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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  April 1, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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thanks to virtual wallet by pnc. ♪ ♪ . now at 11:00, d.c. police have made an arrest of a murder at a local hotel. tonight, we have new details from the suspect from her own mother. plus one of the biggest drug busts investigators have
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ever seen. caught on camera a courthouse investigation volg involving a former virginia lawmaker. a major break tonight in a murder mystery. a suspect now in custody for stabbing a lawyer to death. >> it all happened at an upscale d.c. hotel room and surveillance pictures captured a woman going in and out of the building the night of the crime. she's now in jail and shomari stone spoke to her mother tonight. >> reporter: good evening. jamyra's mother said she's a good person never been in trouble before and planned ongoing to the military. she seemed very surprise about this arrest. she was at the d.c. police department's precinct and telless me thattells me detectives were not telling her a lot but her daughter has been charged in first-degree murder in what happened at the
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donovan hotel behind me. 21-year-old jamyra gallmon is shown here in february. the woman presses an elevator button and then decides to walk up the stairs trying to hide her face. investigators arrested gallmon this evening on the 1100 block of 14th street northwest near the donovan hotel. that's where lawyer david messerschmitt was stabbed to death in february. she went to the hotel for a sexual encounter. she allegedly met messerschmitt online. he was found laying on the floor with stab wounds to his back. they say they found blood on the walls and the dor of the hotel room. detectives also tell us they found a wallet credit cards, a condom lubricant, a watch, an enema, a cell phone and some keys in the room.
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last week messerschmitt's wife kim vuong told us about her husband. >> the world has lost a good person. david's family a son and brother and i have lost everything. >> reporter: and tonight we reached out to the messerschmitt's family spokesman. he has not returned my call. a high-level source within the police department says there is more information that is expected to be released as soon as possible. and we'll continue to bring that information to you. i'm shomari stone news4. new at 11:00, an offensive e-mail sent by a frat member did
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not violate any school policies. that's according to an e-mail from the campus newspaper the diamondback. most of the content was protected by the first amendment. the e-mail sent more than a year ago used racial slurs and alluded to rape. the author of the e-mail said "i know there is no way to erase the incident or the agony that it has caused but i want to you know that i will strive to never use such language again". >> women who say they are humiliated now are now suing a businessman for $20 million. kyle is charged with putting a hidden camera inside the rams head tavern women's restroom in howard county. he was arrested back in february. he and his father own the rams head group. another woman filed a $3 million lawsuit back in march.
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he's accused of using that camera in early 2014. major changes are coming in response to a deadly pedestrian accident last month in montgomery county. 67-year-old betty lew vest was hit and killed while walking in clarksburg. she was walking to the mailbox on the other side of the road. in response the u.s. postal service is now changing its route and people will have to move their mailboxes so they don't cross the street to get the mail. detectives tonight are talking about what they say is one of the biggest drug busts in loudoun county. $250,000 sent to the suburbs of north virginia. police made the bust in a motel room in sterling. and as jackie benson reports now, one suspect tried to make an escape. >> reporter: as narcotics detectives force their way into this sterling hotel just before
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3:00 a.m. deputies outside the building were astonished to see the man jump from a third-floor balcony. he landed on an awning below and took off for the woods. 37-year-old louise garcia was taken into custody. the reason for garcia's desperate behavior quickly became clear. detectives found drugs in the room. the amount and the variety surprised even them. >> this is significant because we actually took drugs off at a very high level. it's probably the biggest drug bust this county has ever seen and it's a real credit to our investigators and the hard work that they did to put this all together and to make such a good case and high level of the organization. >> reporter: detectives found 2 1/2 pounds of powder cocaine, a kilo brick of crack cocaine, 6 pounds of marijuana and prescription pills. they also recovered $60,000 in cash.
