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tv   News4 Today  NBC  March 25, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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information about the block box recovered from the wreckage. and it is time for potholepalooza. how you can help get them plugged up even faster. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm erika gonzalez in for eun yang. we appreciate you joining us. it will get warmer eventually, but first some of you may experience some freezing rain this morning. tom, is this ever going to let you up? >> yes, eventually march becomes april. and there is the capitol under a cloudy sky. this area in green is rain but it is coming into colder air and it does advance farther to the north. we're getting some icing in the pink. a few scattered areas especially along the ridge tops in the shenandoah valley, farther to the west, where there could be a little bit of vae light icing. we have freezing rain advisory
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st. mary's shenandoah valley, all these counties south including stafford rappahannock culpeper until noon. so we could have light icing mainly on the elevated surfaces as the temperatures are below freezing around the metro area. just in the upper 20s to near 30 degrees how and that radar showing this to continue to advance and moving in. this could affect the morning commute, maybe 66 and coming up from 95 to the south could be a little slippery later this morning. >> good warning. most things dry at this point, but as you said we'll keep an eye 066, 95 in virginia as the morning progress and the rain does start to fall. 270 at shady grow road dry and no major problems there. 66 95 everything dry right now, as well. looking at 66 you're on time everything moving quite nicely. 95 just north of triangle also
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looking quite good no matter if you're headed north or south. completely open. beltway at st. barnabas also rolling along nicely for us this morning. i'm back at 5:11 weather and traffic always on the 1s. staying on top of the latest developments on the crash of germanwings flight 9525. recovery crews arriving to the scene there in the french alps. they have recovered one black box, the cockpit voice recorder. they're still searching for that second box the flight data recorder. the box that was found is damaged, but officials believe they will be able to retrieve information from it meanwhile helicopters are surveying the area there. overnight there was rain and snow it is making it very slippery for crews trying to do the investigation there. the family members of some of the 150 victims are arriving in the french alps, as well, some of the residents who live there are opening up their homes to host those families. leaders from france germany and spain are also expected to arrive there. the investigation continues, still no word on what caused the
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plane to crash yesterday there in the french alps. officials believe terrorism was not a factor here, but they say they are still looking at every other possibility. several workers at lufthansa airlines decided not to fly, at least seven flights were canceled because the crew said they were unfit to fly. the cceo understands why and he says crews will have access to counseling if needed. 5:03. spring weather may have you choose to go walk or bike to work more often as the mercury rises, so does the arriving on the road. that's why starting today safety officials across the area are asking you to use your street smarts. molette green is live in college park with more on the new campaign that starts today. >> reporter: good morning. this campaign is severally about saving lives. there are lots of bars and
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strapts along this stretch of route one here in we have seen our share of deadly accidents. some of the safety measures put in place here lowering speed limit, adding new pedestrian signals. but we've also been al to crunch the numbers across the region. 75 people have lost their lives. pedestrians and bicyclists in will traffic crashes in the tooes area lastd.c. area last year alone. this campaign urges every kind of commuter to watch out for each other and it also comes with a warning especially to drivers to obey those traffic safety laws or face fines that could range anywhere from $40 all the way up to $500 and points added to your driving record. we're live this morning along route 1 in college park i'm
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mote molette green, back to you. a police officer is part of a car accident on connecticut avenue and bell pre road. today we'll hear from the wife of a than who was stabbed to death at a hotel. police found david messer shift ererschmitt in the donovan hotel. they're looking for a person of interest. this afternoon his wife will speak at police headquarters. today marks 40 years since anybody last saw two missing stirs from montgomery county. katherine andyon went missing on this day this 1975. new leads have led to another search this week on taylors mountain in virginia. authorities have named richard allen welch senior and lloyd lee
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welch as persons of interest in the case. potholepalooza officially kicks off in the district today temperature mayor youbowser will launch the effort. the district has filled more than 7,000 pot hoetholes in the last two puigweek. you can call 311 or go to the nbc washington app to learn about the different ways you can report a pothole. a police officer shot and killed respond to going to a a. suicide call and people in the area evacuated. we'll have an update. and plus new video of a car that plowed in to a germantown home. and a live look over d.c.. roads could be a little wet. we'll check your drive time forecast along with the traffic.
