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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  March 30, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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first at 4, brand-new information coming in on that shooting at the nsa security gate today. chopper 4 shows you the scene live right now. >> our team coverage starts with brian ward and ward derrick ward and this new information. >> indeed that new information is and it's been confirmed by howard county law enforcement, that suv involved was stolen from a hotel in jessup a couple miles up route 32 from here. we haven't been told which hotel, but that is where it all started. of course it all ended violently earlier today. take a look. it was just before 9:00 a.m. two men dressed as women tried to enter the security gate at ft. meade. the driver did not obey an nsa police officer's instruction to leave the area. the car didn't stop and barriers were deployed. the agency says the suv accelerated toward an nsa police suv and crashed into it.
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reports say officers fired at that suv. one of the men inside died. the nsa says that man's cause of death is yet to be determined. an nsa police officer was also injured, and that officer and the surviving person inside the unauthorized vehicle were take on the a nearby hospital. sources tell news4 the suv was from the baltimore area. anne arundel county police tell us they were not pursuing the vehicle involved and had no lookouts for any such vehicle before this happened. a gun and drugs were found in the suv according to authorities. the fbi's baltimore field office has taken the lead in the investigation and they reported that the threat was quickly contained to the area around the gate just off the baltimore-washington parkway. and they say there's no indication that there was a terrorism angle. this bizarre and deadly incident. now, of course that new information may indicate that these people just inadvertently ended up here but this is arguably one of the safest and most secure facilities in the area not where you want to be after just committing a crime as is alleged. more details coming up on news4.
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back to you. wendy rieger is at the live desk with new details on the emergency response to this morning's incident. wendy? >> -- between anne arundel county first responders. it sounds like they first got this call after those suspects crashed into that police vehicle and after the bullets started flying. >> ft. meade, about 25 29 i think 27 responds. motorcycle collision with possible gunshot wounds. with gunshot wounds. >> the calls go on to indicate at least two people were taken to shock trauma units at the hospital but they did not confirm whether anyone had been kimmed at that point. jim and pat, back to you.lled at that point. jim and pat, back to you. >> this is the second time this year shots have been fired near the nsa building at ft. meade. earlier this month police say a man wanted for at least nine
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random shootings in the region fired shots at the complex. no one was hurt in that case. and there are no indications that these incidents are in any way connected. the victims say the impact on them will last much longer than the sentence handed down today. daniel cleaves was sentenced to 18 months in prison for having unprotected sex with two women in maryland without telling them he was hiv positive. it followed an e ocean nal hearing in montgomery county circuit court. cleaves cried during the proceeding saying what he did was wrong and he was sorry. the victims' impact statements were read in court. melissa gorga will have themgor chris gordon will have them in the next hour. a crash involving an atv overnight leaves one dead one injured and unanswered questions. tracee wilkins has more. >> reporter: we spoke with a man who told me he will never forget how horrible the scene was behind his home here in bowie.
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now police are asking for the public's help in what's becoming an ongoing investigation. a man and a woman driving an atv early this morning just before 2:00 a.m. lost control of that atv. a man who lives near the trail says he heard the noise and ran down the hill to see what was happening, found the man dead on the scene and the woman struggling for her life with severe head trauma. he called police and that woman was transported to the hospital. >> i went down myself right after i called and sure enough a split-second decision, you know to pull her out. he was deceased. >> reporter: the worst part is police are saying they do not know who the man or woman are. they're asking anyone with information to give them a call. anyone who knows someone who may have been riding an atv that is black, white, and gray last night to please contact them.
