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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  March 23, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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that's a bullet hole. the bullet went through the window, into the living room then out the side of the house. beat still my heart. it was saturday afternoon, a beautiful spring day here on swine creek lane when out of nowhere two cars come barreling down the street. they're side by side. a gold saab a red kia. guys are hanging out the window. they have guns in their hand. they're shooting shot after shot after shot. fortunately, no one was hit. houses and cars not so lucky. this is al walker. he has not one but two flats on his truck, one on this side and then one over here. these flat tires weren't kautzed by potholes. no. they were shot out by the gunmen over the weekend. al, what do you make of this? >> well it's not what you expect. i was out of town with the family having fun and get a call
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that hey, there have been shots in the neighborhood which has never occurred before in 15 years of living here. i'm thankful that it was a truck or something mechanical rather than a person. it could have easily been one of the children or one of my neighbors or friends that were out walking or what have you. so got a lot to be thankful for. >> reporter: coming up at 6, more damage more reaction more about one of the suspects. jim, back to you. >> pat, thank you. new at 5, uva's president weighing in on gang-rape allegations that police tell us are filled with inconsistencies. >> that now discelted "rolling stone" article initially published these claims. police found contradictions. they say the date of that fraternity party was different from the one mentioned in the article. investigators say they cannot find at least one person that is said to be involved. as news4's david culvert reports, the phone records
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belonging to the alleged victim do not corroborate her claims. >> reporter: this article's foundation has just about crumbled. in addition to the many details not checking out, police also telling us the alleged victim, vak ie jackie is not cooperating with their investigation. >> we are distinctly told she would not talk to us she would not file a report, that she did not want to investigate, and we were not to talk to her again. >> reporter: charlottesville's police chief and the two detectives who lead the investigation into an alleged gang-rape telling reporters the case is suspended. the details don't add up. >> we have no evidence that supports those assertions. >> reporter: social media propelled the november "rolling stone" article into national headlines. the story claimed to reveal hidden details of a 2012 brutal gang-rape by university of virginia phi kappa psi fraternity brothers the alleged victim referred to as jackie. perhaps most troubling, she said the administration did little to help her. within days her story sparked
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protest on uva's grounds. vandals broke windows and spray-painted the fraternity house. uva's board of visitors convened an emergency meeting determined to fully investigate the horrific allegations. but in december "rolling stone" apologized to its readers citing new information seemed to show discrepancies in jackie's story. today police pointed out many of those inconsistencies but warning they're not calling jackie a liar and they want victims of sexual lie violence to still come forward. >> having police involvement at the very early stages of these investigations is extremely extremely important. >> reporter: and late today, uva's president teresa sullivan released a statement saying that "chief longo's report underscores what i have known since well before the publication of the "rolling stone" article, that we at the university are committed to ensuring the health and safety of all of our students." at 6 we look at the larger impact this story is having here at the university of virginia in what's been a very difficult
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school year for students and fact um ti alike. in charlottesville, david culvert, news4. we're following developments right now on the child pornography charges against a girl scout leader in virginia. the spotsylvania county sheriff's office just announced the arrest of chad leroy milner the last hour. investigators say he had inappropriate contact with a 14-year-old girl, a family friend and sent her to a porn website. that led them to find hundreds of pornographic images of children on his computers and cell phone. miller is also a person of interest in a similar investigation in fairfax. and dozens of officers are out searching far little boy who disappeared from his family's home in the roanoke, virginia area. search teams have been looking in an area about a mile around the home in dublin virginia. his name is noah thomas and he is 5 years old. his mother reported him missing yesterday. at this point investigators do