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this car you see it right there just missed hitting a child who was asleep in bed. take you a look here, you can see the car ran into an apartment building, smashed a window. this was in germantown. investigators have not said why they think this happened. today you can go to a hiring
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our heros job fair in the district that is happening today at verizon center between noon and 4:00 p.m. pthere is also a workshop where you can learn about resume writing and interviewing. that starts at 10:30 this morning. you can also get one on one mentoring. pat lawson muse will be emceeing part of that program. you may need your umbrella this morning. >> chuck bell driving around in the storm team 4 x 4 going out to herndon with how the morning is shaping up for folks out there and the morning commute. which you can, good to see you. >> reporter: so far just cloudy skies here. we're waiting on a caps for some raindrops and temperatures out here across much of northern virginia are at or below the freezing mark. this could cause just a little bit of trouble first thing this morning. storm team 4 radar shows there are already areas of light rain just to our south and west and those are inbound raindrops. and with temperatures below freezing we do have a freezing
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rain advisory that goes until noon today across much of northern virginia. tom obviously will be continuing to talk more and more about that but your drive time forecast early this morning, you need to be on the lookout because these raindrops are coming this to some very cold air and a lot of times it's that first little glazing of ice that catches people completely off guard. so be ready for it this morning. temperatures most of the roads are okay, but elevated surfaces some of those sidewalks and handrails could get a little glazing of ice. so be extra careful. we don't need anymore problems on the road and i know melissa agrees with me. >> to sure. beltway at new hampshire avenue looking good and dry for now. you know that rain is coming in. 66 and 95 area 95 at cherry ril road hill road no problems.
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wider look at things everything rolling along quite nicely. 95 in virginia no issues. same thing with 66 and 395, no issues as you're heading in will to town. remember when you get in your car, you can tune in for more traffic information, wtop 103.5 fm. parents you need deep pockets to acceptedsend your kids to college. uva is raising tuition. and baby-sitting is getting more expensive, too. who parents are pay to go have those few hours of freedom
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following a developing story from maryland. police officers there finding a man stabbed in the neck laying on a living room couch last night. this happened on edmonston road. victim taken to prince george's county where he died. another 38-year-old man was arrested taken into custody and police say they have recovered the weapon involved.
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developing story unfolding right now in california. a police officer has been shot and killed by a man threatening suicide. san jose police say that officers responding to the call last night were met with gunfire. they returned fire and may have struck the suspect. police have closed off several streets in the area as they search for that man. we expect more details on the death of a business which is state trooper shot and killed in a shoot-out with a suspected bank robber. p the sheriff says the suspect robbed a bank and fled in an employee's car. as they searched for the robber police found the body of a man in his 60s possibly shot by the suspect. the stolen car was found pretty close by to that. it is believed that the suspect fled in a second stolen vehicle and later exchanged gun fire with the state trooper. both men were killed. today there is a public apology expectedexchanged gun fire with the state trooper. both men were killed.
