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tv   News4 Today  NBC  March 23, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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have a partly cloudy sky to mostly clear sky. live view from our tower camera. after this cold start, we'll have a cool afternoon. roller coaster temperatures up and down we go for this final week of march. temperatures right now in the suburbs, prince george's county, a little above freezing there. camp springs at 34. loudoun, fauquier stafford culpeper a little above freezing. howard county near freezing. at the bus stop this morning, dress accordingly. you'll need a warm winter coat. we'll stay in the load to mid-30s. increasing sunshine. next weather address trafficnd traffic on the 1s your drive time forecast. starting to see volume build. 66 east at sudley road sounds like there is a crash just east
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of this off to the right side of the roadway. why we're slowing down a little bit there. 66 eastbound another sudley road.% fairfax school lake braddock secondary schools opening two hours late this morning at 9:25. there is a police investigation. we'll keep you posted on the latest. back to you.
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today we will learn new information about the investigation into an alleged sexual assault at university of virginia. news 4 will be at the press conference in charlottesville. the sexual assault was detailed in a now discredited "rolling stone" magazine article last year. we'll send out a breaking push alert on whether it will lead to criminal charges. a lot of are you still reacting to this sid i don't where you can see alcoholic beverage control agents arresting a student at uva. now a law student there is working to change how the department operates across the state. he started a petition to remove its law enforcement powers. more than 100 people have signed the petition. the a.b.c. department is under investigation and the bar that turned martese johnson away is reacting to all this. the owner released a statement saying johnson was cordial and respectful. and that johnson did not appear to be drunk. gt agents had said he was punily
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drunk and be lidge represent. d.c. police say someone punched a man and took off with his shopping bags. it happened last night on 33rd and volta in northwest. our crew was there as police was talking to the victim. you see the gentleman with the ice back over his face. police found his two stolen bags down the street. they're also investigating whether this is connected to a similar attack that happened about a week ago on 42nd street. also happening today, the board responsible for reviewing fairfax county police tactics will meet for the first time. it was created in response to the controversial police involved shooting of john greer in 2013. the board is made up of citizen, law and legal experts. the meeting is open to the
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public. #potholepalooza about to take over twitter. the d.c. department of transportation is kicking off its battle against potholes. megan mcgrath has been moving around the city to find where potholes are making a mess of things for you. she's live now on p street northwest. >> reporter: yeah, we've been cruising around. we're now at p street and 9th and you can see one of the pesky potholes that has popped up here look the side of the road. the freeze/thaw cycle taking a toll on the roads. now is the time to report this sort of thing. this is the start of potholepalooza here in the district and ddot is throwing a lot of resources at repairing holes like this one. need to have information about xakts exactly where the potholes are. report them by calling the mayor's call center at 311. but perhaps the easier way,
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tweet it. #potholepalooza and report the exact location of your pothole. and the goal here is that they will be able to repair poll holes within 48 hours. so they get the reports and then they go out and make the repair within 48 hours. normally it's 72 hours. but they need your help to know where the potholes are. back to you. no matter where you live we're working for you to keep potholes off your street. we've put a list online of how to report all over maryland and virginia. just search pothole on the nbc washington app. new rules are in place on i-66 that could make your ride to work a lot easier. if you take the bus, you may be rigd the hiding shoulder lane today. that's happening inside the beltway in these areas we've highlighted on the map. buses can use the shoulder in the yellow sections when
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eastbound traffic is extra slow. and in the red sections when westbound traffic is that way, also. vdot is working on lots of big changes to improve traffic. the department says this change alone could cost $600,000. avoiding a costly fine on your way to work. how you can find where d.c.'s newest speed cameras have bean installed. these slug line commuters are doing what they can to stay warm as we get a dose of more cold weather. what happened to our sunshine for this weekend? chuck bell live with the conditions that you'll be dealing with on your way to and from work. plus we know recess is an important part of your child's day. why it could [ female announcer
