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tv   News4 Today  NBC  March 31, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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as you said an active shooter investigation is ongoing here. fairfax county police are here. the s.w.a.t. team is here. we're not getting much information in terms of what exactly is happening. what the status of the investigation is at this point, but you can see a large police presence. the hospital here fairfax inova hospital is on lock down here this morning, as you said zach no one is getting in or coming out of the hospital. right now police have the entire hospital facility on lock down as they continue this investigation. again, an active shooter investigation going on here. we're continuing to follow it bring you live reports and updates all morning. back to you on the traffic conditions melissa. >> thank you darcy. falls church where darcy and zach are this morning. inova fairfax. gallows road shut down between arlington boulevard and woodburn road. prosperity avid near arlington
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boulevard that shut down in both directions. your alternate will be lee highway to work your way to the beltway. 270 old hundred road everything flowing fine here. southbound no problems. same thing northbound. no issues there either. 66 into and out of town 95 into and out of town looking quite good. 95 northbound and southbound and maryland and bw parkway rolling along quite well. back at 5:11. turning now to the weather. take a live look outside now. 48 degrees. a look at the capital wheel at national harbor. a pretty scene. not too shall bey way to start. >> i can see the nearly calm waters of the potomac in the live view. the final day of march the winds will be picking up a bit. right now it's calm and quiet and dry pavement. chilly morning and wet afternoon. that pavement will be wet most of the region later this
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afternoon. a really with aer pattern moves in later this week. right now a bit of a chill in the area. our temperatures are hovering in the 30s across parts of maryland and virginia. frederick down to 34. that's the chilly spot. nearby suburbs in prince george's county it's near 40. and near 40s and mid 40s in montgomery county and fairfax county. in the mountains of west virginia above freezing there upper 30s to near 50 degrees. some moisture in the form of snow in the northern side. rain to the southern side. that is on a track to get closer to us by later this afternoon. so have an umbrella ready and with you before you head out the door early this morning. coming up next weather and traffic on the 1s, a look when it gets windy today later. a developing story in prince george's county.
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police fired shots at man trying to get away from officers during a traffic stop. there are three crime scenes here that ended when the suspect crashed his car into a tree near saint barn bass. the suspect is expected to be okay. he's in custody. i want to show you the scene where officers opened fire on 71st circle not far from addison road. the suspect was not hit. the suspect drove toward the officer who was standing outside his cruiser. no officers were hurt. virginia state police and the culpepper police department are now investigating a man's death they say happened after he was tased by an officer. the man's name is dominique wise. freelance star said the police found him walking in circles on bell avenue this weekend. police say he ran away when officers tried to get him off the street. when they tried to arrest him, they say he resisted and an officer used a taser on him. wise died yesterday. police have not released the officer's name. they also have not said how many
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times the taser was used in the case. today investigators are expected to release new details about that deadly shooting at the nsa complex in fort meade. we sent you a push alert about the breaking news yesterday. police say two suspects wearing wigs and women's clothing drove through exit lanes and barriers toward the complex. they say they then slammed into an nsa police car. according to howard county police the suspect's car was stolen. we're also told there was a gun and drugs inside the car. one of the suspects was killed the other is in critical condition right now. new this morning a woman accused of abusing vulnerable adults in prince george's county heads to court. she's charged with physical and financial abuse along with kidnapping and reckless endangerment. she was running an illegal assisted living facility outside her apartment. darcy spencer will have more throughout the morning. an fbi agent charged with falseifying records and stealing
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drug evidence heads back to court. he took drugs that had been processed as evidence in 2013 and 2012. the allegations against him caused federal prosecutors to dismiss charges against at least 28 defendants. a group of 26 cyclists is arriving in washington from newtown, connecticut to ask lawmakers for gun reform including new background checks and new restrictions in the case was domestic violence. the third sandy hook ride rally and news conference is this afternoon. to be thenight the d.c. mayor will deliver her first state of the district address. she's expected to talk about the pathways to the middle class initiative. she could talk about the city's move to legalize marijuana last month. [ cheers and applause ]
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maryland's women basketball team punched the ticket to the final four with a win over tennessee last night. the tournament is down to number one seeds now. maryland's coach said she's excited to be there. >> just accomplished so many great things this year and couldn't be more proud of the team! >> maryland plays connecticut this sunday. >> congratulations to them! details continue to emerge in the fateful germanwings flight that crashed into the french alps. what we're learning about the co-pilot thought to deliberately down the plane. >> we continue to follow breaking news. in a heavy police presence at the hospital in falls church. >> a live look outside right now. 48 not too chilly.