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not have any evidence of foul play but they do fear that the child is in danger. for the second time this year crews are searching a rural virginia mountain in hopes of solving a 40-year-old cold case from our area. this dig taking place on taylor's mountain in bedford county. it's in relation to the case of katherine and sheila lyon. the lyon sisters vanished in 1975 after going to the wheaton shopping mall. two men are considered persons of interest but neither has been charged. well it's keeping ddot's twitter page very active today. today the agency is beginning its accelerated pothole palooza campaign to smooth out the roads after this rough winter we've had. last week we told you ddot plans to ramp up its response time to filling reported potholes from 72 hours to 48 hours. you can always report potholes on twit we are the hashtag #potholepalooza in addition to calling 311. you may have noticed a few
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buses riding along the shoulder of i-66 today like the one in this video. they are not breaking the law. it's part of a new plan to help ease congestion along this busy corridor. our transportation reporter adam tuss talked to commuters today to get their thoughts on this. he joins us now live from i-66 in arlington. adam? >> reporter: jim, call it a crafty way to beat our congestion. and if it works, it could expand all across our region. chances are you've been tempted to try and beat our horrible traffic by hopping on the shoulder. now along i-66 certain buses can do just that. >> i think if our basic intention is to alleviate congestion and do that safely then why not? >> reporter: time will tell if this is both worth it and safe. drivers do have concerns. >> that could actually cause more traffic. i mean, you know, if we're on the side of the road and the bus
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tries to pass or do whatever it needs to do it could cause more traffic, you know, more confusion. >> reporter: this video from this morning compliments of the transportation commission when the speed drops below 35 miles per hour buses can move over the shoulder. abraham rides the bus and thinks planners are on to something. he says hop on the bus. >> i use every day, morning and afternoon. and i have no problem with it. >> reporter: you think more people should be riding the bus around here? >> yeah sure. >> reporter: how much time could you save in about ten minutes off a one-way trip 20 minutes a day, more than an hour and a half per week. improvements have been made all along i-66. pilot program will last a year and be studied to determine fit's a success. back here now live as the traffic makes its way along 66. coming up in my next report at 6:00 why some say you'll be seeing a bus on the shoulder of
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the road that you drifve on very soon. and the outer loop of the beltway is back ohm in virginia after a big truck fire. the tractor-trailer carrying several cars caught fire near the van dorn exit near alexandra. the outer loop was shut down for almost two hours. a ft. washington man was killed after his car slid into a drainage ditch and struck a tree. michael morales was killed early sunday morning after his car lost control on old fort road near livingston road. prince george's county police are still trying to dpigfigure out why he crashed. tomorrow kicks off the annual street smart safety campaign in arlington. officers there will be at four intersections looking for drivers who don't yield to pedestrians and walker who is don't use those crosswalks. this special detail will be out from 7:00 to 9:00 tomorrow morning and again from noon to 1:00. a loaded gun was found by tsa screeners at a local
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airport. it was a 38 caliber handgun like this one and it was spotted in a guy's bag this weekend at reagan national. agents say the gun had five bullets in it including one in the chamber. that man was given a ticket and then allowed to get on his flight. he could be fined up to $11,000. popular restaurant in forest hill open along 14th street in d.c. after a bunch of bricks fell onto the sidewalk. the chunk of bricks fell from above the st. x restaurant at 14th and t streets over the weekend. no one was hurt. the building has been declared safe. but scaffolding is being put up in case any more brooks fall. a bus stop along the sidewalk is closed. maryland's new governor is promising to work with democratic lawmakers to bring the fbi headquarters to that state. governor larry hogan met with maryland's congressional delegation today. that group is pledging to work closely to get the fbi to choose prince george's county as its next home.
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maryland and virginia are competing for those headquarters. they'll bring 11,000 jobs to whatever state they end up in. the convicted killer of a podcast is making his case to a maryland appeals court. an attorney for sayed says hi conviction should be tossed because his former lawyer failed to interview an alibi witness. the 34-year-old is serving a life sentence after he was convicted of killing his high school sweetheart in 1999. he was at the center of that popular podcast. it raised questions about the integrity of that case. >> dozens of service members including several locals named on an isis hit list. what the fbi is saying about the self-proposed hackers behind this social media posting. feels more like winter than spring here temperatures only in the low to mid-40s in many areas. look at this yeah that's right, a little snow trying to make its way our way too.
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21 days only using cash, no credit cards. could you do it?