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two 19-year-olds died following a crash in anne arundel county. that raises the death toll to three people in this accident temperatureaccident. an off duty takoma park police officer didn't see traffic stopped ahead of him. he slammed in to a car killing the 63-year-old father at the scene. the man's daughter and her prepared died the next day. six new speed cameras are going up in sites where police say speeding is a problem. shear one of them along fort lincoln drive in northeast. first you'll get a warning. then you'll get a fine when that 30 day grace period ends. we have a map of the new locations including would camtwo cameras in both directions near nats park. we've posted this information on the nbc washington app. just search d.c. speed cameras. and as many of you prepare to head out into the cold want
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to get a closer look at your commuter forecast. >> chuck bell live now with the storm team 4 x 4 in woodbridge with the slug line folks. i'm betting it's getting pretty crowded out there. >> reporter: slugs are moving extra 14r0eslow because of the chill. we're down to 36 here in woodbridge. and windchills are down near the 30 degree marg. so it feels like it's below freezing out here this morning. even i'm starting to look forward to more springlike weather. this morning watch out for the potholes. the freeze and thaw is taking its toll. you'll need to slow down on the lookout for the potholes. this afternoon, we'll have plenty of sunshine p. and that will really help things out quite a bit. tom is talking about
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temperatures near 70 before the week is through. that's good news. >> absolutely. we'll take it. blue line delays to franconia and 66 east at suddenlyley road there is it a crash ahead of this but we're hearing that we have lanes blocked. that's why we're seeing the slowdowns. quantico to the beltway, ten minutes behind. outer loop 95 to 270, 11 minutes. and 270 south germantown to the beltway, 16 minutes. news that will have you you checking your pantry this morning. the recall giant wants you to know about. plus changing the way you go to a game. why you may need to get to the
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a developing story right now. people in chile assessing the damage after a 6.4 magnitude earthquake rocked the northern part of that country. the quake hit just before 2:00 this morning. so far no significant damage reported and no tsunami warning.
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one hirk killker killed and one critically injured when the clich cliff they were standing on collapsed at point reyes. no word yet on their identities. a 60-year-old woman is waking up in jail accused of stabbing her own mouth to death. investigators say michelle davis killed her mother margaret wells on saturday. the two were arguing at their home in capitol hillhillum. the family says davis suffers from mental illness and they are still just at their wit's end over this. >> i feel like you live 94 years, and you are not supposed to go with somebody pointing a knife into you. >> wells would have been 95 in may. she was married forrer nearly 50 years when her husband passed away.
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lawmakers will try to lure the fbi to prince george's county. hogan and the house delegation will work to convince the fbi to move their headquarters to the greenbelt metro station. they're competing with virginia for the new complex and thousands of jobs. governor hogan's plan to being in the number of charter schools in maryland could be this jeopardy. the "washington post" reports the final bill could be very different from the plan that he proposed. state senators are considering several measures including one that would offer charter schools more flexibility and define whether teachers work for the local school boards are or the charter schools. if you live in alexandria some fellow parents are pushing for a tax increase this year. lots of parents are calling for a 1% property tax increaseto fund public schools. right now the city's proposed budget is more than $30 million short of what the school strict is asking for. parents say the district needs the hone to fix infrastructure problems keep teachers and deal with more and more new students.
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this afternoon we'll get a preview of a change that you will see when you go to nats park. check out the nbc washington app. there will be detectors installed for your safety. the teams from our area you were rooting for no longer playing in the madness this month. upset losses by georgetown virginia and maryland this weekend means that a lot of are you just hoping for a decent bracket at this point in the men's tournament. terps fell to the mountaineers. >> it was -- a lot of love for these guys. i'll never get to play with them again on the same team. absolutely hard to do that.