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5:09 right now. we're staying on top of the breaking news coming out of fairfax county. a live picture for you here at inova fairfax hospital where we believe the hospital is on lock down at this hour as police are engaged in an active shooter investigation. meaning that someone has either -- they believe has been seen with a gun or fired a gun somewhere on the hospital campus. zachary kwooesh is on the scene now. he has been talking about the focus of this investigation at the women's center. you can see it there on the sign
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the women's center at the blue garage. we're trying to figure out what investigators are doing. apparently the s.w.a.t. team was on the scene. there was a chopper overhead. we'll bring you the latest on news 44 push outalerts. the co-pilot accused of taking down germanwings 5595 was treated for suicidal thoughts. it's believed that andreas lub business locked the pilot out of the cockpit. a developing story now. the justice department is urging a federal appeals court to lift the temporary hold a texas judge placed on president obama's immigration executive action. that injunction was issued in february. lawyers for the federal government say it's blocking the executive action that could spare from as many as 5 million people who are in the u.s. illegally from deportation. a court hearing is set for april 17th. time now for a look as your
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weather and traffic on the 1's as we approach 5:11. tom kierein is here. >> good morning. starting off a live view from the storm team 4 city camera showing a mostly clear sky. a few high clouds coming from the west. we'll stay generally hovering around 40s through 8:00 this morning. quite a bit of sunshine. by noon we'll be in the upper 50s and increasing clouds. by the time you head home from work and school likely some rain showers coming through. might get a rumble of thunder. by then should be into the low 60s. that's when we'll likely see the winds increasing as well. we could have gusts of wind around 35 to 40 miles per hour by later this afternoon. right now layer up. you need at least a light jacket. it's near 40 in prince george's. montgomery low to mid 40s. fairfax in the low to mid 40s. 30s across northern virginia.
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next weather and traffic on the 1 as a look at the hour-by-hour rain timing later today. now breaking news on the roads. >> breaking news in falls church gallows road closed between arlington boulevard and woodburn. we have another closure prosperity at arlington boulevard because of the police investigation. your alternate to get around this is going lee highway. new hampshire avenue between elton and powder mill only one lane getting by because of road work. beltway at kenilworth inner and outer looking good. back at 5:21. >> thank you. all right. once again here is a live scene in fairfax county that melissa was talking about. heavy police presence at inova fairfax hospital as police are investigating an active shooter situation. the hospital is on lock down
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huge police presence here in falls church. you can really feel in the situation. it's an intense situation here. i want do you check out the police presence. s.w.a.t. team is here local police is here. the point of emphasis has been the women's center and the blue garage. when we rolled up an hour ago we saw high-powered rifles pulled out. we hear and see helicopters above. as we mention, we've been here for about an hour. police have all entrances blocked. nobody is getting in or out at this point. we have team coverage off gallows road. my partner darcy spencer is covering this as well. you can follow us and get the updates all morning long on twitter and nbc 4 news app. we have new information just coming in. be we're getting e-mails from viewers saying they're getting reverse 9-1-1 calls from the hospital letting them know exactly what is going on here. we're here on the scene trying
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to piece it all together. again, a very very active scene. you can really feel kind of the weight the intensity. it doesn't necessarily feel like a situation under control at this point in time. we will give you updates all morning long as we have them. i'm zachary kiesch in falls church. indiana's governor striking back against critics of a controversial new religious freedom law. governor mike pence penned an op-ed. many states have similar laws but often had other legal protections in place. pence said indiana's slaw not a license to discriminate and it lets people push back against government overreach. >> the proposal carries. [ applause ]
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indianapolis city council responding to the new law. cheers erupted at the council -- as the council passed a resolution opposing indiana's new law. they said it's bad for business and tourism. here in d.c. there are calls for a ban on official travel to indiana. council member david grass sew calls the indiana law blatant bigotry and public employees should not be forced to travel to indiana. >> they get caught up in often some anti-gay, anti-lesbian fervor that has been placed in the world. in is a situation where the legislature there was supported by the governor, i think, made a huge, huge mistake. >> virginia's governor is using the backlash to recruit indiana business to our area in a letter the governor invited companies to take advantage of the open, inclusive, and thriving business environment here in virginia. we know the name of a 23-year-old killed when his atv
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crashed on a trail in buoy. we brought you the breaking news at this time yesterday. brandon barnes and a woman were riding the atv when they were thrown off. >> a woman right over there. i didn't know -- at that point i didn't know -- the man was a witness to the accident. barnes died in the crash and police say the woman is in critical condition now. maryland national capital park police tell us atvs are banned everywhere in prince george's county except on private property. we can show you a picture of the teen who died in a plane crash this weekend. ryan mccall grew up in fredericksburg and died while flying.
