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tv   News4 Today  NBC  March 27, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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silver spring, over toward bethesda bethesda that is tracking right into howard county right now. the orange and red that's fairfax county across prince william into culpeper. that will be moving right into washington right into the metro area in about another half hour or so. so everything is all wet this morning. temperatures are chillier we're in the 40s right now and we'll have this rain with us. there is a live look from the tower camera. wet streets all across the metro area. and during the afternoon though we'll be drying out. over the weekend, turning chilly and very blustery winds on saturday. next weather and traffic on the 1s your bus stop forecast what to wear for this friday. we're still seeing good conditions as you're traveling the beltway in maryland and virginia. no reports of delays or incidents. we are seeing ponding on the roadways and potholes. so be careful. traveling out of leesburg on the dulles greenway and tollway,
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looking good. about 50 miles per hour as you pass 28. 95 south more volume. wet pavement but no reports of incidents or delays there. and taking a look in virginia 395 around duke street looking good with all of those lanes open. we have a power outage in northeast d.c. maryland avenue northeast between bladensburg road and benning road. treat those malfunctioning traffic lights as a four way stop. it's 5:01. a quick school closing to pass along. charles county schools says malcolm elementary in walldorf is closed. there is a problem with the school's well. again, malcolm elementary closed for both student and staff. and breaking news at this hour. an amber alert in effect for a missing 20 month old boy from west virginia. the charleston police department says jackson patel has not been seen since tuesday. investigators say patel was in the care of his grandmother. at some point a man claiming to be his father took the little
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boy and said that he was going to bring him back to his mother. now, police are looking for aaron taylor who may be driving a silver 2008 toyota rav 4 with license plate 9 tj 495. if you have information, please give police a call. let's go now to a first 4 traffic alert that could have an impact on your commute for quite a while. d to thedot starts to rebuild the 16th street bridge and it will mean lane closures and delays. megan mcgrath is live in northwest d.c.. well it was going to be a great friday but now we have rain and now we've got lane closures to make people extra happy today. >> reporter: yeah there is no question about it, this is going to be a problem for thousands of people. and this is a project that will be around for months. take a look hnd me here 16th street this is where the 16th street bridge goes over top of military road. both of those major, major commuter routes here.
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they will be swapping out this bridge and what that means is starting today, 16th street is just down to one lane in each direction as it crosses over military road. and that will cause major delays for people who travel through this area. we're also seeing lane closures down on military road as well, also another heavily traveled road through the area. we're seeing an impact with metrobus service, so buses that have stops in this immediate area they're being detoured as well. this will be with us until august so plan accordingly. we're expecting major tie ups through the area. you may see an uptick in traffic on georgia avenue, that's the alternate. but of course we have a little rain this morning, so probably going to get a little dicey here later on. back to you. developing right now in northern virginia, police are
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looking for suspects after a man was found shot inside a home. this happened just after 8:00 last night in the alexandria section. police believe there are four suspects here. we're learning that andreas lubitz the co-pilot accused of crashing the flight 9525 received psychiatric treatment for a, quote serious depressive episode. investigators say andreas lubitz killed himself and 149 other people including a virginia mother and daughter. some friends say lubitz was burnt out. however, lufthansa says he was 100% fit to fly. >> my first confidence in the selection of all pilots in the training of all pilots the equaled if i caution of all pilots and the work of all pilots has not been touched by this single tragedy. >> according to lufthansa, lubitz had logged 630 hours flight time by the day of the
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crash. tracie potts will join us in about a half hour for a live report on that crash. five after the hour. new this morning, the suspect in a fatal drunk driving accident head it is to court in a few hours. momodui bello has been charged with second-degree murder. court documents say he was speeding when he crashed into a parked trailer on eastern avenue early sunday morning. he had been drinking at a bar apparently. the victim nancy tinoza was in the front seat and bello apparently shook her when she doesn't respond to him. her funeral is tomorrow. a d.c. firefighter facing charges for possession of unregistered firearm. police say an unregistered handgun and ammunition were found in his apartment. he's the third d.c. firefighter to be arrested in three weeks. maryland state troopers could soon return to a post in annapolis.
