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tv   News4 Today  NBC  April 1, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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rts 30s to near 40. a look at your bus stop and what to wear forecast coming up next weather and traffic on the 1s. that's at 5:11. now let's check our traffic early on this wednesday. >> brand new disabled vehicle 395 south at he had soleedsall road. that just popped up here. beltway at colesville outer loop here everybodyloop. don't have any issues there. wide look at things, again nice and green, lots of movement, no major problems really any of the main routes headed into town. taking a look at some of the main routes, 66 through maepsnassas nice and clear same thing 95 in virginia. 95 in maryland looking good. nice and green on bw parkway and 29 here no issues either. i'm back at 5:11. right now police are searching for 58-year-old
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nathaniel lockly in prince george's county. take a look this is his photo. he was last seen sunday on monday mouth drive in upper marlboro. police say he may be in need of his medication. he was last seen wearing a gray jacket with a black leather stripe and navy blue sweatpants. call police if you have any information. a prisoner who escaped from the hospital is waking up in custody in an undisclosed location. we first brought you this breaking news as it unfolded yesterday. wossen assaye appeared in federal court in alexandria wearing a plastic protective suit. he was barefoot surrounded by guards. he's charged with escaping from federal custody and bank robbery. he is expected back in court on friday. assaye is accused of carjacking two cars and breaking into a home. >> he may have gotten some of my old clothes because the hospital gown was left in there and some of my old clothes are gone. >> investigators say at inova fairfax hospital in falls church that's where this happened that assaye
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overpowered a private security officer while her partner used the rest room. they say he used her as a human shield as he made his escape. police captured him in the southeast d.c. area following a more than eight hour search. and we wanted to know how many prisoners escaped from custody of marshal's in the past five years and they tell us that there have been what they call 18 escape events in that time. it can include more than one inmate. now, so far this year we're looking at about three escape events. that's compared to just one that we had last year. and most in five years span came in 2011 when there were seven. it's now 5:03. this morning we know the identity of the man who police say tried to run over officers twice in prince george's county. anthony skinner is charged with attempted murder and assault. we brought you this story yesterday morning. police tried to pull him over twice for a traffic stop. officers say they opened fire
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when he drove toward them. police arrested him when he crashed will his car into a tree. skinner is expected to be okay. no officers were are hurt. new enrollment numbers are fuelling what some call a racial divide in a fairfax county high school. zachary kiesch is now live outside thomas jefferson high school with more on what admission numbers reveal about a lack of diversity. >> reporter: good morning. a lot of people in the community trying to figure out why are such a few number of black, latino and low income students being admitted to this elite school. we all know their reputation. they carve out some of the best and brightest students. but why are such a few number represented from this particular group is this we know now that the class of 2019 is heavy dominated by asian students. if you take a look at the numbers, right now we know that six out of every ten students here at the school is asian. and if you look at the incoming
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class, that jumps up to 70% which is a stark contrast from what it was just a decade ago where white students were about 50% of the student population and today they only represent 29%. we also know that for the fifth year in a row 10 or fewer black students were admitted to this elite magnet school. a lot of them hinge on what needs for be done ath i guess at the earlier stages to prepare some of these minority students to get into a school like this. zachary kiesch news 4. developing right now in los angeles, the death of oil heir andrew getty is tentatively being ruled and accident and not a criminal investigation. his body was found in the
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bathroom at his hollywood hill wills home. the coroner is waiting on the result of lab tests to confirm whether drugs could have played a role in his death. >> it appears to be a natural or an accident. i know there was reports of possible gunshot wound and all that but that's totally false. >> the 47-year-old is the son of gordon p. getity who was reported by force in 2011 to have a net worth of $2 billion. another controversy surrounding virginia's joe morrissey. who just ruled his senate bid isn't valid and what he plans to do about it. it's not who you think they turn to for help. why the parents of dozen of missing students in mexico are turning to a drug cartel for help. looking live at the temperatures we're using #april cool's day because it is chilly out there. take a look at these numbers in the 30s in many places. tom kierein has your bus stop forecast next.