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>> sad time for these guys. the terp oigs have eight seniors graduating this year. they had an outstanding season. maryland thanked its seniors and of course all the fans online in a post on facebook. you can see it right there 37 it's getting a lot of extra attention this morning. right now it has more than 600 share, more than 5,000 likes. but not all hope is lost if you're still looking for someone to root for our area. there is on time alive and well. the maryland's women's team. number one seed plays the undefeated princeton tigers it college park at 6:30 tonight. >> exciting to watch that game too. >> cheer them on. coming up on 20 after 6:00. we want to get you up to speed on the forecast this morning starting with a little chill. >> it is very chilly out there. om tom kierein has your forecast. >> you can get out and shoot some hoops later this afternoon. right now, quite a chill in the
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air early on this monday morning. a mostly cloudy sky temperature a few breaks in the clouds by 8:00 amt. by noontime for your lunch hour should be mostly sunny and up into the mid-40s by then. then peaking around 50 degrees by mid to late afternoon as you're heading back home from work and school. and we'll acceptedhave longer and longer days. temperatures sright now a little below freezing. most of prince george's county just a little bit above freezing. in the district we're in the mid to upper 30s. most of fairfax county prince william, loudoun, fauquier stafford spotsylvania and culpeper are a little above freezing. generally low to mid-30s. average high this time of year is 59. we'll be well below that today. and again tomorrow. near the am high wednesday. and then soaring way above the average high on thursday. thursday may make it up to around 70 degrees. and then back down to below the average highs for friday
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saturday and sunday. tomorrow in the morning we might get a few scattered flurries very early, maybe around dawn. otherwise partly cloudy sky. then partly cloudy afternoon highs reaching upper 40s on tuesday. then into the upper 50s wednesday and partly sunny. then thursday along with mild temperature, rain is be look likely. some occasional showers coming through. maybe a little thundershower ter. and then friday back into the upper 50s and partly cloudy. then a little cooler than averageweekend. might get a light rain shower only sunny otherwise. upper 40s to they'renear 50. a look at the temperatures around the regions today coming up at 6:31. still have volume building here 66 east at sudley road. have a crash just ahead of this this so you can see a little bit of a backup here. otherwise 66 actually looking pretty good overall heading into
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town. out of town no problems on 66. branch avenue at may lorenaylor road, emergency road work. so a little bit of a closure there. wide look at things overall no major problems. you can see here on the beltway getting a little slow here top of the beltway, but of course that is completely typical and expected this time of the day. prince george's county overall a little slow indian head highway inbound and branch avenue inbound there a little slow as well. but nothing really to be worried about this morning. travel times for you, 95 north quantico to the beltway 15 minutes behind. i'm back in ten. i'm molette green at the live desk. right now the coast guard is searching for a passenger who fell off a cruise ship in florida. they have been searching through the night. a helicopter will go out at daylight for look not man who fell overboard about 20 miles off marathon florida about two hours from miami.nboard the will i
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be ter i of the liberty of the seas cruise. foul play is not suspected. new information on what caused a ski lift accident in maine. preliminary investigation found the backup brake systems failed to dae employ. the deploy. it started rolling backwards. seven people hurt. the ski resort says the gear box on the lift passed a maintenance check the day before. lawyers for the boston marathon bombing suspect are expected to cross examine an fbi computer expert who testified dzhokhar tsarnaev had an al qaeda inspired magazine on his computer. the 21-year-old facing the death penal it i the 21-year-old facing the death penal it ity for carrying out the attack with his brother. before you pack those lunches, check your cupboards. giant food is recalling its wall nuts and trail mix blends.
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it may be tainted with salmonella. they're sold under the guy and and aurora food brands. we've posted the information that you may need to check out before you head out the door on share it with your friend and family. a new study proving what many of you already think is true. recess is pretty much essential for your kids. the key, though is quality recess. specially trained coaches were sent to six elementary schools to start organized recess programs focusing on following rule conflict resolution and sportsmanlike conduct. nearly half of the teachers said their students showed better teamwork and had a better attitude. if you are already dreaming about a nap later today, everybody on this show raise their hands, we could use it. >> just power nap. 45 minutes can really boost your memory actually by five times. a new study out of germany found
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a nap between 45 and 60 minutes significantly improves recall. researchers say this information could be very useful to students getting ready for a big test. >> i wonder if i sleep two hours then if i get 15 times that. >> i think that's too much. it starts to slip you back into sleep. and if you interrupt that it's the worst. >> all right. well, you know forget flirting. republican ted cruz is driving right into the presidential race. the message that he hopes to send to voters in the hours ahead when he addresses a live crowd in virginia. and breaking his silence. the man who says a prince george's county police officer pulled a gun and threatened him is opening up about the experience. a cool start to your monday morning. isn't that receipt? you may need a jacket on your way out to work this morning, but tom will tell you if you'll be carrying it on your way home.