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maryland's governor larry hoe began wants to reopen barak j. he announced that there are funds of more than $8 million available for the recruitment and training of 100 new troopers. but it's not set in stone just yet. it now has to be approved by the house and senate. 202, the number has stoot alone as the district's only area code for nearly 60 years now. according to the "washington post," though the company that runs the phone system could run out of 202 numbers by 2019. about 63% of the available 202 numbers are already signed. that's about 5 million numbers are 3 million still available. hurry, run go get two of them while you can. just kidding. dominion customers get ready for a change in your electric bill and it's in your favor. red, silver blue, which met proceed line will in the metro line will get the new 7,000 series train. and take outside again at look at the rain.
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tom is back with how long we expect the showers to stick around.
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530 years later, the last english king to die on the battlefield was given a proper burial. the remains of richard iii were rebear buried in central england.
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richard iii was killed in battle in 1485. wasn't yesterday absolutely beautiful? did you enjoy that in? i did it. we have no more of it. >> it will come back eventually. but not now. 45 degrees. >> what happened, tom? >> we have to get through some chilly days here the next few days and shall rain this morning. right now raining across most of have a vaks maryland eastern west virginia. heaviest areas in montgomery and howard counties. now coming into fairfax, culpeper that's coming right into washington here over the next half hour or so. so you'll be leaping over rain puddles waiting for buses. wet sidewalks. we'll be in the upper 40s. an umbrella day, wet and chilly
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morning. you'll need a warm coat and rain boots, as well. umbrellas needed through the morning hours. a look at our weekend chill that will continue coming up next weather and traffic on the 1s at 5:21. how is the friday commute? look going so far. no reports of incidents or delays around the beltway still. elsewhere in maryland taking a look at routes 301, 5, 210, traveling at speed. here is a live look he beltway and 210, all lanes open. no delays there. beltway in virginia, ponding on the roadways. be careful. for more traffic when you get in your car, turn into wtop 103.5 fm. back to you you. hundreds of people left with nowhere to go after flames tear through three manhattan apartment buildings and more devastation this morning for one family who cannot locate their loved one. plus you won't find it on mcdonald's menu, but you could
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find it on a sto
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looking for one of these? yoplait. smooth, creamy, and craved by the whole family.
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15 after the hour. steady rain right now. this is a live picture right outside our studios ear in tenleytown. tom says we'll see this for much of your commute to work today. >> yeah be leaping over puddles as we have more rain coming in. right now storm team 4 radar showing this band of moderate to heavy rain just north of washington and then south and west as well. this is going to be tracking right into the metro area here over the next hour or so. and i saw the whole storefront on the street. >> that is how witnesses describe the moment a new york city building exploded. construction workers hit a gas line apparently in the city's east village setting off that explosion yesterday. a massive fire broke out and that eventually caused three buildings to collapse. want to show you live pictures
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now from the scene there in lower manhattan. fire crews still there keeping an eye on the smoldering rubble. you can see some of them in the foreground here. 19 people were hurt. four are still in critical condition. also take a look at this. this used to be someone's home. thousands are still without you power after three tornadoes swept through oklahoma. there is widespread damage from just outside tulsa in to moore, oklahoma. this morning we're hearing from girls who were raptrapped inside a gym as the to witwister hit. >> you could feel like your body almost lifting up and your ears popping and you can hear like the furniture moving back and forth. >> the gym did it collapse. firefighters were able to get everyone out safe live. one man was killed whenhit a mobile home park. a family wants answers after