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an emotional plea from the parents of 43 missing students in mexico. they're asking the leader of a drug cartel for help because the leader of a rival cartel is believed responsible for these kidnappings. the students vice president been seen for six months. mexican government believes the students were killed. the families of the students don't believe that's the case. closing arguments in the
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boston marathon bombing trial will take place next week. testimony in the trial is now over. the defense team for dzhokhar tsarnaev rested after just six hours arguing his late older brother was the mastermind. a fingerprint expert says there were only two fingerprints found on pieces of the bomb both belonging to tamerlan. new research shows anne frank died earlier than previously thought. yesterday marked 70 years since the death of she and her sister. now two researchers say that anne and margo likely died a month earlier, based on a com about an nation of eyewitness accounts and documents and at least one new interview. in "news 4 your health," today is a good day to go iffor a stroll. it's national walk day. you can be a part of the national event. it runs from 11:00 to 4:00 and you can learn about health and
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fitness, as well. the american heart association will also be on hand to answer some of your questions. there is even a selfie contest because it didn't happen if you didn't take a sellity oig. so if you are out and about walking in the area be sure to take a selfie and post it using the #walking day d.c.. if you are one of the 31 million americans suffering with back pain grabbing a pain reliever may not be the view the. a study by the british medical journal says many pain medications are not effective and it seems that exercising may be the key to easing your back pain. stretching and planking for a minute a day may relieve your symptoms more effectively and doesn't come with the risk of liver damage. that plank move builds your core and a lot of benefits. >> yes. after the show -- >> we'll all be planking. we'll walk plank too. make it tough. taking a live look outside,
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the sky is clear buts cold. overall, we're looking forward to a cool and pleasant hump day. let's check in with tom kierein. >> and if it's walking day and you need to -- does it mean you have to walk the plank today? oh no it's april cool's day. that's the hash tag on this wednesday. good morning starting off we have a clear sky. but it is chilly. temperatures will be hovering just in the upper 30s between 7:00 and 8:00. if you'll be walking to the bus stop or the metro this morning, dress accordingly. still chilly in the low 40s. here is what to wear. a light fleece jacket will do. and you'll need the sunglasses. we'll have bright sunshine. a look at a warmer pattern moving in that's at 5:21. now melissa, how is the commute? nice dry roads for us this morning. beltway at river all these folks coming down on the outer loop towards virginia moving
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along quite nicely here. eastern avenue at kenilworth everything looking good there. beltway at st. barnabas, inner loop outer loop everything rolling along well. a little bit of volume but that's what we expect. 95 in virginia, headed into town nice and clear. all the way out of stafford county prince william, same thing headed southbound here this morning. and then 66 on the way in, you're at 60 miles an hour. way out, same thing. back at 5:21 with a live picture of 66. it's not somethingday. a plane getting struck by lightning and it may have happened to a flight headed to reagan national. dozens of people are staying with someone else this morning after a fire tore through their apartment building and authorities say a 10-year-old se
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we now know the name of the man killed outside of the national security agency on monday. investigators say 27-year-old
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ricky hall was driving the suv that entered a restricted area and thp rammed an nsa police car earlier this week. the fbi says while hall and his passenger both men were wearing women's clothing it was not an attempt at a disguise. agents also say they do not believe this is a terrorism case. a developing story out in arkansas where today the governor will be talking about a new religious freedom bill there. critics say it's a lot like the law generating huge backlash in indiana. they say it will effectively legalize discrimination, but the governor says he plans to sign the new bill into law this week. p. walmart ceo and the mayor of little rock have already said the bill should be vetoed instead. in indiana, governor mike pence is now demanding an amendment to his state's law to clarify it does not permit discrimination there. until some kind of amendment does happen, the state and cities you can see here are banning if i recall travel to indiana. we have a map for you, i will.
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d.c. is new on that list. mayor bowser ordered no city workers can go to indiana while on the job. meanwhile the district joins seattle, san francisco, connecticut, washington state and new york state with its ban. 5:17 now. new york music promoter will spend the rest of his life in prison for a decade old murder in maryland. kevin clement reynolds was convicted of shooting wesley king in front of his young daughter in 2002. a judge sentenced him to life in prison plus 20 years yesterday. at one point detectives lost track of him after he assumeded a new identity and created a successful career as a music producer. reynolds maintains that he was in new york at the time of the shooting. sexual assault victims in frederick county who want a are forensic exam anonymously now have one year after the exam to decide if they want to police charges.