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we're talking about the cold weather that doesn't seem to go away. >> isn't it spring? just take a look at the temperatures. tom kierein is here with what you can expect over the course of the day and whether or not we'll see things warm up. >> march is a temperamental month. and the week ahead will be a bumpy ride. starting off this morning, temperatures are back down they dropped while you were sleeping.
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and now under this partly to mostly cloudy sky. storm team 4 radar not picking up any rain or snow. dress like this cool dude. wear your jacket and have the sunglasses handy. neighborhood high temperatures near the pennsylvania border just in the mid-40s but low to mid 50s across north central virginia some of the warn he ismest locations will be near 50. right around washington we'll be hovering near 50 degrees. and around the bay, it will be in the mid-40s during the afternoon. so quite a spread of temperatures through the afternoon with that sunshine returning. coming up next weather and traffic on the 1s a look at your walk to and from work forecast. chuck bell joins us live. 66 because the earlier crash, we're talking about 66 east at the car rest area we have two left lanes blocked. so you can see approaching 66 east we're slow there.
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it opens up a little bit after that. but we still have lanes blocked here this morning. 95 in virginia at dale boulevard, actually looking quite good. no major problems there headed authority bound here this morning. and then it opens back up. taking a look the a prince george's county indian head highway and branch avenue both a tad slow. typical for this time of day. 95 in and out of town looking good. 29 no problems. bw parkway out of town no issue. this will tohwill to town slow as you're a passing nasa. i'm molette green at the live desk. chopper 4 is now over the scene at lake braddock secondary school. there you can see some of the investigators in the parking lot there. just before we came to this live picture, some police cars as well as we see the camera is pulling out. this police investigation forcing schools there to delay
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opening by two hours so this school on burke lake road will now be opening at 9:25 this morning. we'll keep you posted. 6:32. today senator ted cruz will hold his first presidential rally at liberty university in lynchburg. the texas senator announced overnight he's running for president in 2016. he posted this video. cruz the first person to throw his hat into the 2016 ring. richard jordan live on capitol hill with why crews chose lynchburg for the first rally. >> reporter: ted cruz now officially in the race. many others are expected to follow suit. and ted cruz could use the head start here. he will be out lynchburg at liberty university. that is where he's expected to make the big announcement in in person. he did release a 30 second video overnight and also posted awitter saying i'm running for president and i hope to earn your support.
6:33 am
liberty university is a particular choice for cruz because this is where he can find his conservative core base. this is the evangelical christian school that was founded by jerry fallwellfalwell. so instead of going to his home state, he's going to where he knows he will have a lot of support. just this month a poll found there are several republican primary voters who say they will support ted cruz if he's on the ballot. when asked if they could see thems as supporters 40% said yes. but that only puts him eighth on the list. so cruz does have a lot of flound ground to cover. likely why he decided to get in early. and lawmakers are demanding secret service director joseph clancy let them hear directly from the agents tied to a recent scandal. a house committee looking in to reports that two senior agents crashed a car at the white house after drinking. they called for these two gt as to testify at a hearing
6:34 am
tomorrow. lawmakers also want it hear from the officering who were reportedly told to let these two agents go. they say the director had previously agreed to testify as the agency's only witness. one prince george's county list officer police officer will not be on the job because he's beensault charges. officer santiago says fronted cunningham outside his home over where he was parked. he eventual placed a glock to his forehead and in his mouth. >> when the officer pulled his service revolver and put it against my head several times, i just kind of felt like the end of -- you know, it was the end of my life. >> there is cell phone video of the incident but that has not yet been released. cunningham and his family say they believe this was an
6:35 am
isolated incident. d.c. police are warning you to stay safe in the mount vernon neighborhood in meftnorthwest washington. there was a string of robberies there. there were five robberies all outside, most during the day. and this a 24 hour period last week. police say they're looking for multiple men and at least one woman in this case. later this morning, d.c. mayor bowser expected to announce new early childhood education initiatives. bower see office says the new programs are neighborhood based and will ensure children and families in will d.c. receive more comprehensive child development services. the announcement is part of the run up to bowser's first state of the district address. that's next tuesday. theme of that speech will be creating quote, pathway to the middle class. today kids from all over the united states will be hear in d.c. for the white house science fair. this is the fifth year that this has been going on and you can watch it streaming online at today.