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you can see the nose and wing of the plane torn apart there. school leaders will hold a moment of silence for ryan at the next board meeting. condemning the state bar association for cancelling a trip to israel. they demanded the bar reverse the decision. the bar cited low turnout and could have a tough time getting into israel. thousands of virginia begans travel to israel without unnecessary delay. . are tractor trailer tires built for high speeds? serious questions are being raised. most of the tires are built for a top speed of 75 miles per hour. 14 states have speed limits of 75 80 and even 85 miles per hour. tire experts say driving over the top speed can lead to deadly blowouts. the national highway traffic safety administration said tires were a factor in 198 crashes involving tractor trailers and buses, 223 people were killed.
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states set their own speed limits. the national highway traffic administration can raise the tire standards. there is a fire weather watch in our area today. the national weather service is predicting high winds and dry conditions starting at about 11:00 this morning. prince william falker and stafford counties are included as are parts of southern maryland. it should end around 6:00 tonight. i want to get you caught up on the weather headlines on this tuesday morning. let's go to tom kierein. >> there's a live view. we're pretty dry. we have low humidity. we have a red flag warning that has been issued for parts of virginia. due to gusty winds going to be moving in. the combination of that with the low humidity before any rain arrives. we could have some wild fires especially up along the ridges where the higher wind gusts will be along skyline drives and parts of the shenandoah valley.
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parts could have isolated wild fires later today with everything so dry. but we will get some rain later today. it's coming in the ohio valley. north of that it is snow. the final day of march getting some snow here in northwestern pennsylvania up into michigan. that will stay to the north. but the southern end of that we're on the warm side of it likely that rain will be moving in later today. here is the timing we'll stay dry through the morning with a lot of sunshine. by noontime the clouds close in. the area in green are areas of showers that begin to show up around 3:00 crossing the pennsylvania border coming into loudoun county pan handle of west virginia frederick, and washington counties. it's after that that the rain gets closer to the metro area. it will be maybe around 5:00 or 6:00 p.m. some of the showers coming thereupon. the rest of the region having a few scattered showers. maybe a few rumbles of thurntd as well as they move through. this evening by 8:00 or 9:00 mostly gone and the cloud cover begins to break up. temperatures in the 40s right now. a couple of spots in the 30s.
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later today it should be around 60 degrees before the rain arrives and then that shower activity into the evening hours as we drop into the 40s overnight. sunny on wednesday and highs upper 50s. the warmer weather arr thursday and friday with highs around 70. could get showers and thunder friday afternoon and evening. the weekend looks dry and a bit cooler. as we get into monday in the upper 60s again and partly sunny. next weather and traffic on the 1s bus stop forecast coming up at 5:31. breaking news in falls church. because of that active shooter investigation at inova fairfax. gallows road is shut down between arlington boulevard and woodburn. prosperity avenue right there near arlington avenue. the alternate will be lee highway to make your way around the closures. a wide look at things overall no major problems as you take a look at the beltway here. everything looking pretty good. beltway and new hampshire top of the beltway there rolling along.
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take a look at 66 riding in no major issues now. same thing heading out of town. remember to listen to our friends on wtop 103.5 fm. and nice and green everything rolling along well. back at 5:31. i'm angie goth. setting aside $300 million to deal with the aftermath of the germanwings crash in the french al. s from last week. last week the company offered immediate aid up to $54,000 per passenger to the family members of victims. early investigations said that the co-pilot locked out the captain from the cockpit and then deliberately crashed that jet into the side of the mountain right there killing off 150 people on board. >> thank you. your time is 5:25. news for your health now. new study suggests that children allowed to sip alcohol may be more likely to start drinking by
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high school. researchers at brown university followed nearly 600 children through their middle school years and those who had sipped alcohol usually with the parent's permission by sixth grade were five times more like likely to have consumed a full drink by the beginning of high school. experts say while there are many factors that lead to underage drinking a little taste of alcohol may send young kids a mixed message. sometimes parents allow it at home. they want to taste it. wine beer that sort of thing. so you to think about what you're doing. we're staying on top of breaking news now at inova fairfax hospital. take a look at the live pictures. police are investigating shots being fired somewhere on the hospital grounds. >> fairfax county police confirming a prisoner was in custody and was able to get away and may be armed with a gun on the grounds. we have crews all over the story at this hour. we're getting new information in. we'll have it for you coming up at the bottom of the hour at 5:30. gallows road as you can see, is
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closed between
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we're continuing to track breaking news right now at 5:30.
