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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  April 6, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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n harrison and his roommates looked out their window and saw the home next door going up in flames. >> the house was starting to fill with smoke and we knew we had to be out of there. the flames were out of the window jutting up 15, 20 feet in the air. and then so we got out. >> outside neighbors had been trying to get into the elderly couple's home throwing rocks at the windows hoping to wake them up. >> firefighters and neighbors were knocking on everyone's door trying to make sure everyone was up and out of their houses. >> we were trying to break in the house but were unsuccessful until the fire department came. >> the neighborhood kind of came together. it was nice to see. >> reporter: despite the efforts of neighbors and firefighters the elderly woman did not survive. the second victim an elderly man, is listed as critical condition. the red cross has been on the scene. they're helping to find housing for nine people who have been
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displaced. several houses boarded up as a result of this fire. the identity of the victims has not been released and cause of this fire also not released. back to you. thanks mark. we just learned that the two people killed in a beltville crash are just 19 years old. the car they were in crashed into a recycling truck on edmonston road. prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins is live now with an update. tracee? >> reporter: i've got to tell you, my parents live less than a mile away from where this crash happened. my dad said it shook their house and when they heard it it sounded like an explosion. we talked to someone else who actually rushed to the scene and this is what it was like for them. >> it was one of the loudest bangs i've ever heard i think in my life. >> reporter: that's what got ginny and her husband out of bed. they ran from their home to the road to help. >> it woke you up not just hearing it but you felt it. >> reporter: a chevy impala carrying five people crashed
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head on into a recycling truck. the cell phone video shows just how dark and chaotic it was. >> there was a car obviously completely wrecked and there was a couple people running around screaming to call 911. >> reporter: it happened on edmonston road in beltville. the driver of the impala was dead on the scene. he's been identified as 19-year-old marvin gene van cure of laurel. >> i saw the man laying in the ditch crying or yelling. >> reporter: another passenger was pronounced dead at the hospital. that's 19-year-old steven nester of temple hills according to police. two other passengers walked a away with no injuries. the impact of the crash ripped one of the tires off of the large truck. its driver was critically injured. he was airlifted to baltimore shock trauma along with one of the impala's passengers. the investigation into the crash left a large portion of edmonston road closed for most of the morning rush. >> our accident reconstruction
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is working right now to determine all the factors in this case. >> reporter: the impala was mangled beyond recognition as it was towed from the scene. police are still searching for what caused crash. >> just so sad. >> reporter: we tried calling that trash company to get some information on how the driver's doing. we were unable to reach anyone. prince george's county police tell us he is expected to survive. reporting live in beltville, will tracee wilkins, news4. scott mcfarlane at the live desk. new safety recommendations leased after fiery crashes involving railcars in our area. the report from the national transportation safety board specifically targets the type of railcar involved in a recent derailment in west virginia. the board says the cars need better thermal protection against high heat and better devices for to release pressures so the cars don't explode. the ntsb also wants to speed up the process of retrofitting cars for better fire protection. those railcars were carrying bakken crude, a highly flammable
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oil that also caused a massive fire and derailment in lynchburg last year. scott mcfarlane. the fraternity at the center of a now-retracted gang-rape article in "rolling stone" magazine is planning to sue the magazine. phi kappa psi announced today it would pursue any available legal action after a scathing report was released on the article this morning. columbia university's school of journalism found the sources and subject matter were not to blame. it was rather a complete journalistic breakdown for "rolling stone." >> it was the collective fault of the reporter the editor, the editor's supervisor and the fact-checking department. >> we pointed out systemic and institutional problems. we leave it up to "rolling stone" to decide how best to deal with it problems. >> no one involved in the reporting is expected to lose their job. you can read the report for yourself by searching uva on the nbc washington app. turning to storm team 4,
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spring is in full bloom now. meteorologist chuck bell joins us. chuck, are these temperatures in the mid-70s and the sunshine going to last? >> don't we all wish that they could, pat. but unfortunately we still have a little bit more april to deal with this week and that comes in the form of april showers and typically cooler temperatures than what we've been experiencing outside today. just enjoy the next couple hours. for tomorrow chance for rain showers for the morning commute and a risk of a rumble or two of thunder by tomorrow afternoon. it will be mild again tomorrow but the mild air, that also will not last all week. seven-day forecast coming up. you couldn't have picked a more perfect day for baseball. >> expectations are sky-high with the nats back on the diamond today and fans cannot wait. >> news4's tom sherwood is live outside nats park.
