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tv   News4 Today  NBC  March 30, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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5:02. developing today grief counselors will be at river bend high school in spotsylvania for anyone who knew ryan mccall, he crashed and died in virginia. and according to virginia state police, mccall was flying alone. we talked to a licensed pilot and he said there is no faa requirement on how many hours of instruction you need before flying by yourself. in fact, you can have spent as little as ten hours in the air. you do have to be at least 16 years old with a valid medical certificate from the faa and a flight instructor has to endorse or sign off on a solo flight. zachary kiesch will join us live in 15 minutes to tell us how the school is responding today.
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happening today, there will be a prayer service and vigil for the victims of the south capitol street mass shooting. today marks five years since that shooting. the families will gather at 6:30 tonight at the faith presbyterian church on south capitol street. police say it was part of a series of revenge attacks that all started over stolen jewelry. five men were convicted in that case. let's get a check of the forecast. amelia segal here now with what we can expect today. a wet start to our morning. >> tracking some snow mixing in with rain. no big deal as march comes to an end. in all seriousness, no, this won't be sticking to the roads. temperatures aren't cold enough. but from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. tracking scattered showers. we could still see snow mixing in. but look at the temperature, 41 at that point as we continue to work our way later into the morning hours between 8:00 and
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10:00 a.m. it's mainly dry. only a few sprinkles possible at that point. and a temperature of 45. here is the latest on storm team 4 radar. i'm tracking this activity mainly along i-95 or i should say areas east of i-95. annapolis reporting some rain down through waldorf. rain moving through culpeper and a little bit of sleet potentially mixing in there. big improvements for the afternoon. taking a look 270 at old hundred road right now no major issues at this point this morning. everything looking quite good actually as you're headed southbound there. 66 just east of compton, that's actually looking pretty good as well. had earlier road work on 66 that is now out of the way. you don't 1r to worry about that anymore. beltway at central avenue everything rolling along nicely. when take you a big look at things overall, inner loop and outer loop looking pretty good.
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nice and green like we like to see. 95 in and out of town and bw parkway in and out of town not having any issues there at this point this morning. back in ten minutes. we'll take another look at some of the road work in prince george's county that just won't go away. it's 5:05. breaking news. overnight at least one person was killed and another seriously hurt in an atv crash. this was in prince george's county. molette green is on the way to the scene and we'll have more information as it becomes veil. also new this morning, a plane was forced to return to bwi marshall after a bird hit its windshield. us airways flight was on its way to phoenix when it had to turn around. pilots returned to the airport and landed safely. the flight resumed about an hour later and made to phoenix. today we could hear correctly from the victims of the mannoingly spreading hiv.
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he pled guilty to reckless endangerment charges for not notifying sex partners of his hism v status. a catastrophic electrical event sparked a fire in this home. it caused $600,000 in damage to a home on bryn mawr avenue. broke out around midnight. 85 firefighters responded to this call. and we're working to find out the name of the man stabbed to death in prince george's county. the man was found dead in a hallway inside the apartment building here in langley park. no word on a suspect. that part of the county has seen its share of gang related violence this month. police recently arrested three middle school kids for stabbing a teenager to death. we're working to find out why a woman was walking down the runway at the frederick municipal airport. frederick police arrested lori katz yesterday afternoon after she broke into the airport. air traffic controllers spotted her on the runway after planes
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had trouble taking off and landing. katz because arrested for trespassing. no word on how she made it on to the runway. breaking news out of florida. eight are dead, ten others in the hospital being treated, this after a van crashes on a highway. it happened just after midnight. about 80 miles west of palm beach. hearing from highway patrol they say the van had 18 people in it. it actually passed through and you stop sign and then crossed all lanes of traffic and ended up in a canal that was partially filled with water. the driver is among the eight people dead. more if we get it. >> president obama vice president joe biden headed to boston to honor ted kennedy. the institute aimed at inspiring a new generation of political leaders. and new developments out of nova scotia where an air canada plane skidded off the runway injuring more than two dozen people. what we've learned about the halifax airport. >> and will the shower impact
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gunshots came out of nowhere and a cry that high brothermy brother was shot. >> police offer shot him four times. officers say they found the man strangling a woman and took one of their tasers and that's when they fired. the officer is now on administrative leave. investigators are examining the black boxes from a plane that skidded off the runway at halifax airport where it was snowing heavily at the time. there were more than 135 people on board the plane. it crashed while it was coming into land. more than two dozen people were hurt they're all expected to be okay. 5:11 is our time. # 3 flees outside our studios. for some folks, a few sprinkles.