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shots were fired somewhere around the grounds or near inova fairfax hospital. here is a look at the scene right now where there is heavy police presence as investigators try to figure out what is going on. as our reporters have been on the ground there, they noticed that crews are focussed in a significant way on a parking garage outside the hospital. i want to go to darcy spencer now. she's been on the scene all morning long and gathering brand new information here. what do you know? >> reporter: well, good morning, yeah, the focus may be in the park garage. but police are telling us it's an active search for an escaped prisoner. they have begun tweeting information out. fairfax county police saying there was a prisoner in the custody of a private security guard who escaped. they believe the prisoner escaped armed with a gun. we're live along woodburn road. you can see the hospital along wellness boulevard. that's the intersection. a heavy police presence out here this morning for the shots fired
5:30 am
investigation. and again fairfax county police are here on scene as well as the s.w.a.t. team. helicopters has been circle all morning. they're searching for an escaped prisoner. it started to break before 4:00 this morning. they say that the prisoner has a hospital gown on. we received a call from a viewer saying that a reverse 9-1-1 went out in the neighborhood here warning residents that there could be someone on the loose in a hospital gown and the person should be considered armed and dangerous. again, we're beginning to receive information from fairfax county police confirming some of the details of what has been going on here. but again a private security guard was apparently watching over this prisoner that prisoner was somehow able to get free with a gun in a hospital gown and is running loose as we understood understand. we don't know if the situation is confined to the hospital grounds or perhaps he was able to get off the grounds. the active search is going on. we're continuing to follow this
5:31 am
and for additional information, let's go to zachary kiesch live along gallows road. >> thank you dollararcy. i'm outside the blue parking garage. it's been a point of emphasis all morning long. we saw s.w.a.t. teams and police with high-powered rifles pulled out. and that scene has continued here all morning long. right now we're hearing and seeing helicopters over head. and police really trying to provide as much direction as possible. tell folks, hey, nobody is getting in. nobody is getting out. keep it moving this morning. a lot of road closures around here. and a lot of people don't know what to do. darcy, you mentioned people in the area confirming that they're getting reverse 9-1-1 calls here at the hospital. the shopt calling folks that live in the area and trying to let them know exactly what is going on. again, if you have an appointment at the hospital this
5:32 am
morning, probably best case scenario to give them a call. but i can tell you from being here on the scene that you're not getting in. nobody is getting in here this morning. again, active scene here. we're right here off gallows road outside the women's center here in falls church. melissa, what is on the roads? >> right now reports we're getting with the breaking news gallows road still closed between arlington boulevard and woodburn road. we spoke with police about 15 minutes ago. we'll talk to them again to make sure it's still happening. prosperity avenue shut down in both directions. the alternate is lee highway if you're trying to get around this. 66 into town and 95 into town no real problems. 95 is getting a little slow. it's 5:30. turning a little yellow on us. 95 maryland into and out of town looking pretty good. 270 at germantown road flowing
5:33 am
nicely as well. travel times at 5:41. all dry pavement there on the traffic camera as we start off. mostly clear sky this morning at the metro stop at the bus stop you'll need a jacket. a chill in the area. hovering in the low 40s between now and 8:00 and 9:00. it will feel nice with the bright sunshine. then the clouds increase later today. and so we will likely get some rain moving in by later this afternoon. as we saw have an umbrella ready for the afternoon. might need sunglasses and a jacket for the morning. next weather and traffic on the 1s coming up at 5:41. a look at the drive time commuter forecast for the day ahead. >> thank you. it's now 5:34. canada will now conduct air strikes directly inside syria. this is part of the country's extension of the military mission against the terror group isis. they're the only second nato country to conduct air strikes inside syria. the u.s. being the first.