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today there is a public apology expected for the racist fraternity video that ght two students at the university of oklahoma expelled. one of those students is speaking this afternoon. you can seek seecan see levi pettit in the video here. the news conference will be with leaders from the state senate's black caucus who he will meet with privately afterwards. you'll have to spend more to send your child to uva next year. you tuition is going up by 11:00, which means one semester will cost more than $14,000. school leaders approved the change yesterday, that according to the "washington post". the post says current students will have to pay a smaller increase at first. police need your help locating a missing woman from rockville. 25-year-old jen made cna cohn was last seen leaving her home last night
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in rockville. she was last seen wearing a blue sweat shirt, pants and brown sandals. if you've seen her, please call the montgomery county police department with any information you may have. a young woman with a very bright future killed. and police have charged her friend with second-degree murder in her death. nancy tinoza died early sunday morning on eastern haef in northeast d.c.. court documents show momodui bello drank several alcoholic beverages before leaving a night club with tinoza and then he crashed into a parked trailer. >> will this loss has created a hole that nobody can fill and i wish something i could do to buy back a life but i cannot. >> court papers say bello dragged tinoza out of the car while she was unconscious and that eventually caused her to hit her head on the ground. the united states student cheever's program brought tinoza to the d.c. area there africa
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seven years ago help her family wants to fly her body back to zimbabwe for a proper burial and if you'd like to help, there is a link on just search nancy. two teens are charged with five robberies along the branch trail in northeast. police released surveillance video showing ro twotwo possible suspects. the names of the teens are not being released because they are juveniles. 5:1 right now. a man being a accused of a dozen robberies has been arrested. agents believe he is the so-called bicycle bandit who would rob banks and then ride away on a bike. they say they used cell teen record phone records to track him down. open that door and he was laying on that bed and i immediately grabbed him and ran
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out. >> this sid i don'tvideo shows the police officer saving the life of 3-year-old from a fire in georgia. it was all caught on his body camera. he arrived at the scene before the fire department and was told by the grandparent that the child was still inside so he headed in to the smoke and darkness and rescued the child. after saving him, the police officer said i earned my paycheck and i did what i'm paid to do. take a look at this video, just absolutely incredible. that's a bus you see. it was carrying tourists as it was washed away after it fell into a giant crater in the road there. this happened yesterday in northern about a brazil. it took just minutes for that bus to be washed away by the muddy water. look at this, you saw all those passengers they got off the bus safely after it -- look at that. >> cannot believe that. lived to tell about it thankfully. well, some wet weather here not that bad, not nearly that bad, but still some wet weather this our area today. live look outside for you
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right now. 38 degrees outside our studios and we have clouds in the district. >> clouds on the increase and we'll have rain moving in but probably not until about 8:00 or 9:00 this morning. so we're still all dry around the metro area. but there is rain now getting closer to us. right now beginning to rain in fredericksburg and north and west of there in to the shenandoah valley and into west virginia. the area in pink is where it may be icing up a bit. we have a freezing rain advisory st. mary's, charles, fairfax, loudoun, panhandle of west virginia shenandoah valgly prince william, stafford culpeper rappahannock under the freezing rain advisory until noon. these temperatures are below freezing there. the rain rolls in to that sub sfreez freezing air, we'll get the icing. the rain won't arrive until about 8:00 9:00 in the western
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and southern suburb. and then coming right into washington between 9:00 and around noontime, that one little area of rain moving on through. as it does pass off to the north and east we'll have clouds lingering the rest of the afternoon. just a small chance of additional sprinkle. and perhaps later this evening as well, some sprinkles moving back in. so have an umbrella with you. you may need it later today. tomorrow some sunshine in the morning, increasing cludouds but much milder. southwesterly breeze getting us into the low 70s thursday afternoon. right now thursday evening all the way to friday morning, showers maybe rumbles of thunder. down to the low 40s by dawn on friday and then mid-50s in the afternoon. and some of the showers may linker true noontime on friday. then drying out a bit friday afternoon, just a small chance of an additional sprinkle. colder weather moves in for saturday and the rest of the weekend. near 50 on sunday but looks dry. good weather for outdoor yard work or recreation and then a
