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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  March 31, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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off that region wide manhunt was ordered held without bond after appearing in federal court. >> it has been a wild day and one that thankfully had no serious injuries or deaths. this escape and manhunt began at inova fairfax hospital at 3:00 a.m. twisted through annandale and wound up ending in the district. >> our team of reporters has been breaking news on this story all day. we begin with pat collins in southeast where this all ended. >> reporter: a prisoner's daring escape using a guard as a human shield stealing two cars to make his getaway. cops flooding the annandale section trying to hunt him down only to have him picked you have getting off a bus in southeast. it was one of the biggest manhunts in recent memory.
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hundreds of law enforcement officers feds state, local. heavily armed on foot in trucks, in the air. in fairfax county for hours searching for wossen assaye only to find him miles away in d.c. picked up by police there after he got off a bus at 25th and pennsylvania avenue southeast. >> they dragged him. they got him in the back of the car, started taking his boots and stuff off and everything making sure he didn't have a weapon. it was unbelievable. it was like it wasn't real. >> reporter: it began around 3:00 this morning at the inova fairfax hospital. assaye was on suicide watch. he had tried to take his life last week in jail. he was guarded by the u.s. marshal service, a man and a woman. when the man went to the bathroom assay ex-jumped edassaye
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jumped the woman, escaped wearing only a hospital gown. >> he walked down the hallway from our understanding with the female contract guard. sort of as a shield. at some point he re leased her. >> reporter: police moved in and sealed off the hospital. the search was on. assaye steals a toyota camry and drives it around this annandale neighborhood. he blows a tire and pulls into this woman's garage where he gets clothes and food. >> it appears that he drove the car into the garage. he parked there. looked like there was a flat tire he wanted to change. he wept through my entire house, which was mostly empty, although he may have gotten some of my old clothes because the hospital gown was left there and some of my old clothes gone. >> reporter: by the this time
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the search in high gear. he eludes police and manages to carjack a second car, a hyundai elantra elantra. don williams saw that go down. >> i heard a commotion and next thing i know i see the car fly out the driveway went up the road did a u-turn and come flying back down this way. almost hit the guy. it was pretty exciting. >> reporter: on the first leg of his getaway, he stole a woman's car, but how he stole that car, well, that's a story you're going to want to here. that's coming up at 5:00. >> minutes ago wossen assaye appeared in court. tisha thompson was there and tells us what happened. >> reporter: pat, wossen assaye just walked out into the courtroom less than an hour ago. we were there inside. he came out in a thin white plastic suit. it was zipped down to his naval.
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he didn't have any clothing on underneath as far as we could tell. he had no shoes, no socks. he had handcuffs and he had shackles on his ankles. he looked very similar to the way he looked in the photos we've been posting all day of what the u.s. marshals wanted people to look out for. he kept his head down throughout the entire proceeding. he was surrounded by four u.s. marshals who were standing around him and his defense attorney inside the courtroom. there were even more u.s. marshals including the u.s. marshal himself silting in the audience along with a packed courtroom of u.s. attorneys office members. they said they wanted to see it. you don't get to see this very often. we'll continue to bring you details. tisha thompson back to you. as the search focused on annandale, some neighborhoods became hunting grounds with police in camouflage and dogs in
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bulletproof vests. david culvert joins us with some of the stories there. >> reporter: you mentioned hunting and camouflage. it makes sense when you look behind me. this is the start of that neighborhood in annandale, one of the many stops in that suspect's escape tour. heavily wooded easy to hide. since she was 7 years old, lin harmon has called this home. >> my parents built the house. >> reporter: set back in the wood, quiet, until today. the loud hum of the chopper is what she first heard. then she saw this when she peered out her front door. >> police cars and black suvs lined up and down the street. >> reporter: we were there as police moved in on this community looking for the escapee. bringing in the dogs holding tight to large rifles. sherry miller didn't have to work today. she's thankful. what did you hear? >> i was up at 5:30 and right between 5:30 and 6:00 i heard
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the circling of the helicopter and i went oh no they're trying to find someone. >> you get a little nervous but with policemen all around you figured you were safe. >> reporter: some of these scared neighbors say they want security changes. i'll share their ideas at 5:00. >> the hospital where this all began is back up and running this afternoon. however, it was on lockdown for more than four hours this morning. nobody was allowed to come and go but ambulances, but patients inside did continue to receive care. some elective procedures had to be delayed. assaye is well-known to the fbi and other local law enforcement agencies. barbara harrison continues our team coverage. >> we should add he may be familiar with some of our news4 viewers as well who may have seen our story last week on the arrest of a bank robber dubbed the bicycle bandit. court documents show assaye has
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a long rap sheet. he was charged and convicted of multiple robberies and burglaries that happened in alexandria in 1998 and 1999. he was in prison from 2000 to 2013. he was out on parole but not without objection. nbc news reports a parole board document from 2012 said he posed a serious risk to the community. jump ahead to last week when assaye was arrested by the fbi in arlington. agents believe he robbed as many as 12 banks all in northern virginia. robberies date back to october of 2013. he was in jail for that charge until his trip to inova fairfax hospital last friday. pat, jim? >> while fairfax county police were busy with that manhunt another wild situation erupted on the roads in fairfax county. a high-speed chase that weaved in and out of traffic on the beltway, i-95 and along the fairfax county parkway, where the driver lakisha tracy, was finally stopped and pulled out of her truck.
