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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  March 23, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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with the facts contained in that article occurred. >> what really happened? first at 4, police talk about why investigateing shocking allegations at uva has been to comp collated and what they're doing now. buses are now driving in places you might not expect. will it help traffic? and will buss in other places start to do the same? >> we start with the university of virginia back in the spotlight this afternoon. >> yeah. police are now suspending their investigation into allegations of an on-campus gang-rape laid out in a now-ris dis credited "rolling stone" article. >> david culvert reports from charlottesville first at 4. >> reporter: it's the case that rocked an already news-warned campus disturbing claims of an alleged sexual assault involving a uva frat. four months after that article went to print, several of the details aren't checking out. >> we have no evidence that supports those assertions. >> reporter: social media
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propelled the article into national headlines. it claimed to reveal hidden details of a 2012 brutal gang-rape by university of virginia fraternity brothers. the alleged victim was referred to as jackie. perhaps most troubling, jackie told the author that uva's administration did little to help her. within days her story sparked protest on uva grounds. many bashing the administration. vandals broke win toes and spray painted the fraternity house. board of visitors convened an emergency meeting determined to flil investigate. but in december "rolling stone" apologized to itsed readering citing new information seemed to show discrepancies in jackie's account. today police pointed out many of those inconsistencies but warning they're not calling jackie a liar. >> because i can't prove that something didn't happen and there may come a point in time where either this survivor or this complaining party, this person we've identified as jackie or someone else may not
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come forward with information that might help us move this investigation further. >> reporter: the police chief telling us that jackie, through her attorneys, has refused to talk to police let alone give them a statement. at 5:00 we look at some of the inconsistencies revealed through the investigation and we look at where this case goes from here. pat, back to you. the outer loop of the beltway is open again after a truck fire near the van dorn street in the alexandra area that exit rather. all lanes were closed shortly after 1:00 this afternoon while firefighters put out the fire. the tractor-trailer wutz caras carrying several vehicles. there were no injuries. i am announcing that i'm running for president of the united states. >> texas senator ted cruz is the first official contender in next year's race for the white house. cruz had his family by his side
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for the announcement this morning. the republican announced hi kand da di at liberty university in lynchburg. why did he choose virginia? we'll talk about that with mark murray later this hour. now to what's new in your side mirrors in northern virginia. certain commuter bus are now allowed to use the shoulder all part of a pilot program along portions of i-66 inside the beltway to move people through the busy corridor more quickly. when traffic in the regular lane slows to less than 35 miles an hour authorized buses can move to the shoulder. our transportation reporter adam tuss followed one of the buses today and talked to drivers to get their thoughts. his story coming up on news 4 at 5:00 tonight. take a look at this gun. tsa agents found one just like it in a passenger's carry-on bag at reagan national on saturday. it was loaded with five rounds including one in the chamber. screeners contacted police. the man was cited on a weapons
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violation. there was no service disruption at the airport. right now a new search is under way for two missing sisters from maryland. this week marks 40 years since katherine and sheila lyon disappeared after walking to a shopping mall in wheaton. today authorities are conducting a dig on a mountain in bedford, virginia hoping to find remains and other evidence to close the case. this new search was prompted by additional leads. authorities combed the same mountain back in january. two men have been named as persons of interest in the case but neither has been charged. evening activities will take place at a local school cloetzed because of a bomb threat today. someone e-mailed a staff member at legg braddock secondary school overnight saying a bomb was in the building. the school was close sod police dogs could get to all the rooms. authorities found no sign of trouble. did take a while. the person who e-mailed that threat could face charges. a former football star who grew up in virginia is headed to
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prison after making plea deals in several states for attacks on women. darren sharper will spend at least the next nine years in federal prison after entering a guilty plea in arizona on friday afternoon. we told you the richmond native was accused of drugging and sexually assaulting women in four states. sharper also plead nod contest to charges in los angeles today. hear rgs also scheduled in las vegas and new orleans. we've learned the identity of the man who was killed in that car accident here we told you about yesterday in ft. washington. the victim is 25-year-old michael morales. early yesterday morning he lost control of his car. his car allegedly rolled over struck a tree there and he was thrown out of the vehicle. morales was pronounced dead on the scene. police are still investigating the cause of the crash. there is some relief today in a maryland neighborhood where a 48-year-old man was killed last week. police have arrested darnell adams and charged him with first-degree murder.