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>> good morning. i hope you're having a nice start to your monday. radar showing rain and a little bit of snow mixing in. we'll be tracking showers across the area until about 8:00 a.m.. only a few sprinkles possible between 8:00 and 10:00 a.m.. after that it's a mainly dry day and nice spring afternoon p. around annapolis and waldorf, light rain. but no concern for snow to stick. because it's 43 in washington, everybody is well above that freezing mark. and you can see with future weather 6:00 a.m., 7:00 a.m. tracking showers mainly east of i-95 down around the northern neck. as we get into the afternoon hours, we break out into sunshine. breezy conditions. and a high temperature today of 60 degrees. 62 for a high tomorrow more on tomorrow's rain chances coming up. thursday looks great. that road work we were talking about in prince george's county
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earlier, that i lore at branch, naylor at branch has cleared for the day. live picture here of 95 for you at fairfax county parkway rolling along nicely. same thing looking at the beltway at kenilworth avenue. wide look at things overall inner loop and outer loop everybody behaving themselves here. and 270 in and out of town looking good as well. back with a live picture of 66 in ten minutes. disturbing new details are emerging about the final moments of that doomed germanwings flight. what we're learning about the captain who desperately tried to get back inside the cabin. . a virginia school is speaking out after losing one of its own in a deaddadly plane crash.
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16 after the hour. right now teams are looking for
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a second black box from that plane that crashed in the french alps killing all 150 people on board. helicopters are flying over the debris field in southeastern france. crews are searching for bodies as well. investigators are using dna testing to identify the remains of the victims already recovered p. and new this morning, a french prosecutor says the family of the co-pilot andreas lubitz has not been questioned out of decency and respect for their pain. a german paper reports a time line of the flight's last minutes. during the ascent the captain tells lubitz he didn't have a chance to use the restroom. lubitz says he can take over at anytime. the captain asks lubitz to prepare for landing and a few minutes later, lubitz says you can go now. the paper says lubitz can be heard pushing his chair back. the door clicks shut. the plane descends. air traffic control calls not answered. the captain bangs on the door yelling, quote, for god's sake
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open the door. pa ground. nbc news has not confirm this had account. investigators are still trying to figure out lubitz's motive. a grieving father says that doesn't matter. p. >> we don't want to hear it it's for the relevant. what is relevant is this should never happen again. my son and every on that plane should not be forgotten ever. >> there are multiple reports that 27-year-old lubitz had been seeing a doctor for problems with his swrigs. investigators are focusing now on his mental state. 5:18. developing right now, the faa, nsab and virginia state police are investigating a plane crash that killed a teen. zachary kiesch is live outside river bend high school where ryan mccall went to school. >> reporter: good morning. counseling and support staff will be here as students return after their weekend here after a tragic accident involving one of their own students sophomore
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ryan mccall was killed in a plane crash this weekend. we're learning more details about exactly what happened. what kind of plane this was. we know it was a fixed wing single engine plane, it happened just east of the orange county airport here in spotsylvania county. ryan mccall the pilot was the only one on board and was pronounced dead at the scene. a statement from the school reads that they're working with the counselor staff to address the concerns of the entire education at community as we cope with the loss. and it goes on to say our thoughts are with the mccall family. as you mentioned, investigators are still trying to piece this whole thing together exactly what happened. from what we know, he did not have a whole lot of hours or experience. but again, still developing here in spotslvania county. zachary kiesch kiary kiesch. back to you.
