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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  March 24, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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rain. i'll show you how our chances of rain will be going way up with the temperatures. >> i'm wendy rieger at the live desk. search crews have arrived on the remote mountainside on the french alps where that german jetliner crashed earlier today 30 minutes after leaving barcelona. all 150 on board including several children are believed to have been killed. this is the latest video. it shows the debris scattered across the crash scene. the black box from the plane has been found. and there is hope it will provide clues about what brought this jetliner down. what we do know is that the pilots did not send out a distress call and that plane crashed after descending for eight minutes. german chancellor angela merkel urged people not to speculate on the cause of the crash. for now it's being treated as an accident. president obama made these remarks a short time ago from the white house. >> i called german chancellor merkel and i hope to speak with
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the president of spain later today to express the condolences of the american people and to offer whatever assistance we can as they investigate what has proven to be an awful tragedy. >> the president said u.s. officials trying to determine if any americans were on board. we'll continue to follow this two-pointing story. we'll bring you updates here on news4 and on our nbc washington app. back to you. a construction crew hit a water main in the district today sending water shooting up into the sky. check it out. we have a bunch of photos and tweets about this on our nbc washington app today. this is happening along massachusetts avenue and second streets here in northwest d.c. this break sent water pouring down onto the northbound lanes there of i 395 at the mass avenue joef pass. d.c. water has shut the water off but they're warning drivers that it could be slow going while they fix the break. this afternoon the loudoun
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county fire marshal is trying to figure out what caused a fire at an abandoned family room house north of leesburg. it was reported shortly before 1:00 this afternoon. the unoccupied building is near the smarts middle school and the frances hazel reid elementary school. there was never any danger to either school and no injuries are reported. for the first time we are seeing surveillance video showing secret service agents hitting a temporary barrier outside of the white house earlier this month. the video was released today. during the congressional hearing on the incident. two agents inside the suv had allegedly been drinking before driving to the scene as other officers and agents were investigating a suspicious package left near the fence. their suv almost hit the suspected bomb. >> it appears that we have an agency at war against itself. >> our mission is too important for this to happen. it undermines my leadership and i won't stand for it.
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>> the video also shows a person allegedly leaving the suspicious package then driving away. police have just released the name of an 81-year-old man killed while crossing the street in silver spring. earnest mall vin esest melvin rounds was walking on university boulevard near arcola avenue when he was hit by a pickup truck. it happened around 6:30 this morning. police initially thought rounds would survive his injuries but he died at the hospital a couple hours later. driver who hit him did stay at the scene. it's unclear whether or not rounds was in the crosswalk. storm team 4 keeping busy this afternoon. sunshine nowhere to be found today. it's part of a weather roller coaster we are riding out this week. let's go straight to storm team 4 meteorologist veronica johnson. -in the weather center with the first word. >> seems hike we're stuck again. just can't seem to get moving into spring. temperatures once again some 10 degrees below average.
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upper 40s across the area. 47 degrees currently inside the beltway. 45 leesburg. low 40s to the north. almost 50 degrees down to the south. warrenton at 50. but an overcast sky throughout the area and very limited sunshine today. we're not seeing any rain. but our chances of getting rain will be increasing during the overnight and early part of the day tomorrow. those temperatures once again heading down into the 30s. another cold night. we drop to 39 degrees by 11:00 p.m. we hang out in the mid-40s for at least the next couple hours. so the next few days you'll need to keep your umbrella handy. we're talking about different intensities of rain from the very light showers to the heavy. i'll show you when the heaviest moves in and how much we'll get coming up. metro says more riders are refusing to pay their fare on trains and buses. and metro says a crackdown is coming. police issued some 3,500 citations for fare evasion last
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year, a huge increase for metro. it's also leading to more confrontations between metro riders and workers. metro says assaults against its employees are up. coming up on news4 at 5:00 transportation reporter adam tuss shows us how easy it is to sneak through the system without paying. there is still a major traffic mess along rock creek parkway. overnight crews found debris from the pennsylvania avenue overpass along the southbound lanes. this was near the georgetown area of the parkway. and we're told those southbound lanes are still closed. new computer technology to claim ball game in deploying ambulances and paramedics in the district today. d.c. mayor muriel bowser announced her review of the fire department. she said two main issues have contributed to the delays and both have to do with the new tablets in fire trucks and
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ambulances. bowser's deputy mayor for public safety tells news4 first responders were not properly trained on them and sometimes the tablets lose their connection to the 911 dispatch center making the emergency units invisible to dispatchers. the tablets are being tested and firefighters will get more training. bowser's also ordering more ambulances out on the streets. chopper 4 over the scene of a car accident that just missed a post office filled with people there. this was in sandy spring today. the car crashed into the front railing of the post office around 10:00 this morning. fortunately, it barely made contact with the building and no one was hurt. a developing story in pulaski county in southwestern virginia where a 5-year-old boy has been missing from his home for three days now. more than 100 people including firefighters and the fbi are searching for noah thomas. his mother says she was watching cartoons in their house when she fell asleep. when she woke up he was gone.