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doug and storm team 4 working hard updating your forecast. it's a forecast folks, that involves a four-letter word you don't want to hear this time of year. it is being called a hit list filled with the names of decorated military member some from our area. pat lawson muse joins us with details. pat? the pentagon has reached out to all 100 military members to inform them they are on this list created by isis. but right now none of the service members are being given extra precaution. the islamic state posted the list which includes the names and addresses of u.s. troops online. those on the list are being told to be extra cautious especially on social media sites.
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none of those people have been pulled from active duty. much of the information on the list was readily available on social networks and does not appear that any government sites were hacked to obtain that information. a thank-you today to all u.s. troops and taxpayers from afghanistan's president. he went to the pentagon today during his first state visit. he will meet with the president and congressional leaders in the next couple days. he wants to discuss continued u.s. assistance in fighting the taliban and insurgent groups. bond denied for robert durst. a court ruled the subject of "the jinx sts" is a flight risk and of danger to others. he is accused of killing his girlfriend 15 years ago. officers earlier this month charging him for weapons and marijuana found in his hotel room. but his arrest coincided with an
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hbo documentary in which he confessed to three murders. he has another hearing next week. not so happy start to the jury en route to the happiest place on earth. this frontier jet veered off the runway last night and got stuck in mud. the airline had to cancel the flight headed to orlando. frontier says nobody was hurt. more on how crews got the plane unstuck coming in our next half hour. and it doesn't involve kitty litter. three people are dead tonight, a fourth seriously hurt after a construction accident in the heart of raleigh, north carolina. police say a chunk of scaffolding on an 11-story building collapsed. they tell us the person who survived may have had their fall broken by a portable toilet on the ground. no word yet what may have caused that break. police got quite a surprise in fairfax county this weekend when they pulled over a suspected drunk driver. the teenager behind the wheel
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was only 14. it happen aid long the leesburg pike near jeb stewart high school before 2:00 a.m. sunday morning. the teen hit several parked vehicles then tried to run on foot. he's charged now with dwi, speeding and seven counts of hit-and-run. 21 days. you only use cash. and you only buy the things you need. could you do it? two local women took t challenge. consumer reporter erika gonzalez tells us if they did it. >> reporter: they wanted to improve their relationship with money. >> i just keep spending in a way that's not healthy. >> i still think there's a lot of room for improvement. >> reporter: we had them read this "the 21 day financial fast." we even had the author michelle singletary weigh in to help them strategize. jackie needed to stop spending on her kids. is a family vacation in the near future for the family? >> no. i'm shutting them down. >> reporter: and karen wanted to
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build a nest egg for her children. >> now that i've reached this age, i have to start thinking about my future. >> reporter: 21 days later we went back to visit both women and see if they survived the fast. here's jackie. >> i'm doing good. i've had a setback here or there, which i think is expected. >> reporter: jackie says she's saved about $200 a week, a total of $600. mostly just by opting to cook at home. >> every night we sit at the table and it's fun. >> reporter: another way she's saved, unsubscribing to company e-mails like american girl dolls so she's not tempted to shop for her children. though she does admit she had a moment of weakness in a target store when what should have been a $6 visit turned out to be $70. >> it's sinking we've just gone overboard. >> reporter: and that kay vacation michelle singletary talked about. >> we still won't be able to have that vacation this year but i absolutely think we will have a vacation next year. >> reporter: karen says she
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found the fipgs task to be rejuvenating. >> it was very clearing and i felt i was starting anu and it was just wonderful. >> reporter: she found using cash limited her spending in a big way, especially on trips to the grocery store. >> one time i had to actually say, sorry, i can't pay for that. because i had brought a certain amount of money with me to the store. >> reporter: karen says she's surprised at what she's learned about herself. >> i'm mainly questioning the fact that the plastic has that much control over me. >> reporter: both women starting fresh with a new outlook on money and life. >> the family and saving money, i mean who could ask for more? >> erika gonzalez news4. >> michelle singletary is chatting right now on our nbc washington facebook page. join us and pose your own money questions to her. the most recognizable name in a bat business will be owned
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by a top riva the louisville slugger brand will be sold to wilson sporting goods for $70 million. the company that owns louisville slugger says it couldn't compete with the major sporting goods manufacturers. about 60% of the baseball players use louisville sluggers including several nationals starters. search crews are combing the waters off the florida coates for a missing cruise ship tonight. the 47-year-old person who went overboard on royal caribbean's liberty cruise liner about 20 miles off the coast of marathon florida, investigators say footage shows him climbing over railing but it's not clear if he jumped or he fell. a crew from the ship itself searched from eded with the coast guard before the liberty went to its next stop. on the west coast, a woman is dead tonight, another person remains in the hospital after the pair fell 70 feet during a cliff collapse. this happened over the weekend in point reyes national seashore. that's a popular hiking trail about an hour and a half north
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of san francisco. the national park service had warnings out to hikers about potentially hazardous conditions on the cliff. a new call for change following the beating of a uva student outside of a charlottesville bar. what hundreds of students are asking lawmakers to do. a water alert for d.c. and parts of northern virginia. why your tap water may taste a bit different. if you're heading out this eving, it's been on the cool side all day, and a cool night coming up. 37 by 11:00.