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police met them at the door with guns drawn. officers say they were responding to complaints that a boy was walking around the lanham neighborhood with a gun. parents say their son was forced out of their home with his hands up. >> had a governun pointed a the me and my son. >> pointed it at my face and told me to put my hands up shut up put your hands up. >> both prince george's county and glenarden police responded. the glenarden chief says officers acted appropriately and had their guns drawn but never pointed them at anyone. the chief also reports that officers realized the sawyers were not involved in the complaint. frightening scene in northeast d.c.. take a look, three men seen standing in a park lot opening fire. police are not sure what the men are shooting at here. d.c. police want your help identifying them, though. this happened on wednesday on hayes street. police say no one was hurt. this morning a teenage girl is in police custody accused of
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stabbing another teen in a d.c. school. this happened just before 2:00 yesterday at options charter school on e street northeast. this video shows the girl being led away in handcuffs. the alleged victim is 18 years old, is he expecthe is expected to being on. not the clear if the weapon was a knife or quite possibly something else. a veteran nearly killed during a carjacking is thanking police a tipster and news 4. we broke the story bhak in november after the vietnam veteran was shot and be robbed. u.s. marshals arrested rakeem solomon yesterday. there was a music video that showed the potential suspect. a person who remembered seeing that story called police on wednesday with information. new this morning, the senate stayed in session into the wee hours today passing their budget bill just about two hours ago. but work is far from over. the bill could lead to a veto
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battle with the president. senate republicans balanced budget plan cuts trillions of dollars. the white house says the cuts are draconian and could impact national security. we expect to hear virginia governor terry mcauliffe's plans for some important bills that were just passed. mcauliffe will hold a press conference later this morning. he signed the state budget yesterday and also vetoed six republican sponsored redistricting bills. he also said he plans to try to overhaul an ethics package. in maryland, the state senate voted for a budget that restores funding for education that was originally cut in hogan's proposal. it also gives state woerks a 2% worker as 2% cost of living raise. a california couple says that police have been reckless investigating their kidnapping case.northern california country he says they were home on monday when a man broke in and kidnapped denise huskins at
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gunpoint. her boyfriend waited 11 hours to call police. aaron quinn says he was tied up and drugged. police say the story sounded suspicious from the beginning, but they searched for two days. she reappeared wednesday at her mother's house. today the university of oklahoma will release its final report on an investigation into a racist chant by fraternity members. the chant led to a shutdown of the university's sae chapter. two fraternity members were expelled. the university says it will not suspend anymore students. the report will be released at noon today. police agencies in missouri will limit the use of tear gas against protesters. this comes after a lawsuit was filed by protesters during the demonstrations in ferguson. the ferguson area agency say police have reached an agreement with protesters. they say no chemical agents will be used against anti-police
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brutality demonstrations. coaching icon dean smith continues to give back to his players even in death. the former north carolina basketball coach died last month. as part of his trust, each and every varsity basketball player in coach smith's 36 years will receive a gift. former players have started receiving $200 checks with a message reading enjoy a dinner out compliments of coach dean smith. what a fantastic story. incredible. >> a great legacy he leaves behind. 5:21. and we're dealing with rain rain that just isn't going away anytime soon. >> storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein has his hands full this morning. we're tracking all of this rain. >> yeah, and it's continuing to can down. we did have thunder and lightning, and now pockets of heavy rain.