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we'll have more on this coming up on news4 at 5:00. we are learning more about the psychological state of the co-pilot blamed for crashing that germanwings plane in the french alps. today prosecutors say andreas lubitz had been treated for suicidal tendencies and he had several flup appointments with doctors who documented he was unable to work or fly. they haven't found any other evidence or motives for the crash and no other evidence he was planning to hurt himself or others. police have questioned a close female friend. more on that in our next half hour. two federal agents from maryland are charged with stealing money while investigating an online drug black market. sean bridges is from laurel. he worked for the secret service. carl force of baltimore was a special agent with the drug enforcement investigation. both worked undercover on the
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silk road investigation. they are accused of redirecting dimmal currency to personal accounts. a san francisco man was convicted last month of creating and running the secret drug website. turning to storm team 4, forget the sunshine we are in for more spring showers. >> doug kammerer is tracking our weather from the storm center. it did warm up at least today. >> we awe is a beautiful afternoon, a couple showers early this morning, even areas of sleet and even a few snow flurries this morninging too. that system pulling out towards the east. you can mark segraves -- see behind it we clear out quickly in the afternoon. temperatures in the 60s, expect more of that tomorrow. the shower chance returning during the day tomorrow so again showers tomorrow. i'll show you when coming up in a couple minutes. warmer weather returns and we're talking about a fairly stormy period later in the week. we'll talk about that in just a few minutes. a community in shock.
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first at 4, a family speaks for the first time since a teen pilot lost his life doing what he loved. it's like something out of a movie, but this is no stunt double. first at 4, the video that has people across the country rallying together.
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new signs of improvement for the american being treated for ebola at nih. officials say the patient is being upgraded to fair condition. no name or other personal information is being released right now. we do know that the patient contracted ebola while working at an ebola treatment center in sierra leone. this afternoon investigators tell us they believe speed played a part in yesterday's deadly accident in fairfax county. officials say dillbar knolly
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lost control of his vehicle just south of the fairfax county parkway shortly before 6:00 in the evening. he crossed into oncoming lanes and struck two other vehicles before coming to a stop. police say he died at the scene. the other drivers were take on the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. first at 4, we now know the name of the person gunned down this morning in a quiet residential neighborhood. d.c. police tell us antonia ayala died this morning in a shooting near 13th and van buren streets in northwest near the old walter reed hospital. police need your help finding the gunman. our mark segraves is talking to people in this neighborhood who say they're concerned about an uptick in crime. that part of the story coming up tonight on news4 at 5:00. a local college sports team suspended over a controversial audio recording. players on the university of mary washington's rugby team are accused of chanting violent and sexually explicit lyrics. it happened at an on campus
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party near the school. the president says the players violated the code of conduct. the entire team has to take part in sensitivity training before the sanctions will be lifted. it's not a good way to start the week. people across the country delayed for hours. how one glitch disrupted so many people in the middle of the night and how it's still impacting people right now. too much information. how a mix-up may have exposed some of the president's personal information and he may not be the only victim.
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first at 4, our first look at a teenaged pilot killed in a plane crash in virginia as his family releases a statement. >> he was just 16. here's northern virginia bureau chief julie carey. >> reporter: this is one of two small planes used by a flight school called skyline aviation at the orange airport. the second crashed in a field just beyond the runway there yesterday. it killed the student pilot inside 16-year-old ryan mccaul of spotsylvania. today investigators back on the scene to try to figure out what went wrong. this is what the scene looked like today as the ntsb faa, and state police investigators combed over the wreckage. an ntsb spokesman says ryan mccaul had just taken off from the orange airport when witnesses saw the plane bank to the left and crash. ryan was a student at skyline