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coming up in just a few minutes, news4's adam tuss will have more on the chase and why it started in the first place. turning now to storm team 4. what's on the horizon, get ready, folks, wet roads, high winds. they are both rolling into our area right now. >> doug kammerer is in the storm center. how much are we going to get, doug? >> we won't see a lot of rain but we're seeing big changes. we went to 73 degrees last hour right before this frontal boundary starting to move through the area. right now we have the rain. storm team 4 radar showing you where the showers are. again, these are just showers for the most part heaviest rain into portions of howard county. we're going to continue to see that rainmaking its way down toward the south and east. as it does so we're going to be seeing the shower activity come through the metro area as it is right now then around the beltway over the next one 0-2 hours. loudoun county montgomery county light right along 270 and 70. that's where the heaviest rain is now. back to the west more rain starting to make its way in.
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this will continue right on through the early evening hours. as i mentioned, the high temperature today 73 degrees. it was 74 at fredericksburg 63 in hagerstown. but the colder air, it's moving our way. it is snowing just to the north of the border. i'll show you how cold we'll get coming up. riding hundreds of miles for a powerful cause. the symbolic journey that rolled right into our city this afternoon. now that the man behind the manhunt is in custody, the news4 i-team digs for answers about why a man in federal custody wasn't being watched by federal guards. could it have changed anything?
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mayor is expected to talk about several issues since taking office in jap encolluding legalizing marijuana, improving metro safety and growing the city's middle class. we're learning new information this evening tact men who crashed into that nsa security entrance. the man killed has been identified as ricky hall. he was one of two men who stole a car from a hotel in elkridge maryland after an all-night party. apparently they took a wrong turn at ft. meade. shots were fired after authorities say they ignored officers' orders. and then there was a collision with a police vehicle. news4's chris gordon is working the story tonight and joins us in our next half hour. smoke rises, local homes threatened by flames. new video fist at 4 and why many of you are under threat of saens like these right now. my oh my that high-speed
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chase in northern virginia. new details about why it all started.
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right now, new details about the driver who led police on a high-speed chase during the morning rush hour. >> it was a woman behind the wheel and this wild scene
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happening at the same time police were engaged in that manhunt for an escaped prisoner. news4's adam tuss is live now from falls church where it all began. adam? >> reporter: that's right, jim. the whole thing started not far from here at route 50 and fairview park and spilled on o the beltway and 95 during rush hour and it turn wild. police rr trying to stop this truck because of a traffic violation. the driver had other thoughts. at high speed here on 95 south cut across lanes of traffic and jumping on the fairfax county parkway. fairfax county police the lead on the chase but virginia state police also assisting after several risky moves, a state police officer finally able to send the truck spinning. it comes dangerously close to other cars along the fairfax county parkway. that's when officers performed what they call the precision immobilization technique and the whole thing ends as officers surround the car and drag the
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woman out. we now know this was the woman in the truck, 36-year-old lakisha tracy. she has outstanding warrants for credit card theft, credit card fraud, and identity theft in arlington county. now coming up at 5:00 what is police policy when it comes to a high-speed chase like this? was it justified? reporting live in falls church adam tuss news4. i'm wendy rieger at the live desk. an annapolis hospital is on lockdown after a patient's family member threatened the staff. this is anne arundel medical center and it's calling it a modified lockdown. it means police are stationed at all the entrances and some entry points are locked. employees are being asked co-to show i.d.s in order to get in. this medical center says a family member of a patient in the emergency department got angry, made a bomb threat. police are still searching for that person. and right now all emergencies are being diverted to other hospitals.