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investigators say the stabbing happened just a couple of blocks from where the victim james wells, lived in landover. it's not clear what led to an argument between the two or how they knew each other. right now a restaurant near u street is still open despite losing some of its outer wall. engineers have determined that the building is safe. bricks up near the roof came tumbling down saturday afternoon. made a loud noise but no one was hurt. the 14th street entrance is closed now as precaution. the restaurant tweeted that customers should use the side entrance on t street for now. a bus stop at that location is also closed. the restaurant is putting up scaffolding to catch any other bricks. well it looks like spring but didn't feel a whole like it today. let's check in with storm team 4. in for a roller coaster next couple days. >> a wild ride out there and tomorrow could bring us a tiny bit of snow v.j.? >> that's right. weather all over the place, but
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that's what we get with spring certainly around here. our temperatures today despite the sunshine feeling more like february across the area. some 9 to 10 degrees below average, what you typically would feel this time of year. 45 around silver spring sandy spring 49 inside the beltway, camp springs, 46 to close to 50 degrees in warrenton. everywhere it's kind of cool. just wait because tonight it will get cold. we'll be tracking this fast-moving system as comes in and starts dropping a little snow. colder by 11:00 p.m. with cloud cover across. 7:00 a.m., the flurries the light snow already here. i'll show you how long it will stick around. this afternoon, the isis threat hits home. we just learned that some people in our area are now among a long list that's raising a lot of concern. who is the group threatening now? easy come, easy go. starbucks kills a project while it's still in its infancy. why did it get so much backlash
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and what could happen next?
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>> one man is alive this evening because he fell onto a portable toilet. three of the man's co-workers died when scaffolding collapsed under this building under construction about five floors
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up in raleigh, north carolina today. a shattered window could be seen from the street where construction workers watched visibly shaken from the incident. authorities are still trying to figure out what caused the scaffolding to collapse beneath them. a small helicopter that crashed in florida was carrying three people not just the pilot as previously thought. all three died. the chopper was only in the air two minutes over the weekend before drashing into a guest house in orlando. no one on the ground was hurt. robert durst won't likely be getting out of jail anytime soon. the real estate heir is being held without bond. today a magistrate denied his release saying he's a flight risk. he's accused of murdering his girlfriend 15 years ago in los angeles. he's being held in new orleans on a weapons charge. he's also a suspect in the death of his ex-wife. he was acquitted of killing his neighbor claiming self-defense. the hearing, the next one, is
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set for next week. caught on camera -- students and teachers complaining about a health hazard in a local school. how it's stirring so much back and forth about how much the community knew and when. winter may be over officially but it's not done with us yet.
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baristas at starbucks will no longer write the phrase "race together" on coffee cups. we've been following reaction to this since last week when starbucks first announced the initiative. the company's goal was to spark conversation with customers about race relations, but the campaign has been heavily criticized so now starbucks is apparently looking for other ways to raise awareness about this sensitive issue. alexandra peterye writes the
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compost blog for "the washington post" and she joins us live right now. >> alexandra, this did not last long. you've been pretty opinionated about why this whole concept was a bad one. how did you see this coming so early? >> well i just think it was so xhit exciting to hear, oh, the ceo of a major company has realized racism is an issue in america. the next after that was we're going to write a phrase or marker on our cups and he was thinking how can i possibly generate the worst situation to have a national conversation about race when people haven't had coffee when people who think pumpkin spiced lattes and the second coming of the messiah and tapping their feet this is when you want to have the conversation? schedule it in russia in the winter time. >> you think it was a great idea. what do you think starbucks and other companies should do if they want to address this issue? what are your suggestions?