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5:19. investigators are now working to find out whether an explosion in downtown new york city started with a faulty gas line. that blast happened last thursday. just yesterday, two bodies were recovered there. >> so the feeling is everyone who had been reported missing has now been found. p. >> rescue crews say the bodies are likely the last would people unaccounted for after the explosion. it leveled three buildings in manhattan and hurt more than 20 people who are all recovering today. take a look at this security camera video of a violent armed robbery in florida. this happened over the weekend at a convenience store in tampa p. the three armed men took money from the registers and a safe. then one of the men shot at a person inside the store. that victim is expected to survive survive. one of the suspects was also shot. police eventually caught up with him. they're still searching for the two other men. new this morning, d.c. mayor bowser expected to announce plans to create new affordable
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housing and more jobs in the district. this is part of a department of planning and economic development event designed to bring together small business owner, community members and developers. we're just one day away frombowser's first state of the district address. this morning's event kicks off at 11:30. we've been talking about a little rain a little sleet in some spots. a way to kick off our monday. >> it will warm up, hoe. let's check in with a meal wra segal. >> any rain for the most part will come to an end by 8:00 a.m.. only a few sprinkles are possible after that. look forward to this afternoon. the sun comes out, the temperatures warm into the upper 50s and low 60s. storm team 4 radar finally starting to pick up on a little bit of snow mixing in with rain. that includes parts of howard county and parts of eastern montgomery county. continuing to track rain down through southern maryland and the northern neck. again, all of this activity is quickly moving off to the east. fredericksburg quantico waldorf seeing some of that rain
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right now. temperatures are in the 40s, though. so any snow you're seeing mixing in it's not sticking. 41 in college park 38 in bowie. the high temperature today in your neighborhood luray warms to a high of 59. 57 for those of you in leesburg and 62 in washington. our high yesterday was 49. so we're a good ten degrees warmer than we were yesterday. future weather, i'm jumping you ahead to tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m.. we start off the day with clear skies, clouds will slowly increase. and then as we get into the afternoon and evening hours, this is when we start to track scattered showers tomorrow. notice that evening commute tomorrow could be impacted by rain. it's also breezy tomorrow afternoon. so a high temperature today of 60 degrees. as we break out into full sunshine by the afternoon hours and a little breezy later today. perfect day for the kids to play outside school. for tomorrow, a high temperature of 62 but we will be tracking showers later in the day.
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likely breezy tomorrow afternoon, as well. full sunshine on wednesday, a high of 56. 72 on thursday mostly sunny skies. the chance of some rain maybe an isolated thunderstorm on bring. still mild though, a high of 70. easter weekend, rain potentially on saturday sunny on sunday. brand new crash in silver spring tacoma avenue at fenton street. police on the way to the crash, so you could see them if you're headed out anytime soon into that area. wide look at things overall no major problems as you're taking a big look at the beltway. same thing prince george's county. pennsylvania avenue branch avenue indian head highway, everything nice and green and we have lots of movement there which of course is great. 66 at virginia visitor center, don't have any issues at this point. had some earlier road work 066 that is now out of the way. and taking a look at 66 driving this from centreville, you can
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see no issues at all. remember, though, when you hop in your car, tune into wtop 103.5 fm for the latest on traffic when you're in the car. it's 5:23 now. and the edward m. kennedy institute for the united states senate will be dedicated in boston today. the president and vice president are both expected to attend that says its goal is to promote an interest in government encourage people to take part this politics and inspire a new generation of leaders. today is world bipolar day. an international movement to raise awareness about bipolar disorder. for anyone who has a family member suffering from this condition, getting them the help they need can be extremely challenging. doreen gensler has more on will condition that affects millions of americans. tonight as part of our changing minds campaign we're meeting one woman who struggled with bipolar disorder has taken her from being ceo of a publicly traded company to jail and then
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to recovery. >> i had to sit this prison for a year for me to realize that this was going to ruin the rest of my life if i didn't get it under control. >> reporter: christina is talking about her struggle with bipolar disorder. 5.7 million americans have heard the same diagnosis. it's characterized by unusual mood changes and shifts if energy and activity levels. psychotic thinking can be part of it too p. >> poor impulse control. i have no impulsivity control. i'm what they call omnipotent. i'm fearless. >> that's how christine says she behaves during the manic part of her mood cycles. it's also what pushed her to have such a successful career. problem is those highs can come with severe lows. p for christine, that included depression and even thoughts of suicide. >> when you have a high that is
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so high that no street drug can compete and a low so low that you feel like you've been hit like a mack truck, the middle ground is what struggle for. >> and we'll have more on the battle with bipolar disorder tonight on new 4/ats tonight on new 4/ats news 4 including how she overcame her struggles and turned her life around. 5:25. this morning we're working to find out the name of a woman who died in a crash in fairfax county. three cars collided on lee chapel road inburg. you burke. one car was titled, threeotaled. three other people were hurt. there are new calls for tighter restrictions on gifts to lawmakers. governor mcauliffe says they should be limited to $100 total. the reforms come in the wake of the corruption scandal that led
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to the conviction of bob mcdonnell and his wife. you'reour time is 5:26. this morning republicans are slamming a decision by the virginia bar to cancel a trip to israel. now the bar is explaining what went into that decision. mar ten owetin o'malley takes aim at two possible presidential candidates. and a live look outside for you you right now there have been reports of a little sleet, maybe some snowflakes this morning out there. amelia will be back to he will it us when all of it moves out and sunshine moves in.