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you can see the yellows and ors. the one right here in southern montgomery county. that's tracking over toward howard county, northern prince george's. but this is another band of moderate rain will cross fairfax county rinse willprince william and into fauquier county. it is raining pretty hard here in northwest. that will be tracking right across the potomac river heading in to southern prince george's county. northern charles county over the next half hour. keep up with all the changes when you're away from your tv you can see the radar on the storm team 4 app. temperatures right now in the 40s. low to mid-40s from the bay all the way into the mountains this morning with the rain continuing to come down. we'll have a wet morning commute. and watch out, the potholes filled with water temperatures in the upper 40s. during the afternoon, we'll have drying roads. our temperatures only around 50 degrees during the afternoon and remaining cloudy. and then overnight tonight, chilly down to the mid-30s by
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dawn, saturday as we begin to clear out a little bit, partly cloudy for the evening. so pretty good night to get out and about on friday night. and then on saturday, partly sunny, breezy and chilly. temperatures in the low to mid-40s. just a slight chance of a sprinkle or maybe a little bit of a flurry out in the mountains. and then sunday sunshine highs low 50s. best day of the weekend after a cold start. then mild weather returns monday, tuesday, wednesday into next week highs in the 60s. might get a little bit of rain on thursday. next weather and traffic look at the hour by hour rain timing for this morning at 5:31. how is traffic? traveling the beltway right now, no reports of incidents or delays. but watch for the ponding on the roadway. traveling 95 from baltimore down to the d.c. beltway, more volume on the roads and wet roads, but no reports of incidents or delays. 270 out of frederick looking good. 66 at nutley street looking good as well. you'll find again the ponding and pot hoetholes on the road. 395 up to the 14th street bridge no reports of delays or
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incidents. hundreds of people waited in line for hours will in d.c. for marijuana seeds. you can now legally smoke pot in d.c. but you can't buy it. yesterday the d.c. cannabis campaign organized two seed sharing events for people who don't know anyone who can give them seeds. rsvp was required. p another seed share is planned for tomorrow. some say it's a unique take on physical therapy. >> doreen gensler reports it's helping people get back to work after being injured on the job. you take a slip or fall while at work and it can take weeks, maybe enven months to get back on the job.
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digging, lifting, shoveling turning. this warehouse is full of people trying to get back to work. doing physical therapy that mimics their day jobs. >> i'm a school bus driver and i have to be able to lift kids if there's an emergency, i immediate to be able to lift the roof hatches, open the windows. >> reporter: this 53-year-old says she spent weeks in traditional physical therapy. after she underwent surgery to retear a torn rotator cuff an jurnry she suffered after are she slipped on the ice at work last year. but her doctor said she still wasn't ready to return to work. instead they sent her here industrial health a specialized rehabilitation center that works in conjunction with inova health system. p i didn't even know how much i needed this. coming up tonight at 5:00 doreen has more on work rehab that is helping employees stay healthy on the job. well, mcdonald's is
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launching a big mac fashion line. take a look. that's just awesome. the mcfashion line include as dog coat decorated with big macs. for humans, you can buy matching thermal tops and bottoms bed linens toilet paper. >> that's what i'm going to get you for christmas, a big mac onesie. >> oh, my gosh. please don't. >> look at the boots. >> and for -- this could be the best part of this story. you can only buy that in sweden right now. they are he's not shipping it anywhere else. so if you know somebody and you really want -- >> so could we say that there could be big macs already on your thighs and other areas? all right pap. 5:26. developing right now new information about the man investigators say deliberately crashed a plane in the french alps. we're learning how something from his past could have played in to this tragedy. and the discovery inside a
5:27 am
local preschool that forced it to close its doors to students for good. radar lit up with greens and oranges and yellows. really coming town out there right now. it will be a that is i morning for your ride or walk to work. tom is timing out when the rain will he said.