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police believe noah walked away and got lost. >> i'm a da four kids three daughters and a son, and if nobody's out here looking for him, nobody's going to find him. >> noah's parents are cooperating with police and officials and they don't believe any foul play is involved. jeremiah wright's getting crowded in here. first at 4, the political shake-up in maryland adds another potential name to the ballot as millions get ready for a change in leadership. a bus full of kids never made it to school today. what happened in the moments before a big yellow school bus went right into a house.
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amazing but true. the sheriff's deputy driving this vehicle last night is home recuperating from minor injuries this afternoon. officials tell us the deputy was responding to a call when he swerved to avoid hitting an suv. you saw his vehicle. it flipped and ended up at a telephone pole in capitol heights. the people in that suv were not injured. there was a scary rigdde for these kids as the bus they were on crashed into a house. the front of the bus slammed into a house in pennsylvania.
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it happened this morning and bus was just removed a few moments ago. the principal says all the kids were fine. they got out through the emergency exit. the bus driver was take on the hospital. police say he may have suffered some kind of a medical issue just before the crash. the person in the house wasn't injured. this afternoon there's a new name in maryland's race for congress. jamie raskin says he's running for the seat open on capitol hill that will open when vischris van hollen runs for senate next year. he's running for the seat that senator barbara mikulski will leave at the end of next year. the home of sandy hook shooter adam lanza is now completely torn down. the newtown community saw it as an unwanted reminder of the 2012 massacre of sandy hook elementary school. newtown's legislative council passed a unanimous vote in january to demolish the house. earlier this afternoon, the school rather crews knocked the whole thing down.
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all that remains is a lot of land. she is the star of one of tv's biggest shows but this d.c. native has a lot of folks talking this afternoon after she says race is influencing where her son will go to college. handing out tickets. the extra efforts this afternoon to make sure you stay safe on the streets and sidewalks. we're going down and up and back down again, so what's in store next?
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a week-long pedestrian safety campaign is under way in arlington. police are targeting certain busy intersecs where they'll put a lot of extra enforcement. >> we put those locations on our nbc washington app. it's not just drivers who are under scrutiny megan mcgrath discovered. >> wait. >> reporter: heed that order or you may be slapped with a
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ticket. arlington county police are cracking down on jaywalking speeding and other violations that put pedestrians in harm's way. for the next several weeks police will focus on busy intersections like this one, columbia pike and dimwitty street. >> speeding of course is a common one. vehicles passing school buses when the stop arm is out there. pedestrians entering the intersection when they don't have the walk signal. behaifrs that could make a difference in saving a life. >> reporter: most people who got by got informational pamphlets, but police did pull several drivers over, this one for failure to yield to a pedestrian. the lesser violations there were warnings. it's all designed to keep people safe and cut down on accidents. >> i'm happy that they're doing this because this is a very busy busy road area. i'm happy they're getting police out here. it's well overdue. >> reporter: and the safety campaign will lost a couple weeks wrapping up on april 19th.