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looking at the stories making headline, grief counselors will be at river bend high school. 16-year-old ryan mccall died when the plane he was piloting crashed this weekend. police are investigating a deadly atv accident in bowie on racetrack road. molette green just arrived there and she'll have more in about 15 minutes. right now the search continues for the second black box from that plane that crashed in the french alps. investigators are also using dna testing to identify the remains of the victims recovered from the crash site. we'll have much more on those stories, but first good morning
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to you. >> storm team 4 radar showing some rain action this morning. right now some of you may be seeing a little rain. you can see it showing up here on the radar. >> but any rain we're seeing now won't be for long. amelia segal here with more on our warm-up. looking forward to that. >> absolutely. a high temperature today inside ever the beltway of 62. those of you in the suburbs north and west your temperatures will warm into the upper 50s. a good ten degrees warmer than it was yesterday. but we are dealing with some showers this morning. so you might want to grab that small umbrella. showers, though only during these earlier morning hours. by 8:00 achl, most.m., most of the area will be dry. after that clouds break up. so what do you need to wear today? you can grab the small umbrella but you definitely need a light jacket. there is a chill in the air this morning. and sun glasses, as well. we'll have full sunshine by this afternoon.
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however, on storm team 4 radar along and ooefseast of i-95 i'm tracking rain and some snow mixing in. it won't cause an issue on roads because temperatures are too warm. future weather 7:00 a.m. showing rain still favoring parts of southern maryland and northern neck. by 9:00 a.m., most of the area is dry. starting to see peeks of sunshine along the i-81 corridor. as we get into the afternoon hours, 3:00 mostly sunny skies and breezy conditions. a high temperature today melissa like i said of 62 degrees. right now we're at 43. what's the latest on the roads? >> i'll at that time 6the 62. silver line we have delays both directions. we trooetweeted that out. 66 west at the beltway, right lane blocked. and silver spring tacoma avenue at fenton street, a crash at that intersection. 270 south at shady grove road, no problems. northbound also nice and clear.
5:32 am
of course that will build up throughout the morning as we normally see. 66 in to and out of town just fine. 95 northbound virginia here 5:30, so of course we have a little bit of a slowdown there in dale city. and the beltway at ritchie-marlboro road, no problems there. travel times coming up. right now the negotiators have less than 48 hours to declare a framework for a nuclear deal with iran. just within the last hour the state department is trying to downplay reports that iran will no longer agree to shift and i tomorrow atomic fuel out of the country. tracie potts with the latest. >> reporter: it was on the table but never fully decided. now just in the last hour, the state department telling us it was not a critical part of the deal that they do have some options, but they don't have a lot of time to get this done. tomorrow is the deadline to come up with the big picture. the framework. and then they have until june to work out the details between the united states its allies an iran.
5:33 am
the backdrop of all of this the fight happening in yemen right now. concerns that the u.s. is on one side iran is on the other side. and there is more fighting, more air strikes i should say. >> tracie potts on the hill. it's said the saudi air strike won't end until shia withdraw and surrender their weapons. china now evacuating citizens from yemen and suspending anti-pirate patrols along the coast. angie goff here with breaking news out of northwest d.c.. we just confirmed that a man was shot and killed earlier this morning, this is near 13th street and van buren. you're looking at police investigating there. they say that the victim died on the scene. at this point, there is no information about a suspect.