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bit milder first part of next week. next weather and traffic on the 1s the hour by hour breakdown. still have some construction sort of late clearing construction here in silver spring. colesville road between georgia and wayne one lane blocked each direction. could start seeing some slowdowns. 66 into town 95 into town out of town also looking quite good for us. beltway at branch avenue, no robsrob s problems inner loop or outer loop. 95 in maryland, nice and green. same thing looking at bw parkway, 270 at old hundred road you get of course a little bit slow around the bend coming out of frederick. otherwise 270 looking nice and clear this morning. i'm back at 5:31 weather and traffic always on the 1s. today investigators are trying to figure out why a house was rigged with a device to blow
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it up. the electrician is an found what he thought was a suspicious device in the house in hilton massachusetts just south oon. while police worked through the might to try to make the house safe they say the house was about to go on the market. the device was rigged to blow up if somebody switched on a light. >> probable cause here to indicate that something serious would have happened. >> who will want to live in that now? police renters this morning. >> the u.s. supreme court will hear arguments about the regulation of pollution. they will consider whether the ep after the unreasonably refused to consider costs when determining regulations of hazardous air 34r50ugs emitted by nuclear plants before the state of michigan among those alleging plants cannot afford the mandates. a new report finds you may not have enough money in your 401(k) savings account to live on when you retire. the employee benefit institute
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found the median amount is more than $18,400. researchers also found 40% of american workers have less than $10,000 in their 401(k). older workers tend to have more savings in their plans. at vanguard, the immediatemeed median for saferers 55 to 65 was more than $76,000. still, that is not enough money for health care and daily living in retirement. you may be paying one of the highest prices in the country for baby-sitting services right here in the district. it is pricey to have a night out on the town. d.c. is among the five most expensive markets for baby-sitters nationwide. if you're a participants, you know full and well about this. you're maybe pay building $15 an hour for one child and up to $5 per hour for additional children. according to, the average around $13 per hour. top three most expensive cities are san francisco, san jose, and
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boston. in news"news 4 your health"," a medical center on wheels will be revealed. the mobile clinic will serve wards 7 and 8 and prince george's county. those areas have some of the highest rates of diabetes hypertension and obesity in the nation. this is the first of two mobile uptss and it will visit neighborhoods six days a week. and a new report out this morning provides a snapshot of your county's health. >> the study crunches the numbers on factors ranging from medical care to crime. arlington county ranked the healthiest county in virginia. fairfax came in at three out of 133. and prince william county was ranked 11th. in maryland, montgomery was the healthier, prince george's county came in 16th. our time right now 5:27. 17 shootings in the last three months the new push to stop the crime in one part of the district. plus new details about the university of virginia's actions just weeks after an explosive
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sex assault article in "rolling stone". and good mornging reston. you may see a little bits of rain coming in this morning. tom will take a look at the hour by hour temperature changes.
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search crews are back at the plane site of the crash in france. potholepalooza begins this day in nbc. you can report a pothole in your neighborhood. today there is a public apology expected for the racist frat video a lot of you have heard about or even seen by now. it got two students at the university of oklahoma expelled and we will have more on that later today. right now it is 5:30. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm erika gonzalez. thanks for joining us on this chilly wednesday morning. >> chilly going to be wet for some folk as the morning rolls on.
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>> i saw a pothole yesterday that is about a foot deep. so watch out for the potholes. with the freeze and thaw weather, we have more potholes popping p up and rain, as well p. along skyline drive, there is freezing rain. also in stafford county and just west of there, southern fauquier rain coming into cold air. freezing rain advisory st. mary's, charles, allow tonloudoun north and west of there until noon. so watch izecing. upper 20s to near 30 degrees. by the time the rain arrives in the metro area it should be in the mid-30s, but some rural areas could be some icing. by noontime into the 40s and then hitting low and mid-50s during the afternoon. but just maybe a few sprinkles
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away and some clouds coming and going, as well. coming up at 5:41 your bus stop forecast for this umbrella day wednesday. nice crydry roads right now. but probably between 8:00 9:00 a little bit of rain. inner loop and outer loop everything nice and green. beltway at braddock looks good. no issues there p. taking a look at 66 hopping on kind of in the centreville area and heading in to town you're clear. same thing out of town. 95 north in virginia a little slow through dale city. typical as we're now in the 5:30 hour. and beltway at kenilworth, a little volume but nothing abnormal. back with travel times in ten minutes. in just a few hours, the new president of afghanistan will address our congress. this comes just a day after president obama agreed to slow down the departure of u.s.