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this year there is an emphasis on girls and women who are excelling at science, engineering, technology and math. s.t.e.m. s.t.e.m., s.t.e.m.. gas prices where dropping but we'll show you why you will have a tough time taking advantage of that. a busy morning at the slug lot in woodbridge. and these riders are dressed for the cooler morning commute. chuck bell will join us in a little bit with what you should be wearing if you are walking to and from work. plus a new tactic by students at the university of virginia outraged after the arrest of one of their classmates. how they hope to change the way virginia's alcohol and
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welcome back. gas prices are going up here in the d.c. area. while prices around the rest of the country are falling a bit.
6:40 am
according to aaa, prices are on average ten cents higher than a month ago. in d.c., it will cost you $2.53 for a gallon of regular unleaded on average. in maryland gas is $2.40 a gallon right now. it will cost you $2.23 in virginia and $2.40 in west virginia. now that it's officially spring you can expect warmer weather, tlours sflowers popping up an orange cones. today is the start of work zone awareness week. vdot says there were more than 4,000 work zone crashes last year. but you can stay safe by slowing down an avoiding tailgating. of course avoid distractions like your cell phone, as well. 6:41 just about. let's get a look at what you should wear this morning. >> it is a little chilly out there. chuck bell is with the form
6:41 am
steam storm team 4 x 4 this woodbridge. >> reporter: it's flat out cold out here. everyone in the slug lines ready for the commute in to work will tell you the same thing. temperatures are in the mid to upper 30s morning. and windchills are back down at or below the freezing mark. so you may want to reach for that hat or your scarf once again. strong march sunshine just a few more minutes away. sun up just after 7:00 a.m. this morning. that will help some but nonetheless, it will be a cold walk into work and school morning. mid-30s for air temperature, but plan on windchills to deal with earl early this morning. highs later today up they're 50. tom swears on his good name that it will be near 70 later this week. >> and i believe both of you. you guys are always right. outer loop approaching cabin john parkway, we are slow from
6:42 am
river road because of a new crash there. 66 at nutley street a crash there, inbound very slow there. taking a look at travel time quantico to the beltway, you're about 15 minutes behind. 395 in and out of town not bad. 66 east from fairfax county parkway to the beltway, 22 minutes. so that's slow. 495 outer loop to 270, 19.and 270 south to the beltway, slow at 25 minutes. >> avoiding potholes like this one seems to get tougher and tougher by the day. how you can get a trouble spot along your route fixed as d.c. gears up for potholepalooza. plus offensive or free speech? the decision in the day ahead that could affect the message displayed on
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6:45 am
15 before the hour. uncovering new information about an alleged sex assault that rocked the university of virginia. developments in the hours ahead that could shed new light on this case after your weather and traffic. layer up. a cold start on this monday morning. temperatures near or below freezing he isespecially north and west of washington. eastern suburbs in the mid-30s. farther south near 40. upper 30s in washington. do have slowdowns right how outer loop approaching cabin john parkway at river road, slow
6:46 am
because of a crash. another crash 66 at nutley street has things slow as well. one lane blocked. 14 before the hour. today we will learn new information about the investigation in to anning aed sex assault that rocked the university of virginia. news 4 will be at a news conference in charlottesville this afternoon. the sex assault was detailed in a now discredited "rolling stone" magazine article last year. we'll send out a breaking news push alert on whether that investigation will lead to criminal charges. new kind of reaction this morning to the video of a uva student bleeding while he's put under arrest. a virginia law student started a petition online to strip alcoholic beverage control ats of their police powers. the a.b.c. department is being investigated for that arrest right now. and the bar that turned martese johnson away is weighing in this morning. the bar's owner released a statement saying johnson did not appear to be drunk even though
6:47 am
