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tv   News4 Today  NBC  April 7, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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report. experienced firefighters say they have never seen anything like it. you take a look here black smoke billowing out of a roofing company. the fire did more than a million dollars in damage. destroyed two fire engines, too. [ sirens ] containers of styrofoam caught fire and spread quickly as firefighters responded, the wind shifted and the engines were engulfed in flames. >> the 34 years i've been doing it we've never lost two fire engines on a building fire. >> my biggest concern is that crews are safe and no injuries on that behalf. we can replace the fire trucks. >> nuchbt firefighters was hurt here. the cause of the fire of course under investigation. that kind of -- that thick smoke, the cloud there that stained the skyline for most of the evening, neighbors living near the warehouse said it looked like the sun was being
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blocked out by the smoke. many sent pictures from around the area showing how far the smoke could be seen. we put them up on the website. a roofer in hyattsville took one picture. even fans at the nat's game could see the cloud. why a teen boy was shot in the southeast washington around k89 on 37th street. he was unconscious and not breathing. he was taken to the hospital. we're working to get an update on his condition. let's check the forecast. a bit of rain to start the day but mild temperatures 62 degrees. weather and traffic on the 1's. tom kierein here. >> the rain will be coming in waves. we're getting the first wave now coming across northern virginia and another wave to the south and southwest and southwestern virginia. that will be passing through a little bit later this morning. right now everything for the most part most of the pavement
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is wet around northern virginia and maryland and the district and nearby suburbs. it's yet to arrive in far southern maryland. it will be moving through later. look at the temperatures weather mild 64 at reagan national. near 60 north and western suburbs. shenandoah valley into the mountains most locations in the 50s. for the drive time commute today we'll have the wipers going and wet roads for the morning commute. fender bender weather, unfortunately. even with just a little bit of moisture on the roads. that's enough for you to lose some traction. we'll be in the mid out of. for the afternoon wet roads and occasional showers rolling through. mild and in the mid 70s. what is going on melissa? over all looking pretty good. even a little bit of water can cause a problem. 66 here at 95 no problems there. and virginia right now everything is looking pretty good. moving to maryland here and a take a look at 59 and95 and bw parkway.
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the camera got a little fuzzy but we had a car fire off to the right side of the roadway. it looks like it's out of the way. disabled vehicle to the right side there at washington boulevard and a wide look at things. no major problems inner loop or outer loop. >> see you then. thank you. today a jury will begin deliberations in the boston marathon bombing trial. jurors have heard weeks of dramatic testimony. and closing arguments -- prosecutors say that accused bomber dzhokar tsarnaev committed a, quote, cold calculated terrorist act. defense attorney told the jury that dzhokar was involved but heavily influenced by his older brother. closing arguments begin today in the trial of former nfl player aaron hernandez. the defense rested the case yesterday. they only called three witnesses. he pleaded not guilty to
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murdering owen lloyd. a fraternity is ready to launch legal action after a discredited rolling stone article. they accused them of gang raping a girl named jackie. a review found that the author failed to review facts and speak to the accused. >> i was wondering why there was a quote attributed to me i had never given. >> it's pretty clear if anything happened to jackie it's different than the article. >> the fraternity calls the author's actions reckless and plans to pursue all available legal action. rolling stone restrakttracted the report but said no one will lose their job over the fallout. right now sweet briar college students are making plans to go elsewhere. the college is closing this summer because of financial reasons. nearly half the students are looking to transfer to hollands university.
