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tv   News4 Today  NBC  April 7, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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during the afternoon keep the umbrella handy for the next few days. your bus stop what to wear weather is coming up at 5:11. now melissa, what is happening on the roads? >> we have road work here this morning. i want to pass it along. it keeps hanging on past the 5:00 hour. some of course go away. some don't. garden city drive the ramp there the right lane and the ramp are blocked here this morning. a warning there. live picture here at 95 and virginia and dale boulevard. everything rolling along fine there. northbound even southbound no problems. into and out of town you're fine. also on 66 everything is flowing fine and take a look at the top of the beltway and 270. 270 looks good. bw parkway looks good. i'm hearing in my ear about a potential or possible water main break on route 1 in laurel. be back with that in ten minutes. >> thank you. coming up on 5:01. the loudoun county sheriff's department are trying to figure a man and woman were
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found dead inside an ash burn home. megan mcgrath live with more information. good morning. >> reporter: well aaron, the sheriff's department thinks this is a likely murder/suicide. at around 9:00 last night they got a 9-1-1 call. saying there was a shooting in the 43,000 block of rockfield court. deputies responded. they treated it as a barricade situation for awhile. when they went inside the home that's when they found the bodies of a man and woman. they believe this is a domestic-related murder/suicide. all the investigation continues. the names of the people found dead inside the home have not been released. back to you in the studio. >> thank you. we are following a developing story this morning. >> you couldn't ask for a better father. you couldn't ask for a better man. you know he's been with his
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kids for three years by himself. just terribly sad story this morning. a family tragedy on maryland's ear eastern shore. a father and his seven children found dead. we're working to find out the official cause of death. police found the family inside their home in princess and maryland in somerset county. the father has been identified as rodney todd. his kids ranged in age from 6 to 16. a supervisor tells us todd was raising his five girls and two boys on his own. he worked for dining services. the supervisor said she knew something was wrong when todd didn't show up for work. >> you couldn't ask for a better father. you couldn't ask for a better man, you know, he's had his kids for three years by himself. >> princess and police are not releasing an official cause of death until a coroner releases its report. we just got new video of a burnt out fire truck being towed
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away from a warehouse fire. a massive fire did more than a million dollars in damage and destroyed two fire engines. [ sirens ] containers of styrofoam caught fire and the wind shifted and the engines were quickly engulfed. engulfed. >> we've never lost two fire engines on a building fire. >> my main concern is everybody is safe. we can replace the fire trucks. none of the firefighters was hurt in this. >> neighbors living near the warehouse in capital heights said it looked like the sun was being blocked by the smoke there.
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why a teen boy was shot in the southeast washington around k89 on 37th street. he was unconscious and not breathing. he was taken to the hospital. we're working to get an update on his condition. today a jury will begin deliberations in the boston marathon bombing trial. jurors have heard weeks of dramatic testimony. and closing arguments -- prosecutors say that accused bomber dzhokar tsarnaev committed a, quote, cold, calculated terrorist act. defense attorney told the jury that dzhokar was involved but heavily influenced by his older brother. closing arguments begin today in the trial of former nfl player aaron hernandez. the defense rested the case yesterday. they only called three witnesses. he pleaded not guilty to murdering owen lloyd. you can buy caps playoff
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tickets. they go on sale at 11:00 this morning. no game daytimes or opponents yet. the nhl will announce later today. we'll post everything you need to know on the nbc washington app. chattanooga coach and former bcu assistant coach could be named head basketball coach at bcu. they report the deal isn't final but could be finalized today. wade would replace smart who left the team to become head coach at university of texas austin. what do you know about him? >> he worked for smart. he was shack can's first big pick. you would imagine there's a similar style. he had a great run so far. grab your wallet. if you live in loudoun you're want to take a close look at the money. the warning about counterfeit money circulating through the area. a cause they're so strongly
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against. they climbed up an oil rig in the arctic ocean! what these climbers were protesting. take a live look outside right now. it is 62 degrees. a mild start with rain throughout the region. tom will tell us whether your kids will need the umbrella.
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if you run over somebody it's usually because you were driving too fast or you didn't look before you turned or you didn't stop for someone in the crosswalk. always be alert.