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in arlington, megan mcgrath news4. easter sunday is less than two weeks away. looks like it's getting more expensive. the national retail federation says americans will spend an average of just over $140 on easter clothes and decorations, candy, food and other easter items. that's about $3 more than last year. all told easter spending is expected to reach more than 16 billion bucks. >> whoa. >> a lot of eggs. >> mm-hmm. imagine you and your daughter go shopping for the perfect prom dress and then she finds out she can't wear it. >> yeah. one parochial school in pennsylvania is making decisions just like that. they're telling students that they will have the final say on what dresses are allowed in and which are not. >> the school told students beginning this month they need to bring a picture of their dresses for preapproval. the students are upset with the this new policy.
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they say the timing of it combined with a strict dress code is unfair. especially for those who searched for their perfect dress for weekes and have already spent hundreds of dollars on it. >> they spend so much time picking out a dress of their dream, a fantasy dress, if you will. >> the school administrators are defending the new policy saying the school has a responsibility to uphold catholic values and moral integrity. v.j. joins us now, and we are talking warming trend. >> may be able to get by with wearing one of those dresses and not feeling chilled. warming trend as we head into the next couple days. but then after that well let's wait and see. first we talk about the warming trend. you can see there for the eastern half of the country all that blue that is where temperatures are fairly cold or fairly low, and in most instances some of the cities like cincinnati over towards st. louis running below average.
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the warmth that's down to the south. that's what's going to start making its way from southwest to northeast right into our area. thursday will be the one warm day here. right now it's just plain old cool. 47 degrees. we drop to 42 by 9:00. the other thing, we've had cloud cover already today, but clouds are only going to thicken up over the next couple of hours and it's going to get cold again by tomorrow morning. but this will be the last time for a while, at least a couple days i think that we're going to find early morning temperatures in the 30s. in fact, a couple locations tomorrow morning right at or just below freezing. gaithersburg northern arias of montgomery county frederick, up toward hagerstown washington county along with that we are going to be seeing some rain move into the area. here's a look at 7:00 a.m. some scattered, very light showers around the area. not so much into northern maryland but more toward northern and central areas of virginia leesburg and winchester and petersburg light showers. it's just the morning hours we'll have to deal with that.
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i don't think it's carrying an umbrella at all for tomorrow. the afternoon is dry but still overcast. a better chance for seeing that rain move in on thursday from early in the day, 8:00 a.m. some showers, maybe an isolated thunderstorm or moderate rains in the morning. we get a big bit of a break for the afternoon. so cloudy and, again, plenty warm with a lot of moisture in the air. by the evening hours, the line comes through associated with the weather front. showers and maybe eve an few thunderstorms, especially areas of northeastern maryland maybe right on down into howard county baltimore county maybe as far south as prince george's and anne arundel county. tomorrow a few showers, not as cool so, your impact tomorrow is very low. on our forecast 48 to 58 a big range in temperatures across the area. northeast it's going to feel a little better than today. you can see early morning at 34. we're at 46 degrees by 11:00 a.m. 55 by 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. not too bad. as we step to the side look at this. 72 on thursday. again, tomorrow morning the last time for a while that we start
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out in the 30s. 72 on thursday the warmest day certainly out of the next few. on friday partly sunny, the high 54 degrees. your weekend especially saturday is back to cool. the other thing we've got to talk about on the weekend, something else that could fall. i'll tell you. that's not rain falling on saturday. isle explain more in a little bit. ♪ i don't need no doctor ♪ >> a local voice battles to sing another day. some stars in the making in the national spotlight. but can our area hang in there? one of the world's biggest online retailers says your data may have been breached. we'll tell you what you need to know to keep your information from falling into the wrong hands.
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let's hope it's not that bad, but a voe lowe cal voice is out of the competition. paul was eliminated from the show last night. >> despite being eliminated he says he's working on a new album and will continue to pursue his musical career. another local favorite treeva gibson of frederick county maryland is still in the running so somebody to root for and we love her.
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>> everybody's rooting for her. >> it is the hot talk about "the voice." it centered on treeva today. >> 99.5's kane is here chiming in. what are people saying about the last local competitor? we had three. >> we had three. this is the first time there's ever been three on "the voice." she is incredible not only overcoming her odds but her parents' odds as well. and there is nothing but fans rooting for her from this point forward. >> that's great. we've got a survey out. you've got two young kids. you have babysitters. pretty lucrative to be a babysitter around here these days. >> as a matter of fact i'm quitting my jobs in the mornings at 99.5 to be a babysitter now that the average amount per hour is out. look at this. that says $13.50 an hour. >> wow. that's up there. >> 25% give an extra tip. 87% of parents would give a raise. if anyone need any baby sitting later on today, i'm more than happy to stop by on my way home.