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we'll keep you updated on developments and let you know when this lockdown is lifted. at the live desk i'm wendy rieger. back to you. now to another police drama unfolded this one in prince george's county. about 11:00 last night police fired shots at a man trying to get away during a traffic stop at mlk highway in seat pleasant. they cornered the suspect a distance away at 71st street where more shots were fired. again the suspect got away and later crashed near st. barnabas road in temple hills. police tell us the guy they were after wasn't hit by any of the gunshots. he's now in custody and is expected to recover from injuries in the accident. 26 bike riders have now completed their journey from newtown, connecticut, to washington, d.c. >> they are riding in honor of victims of gun violence and to promote gun safety laws. the group arrived at washington national cathedral this morning, one of many stops during the four-day 400-mile trip. they call themselves team 26 after the 26 victims of the
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sandy hook elementary school shootings in december of 2012. one of the rider ls lost a sister in the massacre at virginia tech. >> after she was killed i learned a lot about our gun laws and what we can do to try to prevent tragedies like this from happening and washington hasn't done enough sadly since then and since sandy hook to keep us safer and prevent those tragedies. >> the group then got back on their bikes and rode to the steps of the capitol to meet with lawmakers. this is the third annual sandy hook ride. good morning for a ride not so much tonight. we have rain and some howling winds. >> and that comes together to create a fire hazard. we've had a couple fires out there in portions of the area a wildfire toward portions of montgomery county area. tom kierein actually shot that on instagram so you can check that out. a red-flag warning in effect until 6:00 tonight for the areas shaded in red there, includes faulkier county back towards page county down towards the
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south. very windy and very dry this evening in most areas but now we are getting some relief from that with some of the rain. we mentioned the wind too. gusting 30 miles an hour near d.c. 40 miles an hour in martinsburg, 26 near culpeper 40 near fredericksburg. very windy this with this frontal boundary coming through. you can see in rockville, here's the flag blowing in the wind. also the wet roadways here. we do have some rain coming down around the rockville area and that rain will continue. here's the showers. again, not a lot. we're not seeing a ton of rain. most of northern virginia getting out of this. we do have some rain back toward the west that will come in back toward winchester down towards luray. right now the heaviest rain in and around montgomery county through howard county howard county back towards the sterling area. you can see where this rain is coming in right along 270, columbia a pretty good shower there. more around gaithersburg and 270 and farther to the south herndon, reston sterling all seeing rain towards chantilly and centreville. this will continue to move through the district over the next hour or two. we'll see shower activity during the evening rush.
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that is something we mentiond to you yesterday and we're seeing that right now. here's the storm system. we saw sunshine today and boy, did it warm. we saw a high of 73 degrees earlier. just amazing how fast we got there ahead of this front. and this is the even more amazing part. look at the snow around state college, pennsylvania coming in at 32 degrees right now. there is a 40-degree temperature difference between washington and state college. that's the cold air that will come in after this rain begins to get out of here. the good news though, is we're not talking about that really cold air making its way all the way here. 70 right now in washington 74 in fredericksburg 62 in hagerstown. numbers have started to come down to the north, 57 in frederick and gaithersburg with that rain that has moved through. around 6:00 tonight, this is where the rain will be down around d.c., right on through waldorf and kwan unt coe, towards the south, more shower activity around 7:00 and more showers around 8:00. notice not everybody getting them so you may need the umbrella may need the windshield wipers for about five ten minutes. that will be about it.
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after o'clock, they get out of here in a hurry. early tomorrow morning, sunshine and cool conditions. high temperatures tomorrow about 10 to 15 degrees cooler than where they were today. a high of 58 in washington 60 in fredericksburg 57 in frederick. not bad. tomorrow will not be a bad day but it will be a little below average. nice with sunshine. better on thursday with a high of 70. rather windy on thursday and friday. look at friday. a high of 75 just a few showers on friday. maybe a rumble of thunder. not a bad weekend. again, a little cooler on saturday passover sunday easter. looking good dry with a high of 63. that brush fire that doug mentioned in montgomery county has just been contained, but it's still causing traffic issues right now. firefighters are working to contain some hotspots out in that area. the blaze spread to at least 50 acres and more than 100 firefighters were called to the scene. traffic onda damascus road has been closed in both directions
4:23 pm
and firefighters ask people to stay away from that area. taking a different path. first at 4, could changes be coming to a controversial law that's causing a lot of backlash against an entire state? recall alert inside your house. why something that's supposed to help you could be a threat to you.