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pedestrians don't come with airbags. hundreds of vacevacuees are
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heading back out of yemen. the rebels are trying to take a yemen port city. saudi arabia began air strikes against the rebels but so far it hasn't stopped them. take a look at this. activists from green peace climbing aboard an oil rig in the pacific ocean. crew members watched as it unfolded. the group of six says it was sent up -- it will set up camp on the rig to protest oil drilling. they say they won't interfere with the crew's works. they have a few days of supplies and communication devices. >> certainly making a statement using skills they hopefully have honed. >> probably going get pulled out. >> i imagine. it doesn't look safe. ten minutes after 5:00. here is a live look at the district. >> what you can't really see is the rain that is falling throughout the region. let's check with storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein to find out what kind of day we'll
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have. hey, tom. >> hey. good morning. starting off with some very light rain. grab your umbrella. the roads are wet, allow yourself extra time. we had the one wave of rain coming through. there's a farther wave north and south. that's on a track to come closer. it's tracking to the east. so the one wave should be ending about an hour. have the umbrella handy with you today. you won't need the jacket or sunglasses or a hat. you'll be happy if you wear a raincoat and anything to stay dry. and at the bus stop this morning, a few light showers and wet sidewalks and low 60s between 7:00 and 8:00. 8:00 and 9:00 low 60s with wet sidewalks and light rain coming through from time to time. next weather and traffic on the 1's a look how long the weting. melissa has breaking news on the
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roads. >> breaking news here. we're talking about alexandria. the wood lawn area of alexandria. route 1 and forest place we're shut down because of a water main break. you'll have to take high land lane to pole road and frye road. police are out there directing you around it. all lanes in route 1 and alexandria blocked. it's going to be a problem for the morning commute if they don't get out of the way. 270 southbound to buckies town pike a warning there. 66 east of suddenly road inbound and outbound no problems there. everything is moving along nicely. 95 here in virginia north/south moving along as well. nice and green there. beltway and saint barn bass is looking good on the inner and outer loops. this is our biggest problem now. route 1 forest place with all lanes blocked because of a water main break. don't worry about remembering that part of it they'll push you around that way. back in ten with more. thank you.
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police make the disturbing arrest at an area middle school. what police say they were planning to do at the upcoming efblt. why authorities want to talk to the son of the owner of this building in new york city. why they think he could
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lufthansa said it was under no obligation to report a co-pilot's depression to the federal aviation office. co-pilot andreas lubitz is accused of taking down the germanwings flight. the federal aviation administration was not told of lubitz's deposition beforeabout the depression.
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lufthansa said lubitz informed the flight school when he returned from a several month break in 2009 he had experienced an episodes of severe depression. investigators are looking to question a building owner's son after a building explosion in new york city. there were signs that the gas lines were tampered with. it exploded last week killing two people. a plumber told investigators he been instructed to alter the gas lines that day. it's not clear who told him to do it. the owner's son and the plumber were among the two dozen people burned. a mother who wants a sheriff's deputy who shot her son to face charges. mitchell minor filed a $10 million lawsuit against a deputy. a deputy shot ricardo after an argument with his girlfriend. minor was unarmed but deputies say he ignored their commands and made hand movements. >> we all have to leave here one day, but it's the way he left. it's the way he left. shot three times unarmed. >> we reached out to the county for a response to the lawsuit but we have not heard back. three teen boys are being held at the prince william county juvenile detention today charged with bringing a knife to
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school. say that planned to bring weapons to a fight slated for march 27 th at park side middle school. we're working to get details this morning on what lead to a deadly motorcycle crash in fort washington. one man was killed in the crash. it happened last night around 7:30 on allentown road. the road was closed for some time. a 26-year-old man is dead after his motorized bicycle ran into the side of a trash truck. it happened yesterday afternoon on spencerville road. police haven't publicly identified the victim. before you live in loudoun county, you might want to double check your $20, $50, and $100 bills. counterfeit cash is showing up at loudoun county businesses. several people tried to make several purchases with the fake bills. the office said the fake bills don't look as crisp as real ones. you can check the tiny red and blue fibers embedded in real money. more stores a pulling a
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popular ice cream from their shelves after it was connected to three deaths. walmart, sam's club and several stores in texas are pulling blue bell ice cream products. three people died from listeria. a contaminated ice cream has been traced to a facility in broken arrow, oklahoma. that plant has been shut down. a quote featured on the new stamp today may not be hers. a former editor did a research on the quote to find it may have been written by joan walsh angelou, first. it came in several interviews angelou did. it features her along with the quote a bird doesn't sing because it has an answer. it sings because it has a song. angelou died last may. the we know who is taking over the old rhino bar space in georgetown.