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that's according to the presented frederick news post. until now, it was 30 days. and there a new policy at the university of virginia. it spells out the expectations for all employees and students when it comes to reporting sex assault and harassment. the school started to craft the new policy before the "rolling stone" article about the alleged rape at a frat house was published. the magazine has since backtracked on some of those claims citing discrepancyies in a student's story. i'm molette green at the live desk. new this morning, we have heard from nigeria's new elected leader who is vowing his country must now heal wounds as it embraces democracy. former military dictator won a hard-fought contest against goodluck jonathan. jonathan conceded late tuesday night and that helped tody fuse tensions and fears of post-election violence. that is the latest from the live
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desk. p. joe morrissey says he will challenge his party's decision to block his senate bid, that's according to the richmond times dispatch pap a dispatch. a democratic committee ruled many of the signatures he submitted are not valid. he currently faces felony charges related to a sex scandal involving a minor last year. p. a plane makes an emergency landing on a highway and then clips a car. take a look at the damage here. the pilot of this plane says he stalled in midair near a small airport out in minnesota. he says he spotted an open space on the highway and stride to land. the driver of the car says she saw that plane catching up to her in her rearview mirror. the plane's propeller hit her car before she drove into a ditch. thankfully everyone is okay. and everything is back to normal at reagan national airport this morning. a possible lightning strike forced an emergency landing there. according to us airways, the
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pilot declared emergency around 6:30 p.m. due to mechanical issues. did land safely and is now out of service for inspection. the flight was from toronto. we now know d.c. public schools plan to make up all the snow days. your kids will now have a full day of class on may 18, june 18 and the 19th. hose were scheduled to be half days. again all of those days will now be full days of class. thankfully i'm hoping that snow days are long behind us and we'll just be positioning about spring. tom kierein telling us about a warm-up today. >> yes, we're might having forward. time is on our side. live view from the storm team 4 tower camera, clear sky this morning, lights of the city illuminating the lower part of the atmosphere early on this wednesday morning. it's cold. we have temperatures down near freezing in much of the region. and we do have dry roads. so a good morning commute. we'll be in the low to mid-40s.
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this afternoon dry pavement and upper 50s. bright sunshine through the day. so have your sunglasses handy. no rain around this morning. storm team 4 radar scanning our sky, we're all clear now. temperatures hethough near freezing. gaithersburg at 30. nearby suburbs, fairfax, prince george's county low and mid-30s. around 40 by the chesapeake bay. fredericksburg over to charlottesville, near 40. shenandoah valley into the mountains, most locations above freezing except winchester at 32. later today, lots of sun throughout most of the region. tonight clouds will close in a little bit, near 40 by dawn on thursday. a few high cloud, blustery wind tomorrow temperatures, though, warmer. so nice warm end to the end of the week and the first couple of dwas of april up near 70 degrees tomorrow. then on friday, may make it into the low to mid-70s. a lot of clouds around are maybe
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a morning spring kell or afternoon shower or thundershower. right now does not look like any severe weather. in respec look goods saturday. sunday we'll have it into the low 60s and partly sunny. nationals home opener it will be in the low 60s during the afternoon. partly cloudy and we'll have our temperatures in the upper 60s near 70 again by mid week next weeking maybe showers around on tuesday. next weather and traffic, a look at hometown highs. how is traffic? overall looking pretty good. 66 everything rolling along nicely. this is a picture east of sudley road. 270 nice and clear all the way down to the spur. maryland 95 at cherry hill road again rolling along just fine. don't have any big incidents, any big accidents to talk about
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right how. we'll keep our fingers crossed. prince george's county overall looking quite good here this morning. and then taking a look at 95 coming out of prince william county headed northbound, you're fine. southbound you're okay. just a tiny bit slow northbound through dale city. remember to listen to our friends on wtop 103.5 when you hop in your car. wire learning this morning that we will hear from two secret service agents who witnessed a high profile security breach at the white house. earlier this month, two agents drove into a security area during this investigation of a suspicious package. the chairman of the house oversight committee is issuing subpoenas to those witnesses. he says he wants answers on why the secret service appears to be systemically broken. the former fbi agent who causes caught stealing and using drug evidence is now apologizing.