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>> i'm great with kids. i don't curse. i'm friendly. i'm perfect. >> they should be paid. important work. >> it is. >> the iheartradio awards on nbc this weekend. justin timberlake is going to be honor. >> last year we did this and said let's do our own award show. 35 million people watched it. not only will justin timberlake be on it but pharrell kendrick lamar, jamie foxx will be hosting so you know there's a ton of surprises. we're really excited to see because this is done by the fans, who's going to win best fan army. so it's 8:00 to 11:00 this sunday night right here on nbc. >> we can't wait. rihanna and blake next to eesm other. >> i heard some of those meetings about how they sit people next to each other. there are reasons why they do and reasons why they don't. >> i'll bet. strategy behind that. you have big hot tickets to give away tomorrow morning. >> i don't have tickets. i got money, thousands of dollars.
4:27 pm
$2,000. 7:25 and 8:25 tomorrow on hot 99.5. know the phrase that pays and you could win. >> too bad we can't play. >> pay for the babysitters. >> thanks, company. >> great to see you. stirring the conversation. what one of tv's biggest stars is saying about a local college that has people talking about race relations. and also coming up today, we are staying on top of our big breaking story of the day. it's the disaster in the skies after a plane filled with people plummets. what we're learning about the plane's final moments today and what crews don't expect to find at the crash scene. trading-in or selling your car truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at ♪
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right now at 4:30 it's our first look at a secret service controversy. d.c. police sent out this video of two agents hitting a white house barrier earlier this month.
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they were allegedly drunk at the time. a geyser over part of d.c. a construction worker hit a pipe today as they were working near 2nd and massachusetts avenue here in northwest. crews have stopped that break, but you can see delays in that area all up and down i 395. a technical glitch is being blamed for recent delays in ambulances in the district. mayor bowser's office says problems with new tablets inside fire trucks and ambulances have caused delays for first responders. a rescue and recovery mission is under way in the french alps where a german plane filled with passengers crashed today not long after takeoff. they do not expect to find any survivors. >> the german foreign minister flew over the crash site today and described it as a picture of horror. reporter barry arent has more on this tragedy that's devastated the region. >> reporter: an airbus a 320 operated by germanwings crashed today in the french alps.
4:32 pm
the french president said there were no survivors. the flight was traveling from barcelona to dusseldorf with 144 passengers and six crew members on board. the head of the airline reported that after the plane reached cruising altitude it made a descent that took about eight minutes until the crash. relatives of the passengers gathered at dusseldorf airport waiting for news of their loved ones. 67 germans were on board including 16 high school students and two teachers from the town of haltern. its mayor was emotional as he discussed the loss. >> translator: i can assure all of you without a doubt that this is the worst day in the history of our city. >> reporter: friends and family of the 45 spaniards believed to be on the flight headed to the barcelona airport to receive updates. >> translator: we will do all possible to help the families and give them all our support and attention. >> reporter: rescuers at the crash scene said wreckage from the plane was strewn across the mountain. a spokesperson for lew loout tan
4:33 pm
is a said it's too early to say what caused the crash. >> for now it's an accident. there's nothing more we can say right now. everything else would be speculation. >> reporter: now that a black box has been recovered, investigators will examine it to see if there is any sign of what caused the plane to go down. barry arent, nbc news. "empire" tv star and d.c. native ha ra-- taraji p. henson says her son won't go to usc because he was racially profiled there. police stopped him because he had his hands in his pocket. troy johnson is here with us.