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>> i think it was interesting on wednesday when he was meeting with shareholders. he did have some more substantive things he was doing. starbucks is making an effort to hire opportunity youth, which are, you know, kids who aren't in school or in the workforce and sort of give them the chance of a first foothold and be invested in a company, and starbucks is pretty good to its employees in interms of giving you equity options and health care and potential 401(k) matching. so that actual putting your money where your mouth is like somebody said on msnbc, we support veterans we just didn't want the barista to tell you we like veterans as a concept, we hire more veterans. looking at the higher levels and the role starbucks plays in gentrification things like that can have ap actual impact and be useful. >> something tangible and action. he said that this wasn't intended to be long term but certainly he could have hoepd
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for long hoped for longer than a week. >> exactly. >> we appreciate you taking time with us. >> nice talking to you. we have flurries in our forecast and chicago is dealing with the real thing. the calendar might say it's spring but they expect about 5 inches in the windy city. some areas across the midwest could see more than a foot. whoa. >> and how much are we talking here? >> we're just talking about a conversational event for us. another system wednesday, too, that will bring more snow. meanwhile, spring is just crazy. there should be named a roller coaster ride named spring because it takes us up and down and all around. take a look at your snow impact forecast for tomorrow morning. the rush flurries but a low impact event for us. isolated slick spots to the north. our temperatures well they've been in the upper 40s to around 50 degrees all the way down into areas of southeastern virginia. look at richmond right now. it's 51 degrees.
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meanwhile, morgantown at 42, 38 degrees in pittsford, that cold air up to the north. right now it will start dropping in by late tonight. evening planner forecast from 49 and cool to down right cold by late tonight. we drop to 37 degrees by 11:00 p.m. then on the radar right now we're tracking some flurries off to the west already part of that weather system. you can see by early tomorrow morning cold conditions throughout the area from 30 degrees in frederick, maryland 31 gaithersburg and germantown. many neighborhoods right down at freezing if not below, and that's certainly going to be cold enough to get some snow some light snow and some flurries going. here are the areas i think we need to watch the most. it's up here around frederick county in maryland hagerstown washington county stretching back into western maryland as well as right here around 66 and i-81. that's where the snow could start sticking on some of the road. we'll talk more about that coming up.
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around lunchtime, we switch to light showers, even some sprinkles that could be taking place from time to time. by late in the evening we'll start to see clearing taking place. what to expect areas of light snow and flurries but no accumulation. again, those isolated slick spots with the cold lower temperatures on road surfaces. by the afternoon, low to mid-40s for a high temperature so that puts us even colder than today. 45 manassas and warrenton, 42 degrees up i-95 around laurel around areas like germantown. if you plan on exercising tomorrow you'll need long sleeves and even the running tights too. we started the freezing mark. we jump about 10 degrees by the afternoon. so morning flurries afternoon sprinkles. here's a look at your four-day forecast. 44 the high tomorrow after starting out cold. it will be cold the next couple mornings too. your wednesday morning 36 starting out. we're going to see a high temperature of 55 degrees on wednesday. still below average.
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nonetheless, though there will be a lot of warm air coming out ahead of the next weather system. that will drive the temperatures way up on thursday. it will feel like a real spring-like day, but with that rain will come the threat of thunderstorms. we'll talk more about that what it means for us how much rain we could get by midweek in just a few minutes. >> thanks veronica. an entire neighborhood washed away. the efforts to remember those lost in a natural disaster that captured the world's attention. watch that lead foot. more eyes on the road making sure your speed's in check. we'll tell you where. and the supreme court debates free speech on your car.
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the smooth crooner from maryland is fighting for a spot on the next round of "the voice." you might have heard of him performing around the d.c. area. he is from myersville near frederick. he impressed judges in the blind auditions with his verse this frank sinatra classic. don't miss paul as he battles it
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out tonight in the knockout round of "the voice." starts at 8:00 on nbc 4. he's got a whole lot of talent. >> love that voice. smooth as silk. the white house easter egg roll is just two weeks away and it was just announced that tv hosts kelly ripa and michael strahan will be special guests. they will air their show live from the gardens of the east wing on april 6th. other guests include rg3 and other d.c. sports stars. about 35,000 folks are expected for this year's role. the theme is #givemefive. the easter egg roll has been a tradition at the white house since 1878. efforts are advancing to review maryland's standardized school tests. the house of delegates vetoed unanimously or voted unanimously, rather, to create a review commission and authorize the state to conduct a study on testing. maryland students began taking a new standardized test this month under the common core state standards. now the state senate has to give
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its approval. explosives were used to demolish this bridge in boston this morning. contractors imploded three sections of the bridge that used to connect long island and moon island in boston harbor. the bridge had been closed since october because of safety concerns. it will be completely demolished later in the spring. boston has requested proposals for a new bridge to be built and that project could cost $80 million. first at 4, we are getting to the bottom of a health hazard inside a local school. >> a news4 viewer tips us off after several students and teachers fall ill. now it's a back and forth over who knew what and when. on alert -- the isis threat hits home for several people in our area. why the military is warning people about their privacy.