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troops from afghanistan. tracie potts live on capitol hill now with more on how this could impact long term u.s. commitments. >> reporter: good morning. it could mean sthous of troops who had hoped to come home and expected to come home this year will now have to stay until next year. the w40us president obama insists that all of our noncombat troops almost all, are still coming home by the end of 2016. but they're pushing many of them to next year instead of bringing half home this year as originally expected and that is at the request of afghanistan's new president, he says he needs those u.s. troops to stay because they're expecting a lot more insurgents this spring. they're already having some issues there. and they need the additional help from the u.s. troops that are already there. almost 10,000 of them. meantime, the last big speech from a world leader here was prime minister benjamin netanyahu of israel. now he's fighting allegations
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and denying allegations that israel was spying on our nug clear talks with iran. >> spras city pots on the hill for us. thank you. president obama also asked whether thetbenjamin netanyahu has done enough to clarify his position on peakce talks. he says he still takes netanyahu at his word. he said palestinian state would not be created while he was prime minister. netanyahu maintains his position is clear. a federal court has set a date to hear the appeal on the obama administration's immigration actions. the at a time is said for april 17th. if the president's plan is lifted 5 million undocumented workers would not be deported. there is a debate to help you choose the next d.c. council member for ward 8. there is a special election next month to fill the seat of former
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mayor barry. tom sherwood is moderating the debate tonight the at 7:00. there is also a special election for bowser's seat. the mayor represented ward 4 but vacated the seat to take on this new role. last night, hundreds of people showed up as candidates held a public forum. attendees said they're concerned about crime. >> a lot of concerns that residents have is what is the comprehensive plan that the district is taking on. >> there are 17 different reported shootings in ward 4 in just the last three months. hundreds who live there signed a petition asking the mayor to address this problem. you can read it right now on we now know the university of virginia met with police at least six months before an article about a ghapgank rape was
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published in "rolling stone". the post reports the dean met with the students several times along with similar the lotsville police and campus police. similar charlottesville police released its report. the student's account of what she told police at the time was different from what was printed in the magazine. the article was since discredited. the new mgm cass seen see mchltmgm casino will be celebrating their progress today. an event will mark the hiring of the 1,000th member of its workforce in prince george's county. maryland governor larry hogan will be there to celebrate. it may not feel like it you now, but cherry ploss onlyblossoms are on the way. and we'll tell you about the effort to make parking easier. and don't skip out on your
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fare at metro. and a little bit of rain coming this morning. chuck is back with a check on the bus stop forecast.
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if you're thinking of taking your family for the national zoo, you'll see increased security. the zoo says that it's adding new security screenings and bag
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checks after violence in the neighborhood last year. you may remember somebody was shot just outside the zoo in april. there could also be a cap on how many people could be in the zoo at p one time. with chairerry blossom season under way, there are a lot of parking concerns. aa chlt a achlt aaa and the american bus association says the current system in place including ticketing thousands of car has not been effective enough. one solution they support, a giant underground parking lot under the national mall. probably not the going to happen but we'll see. we're having to tell you about a new partnership you'll be hearing more about. starting today, you will now hear news # reporters and meteorologists on wtop radio. >> and you can listen for us on your car radio when you're look for new, traffic and weather in our area. we're also pleased to say that some of the trusted voices that you hear on wtop will join us
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here on news 4. all of this designed to provide you with the latest up-to-date information wherever you are. and we are using the #umbrella day today. >> buckand chuck bell is in herndon for us this morning. >> reporter: good morning. a little bit of an impact coming our way as raindrops are getting ready to move over the top of subfreezing air across northern virginia. so be on the lookout. storm team 4 radar, temperatures right now are only at about 31 degrees here in herndon. so the rain drops may freeze on contact or freeze solid on the way down. so don't be surprised to hear the little rat tatatat of sleet.
5:42 am
roads not expecting a problem, but handrails and staircases could be a little bit on the dicey side. bus stop temperatures only in the low to mid-30s here for early this morning. we'll rise into the 50s later on today. so by about lunchtime, all this should be nothing more than a distant moerm asemory as we inch inch inch our way toward springtime. right now still have late clearing road work. colesville road silver spring between georgia and wayne, still have one lane blocked in each direction there this morning. quantico to the beltway, you're about five minutes behind there. 66 east to the beltway, 11 minutes. 270 south looking pretty good. souter loop 95 to 270, no problem. and when you you hop in your car, tune in to our friends at wtop 103.5 fm.