4:34 pm
taraji is a d.c. native and went to howard university. your station is in the middle of the campus so this is close to home for you. what are folks saying about it? >> folks are endeared by taraji making this a public statement. it's important people understand she's much more than just a parent an actress and a parent and these are real kinds of stories that parents that are about to send their kids off to school are dealing with. so they're definitely endeared by that. they're glad she's having this conversation. and for some of the howard university folks that i talk to they're like hey, this is where he belongs already. so they're happy to see that this is the decision that they're making as a family. >> late last night, the head of usc's public safety who happens to be african-american himself, issued a statement saying "i was deeply disturbed to read news reports about a prospective student who felt profiled on or near campus because of his race." he continues to say, "i hope for the opportunity to have a conversation with the young man
4:35 pm
and his mother." troy do students at historically black colleges and universities feel protected against racial profiling? >> they do. they feel like it's a sense of having a real home. i've had several conversations with parents who are in that phase of going on tours of schools and specifically at hvcus and that's one of the factors, not only am i going to get a good education they feel like because of that home environment, small university close-knit family they feel like they're going to be in a safe place. and that means an awful lot to a lot of parents who are sending kids maybe away from home farther than they've ever been before. so having that kind of comfort zone is important. parents are relaying that to their students because many of them have had that experience at h hbcus. so it's definitely a conversation parents are having today. hopefully we'll see a lot of these kids heading to schools knowing it's a safe place to be
4:36 pm
an hbcu. >> jim? president obama says there will not be a drawdown of troops in afghanistan as originally planned. he made the announcement in concert with the new president ashraf ghani. he said afghanistan is still a dangerous place and he'll keep just under 10,000 troops there through the end of 2015. another twist in a case that has so many people talking today. the new problem for police after a food network star and her husband are killed. before you stock up on that spring clothing or new things for your house, the rules are changing when it comes to how long you have to return them. and storm team 4 tracking some wet weather. >> if you don't like the chill, we'll be warming up. but it comes with wet weather.
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amazon is warning some customers that its service twitch tv may have been hacked. there may have been unauthorized access to user's personal information. as a precaution, the service is asking users to reset their pass words next time they logon. twitch allows users to broadcast
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live pictures of themselves playing video games. change is coming to a major retailer's generous return policy. consumer reporter erika gonzalez has the details and compares the change to policies at other major stores. bed, bad and beyond is altering its return policy. bottom line if you want to get all ouryour money back, remember your receipt. starting april 20th you'll get 20% less back on an item if you forget or lose your receipt. right now bed bath & beyond offers a few refund or store credit for an exchange even if a customer doesn't provide a receipt. the new policy will also apply to bye-bye baby stores. target just extended its return policy from 90 days to one year but this only applies to target brand items and you'll need a receipt there as well. walmart's return policies generally 90 days after purchase and you don't need a receipt but
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you will have to show i.d. to make that return. meanwhile, stores like nordstrom and costco accept refunds at any time receipt or not. the only exception is a 90-day return policy at costco on electronics. ahead tonight on news4 at 5:00 we've got a warning about companies that claim to improve your credit score. erika will join us again sharing one woman's story. that's coming up right here at 5:00 tonight. if off story idea for the consumer watch, contact us. they are popping up all over the place. the big warning from police about what to look out for on the roads now that spring is finally here. it's a sacrifice that has folks talking this afternoon. how a hollywood "a" lister is changing the conversation about women's health. this story is our nbc washington flash survey of the day. so tell us would you consider
4:42 pm
preventative surgery if you had a high risk of cancer? >> during the break, grab your phone and vote by calling or texting the number you see on the screen. you can also vote on the nbc washington facebook page and
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welcome back to news4 at 4:00. we're following all the big stories for you. first at 4 -- >> we'll get to doug v.j. and wendy in just a moment. first a lot of you are weighing in on our nbc washington facebook page today talking about angelina jolie, the oscar-winning actress has had another preventive operation hoping to cut her risk for cancer. >> this comes two years after jolie had a double mastectomy. nbc's erica edwards has more on her difficult decision one that many women face. >> reporter: last week angelina jolie had what's called a
4:46 pm
bilingual surgery, removing her ovaries and fallopian tube after a blood test suggested early signs of cancer. her family has a strong history of the disease and carries the gene. >> patients are at an exceptional risk of both breast cancer and ovarian cancer, and as a result they benefit from risk-reducing surgeries. >> reporter: in jolie's case, the benefit outweighed the risks, which are significant, including the potential for heart disease and osteoporosis. jolie is now in menopause, writing in "the new york times," "i will not be able to have any more children and i expect some physical changes. but i feel at ease with whatever will come not because i am strong but because this is a part of life." two years ago jolie had a double mastectomy a decision she made after her mother died of ovarian cancer. >> i was very moved by the kind support from people. >> reporter: what followed was dubbed the angelina effect an increase in women talking with
4:47 pm
doctors about genetic testing and their own cancer risks. ovarian cancer is often discovered in advanced stages. >> with the ovary there's no good screening test that doing all sorts of things to image the ovaries and even blood tests are not good at picking up these tiny cancers. >> reporter: jolie was careful to explain her decision is not right for everyone. she also writes that she still feels feminine a powerful message coming from one of the most gamlamorous women in the world. erica edwards, nbc news. >> before the break we asked you to weigh in on this story on our nbc washington flash survey of the day. here are the results. so far, remember, you can keep voting on the nbc washington facebook and twitter pages. and now your storm team 4 forecast. >> so, veronica are we going to -- how long are we going to need the umbrella? that's the question. >> a couple days.