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the washington business journal reporting club monaco plans to open a store in the space on m street pretty soon. the retailer said it's revamping the overall style aiming for younger shoppers. rhino bar closed in february after 18 years in business. the fashion police, if you will, have hit arlington. take a look at this! will is a sign posted out there. if you plan on wearing flip-flops in the county, you might want to think again. somebody posted the sign you see here in front of the deli club that said let's not do flip-flops. no one knows who put the sign up. it seems exposing your feet during the warmer weather may come with health risks as well. if you want to take a chance national flip-flop -- of course there's a national flip-flop day. it's june 19th. >> mark your calendar. >> june 19th national flip-flop day. >> you get a pass after that. and aaron is like let me know so i can hide in my house. >> there's beautiful feet regular feet, and -- >> most of us fall in the
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normal. >> yes. fortunately. probably need to cover up today if you're heading out. really all week long. we're looking at showers. >> tom keer reenierein tells us what to expect. rain around the region. >> you did the story on the counterfeit money. i checked one of my bills. is aaron gilchrist supposed to be the on $20? >> don't spend that tom! >> okay. you'll need an umbrella this morning. we'll have the light showers coming through over the last couple of hours exiting temporarily. there's another wave in southern virginia. right now we're getting just a few light sprinkles around the metro area the beltway, 95 north, 270 north, 95 south and into southern maryland. the one wave along the 95 south corridor will be tracking across southern maryland in the next half hour or so.
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the lighter sprinkle and showers will be moving toward the northern part of the bay. keep up with the storm team 4 radar on your mobile phone with our app and going forward over the next 24 hours, we will have these light showers passing through by 10:00 that next wave will be coming in and passing mainly jut south of the metro area. the areas in green just have some sprij ls of light rain. it kind of breaks up during the afternoon a few spotty, light showers and sprinkles. there's only a small chance of a rumble of thunder out on the any highlands by late afternoon into early evening. those will be passing through. it's a mild morning. we're in the 50s to near 60s degrees. south and east it's hovering around 60 around the bay the mild spot this morning. fredericksburg at 58. later today with the spotty showers coming through a mild afternoon in the mid 70s. overnight down to the mid 50s by dawn. those may be the warmest
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temperatures of the day on wednesday dropping back down to the upper 40s during the evening. might get a sprinkle or light passing shower otherwise cloudy and cooler and fog around and drizzle and light rain on thursday. steady in the 50s and then milder weather moves in friday. might get a thunder shower in the afternoon and evening. then for the weekend, looking great. storm team 4 seven-day forecast on saturday sunday and monday baurg weather for outdoor yard work or recreation! next weather and traffic on the 1's coming up at 5:31. how is the commute now? >> still have the breaking news. we're talking about that problem in alexandria route 1 at forest place still shut down. police are going to direct you to high land pole and frye depending on which way you're coming from. just a warning you don't want to take route 1. 270 here southbound no problems at all.
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when you hop in your car you can listen to wtob. everything moving along fine. 66 into town no issues. 95 now we approach 5:30 virginia you can see a little bit of a slow down there. and take a look at prince george's county overall moving along nicely and nice and green for us. more on the water main break coming up. thank you. if you're thinking about starting a new diet check out this new study. researchers at johns hopkins university took a look at which commercial diet plans are most efblgive. weight watchers and jenny craig came out on top. both had the most sustained weight loss after 12 months on use. those on weight watchers lost nearly 3% of their weight and people on jenny craig lost almost 5%. >> bringing the doctor to you. we spent the time with the d.c. physician making old fashioned house calls. we have details on why he is making a huge impact in the
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community. >> dr. earnest brown said seeing people in his homes not only helps him treat them better but gives him means to care for those know electneglected by the exam room. it's just him, his car, and a cell phone. because he doesn't practice out of a clinic or hospital. he travels to his patients making house calls all over the d.c. area. you can learn more about dr. brown's practice tonight on news 4 at 6:00 including why he treats some of his patients for free. slapped with a lawsuit. why the fraternity that came under fire in rolling stone article said it's suing the magazine. you could be soon going 70 miles per hour legally. >> we want to show you storm team 4 radar here.