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>> hey, pat and jim. the crowd is mostly inside right now enjoying the game. the nats have take an 1-0 lead. it is a great day with good feelings all around. >> let's go, nats! >> reporter: whether they were cued up to get into the game or crowding into the popular fair grounds along path street fans were ready for the new season. >> nats fan. opening day. the weather is beautiful. >> i think we're going to go all the way. >> reporter: this is the start of the 11th season for nats in washington. the first three were at the old rfk at this park since 2008. new this year more bag chex and metal detectors, a change ordered by major league baseball for all big-league ballparks. fans took it in stride. >> the alternative is probably.
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shame we have to do that. >> reporter: what about the team itself? a team many writer sas is set for a long season. >> as long as the injuries don't last too long for werth and rendon i think they've got -- i think they'll go to the world series. i thought they were going to go last year. >> reporter: that's a new hotel going up next to nats park right there. coming up at 6:00 how this old industrial neighborhood is having a lot of changes because of the ballpark. at the ballpark tom sherwood news4. >> check out our gallery of photos in our nbc washington app. the university of maryland is warning students about ayn tempted robbery. a student was inside the varsity last night and noticed a group of people in the hall wii. he says when he walked by one of them grabbed him and demanded his belongings. that student pushed them away and police say the group ran
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often. a george washington university student is undergoing a psychiatric evaluation right now after she allegedly set fire in her dorm. the g.w. hatchet newspaper says it happened in south hall last week. a school spokesperson tells them udent tried to burn paper and nail polish remover. another student used a fire extinguisher to put it out. no one was hurt and the fire didn't do any damage. "the hatchet" reports a d.c. police report shows she has a history of setting fires. a smoke incident a month later could help investigators determine the cause of the underground emergency at l'enphant plaza back in january. the operator of a train reported seeing smoke as he approached the rosalyn station in february. the smoke cleared and no one was hurt. the ntsb is trying to figure out if there are similarities between that incident and the deadly l'enphant plaza accident. an 83-year-old man has passed away after a fire inside his home in maryland.
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investigators say it appears he accidentally set his clothes on fire with a lit cigarette nap fire broke out last night on edwards street in springdale. the man died early this morning. we're told this is the second fire death in prince george's county this year. both of which involved cigarettes. a domino's pizza employee is in trouble accused of selling more than pizza from a store in springfield. police say 22-year-old nichant was selling marijuana in the alley behind the store on burke lake road. investigators say surveillance video caught several sales taking place. police say his locker inside the restaurant hold a scale and baggies. two cvs/pharmacies were robbed easter sunday and police are trying to figure ot if there's a connection. one cvs was hit in centreville, the other in the lorton area. fairfax county police say they
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believe the person in the picture was responsible for both. he was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and may have been drive eight way in a silver pickup. a former town councilman in prince george's county was sentenced today for terrorizing and beating a homeless man. revis last june saw a man leaning in the complex parking lot. well revis beat him with a bat, pointed a gun at his head and fired a shot into the ground. revis resign after his conviction back in november. apologize. had trouble with scott's audio. it is family day at our national
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zoo. tonight, zachary kiesch will show you the tighter security and explain why that they exist. >> reporter: a 91-year-old man gets trapped in his car after his car gets wenled, the family here still trying to figure it all out -- after his car gets wedged in a house in lanham. how could that happen? i'll tell you how coming up on news4. and president obama read "where the wild things are" and then something wild happe
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scott mcfarlane at the live desk. an update to a story we broigtught you a few moments ago. police confirm eight people are dead in that one building south of salisbury. in the delmarva. now a media outlet reported there were eight dead from a carbon monoxide poisoning there, seven juveniles. we have confirmation there are eight people dead in one building. waiting for more information to come in. our chopper is en route to get us more images of what's going on there. details to come. i'm scott mcfarlane. scary moments for a 91-year-old man in our area after he crashed his car into
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his neighbor's house. pat collins spoke with him and joins us in lanham with details. >> reporter: no one got hurt. i have to say that again. no one got hurt. because when you see the pictures of this car and that house, just remember no one got hurt. this is melvin calhoun. he's 91 years old. he's a retired postal worker. he's lived in lanham for more than 30 years. for a while today he was trapped in his car. his car that was wedged into his neighbor's house. >> i was scared to death. >> reporter: this is his 2007 ford fusion. this is the back end of it. the front end is in his neighbor's family room. now mr. calhoun's car got into