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aviation and his flight instructor was observing as the plane went down. this afternoon, the family of the river bend high school sophomore released this photo along with a statement reading in part "ryan was our beloved middle son, a typical teenager whom we loved so much and who himself had a passion for flying that he'd already learned hi license to pilot at the young age of 16." on news4 at 5:00 you'll hear more from those who knew ryan about this terrible loss. in orange virginia i'm julie carey, news4. right now the search is on for the person who threw a brick through a bus window. two people on a metro bus are being treated for injuries. this happened this morning in northeast d.c. the bus was on bening road and 19th street. there are no reports of any arrests. the passengers' injuries are not said to be life-threatening. >> national outpouring of support for a california firefighter who fell through a burning garage. it was all caught on camera and we warn you that this video is disturbing. it happened in fresno yesterday
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afternoon. you can see the roof give way beneath his feet and then the entire garage erupts into a fireball. horrified witnesses screamed as firefighters rushed in to try to get him. he was in there for about three minutes. he suffered third-degree burns to 40% of his body. >> getting the firefighter out of the garage remove his clothes, douse him with water. took his uniform off, he was burnted from head to toe. >> the fire chief says the entire community of firefighters is rallying around him and praying he pulls through this. moment of truth. can we hold on to our final local "voice" contestant tonight? tree gibson takes the stage tonight. her voice and story have captured the country's attention. her family is hearing impaired and said she grew up with few ms. cal influences. see which song she picks for
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tonight. all new "voice" at 8:00 tonight on nbc 4. a whole lot of talent. >> a great story. and how much greater is our weather story going to get, doug? >> considering we were in the upper 30s on saturday upper 40s yesterday -- >> it's already pretty good. >> it's already pretty good. temperatures right now around 65 degrees. that's the current, a very nice afternoon. what a nice way to start off the workweek even though this morning we saw a little bit of sleet and each a little snow flurry or two here or there. none of that right now. we have sunshine across the area a few clouds from time to time. temperatures right now 65. windchill, yeah i can take that off there now. we're not talking any windchills anytime soon. current temperature, 65 in leesburg 59 in patuxent river and 66 warm degrees down toward fredericksburg. yes, we are on the nice side of things. tomorrow as far as the driving impact is concerned, down about 42 early tomorrow morning, between 6:00 and 8:00. partly sunny skies but some sun to start off. during the afternoon, we'll see a chance for showers. those showers come in during
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that 4:00 to 6:00 hour so they may slow the evening rush just a little bit. no rain to talk about right now. here's future weather, cool overnight tonight and cool through early tomorrow. but not cold. tomorrow morning 8:30 we have some sunshine across the area as i mentioned, but then we start to watch as the showers try to move in here. they won't get here until 3:00 4:00 5:00 so much of the day looking pretty nice. best chance of heavier showers will be up toward the north on the mason/dixon line but even those come on through the region and they're out of here by 8:00. it's a quick-moving system but it will give us a pretty good chance for showers between 4:00 and 8:00 tomorrow night. know that as you head out the door. you may need the umbrella tomorrow evening. that's about it. high temperatures tomorrow 62 in d.c. 65 in fredericksburg 59 towards frederick, maryland and hagerstown coming in at 58 degrees. the exercise impact tomorrow nice early, showers late. i do expect those showers as i mentioned between 4:00 and 8:00.
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if you're thinking about getting out for that evening jog, evening bike ride you might want to get it done early. rising temperatures at 1:00 then maybe a degree or two at 3:00 before temperatures come back down as we make our way in towards the evening hours. your impact forecast for the rest of us on the low side for sure. nice early. but those showers moving in late. so it's a good idea to take that umbrella with you just in case. i think as you're leaving work tomorrow evening, 4:00, 5:00 6:00, that's when we'll see that best chance for shower activity. high of 62 tomorrow 56 degrees on wednesday. so we're a little on the cool side wednesday with some sunshine and then look at thursday. 72 on thursday. 72 on friday. friday a good chance for not just rain but maybe a couple of thunderstorms in here. i've got a chance on saturday but it's really early in the day and most of the day saturday looks dry as does sunday sunday of course easter a high of 62 degrees and dry conditions. not bad at all. >> all right. looking good.
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thanks doug. the president's private personal information leaked to the world. >> he's one of several world leaders whose personal data was accidentally leaked. "the guardian" is reporting the australian immigration department sent off the president's passport and visa details to organizers of a soccer tournament. political leaders from england, germany, and russia all had their information leaked too. "the guardian" says this happened during the g-20 summit in australia last year. it also says australian leaders did not tell their peers about the breach. no laughing matter. one joke backfires in front of millions of people. one of hollywood's leading men that has people outraged. it's the story that a lot of people are talking about around the country. will backlash from a single law lead to a boycott against an entire state?