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it's now 5:34. republicans in virginia slammed the state bar's decision to cancel a trip to israel. the speaker of the virginia house of delegates called on the bar to reconsider. republican speaker william how will howe says virginians need to reconsider its commitment. former maryland ghuf marovernor martin owe'malley is challenging another possible nominee. he said the presidency is not a crown to be passed between two families. referencing the bushes and clintons p. however when asked if that's who you meant he said it could be quote, any two families. former church members are coming forward saying a northern virginia church was becoming a cult. dozens of people protested outside of cal varvary temple in are sterling. a former church member says leaders broke up his marriage and forced him to check into a
5:35 am
psychiatric hospital. >> they would search my bible, they would search my clothes, and they treated me like a criminal. >> earlier another former church member told news 4 the pastor abused her. she's since moved from the area. the loudoun county sheriff's office is investigating. no charges have been filed so far. church leaders have not commented on the allegations. 5:35. today firefighters will be out in northeast d.c. where a map died in a fire. this happened on eastern avenue. firefighters say there were hoarding conditions in that man's home. we don't know his name right now. at least one other person was seriously hurt here. d.c. fire tells us they will be checking smoke alarms in that community throughout the day today. four teens are facing felony charges for allegedly attacking a spotsylvania county deputy. the star says the teens were trying to break into a basketball tournament at spotsylvania high school on saturday. when the deputy confronted them the group attacked him. the montgomery county police department now accepting
5:36 am
applications for its next citizen academy. the police department says the next academy will begin august 18. the training will cover topics including firearm safety traffic laws and drug identification. to join you have to be at least 18 years old and left or work in montgomery county. applications are accepted on a first come first serve basis with a class limit of 40. after a few week of rising prices we could see gas prices headed back down in the coming weeks. you may be surprised at what is driving the trend. indiana's governor fights back against criticism over a religious freedom law and another state could enact a similar law. and good morning reston. a little bit of cloudy sprinkles this morning. a meal gentleman ya.
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we have a lot of gas. and that's a good thing apparently. follow me on this. the u.s. is running out of space to store oil and that can lead to lower gas prices for you. zus "today" reporting oil reserves are the highest in at least 80 years. the industry is using 67% of its
5:40 am
storage capacity right now. just when you expect gas prices to go up after leveling off, it's all about supply and demand. right now the average price for gas in the district is $2.54 a gallon for regular. in maryland it's $2.38. in virginia the surprise $2.22. in west virginia $2.44. coming up on 5:# 1. and we're waking up to cloudy skies. some of us even see something rain right now. >> weather and traffic on the 1s. >> rain minely from baltimore down to washington and areas to the east. i want to take you through your planner for today. this is skycast 4 in the back ground. we'll have cloudy skies this morning. some showers until #8:00 a.m. and then sunshine will break out. the threat of showers mainly
5:41 am
east of washington. mostly sunny and a little breezy this afternoon and evening as we warm to around 60 degrees. should you wash the car today? hold off until wednesday because more showers are in the forecast for tomorrow. i'll have more on that timing of rain coming up tomorrow. but you might want to grab the small umbrella has you head out the door this morning. not only that but you're tracking some delays on metro, right? >> silver and orange line delays both directions this morning. initially they were just saying silver, but now they have added orange line to it. 270 south to the beltway, 16 minutes. outer loop 95 to 270, ten minutes. 66 east from fair tax countfax county to the beltway ten minutes. quantico to the beltway, 30 minutes. tune into wtop 103.5 fm for all the latest on the traffic as you're on the road. back in ten minutes.
5:42 am
and we're continuing to track developing news this morning. a person seriously injured in an atv crash. we'll check in with molette green for an update. p. plus a look at why technology could be forcing you you to tip more for your favorite services.