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his neighbor's house, that's a long story. you see around noon mr. calhoun was driving to see his girlfriend in d.c. things got out of hand. his ford car clipped this nissan car and then into the house it went. >> i just couldn't think fast enough. i just panicked. tried to hit the brakes and hit the gas again i guess. >> reporter: derrick campbell owns that blue snee nee san car. he said mr. calhoun has hit his cars three times in the last year. >> used to park back there at the driveway so i pulled up here because he kept hit my car back here. pulled up there and he did it again. >> reporter: do you think this will keep you from driving again? >> i think so. >> i guess this is the last straw. >> reporter: is that a good idea? >> a very good idea. >> the family who lives here they weren't home when it
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happened. but it was close. more at 6:00. retaliation today for a deadly terror attack. bombs are being dropped on two camps for the islamic militant group al shabab. the strikes in somalia in response to last week's attack at a university in kenya. 148 christian students were killed. video recorded today shows abandoned shoes and personal belongings littering the campus. a survivor of the attack describes a frightening scene. >> not talking until they occupied where we were. where we were sleeping. by then they said we are here to kill and to be killed. >> more resources are being brought in to help identify victims. authorities say in some cases bodies have been claimed by more than one family.
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also today a reward for the suspected mastermind of the attack. kenyan police offered a reward for the capture of mohamed mohamud. he's a former teacher at a school in garisa. the reward is worth about $215,000 u.s. a senior israeli government minister is warning military action against iran's nuclear program is still an option one day after prime minister benjamin netanyahu spelled out his concerns about the nuclear deal on "meet the press." iran's foreign minister is also going on television but he's pushing for the deal that would ease some sanctions if iran curbs its nuclear program. the supreme court will not hear an appeal from alan gross in his attempt to sue the government over his prison sentence in cuba. justices are letting an appeals court ruling stand, throwing out the $60 million suit. gross, a former usaid subcontractor said the
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government failed to prepare him for the risks of working in cuba. the appeals court ruled the government has immunity from claims arising in a foreign country. president obama tried to fight back laughter at the white house easter egg roll today when some real-life wide things interrupted his reading of "where the wild things are." [ screaming ] >> oh, no it's bees! it's okay guys. bees are good. they won't land on you. >> those were squeals and bees. from the white house hive. they eventually flew off. more than 35,000 people turned out for the 137th egg roll today. this year's theme -- gimme five. >> it is the fifth anniversary of the first lady's let's move initiative. >> we're asking americans of all ages to give me five ways they're leading a healthier life. >> mrs. obama asked people to use the hashtag gimme five with
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their examples. fresh off "the tonight show," she also showed her moves teaching a dance to the crowd today. right now in our nbc washington app, you can check out some pretty great historic pictures too from previous egg rolls. and just down the road from the white house, we could see some big changes throughout the week. our crews found those familiar pink buds all over the cherry trees at the tidal basin, but it's still going to be a few days before the whole area is covered with those delicate pink and white flowers. peak bloom is expected this weekend, which also marks the pa p.a. raid and end of the cherry blossom festival. some students in virginia who have fought for months to keep their small college open are making plans to go elsewhere. sweet briar college in southwestern virginia is closing this summer because of financial problems. the private women's school has about 530 students. nearly half of them are now seeking a transfer to hollins university another private women's school in roanoke.
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we're working for you in rockville tonight, the city's leaf collection begins today and you can put them in large paper bags or simply rake them to your curb. city crews can then vacuum your leaves up. check our interactive map to see when your leaves will be collected on the city's website. leesburg was one of the last places to find chaem downtown parking in our area. until today. tonight the price at the meters is up $1.50 from just 50 cents. most meters have a two-hour limit. but the first hour in the town parking garage remains free. and a validation from downtown merchants can can get you another free hour. after that it's a dollar an hour with a maximum of $10. jeb bush registering as an hispanic. the voter application blunder and how the possible presidential candidate is explaining that. we're still swimming in sunshine for now, but there are rain drops to our west and
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they're coming in our direction. when i see you next i'll time their arrival. only two commercial diet programs are proven to work. we'll tell you which ones they are.
