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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  April 9, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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what two women were allegedly after when a lawyer was robbed and murdered in that upskate motel. i'm tracking what could be a rocky next 36 hours. rain fog, and the potential for some strong storms. i'm scott mcfarlane at the live desk with a story we broke on twitter this afternoon, an arrest in a deadly hit-and-run accident on the b.w. parkway. earl teeter turned himself in to u.s. marshals this morning in greenville. marshals say teeter hit and killed rick warrick on the side of the road on super bowl night. warrick's fiancee was injured too. the couple was trying to change a tire at the time and in the months since there's been a huge effort to find the driver responsible. teeter appeared in court this afternoon. we're told he was released on bond but ordered not to drive car. the trial is set for june. now to the high-profile murder of a lawyer at a d.c. hotel. just moments ago the second
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woman arrested in connection with the case walked out of court. new this afternoon we are learning what police say was taken from the room at the donovan hotel. >> pat collins is outside d.c. superior court. what are you hearing? >> reporter: chris, this all came down just a few minutes ago. here now some fresh video of 19-year-old domeniqueonique johnson after she was officially charged with conspiracy to commit robbery at the donovan hotel. johnson is the roommate of the accused killer in that hotel murder. according to police she was with the murder suspect before it happened and with the murder suspect after it happened. and according to court documents, johnson told police that david messerschmit the lawyer killed in that hotel, was murdered for $40 in cash and a metro fare card. david messerschmit. he was 30 years old.
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he was a lawyer with a prestigious firm downtown. he lived in a fashionable condo in capitol hill. he had a wife who loved him dearly. david messerschmit murdered in a fourth-floor room of the donovan hotel. murdered for $40 and a metro fare card. charged in the murder 21-year-old jeremiah gallmon. today her roommate charged with conspiracy to commit that robbery. according to court documents, she was there went gallmon brought fluorescent zip ties used in the crime. she was there when gallmon left the donovan hotel and as the two rode the bus home she was there when gallmon said, "it went
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bad." according to court documents, david messerschmit went online soliciting other men. police say gallmon posed as man and went to meet messerschmit at the donovan hotel. that robbery turned into a case of murder. david messerschmit stabbed numerous times. after the murder according to prosecutors, domonique johnson used messerschmit's stolen fare card to get to and from her job. more details about the case coming up at 5:00. back to you. first at 4, major shift for metro. the red line is going to go back to automatic train operation on monday. automode has been banned since 2009 when metro's deadliest crash killed nine people on the red hien. to start, only eight car trains on the red line were run in automatic mode. shorter trains in the other five rail lines were in manual mode. metro released the statement thanking riders for their
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patient while crews performed years of track work and safety upgrades. no details about what we will and won't be seeing regarding the deadly misshooting of an unarmed black man in south carolina. nbc news has confirmed officer michael slager's dashboard camera did not capture him firing shots at walter scott. police will review another use of force complaint made against slegr who is white. a bistander recorded the cell phone video of the fatal shooting that led to a murder charge against slegr and his termination from the north charleston police department. today a man who formally complained about slegr using a taser on him in 2013 said things might have turned out differently if the department hadn't cleared slegr of any wrongdoing. >> well yeah you can try to really investigate, probably going to lie because he wouldn't have been an officer in the field. we'll have new details about the investigation in a live
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report from north charleston coming up in our next half hour. a local church is already being investigated for ak you saipgss s -- accusations of abuse and is facing more allegations. northern virginia bureau reporter david culvert has new details about a growing investigation. >> reporter: these alleged threats come as deputies in loudoun county are investigating claims of sexual and physical abuse by former church members. the facebook post now part of the investigation appears to come from the pastor's adult son, starr scott jr.- his stepdaughter sent me a screenshot of the post saying "i have dirt on everyone both sides, protesters included. i was trying to stay neutral in the matter but if my name is going to start being thrown then everybody else's texts, e-mail backgrounds will go public." the alleged blackmail isn't surprising to folks we spoke with who separated from the church. >> i think his only mechanism to fight back is threaten because that's what he knows.