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we have groundbreaking performances. we have bruce jenner doing musical performances. he's doing a his and her duet all by himself. >> i don't blamemy fox gets some heat on social media after joking on the iheartradio awards show last night about bruce jenner who's going through the steps of a sex change.
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a facebook poll found two-thirds who answered were not offended by the remarks. but it's still got people talking today. >> kane joins us with other things that have people talking. taylor swift, justin timberlake he was huge. that speech bowled over everybody. >> i didn't realize he was going to quote teddy roosevelt accepting the innovator award. that's what the whole night was about. the iiheartradio awards second year we've done this. we wanted to do something that recognized where these artists came from to get to where they are now. and justin did a fantastic job talking act when he was in school he was just a normal guy, no one really paid attention to him and he never thought he'd be on a stage. >> what is it that really sets this show apart? from the others. >> aside from the $9,000 peaches at the end, you get people sitting at these tables next to
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each other that have never really talked to each other. that's of course his big thank-you speech. but it's about the career that we're focusing on and it's done by listeners of the iheartradio app and by hot 99.5. and taylor looked fantastic last night. she performed with madonna as well. rihanna performed. there was a lot of great moments last night. >> and, you know, we see the stars that we recognize. >> yeah. that's rihanna. there you go. >> we're bleeping out maybe a few things. >> probably a couple. just a little bit. >> you know, we see the stars we all recognize, but the radio stations are really the stars in this too, because they're playing the songs and these stars owe you guys. >> yes and no. i mean, the music is the music. the app is what it is. and the iheartradio app you can listen to hot 99.5 and the kane show whenever you feel like it but that's where we get these votes from. it's not a bunch of old people
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in an old room in suits in los angeles going i like taylor swift. this is actually done by listeners. this is done by fans. we had actually last night best fan army went to five seconds of summer which is wonderful. >> and the fans are the one who is count. you've got some hot tickets to give away tomorrow. >> i do. tons of tickets to give away including some at 7:25 and 8:25 tomorrow morning to the big concert that's happening down on the mall for dairt. >> all right. >> big one. >> thanks a lot. >> good to see you both. comedian court battle. months after the death of robin williams why his grieving family is battling each other in court. and the few personal selections his widow says she wants to keep. not cleared for takeoff. are the problems be hind a massive airline glitch really ironed
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at 4:30, our big story of the day. sources tell news4 a deadly shooting and crash outside nsa headquarters at ft. meade happened after a robbery at a hotel in jessup. police say two men dressed as women drove up to the gate and refused to stop. one of those men is dead. the other is still recovering. >> and the ebola patient at nih has been upgraded now to fair condition. we still don't know the person's name. right now at 4:30 reagan national is one of the airports still experiencing delays after
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an airline computer issue. >> barbara harrison is here now with the jetblue outage. barbara? >> it was a big mess out there, a lot of people still not happy. about a dozen jetblue flights arriving and leaving from reagan national today are posted still as delayed, some by nearly two hours because of a computer issue impacting flight check-ins. many passengers tweeted they had to use handwritten boarding passes. there are also delays at other airports including boston and ft. lauderdale. jetblue is apologizing to its customers. the airline released a statement saying there was a widespread outage while the issue was fixed this morning, they say there could be delays throughout the rest of this day. now, jetblue is working to help anyone who's been impacted by these day delays. they are reaching out the to social media giving out free wi-fi and travel vouchers. if you're scheduled to fly with jetblue, get to the airport early and check with the airline about your flight. pat? the ntsb here in washington is sending a go team to help
