is the only option we have. rebels hold the capital city and much of the north. yemen's embattled president has fled to the south. the envoy says yemen could face a lengthy conflict similar to those in iraq syria and rib i can't. in maryland, state lawmakers are working on a plan to change charter schools. "washington post" reporting the final bill could be very different from the plan larry hogan proposed to increase the number of charter schools in the state. state senators are considering several measures including one that would offer charter schools more flexibility and define whether teachers work for the local school boards or for the
5:36 am
charter schools. if you live in alexandria, some of your fellow parents are pushing for a tax increase this year. lots of parents calling for a 1% property the tax in order to help fund public schools. right now the city's proposed budget is more than $3 million short of what the school district is asking for. parents say the district needs the money to fix interdictionfrastructure problems keep teachers and deal with more and more new students. it is a trend happening across the country that we're missing out on in the metro area. paying more for. improve your memory by taking 45 minutes to do this every day. we'll tell you what that is. schuk bell out in the storm team 4 x 4. you see it right there. he's timing out what it will
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a self-driving car in the middle of a historic road trip. the delphi automotive driverless car is on a coast to coast drive. the car is designed to navigate roads without a human hand on the steering wheel. however, there will be a person in the driver's seat at all times just in case it needs a
5:40 am
human to step in and actually drive the car. prices around the country for gas are falling. bad news is not in our area. we just checked, according to prices are on average ten cents higher than a month ago. in d.c. it will cost you $2.53 a gallon. if you live in maryland gas $2.40 there. and it will cost you you $2.23 if you live in the state of virginia. $2.40 in west virginia. being a5:40 is our time. >> and chuck bell is live now at the woodbridge slug line with the storm team 4 x 4. good morning. >> reporter: a beautiful morning outside as long as you like it on the chilly side of average. i can't believe it the puffy coat is back out again fairly mild couple of days last week the temperatures have gone right back down again. we are at 38 degrees here in
5:41 am
woodbridge this morning. and there is just enough of a breeze out here where windchills are down near the freezing mark this morning. so may want to have an extra layer ready to go first thing. i don't have my hat on. that may be a decision that i'm regretting just a touch as my ears are starting to get a little cold. don't let that same mistake happen to you. layer up on your way out the door this morning. whether walking to work or school plan on temperatures in the 30s early this morning. it is going to be a chilly day today. our average high now is up close to 60. but today, we'll fall about ten degrees or more short of that. most neighborhoods only in the upper 40s to right around 50 degrees. fair amount of sunshine coming our way and you don't need the umbrella but you will definitely need to layer up. over my shoulder here, i can see the northbound lanes of i-95 headed up into up to. traffic already slowing down on 95 north near woodbridge. for more on your monday morning traffic, let's go over to melissa mollet. i believe it, right around
5:42 am
5:30 we start seeing that slowdown northbound through dale city. south dakota at northeast, still road work. branch avenue, at naylor some road work. 66 inbound no problem. outer loop looking good. 270 south also rolling along nicely. 5:42. how a local university is using social media to fight sexual assaults on campus. and the concern after not one but two recalls didn't fix the problem on nissan cars.
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lock your doors and keep an eye out for a group of robbers in montgomery county. a home was burglarized yesterday at the corner of bell mart road. it happened in the middle of the afternoon and is not the first
5:46 am
time. homeowners association says a group of two or three burglars are casings neighborhood by car. all the robberies occurred during the day. the thieves take silver jewelry, money. they may be waiting on people to leave their homes. one homeowner reported being robbed after leaving the house for less than an hour. d.c. police say several robberies all within 24 hour span could be connected. they're looking for multiple men at least one woman for five robberies that happened in the mount vernon square area. and you can only see four markers on this map because you two happened at the same place within just minutes of each other. most of these happened during the dwa. they all took place outside. this morning one man is waking up in jail accused of a deadly stabbing in the district. police arrested harold marshall accused of stabbing and killing tyrone moore early yesterday morning. colleges are working on
5:47 am
changing campus culture when it comes on sex assaults and drinking. they want to make easier for women to report sexual assaults. dartmouth have banned hard liquor. and lawmakers demanding joe clancy allow them to hear from agents tied to a recent scandal. leaders of the house committee september a the will the lthe will the sent a letter asking them to testify tomorrow. the committee is trying to get to the bottom of allegations that two senior agents had been drinking when they crashed a car at the white house. a group claiming to be affiliated with isis posted the names and home addresses of about 100 members of the u.s. military. the group calls itself the islamic state hacking division. the posting urged loyalss it
5:48 am
hunt down the service members. a senior defense official tells nbc news that much of the information posted was already out there. but the pebtntagon is encouraging those who are listed to be aware and exercise appropriate levels of protection. afghanistan's new president making miss first official u.s. trip since taking office six months ago. it comes amid talks of slowing down the planned troop withdrawal. he says isis has plans to establish a strategic foot hold in the middle east and he meets today at camp david with john kerry and tuesday with president obama. back to you. it's 12 before the hour. and virginia governor terry mcauliffe will be in northern virginia this morning to mark the anniversary of the affordable care act. don beyer will also be there
5:49 am
along with sylvia burwell. and several other people affected by the law. your tap water may smell and taste a little funny starting today. the reason is the washington aquaduct is switching over to chlorine for its ablennual disinfection period. the disinfection effort will last until heymay. if you're worried, you can use a water filter or let the tap run for a couple of minutes before you drink it. >> mayor bowser expected to announce new early childhood education initiatives this morning. bow are are is he office says the new program is neighborhood based and will ensure more children and families in d.c. receive more comprehensive child development services. today's announcement is part of the run up to bowser's first state of the district address next tuesday. the theme of that speech will be creating quote pathway to the middle class. today kids from all over the united states will be here for
5:50 am
the white house science fair. this is the 50th year that this is happening. and you can watch it streaming online all day. this year an emphasis at girls and women. it all boils down to children that are smarter than you or i put together. >> and that's a good thing for the future. >> absolutely. well, if you're already dreaming about a nap later today, we'll talk about what a power nap can do for you. but first tom kierein joining us with a glimpse at our fraps. >> forecast. >> and the weather won't put you to sleep. there is it a clilchill in the area. skycast 4 showing high clouds over us through the morning. sunrise today at 7:07. through the morning quite a bit of sunshine. by noon mostly sunny and into
5:51 am
the evening hour we will have our temperatures begin to drop back down into the 40s after we reach near 50 degrees this afternoon. but right now it is cold. only near freezing shenandoah valley panhandle of west virginia and into the months. farther to the east around the bay, generally mid to upper 30s. nearby suburb prince george's county loudoun now in the mid-30s. but montgomery county howard, frederick down near freezing. washington county hagerstown at 29. quantico over to warrington, around 40 degrees. lots of sun by noontime. we should be in the mid-40s. and then by late afternoon, up around 50 degrees, so quite a chill in the air. every time this time of year it's in the upper 50s, and last evening i don't know if you saw this a beautiful crescent moon just after sunset and venous was the bright spot near the dressmoon.