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>> this situation how not to deal with a prescription pain medication abuse and people understand how powerful and addictive this can be. >> owe pled guilty to taking nearly 2,000 grams of heroin seized during several of his investigations. he says an addiction to prescription drugs led him to do it. the case calls prosecutors to dismiss charges against 26 people including some who had pled guilty and were serving time. in it is april 1, which means your taxes are now due in exactly two weeks. if you waited to file you can get an extension on them. you'll have to fill out that form 4868 to request an extra six months to file. but if you owe the government money, you still have to pay something eyeby april 15. if the government owes you, you're not required to file at all. but you weren't get a tax refund that way. a local boy scout is being
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hailed a hero for saving his father from choking to death. last summer a burger got caught in his dad's throat in fredericksburg virginia. thanks to brandon's scouting skills, he noousknew just what do. >> brandon came over and he was able to clear the obstruction. >> i got to save my dad's life and i get rewarded for it. so pretty cool. >> that is cool. brandon says he wants to be a firefighter to continue to save lives. >> good work. this dog is named brutus he is from colorado he suffered frost bite as a puppy and lost the ability to walk with you his current family paid for surgery and a special prosthetic paw. you can see him wearing it now. it allows him to get around and
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run and play like any other dog. how cool is that? >> and when it comes to pets we all talk about a lot of us who have pets you can name the price, we'll take care of them. >> and how loving. >> $12,000 for that. little brutus. time is 5:26. still ahead, why isis is calling a politician a key enemy. and plus new hope for the streetcars. a promise from mayor bowser to keep the embattled project alive. plenty of cars going over the willson bridge this morning. melissa is back with another check of the roads and tom will tell us whether we'll get on you of the 30s. at book club they were asking me what you're doing now, janice. blogging. your blog is just pictures of you in the mirror. it's called a fashion blog todd. well, i've been helping people save money
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looking at the stories make headlines right now a prisoner who caused chaos after escaping from eyeinova fairfax hospital will make a second court appearance on friday. wossen assaye appeared shortly after he was captured. uva unveiling new details about its sex assault policy.
5:30 am
it explains how students and employees should act. and arkansas governor hutch hutchinson expected to pass a bill similar to the bill creating backlash in indiana. good morning. we want you to feast your eyes on this. take a look at these temperatures out there. a lot of people waking up in the 30s. >> let's check in with tom kierein. i'm hoping you'll tell us these temperatures will will go up today. >> what a dramatic drop there yesterday, about a 35 degree plunge overnight from near 70 yesterday afternoon. down to the mid-30s right now. in manassas, it's only 36 there. and in many locations, it's near freezing under a clear sky. later today, manassas soaring up to around 60 degrees. so a nice change from the cool start on this april cool's day. we'll have a clear sky through the morning, as well, in wheaton. and during the afternoon a few
5:31 am
clouds popping up there, should make it in the mid to upper fifth there. meanwhile in sterling loudoun county temperature there now a little above freezing under a clear sky. beautiful bright sunny day there. by mid to late afternoon, should be hovering in the upper 50s there. next weather and traffic on the 1s coming up at 5:41 a look at our hour by hour cooldown through the day ahead. and now a look at some road work going on. i hope they're filling potholes. >> i hope they are, too. they're not telling us exactly what they're doing, but 270 south after buckeystown pike there is work on the shoulder. but i'll take it. anytime they're making an improvement, we like that. we are seeing some slowdowns after 85. wide look at things, no major problems. everything rolling along quite nicely. 66 eastbound, west bound, everything rolling along, as well. 95 in virginia as you're headed northbound a little slow through dale city.
5:32 am
otherwise southbound you're fine. we see the dale city slowdown at beltway at d'arcy road rolling along quite nicely. back at 5:41 with some travel times. and right now negotiators are meeting as nuclear talks about iran head into overtime. we're hearing that a framework agreement could be drafted soon. tracie potts joins us with more. >> reporter: we could know before the end of the day. folks on the ground are telling us the first meeting of the day is already under way but the top officials from russia china and france have already left. they still have satisfy there. they also tell us that they're in the process of finalizing language for what may be a nuclear historic agreement between the u.s. and its partners and iran to curb that muk cler program, but it could
5:33 am
also lift sanctions on iran. one of the biggest issues is how quickly will those sanctions get lifted. so we're standing by to find out if in fact they have come up with agreements because the white house has said if it doesn't look like they will make some sort of deal in the near future they won't wait until the final june 30th deadline to pull out of these talks. >> tracie potts live on chicago for us. thank you. iraqi forces making progress in tikrit. we're getting a look at new video from u.s. led air strikes. this is hitting some isis targets. department of defense just releasing footage. the u.s. launched air strikes last week at the request of the iraqi government. a virginia senator has been singled out as an enemy of isaiah. richard black was labeled a crusader. black was told by virginia capitol police on monday that his name and picture appeared in the islamic state magazine.