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hi guys. >> you're up. >> it's just me. >> doug's in the studio. >> cold to me. jim and wendy are right here. here's jim. hey, everybody! >> why i oughtta -- >> chilly now and for the next couple days. rockville live camera, plenty of sunshine akrolsz our area but the sun didn't help a whole lot. high temperature today of only 50 degrees. that's right where we are right now. down towards the -- down towards the tidal bay sip, the cherry
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blossoms a few buses left trying to get a look at what may be coming. winds out of the northeast at 5 miles per hour. temperatures 43 in hagerstown 40 towards annapolis. these temperatures are the average temperatures at the end of the month in february. not the end of the month of march. we would like to see warmer weather. and it will come. but not right away. we have something else coming first. storm team 4 radar showing things are all clear right now. look back to the west. here's this system a potent little system brought parts of minneapolis 12 inches of snow brought parts of chicago 6 inches of snow and for us it will give us flurries mostly just flurries tomorrow. will not be a whole lot during the day tomorrow. not expecting a lot of snow from this but it will provide us with cloud cover and another chilly day. start chilly overnight tonight. 7:00 a.m. tomorrow snow around culpeper front royal, romney.
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this could be snow around the d.c. metro area. one thing for sure i do not expect this to have any kinds of problems with rush hour. notice around noon it's out of here. we'll see a couple showers, a snow shower or two, a couple flurries then maybe changing to sprinkle activity as it continues to move on through. not a big system and again, 12 inches minneapolis, 3 to 6 in chicago, so it just goes to show you continues to weaken as it moves our way, not nearly as strong. watch what happens on wednesday. wednesday morning we start to see some rain moving in. this is around 2:00 a.m. notice 8:00 a.m. here comes more rain. this is the kind of rain we like. notice the orientation here nice little arc. that's a warm front. that moves through the area. we see some showers early wednesday, but then we start to see much warmer air moving in. we're talking about some of the warmest air we've seen this season. high temperatures tomorrow will be on the cold side with a few snow showers, maybe a few flurries or sprinkles. 44 leesburg 46 in fredericksburg 44 d.c. and 43 in gaithersburg. just the clouds for most of us during the day. if you're thinking about going
5:27 pm
to exercise a.m. flurry p.m. sprinkle temperatures starting in the 30s moving into the mid-40s. it will be a chilly day. temperatures tomorrow 10 to 15 degrees below average. but it won't stay that way. the impact forecast for all this it's low, it's cold light snow light sprinkle but again, not a big deal. look what will be a big deal. the rain moving in on wednesday, only a 30% chance mostly in the morning high of 55 and 72 on thursday. that could come with some thunderstorms and that could be a bigger deal. we're not talking anything severe here. just a couple rumbles of thunder, maybe a period of heavier rain from time to time. then look we get colder again saturday and sunday very cool, a high of 44 on saturday a high of only 50 degrees on sunday. still ahead -- >> a prince george's county school having issues with black mold. some parents say they had no idea. thieves targeting the homes of chinese restaurant owners while they're at work. there's a pattern.