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your time is 5:45. developing story right now. one person killed and another seriously hurt in an atv crash. molette green just arrived on the scene in bowie with more information. >> reporter: good morning. just got an update from maryland park police. they're ready to tow away the atv. the tow truck behind me is here and the driver just got out moments ago with its chains. so something is about to happen. we're in the 8700 block of
5:46 am
racetrack road. we're not far from bowie state university. but we're very close to a residential community of single family homes. this accident happened on the wb&a trail in a wooded area. the 911 call came in just before 3:00 a.m., someone reported hearing screaming. when police arrived, they found the overturned atv and a man and woman. the man was pronounced dead at the scene. the woman described to be in her 20s to early 30s was injured. she is now being transported to shock trauma with serious head injuries. that's the latest from the scene. back to you. >> thank you, molette. coming up on 5:47. today there will be a prayer service and vigil for the victims of the south capitol street mass shooting. today marks five years. the families will gather at 6:30 at the faith presbyterian church
5:47 am
in southwest. back in 2010 three people were killed and six others were hurt. police say it was part of a series of revenge attacks that all started over stolen jewelry. five men were convicted in that case. in the day ahead, community leaders will meet to talk about making the national zoo safer on easter monday. the groups are calling it operation safe zoo. they will meet at the big chair cafe. they're trying to prevent violence that happened at the annual family day. zoo leaders and police are stepping up security as well. montgomery county firefighters say a fire caused 600 $600,000 worth of damage at a home on brin haryn mawr. the cause was a catastrophic electrical event. a dog in northern virginia hey be due for a special reward today. it may have saved a family in chantilly chantilly. three including a child were sleeping inside their home when
5:48 am
it caught fire yesterday. firefighters say the dog woke the family up before the smoke alarms even went off. loudoun county fire marshals are working to find out what started the fire. p they say no one was seriously hurt. i'm angie goff with this just in. two more earthquakes strike in the pacific. the latest one a 6.8 magnitude southwest of samoa. the second one this hour in that area. also a tsunami warning in effect right now in parts of the pacific after a 7.5 quake rocked new guinea just west of samoa. waves up to 10 feet are possible. we'll continue to keep you posted. it's 5:48 right now. and indiana's governor is blaming social media for the criticism against a new law that he says is meant to protect people's religious freedom. the new law allows a business owner to refuse service based on their religious beliefs. during an interview on abc's
5:49 am
sunday morning show governor mike pence says the law is not about discrimination. he said he will clarify the law if people are confused. but he has for plans to repeal it. >> we're not going to change this law then state senator barack obama voted for it when he was in the state senate of illinois. >> indiana is not alone. it is actually the 20th state to pass similar legislation. in arkansas people are fighting back against discrimination law unlike indiana's law, this bill specifically states business owners can refuse service to gay people based on their religious belief. the conscious protection bill passed the state senate on friday and heads to the house. residents are urging the governor to re veto the bill. but he plans to sign it. vietnam veterans in maryland will receive long awaited appreciation. governor hogan is set to sign a bill making today welcome home
5:50 am
vietnam veterans day. the bill recognizes the service and sacrifice of veterans. you you probablyprobably won't see this team taking on the wizards anytime soon. news 4 had your on air personality this is a pickup game. they sank a few three pointers. this is a charity event to raise money for the national kidsney foundation. looked pretty good out there. >> doug kammerer how about that. >> we have an extremely athletic weather team here. >> a me i can'tial a meial segal places ice hogky. >> tom hikes. >> ron is arise car driver. >> and the rest of us -- well you you do yoga. i eat doughnuts. >> i like doughnuts too.
5:51 am
and you're an excellent forecaster. >> and i'm tracking some showers that kind pact the morning commute for those of you will in and around the beltway and off to the east. so some light showers in the forecast. by the afternoon, it's breezy and the sun breaks out. a high of 62. some more rain is in the forecast for tomorrow. i'll show you that timing in just a moment. but this week not just a few days pretty of the entire week it actually feels like spring outside. and as we look ahead to easter on sunday, looking dry right now with plenty of sunshine. here is the latest on storm team 4 radar and remember you can download our weather app to track the rain in your neighborhood. tracking some rain away the beltway right now and inside of the district that continues toward bowie, annapolis, waldorf, potentially wet snow mixing in. southern maryland, and northern neck continuing to track showers traveling along i-95 toward fredericksburg dealing with some of that rain this morning. this activity continues for the next couple hours.