5:34 am
cothe legislation fighting isis is one of several important topics. we expect to hear about this morning. savannah guthrie has an exclusive interview with defense secretary ashton carter. she asked the secretary whether he thinks the u.s. is winning in the fight against isis. >> we have certainly inflicted a lot of damage. it will take some time to inflict defeat upon isil. we're building the coalition and the forces. that's why i'm hesitant to say we're winning. i'm confident we will win. >> you can see the full interview on the "today" show right after news 4 today. attorneys in the boston marathon bombing trial said the older brother was master mind behind the deadly bombing. the resignation of a rising
5:35 am
republican star takes effect. aaron schock announced his resignation earlier this month. he's leaving amid questions over his expenses, most notably the issue with the mileage on his car and, of course the infamous downton abbey congressional office as well. in the day ahead share your opinion about the zriblgt's transportation plan for 16th street. the public meeting happening tonight at 6:00 at the mount pleasant neighborhood library. the presentation will begin at 6:30 and the study will focus on 16th street between arkansas avenue and h street northwest. soon you can see all the ways you can get frarnd montgomery county public buildings. they will launch two transit screens. it will show real time information for buses, metro, and other transportation alternatives. the unveiling will be happening at 11:00 this morning at the
5:36 am
montgomery county office building. police say they took a man's wallet and cell phone after he gave one a ride. d.c. police want to connect with you adds many areas are dealing with strained police community relations. the second district will be holding outdoor roll calls. they want you to come out and meet the d.c. police officers who are working to keep your neighborhoods safe. you can head out tonight to connecticut avenue northwest at 7:00 p.m. or tomorrow night at 39th street at davis place in northwest at 6:30 p.m. we're continuing to stay on top of breaking news right now. here are live pictures from inova fairfax hospital. a very active scene there. you can see police and swat teams on the scene as police search for an an escaped prisoner.
5:37 am
fairfax county police tweeted the photograph of the man they're looking for now. >> we'll turn around the picture and put on tv for you. it's out on social media. look for it there on the twitter and facebook accounts. of course the heavy police presence near the hospital.
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back to the breaking news we're staying on top of this morning. these are are live pictures from inova fairfax hospital. police are searching an escaped prisoner. here is the picture that fairfax county police tweeted. they're searching for him now. he could be on the grounds or around the hospital. apparently viewers are telling us they're receiving reverse 9-1-1 calls saying this is a man they're looking for and he should be considered ampled and dangerous. >> his name is wilson. he's 6'0". 170 pounds. he's wearing a hospital gown no shoes, and he's armt -- armed with gun. they put the information out there. it stands to reason that they think he possibly might not be inside the hospital as a result of putting this photograph out and the fact they have done this reverse 9-1-1 call for folks who live around the area. commit the picture to memory. we tweeted it and posted it on
5:41 am
the nbc washington facebook page. you can share it with folks in your networks as well. >> we have team coverage of the breaking story. darcy spencer and zachary kiesch on the scene. let's go to melissa with an update on traffic situation around the area. >> the entire area around the hospital. those square around the hospital there. the four roads there are shut downright now. fairfax county police tweeted about that. gallows road shut down between arlington and woodburn and prosperity near arlington boulevard closed. the alternate will be lee highway. travel times looking good on the main routes. in the outer loop 270 south everything rolling along nicely. 66 inbound at 95 north no major problems. remember to listen wtop for the metro transit police say they want your help to identify this person. they're not calling him or her a suspect but a person of interest in several robberies at metro
5:42 am
concentrations on the blue line. cell phones have been taken. if you think you recognize the person call metro transit police. your kids will have to go to school an extra day at montgomery county schools. the last day is june 15th. they cancelled seven times this year. the state has waived two of the day due to financial concerns for the county. 5:42 now. no snow! >> once and for all, no more snow days! >> maybe a little rain. tom kierein is in the storm team 4 weather center. >> we're getting rain later today. the city camera showing a dry sky this morning. mostly clear now and a chill in the air. temperatures just in the 30s to near 40s across most of maryland and virginia. most locations above freezing. reagan national at 47.