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the governor of indiana took steps today to fix what he describes as the misunderstanding and confusion over the religious freedom restoration act he signed into law last week. governor mike pence discussed the growing controversy at a news conference today. he said he wants to sign legislation this week clarifying that the new law does not allow byes to deny service to anyone. but state democrats in indiana say the law is too divisive and should be fully repealed. right now a prince george's county police officer is suspended after allegedly hazing men last month while off duty. the men were pledgeees of the hyattsville lanham chapter of kappa alpha psi.
4:27 pm
corporal jesse stewart is charged with raimt for paddling making sexual advances and ordering some of the men to put lotion on his legs. in response the chief said police officers are held to high standards on and off duty. good afternoon, everyone. we have warned you about things like this before. window shades or blinds with looped cords posing a dangerous risk to children. well today the company blinds to go voluntarily recalled its custom-made window shades to make a fix. 200,000 shade are what we are talking about. the consumer product safety commission says a child could become entangled in the loop posing a strangulation hazard. the cpsc says shade chain or cord loop can slip out of the hold-down device. it signed off on a company fix to repair the loop. the remedy places the loop closer to the wall preventing a child's head from becoming stuck in the loop. the government tells news4 it has a larger concern about
4:28 pm
products attached to a wall that can come loose and expose a cord. no injuries have been reported. and you can find out how to get the fix on we are staying on top of our big story of the day. >> we're covering all the angles for you this afternoon. >> i'm wendy rieger at the live desk. we just got our hands on the radio dispatches between the police as that prisoner escaped from the local hospital and sparked that massive manhunt. i'm scott mcfarlane. the news4 i-team digging into why private security officers were handling a federal prisoner.
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fist at 4, a fugitive is back behind bars. >> he led police on a manhunt this morning. he was caught around 11:30 in southeast washington. the manhunt began nearly nine hours early after he overpowered one of the guards watching him at inova fairfax hospital. he carjacked two drivers as police swarmed several annandale neighborhoods in virginia searching for him. he was originally arrested earlier this month for a string of robberies, most of the time getting away on a bicycle. he appeared in court within the past hour and is being held now
4:32 pm
on a charge of escaping custody. now to the practice of using private security officers to handle a federal prisoner. >> a review by the news4 i-team reveals dozens of private contractors are handling prisoners and security posts in our federal courthouses. i-team's scott mcfarlane has that story. >> taxpayers spend big money hiring private contractors to help the federal marshals protect courthouses and transfer inmates. an estimated five to six contract officers protect the alexandria federal courthouse, for example. because of today's manhunt, we checked. we found contractors training is different, unlike many federal police officers those private officers don't go through training at the national federal law enforcement training academy in georgia, according to an academy official. and via a federal law we found over a recent three-year span, the marshal service reported over 300 errors by contract
4:33 pm
security officers in many cases making mistake in security procedures or even in handling firearms. the marshal service didn't say any mistakes were made by the contractors who were es carting assaye today. it's still under investigation. but the i-team has learned federal judges have asked hundreds more of those court security officers be deployed next year. the number of threats against judges courts and court employees, it has doubled since 2004. tracking some rain right now on storm team 4 radar. we'll continue to see it making it way through the area most on the light side just sprinkles, showers through parts of northern virginia right now. heaviest towards montgomery county right along the patuxent river over towards columbia and toward howard county. that rain will all continue through the region through the evening hours. still have more back to the west. it's moving fairly quickly. all of it should be out of here by about 8:00 tonight. tonight's headlines, cooler tomorrow, warmer weather then returns and that weekend outlook, i have it in just a few
4:34 pm