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good monday afternoon, everybody. it certainly has turned out the to be a beauty of a day outside. warm weather on the rebound compared to our chilly start over the weekend. today was our warmest day since last october. remember that tuesday just before halloween we made it up to 80 degrees. we came close to 80 today. and we may be close to 80 again on friday. but between now and then clouds are on the increase and rain chances are increasing as well. it's a mild one for this evening and dry too. 77 degrees at reagan national. winds out of the south averaging 18 miles per hour. that southerly wind is really allowing quite the warm-up, 77 winchester leesburg down towards fredericksburg 82 in culpeper now. that's been our warm spot today. almost 80 degrees in frederick, maryland maryland right along the western shore of the bay, a little cooler because of the cold bay water, temperatures in the 60s. what to expect for the rest of this evening? nice and mild dry through 10:00, 11:00 tonight, but showers coming in after midnight tonight and it will probably impact your
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morning rush. going out for your evening run, 9:00 this morning, good weather down there outside across the area and lit stay that way through this evening, temperatures in the mid-60s through almost midnight tonight. the weather will have a much bigger impact on your day tomorrow. moderate impact for sure. multiple chances for rain tomorrow. the first one comes in time for the commute into work and school. umbrellas at the ready for tomorrow. it's not going to be a washout of a day. but i have your raincoat and umbrella ready to go because it's likely to be raining on you on your way out the door in the morning. then many many dry hours through lunchtime and the afternoon hours, likely all be dry tomorrow ahead of a chance for maybe a rumble or two of thunder tomorrow evening. storm team 4 radar shows the showers out to our west and down to our south. and there is cold air just up to our north. that snow showers across the northern parts of new york and new england, and that colder air is going to get wedged right down the front range of the appalachians over the coming days. that means cooler weather for sure for wednesday and for thursday. but it won't last long.
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a big push of warm air comes our way for friday. so for tomorrow nothing serious, just have your umbrella ready to go for the passing shower chances. off and on chances for rain in the morning and again late at night, but a mild day with breaks of sunshine from time to time. here's future weather starting at 5:30 tomorrow morning, already the green areas show chances for rain in time for the morning commute. at 11:00 tomorrow, that first little rain chance is pushing out. i think we get breaks of sunshine. 5:00 tomorrow breaks of sunshine all over the region ahead of the actual cold front, which will come through here late tomorrow night. the timing on this may be a little earlier than indicated on our computer here but nonetheless after about 8:00 9:00 tomorrow night, chance for a rumble or two of thunder. here's the way the next four days are looking. nothing wrong with tomorrow from a temperature chance but nonetheless have your umbrellas ready to go. showery weather on wednesday, chilly and drizzly and temperatures in the low 50s on thursday. then another shot at 80 degrees on friday. that also comes with another
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chance for thunderstorms. check on that weekend forecast coming up. well we're following a developing story out of boston right now. >> the jury now has the case in the boston marathon bombing trial. >> the closing arguments and what prosecutors showed jurors today. a local high school science team the victims of a cruel crime.
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you couldn't ask for better weather for family day at the national zoo. >> it dates back to 1891 but there are changes this year. >> zachary kiesch is live at the zoo talking to folks about new security measures. hi zach. >> reporter: that's right. you could not have asked for a better day. new security measures more boots on the ground new security booths and also checking out bags hoping to move through the lines faster. >> anybody without a bag or purse in this lane! >> reporter: before you could catch a look at the bison or pandas, the story today, new security measures. >> so my wife is bringing in all the bags. we're just waiting. yep. she took one for the team. >> reporter: doug and his three kids couldn't wait for the egg
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hunt but first they had to wait for mom stephanie. >> whooo! >> reporter: there she is. don't have anything you're not supposed to do you? >> no i don't think so. just water and snack. >> reporter: checks are new. the zoo says what guests experience here today reflect changing times. you can find the same at museums and the ballpark. the people the beautiful people and lots of them. easter monday is a washington family tradition, especially for african-americans. >> i'm excited about seeing the animals like the cheetahs and tigers. >> reporter: back in the day, black domestics typically worked sunday so monday today, became their day for family and easter monday was birthed. times have changed and the culture reflects ephanie lock took it in with her grandchildren. >> this is my first time family day. i had to recruit children because i never made it here myself when i was a kid. so we're just enjoying the spring day.