he was arrested for public intoxication. its estimate also says johnson was, quote, cordial and respectful at the time. this just a few hour, million their robert durst expected in a louisiana courtroom for a bond hearing while durst's attorneys say he should be released from custod stephanie gosk is live in new orleans now closely following all the developments here. stephanie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, aaron. this hearing this morning is a bond hearing. they will determine whether or not bail should be set on these weapons charges. at the moment he's already being held on that murder charge in california. now, late on friday his lawyer filed a motion calling for an emergency immediate preliminary hearing on these weapons charges. but what he's going to argue is that the original charge of murder has no basis and was in fact illegally based entirely on the hbo documentary and not instead on probable cause. coming up on the "today" show,
6:48 am
we'll hear more from him, hear more about what he filed on friday. aaron. >> stephanie gosk live for us in new orleans. thank you. a group claiming to be affiliated with isis post what had it says are the names, pictures and home addresses of about 100 member of the u.s. military. they call themselves the islamic state hacking itself. the posting urged loyalists to hubd down hunt towndown these service members. the pentagon is encouraging those listed to be aware and to exercise appropriate levels of protection. police are trying to determine if a robbery in georgetown is connected to a simpler one about a week ago. d.c. police say someone punched a man and took off with his shopping bags. it happened at 33rd and volta northwest. you see the victim holding an ice pack over his face. police looking for about three people a similar attack happened on 42nd street in northwest.
6:49 am
today the board that are review fairfax county police tactics meets for the first time. the ad hoc police commission was created in response to the controversial police involved shooting of john gear in 2013. the board includes citizen, law enforcement, media and legal experts. they're meeting at 7:30 tonight at the fairfax government center. that meeting is open to the public. today the supreme court is weighing in on a free speech challenge. at issue, the question of whether license plates are free speech. a state motor vehicle board turned down a request by the suns of confederate veterans to have their logo on a plate because the logo includes the confederate flag. specialty plates are a big business in texas. drivers there spent nearly $18 million on those plates last year. if you're dreaming of getting the most out of your retirement retirement, you may not have to move far. landon dowdy is live it with the
6:50 am
best states for retireretirement. >> usually you consider florida as the go-to destination, but it doesn't even crack the top 25 best states. virginia is number five on the list there year. wyoming is first followed by colorado and utah. maryland is 32nd while west virginia is 47th. d.c. didn't make the list but the report ranks states based on cost of living, crime rate quality of health care. and checking starbucks they will stop writing race together on coffee cups a week after the campaign was launched. it was aimed at sparking conversation with customers about racial issues in america. the campaign was criticized by the public and employees. starbucks still plans several other activities including expanding in to urban neighborhoods. thank you so much. back to you. 6:51 our time. tom kierein back from vacation. and you brought some cold air with you. >> yes, but i'm thinking
6:51 am
forward. two weeks there today, play ball. nats home opener two weeks from came today. can't wait. it's more like basketball weather right now, but it will be nice enough to shoot hoops later this afternoon. right now temperatures hovering right near freezing. but it will get well above freezing to the upper 40s to near 50 later today. storm team 4 skycast, cloudiness around this morning, but we'll have increasing sunshine. by noontime mostly sunny. rest of the afternoon just a few high clouds drifting over. by sunset time, we'll be partly cloudy. there is the pre-dawn glow over washington how. live view from the city camera. we're off to a beautiful start this morning. temperatures will be hitting the mid-30s to upper 30s and staying this way through 8:00 and then lots of that sun up around noontime mid-40s. and then mostly sunny the rest of the afternoon with temperatures hitting around 50 degrees by mid afternoon. post your pictures like lloyd
6:52 am
ferguson did last night's beautiful crescent moon and venous. that was right after sunset. average time this time of year is upper fifts70s. we'll stay below that near the average high wednesday, then soaring way above on thursday. ought to make it up to around 70 degrees on thursday. then back down near average high on friday. saturday and sunday, a bit cooler with highs low to mid-50s. and storm team 4 four day forecast might get a few scattered snow flurries tomorrow morning. just a few flying through the air. then up near 50 in the afternoon. and in the evening hour we'll begin to clear out a bit and then partly sunny on wednesday upper 50s. and then along with that mild temperature on thursday some scattered showers looking likely. that's our next chance of rain likely showers on thursday. maybe a little bit of thunder on thursday evening as the cool front comes through. after that partly cloudy on