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he's seen people work be intimidated and back down. >> reporter: i sent a facebook message to starr scott jr. haven't heard back yet. i also put a call into the church office in hopes of speaking to the pastor. have not received a phone call back. at 5:00 we'll share with you some of the alleged control tactics some church members they say they ebs peerned. david culvert, news4. turning to storm team 4, more rain coming our way in the source of storms and they could be pretty severe. storm team 4 meteorologist amelia segal in the weather center. >> chris, the concern for severe weather will be tomorrow. right now it's damp and it's chilly outside. you saw the current temperatures in the upper 40s and low 50s across the area. here's the latest on storm team 4 radar. this is a system that we're tracking. that cold front in the midwest. that is going to bring us our thunderstorms tomorrow. i'm going to have more on the timing and impact of those storms coming up. but first the evening. temperatures right now around 50 degrees in washington and
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overnight tonight temperatures they're really not going to fall too much maybe only a degree or two from where you're at right now. so it's chilly and mainly dry for the evening hours, but once we get into the overnight hours there's a chance of a shower so you're walking the dog, do it earlier wrathrather than later. coming up, the latest timing on when storms will be move through area and impacting your neighborhood. now to a new secret service scandal. nbc news has confirmed that senior supervisor xavier morales was headed far promotion. he was about to lead the agency's field office in louisville. instead he's been placed on leave and his security clearance suspended. he's accused of making per silsed and unwanted sexual advances to a co-worker after his going-away party last week. less than a month ago, two senior agents were spened after an incident on white house grounds that also followed another party.
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heads up if you plan to be driving in the leesburg area this evening. harmony church road near peel lane will be closed at 7:00 for emergency roadwork. there are significant problems with the 36-inch pipe. a detour will be in place. the work will continue through the weekend and be finished on monday. cold case cracked. the decades-old murder investigation comes to a close. how flis knew right where to find the suspect. takeoffs and landings don't always so go to smoothly. how the airlines are stacking up when it comes to saving you time and money. it's been almost a year since we learned veterans waited months for an appointment at the va. is the problem getting a
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talk about a bad day. an suv ended up on its side
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after a crash with a car on montrose parkway in montgomery county this morning. the driver got out of the vehicle, didn't suffer any serious injuries. eastbound traffic was closed for a short time while the vehicle was moved and uprighted and then towed away. no word on the cause or who was at fault. investigators may have finally cracked a cold case in maryland after more than 30 years. take a look. this is a picture of vernon clark. a grand jury in howard county just indicted him for the murder of iva baroque watson. she was 81 years old. back in 1984 police found her body underneath some trees across from her home. clark was convicted in the murders of three other women so he's already in prison for life. inve connected him to watson's death. a virginia democrat at the center of a scandal is suing his own party over a ballot issue. former state delegate joe morrissey wants the court to review the 750 signatures
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rejected by the democratic party on his application to run in the primary for a state senate seat. morrissey claims party officials deliberately rejected valid signatures. a party spokesman calls the allegation bizarre. morrissey has recently completed jail time for having an inappropriate relationship with a 17-year-old girl. two weeks ago he vacated his statehouse seat to run for the state senate. a new airline report card is out today and the department of transportation's air travel consumer report says 16 tarmac delays of more than three hours happened on domestic flights in february. the highest on-time arrival rates came from alaska airlines hawaiian and delta. and the highest rate of canceled flights, envoy air, jetblue, and express jet airways. but overall about 75% of flights did manage to arrive on time. it's going to be a busy weekend in our area. how one neighborhood is making some changes to accommodate the
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crowds even if it means take away parking. storm team 4 is keeping a very close eye on the radar this afternoon. tomorrow's going to be a weather alert day and a lot of us could be dealing with storms.