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>> reporter: an absolutely beautiful day out here. coming up tonight at 6:00 we're going to talk to some community leaders, some activists who were actually out here today trying to make sure things go as planned. in the recent history there's been a couple incidents here, a few bad apples that have put a blemish on such a great day. we'll talk about that at 6:00. live peck churs from our city cam in prince george's county. a two-alarm fire. thick smoke pouring out of a warehouse just off of central avenue. just inside the beltway at hampton boulevard. it is some type of warehouse there. these are live peck churs from prince george's county. smoke has been pouring out for a good 10 to 20 minutes now. we'll have much more from the live desk coming up on news4. a man rescued at sea last week is explaining how he avoied sunburn and survived for more
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than two months. kristin wright is in our newsroom with details. >> louis jordan says he may not look like he was stranded at sea for more than two months because he stayed inside his sailboat's cabin as much as possible. he says it was the only way he could keep dry and avoid exposure to the sun and wind. in a statement, jordan says in part "every time i went outside i exposed myself to getting my clothes drenched which would made it harder for me to keep warm. my blankets were already soaked and often there was no way of hanging up my clothes to dry. keeping dry was vital to my survival." jordan was spotted by a crew of a german tanker ship thursday 66 days after sailing out of a south carolina marina. coast guard crew members who rescued him have said they were surprised by his fit appearance and overall health. at the live desk i'm kristin wright. back to you. the jury adjourned for the day and tomorrow deliberations
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will get under way in the trial of dzhokhar tsarnaev. during today's closing arguments, prosecutors called the bombing a cold calculated terrorist act and showed jurors disturbing images of a blast near the finish line. the defense did not dispute tsarnaev's involvement but argued his older brother is the one who convinced him to take part. if convicted he could face the death penalty. for the third time this school year a salisbury university student has been diagnosed with tuberculosis. county officials tell us that the student is under medical care and no longer attending classes. they're trying to figure out if the cases may be linked. they average three cases of tb all year long so they say it's unusual for this many in such a short period of time. if you're thinking about starting a new diet check out this new study. researchers at johns hopkins university took a look at which diet plans are most aeffective.
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doreen gentzler has the results. >> a lot of us are thinking about this after overindulging a bit over the easter weekend. this study looked at commercial diet programs things like nutrisystem, jenny craig. researchers found just two of them were successful when it comes to long-term weight loss. with more than one-third of u.s. adults now considered obese, doctors are being told to advise those patients on how to drop extra pounds. some of the recommended interventions include commercial weight loss programs so researchers gathered all of the clinical data surrounding their effectiveness and focus on the 11 that met their study criteria. coming out on top, weight watchers and jenny craig. both have the most sustained weight loss after 12 months of use. those on weight watchers lost nearly 3% of their body weight on jenny craig, nearly 5%. some of the other programs looked promising in the first few months but users gained the
5:37 pm
weight back. researchers also noted that programs like weight watchers which focus on teaching users how to make good choices about food seemed to be the best bet for long-term success. but there isn't much data to be found to confirm that. we've got details on the full study on our website. if you want to check it out, go to pat, jim? >> thanks doreen. a family poisoned on spring break. how investigators believe it happened and why the environmental protection agency is getting involved. new video of a close call on a runway. how a pilot averted disaster. and back to that breaking news. more pictures from our city camera of a two-alarm blaze in prince george's county.