5:34 am
he told the leesburg today newspaper it does not make him nervous. and today the loudoun county board of supervisors expected to adopt a budget that fully funds the public school system's request. according to the loudoun times mirror this is the first time in more than ten years that the county has enough funds to do so. the county's 2016 budget also include as small increase for the sheriff's office. >> it's been long on promises and short on results, but tonight we pledge that that changes now. i promise that you we will get the streetcar along h street in and benning road up and running. >> that issis mayor bowser promising that we'll see the h street street khars sarstreetcars if action. she also promised improvement in education, housing and economic opportunity. is he promised body cameras for
5:35 am
police and she will work to provide free rides on the metro for d.c. schoolchildren. if you are sick of driving over all those potholes you can tweet ddot about it. the department says thanks to potholepalooza it's taken down some 62,000 potholes in the last accept days. the program started a week ago. crews expected to fill potholes within 48 hours of your tweet or your call. today you can follow tom sherwood on twitter to learn about the changes you'll see at nationals park this year p. opening day is next monday against the mets. can't wait for that. later this morning, tom will be at the park to touch, taste and take in everything the team has in store for the season. can't wait. we had such an amazing season last year. we should have gone to the series for sure. but this may be our year. >> it could be. 2015 we're talking baseball potholes spring. it is here. we are ready for a change of season. time 5:35. you're probably get being ready, though to get in the
5:36 am
car, face another traffic filled commute. this morning we are looking at just how bad the commute is in d.c. and how we compare that with the rest of the country. pacman knows how to get around d.c.. or does he? we'll show you that cool feature that will definitely keep you from getting some work done today. and a very good wednesday morning. we're looking over reston hometown reston it's a chilly one. tom will have a look at the te
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this might not be an surprise to some of you, but the district ranges in the district rans in the top ten for most copngested roads. d.c. ranked 74th for worst congestion worldwide.dthe istanbul and turkey. we'll show you something that might take up a lot of your free time today. >> google maps now has a special button that lets you play pack man in your neighborhood. check it out. we have pulled up dupont circle
5:40 am
here. there is an icon on the bottom. hit the arrow and all of a sudden little pacman will show up. oh we lost him. but i can reassure you we stunk when we played it on atari. this morning i wanted to punch my computer. >> and you'll end up trying again and again. and you can change different maps. you can do it in your own neighborhood you can do it all across the country. and we apologize in advance because you'll spend a whole heck of a lot of time trying to figure out how to make work. i'm terrible at pacman. >> it was so frustrating this morning. but i might get a message that there aren't enough streets, but you can slide the map around for a bit and it will fix it. >> that's on google for april tool fool's. receipts let's check in with tom now. >> i hope pacman is eating
5:41 am
potholes. there is the live view from our capital owing camera. storm team 4 skycast 4 sunrise this morning is at 6:53 it will be coming up in a clear sky. rest of the day, beautiful deep blue sky starting off this april. no fooling looking like a delightful day. and then this evening we'll have a clear sky, as well. there is another view of the skyline looking north and west of northwest washington into southern montgomery county. got a clear sky there with the moon getting low in the western sky. a chill in the air by 8:00 achl just hovering near 40. then by noontime should be in the low 50s bright and sunny the rest of the afternoon. most of the region should be making it into the upper 50s. maybe even getting up around 60 or so in parts of north central virginia. a look theat our next chance of rain at 5:51. melissa is talking about a new crash. >> brand new crash this is georgetown pike at river bend road. making a call on this right now to see what is happening there. but just got this report in.
5:42 am
as far as travel times go 270 south germantown to the beltway, 16 minutes. outer loop 95 to 270, ten minutes. 66 into town 95 into town, no major problems. when you hop in your car, listen to wtop 103.5. it is now 5:42. a new road was suppose for make your commute easier. why some say the $400 million project is now dead. and the ceo of lufthansa is meeting with victims' families. what he told them to help them deal with the tragedy. plus from one click to one push of a button amazon's new system to make
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this just in two ceos visit the crash site in the french alps saying it was important for
5:46 am
them to come and mourn the victims. the heads of lufthansa and germanwings stopped briefly at a monument honoring the 150 victims. they thanked the hairmayor and people of france and the ceo went on to say we are learning more about the cause, but it will take a long time to understand how this could happen. that's the latest from the live desk. back to you. this morning the future of the bi county parkway between prince william and loudoun county still not the clear. derrick ward is live at manassas park with the latest on the proposed project ready to break it down. >> reporter: well, in the darkness that surrounds me battlefield from the civil war were fought, now another controversy is afoot. certainly not as vieolentviolent, but as passionate. there is a proposal for a 10 mile bi county connector that would skirt the western end of
5:47 am
the park. part of it would close route 234, sudley road which is behind me. a lot of people use it as a cut through to get to 66 and also points mort and by sects the battlefield. state transportation authorities have stepped back on plans to go forward with the process to make this happen. that makes people think it won't happen or if it does it would have to happen with local money, 400 hold. there is also up north in the braddock area. the community is cut in half by the proposed byi county director. we expect an announcement today regarding a local read blockoad block.