minutes. right now an fbi agent appeared in federal court in d.c. matthew lowery entered a guilty plea today for stealing heroin from drug dealers at crime scenes and out of evidence lockers. he's a former special agent at the fbi's field office in washington. police tell us he took drugs that had been processed as in evidence 2012 and 2013. he's charged now with more than 60 counts including obstruction of justice and tampering with evidence. our mark segraves is at the ath the courthouse. he tells us more than a dozen law enforcement agents showed up today to support lowry. his live report at 5:00 tonight. the defense at the boston marathon bombing trial says lit call no more witnesses. today a fingerprint expert told a court she processed more than 800 prints from items involved in the bombing that killed three people and injured hundreds of others. on items ranging from the bomb containers to the detonator to the bomb instruction papers. the majority of the fingerprints
4:35 pm
were those of tamerlan tsarnaev who was killed in a shoot-out with police not those of his brother, dzhokhar who's now on trial in the murders. now to a developing story involving nuclear talks with iran. negotiations are still under way. the deadline was set to be in just over an hour from now, but this afternoon the decision was made to extend talks until tomorrow. the state department hopes to work out some issues. the u.s. is among six world powers working on a framework to curb iran's nuclear program. in return economic sanctions on iran would be lifted. secretary of defense ashton carter says a military option with iran is still on the table. carter spoke on the "today" show this morning. he spoke to savannah guthrie at his old high school in pennsylvania where he was about to gave speech to students. he says a deal should not be rushed. >> it can't be based on trust. it has to be based on
4:36 pm
verification. the military option certainly will remain on the table. if there is a good agreement to have obviously it's worth waiting for and completing the negotiation. >> secretary carter also talked about terrorist threats. he says the al qaeda group in yemen is particularly dangerous. and he added we're making progress in the fight against isis. the house committee looking into the benghazi attacks now wants to talk to hillary clinton about her e-mails. they want a private interview to take place no later than may 1st. they want clinton to answer questions about using personal e-mail for state department business. clinton has not responded to the request yet. leading democrats say her testimony should be held in a public hearing. clinton has not yet declared whether she'll run for president. former maryland governor martin o'malley in new hampshire this afternoon, visiting early primary states while he considers a run for the white house. this comes as another high-profile democrat is ruling
4:37 pm
out a run for president. >> you didn't think you'd get away from this interview without me asking you point-blank, are you going to run for president? >> no. i'm not running and i'm not going to run. you know i'm in washington. i've got this really great job, and a chance to try to make a difference on things that really matter. >> that is senator elizabeth warren from massachusetts on the "today" show. she's out with a new book now called "a fighting chance." one week later and still so many questions. >> after a plane was deliberately brought down from the air, hear the big complaint from family members about the ongoing investigation.
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health to work out the sweat outside despite the pollution. of the 50,000 people they studied ovechkin a few decades there were 20% fewer deaths among those who worked out outside than those who didn't work out at all. just a day after being named the new host of the "daily show," median trevor noah is getting some heavy social media backlash. noah posted controversial tweets over the years targeting women, jews and victims of the ebola virus. in 2000 he joked about hitting a jewish kid with a german car, and in 2011 he talked about fat chicks everywhere. today he's the trending topic on twitter drawing fire for those jokes that some are calling tasteless. comedy central has yet to comment. it is a classic video game that we all grew up with that has made a unique comeback today. >> and you can say farewell to productivity because pac-man is now set right in the city in which you live.
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this is all thanks to google maps. just input your location on google maps click the pac-man icon and get started playing on your very street. this isn't the first time google has linked maps with video games. just last year the site created its own pokemon challenge. closing in fast. we're getting our first listen to police audio as police track down the man at the center of that massive manhunt today. rainy and windy. that's what we have to look forward to in the night ahead. doug is tracking when it arrives.