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right now at 5:30 new revelations will what drove the co-pilot of a germanwings plane to crash the jetliner in the french alps killing everyone on board. what we're starting to learn about his mental state. you don't want to be caught without an umbrella this morning. you can see there is no escaping the rain right now. tom kierein is timing everything out, when we can expect to dry off. >> yeah that cool front came threw overnight temperatures dropped down into the 40s. still getting light to moderate rain this area in yl low andellow and orange. into montgomery and howard county. moderate rain in washington tracking over toward prince
5:31 am
george's county charles county then into an a run tellne arundel over the next half hour to hour. and the timing continuing through 10:00, 11:00. by noontime, still rain showers southern maryland northern neck eastern shore, this area in green. it's after that that it quickly tapers off and moves away and remaining mostly cloudy for the rest of the afternoon. a look at the hour by hour chill for the day ahead at 5:41. we're still looking good as you're traveling the beltway this morning in maryland and virginia. there is ponding on the roadways. be careful because you can hydroplane. d.c. 295, about 48 miles per hour heading into the district. elsewhere 66 near 50 looking good. seeing more volume on the roadway, but no reports of incident there is. 270 looking good at shady grove road. back to you. a school close to go pass
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along for you this morning. charles county schools says malcolm elementary school in waldorf is closed today. there is a problem with the school's well. once again malcolm elementary in waldorf is closed for both student and staff. 5:32. n the german wings flight 9525. the co-pilot accused in the taking down of that plane has been in psychiatric treatment. that was actually six years ago. investigators have now searched the home of andreas lubitz and his parts's home as well. we're also learning that the german aviation association will consider changing its rules to require two crew members to be in the cockpit. tracie potts is following the develops for us. >> reporter: in fact the faa already requires two people in the cockpit here. now not only the german aviation soergs association, but seven airlines are immediately change their
5:33 am
policies to do the same. to prevent one pilot alone why the cockpit. that one pilot was andreas lubitz. not only have authorities searched his home, but this morning brand new, a german tabloid is reporting that he suffered what they call a serious depressive episode when he took a break from training six years ago. they sight sources and internal documents saying he was in about a year and a half of psychiatric treatment, but lufthansa has verified he cleared all tests after that break. all that information will be turned over to the frempnch authorities investigating. the loudoun county sheriff's office is asking anyone to come forward if you know he anything about alleged sex assaults at a church. the sheriff's office is investigating calvaryecostal church in sterling.
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two women say they were assaulted when they were children. the newspaper reports a peaceful protest will be held outside the church this sunday. police are asking for your help to find a missing girl. want to show you a picture here. this is 14-year-old cecilia guzman. she was last seen on freeport street in hyattsville. if you have any information, you're asked to call prince george's county police. an investigation is under way in the case of a missing 5-year-old in virginia that has been found dead. noah thomas was last seen at his home in dublin. his body was found yesterday avenue. his parents have been cooperating in the investigation and so far no arrests have been made. federal prosecutors are asking a judge to uphoeld former virginia governor's bob mcdonnell's corruption conviction. prosecutors say jurors correctly
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found the former governor guilty. mcdonnell was convicted of taking tens of thousands of dollars in exchange for promoting a dietary supplement company. prosecutors say that by appealing, mcdonnell is artificially sanitizing the facts. an arlington preschool is closed this morning, the trinity episcopal church school of early learning is shtdown indefinitely afterasbestos dust was found in the floors. the discovery was made while the school was being cleaned. school officials say they are looking for a temporary site while repairs are done. you may be getting a break on your electricity bill if you live in virginia. customers will see a drop of about 5.5%. natural gas and coal prices are going down which means a drop in your monthly electricity bill. that will gas prices down too about 40% from last year and coal prices are down about 20% according to the u.s. centering department. the new prices went into effect
5:36 am
on wednesday. today d.c. mayor bowser outlines her plans for helping you land a good paying job. this morning the mayor will announce a new d.c. career academy. bowser says the academy will streamline all of the city's workforce development programs. it will link unemployment residents to employment education and training opportunities in growing fields. the academy will also have an apprenticeship program to prepare people for those new positions. a fight over facebook escalates on a bus full of passengers. and what happened next to force passengers off that bus is caught on camera. raising taxes. how a proposal being made today could impact the lives of all of you who live in prince george's county. not only is it raining, but it is chilly out there, too. tom says the difference in temperatures between today and yesterday will be noticeable.