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a spring brack getaway gone horly wrong. tonight two boys remain in critical condition after getting sick from a potentially lethal pesticide. the boys and their parents from delaware were staying here at a luxury resort in the u.s. virgin islands when they all became ill. turns out exterminators tray expresswayed for bugs in the unit directly below. the epa believes they used a spray that's not approved for indoor use. the company, terminix says it's
5:41 pm
cooperating with authorities and conducting its own investigation. a scary situation at a japanese import when a plane nearly collided with a vehicle. the pilot saw the vehicle and pulled up just in time. a flight controller apparently ok'd the landing forgetting the crew was on the runway to change a distance marker light. it happened yesterday at a tokushima airport in western japan. there are normally four controllers on duty but at the same time just one was working. former florida governor jeb bush has tweeted about a report that shows he once identified himselves a latino. "the new york times" obtained a voter registration application filled out in 2009. on the part of the form asking for the applicant's race bush checked hispanic. he's the son of former president george h.w. bush born in texas, of course. when asked about the
5:42 pm
application, a spokesperson couldn't offer an explanation but bush and his son joked about it on twitter. his son tweeting "lol -- i think you checked the wrong box." and bush replying "my mistake. don't think i've fooled anyone." i'm julie carey. this robotics team woke up to find their robot and all their gear stolen. coming up why they're determined to press on. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. a beautiful, mild afternoon, perfect weather for baseball. how soon the wet pattern moves in and how long it hangs around. and live pictures as we continue to follow breaking news right now. a warehouse fire in prince george's county. it's going up in flames. thick black smoke still pouring out of the view from our city camera here. we're working the phones and
5:43 pm
jackie bensen is headed to the scene right off of central avenue inside the beañ
5:44 pm
5:45 pm
a huge setback tonight for a high school robotics team from loudoun county. >> they had just won a chance over the weekend to compete in the world championships. then a stunning development. their vehicle with their robotics equipment was stolen. but northern virginia bureau chief julie carey discovered they're not about to let the theft stop them. >> reporter: this is robo loco team 5338 on their way to winning runner-up honors saturday at the regional
5:46 pm
championships in knoxville, tennessee. >> we see these moves. can they do it again? >> reporter: their ten-student team is a fraction of the size of most others there and in only their second year they won the judge's trophy and an invitation to the world championships. >> i was amazeded at how well they did. >> reporter: but their celebration turned to shock and disbelief the next morning wheng they went out to this hotel parking lot and found their tahoe with all their gear inside was gone. >> all of our equipment, all of our trophies but most importantly the robot. >> reporter: sad or mad? >> a little bit mad, like that was all the night's sleep we lost all the time we spent getting money from sponsor, all the time we spent finding materials, fixing things. >> reporter: but they didn't stay mad or sad for long. they were already huddling up today, regrouping. first robotic, the organization that sponsors the competition, will allow them to try to
5:47 pm
transform their backup practice robots but they have to work fast. world competition in st. louis is april 22nd. >> i'm pretty confident that we can pull together our resources and build a much better robot. >> the next two weeks are going to be really tough, i think. i think we've got this weekend we'll be staying up a lot. >> reporter: other teams from fairfax and loudoun have already offered help and parts. this group is not looking back. they are looking to win again. >> adversity like this kind of has its way of making you rise to the top. >> reporter: at 6:00, a look another the sheriff's investigation under way in tennessee. in loudoun county i'm julie carey, news4. we continue to follow breaking news right now. we've got a new picture just in from the scene of this giant warehouse fire in prince george's county. this is -- the fire is happening near hampton boulevard and ashwood drive in capitol heights off of central avenue. it's just inside the beltway. thick black smoke billowing into the sky.
5:48 pm
can be seen from miles away. this is our city cam view of the fire. the building has been burning for the past half an hour or so. news4's jackie bensen headed to the scene right now. she will have a live report coming up for us. storm team 4, a spectacular afternoon in the dmv but the sun won't last. right, chuck? >> i wish i could tell you we have four or five more days in a row just like today come bug we simply don't vit so get outside and enjoy those last couple hours out here while we still have the sunshine and the mild weather. sun not down until 7:35 this evening so you still have time to get out there. take a check of your all-important weekend. it's monday and i know all anybody is thinking about is what's the weekend going to be like? we can deal with anything tuesday through friday as long as the weekend shapes up. and, man am i optimistic about the weekend. saturday partly sunny, little breezy at times but it will be nice. temperature about 71 degrees on saturday. sunday mostly sunny, temperature around 69 degrees.