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another private women's school in roanoke. students fought for months to keep the college open. the school has about 530 students. maryland workers will not see a bill passed this year that allows for up to seven days of paid sick leave. according to our news partners the senate leaders won't take the bill up this session. they're open to revisiting the idea in the future. the senate passed a bill that bans fracking through late 2017. according to the baltimore sun. a house version of the bill calls for a three-year ban. governor larry hogan hasn't taken a position yet. maryland drivers may soon get home a few minutes faster. a new bill would raise the speed limit on some highways from 65 miles per hour to 70. starting to simmer down on the duke university campus after fans started a bonfire to celebrate the ncaa championship. students across campus gathering for what the university called a
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control school-sanction the bonfire. social media shows four benches were thrown into the flames. no word of any arrest or anyone getting hurt. it's the fourth final four for duke's undergraduates. >> all right. hockey fans you can buy the capitals individual playoff tickets. they go on sale at 11:00 this morning. no game daytimes or opponents yet. the nhl will announce later today. we'll post everything you need to know on the nbc washington app. how about that? >> this is a good time of year! what was supposed to be regular training turns deadly for police officer in florida. now investigators are trying to figure out if it was at the hands of another officer. a yarnd man heads out to runner rands moments before a driver slams into his car. looking live at storm team 4 radar this morning. tom is back with weather and tr you wish your dog could fight off
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. investigators in florida are trying to figure out how a police officer was shot and killed during firearm training. a second officer was involved in the accidental shooting. it happened north of orlando yesterday. the officer was shot once in the chest. he was with the department for three years. we could see more devastating wild fires in california this year.
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scientists warn the drought conditions could spark a dangerous fire season. firefighters say what did note burn last year is ready to burn this year. >> wow, all right. we're talking about rain in our forecast right now. wet start to our day. mild temperature 62 degrees out of our studios. >> a live look from the tower cam. your weather and traffic on the 1's. here is tom kierein. the good news with the rain it's washing pollen out of the air. at least that will be improving. one wave of rain coming through now across northern virginia. the district maryland these areas in green light rain. enough to get the wipers going and to have the streets and sidewalks wet for walking to the bus stop and waiting for metro. you'll need an umbrella. we'll be in the low 60s. between 8:00 and 9:00 a.m. low 60s with a little bit of scattered light rain. it's not going to rain all day but a occasional rain showers. temperatures in the mid 60s. by noontime should be near 70
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degrees. might have a sprinkle or shower or otherwise cloudy. when you head home around 5:00 in the mid 70s. could get a shower coming through. might hear a rumble of thunder but no severe storms. coming up next weather and traffic on the 1's at 4:51 we'll look at how long the wet pattern will be lasting. and now, melissa, how is the commute? >> a brand new crash popped up. this is 198 near route 1 here in laurel. trying to get more information about that. sounds like toew truck is on the scene. we did have a blockage temporarily there. 270 and bucky's town pike roadwork happening. it sounds like it's off to the right shoulder. garden city drive at 50 the ramp there, again till have the construction that has been hanging around for awhile. the right lane and ramp blocked there for you this morning. now 395 northbound near washington boulevard have the disabled vehicle. that's been there probably for about 30 minutes in the right
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lane we understand is blocked. initially it came out the shoulder. it is a right lane blocked. everything looking pretty green when you look at the beltway. >> thank you. from sam's club to wall martd why several stores are pulling a popular item from the shelves. new information in the downing of a germanwings flight. why the parent company said it was not on li
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welcome back. lufthansa they were under no obligation to report depression of andre yas looub business. they were not informed of the depression before the march 24th
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crash. lufthansa said lubitz informed the flight school when he returned from a several month break in 2009 he had experienced an episodes of severe depression. investigators are looking to question a building owner's son after a building explosion in new york city. there were signs that the gas lines were tampered with. it exploded last week killing two people. a plumber told investigators he been instructed to alter the gas lines that day. it's not clear who told him to do it. the owner's son and the plumber were among the two dozen people burned. a mother who wants a sheriff's deputy who shot her son to face charges. a deputy shot rick car do after an argument with his girlfriend. minor was unarmed but deputyies say he ignored their commands and made hand movements.