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investigate a horrible church van accident in florida. the van ran through a stop sign and veered off the road into a canal this morning as it was returning to ft. pierce. eight people died. ten were injured. the van had seating capacity for 15 people not 18. the church congregants were returning home from a late palm sunday service. court has recessed for day, but the defense has started presenting its case at the boston marathon bombing trial. lawyers today called their fist witness to the stand a couple hours ago. defense is not expected to focus on whether dzhokhar tsarnaev is guilty. instead, they're going to be working to spare him the death penalty claiming his older brother was the mastermind. no word whether tsarnaev will testify in his own defense. prosecutors wrapped up their case earlier today after showing the jury graphic autopsy photos of the three people who died in the attack in 2013. it's coming down to the wire. tomorrow's the deadline for an
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agreement over the future of iran's nuclear program. right now the u.s. and several other world powers are in intense negotiations in switzerland. secretary of state john kerry says all parties are working hard to come up with a framework for an agreement. they're working on terms that would curb iran's nuclear activities in exchange for sanctions relief. indiana is trying to fend off growing criticism over a new law involving religious freedom. as jay gray reports, it comes just as the hoosier state is about to host the final four and there are now calls for a boycott. >> reporter: right now, indiana is in a state of confusion and conflict over religious freedom restoration law signed by governor mike pence. >> we're not going to change the law, okay? >> reporter: it's not okay. for a chorus of critic who is say the measure allows businesses to refuse service to customers based on their sexual
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orientation. mayor of seattle and governor of connecticut have both banned official travel to indiana. >> we don't allow to use your religious freedom to discriminate against somebody else. >> reporter: a growing number of byes are lining up against the new law and tim cook, the openly gay ceo of apple wrote, "this isn't a political issue. it isn't a relsous issue. this is about how we treat each other as human beings." high-profile opponents including miley cyrus and charles barkley have criticized the move and called for a boycott. and with the final four set to tip off in indianapolis the ncaa is holding court on the issue, promising to "examine the implications of this bill and how it might affect future events." today republican lawmakers conceded they may need to reword the measure. >> we want to encourage our colleagues to adopt a clarifying measure of some sort to remove misconception about the bill. >> reporter: supporters point out there are similar laws protecting religious freedom in 19 over states and governor
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pence insists indiana will stay on that list. jay gray, nbc news. a major announcement today in the 2016 senate race in illinois. democratic representative tammy duckworth threw her hat into the ring today. this is setting up a high-profile challenge against republican incumbent senator mark kirk. duckworth is an army national guard veteran. she lost both her legs in iraq when the helicopter she was piloting was hit by a rocket-propelled grenade. here's part of her campaign announcement today. >> i sponsored the no budget no pay act and led by example, returning more than $10,000 of my own pay to taxpayers and cutting over $100,000 from my office budget. >> mark kirk suffered a stroke in 2012. he made his recovery a focus of his re-election campaign. there is progress today in the battle between some of those closest to the late actor robin
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williams. williams' wife and adult children have agreed to settle their fight over his estate out of court. susan williams says now she just wants to keep presents from their wedding and the tuxedo he wore on that day. but williams' children from his previous marriages say all clothing was left to them by their father in a trust. both sides will meet informally next week. actress and d.c. native taraji p. henson is apologizing just late l more than a week after saying her son was racially profiled by police. she stook to instagram over the weekend after dashcam video of the incident surfaced. she told the magazine her son was slated to usc but would now be attending howard university in washington because of her concerns about profiling. a moving tribute to a man who spent years working in washington. why the president said more of today's lawmakers should be like him. a breach of etiquette. the pictures taken in front of a
4:36 pm
tragic scene that have a lot of people talking on social media. storm team 4 tracking some rain. doug? >> tracking some rain but not today. a beautiful day out there right now. looking towards the capital wheel there. out towards national harbor. the rain moves in tomorrow.