5:49 pm
that's going to be nice. in the meantime back to the present tense, winds out of the south, a bit gusty at times, winds gusting over 20 miles per hour across much of the region right now. that will be the case for the next several hours. temperatures have warmed courtesy of that south wind. 77 at national airport, 77 also in winchester and front royal and leesburg. 73 in stanton and harrisonburg 78 degrees in the panhandle of west virginia. reston live looking northbound sugarloaf mountain so, good visibility across the region right now. won't last though. here's the first of the rain drops moving into allegheny and western maryland. we'll be dry in the metro so if you're going out for dinner you don't need to worry about it tonight. manassas virginia this evening mild and dry, temperatures near 70. but by the time you wake up tomorrow morning, temperatures back in the mid-50s, cloudy and off andon rain chances a early as first thing tomorrow morning. a chance for a thundershower or
5:50 pm
two late tomorrow probably after this time tomorrow into the evening hours. there's future weather again, mild today. there's that chance for the first rain drops moving in before the morning commute tomorrow. seven-day forecast time 73 tomorrow so it will be warm. plenty of dry hours midday tomorrow before that thundershower chance comes in. much cooler and cloudier and light rain and drizzle chance through wednesday and thursday. there's that weekend outlook as well. developing tonight, the nypd is looking for the sculptor chos erected a bust of nsa leaker edward snowden at a local park. it was put up at the prison ship martyrs monument. city workers took it down several hours later. the artists said in a video they have a mold and can make more and they say they wanted to start a conversation about snowden's actions. the man charged with murdering three muslims in a shooting some called a hate crime could face the death penalty. a judge in north carolina made that ruling today.
5:51 pm
craig hicks is accused of killing the unc students over a parking space dispute at a chapel hill condo complex. the victims' families say the students were targeted because of their faith and the fbi is investigating. three witnesses and the defense resting their case in the trial of former nfl star aaron hernandez. hernandez is charged in the murder of a friend odin lloyd. defense attorneys are trying to put blame for the crime on hernandez's co-defendants. they were seen smoking pcp two days before the murder. today a professor was called to the stand to testify about how pcp affects people. >> on some occasions violent or aggressive behavior that can appear sometimes or unpredictably and that might include behavior that could be harmful to themselves or to others. >> prosecutors called 131 witnesses in their case. closing arguments are set for tomorrow. easter services ended with a
5:52 pm
literal bang over the weekend in pennsylvania when a gun went off inside a church. a man attending the services apparently had a gun in his pocket. somehow it went off at the end of services grazing him and startling others at the mass. >> people thought -- obviously knew it was a gun but ducking, really but, again, we thought it was outside so we didn't really know. >> the man was not seriously hurt. it's unclear if he'll face any charges. well spring means it's time to pay good attention to your lawn but before you hire someone to do the work for you, there are a few things to keep in mind. consumer reporter erika gonzalez is here now with a timely warning for us. >> our local better business bureau office just told us that it's seeing an uptick in lawn care service complaints particularly in the last week. before you hire a lawn care company, request a yard inspection and an estimate.
5:53 pm
you want to get it in writing before agreeing to any work. you are trying to avoid surprise charges. next and this is an important one for any company that you hire make sure it's licensed and its workers are insured. go through the contract with a fine-toothed comb. you are looking for automatic renewals that could trap you if you sign off on them. another thing to check for, any warranties or guarantees, those will help you understand wa recourse you have if the job didn't come out the way you want it. back to you. a major warehouse store is pulling all blue bell ice cream products off its shelves. sam's club says it's pulling the products as a precaution. it's the latest fallout from the discovery of listeria in some of the company's ice creams. blue bell has closed a plant in oklahoma to investigate vegt the source. three people have died from contaminated ice cream. a small explosion on the new
5:54 pm
york city subway system. >> the incident is caught on camera. what detectives are saying about who may be to blame. another police officer under fire in a racially charged case. new video of the confrontation that's triggered an internal investigation. why do we do it? why do we spend every waking moment, thinking about people? why are we so committed to keeping you connected? why combine performance with a conscience? why innovate for a future without accidents? why do any of it? why do all of it?
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because if it matters to you it's everything to us. the s60 sedan. from volvo. lease the well-equipped volvo s60 today. visit your local volvo showroom for details.
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this is news4 at 6:00 and we're following breaking news at this hour. there is a massive fire burning right now in prince george's county. it's sending black smoke into
6:00 pm
the air. >> live pictures from chopper this 4 from the capitol heights area. mark brady from the prince george's county fire department is on the phone with us to brings up to speed on what's going on. we can see the smoke from this 20 mile ace way in some cases. what can you tell us about that fire? >> we were receiving calls from people attending opening day at nats stadium from the large plume of smoke. what we have is large sea containers loaded with styrofoam that appears to be the seat of the fire. it spreads to warehouse areas, wooden pallet things of that nature. all that smoke and fire that you see is behind the warehouse. we've done a grat goode job at this point


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