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a fight over social media led to passengers on a bus being hit with pepper spray in ohio. this happened back in mid march in columbus but the video was just released. police say a man got into an argument with two women about posting pictures on facebook. after the women confronted him,
5:40 am
he pepper sprayed them and four other people on the bus. the suspect got away before police arrived. but was eventually arrested. this is one of the most liked stories on the nbc washington page right now. you will soon get a new and improved ride on metro. take a look metro's first 7,000 series train will debut on april 14th on the blue line. nice looking train. this is being built as the next generation of safety in railcars. >> very nice. beautiful looking trains. all right. the story today, the weather, weather, weather. and how different it is today compared to yesterday. >> spring sampler is over. >> doesn't seem like it even happened yesterday. we did get into the 70s. cool front came in bringing rain and much chillier temperatures. still raining across north central virginia and the metro area. moderate rain, these areas in orange montgomery county into northern prince george's county moving in to howard county and here in northwest washington. that line extends farther south
5:41 am
across central fairfax county prince will criminal into fauquier and charles county. hour by hour we'll have a chilly day. in the mid-40s through 8:00al p.m.. by noon, upper 40s. in the afternoon finally drying out with a cloudy sky hovering around 50 degrees. a look at the weekend chill on the way next weather and traffic on the 1s. now alexis what is going on with the commute? well, if you're traveling the beltway this morning, you're seeing no problems on the inner loop or outer loop in virginia or maryland. out of annapolis, an accident westbound route 50 at severn river bridge. here are some travel time as. and for more traffic when you get in your car, tune into wtop 103.5 fm. the reaction bill cosby is getting ahead of his comedy tour stop in maryland.
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plus how something you do every day could earn you bragging rights
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looking at the stories making headlines right now an amber alert is in effect for a missing 20 month old boy from west virginia. the charleston police department says jackson patel hasn't been seen since tuesday. he was in the care of his grandmother when a man claiming to be his father took the little boy and said he was going to bring him back to his mother. police are now looking for aaron taylor. it's being called the biggest traffic disrupting project in the 2015 construction season. ddot starts to rebuild the 16th street bridge this morning. expect closures on 16th street and on military road northwest. and they will be working in rain there. grab an umbrella before you head out. we have a conveyor belt of rain across northern virginia coming right in to the district nearby
5:46 am
suburbs in maryland. that area of moderate rain extends south and west. it will track through in the next hour or two. 14 before the hour now. today we will learn more about whether your taxes will go up in prince george's county. the fight is all about schools. zachary kiesch joining us with more on this. >> reporter: good morning. you want good school you want good teachers it will cost. baker has made education one of his top priorities and the new budget hits the pockets of property owners. this new budget which he will go up to an nap list today and try to sell calls for a 15% tax increase on property owners. it's bold in part because this is the first property tax increase in 35 years. it also calls for furloughs and layoffs in local government.
5:47 am
the proposal still steers $2 billion of the $3.6 billion budget to education. other priorities of his have been public safety and economic development. again he's headed up to annapolis to sell the plan. senator mousse has introduced a state bill that would significantly reduce that tax hike. now, the prince george's county council will have the final say and that vote will happen in june. so what does it mean for property tax objectors? if are you a home owner if you have a house that is worth $400,000 your property taxes would go up about $600 a year. zachary kiesch news 4. we're learning that the secret service is tightening its rules on drinking. the new policy will prohibit staff from driving government cars within ten hours of drinking alcohol. the "washington post" reports the new policy was put in place on monday. it follows an incident this month when two agents drove through a bomb threat scene after a party at a nearby bar.
5:48 am
a florida senator and potential presidential candidate wants to strip d.c. of its rights to create its own gun laws. republican senator marco rubio introduced the bill yesterday. it would force the district to follow federal gun laws only. rubio says the d.c. current laws are too strict and infringe on citizen's second amendment rights about. you will soon see new commercials that are metro safety videos. they show riders what to do in the event of an emergency involving smoke or fire on a train or in a station. the videos are both in english and spanish. if in january, a woman died and dozens of passengers went to the hospital when a tunnel filled with smoke outside l'enfant plaza. i'm richard jordan at the live desk following a developing story. a second day of air strikes in yemen conducted by saudi arabia's military. they have 100 fighter jets over that area now and 150 thurks,000 troops on the ground.