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storm team 4 is lit up this morning as rain moves through the area. look at the colors moving across the screen. not too much yellow or heavy rain right now. we'll tell you more about that.
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>> good morning. >> yellow is bad. >> that means heavy rain coming through. welcome back. we're getting you ready for a cloud cloudy, wet few days. >> looks like the radar dress she wore on friday. the yellow it's coming down a little bit harder. the green light rain. getting a few yellows. just to the east of fredericksburg toward colonial beach getting a moderate shower there. in the lighter green colors that's sprinkles of light rain. enough to make the pavement wet around the beltway, 66 95 270, and interstate 70 north of washington up toward haggerstown. all of this is tracking off to the east. so temporarily this is going to be exiting and moving on out. but it will leave in the wake damp pavement and wet sidewalks. we'll have wet roads and in the mid 60s. during the afternoon a few scattered showers rolling through. some of the pavement likely wet
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then too. with temperatures into the mid 70s. the hour by hour hield temperatures for the day ahead next weather and traffic on the 1's coming up at 5:41. melissa has breaking news on the roads. water main break. >> breaking news one again. alexandria route 1 at forest place. all lanes blocked. highland to pole to frye to get around. police are out there directing traffic, of course if you're coming the other way it's frye pole high land. branch avenue we have a brand new crash that popped up branch avenue at silver hill. branch at the beltway everything is rolling along fine. take a look at 95 and maryland. 29 here colesville road and bw parkway everything roll along well. 66 and 95 slowest part is dale city northbound. back in ten minutes. >> thank you. 5:30 now. a university of virginia fraternity is ready to launch legal action over a discredited
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rolling stone article. the magazine accused the members of gang raping a girl named jackie. a review by columbia university found the author failed to verify facts or speak to the accused. >> i was wondering why there was a quote attributed to me i had never given. >> it's pretty clear if anything happened to jackie it's different than the article. >> the fraternity calls the author's actions reckless and plans to pursue all available legal action. rolling stone retracted the report but said no one will lose their job over the fallout. police are searching for two people who robbed the convenience store at gunpoint. the suspects run into the store with guns drawn. one goes behind the counter while the other holds a gun pointed at the cashier. it happened early monday morning in southeast washington. if you have any information,
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police want to hear from you. and today a woman is in custody accused of stabbing a metro station manager. detectives arrested 20-year-old melissa langley yesterday. it happened about three weeks ago at the stadium armory station. she stabbed the station manager after a fare dispute. the manager was not seriously hurt. as we near the end of the school year and head to the summer months police in the city of frederick, maryland are reminding teens to stay away from alcohol. acting police chief patrick grossman, liquor board officials, and members of the alcohol prevention initiative will hold a press conference. they will share measures that helped curb underage drinking. right now sweet briar college students are making plans to go elsewhere. the college is closing this summer because of financial reasons. nearly half the students are looking to transfer to hollands university. another private women's school in roanoke.
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students fought for months to keep the college open. the school has about 530 students. maryland workers will not see a bill passed this year that allows for up to seven days of paid sick leave. according to our news partners the senate leaders won't take the bill up this session. they're open to revisiting the idea in the future. the senate passed a bill that bans fracking through late 2017. according to the baltimore sun. a house version of the bill calls for a three-year ban. governor larry hogan hasn't taken a position yet. maryland drivers may soon get home a few minutes faster. a new bill would raise the speed limit on some highways from 65 miles per hour to 70. if you live in fairfax county you have a chance to weigh in on property taxes this afternoon. the board of supervisors has a public hearing at 3:00 p.m. today. the 2016 rate has been advertised as the 2015 rate. the board can approve a lower rate but not a higher rate.
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new morning, duke university is slowly getting back to normal following a bonfire celebrating its ninth ncaa championship. students gathered for a controlled school sanctioned bonfire on campus. social media shows four benches were thrown into the flames. no word of any arrest or anyone getting hurt. duke won in the game with a 68-63 victory. >> that's a huge deal. it was a big deal. a lot of people after wisconsin beat kentucky thought it was the game. it's hard to have two back to back. even though duke was considered the underdog. a new tennis performance center opens day. fresh off the miami open win serena williams will be there for the grand opening.