5:28 pm
tonight president barack obama will be rooting against the maryland terps. >> snowballed and found ourselves buried. >> reporter: the race against the clock to help a family that's already been through so much. ♪ ♪ know you can keep your financial big picture under control. know you can see how much you have to spend
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and whether you should transfer funds. know you can easily keep track of what you're putting away. and know you're budgeted for the great escape. thanks to virtual wallet by pnc. ♪ ♪
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so some hardworking restaurant owners in our area came home recently to find thieves targeting their homes while they were gone. >> fairfax county police tell us they see a pattern. the home break-ins are in fairfax, ochs the herndon area and ashburn. first at 4, northern virginia bureau chief julie carey joins us live with what links these cases. julie? >> reporter: this subdivision is where one of the homes was hit. the common denominator, all of the owners own chinese restaurants. bill parcells seem to know that and they're striking when those victims are away at work in their restaurants. residents of this neighborhood make a show of their home security systems well aware of yet another home break-in in
5:32 pm
december. >> there were a couple of break-ins in 2014. there were i think one or two in 2013. so last two, three years they've been more and more break-ins. >> reporter: in the most recent incident thieves got in through a basement window. in the search warrant documents fairfax county police say it's one of at least three break-ins in which the victims are chinese restaurant owners. a townhouse near fair oaks was another target and a home in ashburn was hit. once inside the suspects are taking cash julie, designer handbags and in one case rare chinese liquor. all the break-ins occur when the homeowners are at their restaurant working. >> so clearly they know what they want and they know what they're looking for and they know the times to be there to do it. >> reporter: this neighbor says these cases remind him of a series of break-ins back in 2013 in loudoun and fairfax targeting families of indian descent and their gold jewelry. even though he works at home he now takes extra precautions. >> i definitely start putting the alarms on. i work from home so -- but i do
5:33 pm
put the alarm on. whenever i go out to pick up mail or something, i just kind of take a peek just walk around. so yeah i do keep an eye nowadays. >> reporter: police there may be more victims just embarrassed to step forward. they urge them to reconsider. >> don't be afraid and don't be hesitant and contact detectives because the quicker you do the quicker we'll be able to make an arrest and hopefully stop this from happening. >> reporter: coming up on news 4 at 6:00 we'll hear from a local elected leader who calls these cases racial profiling. back to you. hundreds of people have signed an online petition pushing for change in the wake of that violent arrest on the uva campus. the petition on asks virginia lawmakers to create a bill stripping law enforcement powers from alcoholic bechbl control officers. martese johnson wound up with ten stitches when abc agents arrested him earlier this month.
5:34 pm
starting today, you may notice a slight change in the taste and smell of your tap water. it's part of their spring cleaning. the water authorities are temp temporaryily switching their disinfectant disinfectant. this is all a move to flush out the system. it will switch back in early may. and consider yourself warned. six new speed cameras are in place throughout the district now. our crews found this one along south capitol street near nats park. right now we're in the 30-day education phase which means if you get caught you'll get a warning. we've posted details about the locations of these new cameras on our nbc washington app. they're all in 25-mile-an-hour zones where police say speeding is known to be an issue. while many local fans are rooting for the top-seeded maryland women to go far in the ncaa tournament the most famous d.c. resident will not be cheering for the terps tonight. jason pugh joins us from college park where the terps are
5:35 pm
reacting to the president of the united states not the college, backing their opponent princeton. jason? >> yeah that's right, jim pap lot of people wondering how in the world could president obama not root for the maryland terps? they've had a great season in their first year in the big ten conference undefeated in conference play. they're in their own backyard. how could you not be a terps fan tonight? well the answer to that question pretty simple for president -- family comes first. president obama's niece, she is a backup forward on this princeton team. who they play tonight, tipoff set for 6:30 by the way. he attended the game over the weekend in college park to watch the tigers. they are perfect this year on the season haven't lost all year. maryland they are riding a 25-game winning streak of their own. and in talking to head coach brenda frese and a few of her players, they are not exactly thrilled about the president rooting against them. >> i think she's going to feel the fire.