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right now at 4:30
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charlottesville police go on the record and say they cannot confirm an alleged sexual assault inside a uva frat house. it was the subject of"rolling stone" article, parts of which have since been discredited. 40 years almost to the day since two montgomery county sisters disappeared. police are beginning another search for the remains of the lyons sisters on a rural virginia mountain. texas senator ted cruz is running for president in 2016. we'll ask why this texas senator made the big announcement in virginia. i'm wendy rieger at the live desk. we've just learned a local girl scout leader has been arrested on child pornography charges. chad miller was arrested today in spotsylvania county. he is facing several counts of child pornography and taking indecent liberties with a child. investigators say miller wutz the scout leader and a family friend of one victim a 14-year-old. detectives say he had
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inappropriate contact with that girl and sent her a link to a porn site. hundreds of photos of child pornography were also found on his cell according to the cell phone on his home computer according to detectives. they say they're asking anyone else who may have been a victim to contact them. miller is also now a person of interest in a similar case in fairfax. at the live desk i'm wendy rieger. back to you. first at 4, a mold problem at a local school. >> the bigger problem, no one was told about it. the mold was found at dodge park elementary. now there's a he-said-she-said going on over who found the mold and when. prince george's bureau chief tracee wilkins is at the school tonight where we were given pictures of what the mold looks like. >> we went to the classroom and saw that the dry wall was torn down and when we saw the dry wall there was mold. >> reporter: father melvin reyes says he's upset he had to see the problem for himself as
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opposed to getting a letter from the school informing him. >> we found this out by ourselves. i'm not sure if any of the other parents have found out. >> reporter: the class was moved to the library for classes as work continued to remove mold and replace the wall. this letter went to parents after rayes complained. it explains that people working on the bathroom calling it a repair issue, but there was no mention of mold. the epa's website has this to say about removing mold in a school. the remediation manager's highest priority must be to protect the health and safety of the building's occupants and remediators. it is also important to communicate with building occupants when mold problems are identified. school spokesman says it was an oversight not telling the parents about the mold. >> transparent si is important and it is important to get that information out and we do apologize for that. >> reporter: come why parents in this particular classroom say this is such a big issue for their children.
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in dodge park tracee wilkins, news4. branches of the american military are being told to double-check their online privacy settings after threats from isis. several people from our area are among those named on what's being called a hit list. the islamic state posted the names of u.s. troops and their addresses online. the pentagon is not pulling anyone on the list off duty. defense officials say the list is a scare tactic but are telling all military members to be extra careful. the afghan president is hoping the isis threat could slow down american troop would from his country. ghani is at camp david today with secretary of state john kerry. earlier he was at the pentagon. he thanked american troops for helping to fight terrorists in afghanistan. he's expected to meet with president obama tomorrow at the white house. he will address congress on wednesday.
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is the number on your license plate or are the words protected speech? that's the question the supreme court is wrap lg with right now. arguments were heard today in a free speech case out of texas. the sons of confederate veterans group wants a specialty plate with a confederate battle flag. texas refused the group so they appealed. the group is getting support from states that don't want to see pro-life plates restricted. maryland and virginia both currently issue plates with confederate flags. a decision on this could come in june. let the race begin. this afternoon, a big announcement in the race for 2016. nbc news senior political editor mark murray joins us in the studio. great to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> ted cruz is the talk today. he throws his hat into the ring. he chose not to do it in his home state of texas. why? >> he's making a very big pitch to evangelical voters and social conservatives. the speech today was at liberty university in lynch burg the university that jerry falwell, the late christian conservative
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leader ended up founding. this is a big play to that audience. it was a packed crowd. many references to ted cruz's own faith. we've seen that playbook play out in iowa. rick santorum was able to win the state in 2012 with a message like that. mike huckabee in 2008. ted cruz trying to follow the same playbook. >> very interesting. is this just the beginning, the first of many names to be coming? can we expect the dominos to just start falling from here on? >> april will be a really big month. far lot of viewers, they might say hasn't the 2016 race already begun? today was significant because it was really the first person to officially announce they were running for the presidency. off lot of maneuvers behind the scene, some people setting up committees other political organizations, but today was the first person to officially throw their hat in the ring. april will be a big month. others already rand paul is set for april 7th. we'll probably see some other names as well. >> and where does ted cruz stand? i know polling is very early and it's scattered because of that. up against names like jeb bush.