5:48 am
it may in fact deal with this. and meanwhile governor mcauliffe and former governor mcdonnell have both expressed their support for this project. so we don't know if it's xwhog to happen or not or maybe it's just a case of rumors of its demise have been greatly exaggerated. we'll know later today. back to you. i don't think that much force is necessary for a high school student. >> take a look at this local parents are reacting to this video showing a teenage girl being allegedly body slammed by a school security officer. this happened monday at laurel high school. in that video, you can see her getting picked up and then slammed to the ground and forcibly taken to the principal's office. the student was reportedly being belligerent and not following orders after an altercation. parents we spoke to questioned whether this was excessive force. school officials say the incident is under investigation to ensure proper protocol was taken. >> the incident escalated and the security officer had to use
5:49 am
force in order to protect, you know himself and the students and staff that were around him in that area. >> the school says there is more to this incident that is not featured in the video, but they say they can't say what that is because of confidentiality rules. a 10-year-old is being blamed for a fire that put almost 50 people out of tear homes in prince george's county. the fire started around 6:00 last night at the garden style apartments. this is right off southern avenue in suitland. 22 amount thepartments. the fire caused $50,000 this damage. 5:49. virginia is getting an extension on an education waiver that means schools can get four more years to plan student goals for achievement in order to reach federal education requirements. without the waiver most virginia schools would be labeled as failing for not meeting the law's goal of 100% proficiency for all students by 2014. tuition at virginia tech is
5:50 am
going up. board of visitors voted for a $500 hike to undergrad tuition on monday. room and board will thousand cost $300 more. tuition for graduate students is also going up. virginia tech says the hikes are needed to cover a $6 million loss in state funding. imagine this a massive construction project coming in under budget. you don't hear that very often. that's exactly what has happened as the woodrow wilson bridge has been rebuilt. according to the "washington post," the project has cost $86 million less than the 2010 estimate. the final tab for the 13 year project was just under $2.4 billion. so how it they save all that money? a project manager says he met regularly with agency officials to avoid any surprises. new this morning, some chesapeake bay baechs will be getting more sand. but virginia pilot reports the
5:51 am
project is part of a federal funding earmarked after hurricane sandy. norfolk's share is about 5.5 million. about 7 miles of beaches there will be widened by 60 feet, this starts in november. the project should be done by may of next year. >> you will not be affected by track work if you plan to use metro for the next two weekends. metro tells us there will be no track work with cherry blossom festival in full swing. there will be regular service on all six lines. metro says there are 15% more users at weekends during the annual festival. that's because they are worst seeing. stunning. i never get tired of seeing those gorgeous blossoms. >> and so sad when they go. >> it's fleeting. >> yeah you do. by the way you have something a little here -- >> you made me look. >> almost. almost. my brother pulled me on that
5:52 am
every april fool's. i fell for it every time. and this morning no fooling. good weather for the commute. dry roads, lots of sunshine. temperatures are chilly now and we'll stay this way for the morning commute. we'll be hovering in the low to mid-40s. during the afternoon heading back home nice weather for that too. lots of sunshine temperatures most of the region will be in the upper 50s. radar scanning the sky, dwopt have any rain thir in the vicinity like we had yesterday. those showers that came through really cooled us down from around 70 degrees in the met troefr area, look at that time now, it's near freezing north and west of washington. frederick down to just 28 p. gaithersburg now at 30. it's at 32 in leesburg. closer to washington around the beltway nearby suburbs, just in the mid-30s. low to mid-30s around the bay, as well. shenandoah valley into the mountains, most locations there above freezing. luray at 32. track the weather where you are with the storm team 4 app. love this view of the moon last
5:53 am
evening rising with a few high clouds illuminated by that silvery hoon ryy moonlight. that posted by larry helms on twitter. tomorrow we'll have milder weather moving in, a bit of a blustery wind. afternoon highs should make it again up around 70. and then as we get into friday even milder, should get into the low and mid-70s. a lot of cloud around. might get a morning shower maybe an afternoon thundershower. likely not severe on friday. p but just a rumble of thunder possible. and then into friday evening, that moves away. and then by dawn saturday we should begin to clear out and be in the 40s. afternoon highs saturday cooler upper 50s. but good weather for yard work and outdoor activities on saturday. again on sunday. then home opener it for monday nationals 63 degrees first pitch weather looks really good. we'll have a chance at some rain with highs they're 70 as we get into tuesday. melissa is talking about a new