5:36 pm
knowing the president's against us i mean, if we win, i think it's just going to be motivation going forward for the rest of the tournament. >> is it a relief to know thatis? >> i did see that today and i saw in his men's bracket he missed on five teams going to the sweet 16 so, i did note that mentally in terms of us moving forward. >> he picked princeton so, you know even if he comes here he's not cheering for us. i'm not saying i don't care about the president, but, i mean if he comes here he's not a maryland fan so, it's -- >> reporter: here's the thing. like brenda frese said president obama, he has been terrible in his bracket this year and let's hope that continues tonight. we want to see maryland go to the final four something they did last year. hopefully the president is wrong on his predictions of princeton winninging. jason pugh news4 sports. >> all right, jason. thanks. teachers and parents concerned about an alarming discovery in the classroom. >> news4 has obtained images of
5:37 pm
black mold on a wall and why a local district school is now apologizing. a texas tea party conservative is the first to run for president. why ted cruz launched his campaign here in virginia. and new tonight, recalls just announced for two product
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lawmaker texas nor ted cruz is the first candidate for president in 2016 but made that announcement thousands of miles from his texas home. pat lawson muse explains why. ted cruz is not the most well-known of the potential gop candidates so he decided to appeal to his base in making his announcement today. cruz declared his candidacy at the lynch burg university. that's in -- liberty university
5:41 pm
in lynchburg, the largest christian university in the world. it gave him instant access to evangelicals nationwide and allowed him to make his first appeal to young conservatives. >> the answer will not come from washington. it will come only from the men and women across this country, from men and women, from people of faith, from lovers of liberty liberty, from people who respect the constitution. >> now, the early announcement may also be an attempt by cruz to differentiate himself. there could be nearly a dozen republican candidates in the race and cruz needs to raise enough money to survive beyond iowa. he also needs to convince the republican establishment that he's their man. jim? >> pat, thanks. a recall remedy meant to fix cars may still leave passengers vulnerable in a crash. nearly a million nissan vehicles were recalled in 2013 and 2014 because of the computer software in the cars may not detect an
5:42 pm
adult in the passenger seat. since then the federal government has seched more than 100 complaints alleging the recall fix didn't work. we've reached out to nissan. it tells news4 it believes the recall remedy was effective and appropriately addressed the safety defect. two recalls tonight, both products have spinach that may be contaminated with listeria and both might be in your freezer right now. first wegmans organic frozen spinach. it was sold at maryland and virginia stores in the last two months. next a variety of amy's kitchen frozen meals sold nationwide at stores such as giant and wegmans. the full list of the meals is on and we did reach out to twin city foods, which supplied the recalled spinach to wegmans. it says it does not supply spinach to amy's so these recalls are not related. parents of some elementary school students are upset tonight about a potential health problem. new at 5:00 what it is and why
5:43 pm
parents say they weren't told about it right away. a chance for flurries tomorrow. local lo cross players have thei
5:44 pm
5:45 pm
5:46 pm
it can cause major health problems and it was found lining the wall of a local school. >> parents are asking why they weren't told about the discovery of black mold in a classroom in dodge park. >> tracee wilkins is outside the school where she spoke with parents today. >> reporter: parents in this particular classroom were exteemly upset since this was a special need class that was impacted and some of these children have a hard time speaking and telling their parents about what happens in a normal day let alone something like possible health issues. melvin rayes is hoping today will be a good day for his autistic son after issues last week. >> he came home with a tantrum and started making up all these things. >> reporter: he and his wife
5:47 pm