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>> it's not actually that dissimilar from our nbc/washington journal poll earlier this month. ted cruz is in the middle of the pack. the biggest room to grow was scott walker and marco rubio. then it's kind of jeb bush and folks like rick perry and ted cruz. at the bottom of the list, chris christie, the new jersey governor almost the bottom of our list. but ted cruz is in that middle category has to the potential catch on. but there are a lot of other folks vying for that social conservative mantel as well. >> does the tea party carry more weight than four years ago? >> depend how you define it. a lot of people believe it's conservative republicans and yes, they always carry weight. they show up at the caucuses show up at primaries. but you almost kind of have to define them. are they your social conservatives, your libertarian conservatives or against government? a lot of it depends. i will say this the
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conservative base will have a very big say in who the next republican nominee is. >> i can see it in your eyes. you are ready. >> i'm ready. let's go. >> thanks for coming in. >> thank you. cracking down. no matter how you get around first at 4, get ready to see police keeping a close eye on drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. a recall remedy that isn't doing the trick. the new hazard for thousands of cars on the road that were supposed to be fixed. and storm team 4 is tracking a roller coaster weather week. v.j.? >> that's right. it feels comfortable with the sunshine now, but it will get really cold tonight.
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a recall remedy meant to fix nearly a million vehicles may have not fixed them at all. >> consumer reporter erika gonzalez has more on this new investigation. >> the federal government is now probing nissan for recall fixes to air bags that may still leave passengers vulnerable in a crash. nearly a million vehicles were recalled in fwirn and 2014 because the computer software in the cars may not detect an adult in the passenger seat which means that passenger side air bags may be deactivated during a crash.
4:41 pm
the national highway traffic safety administration has received more than 100 complaints alleging the recall fix wasn't a fix at all. some complaints allege the dealers made multiple repairs, but the repairs did not solve the problem. we reached out to nissan and it tells news4 it believes "the recall remedy was effective and appropriately addressed the safety defect." nissan went on to say that it is helping dealers address customer concerns. copping up on news 4 at 5:00 erika will sit down with two women who just completed a 21-day financial fast. three weeks paying only in cash for the things they need. we'll see how much they saved coming up again in our next hour. and right after that story airs author michelle singletary will answer your questions about money in a special facebook chat. join her on the nbc washington facebook page. >> it's easy. i have one or two for her tonight. if you have a story for the team --
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a lot of folks could go on financial fasts. watch your speedometer or you could get a tick net the mail. first at 4, we're telling you about the places with brand-new cameras that are watching you as you drive. live look at the white house tonight. some of your favorite fictional west wingers go head to head with the current commander in chief. and you might be surprised to hear who came out on top.