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a 39-year-old man was arrested inside the room. both charged with possession and intent to sell the drulgs. he does expect to be more arrests. in sterling jackie benson, news4. new jersey senator bob menendez is speaking out. chris lawrence has the latest. chris? >> doreen the justice department says senator menendez accepted millions of dollars from a doctor and, in return helped him collect millions from medicaid. but tonight, menendez says he's innocent and federal prosecutors are, quote, dead wrong. senator menendez might as well have walked into a campaign rally. prosecutors indicted the new jersey democrat on 14 criminal counts. they say he used his office to help a florida eye doctor with
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medicare billing disputes and help get visas for several of the doctor's girlfriends. court documents say that menendez received nearly $1 million in cash and contributions, including lavish vacations at the doctor's caribbean villa. >> i'm angry because prosecutors at the justice department don't know the difference between friendship and corruption and have chosen to twist my duties as a senator and my friendship into something that is improper. >> the doctor in question ophthalmologist is south florida. back in 2012 he received more than $20 million from medicare. that's more than any other doctor in the country. jim? >> thanks, chris. new developments tonight in the investigation into voting issues in virginia during last november's election. the department of election says it has serious security concerns
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with an outfit that makes voting machine equipment. the machines are used in about 20% of the voting precincts in virginia and that includes spotsylvania the board will meet to discuss what is to be done by that and they are committed to finding a solution in time for the primaries in june. 9-month-old devin ellis died in october. her father says she went limped when he was feeding her. the medical examiner's office says she died of blunt-force trauma to her head. she had injuries consistent with blunt-force trauma. despite the ruling today, no one has been charged in her death. her mother gave birth to a new baby girl last week but the father is barred from seeing the child because of a protective order. according to an indime
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jamal adams failed to file tax returns from 2005 to 2012 while he worked for the police department. he also filed false documents in which he didn't report tax debts owed to the irs. if convicted, adams could get 13 years in prison and pay a $250,000 fine for each conviction. tonight, the death of a man shot by police in the chaos following hurricane katrina has now been reclassified as a homicide. henry glover's death was originally ruled to be undetermined but the coroner said today after examining the evidence it appears that glover was killed by someone else. the officer who shot glover has been acquitted by a federal injury. the officer says he believed he was armed. another officer who burned glover's body is serving a
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17-year sentence. more moves tonight on the re religious freedom act. state leaders are concerned about the possible backlash of protests and boycotts. back here in maryland governor larry hogan rejected a state senator's request to ban state-funded travel to indiana. drama outside of a virginia courthouse today. >> why is he running to your rescue? >> accused of inappropriate relationship. >> too young to drink, too young to smoke? the new proposal to raise the district's smoking age. i'm melissa mollet with your traffic. two
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drama outside of virginia courthouse today. perjury charges against jim morrissey were thrown out because of a plea agreement for contributing to the delinquency of a minor. he's accused of having an inappropriate relationship with that young woman and now the father of the young woman was not happy. >> you know exactly what this is doing. okay? >> this individual continues to extort individuals. >> stop it. >> reporter: pent-up frustration comes pouring out in front of
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the courthouse. >> you need to understand. okay? why is he running to your rescue. >> stop it. >> reporter: moresent him to jail after contributing to the delinquency of a minor. that's her father who called police when it first happened. >> you're making a fool of yourself right now. >> that's okay. >> you're my daughter. i love you. >> morrissey came to her side escorting to her to the parking lot after the judge dismissed forgery charges. the plea agreement says he can't be charged again for incidents related to this previous situation. the latest charges were brought on over alleged child support documents submitted as evidence during that case. prosecutors are trying to argue the submission of the alleged forged documents did not apply to the immunity clause. >> we always felt that the indictment should not have been
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brought. the court agreed with that didn't need to hear any evidence. >> reporter: her mother diedra warren is still scheduled to go on trial for forgery charges. >> morrissey served three months and then was on work release and served in the general assembly. there's a bill in the works to raise the smoking age in the district. the measure was introduced today to raise the minimum wage from 18 to 21. new york city passed a similar bill last year. research shows that introducing people to tobacco later in life can save lives. also introduced a bill today that would ban the sale of powdered alcohol. it's an app nobody wants to use but could help officials keep track of patients that might develop ebola. they would report the
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temperature readings directly to the department of health and mental hygiene instead of using the phone. maryland has committed as much as $100,000 to the system. people affected by the ebola outbreak are monitored for 21 days. when you order maryland blue crab for dinner you might not be getting that. "the wall street journal" is reporting that dna testing found that more than a third of the crabs are mislabeled. the environmental group called oceana tested crabs last year and found that some of the crabs advertised as local were actually caught as far away as indonesia. the crab season on the chesapeake bay started today. >> that's not right. >> no. >> the maryland ones taste different than the indonesian
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ones. >> i saw that they opened today and i was like oh man. i can't wait for that. and that's just another sign of things to come. we have the nationals opening up in a couple of days and crab season. warmer weather is coming our way next. we have that warmer weather over the next couple iof days. a very nice evening and 52. it's calm winds and it's clear. the airport is always so much warmer. look at the temperatures surrounding the rest of the area. 52 in d.c. and 37 in manassas 43 in gaithersburg and the airport rarely not representative of what the actual temperatures are around the region and we see that time and time again. we're going to be on the cool side early tomorrow morning but it's going to be another great day. no rain to talk about around our region and tomorrow morning, stepping out the front door a little bit cool. not even cold but cool with sunshine. mostly in the 30s in and around the beltway in the low 40s.