4:48 pm
you'll want to ready your umbrella and ready your wardrobe. get ready for just about anything coming up over the next couple of days. as far as tomorrow morning goes yes, umbrella weather. some light showers will be moving through. your pedestrian forecast headed to the metro, 34 degrees with a light shower. those showers will be scattered. not everyone will see them. and i think by the time we get to around 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. that's it for a shower chance tomorrow but another overcast sky. here's a look at your probabilities for early part of the day tomorrow. from a 70% chance we drop by 9:00 a.m. to about a 50% chance and by lunchtime tomorrow 30% and headed down so that shower threat again early in the day, and it's not going to be heavy. it's going to be very light. so, you know some folks who don't want to carry the umbrella you can probably get by without it. just drizzle and light stuff coming through. what to expect on thursday though you'll need it then. periods of rain moderate to heavy. not all day but that thunder that you heard earlier, we may hear some of mother nature's
4:49 pm
thunder on thursday when the front comes through. a chance early on in the day with a warm front. then again during the evening hours, but right now it doesn't look as though we'll see anything severe. tomorrow your temperatures well we're going to see a big range throughout the area. cooler conditions up here around leesburg 54 60 fredericksburg 61 degrees orange for mountains tomorrow temperatures going up into the 40s. 48 degrees in moorefield then slightly higher temperatures sitting to the south and west tomorrow. in terms of the trend and what we can expect as we look forward, let's go to meteorologist doug kammerer. >> high temperatures get into the low 70s in many regions. maybe mid-70s in the south. we're nice and warm on thursday but watch what happens by friday we're cooler and by saturday we
4:50 pm
plunge maybe not even cool maybe cold. it will be a very cold weekend both saturday and sunday. both look like they could be on the cold side. 30 degrees colder saturday than they are during the day on thursday. the roller coaster continues. up fortunately we've been in the bottom of it a lot lately. >> the warmth lasting a day or so that will be the case thursday, then back down on thursday. a chance for flurries on saturday. it's looking a little breezy too, certainly cool with a high temperature of just 44 degrees. the cherry blossom festival is going on so there will be a little bit of wind. sunday your best day for the weekend. but we'll talk more about the rain coming up on news4 at 5:00. guys? >> thanks veronica. spring flowers aren't the only things popping up around the area. road construction cones are also popping up. vdot is using this work zone awareness week to make us aware of some safety moves. don't tailgate.