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and welcome back to news 4 at 4:00, everybody. >> we're following all of today's big stories. we'll get to our reporters and meteorologists in just a moment. first another reason to ease off that gas pedal. there's a new batch of cameras up and running waiting to catch you on the road. traffic reporter melissa mollet
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has the list of where those cameras are. >> six new speed cameras are now running in the district. here is a look at a map of all the new locations. it includes two cameras in both directions on south capital street near nats park. the cameras are going off at sights police say speeding is a camera. ft. lincoln drive northeast. first you get a warning then you get fined when the 40-day grace period end. we've posted this information on the nbc washington app. search d.c. speed cameras. more relief for you on the way for your front end. the district is kicking off its pothole palooza this week. the campaign will last for 30 days. crews will be out there working to fix potholes on streets around the city. you could tweet ddot if you spot a pothole that's especially deep. communities in virginia and maryland are also working to fix the streets. search pothole on the nbc washington app for a list of how to report problems in your neighborhood. frontier airlines jet headed
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to florida never made it off the ground last night after the plane got stuck in mud there. the plane veered off the pavement at an airport in delaware getting its nose lodged in the soil. the passengers deplaned and will be put on another flight today. members of the delaware air national guard arrived today and are digging out the plane's wheels so it can be towed and inspected. the man in the white house right now isn't as popular as those who play the man in the white house on tv. >> in a new poll out, most americans think tv presidents do a better job. david palmer from the show "24" has 89% favorable rating. "scandal's" fitzgerald grand has 6%. frank underwood from "house of cards," francis has a 57% approval rating. just 46% view president barack obama favorably. he has a bit of a tougher job i'd say. he joked about frank underwood,
4:48 pm
quote, the guy gets stuff done. now if only we could get spring done. just get to it. >> right. get it here and have it stay here. none of this back and forth stuff. but you're right. so tonight, tomorrow morning, very much cold and looking much more like winter than spring. late they are week some very spring-like warmth but it won't be all that pretty as you eel see in just a moment. tracking storm team 4 radar right now. a little bit of rain and a little bit of snowmaking its way through ohio. part of the system they think by early tomorrow morning around 3:00 a.m. 4:00 a.m. and some of the western suburbs will start to bring some light lyght snow and flurries to the area. if you're going to be walking to work tomorrow or going to metro, there will be some flurries around the temperature, 32. you won't need any special shoes or boots or anything like that because it's going to be very light. really not accumulating. 37 though by 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. and it's those higher
4:49 pm
temperatures that will allow most locations to start switching over from flurries to sprinkles and light showers. at 5:00 a.m. your forecast your impact forecast low to moderate. we stay there up until about 7:00 to 8:00 then we'll start seeing the levels drop around 8:00 a.m. with again, just the sprinkles and showers. so if there were any locations at all around the area that could have maybe some isolated slick spots on area roads, it would be way up here 70 270, thurmont areas of northern i-81 into washington county around thurmont area and out toward areas like cumberland. just isolated slick spots. low impact event for us. as we get into the afternoon, again our temperatures going way up. those snow showers, the flurries will be during the early part of the day. then we've got another little weak stm that comes through on wednesday. that's rain. rain showers highest during the morning. then it starts falling off, trending downward by the afternoon on wednesday. again, you'll need to keep your umbrella handy over the next couple days.
4:50 pm
and we may really need it on thursday. doug's tracking some very warm air and something else. >> that's what we see this time of year veronica. it's that huge change that fight between winter and summer. we call it spring and we have it coming up this week. a little bit of light snow tomorrow but as you mentioned we've got a big-time warm-up and it will feel much more like spring. as you move through the day wednesday, would see a few showers. thursday morning we're dry. but watch what happens thursday afternoon. we start to get an influx of moisture and very warm air. we're going to see the chance for even some thunderstorms. going to be the first thunderstorms we've seen so far this season. rain some could be heavy at times although we're not expecting a lot of storminess. possible thunder, although nothing severe. but windy and very warm. veronica and i were talking act one of the warmest days we've seen this year. >> folks will be seeping the warmth on thursday but you'll need to keep your umbrellas handy in the next few days. friday dry conditions high 56. we go into a beautiful weekend, 44 saturday, 54 on sunday.
4:51 pm
saturday is the big cherry blossom kite festival. tomorrow morning, the snow showers and flurries. heads up if you drive or bike or walk through some of the busy areas of arlington tomorrow. police will be enforcing bike and pedestrian laws and handing out safety information. so if you want to know which intersections are involved visit nbc washington and search arlington. i'm wendy rieger at the live desk. a search tonight for the people who traded gun nooirfire in a quiet dumfries neighborhood this weekend. people in two cars is started shooting at each other in the middle of the afternoon on saturday. no one was hurt but bullets hit several cars and homes. coming up on news 4 at 5:00 pat collins will be in that neighborhood getting reaction from people who live the. i'll see you in a few minutes. a northern virginia family is at risk of losing their home
4:52 pm
but a team of supporters is stepping in to help. news4's kristin wright has the story. >> reporter: this community is rallying behind a special family in alexandria. they are in danger of losing their home of almost 20 years to foreclosure in a matter of hours. the family got significantly behind their mortgage after mounting medical expenses. the mother is blind. the father is a former nypd sergeant who got into a terrible accident. he is also blind and suffered a stroke last year. the dinas have four children. two of them have serious medical issues of their own. tonight on news 4 at 5:00 the race against the clock to help this family that has already been dealing with so much. kristin wright news4. an entire neighborhood gone in an instant. one year after the devastation they that caught the world's attention, a community comes together. how they're remembering their
4:53 pm
neighbors and loved ones. >> reporter: big changes along one of the busiest routes in our entire region.