5:52 am
it then pushes out to the east and only a sprinkle or would is possible after that. by the midday hours the clouds will start to break up we'll start to see sunshine developing. but if you're heading out early this morning you might want to grab the light umbrella. off to the west areas like leesburg, frederick, you'll be dry for the remainder of the day. 7:00 a.m. showing you 9:00 a.m. pretty much everybody at this point is dry. plenty of clouds. 3:00 breezy but sunny with high temperatures around 60 degrees. 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, it's a dry start, so the morning commute not impacted by rain tomorrow but the evening commute, that might not be the case. showers are possible as early as 2:00 p.m.. scattered showers tomorrow evening. continuing to track some of that rain on into tomorrow night. right now we're at 43 degrees in washington and we'll warm to about 54 by noon. and we hit our high temperature of 60 this afternoon at about
5:53 am
4:00 p.m.. so as the kids get out of school today, a nice day to get fresh air. unfortunately, some showers in the forecast raterlater in the day. tomorrow after work or school might not be the best. for wednesday, cooler a little blustery. mild and spectacular on thursday, 72. chance of rain saturday and sunday. cooler by sunday. how are the roads? >> right now a new crash i want to adds is something that we heard about a little bit ago. now we have another lane blocked. so again 66 west of the beltway, we're sending chopper 4 to the crash. take a look from above, two lanes now blocked and you can see some of the slowdowns there. still have the issue here on metro, silver and orange line delays in both directions here this morning. and then that crash in silver spring tacoma avenue at againfenton street. otherwise just some volume. beltway at indian head highway
5:54 am
rolling along nicely. inner loop and outer loop looking good. 66 a tad slow as you're headed through manassas. and then northbound here 95 in virginia through dale city a little slow not snow slow there, as well because of course that's what happens after 5:30 in the morning. i'm back with a look at this crash with chopper overhead 66 west at the beltway. it is 5:55. you probably have already seen them, typical could you lateip tip calculators. now some people are questioning whether these digital devices are pressuring us to pay more tips. the acceptable range mass expanded fpexpand ed ed. on which start often starting at 20% and grow to go 30% or more. >> it will get easier you may
5:55 am
find yourself tipping more than you're used to. >> those in favor of these tip calculators say digital tipping helps workers who largely depend on gratuities for example servers at restaurants who make a very small salary. >> i tip based on service. how many money do you have inner savings account? >> whatever it is it's probably not enough. this morning we're seeing the new numbers that bag that up. landon dowdy here with that story "4 your money". you can never save enough. eun, welcome back. >> thanks landon. thanks for noticing. >> gosh aaron. >> i noticed. you dowhatever the numbers here. let's go. >> all right, aaron. i'll get to my numbers. a new survey finds americans
5:56 am
aren't saving for retirement. bank rate says after putting away less than 5% of their income almost 2 20% are saving nothing at all. best savers are the mid class. bank rate says it doesn't matter what you made, but what you have left over. there will be new sweeping procedures for dit taker sunetary supplements as gnc and three other real tailers are accused of selling supplements fraudulent or contaminated. the $33 billion supplement industry has been plagued by accusations of mislabeled products. >> for the record did he say welcome back. >> there will be a hug later. we'll have coffee. >> thank you landon. there are new calls for tighter restrictions on the gifts lobbyists can give to lawmakers in virginia. governor mccauley says all gifts
5:57 am
should be limited it-to-to $100 total. he vetoed a bill that would have limited gifts to $100 each. it comes in the wake of corruption scandals for bob mcdonnell and his wife. new you power plant is coming to virginia in greensville county. this would be the biggest natural based power plant in the chon commonwealth. investigators are trying to figure out what caused a northern virginia teenaged pilot the to lose control of his plane leading to a deadly crash. what we're learning about the accident and what hisylvania county to help classmates cope. and some of are you dealing with rain, maybe a few snow flakes. your forecast .
5:58 am
5:59 am
a young pilot's life cut short after a plane crash. the steps being taken at his high school as investigators try to figure out what went wrong. we're watching a line of showers as they push throughout area. amelia see balance isgal is helping you prepare. good morning.
6:00 am
some of us dealing with rain this morning. you can see the line mainly from baltimore down into howard county tippingcontinuing into washington and frederickburg. this is moving off toward the east. it is impacting parts of the sdwrikts. bethesda light rain steadier rain around bowie. annapolis, krin topclinton, waldorf, along i-95, you will be dealing with those showers. even reports of some snow mixing in but that's not going to stick. look at the temperature 44 degrees. by 9:0 sun starts to break out around 11:00 a.m., with a temperature of 51. at the bus stop this morning, showers for some but by recess just about everybody is dry. maybe just damp. dismissal is warmer breezy relatively speaking spectacular. i'll have more on that in


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