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developing first at 4:00 i'm wendy rieger at the live desk digging into new information about a region-wide naunt started at a hospital went right into people's yards and onto a busy street miles away. grab the umbrella and hold onto it. storm team 4 is tracking an evening that's going to be both wet and windy. let's begin our team coverage with chief meteorologist doug kammerer. so doug already at our back door huh? >> we have some showers out there right now and they'll continue to come on through the region. most of these are on the lighter side. but they'll last for about the next three to four hours. best part of today, sunny and 73 earlier. wasn't that nice? >> yes, it was. >> coming to an end right now, though. we'll see some changes and we're seeing them. rockville pike in the city of
4:46 pm
rockville. you can see what's going on around 355, the veers mill road section. roads on the wet side and will continue to be. your evening planner, sun goes down after 7:30. 7:31 sunset. a few showers around the district we'll drop to 65 by 7:00, 59 by 11:00. still fairly mild. then we'll see the cooler air come in. down to 55 and rainy in gaithersburg so that's where we've seen the numbers take a tumble. 70 in manassas 72 in ft. belvoir, 68 degrees towards huntingtown. a very mild day, a very warm day today. ten degrees above average at least in most of the area. here's where the rain is. you can see more rain back to the west. this is the first part of the area making its way through waldorf and annapolis right across the bay bridge towards the eastern shore. the district seeing some of that rain. heaviest rain through prince george's county but back to the west we have more rain that will eventually move on through. let's zoom on in to northern prince george's county and show you what's happening and the
4:47 pm
cheverly area up around laurel berwyn colesville bowie, 50 towards kerting and oxon hill. we'll continue to see the showers moving through, some on the heavier side but most of them light to moderate. not seeing anything really heavy here. no thunderstorms. look at the storm itself. look how close we are to the snow. williamsport pennsylvania seeing the snow state college seeing the snow. a 40-degree temperature difference between us and them. good news is the best news here we're not going to see any really cold air move in across our region. so tomorrow not bad. get out there and get on the bicycle. 46 degrees at 9:00 a.m. look at all the sunshine we have. so, yeah, a high of only 58 but with sunshine tomorrow's a pretty nice day. we get back to 70 on thursday. it will be rather windy on thursday. 75 degrees on friday with a chance of shower activity once again, but not an all-day rain. the weekend looking nice. saturday and sunday both looking good. little below average on saturday but not that bad. we rebound to 63 for easter.
4:48 pm
i'm wendy rieger at the live december where can we are hearing some of the radio communication between law enforcement as they were searching for assaye. here's what it sounded like as the officers thought they were closing in on him. >> he's in the neighbor's yard headed north. back door. >> not confirmed. >> we can see the house from here. if he comes out the back we're going to set our perimeter right here. >> no more radio traffic. >> and as we just mentioned it was not until much later that assaye was found in southeast d.c. at the live desk i'm wendy rieger. back to you. now to another critical revelation one week after the plane crash in the french alps. >> the parent company of germanwings airline apparently was aware of the co-pilot's previous episodes with severe
4:49 pm
depression. nbc's bill nealy is in france with reaction to that and the status of the search. >> reporter: it's been seven days of raw pain for the relatives of the dead who continue to visit the memorial getting as close to the crash site as they possibly can. >> translator: it's such a terrible drama, a horrific catastrophe. of course we sympathize with the sadness these families are experiencing. >> reporter: and the search goes on. they have now completed a road to the crash site and that is making it much easier for searchers both to access the site and to bring out some of the ke death brie and, indeed, the body parts from there. they are still searching for the second black box, the flight data recorder. the airline has suggested that it may, in fact be in 100 pieces. the french president, francois hollande hollande suggested all the
4:50 pm
victims would be identified by the end of the week. that may slightly be optimistic because the french police have suggested that it could take between two and four months to positively identify all of the victims. tomorrow here the head of lufthansa is due to visit to talk to the searchers, to visit the memorial site. lufthansa is under severe pressure to explain how it was that an employee, a man who had suicidal ten denies lufthansa is saying we simply cannot know everything in fact we've got no right to know everything about a man's mental and medical history. hundreds of police remain at the site here hundreds of searchers. one week on still searching for the mystery of why exactly this plane crashed. back to you. the germanwings crash has some passengers thinking differently about their pilots. one airline passenger wrote a thank-you note the touching handwritten letter thanked the pilot for getting her home safely. the letter was give on the a
4:51 pm
colleague on the flight and handed to the pilot who then tweeted a picture of the letter. there are concerns and questions right now after video obtained by news4 shows a school security guard take down a female student. our prince george's county chief tracee wilkins is working that story for news4 at 5:00. >> reporter: prince george's county school officials say they are investigating after security officer body slammed a student inside of laurel high school. let's go right to the video. this video was posted by students on twitter and it showed the student who school officials say was out of control and dlij rent being picked up and then slammed down by a security officer. the question is was the security officer following proper protocol. >> the incident escalated and the security officer had to use force in order to protect, you know himself and the students and staff that were around him in that area. >> reporter: coming up on news4 at 5:00 we talk to parents and get their reaction to this video. in laurel tracee wilkins,
4:52 pm
news4. we're getting close to one of the most beautiful and crowded times of the year at the tidal basin. by the end of next week cherry blossoms will be in full bloom, and that means metro ridership is expected to double over the next couple of weekends. you may want to avoid smithsonian station all together. metro posted this chart on twitter today. it shows show crowded the stop was during last year's peak blooms. the good news there will be no weekend track work for two weekends. peak bloom is april 11th through the 15th. i'm diana russini. one local team is marching on into april, and it's the maryland women making it back to the final four. the terps arrive back at the xfinity sent they are morning after taking care of business in spokane. last night maryland took down tennessee to advance to the final four for the second straight year. sophomore lexi brown loves proving the doubters wrong.