were trying to figure out why their son was coming home aggravated. >> we felt there was a change at school. since he was autistic he needs a routine on a daily basis. >> reporter: come to find out his son's class had been moved to the library due to black mold growing on the wall in their regular classroom. this picture was provided by a source inside the school. by the time melvin saw it -- >> as soon as you walk into the classroom, you see the right side of the wall torn down and black spots of mold. >> reporter: after he complained about his son being moved, parents got this letter calling it a repair issue, but no mention of mold. the epa's website suggests informing parents in these situations since black mold can cause health issues especially for people with pre-existing respiratory issues. school spokesmen say that was an oversight. >> transparency is very important and you're right, it is important to get that information out and we do fliz for that. >> reporter: rayes says it's especially important for kids in his son's class since many of them have a hard time finding
5:48 pm
their words. >> he doesn't talk so he can't really tell me my throat hurts or, you know i'm having some chest pains or anything like that. so at the end of the day, we are only going to find out when something bad happens when we're at the hospital. >> reporter: school spokesmen say that a teacher and a teacher's aide did complain of respiratory issues after this mold was found, but they don't know for sure that it is connected to the mold. no students have complained of any problems. coming up on news 4 at 6:00 after we started calling around and asking questions about this black mold another letter went out to parents. we'll toll you what it said coming up in just a bit. i'm tracee wilkins. back to you all in the studio. it was a beautiful sunny day, doug as we walked outside and then, whoa, it's kind of cold out here. >> p you're lk it's gorgeous. you need the jacket. temperatures are well below average once again. look at this picture. it is a gorgeous picture. down towards national harbor you would almost think is this
5:49 pm
moving at all? this is a live camera. the potomac river just extremely tranquil right now. you can see a few of the cars streaming back along towards 495 as you move over the woodrow wilson bridge. one bus left over trying to get a look at the cherry blossoms. they'll be out in the next couple weeks. 44 at 7:00 37 degrees, chilly tonight. it is going to be another cold night. again, we're well below thavrge time of year. our high temperature should be closer to 60 rather than 50. 46 college park 45 in leesburg a cold 40 in annapolis, 41 towards huntingtown. a little bit of a chesapeake bay influence there. our storm system and it is a little storm system it brought chicago 3 to 6 inches of snow but for us not going to be a big deal at all as we move into the overnight hours. we'll still see a chance for some light snow but that's it. areas of light snow, not everybody will see them. flurry activity not expecting accumulation.
5:50 pm
could see some of that on your car, maybe on the grassy surfaces but not expecting any accumulation from it at all. 41 to 46 degrees for a high temperature so it will be on the chilly side for sure. thinking about taking the bike out? not a bad day. 36 at 9:00 a.m., a little better in the afternoon, cool rather cloudy but not all that bad. i think the roads, the swaux should be fine. the snow should not have an impact there. 55 on wednesday. there will be shower activity early in the morning. could impact your morning rush but that's coming with a warm front. that will help temperatures get to 55 and 72 on thursday good chance for rain during the day on thursday and maybe accompanied by a rumble of thunder or two. nothing severe but rain showers during the day. then guess what cool again as we make our way to the weekend, very cool highs around 44 degrees on saturday. guys? >> thanks doug. the cherry blossom festival is under way, but you'll have to wait a bit longer if the blossoms themselves. they're expected to hit peak bloom in just about three weeks. we have all the events of the blossom festival in a special
5:51 pm
page in our nbc washington app. just search "cherry blossoms." the performing arts community mourning the loss of a huge figure in washington's music scene. norman scribner the founder of the choral arts society of washington died unexpectedly at his home yesterday at the age of 79. mr. scribner assembled and led that choir that sang at the opening of the kennedy center in 1971 kicking off 47 years of performances at that venue. scribner was also an accomplished pianist and composer earning him numerous awards including washingtonian of the year. the man behind some of the nas's most celebrated and thought-provoking sitcoms is going to take the stage at the kennedy snernlt about an hour. norman lear creator of all in the family, the jeffersons maude, and other shows is scheduled to address the nancy hanks lecture to support the arts tonight.