5:43 am
prince george's fairfax around mid 40s. in the mountains warm air aloft is showing up. drive pavement and for the afternoon wet pavement we'll have showers rolling in by then. through the morning we'll stay in the mid 40s through mid-morning with increasing high clouds. and the clouds close in and rain moves in for the afternoon and early evening commute. by mid to late afternoon temperatures will be mild. we'll be in the low to mid 60s. warmer weather coming in later this week. that's next weather and traffic on the 1's at 5:51. >> thank you. we're following breaking news right now. we want to take you to this picture right now. this is a picture that fairfax county police tweeted saying this is the escaped prisoner they're looking for. he's wearing a hospital gown and could be considered -- should be considered armed and dangerous. ? >> he escaped with a security officer's gun at the time he disappeared there at the hospital. as a result the hospital is on lockdown. you can see from the live
5:44 am
pictures here an immense police presence including a s.w.a.t. team. they moved in a command center to deal with the situation and try protect folks in the area. much more information rolling in about this as we speak. we'll have complete team coverage for you right after this. people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. (brad) my friends, i give you... ...the
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. following breaking news in fairfax county. shots were fired at inova fairfax hospital at falls church earlier this morning. >> we'll show you a live view. you can see heavily armed police officers on the ground. zachary kiesch is there live with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: yes, good morning. the hospital is on lockdown this morning. i'm going step out of the picture and let you take a peek. an active scene here. you can feel the intensity of the situation. at this point it doesn't seem to be under control. we want to thank our viewers this morning. we had an opportunity to hear
5:48 am
from employees inside the hospital. we heard from patients we heard from residents in the area who tell us they've been receiving reverse 9-1-1 calls this morning. and police believe they know who they're looking for now. this is the gentleman right here. we've been told he's in a gown. he could be armed with a gun, and no shoes. we believe that he's in the area. a point of emphasis this morning has been the blue parking garage. we're over here near the women's center to the left the screen you see the women's center there. guns are drawn. again, we're here just out of gallows road outside inova fairfax hospital where shots have been fired. darcy? >> reporter: well good morning, zach. good morning, zach. as you mentioned, we've been trying to get the picture out as much as possible of the suspect they're looking for. if we can go ahead and show that
5:49 am
picture. his name is wassan assie. he's described at 6'0". 170 pounds considered to be armed and dangerous and wearing only a hospital gown. we're live along wood burn road here just outside the hospital wellness boulevard as zach has been reporting. heavy police presence here as they continue the search for this armed suspect was here at the hospital. we don't know why. he was here under a private security guard. at some point he was able to get away from the guard, get a gun. and shots were fire dd. the prisoner was to be get away and escape. we don't know if he's here on the hospital grounds or escaped into the neighboring community. that's also very frightening for the people who live near this
5:50 am
hospital hospital. there's a heavy police presence here and a chopper has been flying over the hospital all morning. the reverse 9-1-1 call was put out a little bit earlier this morning warning residents who live in the area to be on the lookout for the suspect who is wearing a hospital gown and armed with a gun. we're continuing to follow the story. we'll bring you the latest details. a lot of people who work at the hospital as you can imagine, they're showing up. you can see the traffic behind me is beginning to pile up along wood burn road. people trying to get to the hospital to see loved ones perhaps, trying to get to work this morning and simply no way to get in there. the hospital is on lock down. fairfax county police are telling people who work here is go to the falls church school and they'll be picked up.
5:51 am
the hospital is on lock down. no one is leaving or entering during the search. >> to give you an idea what we learned so far from police and the reporters, police and investigators are on the scene at inova fairfax hospital searching for an escaped prisoner. he was in the custody of a private security guard when he escaped with the guard's gun. there were shots fired around the grounds and now the search is active right now. >> at this point, we've tweeted out and posted a photograph of the person that police are looking for. police said to folks who live in the area who might have reason to leave your home at this point or even if you're looking around your house, police are saying you should please be aware of your surroundings and to call police if you see anything suspicious. so call police if you see anything suspicious as you're moving through the area around inova fairfax hospital this
5:52 am
morning. >> we're gathering the new information now. be sure you have the nbc washington app. a lot of roads impacted by this investigation as well. >> breaking news in falls church. let's go through the roads shut down. i know it looks like a lot. if you're looking from above it's the square around inova fairfax. gallows between arlington boulevard and 50 there. and wood burn road and wood burn road between gallows and process prosperity. for the entire section around the hospital is shut down. your best alternate going to be lee highway. a wide look at things overall beltway looking good. not releasing a lot of volume anywhere. that's good news. 29 looks good. 95 in maryland looks good this morning. bw parkway into and out of town pretty nice here. you can take a look at the top of the beltway. nice and green for us this