5:34 am
the new center will be at the turn national golf club. that ceremony begins at noon. she's become such an ambassador for the sport getting a lot of young people girls interested in tennis. we have a lot of tennis places around here. >> right. >> rock creek park and -- >> nice to see her show support though. >> i still one of these days i'm going learn how to play tennis. >> are you? >> you and i? >> i like that idea. we'll compete with each other. it's going to be pitiful all the way around. >> that should be funny. a maryland man heads to run errands bef a new form of innovation
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is taking shape, bringing media and technology together for more people. together is more wi-fi access in more places. it's a home you control with the touch of a finger. it's reimaging tv to give more people more choices. it's bringing technology and people together in ways you never thought possible. comcast and time warner cable. together is better for more people.
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investigators are in florida are trying to figure out how a police officer was shot and killed during firearms training. the officer was shot once in the chest. he was with the department for three years. >> scientists warn the drought conditions could create a dangerous situation out in california. forever
5:38 am
firefighters say what didn't burn last year is ready to burn this year. they didn't have the snow pack and snow melt they typically would hope for to keep the water table in a good position. they have the really dry conditions to deal with. >> and we do not have dry conditions right now. we have light rain falling around the region. it is a mild start, though. we have 62 degrees outside of our studios. and i'll take that. i don't want 50s and 40s anymore. >> and rain. >> yeah. cold rain is i'm not going to say it. cold rain is not good. >> tom weather and traffic on the 1's. we have a warm rain for folks. >> it's mild anyway. we've had this very light rain coming through over the last couple of hours. there's another wave here in southern virginia to southwestern virginia. that will move in later this morning. a few sprinkles in prince george's montgomery and the district. south of washington is moving into charles county saint maries will be moving in over
5:39 am
the next half hour or so. temperatures will stay in the 60s and jump to around 70 by noon. a few spotty showers. occasional light rain during noontime. then maybe a passing moderate shower perhaps a flash of lightning. there's a small chance of that. by then into the mid 70s. a look at the wet pattern continuing over the next several days. when we'll finally dry out. melissa has an update on your commute now. >> breaking news. we still have the problem in al soond alexandria. you have to they highland pole and frye to get around this water main break. megan mcgrath on her way out there. beltway and top of the beltway 95 and 270 no problem at all. ten minutes.
5:40 am
66 east from fairfax county parkway to the beltway 11 minutes, and 95 north quantico five minutes blind sbehind this morning. remember to listen to wtob this morning. it's the biggest problem route 1 forest place. that water main break with all lanes blocked. route 1 a major route for folks in the morning. back with more at 5:51. it is now time 5:40. federal investigators are looking for similarities in two incidents where smoke was found in metro doubles. the ntsb is taking closer look at the track fire that forced the evacuation of the metro concentration in february. a train operator spotted a small fire in the tunnel between that station ands are rosland. one woman died in that incident back in june at the l'enfant plaza. firefighters are keeping an eye on the massive fire in
5:41 am
capitol heights. what they've been doing throughout the night. >> and the controversy over an app for children on youtube. why some say false advertising was used. you want i fix this mess?
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a mess? i don't think -- what's that? snapshot from progressive. plug it in and you can save on car insurance based on your good driving. you sell to me? no, it's free. you want to try? i try this if you try... not this. okay. da!