5:49 am
saudi military targeting houthi strong holds, the rebel group that forced yemen's president into hiding and is gaining ground there, taking more territory as they move closer to yemen's capital. ten arab nations supporting the military operation. the u.s. is involved by providing intelligence but for the most part, officials say the u.s. is sitting on the side lines here. iran who backs the houthi rebels says this is an invasion and is this only escalating the growing crisis there in yemen. 11 before the hour. today a critical witness will reportedly take the stand in the trial of former nfl player aaron hernandez. the associated press reports that his fiance will be called today. jenkins was given immunity by the court in february. that means she can be compelled to testify bars. jenkins has been accused of helping dispose of evidence. hernandez is charged with the murder of odin lloyd. ray rice is moving out of baltimore. the baltimore sun is reporting
5:50 am
that rice's custom made home sold shortly after it was listed. rice says he is moving to his hometown of new rochelle new york just outside new york city. the former ravens run back says he loves baltimore and still plans to come back and be active in the community. as you might recall, rice was cut by the ravens last year after a video surfaced of him punching his soon to be wife in an atlantic city cass sea thoughasino elevator. bill cosby is performing and a group will protest outside the opera house before the show. cosby is taking the stage at 8:00 p.m.. more than a dozen women have accused the 77-year-old comedian of inappropriate sexual behavior. today two men are getting ready to stay about g.good-bye to earth. they will embark on a one year mission. scott kelly together with the
5:51 am
cosmonaut will test human endurance in prolonged space travel. incredible. some boys and girls wanted to agree up to be astronaut, they really do become those things. >> and of course mr. kelly's brother also a former astronaut. we turn to tom kierein now. we're dealing with this isn't just like a little drizzle. it's raining. >> it's a pretty steady rain and enough for puddles to have formed. p so wear your rain boots this morning along with the umbrella. you'll need that as we'll have the rain continuing through the morning and it's coming in out of the south and west and tracking toward the north and east. pockets of yellow and orange are areas of more moderate rain and that's happening right in washington and southern montgomery county and northern prince george's county. that's moving up into northern anne arundel and howard county. farther south, the line of moderate rain stretches across fairfax county from great falls right through fairfax city down to burke and across the prince
5:52 am
william line. it will move into charles county and right into prince george's county. so where there is light rain there now that will continue to track on through and then a little later into calvert and st. mary's. and when you are away from your tv you can track the radar with the storm team 4 weather app. as we look at temperatures right now, wloo what a difference from yesterday. it's about 30 degrees colder than it was yesterday afternoon. it's only in the low to mid-40s now. and we'll stay steady here in the low to mid-40s for the morning commute with wet roads, drive time forecast in the 40s and then during the afternoon, roads will be drying out and we'll only hover around 50 degrees during the afternoon. post your pictures like sue cromer did in arlington basking in the 70 degree temperatures. dog wood blossoms are coming out there. post your pics on twitter and facebook and i'll share on instragram. only in the mid fourth on saturday with a blustery wind and partly sunny tomorrow.