5:52 am
a look at the week ahead, we'll be below average today, tomorrow and wednesday. but wednesday up near the average high of 59. but then soaring way above that on thursday. thursday may make it up to around 70 degrees. you remember the 70s, melissa? >> well -- >> orange shag carpeting. and then on friday, saturday sunday back down a little bit below the average high. and as we get into tomorrow morning, too just maybe a few scattered flurries. reminding us march is a fickle month. and then on thursday along with that mild temperature, we will have a few scattered showers around. then on friday partly cloudy upper 50s. looks pretty good for the weekend. maybe a little bit of shower, or sprinkles. a few wet snowflakes on saturday. but all above freezing. sun back sunday. i want to first give you and you round of applause. this is what my 5-year-old does.
5:53 am
a round of applause. get it? >> oh, thank you. >> i have the same humor as my daughter. for thursday, i'm so happy to see anything with a 7 in front of it. beltway at colesville, everything looking good. a look at 95 in virginia northbound through dale city, slow. that's normal for this time of day. 66 a little slow after passing 234. opens back up through you're fine. northbound south dakota avenue northeast at 24th street still have one lane blocked in each direction. and construction branch avenue at naylor road that's emergency road work going on probably through much of the morning commute. i'm back at 6:01 weather and traffic on the 1s. we'll take a live look at 66. it's 5:54 right now. and now that it is officially spring, you can expect warmer
5:54 am
weather, plours popping up and hose orange cones on your way to work. today is the start of work zone awareness week. vdot says there were more than 4,000 work zone crashes last year. you can stay safe by slowing down and avoid tailgating while driving in the work zones. of course avoid other distractions like your cell phone, too. retirement. at one point you'll be thinking about it. when and where you want to do it. and you might be surprised at the number one location people are choosing to dough dowdy has more. florida doesn't even crack the top 25 best states according to a new report. wyoming is number one followed by colorado utah idaho and virginia. at the upper end arkansas is last. the report ranks states based on cost of living, crime rate quality of health care weather
5:55 am
and well, of residents. back to you. >> wyoming? okay. thanks so much. there's a shocker there. >> wide open spaces. federal regulateors are concerned about repairs following two nissan recalls. it has to do with the air bag sensors. nearly 900,000 were recalled. ntsb says the problem still happened following repairs. nissan insists the recall repaired the problem. today the supreme court is weighing a free speech challenge over texas's refusal to issue a license plate bearing the confederate battle flag. a state motor vehicle board turned down a request by the texas division of the sons of confederate vetd rans for a license plate with its logo
5:56 am
bearing the battle flag. special i plates are big business in texas. drivers spent nearly $18 million last year on them. if you are already dreaming about a nap later today 45 minutes can really boost your memory by five times. >> a new study out of germany found a nap between 45 and 60 minutes would significantly improve your ability to recall information. researchers say this information could be very useful to students getting ready for a big test. so if you can find time during the day and not longer. you don't want to do like a two our nap or three hour nap. that messes up your whole body clock. somebody told me once 40 minutes was the ideal amount of time for a recharge. soo this one is good. >> if you can get it take it. well, they are out. they all around d.c. right now. ready to spill your coffee, bends your car rims or give you
5:57 am
you apunexpected jolt. we're talk about the annoying potholes that most of us hit. >> all the time. if not, you're doing this around them. if you have trouble spots away the area that you live in you can tweet ddot #pothole apolooza. we'll be talking about take coming up
5:58 am
5:59 am
. right now on "news 4 today," making your morning commute a little smoother. the work being done in the work ahead to fill these annoying potholes and potentially costly one, too, that have become a tough hinge tothing to it avoid. you'll need the jackets because it is chilly. temperatures right now especially for those of you that are going to be working outside. >> let's get to tom kierein with your bus stop forecast. >> off to a cold start this morning, but we have a partly cloudy sky to mostly clear sky. live view from our tower camera. after this cold start, we'll have a cool afternoon. roller coaster temperatures up and down we go for this final
6:00 am
week of march. temperatures right now in the suburbs, prince george's county, a little above freezing there. camp springs at 34. loudoun, fauquier stafford culpeper a little above freezing. howard county near freezing. at the bus stop this morning, dress accordingly. you'll need a warm winter coat. we'll stay in the load to mid-30s. increasing sunshine. next weather address trafficnd traffic on the 1s your drive time forecast. starting to see volume build. 66 east at sudley road sounds like there is


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