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president obama says our politicians should try to carry themselves more like the late massachusetts senator ted kennedy. as brian mooar reports, the president made those comments at the dedication ceremony for the new kennedy institute in boston. ♪ whose bright stripes and bright stars ♪ >> reporter: in boston, american political leaders past and present gathered to dedicate an institute to a man who dedicated his life to public service, the late senator ted kennedy. >> and ted understood the only point of running for office was to get something done not to posture, not to sit there worrying about the next election. >> reporter: kennedy, who died in 2009 served nearly a half-century in the u.s. senate a liberal lion remembered for finding a way not just to work with but win over republicans. >> he knew how to give-and-take
4:40 pm
and get results. >> but i have no doubt the place would be a little more productive and a lot more fun if he were there. >> reporter: they joined his family in dedicating a $78 million facility that will bear his name. the edgar dan kennedy institute for the united states senate. it includes a life-sized replica of the senate chamber and of kennedy's office as well as memorabilia. but organizers help this build will capture and help carry on senator ted kennedy's spirit of leadership and legislation. brian mooar, nbc news. big news today for fans of the "daily show." the next host has been revealed. comedian trevor noah will follow the big footsteps of jon stewart. noah joined the "daily show" as a senior international correspondent last year. comedy central said the switch will come later this year but they haven't said an official date just yet. noah will be performing at the arlington draft house next month. you know those tickets are going to go. we learned that all of his shows
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are now completely yep, they've been sold out. risking it all for his best friend. a loyal pet pulls his owner to safety. the unbelievable rescue that was caught on camera. new revelation what we're learning this afternoon about the co-pilot of that doomed germanwings plane that crashed in france and who police are interviewing now that could shed some new light on why this happened.
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so i'm working from home. i get on a video conference. with my boss, and my boss's boss. but i forgot to attach the presentation
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first at 4, this afternoon storm team 4 is already busy tracking another round of spring showers. doug will join us in just a moment to tell us what to expect and when. also this afternoon, talk about a breach of etiquette, why the visit to a tragic scene is causing some selfie backlash. the investigation into the crash of germanwings flight 9525 has not revealed a motive but as claudio levine reports there is new evidence the pilot who took the plane down suffered frommed is dal tendencies before his flying career took off. >> reporter: while german prosecutors tried to find more evidence that it was the co-pilot andreas lubitz who flew deliberately the germanwings plane into the frechbl mountain last tuesday, german investigators say that they haven't found aed is note or a claim of responsibility but they did say that he underwent
4:45 pm
some psychotherapy treatment sometime ago before he was granted a pilot's license. >> he had at that time been in treatment of a psychotherapist because of what is documented as being suicidal. >> reporter: this will bring forth the theory it was him that deliberately flew the plane into the french mountains. here in the french alps many families adrive leave flowers over the makeshift memorial that was built about two miles from the crash site. we know to date 325 family members have arrived here 200 to 300 more will arrive over the next month. the media have been kept at a distance from the families but we spoke to a mayor of a nearby town who spoke to the families and said they are both stressed because of the loss of their loved ones and also angry at the alleged co-pilot's role in the crash. the whole of the local community said they were all thunder
4:46 pm
struck by this tragedy and they will be scarred for generations. claudio lavagna, nbc news. >> about two hours from now family and friend will gather to remember the victims of a deadly mass shooting in southeast washington. it happened five years ago today. three people were killed six others hurt at the corner of south capital and brandywine streets. the community will gather at 6:30 this evening at the faith presbyterian church in south washington. then a candlelight vigil will be held at the site of the shooting. that starts at 8:15. police say the violence was part of a series of revenge attacks that started over stolen jewelry. five men were convicted in the case. village idiots. that's the headline screaming from a major newspaper this afternoon and it comes amid backlash against people who were posting selfies in very precarious place. "the new york post" published this cover with the phrase "village idiots." people took selfies at the site
4:47 pm
of the gas explosion in the east village that killed two people. three buildings were destroyed. investigators are trying to figure out what sparked the explosion today. >> all right. this week we've got some spring showers on the horizon. >> yeah. that's coming tomorrow tomorrow evening. april showers bring -- >> mayflowers? >> is it april yet? >> not quite yet. >> it will be on wednesday, of course. we're talking about the last day of march, yeah bringing us a couple showers during the day as we make our way through that day. now outside looking across the area a shot we don't normally take reston line camera the brand-new reston wheeling station on the horizon. parking garage already open up for business. downtown olympian ti of sunshine across the region. 65 degrees, it is beautiful, highs only in the 30s on saturday. only got to 48 yesterday and today. we're at 65.