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still ahead this morning, a former lawmaker gets ready to leave prison this week and head
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big concerns about tablets installed in d.c. fire trucks and ambulances. mayor bowser said there have been problems with that program so far. several have had computer glitches. one of bowser's dep pewu glitches. one of bowser's dep pewutyies says it could affect how fast it gets to you. >> could be an hour, could be five minutes. you'll have a dispatch center not being aware of a particular fire engine or ambulance. >> mark segraves also learned fire dispatchers were not the trained properly for the program. the tablets were also installed in police cars but the mayor has not said whether there are any problems with that program as of right how. pay for metro or else. they are coming down hard on
5:47 am
riders who do not pay on trains and buses. the agency is adding more metro police officers at popular rail stations and bus routes. they will issue warning citations and eventually up to $100 fines. metro police issued some 3500 citations for fare evasion last year. this all leading up to more confrontations between metro riders and workers. the union representing metro workers is hosting a discussion on safety today. the event comes just two months after an electrical malfunction on the subway led to the death of a passenger. and we know that there are lots of -- we now know that there was lots of smoke that day at the l'enfant plaza and now a possible reason as to why. d.c. homeland securityy management agency released a report, their investigation has did determine termed water leaking in to electrical equipment led to that heavy smoke. this report was obtained by the news 4 iteam scott mcfarland through a freedom of information
5:48 am
request. keep in mind the ntsb still has not talked about a probable cause for that incident. right now the search for a missing boy in virginia has expanded. police do not suspect foul play in the case of 5-year-old noah thomas. they do believe he walked away from his home in southwest virginia on sunday. more than 100 people from different agencies have been working around the clock to try to find noah. 5:48. today marks 40 years since anyone last saw two miss sisters from montgomery county. police are hoping a huge break in the case could come at any day. 10-year-old katherine lyon and her 12-year-old sister sheila went missing from wheaton plaza on this day in 1975. the bedford county virginia sheriff's office says new leads led to another search this week on taylors mountain in virginia. authorities have named richard alan welch sr. and his nephew as persons of interest. neither man has been charged.
5:49 am
today you can learn moore about community and police relations in the u.s.. the meeting is a joint venture betweens american university and the international association of chiefs of police. tonight they will discuss relationships following the recent events in ferguson missouri. this is between 7:00 to 9:00 at american university in northwest d.c.. and maryland's gun laws may be changing. today a federal appeals court will hear arguments on key provisions of maryland's sweeping gun control law. gunned a stroe case groups say the ban on.45 assault weapons and limit on gun magazines is taking safety too far. maryland lawmakers approved the measures in response to the deadly shooting of 20 children at sandy hook elementary school in connecticut. just before he became virginia's governor in 2014 terry mcauliffe's electric car company received special favors from the department of homeland security according to the "washington post". the inspector at dhs says that
5:50 am
mcauliffe and other politicians were granted special visas for foreign investors. the report says those favors were not illegal, but they created the appearance of favoritism. mcauliffe's office says that he asked dhs to process visa applications in a timely fashion. former illinois congressman jesse jackson jr. will be released from federal prison tomorrow and he will head straight to d.c.. his father will pick him up and take him to a halfway house here. jackson's wife and two children will join them. jackson spent 2 1/2 years in prison for illegally spending $750,000 in campaign money. $3.5 billion, that's how much federal workers and retirees owe in back taxes for last year alone. work hes at treasury which
5:51 am
includes the irs, had just 1.2% delinquency rate however compared to the general public federal workers are more likely to pay their taxes. we should know sooner rather than later whether changes are coming to your kid's school calendar because of the snow days used. the "washington post" reporting the state board of education gave state superintendents to rule on whether to forgive up to three missed days because of snow and ice. we're talking about maryland here. prince george's county and montgomery count i schools exceeded their snow days planned in their school calendars. both districts are asking the state for waivers. each decision is made on a case by case basis. rain or shine, tom is always pleasant so he's here to tell us whether it's sunny outside which we're looking forward to eventually. but today, not going to get it. >> march is misbehaving again. it needs time-out. needs to send to its room.