5:54 am
crash now. where is this? new crash top of the beltway, this one just popped up. outer loop at colesville road here. so that will probably be in the way if it is indeed there for the next couple of minutes. 270 south at buckeystown pike you can see we have a new crash here this is where they were doing that road work and now we're slow southbound as you're heading down out of the frederick area. and we also have this again in northern virginia, fwormggeorgetown pike at river bend sending chopper to look at that crash. 66 west of ox road into town and out of town looking good. 95 north bound, slow spot is going to be there near dale city about 14 miles an hour right now. and just that normal morning volume. nothing actually happening there. an beltway at 202, moving along pretty nicely. hoping to get that shot from chopper for you coming up. it is now 5:55. heads up if you plan to use your smartrip card on alexandria
5:55 am
buses. starting today, you will no longer be able to add value on your card from dash buses. you can still pay cash add money online or any metro station. we've posted it on our app, search smartrip card oig. a crossing guard will now stand duty at creighton's school. the decision breaks protocol. usually crossing guards are hired at schools after surrounding property is turned over to vdot and crosswalks are painted. the sheriff says the temporary fix should ease the fears of parents until a permanent solution. radio shack gets new life and amazon lets you order with a push of a button. and we're not talking about the button on your mousse. landon dowdy is here with those stories 4 your"4 your money". radio shack gets a new lease on lch. a bankruptcy judge has approved the sale of some of the assets to a hedge funds and this will keep more than 1700 stores open and preserve more than 7,000
5:56 am
jobs. under the deal radio shack will partner with sprint on co-branded stores where sprint will sell both phones and wireless service. and amazon wants to make sure you never run out of coffee or razors ever again. you can restock products with a button by wi-fi to amazon's app. only available by request but free. never have to leave your home again. >> right. thanks landon. >> well, to go to work. >> exactly. a makeover is in the near future for two loudoun high school stadiums. they were approved for synthetic turf stadium fields. both projects combined cost more than $2.5 million, which is more than what was allotted for the project in the funding. several virginia fire and rescue departments will now get
5:57 am
thousands from express lane tolls. the one day did he nation program from the operators of the express lanes on i-95 and 495 raised almost # $80,000. more than 20,000 cars used the express lanes on donation day. a d.c. police officer will receive a congressional medal today for taking down the washington navy yard shooter in 2013. officer dorian desantis will be awarded the congressional badge of bravery. desantis took a bullet in his vest and helped secure the safety of others before firing the fatal shot to aaron alexis. alexis killed 12 people and wounded four others at the navy yard. making changes to better protect its students. the new policy regarding sexual misconduct at the university of virginia in the aftermath of a sexual assault scandal that sent shockwave
5:58 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ yoplait. with a smooth and creamy taste your whole family loves. don't miss yoplait's exciting new flavors -- creamy caramel and cookies 'n cream.
5:59 am
right now on "news 4 today," making changes in the wake of a controversy. the new policy in place this morning at the university of virginia following a well publicized sexual assault scandal. no you really will need a warmer coat this morning especially if you live outside the beltway as we geteady for
6:00 am
yet another taste of winter weather. tom kierein has your april cool's day forecast. >> that is the hash tag for today. this is growing tiresome with these cold mornings. we have another one under way under a clear sky, live view from tower camera. chilly morning your headlines for this first day of april, cool afternoon. a little cooler than average. but then warmer than average weather moves in will tomorrow and friday. right now storm team 4 radar scanning our sky, we have no more rain that rain from yesterday afternoon and evening, that is now long gone and since then we have dried out. and it has cooled down. prince george's county now near freeze. bowie down to just 31. gaithersburg down to just 30. fairfax county it's near


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