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well, the associated press just wrapped up an investigation and it show ss reforms to the
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veterans affairs system had yet to improve wait times at doctors at a lot of facilities nationwide. >> nbc's edward lawrence is live with more on capitol hill. >> reporter: right now tens of thousands of veterans wait more than 30 days just to see a doctor. 8% of the appointments at the glen burney va outpatient clinic are that way. vet vanns groups say this has to change. long wait times still plague veterans. a year after the government promised to fix the problem at veterans affairs hospitals and clinics and billions of tax dollars were pledged. >> yeah there are frustrations. >> reporter: iraq war veteran bill roush says new va secretary robert mcdonald has made significant changes. >> we think the biggest challenge he faces is the culture of the va and the fact that the va is so large, it's slow to move. >> the ap an examined va data from august of 2014 to february of this year. the worst delays were clustered
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in southern and western states. they found wait times of more than 30 days unchanged for veterans to see doctors. one of the worst prons is at the va outpatient clinic in jacksonville, florida. more veterans waited for health care there than in the entire states of new york and pennsylvania combined. >> you have more folks wanting to come into the system but, again, this is coming at a very challenging time for the va because, again, they ear trying to reset and refocus. >> reporter: the va is building new facilities like this veterans hospital in fayetteville north carolina, to handle a greater need as the wars wind down in iraq and afghanistan. deputy secretary of veterans affairs sloan gibson says "as we improve access more veterans are coming." last month president obama visited the va hospital in phoenix, arizona, where the initial problems were uncovered. >> it's important that veterans now that somebody's got their backs and if there are problems we're not being defensive about
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it we're not hiding them. >> reporter: he says the va is chipping away at the problem. and some good news in the data. wait times for va doctors in the midwest, northeast, and west coast states were just as fast as in the private sector. in washington edward lawrence news4. if you lan to do some shopping in georgetown this weekend or get a look at the cherry blossoms you can expect a little more breathing room. georgetown business improvement district tells wtop radio it's going to widen the sidewalks along m street this weekend. portable fencing will give pedestrians about eight more feet of space from tomorrow night at 6:30 through 5:00 on sunday. to some severe weather in the midwest. rain and wind downed trees and destroyed roofs in missouri. here's a look at some of the damage done to the buildings. school buildings were closed today due to all the damage and
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power outages and widespread. unusual weather in kansas was taught caught on tape pap tornado quickly formed in the middle of the field falling right out of the clouds. if you look carefully, you can see the rainbow there. photographer also reported hail and sideways rain at that location. no reports of damage from that storm. >> it sounds like some of us will see storms coming up tomorrow. >> that severe weather we were talking about in kansas, that's a cold front that will be moving through tomorrow afternoon. it's going to bring some rain some storms and some storms could be on the strong to severe side. when i say severe, what do i mean? the main concern is small hail and gusty, damaging winds. a moderate chance of storms dwooping containing hail and high winds. some heavy rain is possible. an isolated weak tornado is
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possible. is it likely? no but there's a small threat that could happen. myself and veronica will be here tomorrow afternoon bringing you the latest. tomorrow will be a weather alert day. dense fog around. keep that in mind. by recess it's warmer and moe kids recess will be dry tomorrow because we'll be tracking storms moving in mainly after 3:00 p.m. strong to severe storms like aat that point. through the evening, cloudy damp chilly maybe some pockets of drizzle. can't rule out some showers. storm team 4 radar showing dry conditions right now, but tomorrow morning we'll be tracking the threat of showers as well as fog. future weather, 7:00 a.m. notice plenty of clouds in place. future weather wants to keep it mainly dry, but, again, a chance
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of a morning shower. limited sunshine especially around the midday hours. that will help our temperatures soar and that could help lead to strong to severe storms. here we are at 3:00 future weather pretty meager with its pout output. line of rain embedded thunderstorms, 7:00 p.m. moving through the district the district anne arundel county southern maryland, the northern neck. by 8:00 most of the area is dry and we're dry for the weekend. tomorrow 81 for a high temperature in washington 77 in gaithersburg and 82 degrees in fredericksburg. dining out tomorrow night, storms early but dinner plans, 8:00 p.m. 9:00 p.m. for the most part cool with temperatures in the 60s. saturday beautiful, high temperature of 67 degrees. sunday a high temperature of 69. on monday we jump up to a high of 75 partly sunny skies. looking at saturday and sunday you have to say, those are beautiful, but i'll let you know what weekend day i think is
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going to be the better of the two weekend days coming up. >> two good ones to choose from. a seaside favorite is setting up shop in our area. which treat you can stock up on without making a trip to the beach. which day is it? the president makes a little bit of a flub during his trip to jamaica. and i want's not
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♪ there is no royal blood in this country. nothing is reserved for anyone. it's all just out there waiting for someone to reach out and take it. ♪ and the ones who do. these are the kings and queens of america. ♪
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after about 20 hours hoff dlib rations, jurors in the aaron hernandez murder trial could be leaving again for the day without a verdict. meanwhile, a tv news photographer has been banned from covering the trial after he admitted following jurors from the courthouse to their parking spots. although the photog says he didn't talk to the jurors the judge said it was a serious issue that could have caused a misstril. actor and comedian eddie murphy is coming to washington. he will be awarded the mark twain prize for american humor. he got his big break in 1980 on nbc when he joined the cast of "saturday night live." he'll receive the award in a nationally televised ceremony in october. want to watch youtube videos without being forced to watch the ads before hand?