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>> it's the way. shot three times unarmed. >> we reached out to the county for a response to the lawsuit but we have not heard back. three teen boys are being held at the prince william county juvenile detention today charged with bringing a knife to school. say that planned to bring weapons to a fight slated for march 27 thd at park side middle school. we're working to get details this morning on what lead to a deadly motorcycle crash in fort washington. one man was killed in the crash. it happened last night around 7:30 on allentown road. the road was closed for some time. a 26-year-old man is dead after his motorized bicycle ran into the side of a trash truck. it happened yesterday afternoon on spencerville road. police haven't publicly identified the victim. another 2016 presidential contender will make it official today. rand paul will announce at a
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rally in his own state. tracy pots is a live with a preview. we saw it in a youtube video out this morning. rand paul saying he's a different kind of republican. he has backing on capitol hill. we understand he's going to hit the road where four states having their early primaries. he need to expand his base, though, even though he has libertarians and young people. he's been courting minorities. he needs to expand within the republican base according to analysts. now he's also polling pretty close to hillary clinton in key states like ohio and florida. even beat her by a point in the latest quinnipiac poll in pennsylvania. clinton is expected to announce
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in the next few days possibly on social media. we know she rented office space in brooklyn and hired the same consultant who worked with michelle obama's image possibly trying to do softening of the image there. we understand that marco rubio may be announcing in the next week as well. >> a lot of names coming out. tracyie potts, thank you. before you live in loudoun county, you might want to double check your $20, $50, and $100 bills. counterfeit cash is showing up at loudoun county businesses. several people tried to make several purchases with the fake bills. the office said the fake bills don't look as crisp as real ones. you can check the tiny red and blue fibers embedded in real money. a popular ice cream is being pulled after it was connected to three downtowneaths.
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they are pulling blue bell products. it's been phasetracked to a facility in oklahoma. a quote featured on the new stamp today may not be hers. they did a little research on the quote only to find it may have been written by joan walsh angelou first. it came in several interviews angelou did. it features her along with the quote a bird doesn't sing because it has an answer. it sings because it has a song. angelou died last may. we are now learning which business will take over the old rhino bar space in georgetown. the washington business journal reporting club monaco plans to open a store in the space on m street pretty soon. the retailer said it's revamping the overall style aiming for younger shoppers. rhino bar closed in february after 18 years in business.
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the fashion police if you will have hit arlington. if you plan on wearing flip-flops in the county, you might want to think again. somebody posted the sign you see here in front of the deli club that said let's not do flip-flops. no one knows who put the sign up. >> good luck with that. you can't enforce wearing flip-flops. >> if you have ugly feet you know it and you need to police it. >> who is going to police that? you going to police it? go around and write tickets? >> i need to be aware of it myself and not put on the flip-flops. >> a lot people because it causes injuries. but a day like yesterday i think people were so excited to feel the warmth they wanted to break out the flip-flops. >> i was hearing the flop flop flop. >> shorts t-shirt, tank tops. a great day for baseball. what a change! we had the clouds close in and now it's raining. and there is some rain falling
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across northern virginia and the district in maryland. it's light rain but just enough to make everything wet across the nearby suburbs in fairfax county, loudoun, prince william, and stafford. and then in montgomery county prince george county light rain. sprinkles in the district of columbia. that stretches into howard frederick, pan handle of west virginia. these batches of light rain are tracking off to the east. and it will be moving through over the next hour or so. here is new timing on the rest of the day. by 10:00 this morning maybe a few more showers. especially to the south the area in the green. by noontime a few sprinkles may be around. have the umbrella handy. most be south of the metro area. the rest of the afternoon just a few spotty showers that's our hashtag for the day. spotty showers toward the bay. by late afternoon maybe a few showers perhaps a rumble of
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thunder especially in the highlands north and west of the metro area by late afternoon. an umbrella day. 50s and low 60s across most of the region. we'll stay this way for another few hours. occasional light rain through the rest of the day. off and on not constant. have the umbrella handy. mild afternoon though should be into the upper 60s near 70 by noon. low to mid 70s during the afternoon with a few of those showers coming on through from time to time. the spring color is out. i took this photograph yesterday in northwest d.c. put your photographs on facebook instagram, and twitter. we'll share. tomorrow cooler cloudy in the 50s. might get a passing shower. a smaller chance and drizzle and fog and light rain around with temperatures in the 50s through much of the day on thursday. then we bounce back into the 70s friday. could get showers and thunder showers on friday afternoon and
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evening. after that it looks great for the weekend. high 60s saturday sunday and monday too. and remaining dry. melissa looking at the tuesday morning commute. >> yes. we know of course it's going to be a little wet in spots this morning. it was pouring for me this morning in rockville. not so bad in the northwest. 16th street construction. we have the road work going on probably the past month or so. 198 and route 1 here in laurel have the crash clean up that i want to mention here again. 66 into and out of town 95 into and out of town no problems there. moving over to prince george's county nice and green everything moving along well. no major issues. take a look at 270 southbound at frederick we have the construction near bucky's town pike. northbound no problem at all. flying in there you can see moving along fine. remember to listen to our friends on wtop for the latest on traffic when you hop in your car. thank you.