5:53 am
morning. take a look here at 66 and 95 no major problems now. a little slow 66 inbound through manassas and 95 northbound through dale city. >> thank you. all right. we are having an interesting morning. it's kind of chilly but not too bad out there. and we're looking forward to the rest of the day. >> final day of march and most of us are happy to see it go. it was certainly a moody month. we were warm and then snow and now ending up just sort of spring like. >> i hope it's out like a lamb true to form. >> so far it's a sleepy calm quiet lamb. we have a little bit of rain showing up in the midwest, ohio michigan. the northern end is a little bit of snow. but for us a little bit of this rain tracking across west virginia to western maryland and another few hour it is will take awhile before it gets to the metro area. that will be later this afternoon. the timing shows showers not showing until 3:00 or 4:00 crossing the pennsylvania border
5:54 am
coming into frederick and county washington and pan handle of west virginia after that. it's after that it moves into the metro area. the area in green scattered showers, northern virginia west virginia much of maryland by 5:00 p.m. it tracks to the east and begins to tamper off. might have a rumble of thunder. that's late afternoon and early evening. by 10:00 clouds begin to break up and we'll begin to clear out. keep up with the radar with the storm team 4 weather app. a chill in the air. upper 30s most of the metro area to near 40s and farther to the southwest and southwest locations near freezing this morning. most spots are above freezing in the 40s. look at the gorgeous sky over the shenandoah valley. this was yesterday afternoon. a viewer taking this overlooking that part of the valley. absolutely gorgeous. post your photographs on twitter and facebook. tomorrow the low out of this afternoon with the showers coming through, we'll have
5:55 am
blustery winds, too. those winds diminish and then tomorrow in the upper 50s during the afternoon with bright sunshine and a lighter wind. and then on thursday sunny and that's when the mild air arrives. up near 70 degrees on thursday afternoon. friday too, up near 70. but a round of showers and thunder showers moving in friday afternoon perhaps into friday evening. but before then absolutely beautiful. here is a storm team 4 seven-day outlook. app look at the weekend turning a bit chillier on saturday. good weather for outdoor yard work getting the mulch put down. we'll be in the 50s. a bit milder for easter sunday low out of and partly sunny. and back to work and school on monday. partly sunny with temperatures in the upper 60s. that's the way it looks. >> tom, thank you. you might remember stories about a mystery illness that caused sudden paralysis in more than a hundred children last year. researchers at the university of
5:56 am
california and san francisco now confirmed that condition is linked to the intervowenterovirus that spread last fall. eight local area breast cancer organizations will receive more than $1.5 million in grants. the susan g. komen washington, d.c. race for the cure will make that official announcement tonight. that takes place at the smith center for healing and the arts in northwest. today d.c. kicks off events leading up to the big race for the cure on may 9th at the national mall. the grants will be distributed here in washington northern virginia e and prince george's county. a major donation it is receiving to bring more jazz to the area. the foundation for artists leroy neiman is donating $2.5 million to the museum of american history. april is jazz appreciation month. now there is a new person
5:57 am
poised to take over the way land is developed and used in loudoun county. lees burg today said ricky barker will take over as the planning and zoning director there in june. barker worked in stafford county some time ago. he was a planner in north carolina for the last 20 years. staying on top of the breaking news in fairfax county this morning as police are searching for an escaped prisoner inside inova fairfax hospital. >> police have tweeted his photograph and they say he's armed and dangerous. he was wearing a hospital gown and no shoes. we posted that photograph on all our social media. here it is once again. they're searching for this man. they're telling people who live around that area he's armt -- armed and dangerous. >> news 4 continues with the latest after this.
5:58 am
5:59 am
police are continuing the several for this man. police say shots were fired inside inova fairfax hospital earlier this morning. >> darcy spencer has been on the scene. she joins us live. >> reporter: let's show the picture. this is an armed suspect police are been looking for all morning long.
6:00 am
news broke just before 4:00 this morning. and let's go ahead and show the photograph of wossen assaye. police put the photograph in the last half hour telling people to be on the lookout for him. if you see him in his neighborhood he's only wearing a hospital gown and he's armed with a handgun. apparently he was here at fairfax innoova hospital. he was able to get the away from the guard and escape. you can see heavy police presence here outside the hospital. you can only imagine what it is like inside this hospital here this morning. just imagine the panic the people who are here at the hospital knowing there is an armed gunman possibly on the grounds here. the hospit


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