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dozens of families in loudoun county are velcelebrating their lottery win this afternoon, holding slots at the middleburgh community charter school for next year. there are 124 stumts in the entire student body. returning students were guaranteed spots. siblings of current students also got in. 91 people applied for remaining 32 spots. that leaves 59 on the waiting list. school begins august 3rd. that seems early. the bodies of seven siblings who died in a new york house fire have arrived in israel where they will be bury. children are between the ages of 5 and 16. they were killed when a hot pot caught fire in their brooklyn home early saturday. the smoke and flames trapped the children in their second-floor bedrooms as they were sleeping. their mother and one sister are
4:57 pm
in critical condition. the father wasn't home when the fire broke out. during a memorial last night in new york he said his children were "the best." it's been one year since the deadliest landslide in u.s. history shook the lives of a small community in washington state. 43 people lost their lives. dozens of homes were destroyed. amy moreno spoke to rezsidents about how they are moving forward. >> reporter: heartbreak and loss were the common bonds for their journey. tragedy tying them together and bringing them back to the spot where so many lost so much. >> kaylee b. spillers. >> reporter: a bell for every life. >> steven n. hanoway. >> i didn't want to believe it at first because to me my uncle, he was a survivor. he was in the marines. >> reporter: colgate came to honor his uncle steven. >> i still want to pick up my
4:58 pm
phone and call him and talk to him. but i know one day i'm going to see him again. >> reporter: in addition to her home and five pets, cheryl boroughs lost many neighbor including her close friend. >> shelly l. billoway. >> shelly was just a bundle of sunshine. every day she'd say good morning, cheryl and hug me. i just really miss the -- our homer. we miss our home. >> reporter: burrows and her husband say they know they're luckry ki to have escaped the slide, but moving son not easy. the ceremony included a moment where they raised a flag at the site that had been lowered since shortly after it happened. >> reporter: it's not like there's an end to it but now it's kind of like everybody can move on. >> reporter: the grief is still very raw. >> i think they're still healing. there are a lot of people that have the same look on their face as they did a year ago, and i don't expect that to change for quite a while. >> reporter: is the sadness runs deep but there are signs of hope.
4:59 pm
43 trees now grow along sr 530, one for every victim and prayers for healing. >> we've experienced great loss. but god, i thank you for the resilience of this community. >> news 4 at 5:00 starts now. developing right now, multiple agencies across virginia are joining the search for a missing boy. the mysterious circumstances surrounding his disappearance. new at 5. it's billed as a new traffic to beat traffic. the new pilot program on i 66 triggering some big safety concerns. shots fired back and forth in a quiet virginia neighborhood in the middle of the day probably while a lot of people were out enjoying the warm weather. >> and police are still looking for the people who pulled those triggers. pat collins is live in dumfries with the details. >> reporter: take a look at that
5:00 pm
window behind me. that's a bullet hole. the bullet went through the window, into the living room then out the side of the house. beat still my heart. it was saturday afternoon, a beautiful spring day here on swine creek lane when out of nowhere two cars come barreling down the street. they're side by side. a gold saab a red kia. guys are hanging out the window. they have guns in their hand. they're shooting shot after shot after shot. fortunately, no one was hit. houses and cars not so lucky. this is al walker. he has not one but two flats on his truck, one on this side and then one over here. these flat tires weren't kautzed by potholes. no. they were shot out by the gunmen over the weekend. al, what do you make of this? >> well it's not what you expect. i was out of town with


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