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you may get the chance for a price. youtube is planning to launch a subscription version of the site where users would pay a monthly fee to opt out of all those pre-roll ads. the company hasn't announced much the subscription service would cost or when it would start. some good news when it comes to the amount of salt in our diets. a new centers for disease control report that just came out today says most people say they buy low-sodium feud and know how to read nutrition labels for sodium. about one-third of respondents say they specifically buy foods labeled low or reduced salt or sodium. researchers say the study suggests a demand for lower sodium food choices. duck doughnuts is opening franchises in herndon, fairfax, and arlington. the pastries are made to order and are so popular that customers often wait in line at the beach locations.
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can the business survive in an area where everyone is in a hurry? >> we're working to build some type of online app so people can order ahead of time and pay ahead of time as well. >> one other thing we're trying to bring from duck doughnuts from the outer banks is that magical experience. i've had such a good time in the outer banks, want to bring some of that magic here. >> the first location opens up in about two weeks. >> have you seen the lines at some of the starbucks around here? we're used to waiting in line. there's a new place to shop this afternoon. >> but to folks in one neighborhood it's not just a new store front. why they're hoping this mean big changes in their community. and the police officer seen pulling the trigger in a video that's shocked the country.
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i'm wendy rieger at the live degsing. doctors are working to save a mail truck carrier who was thrown from his vehicle this afternoon. he lost control and the truck flipped this afternoon. the mail carrier was ejected and is in critical condition. 450 and high bridge road is closed while police investigate. this is video from chopper 4 you're looking a at.
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they also have to as you can see, clean up the mail strewn all over the road. i'm wendy rieger. the man who was shot and killed as he ran from a police officer will be laid to rest saturday in south carolina. >> as video of the shooting continues to cause outrage over race relations and the use of deadly force, we are learn nug details about officer michael slager's past use of force. sarah dallof is live in north charleston with that information. sarah? >> reporter: good evening. as you said we're learning more about the officer at the center of this story. michael slager who joined the police department here six years ago. we've learned more about an excessive force he had against him, eventually exonerated of the claim, but the man who filed it and his attorney spoke to the media today about what they described as a problem in the system here with the police
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department of excessive force. that man in that case was tasered. he said he was in his home when that happen and he wasn't given a chance to come outside and respond to officer slegr's commands. no dashcam video captured the actual shooting of walter scott, the man shot and killed by slegr on saturday. that makes that cell phone video going around all the more critical in the investigation. two big questions remain after watching that first, why does officer slegr appear to pick up an object near where the shots are fired and drop it near walter scott's body and second why is no one seen performing cpr on scott in the video despite the fact that the initial police report says that that happened? the man who shot that video is also speaking out saying initially he thought about erasing the video, he feared for his own safety after realizing what he saw, however, when
4:33 pm
thinking about what he would want done if that happened to one of his relatives, he made the decision to come forward. the family feels charges wouldn't have been filed without it. michael slager has been fired from the police force. his attorney says it is too early to comment on the case. there is a new place to shop in the district. but to some people it's loot more than that. >> neighbors hope this nike store is just the start of something good. it opened on new york avenue in d.c. it could be a real catalyst for the neighborhood. >> reporter: when you think about ivy city, it's tough not to think about an area dominated by vacant warehouses, tough to not think about an area dominated by people who are down on their luck. there's homeless shelter next door here and a clinic who houses people who have addictions. but today this area took a huge
4:34 pm
step forward with the opening of this new nike store. what a beautiful thing this is. folks checking out the new kick maybe for some of the spring weather we'll get later on this week. mayor in the house. people really excited about what this could mean for this part of town. it's a small piece of the but l for other things happening here. there's a new organic market a new gym, new microbreweries. this is also an area that's been designated for some of those legalized marijuana grow houses as well. it's become a vibrant part of town. nike feels they can make a positive contribution. >> more than that it provides local employment to the community. and then beyond that through sport and nonsport activities in the outreach in the community. we give back. >> reporter: for people coming into the city off the beltway, that is a popular route. it's also been much of an
4:35 pm
eyesore here. people on the ground littered around here. it seems like just yesterday that was the case but today they're taking a huge step forward and there's good reason to be optimistic about the change happening here in ivy city. zachary kiesch news4. >> like a lot of neighbors in d.c. things are changing. jo you won't have to bother stuffing your plastic bags in a rhee re cycling bin anymore if you live in prince george's county. official will stop accepting plastic shopping bags for recycling starting july 1st. environmental officials tell "the gazette," the bags clog up recycling machines and they get dirty, at which point they can't be used in other materials anyway. if the change affects you, residents are being urged to reuse plastic bags or return them at grocery stores instead. president obama is wrapping up a one-day visit with caribbean leaders in jamaica. he started a day with a meeting with jamaica's prime minister.