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back at 5:44. firefighters are still working to put out a fire that sparked a roofing company. sparked a fire at a roofing company more than 12 hours ago. it caused more than a million dollars in damage and destroyed two fire engines. zachary kooesh is at the scene this morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: no deaths or injuries out here yesterday. definitely a lot of damage. two fire trucks lost in the blaze. also a total loss for the
5:45 am
roofing company. we're out here in capital heights this morning. you can take a peek what is going on. fire trucks out here putting out hot spots. it was a roofing company. we're told there was about $1.5 million in damage. we have a little new video tonight. you can check out this fire truck being hauled away right now now. there were two fire engines lost in the blaze. more than 100 firefighters were out here. you can see the black smoke there. it was quite the scene. as we're here hours after the fact trying to get it taken care of here. lots of damage both in terms of the building itself and the engines. but the good news is no injuries. reporting live in capital heights zachary kiesch. >> thank you. take a look at video here. a car that went all the way inside somebody else's house. a 91-year-old man walking out of
5:46 am
his driveway and accidentally hit the gas. he slammed into his neighbor's house across the street. you can see the crash did a lot of damage in the basement here. errands. >> i was panicked. i tried to hit the brakes and i hit the gas again, i guess. >> the elderly driver was not seriously hurt and says he may give up drying. federal investigators are looking for similarities in two incidents where smoke was found metro opportunities. -- tunnels. the ntsb is looking a the track fire that forced the evacuation of the courthouse metro station arlington. investigators are now looking at equipment from that section of the track as part of the l'enfant plaza investigation. one woman died in january. if you live in fairfax county, you can face new noise restrictions. it affect kids, pets. big gathersing,
5:47 am
too. proposed changes to noise ordinances that allow noise from recreational noise would be prohibited after 11:00 p.m. on weekends and before holidays. dog park hours which start at 8:00 a.m. on weekends and holidays. if your pets are loud in your home between 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m., you cube fined. tonight board of supervisors will vote whether they'll hold a public hearing on this in may. he may not run for president again, but john mccain will make another bid for senate in arizona. in an nbc news exclusive, mccain said he's more than ready for the race. he'll be 80 years old by election day but he points out his mother is 103 years old. this year the former prisoner of war became chairman of the armed services democratic national committee. i want to take a quick look
5:48 am
at the state of play who is in and who is still up in the air heading into the 2016 presidential race. republican senator lindsey graham said he'll decide next month whether he'll run for his party's nomination. the hawkish senator is a big critic of president obama's foreign policy. graham has made trips to some of the early caucus and primary states. a florida republican marco rubio will make the big announce announcement last week. expected to launch his presidential campaign from a location that holds significance to the cuban community. and the guessing game continues for hillary clinton as well. the build blocks of a presidential campaign have taken shape. she has until the middle of april. the list of presidential hopefuls is getting longer as a kentucky senator gets ready to announce his candidacy. tracyie potts is live on capitol
5:49 am
hill with who is expected to throw his hat in the ring today. >> reporter: hey. we're here live in louisville kentucky where rand paul is expected to announce his candidacy later today. at this point, it's unclear how serious of a contender he might be for the presidential nomination in the long run. he faces a lot of hurdles. what is clear he's going to be at least a pretty serious player here out of the gate. it's possible that he could win one of the early primary states whether it be iowa or new hampshire where his father came in second in 2012. but, you know, there are a lot of establishment republicans who are concerned about particularly his positions on foreign policy. that's something that has been thrust farther into the spotlight over the course of the last year or so with the rise of isis and, of course concerns about the nuclear deal with iran. there are many establishment figures inside the republican party who say that makes paul
5:50 am
more unelectable than he might have been. he of course has a libertarian anti-war vent. he had to soften at least in some ways his rhetoric. >> this is casey hunt. sorry about that. i have a question. paul said that he has the best chance to beat hillary clinton. would you agree with that statement? >> well, you know, there's some polls that actually show he might be the strongest republican against hillary clinton. i think that's partially a reflection of the fact there is a demand in the electorate for something of a new face. which is of course not necessarily what voters would get from another bush or from another clinton. but at the same time it's not clear how far paul can actually rise in those polls. i think the question he's going to have to answer whether he can expand that hard core group of supporters. people who backed his father into the more main stream of the electorate. while they're making an effort
5:51 am
to do that we haven't seen concrete results so far. >> all right. kasie hunt live in louisville. thank you for joining us this morning. 5:51 is the time now. we turn to storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein as we watch rain move through the area this morning. >> it's good news for allergy sufferers as the pollen count has been jumping quickly here with the flowering plants producing their pollen. we have an area of rain that is passing through washing the pollen out of the area. it's mostly tree pollen now and the temperatures are mild this morning. the area in green is light rain. did pass through washington and northern virginia just the last hour but now it has crossed the plateau mick and moving into maryland. southern maryland getting light rain. the area in yellow is one moderate shower. elsewhere it's just light rain that continues to move to the
5:52 am
east and crossing the bay in the next hour or so two. maybe a drizzle or few sprinkles. later today another wave of light rain passing mainly south of the metro area around 10:00 this morning. all that area in green is light rain. southern maryland northern neck lower part of the eastern shore. that will continue through noontime. a few more spotty light showers northern virginia maryland and into west virginia. that's going to be during the rest of the afternoon. there might be a rumble of the thunder. some of the highlands, maybe one thunder shower passing by late afternoon and early evening. right now in the 50s and low out of. fairly mild this morning. there are the wet streets of northwest washington. live view from the tower cam. occasional light rain. not steady rain. have the umbrella handy. mid 70s by mid afternoon. and the spring color is really popping. i took this picture in northwest washington.