5:52 pm
grammy winning rapper common will be giving the introduction. in a matter of hours a virginia family could lose the house they've called home for two decades. but a team of supporters is trying to stop that from happening. and they're barely old enough to drive. news4's kristin wright has their story. >> reporter: the dina family has been through more than most and it seems like the hard times just keep coming. >> you know, it's the american dream to be able to own your own home and -- but for us it turned into a nightmare. >> reporter: sarah dina who is blind, her husband, and four children could lose their home in the alexandra section of fairfax county to foreclosure. the dinas have two days to come up with $67,000. she blames mounting medical bills. >> everything snowballed and we found ourselves just buried. >> reporter: two of the kids have health problems and sarah's husband, john was an nypd sergeant until a debilitateing car wreck. he is blind now also. >> he has become progressively more and more disabled over the
5:53 pm
years. >> reporter: sarah's daughter katherine, is the team captain of edison high school's varsity lacrosse team. her teammates are supporting katherine by raising money for her family. >> car washes and bake sales and family donations. >> reporter: eve an place to stay. >> i have an extra room and my mom, we went and we bought a bed for her. >> reporter: they're more than teammates. >> they bought me my prom dress so that really means a lot. >> you don't have the money to give but, you know, you just try to be there for her. >> reporter: friends set up a site to raise money. people have given more than $43,000. >> i'm totally awed. i never would have dreamed it in a thousand years. >> reporter: if they stop the foreclosure, the dinas still plan to sell their home and move the a place they can afford. the family is grateful for so much support. in fairfax county kristin wright news4. >> wow. if you'd like to help the dina
5:54 pm
family we've posted a link to the crowd funding website on travelers destined for disney world take a muddy detour. how that jet ended up stuck in the muck and what passengers are saying about their ordeal. >> reporter: i'm tom sherwood at nationals park. opening day is just a couple of weeks away. something new for fans this year? security gates.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
the president announced a $240 million private sector commitment to inspire more girls and boys to go into these stem fields. that stands for science technology engineering, and math. bad enough to get your car out of the mud when the wheels get stuck, but the safety of the commercial airline jet is going to be under inspection because of a muddy mishap in delaware. its wheels got stuck after it veered off the runway. >> nbc's tom furlong talked to the passengers aboard the jet about the startling moments that led to a one-day delay for their vacation. >> it was very hard. you know something is wrong for. >> reporter: charlie and his family were bound for disney when their plane made a hard stop. >> it feels like boom. just -- the airplane just -- one side -- the other side just go
5:58 pm
down. you can feel it. >> reporter: with the 105 passengers and five crew passengers felt the pilot just kind of drove off the side of the concrete a few feet. >> the front gear got some mud or something. i thought it would just get out and realized they were stuck. >> reporter: passengers say everyone was okay although a flight attendant got knocked into the wall pretty hard. all passengers were told to go home or give an hotel voucher. they were back this morning, families trying to get the kids to the warm orlando theme parks pap replacement plane was flown in. at one toint a tow vehicle was able to inch the stuck plane forward but ultimately more towing muscle had to be brought in. it is an expensive headache for frontier and an inconvenience for passengers. it could have been worse. >> better to have it happen on -- while you're taxiing than you know, blow a tire on takeoff or landing. >> reporter: they brought in large wrecker trucks with real pulling power.
5:59 pm
you can also see under the "fx" on the frontier on the plane that orange air ball. they're bricking those in to sort of lift the underside of the plane up a little to get it out of its rut in the mud. the passengers who were on this plane have aarrived in orlando and those of us still at the airport are kangsly waiting to see how this plays out. once this plane is able to get out of the mud they'll roll it to a hangar and make sure it's safe before they let it go back up in the sky. in newcastle, delaware tim furlong, news4. new at 6 tonight no evidence of rape at a fraternity and reaction to the investigation at the university of virginia. the police meanwhile, say their investigation is not over. an isis kill list posted online. what the white house is saying while the pentagon notifies military officer who is may now be targets. >> reporter: and word of a possible plea deal for an fbi agent accused of tainting dozens of drug cases. first tonight, new scrutiny about claims of a gang-rape at
6:00 pm
the university of virginia. >> the police say the details don't add up and the accuser has not cooperated. the report in "rolling stone" magazine almost six months ago led to national headlines and indictment of all greek life at uva and a cloud over the school. now there is new concern about victims of sexual assault not coming forward. >> the fraternity at the center of the al gass phi capita psi just released a statement. "these false accusations have been extremely damaging to our entire organization but we can only imagine the setback this must have dealt to survivors of sexual assault." david culvert explains why student leaders are focusing on the positive coming out of all this. >> reporter: the student council says this goes beyond the alleged victim known as jackie tweeting "today we're


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