4:36 pm
he will head for panama later tonight for the summit of the americas. there the president is expected to remove a key obstacle to fully normalizing relations with cuba. he'll likely accept a state department recommendation to remove cuba from the list of states that sponsor terrorism. mr. obama's mind may already be on the summit though. the reporters who travel with him noticed he signed the prime minister's guest book with tomorrow's date april 10th. back in 2011 when the president visited london he signed the westminster abbey guest book with the year 2008. of course that was his year the year he was first elected president. a french tv network is working to improve fire walls after a massive hacking attack. hackers claiming allegiance to isis seized control of a french network. they briefly cut transmission of 11 of the network's channels and took over its websites and social media accounts. they also posted messages warning french soldiers not to
4:37 pm
take part in the fight against isis. back on the job. despite some incredible odds. how a near tragedy actually brought these first responders closer together. and here come those cherry blossoms. here's look at what the eak bloom gets closer and closer. tomorrow not a great day to check out the blooms especially during the afternoon with breezy conditions and storms in the forecast. saturday breezy but not bad. if you're heading to check out the flowers. but the winds not good for the cherry blossoms. sunday, gorgeous. the better of the two weekend days will be sunday.
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after tragedy, emergency responders are back on the job. >> the crash has created a new bond between them. >> reporter: you'd be forgiving for mistaking them for the cast of a tv drama series but these four volunteer emergency medical technicians came by their close relationship not through a script but through a terrible real-life tragedy. these are images of the
4:41 pm
aftermath of the horrific collision february 15th on the beltway near river road. the glen echo ambulance was on the shoulder emergency lights flashing. emts sidney marshall and tom schrieber were tending to patients inside a toyota corolla also on the shoulder. it had been involved in an earlier crash. for unknown reasons the driver of a passing pickup truck lost control and struck the toyota with tremendous force. the two other members of the crew wyatt smith and megan quinn, saw it happen and, with what a superior described as consummate professionalism despite that are shock and horror began assisting the injured which now included two of their own. hospitalized with serious injuries including broken bones, internal injury and numerous deep gashes marshall and schrieber discovered a second family. >> it's kind of forced us together with this common experience. it's not an experience that any of us wanted to have. >> sidney, a student at american university celebrated her 20th birthday in the hospital.
4:42 pm
>> i didn't want to be sidney college student nap's just boring. i have a passion for helping people and i wanted to do that for the glen echo community. >> i was originally going to medical school and actually -- i liked this so much that i'm trying to go career right now in a fire department around here. >> wow. recently all four of them attended a ceremony for heroic actions by montgomery county police and firefighters. >> needless to say they got a standing ovation. >> well deserved. >> nice work there. first at 4, more rain and now some storms on the way. >> yeah. storm team 4 is tracking who could see the biggest impact from our first round of spring storms spp s storms. >> a turkey burger with bacon and brie. would you believe came out of a cardboard box? male subscription services. i'm erika gonzalez. we have spent the day in the kitchen preparing this to examine cost and to examine time.