4:53 pm
>> i don't think a lot of people thought that we could make it to back-to-back final fours, so i know all the work we put in this summer and the preseason, so, you know to be able to make it back has been amazing. >> boy, this is going to be a tough one for maryland. they take on uconn sunday at 8:30. the huskies are the two-time defending national champs. jim, pat? >> diana, thanks. a veteran defends his fallen friend in a unique way. why he took one man's outfit very personally in a video that is going viral this afternoon. now he sits down to talk about why he confronted a panhandler. >> reporter: who was that woman who led police on a wild high-speed chase here in northern virginia?
4:54 pm
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4:56 pm
one woman is reliving terrifying moments on board that plane crash in canada. it happened late sunday night. the air canada flight skidded off the runway hit power lines and broke up. the woman who is from southern california is finally back home tonight and is recounting those horrific moments on board. >> the oxygen masks fell down and the whole cabin was just kind of shaking really crazy. and then there was another really hard impact. you could feel that the plane was skidding. and everybody's kind of starting to yell, to be scared.
4:57 pm
>> there were 133 people on board. more than 20 were injured. now to the viral video involving a confrontation between a veteran and another man allegedly posing as a veteran. melanie michael has the story. >> throw that in the garbage. i don't want you to wear it anymore. that's my uniform. >> yes, sir. >> my brother died for that uniform. >> reporter: fired up fed up and frustrated. watch this veteran confront what he calls a phony. >> take that and throw it away. don't put it back on! >> reporter: garrett goodwin was livid with what he saw, a man wearing a military uniform panhandling near mcdill. >> you take that uniform off! >> reporter: the problem here? this guy didn't have military i.d. and when asked what branch of service he was in garrett claim tas the man told him special forces so top secret not even the va knows. but garrett didn't buy it.
4:58 pm
>> you're obviously not a veteran, and you're wearing a veteran's uniform out here telling people you're a veteran asking for money? >> it made me sad at first and, you know i think pain leads to anger and frustration. and then -- then i was disgusted and then angry and frustrated and then motivated. >> reporter: the former army combat medic tems us he felt compelled to say something, especially after losing a fellow veteran recently. garrett explains he spoke from the heart. >> i'm mourning him. and then i see this guy -- i see this guy in uniform dishonoring that and i just -- it was more than i could bear. >> right now at 5:00 -- chaos and panic grip a local community as a desperado stops at nothing. >> it was so unbelievable. it was like it wasn't real. a prisoner with a gun escapes a hospital. >> like 3:30 a.m. i heard the
4:59 pm
helicopter. >> setting off a desperate hours-long manhunt. >> crazy. it was wild. i never seen nothing like that. >> reporter:houdini-like escape in the trunk of a car. >> frightened home owners share their stories. >> he drove car into our garage. >> news4 at 5:00 starts now. a prisoner known as the bicycle bandit pedals panic from northern virginia to southeast d.c. today. good evening. i'm wendy rieger in our newsroom. >> and i'm jim handly. right now that man is in federal custody after a quick court appearance came just hours after a metro bus ride led to his takedown. >> the manhunt was launched at 3:00 a.m. when police say 42-year-old wossen assaye wrestled a gun away from a security guard at the inova fairfax hospital. >> knowhe xhap deered two cars in annandale. >> officers were on his tail every step of the way and caught
5:00 pm
up to him near minnesota avenue and southeast d.c. >> from the hospital to the courthouse we have every angle of this big story covered for you tonight. we begin with pat collins. he's live in southeast d.c. with the latest. pat? >> reporter: imagine you're driving to work and you realize there's a guy in your trunk. that guy kicks out the back seat seat. he's wearing a hospital gown. he has a gun. he wants your car. here now the story of this incredible escape. the inova fairfax hospital. sealed off by police for hours. no one in no one out. a massive manhunt for this man, wossen assaye. a prisoner who escaped around 3:00 this morning after he stole a security guard's gun and then used her to make his getaway. >> he walked down the hallway with


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