4:48 pm
by 7:00 down to about 60 degrees and down to about 5 the degrees by 11:00 so a nice evening. that chance of rain not coming until tomorrow afternoon. 67 in gaithersburg 62 in huntingtown, 63 in manassas and warrenton at 65 degrees. it's a little on the breezy side and it will continue to be right on through the day tomorrow too. iheartradio is dry. we're clear and we will stay that way overnight. tomorrow though we'll start off with some sunshine then we'll turn mostly cloudy. late-day showers, high temperatures 59 to about 65 degrees. morning, no problem. a nice start. you're on the green in the morning, in the green by midday. loads looking really good around the midday hour. the evening hours between 4:00 and 8:00 we could see those showers moving in. could cause cautionary as far as the road are concerned with some wet roadways. that's really about it. i don't expect too much in the way of rain but we will see it. when is it coming? not at 9:00 a.m. get on the bike if you want to. 41 degrees at that time. 61 degrees at 1:00. nice weather.
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heavier showers in d.c. around 5:00 to 7:00 8 to the south and east. sunset tomorrow night 7:31. the sun goes down after 7:30. we just continue to get more and more daylight as we make our way through the next couple of days. 62 degrees on your tuesday, 56 cooler on wednesday. but not bad. with some sunshine. then we get to 72 on thursday. winds shift out of the southwest. we are going to see some rather breezy conditions on thursday but that will help temperatures up to 72. same deal on friday but friday comes with a chance for rain. and maybe eve an chance for a couple thunderstorms too. saturday we have a chance for showers, but that's going to be really early in the day. most of the afternoon saturday looks great with a high of 55 little on the cool side this time of year back to 62 on sunday then of course easter sunday monday with a high temperature around 67. not a bad forecast. most days above average. what was in the box?
4:50 pm
a short time ago, the fiancee of aaron hernandez testified at his murder trial. shayanna jenkins said she removed a box from his basement at his request a day after the slaying. she says she threw it in a random trash bin but doesn't remember where. a former new england patriots player is accused of kill og din lloyd in 2013. jenkins said she never asked what was in the box or looked inside it. prosecutors theorize the murder weapon which was never found, could have been in that box. under defense questioning jenkins testified the box smelled like marijuana. investigators now say they're examining the black boxes from a plane that skidded off a runway. this happened at halifax airport in nova scotia where it was snowing heavily at the time. there were more than 135 people on boa that plane. it crashed while it was coming in to land. no one died but more than two dozen people were hurt. as part of our changing minds campaign, we meet a woman
4:51 pm
who talks about her struggle with illness that millions experience. she tells doreen gentzler it took her from ceo to prison to recovery. >> i had to sit in prison for a year for me to realize that this was going to ruin the rest of my life if i didn't get it under control. >> she's talking about her struggle with booirp dis struggle with birnd struggle with bipolar disorder. characterized by unusual mood changes and shifts in energy and active levels. psychotic thinking can be part of tight. >> poor impulse control, what they call omnipotent fearless. >> reporter: that's how christine say she behaves during the manic part of her mood cycles. it's also what pushed her to have such a successful career. problem is those highs with can come with severe lows depression thoughts of suicide. >> when you have a high that is
4:52 pm
so high that no street drug can compete and a low so low that you feel like you've been hit like a mack truck, the middle ground is what you struggle for. >> doreen joins us at 5:00 and 6:00 to tell us how christine overcame her struggles with mental illness and overcame the odds. secretary of defense ash carter is considering changing the military's enlistment standards, all part of a plan to attract and keep quality service members and civilians across the department. rules for age and minor drug drug offenses could be le re laxed for cyber jobs. the secretary sees recruitment and retainment as major challenges. this isn't the first time the department is looking in to cutting restrictions. a story getting a lot of
4:53 pm
attention. fewer stink bugs this year. experts say there are a lot of possible reasons from the cold winter to natural enemies of the smelly bug. despite the lower numbers, home owners should take action. anything that you can do to make your home more efficient will help keep those stink bugs from sneaking. >> get them out of here. reaching out and lending a helping hand. this afternoon a community recovering from a tornado outbreak gets a big hand and the people giving that helping hand have been in their shoes before.