5:52 am
there is the radar showing rain coming into some cold air. so we're talking about freezing rain or maybe a little bit of sleet that area in pink. that's along skyline drive. farther north and west. leading edge of the rain coming in to prince william county in about another hour. as it advances to the north, temperatures are cold enough to maybe cause a little bit of light icing, freezing rain advisory all these counties in pink from eastern west virginia shenandoah valley and across northern virginia, including st. mary's, charles, fairfax, loudoun, stafford rappahannock. where the temperatures are in the 20s. but right now fredericksburg is at 37 and warrington a little above freezing. so icing is not quite occurring there, but it issing into colder air. so hour by hour through the morning, we'll have rain and icing between 8:00 through around 9:00 or 10:00. but most of the metro area
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should be a little above freezing. during the afternoon by 5:00 maybe a few sprinkles around and temperatures in the mid-50s. on monday, i traveled on this great school in washington the john eaton elementary school. had a terrific time there talking to the secondkdcond graders there. i want to thank teacher eileen langholtz to visit. that's in cleveland park. and all these second graders had some great questions. we had a lot of fun. they have already had a unit on weather there. great school there in cleveland park in northwest washington. and later today as we reach the mid-50s a small chance of an additional sprinkle. so have the umbrella handy. then overnight tonight, we should just have a small chance of a sprinkle and not as cold tomorrow morning in the 40s. and much milder on thursday. ought to make it into the low 70s. sun in the morning and then increasing clouds. looks like rain arrival time tomorrow may not be until after
5:54 am
sunset. so maybe during the evening hours, showers coming through and then continue itting perhaps into friday morning some showers. maybe even have a rumble of thunder on thursday night, but no severe weather. and then on friday afternoon cloudy in the mid-50s small chance of an dishlgadditional sprinkle. chillier weather on saturday. afternoon highs low to mid-40s and partly sunny. good weather for drought door being a outdoor activities, though. near 60 on monday and tuesday next week. and partly cloudy. now a look at the commute this morning. new crash north just after stafford at garrisonville, have a crash, sounds likes bean moved off to the right shoulder. still a warning if you're headed out anytime soon. might see some volume. colesville road between georgia and wayne, it's now clear. wide look at things everything rolling quite nicely. nice and green no major issues.
5:55 am
66 just east of compton road, that is looking good, as well. in-bound and outbound. prince george's county not the having any major problems right now. keep our fingers crossed. today you can learn more about plans to redevelop a naval support facility and the surrounding area in charles county. that facility at indian head and town leaders will hold a second public forum tonight. that will happen at the village green pavilion from 6:30 to 9:30. leaders will present their preliminary findings on what to do with the land in the future. we should learn a lot more about all the things you'll be able to do on facebook over the next few days. landon dowdy is here with that story. >> good morning. facebook is holding its annual developers conference in san francisco today. the social media giant could introduce new features for its messenger app turning it into an entertainment platform to better compete with snap chat.
5:56 am
they also want more features for instragram. pete's do have fee is launching new iced coffee drink. the chain is emphasizing it's made from fresh brewed coffee and dunkin donuts and starbucks' made from instant koch feecoffee packets. back to you. we know you have seen them and maybe you've had to step around them. there are lot of geese around the national mall right now in the national park service says it has a 34r57b for what to do about them. rangers will use border collies to chase the birds away. they say geese are a public hazard because they areir droppings can damage pipes and filters in the reflecting pool. a new bridge being built in fredericksburg may be named after martin luther king jr..
5:57 am
it's part of a $44 million road widening project that started this month. virginia is awarding more than $1.6 million to help science and math teachers. the department of education will provide professional development for nearly 650 teachers throughout the commonwealth. this is part of the math and science partnership grant competition. and we're tracking new developments right now out of france where the search has resumed for debris a day after a passenger plane slammed into the french alps killing everyone on board. we'll go to the live desk for new information about the black boxes and why they may not provide the clues investigators were hoping for.
5:58 am
5:59 am
search teams are at work in the french alps looking for clues as to what brought down a passenger jet. the discouraging development overnight as the families of the victims begin arriving at the crash site. you'll want to be a little cautious this morning as rain moves in to our area spp there could
6:00 am
could be some ice conditions. >> right you now the rain is coming into colder air. and as a result we're getting light icing these areas in now the rain is coming into colder air. and as a result, we're getting light icing these areas in pink. closer to washington leading edge of the rain just coming into fauquier county. right now a few sprinkles around fredericksburg and stafford spotsylvania culpeper. and it would be near warrington over the next 15 or 20 minutes as it advances off to the north and east. our temperatures are a little below freezing, so we have a freezing rain advisory all these counties in pink. eastern west virginia, shenandoah valley including fairfax and loudoun, prince william, fauquier. as well as stafford and culpeper. southern maryland, too. this is under this freezing rain advisory until noon today. but most of the temperatures should be g


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