5:53 am
just a vit chance maybe of a sprinkle or flurry out of the mountains. and then sunshine for sunday. best day of the weekend, lighter winds. still rather chilly highs just reaching low 50s sunday afternoon. but turning mild as we get into next week looking really nice. monday partly cloudy mid-60s. more of the same on tuesday. and wednesday. wednesday may be up near 70. and then a chance for more rain coming in on thursday where highs in the mid-60s. alexis davies is in for melissa morning. still looking good traveling the beltway. in annapolis, westbound route 50 at severn river bridge left lane blocked due to an accident. 270 out of frederick looking slow right now. you'll see wet pavement and ponding, so do be careful. 66 traveling out of gainesville, manassas looking good no reports of delays but watchponding on the roadways. 50 in maryland at landover road
5:54 am
see something wetness there. watch out for potholes and give yourself extra time this morning. so you don't hydroplane. back to you. make sure that you have the e-zpass if you don't morally use it on the dulles toll road. crews are doing maintenance on the toll plaza at the hunter mill exit. there will be no cash lane in the west bound exit from 9:30 this morning until 5:00 a.m. monday morning. so if you don't have an event-zpass and you need to use the exit, call the customer service center. today we're getting a look at the baby bithat could not wait to enter the world. >> we told you yesterday morning a baby was born on i-270. well there he is. that is jacob. miss mom says his mom says contractions got the really intense. she took off her seat belt and an alarm went off and that caused the dad to miss the exit and before they could turn
5:55 am
around it was time. >> and then my husband delivered the baby feet first. >> it was an adrenalin rush. just trying to do the right thing at the right time. >> brave folks right here. jacob was 6 pounds 10 ounces. his mom says if his birth is any indication little jacob could be a bit of trouble when he gets older. >> it must have been warmer weather a prompted him to say i'm ready to go today. >> a good looking baby. >> congratulations to them. meanwhile amazon is about to make a big announcement. landon dowdy joins us for more this morning. >> what a story to follow. amazon is reportedly in talks to buy a luxury online retailer worth less than $2 billion. it's a high fashion website designed like a magazine it has about 2.5 million visitors per month and amazon has long eyeded high fashion as a sector where it lacks a major prepares.sence.
5:56 am
back to you. 6:56. runners get ready, baltimore based under armour is issuing a global challenge to pinpoint the fastest city. d.c. among 15 cities participating. you have to track your progress through the map my run app. you gain points based on the speed of each mile you run. the fastest run ir in each city will get new running shoes and the overall fastest will get an all expenses paid trip to an international race. the competition goes through april 15th. a glimpse of the future is coming to george mason's patriot center. the first robotics competition of the greater d.c. region will feature robots built by students in our area. this is video from a similar event this year in utah. the competition helps prepare students for success in many technology fields. you might remember these just stunning images of a rescue, a trench collapsed in falls church last june. first responders from fairfax
5:57 am
county raced to rescue the person trapped in there, saved his life. well two firefighters who went into that trench are now holding gold medal of valor awards. they were among the public safety personnel honored last afternoon by the chamber of commerce for going above and beyond the call of duty. it was my honor to emcee that event yesterday and actually honor dozens of police officers and firefighters who have gone above and beyond. congratulations to them. >> i remember that story as a matter of fact. that was the last thing that i covered before transitioning into the consume are unit. this morning the rain may not be the only thing takehat slows your morning commute. construction barriers went up along a busy route. we'll show what you is being down and how it will impact your commute for weeks to come.
5:58 am
5:59 am
around here, we're all about fast. that's why xfinity is perfect for me. with millions of wifi hotspots all over the place including one right here at the shop now we can stream all things fast and furious. you've done it again, carlos! with the fastest in-home wifi and millions of hotspots xfinity is perfect for people who love fast. don't miss furious 7 in theaters april 3rd. right now slowing down your morning commute. the construction barriers that could leave you stuck in traffic on your way to work today and why you might want to find a new route in the weeks to come. 70 degree temperatures no more. our storm team is watching a
6:00 am
line of heavy showers that could also impact your morning. the showers have been falling for much of the evening and will continue through much of the morning. which means you'll want to keep that umbrella handy. tom kierein is here with the headlines and you need to know before you head out the door are. >> that was a live view of a puddle getting pelted by rain this morning. and also the radar showing this area of rain that stretches from our region all the way down into the carolinas. so it will be a while before we get through this. right now light to moderate rain these pocketses of yellow. the areas in orange where it's coming down a little bit harder now in fairfax county and that stretches into prince william and fauquier moving into prince george's county and as well as charles county. a chill in the air. what a difference from yesterday afternoon. it's


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