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get ready to play up if you play the music too loudly. >> how being noisy can cost you. you
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see that right there? that is a car that went almost all the way into somebody's home. a 91-year-old man backing out of his driveway and he hit that gas
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a little too hard. he slammed into his neighbor's house across the street. you can see the crash did a lot of damage in the basement here. the homeowner just left with his 9 year-old son to run some errands. >> i was panicked. i tried to hit the brakes and i hit the gas again, i guess. >> the elderly driver was not seriously hurt and says he may give up drying. federal investigators are looking for similarities in two incidents where smoke was found metro opportunities. . the ntsb is looking a the track fire that forced the evacuation of the courthouse net metro station in articletonarlington. investigators are now looking at equipment from that section of the track as part of the l'enfant plaza investigation. one woman died in january. if you live in fairfax county you can face new noise
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restrictions. it affect kids pets. proposed changes to noise ordinances that allow noise from recreational noise would be prohibited after 11:00 p.m. on weekends and before holidays. dog park hours which start at 8:00 a.m. on weekends and holidays. if your pets are loud in your home between 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. you cube fined. tonight theboard of supervisors will vote whether they'll hold a public hearing on this in may. stay with us now news 4 today continues at 5:00 a.m. coming up on 5:00 now. storm team 4 already busy working for you this morning. take a look at the storm team 4 radar on the left side of your screen. a live look outside on the right. >> you can tell the rain is moving through the area this
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morning. let's get to storm team had4 tom kierein. >> it should be affecting the morning commute. you want to leave a little bit early. most of the roadways are wet. you know what that means. it's fender bender weather, as we've had light rain moving through. what a change from yesterday. getting the light rain tracking from the west to the east. the radar showing it in northern virginia the area in green includes nearby suburbs in maryland and the district and north and west of the metro area as well as down 95 between washington and fed ricks burg. the one wave is tracking through over the next hour or so and another wave a little bit later. right now fairly mild in the 50s north and western suburbs. show done shenandoah valley right around 60s degrees. there's the skyline of washington now a little bit light rain. a wet morning. mild and wet during the
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afternoon keep the umbrella handy for the next few days. your bus stop what to wear weather is coming up at 5:11. now melissa, what is happening on the roads? >> we have road work here this morning. i want to pass it along. it keeps hanging on past the 5:00 hour. some of course go away. some don't. garden city drive the ramp there the right lane and the ramp are blocked here this morning. a warning there. live picture here at 95 and virginia and dale boulevard. everything rolling along fine there. northbound even southbound no problems. into and out of town you're fine. also on 66 everything is flowing fine and take a look at the top of the beltway and 270. 270 looks good. bw parkway looks good. i'm hearing in my ear about a potential or possible water main break on route 1 in laurel. be back with that in ten minutes. >> thank you. coming up on 5:01. the loudoun county sheriff's department are trying


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