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getting up to 70 just about everywhere. however, it will be very breezy tomorrow. winds gusting to 20 30 miles an hour. we could see higher gusts. that's something to watch out for. nothing to show here but you see cloud cover back around kansas city. minneapolis, minnesota, got to 82 degrees. that's because of a cold front making its way our way. that whole system does move our way and as it does you'll see a chance of thunderstorms on friday. that's why i have future weather on friday. nothing happening tomorrow so we don't need to do it for tomorrow. as we move through the morning on friday up around 7:00 maybe a few showers but most of the area just sees cloud cover. a few showers coming through around the noon hour but, again, we're not seeing much. it's a good day to keep the umbrella handy but i don't think you'll need it much of the day. in the afternoon, around 5:00 coming on through the d.c. metro area it's something that we'll watch and we'll be on the warm side and more showers as we move through the overnight hours.
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high temperatures tomorrow nice. 67 in frederick. 72 at fredericksburg and culpepper. plenty of sunshine but, again, on the breezy side. chesapeake bay, still very cold. it's going to take a while for the crabs to come out from the mud underneath there. 70 on thursday and 75 on friday. there's a chance of showers but, once again, not an all-day rain. 55 on saturday. of course that's passed over high temperature of 63 and then we get much warmer 67 on monday for the start of the national season. 69 on tuesday and 68 on wednesday. chance of showers on tuesday and wednesday. all in all, looking great. if you have tickets against the mets on monday you picked a pretty good one. >> if you have crabs, call him. because apparently he's loving it. thanks doug. >> thanks doug. did you see t
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okay. some teams you're supposed to beat the crap out of. >> exactly. you better do it right? they are in a lot of trouble if they are not able to beat the 76ers. in fact they are probably the worst teams in the nba but the wizards figured out a way to get them back. this is really good for washington especially for their mental state right now. randy whitman and the wizards getting momentum against a bad
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6ers team. no luck. tonight, 23 points 14 boards 15 assists. second quarter, bradley turning up the heat. blocks the shot. let's go the other way. finishes is strong. a 10-1 run for the wiz. they were up by 34 at one point but a little later, beal again, the drive right to the rim. the bucket wizards defense actually let a lot of the lead slip away. that was their problem. they win it at 106-93 but it wasn't as easy as it should have been. >> it's frustrating because we keep doing the same thing. we get too complacent. they could have come back easily and won the game. but it's just -- it's no excuse for us to give up a lead like that especially this late in the year. >> exactly.
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let's keep it. this is no april fools' joke for maryland fans. meanwhile, diamond stone, how great is that name -- i want that name -- playing in the mcdonald's all-american game. these kids probably hoping to get a ball signed. it could be worth a lot one day, right? 6'10" diamond stone, pretty good actually, making his presence felt on defense here. leads to a fast break. stone also showing some offense. able to hit a jumper and it's going to help them run the floor. cleaning up on the boards slamming it home. stone, 16 points tonight. we also got to see some future terps on the women's side. she's got some range, too. we see her knocking down some threes. she's from connecticut. she's ranked 27th best in the
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nation. also brianna frazier. check out the boards here. rebound, put back. she can knock down a three-pointer as well. >> that was long. >> very long. >> she's from brooklyn and ranked 15th in the nation. to fairfax, george mason as the new men's basketball coach today, paulson spent the last seven seasons at bucknell university. here's how he plans to get mason fans excited about their team again. >> the first thing is, you build a team that they can rally around. now, we'd like to but you want every single fan who comes in the center and says that team plays hard they play together they were smart and fundamentally smart. >> that's doug getting beat. >> oh, come on.
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>> look on the left. this is the clippers game and it looks very similar. broke his ankles and look on the right again, doug oh! but the point of showing that is my thought was, we were really hard on you about that and, you know it happens to best of them out there. i'm glad your ankles are feeling better. >> how long does that stay in your system? >> and your knees hit the court. that was my favorite part of the whole thing. >> show us your
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♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- pharrell williams, roma downey and mark burnett musical gu


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