5:53 am
tomorrow cloudy cooler, highs 50s. maybe a sprinkle and drizzle. fog and drizzle on thursday. mild friday maybe afternoon and evening thunder showers. great weather for the weekend on outdoor activities on saturday sunday highs in the out of. breaking news once again have the problem. the water main break in alexandria it is closed on route 1 at forest place north and south. all lanes blocked. police will push you to hieyland, pole and frye. take a look here have the crash branch avenue and silver hill road. that popped up about a half hour ago. it is sticking around. a new crash here oxen hill road and kirby road. wide look at things no major problems. erg everything is nice and green. 270 and old hundred gets a
5:54 am
little slow but no major issues. >> thank you. you can raise your glass today as it is national beer day. it's an unofficial holiday but it's recognized by beer lovers everywhere. 82 years ago today, president roosevelt signed an act that allowed americans to legally drink beer again after 13 years. a new survey from wakefield research asked beer drinkers who they would most like to grab a beer with nbc's jimmy fallon. >> smart people. do you think people create days? i'm going make it a national chocolate cake day. >> that exists. >> chocolate cake day? >> i don't know. good point. did google scam you and your kids? cnbc landon dowy joining us with that and a look at starbucks. >> i want to celebrate national
5:55 am
chocolate cake day! >> we're doing it. >> let's do. let's do it. i'll come down for the event. all right. consumer groups are urging the federal trade commission to investigate youtube mobile app. they launched the app in february as a safer place for kids to watch video and family focus content. they said the app is stuffed with ads and product placements it's hard to tell the difference between content and commercials. starbucks plans to expand the college tuition program for employees to cover the entire cost of getting an online bachelors degree. the coffee giant launched the program last year with arizona state university. it was previously limited to juniors and seniors looking to complete their degrees. back over to you. >> landon dowdy cnbc thank you. >> national cake day is november 26th. we have to create our own national chocolate cake day. >> any other cake? >> to me it's not worth eating if it's not chocolate. >> thank you. were you up late last night?
5:56 am
you may have noticed something on late night with seth meyers. take a look at the desk. you notice anything? >> hey! >> look at that. you can see our own nbc 4 washington mug right there represent d.c.! every night he features a different nbc affiliate coffee mug on his desk. i thought it was a permanent fixture. last night we took center stage there. late night with seth meyers airs at 12:35 monday through friday right here on nbc 4. i need to get jimmy fallon one of the mugs and he has to proudly display it in the front. >> we have new ones here. we have to get a new one. >> it's large so you can see. no mistaking where we work. right. >> right. right now we are tracking actually a major problem that is sure to slow down the morning commute. route 1 in alexandria off limits because of a water main break. >> what you need to know to get around the problem.
5:57 am
5:58 am
keep an umbrella handy this morning. we're dealing with spotty showers around the d.c. area right now. the rain could impact your plans for the day ahead, too. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein is here with what we need to know. good morning. >> good morning. starting off the morning with some wet pavement.
5:59 am
we've had these waves of light rain coming through over the last several hours. most of it now passing south of the metro area. we had the one wave come right through washington and our nearby suburbs. now that passed east as prince george's county and parts of montgomery county. steadier rain falling in charles and saint mary's. this is one wave coming thereupon. after it goes by it should settle down a bit and after that we'll likely get some other showers moving in. right now fairly mild. in the upper 50s to near 60 degrees. reagan national is at 62 degrees. there is the washington monument just a few sprinkles here in washington. now a live view from the tower camera. we'll have a damp morning but then a mild and wet afternoon to follow. this wet pattern will be continuing the next several days. keep the umbrella handy throughout the day today and all the way through the end of the week. next weather and traffic on 1's coming up at 6:11. your bus stop forecast and what
6:00 am
to wear today. melissa has a look at breaking news. >> breaking news. a problem in alexandria route 1 at forest place. all lanes blocked there because of a water main break. remember that when you head out this morning. branch avenue and silver hill road. still have a crash there. oxen hill road and kirby hill road a crash there as well. take a look at 270 northbound southbound into town and out of town. no problem also looking quite good here. this is the biggest issue. alexandria we're sending chopper four there now. hope to have a picture from them. route 4 closed there. all lanes blocked. you center to take high land lane to pole road and frye road. i checked on the national


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