6:53 am
friday. upper 50s. maybe a few sprinkle of rain or a few wet snowflakes saturday. otherwise party sunny, 40s to near 50 in the afternoon. beautiful day on sunday afternoon, up in on the 50s. look at that sunrise there now. melissa, a check on traffic. >> it's really slow right now in a couple of spots. we have a crash outer loop approaching cabin john parkway. this camera here all these folks on the outer loop at river road. here is where we're really jammed. 66 at nutley street because of an earlier crash. wide look at thing, some slowdowns top of the beltway and again outer loop past the spur. right now 95 55 north looking good until you hit woodbridge. outer loop at kenilworth, hearing about a disabled vehicle. not seeing it on camera. 95 into and out of town no problems. bw parkway a little slow just outside the beltway p about that. and chopper 4 over the mixing
6:54 am
bowl looking pretty good. you've probably swerved to avoid them perhaps seen a mechanic because of them. potholes are plaguing our area. megan mcgrath is live along p street northwest to tell us what you can do as pot potholepalooza begins. >> reporter: a lot of people getting a little irritated by all the potholes that have popped up around the area. like this one right here on p street. now, if you see something like this in the district now is the time to report it. potholepalooza gets under way this week and ddot will be throwing extra resources on them. they need your help in finding the potholes. they want you to report them. easiest way is on twitter. they want you to tweet them them #ddotdc and make sure you use the #potholepalooza.
6:55 am
give all the information about the exact location of that pothole, they also want information about the size. that will help them out, as well. the wid thsth and depth. and their goal is to get out there and fix it within 48 hours. back to you. if you're trying to swerve to avoid those, be sure a that you check behind you and to the seed of you before you do that. we're working for you to keep potholes off your street. we put a list online of how to report potholes in maryland and virginia too. just search pothole on the mbsnbc washington app. new rules could improve your commute on i-66. buses can 230u usenow use the shoulder of the highway. take a look at your screen. when eastbound traffic is especially slow you may see buses using the shoulder in the yellow stretches right here. they will be in the red sections when westbound traffic is rough. all right. four things you need to know
6:56 am
before you go this morning. a heads up for some parents in fairfax county. lake braddock secondary school opening two hours late today because of police activity. today six new speed cameras are running in d.c.. those cameras will start issuing a warning, but when a 30 day grace period ends you'll be fined. you can see a map of the new locations on the nbc washington app. today ted cruz will hold his first presidential rally at liberty university in lynchburg virginia. the texas senator announced overnight he is running for president in 2016. and today we expect to learn you new information about the investigation into an alleged sex assault at the university of virginia. the assault was detailed in a now discredited rolling stone oig magazine article last year. >> we have a pink grapefruit sunrise. there is a live view from the tower camera. yes, i'm hungry. later today, into the 40s by noon and up around 50 midafternoon. nice spring day coming up. right now two slow spots
6:57 am
about outer loop approaching cabin john parkway and 66 at nutley street. a lot of volume there. my son how says mom, the sky is peach and i realized he thinks he's tom kierein. >> thanks so much for joining us. >> that is the broadcast. we appreciate you you waking up. the "today" show is next.
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good morning. let the race begin. republican senator ted cruz becomes the first major presidential candidate with an announcement online overnight declaring his run. >> it's going to take a new generation of courageous conservatives to help make america great again. >> could this push others to jump in sooner? hit list. the u.s. military vows not to budge after isis publishes the names and addresses of u.s. service members. even the photos of some of them, urging their loyalists to go after them. the durst dilemma. as robert durst heads back to court this morning, the question facing authorities, should he stay in new orleans and face weapons charges or be extradited to los angeles for the murder of his friend?


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