4:51 pm
remember unexpected stops happen in work zones. don't speed. fines can be a lot higher. don't change lanes in a work zone and keep your eyes focused on the road. not other distractions in the vehicle. tomorrow is vdot's go orange day with employees sporting their favorite color and honoring their colleagues who died on the job. i'm wendy rieger at the live desk pap new revelation from the d.c. fire department. new computer technology is to blame for some recent ambulance delays. d.c. mayor muriel bowser says issues with tablets inside the fire trucks and ambulances have had connection issues and that first responders were not properly trained on these devices. we've learned this could explain a recent incident in which a young boy died. mark segraves is working on this story for us. he's going to bring the new dell tails to you moments away on news4 at 5:00. see you then. a new push today from prosecutors in prince george's county to get the community
4:52 pm
involved in efforts to stop domestic violence. prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins has more on a case that's an example of why it takes more than police to handle domestic issues. >> reporter: this was the case of a husband who refused to leave his home saying that he'd rather see it burn down than to be evicted from it. this all happened last may in glendale. david colgaty is the husband. he did not want to leave the house according to the divorce decree his wife was going to be able to sell it. but he refused to leave, setting the house on fire and, according to the prince george's county state's attorney's office also firing some shots while inside of the home. he was found guilty of arson and some other charges just a week or so ago. but now the state's attorney's office is saying this is another example of one of those cases where had the community been aware of what was going on inside this home perhaps someone could have stepped in and assisted. >> that's why we've really started working with the faith
4:53 pm
community and our message has been we can't wait until they get to the courthouse or to the police station. we've got to get into the houses into our families and really understand the challenges and help them deal with them. >> reporter: coming up on news4 at 5:00 video that you have not seen before of the altercation between this husband and police. in upper marlboro tracee wilkins, news4. an unlikely scene. a serial bank robbery suspect arrested by the fbi at a senior citizens apartment.
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a twist in the murder case of a pregnant food network worker and her husband. officials say a suspicious fire destroyed the building on the property of the suspect of the murder. she and her husband were found last week inside a wood stove at the north carolina home of robert owens. owens is charged with killing the couple and their unborn
4:57 pm
child. now authorities are investigating the fire at an unoccupied mobile home about 50 yards from where owens lived. extremist vid and radical teachings were the focus of testimony today at the boston marathon bombing trial. and the defense may have hurt its own case. jay gray is outside the courthouse for us. >> reporter: good evening, pat. forensic evidence really at the core of what the prosecution is working through right now. and the defense has limited its cross-examination of government witnesses. today they pushed back a bit and may have actually hurt their case. testimony continued today focused on evidence uncovered on dzhokhar tsarnaev's computers and at multiple crime scenes. counterterrorism expert dr. michael lidda discussed the sbeps ti and potential imact of extremist videos and writings down lowed to tsarnaev's computer and similarities
4:58 pm
between those teachings and the message he scrawled inside the bullet-riddled boat where he was captured. during cross-examination from the defense, levitt was challenged about who introduced sarn dwroef the radical videos and writings and in what could be damaging testimony the doctor said "at a certain point it almost doesn't make a difference where he got them." tsarnaev's legal team contends his older brother, tamerlan, was the mastermind in the attack, a father figure who pulled dzhokhar into his, quote, passion and plan. next state investigators crime scene from the murder of m.i.t. police officer sean collier. the forensic evidence and testimony coming as prosecutors expect to wrap up their presentation to the jury by the end of the week. many of the analysts agree the defense won't use a lot of its effort, a majority of its effort
4:59 pm
in the current guilt or innocence portion of this trial. instead they will focus on the expected penalty phase here. that's the latest in boston. jay gray news4. right now, a wild west bandit an accused local bank robber outpaces jesse james. and investigators say he did wit a get-away bicycle. i'm wendy rieger in the newsroom and you're watching news4 at 5:00. i'm jim handly. we are working every angle. that breaking plane crash in the french alps. new at 5:00 tonight, tom costello joins us thrive discuss where this investigation goes from here. i'm chief meteorologist doug kammerer. temperatures going way up in the next couple days only to come right back down. in the middle some thunderstorms. i'm pat lawson muse. a search expanhandleds for a missing boy. what the child's mother says she was doing the moment he disappeared.
5:00 pm
as a problem with people who are cheating the system. i'm adam tuss. the story coming up. first at 5, police call him the bicycle bandit and tonight they believe they've got their guy. he's accused of hitting more than a dozen banks in just over a year netting more than $30,000. news4's pat collins live in wrarl the arlington where the fbi nabbed him. >> reporter: the bicycle bandit. they say he did 11 bank jobs and got away with each one of them. 11 bank jobs. 12 was his unlucky number. the apple federal credit union, friday march 20th about 11:00 in the morning pap man goes inside. he's got a cell phone up to his here. he's got a gun in his hand. he comes up to a teller and demands money and makes off with $1,400 in cold


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