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skwa he's alive and well today and joes it all to his dog. the dog braved frigid waters at a park in ohio to reach his owner on saturday. the man was stranded in the mud. rescue crews sent the dog out with a rope and he was pulled to safety. >> good thing he had his cell phone considering he was in the mud and water up to about his chest, about 33 degrees. he wasn't going to fare too well much longer. they made it through the tornado in joplin four years ago. students and teachers are helping an oklahoma school destroyed by last week's twister. andrew donnelly has more. >> reporter: homes, family lives lost destruction on an unimaginable level.
4:57 pm
although this may look similar to damage you've seen in moore, it's not. this was joplin after an ef-5 tore their city apart in 2011 fast forward to 2015 job lin and moore residents are rebuilding together lending each other a helping hand. >> the fact we've been through it and saw the outpouring of support and help we got in joplin four years ago. >> reporter: now the joplin community is stepping up bringing that same support they received years ago to southgate elementary in moore. >> with southgate, the majority hit, we had to move our entire school because we don't know structurally how sound it is. we have moved over here to the church. >> reporter: a devastating loss joplin teacher teresa adams knows all too well. something else she knows. a new location means the need for new school supplies. >> we stuffed an entire bus. it was literally filled to the top. we got everything from power strips and flashlights and batteries to backpacks and paper and pencils. >> now the more than 600
4:58 pm
students have a great start despite everything they've lost. >> we're not going to skip a beat. that's all i need to know to know they're going to be able to have school like school should be and feel that. that's all that we really need. >> reporter: a partnership between victims still recovering providing a lesson that can't be learned in school. >> news4 at 5:00 starts now with jim and wendy. a car stopped at nsa. >> airfield tragedy pap young pilot killed in a plane crash. the shock and sadness at school as some classmates too young to drive learn he was already flying alone. >> reporter: a guy steals an expensive bike but it's what he did next that got him in
4:59 pm
trouble. >> the vehicle in the deadly shooting outside the nsa was stolen from a nearby hotel. the two men depressed as women, allegedly robbed someone and sped towards the nsa. officers fired at the vehicle when the driver refused to sthop. one man killed the second injured, and a police officer hospitalized. derrick ward live at ft. meade. >> reporter: it's stale crime scene and more information is unfolding. the investigation will stretch into local jurisdictions. as we learn more about what happened here it seems it is a case of someone running from one crime scene and turning in or creating another crime scene that ended up having fatal
5:00 pm
consequences. the fbi blooefs it wasn't terrorism but had to be terrifying for those who witnessed it. a car drove up to one of the most secure places in the area. the two men inside the suv were dressed as women. a statement released by the nsa says the driver didn't follow an nsa police officer's inspections to leave the area. instead the car sped up and headed toward an nsa police vehicle. damage to both vehicles indicates there was a collision. nsa officers opened fire on the unauthorized suv and one of the men inside died on the scene. the agency says the cause of death hasn't been determined. the other man was take on the hospital along with one of the nsa police officers. a gun and drugs were found inside the suv according to authorities. the business of national security went on inside the nsa, but a wide perimeter went up around the already highly secu


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