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just in time for dinner imagine your meals delivered right to your door. but is the convenience worth the
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cost? i'm storm team 4 meteorologist amelia segal. here are your weather headlines for tomorrow. significantly warmer. 30 degrees warmer. fog in the morning. and then thunderstorms during the afternoon and evening hours. now, it will be a line of storms that are moving through the area and that will be brief. only lasting about 30 to maybe 45 minutes. but some of those storms could be on the strong to severe side. so you do tomorrow. tomorrow will be a weather alert day. after that that sets us up for a spectacular weekend and even into next week. the weather overall is still looking nice. here's your forecast. tomorrow areas of fog, showers possible but no storms. midday some limited sunshine. it's warm and there's a chance of a shower. from about 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. the potential of when we'll be dealing with storms that could be on the strong to
4:47 pm
severe side. hail damaging wind gust an isolated weak tornado can't be ruled out. on storm team 4 radar, the area is try right now but there's a severe thunderstorm watch for parts of western virginia ohio up into pennsylvania allegheny and mineral counties under that severe thunderstorm watch until 10:00 p.m. this evening. no storms in our area tonight but it will be this line of storms ahead of this cold front that moves through tomorrow afternoon and evening. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. 50 degrees in washington. it's chilly and damp outside. tomorrow starting off the day, temperatures very similar to where they are right now. near steady temperatures for the most part overnight tonight. some fog and some showers to contend with tomorrow morning. the midday hours the best chance of dry time. temperature around 70 degrees. so we really soar. 81 at 3:00 p.m. that's our high. storms west of the district at that point, and by 7:00 p.m. storms have moved through washington and are beginning to
4:48 pm
exit the area off to the east. temperatures cooler 68 degrees at that point. look at the weekend forecast. 67 on saturday. a little breezy during the afternoon. sunday spectacular, near perfect if not perfect weather, high temperatures near 70 low humidity plenty of sunshine. veronica saying the weekend perfect for yard work. i'm saying the weekend looking perfect for golf. you can chime in on what your plans are on my facebook and twitter pages. monday 75 still really nice. just a little more cloud cover. the chance of some showers, maybe an isolated thunderstorm on tuesday. a high of 70 degrees. upper 60s wednesday and thur, with the chance of rain next thursday. coming up on news4 at 5:00 veronica will have more on the storms in the forecast for tomorrow afternoon and evening. thanks amelia. convenience. how much are you willing the pay for it? >> according to my wife, way too much. that's a whole other story. consumer reporter erika gonzalez is looking at the cost of simplifying a decision we all make and that's what's for
4:49 pm
dinner. >> reporter: it's not unusual for mark few to get home around 8:00 every night. after a long day he's happy to have this package waiting for him. >> i'm ready to kind of relax and eat. >> reporter: this is dinner delivered to his door but it's not fast food. it's raw ingredients ready to cook. meal services like this one are a growing trend. >> sometimes i work a little late so it's just nice to have it. >> reporter: curiosity got the most of us. we wanted to know how it works, what it costs, and how it might compare to the grocery store. so we signed up for a national service online called blue apron and compared it to a local company scratch d.c. blue apron was delivered to my producer's home and scratch d.c. delivered to my office because my producer's home is out of its delivery range. scratch d.c. delivers one meal a day for two people. blue apron delivers three meals for two people in one box. so we could compare price, we bought three meals from scratch
4:50 pm
d.c. inside scratch d.c.'s box everything needed to make the meal down to the salt and pepper. fresh jalapeno olive oil. bacon. inside the blue apron box. baby spinach, two bags of parsley, mint lemon, water spinach. like an individual celery stalk and carrot. flank steak knickknacks. everything seems to be packaged pretty well. now it's time to start cooking. with blue apron we chopped. okay. never cooked with rutabaga and it's not the most pliable vegetable. we found there's not as much prep work with scratch d.c. this is already sliced for us. this is our bacon. it's already rolled out for us. and it came with home baked cookies. in terms of price, there was a noticeable difference. blue apron cost us about $40 as
4:51 pm
first-time customers, about $60 after that. scratch d.c. cost us nearly $100. we wondered what these ingredients would cost at a grocery store. we took a stroll through the aisles and aed it up for two of the six recipes. ingredients for blue apron soup recipe cost about $10,. blue apron says if you shop for its meals at the grocery store on average it will cost 60% more. scratch d.c.'s ginger garlic stir fry with beef sirloin for two cost about the same as the grocery store. so why does it cost more for three meals from scratch d.c.? it told us the boxed meals are a premium products with locally sourced ingredients and its small staff spends a lot of time chopping ingredients to save customers time. blue apron told us it does not preprepare any ingredients to ensure they arrive at peak
4:52 pm
freshness. and it doesn't include olive oil and salt perp because it assumes customers have them. as for marq he's not giving up the convenience anytime soon. >> i've been doing it for a year and enjoy it. >> one difference with the deliveries blue apron came with ice and because scratch d.c. delivered to the office it didn't. but it tells us that you can request a cooler. i posted all the links to some companies, a bunch of different names of some other companies aside from the ones that we used in our story on our consumer watch facebook page. you be the judge. you take a look and see what best fits your lifestyle. pat, chris, back to you. >> thanks. now some stories we're working on right now in our newsroom. getting things moving. we'll tell you about the big plans that could help aleveleviate some places in our area that have become known as traffic nightmares. and why was an animal long on the endangered species list on hand at a government building today?
4:53 pm
new details right now revealing why a prince george's county sheriff's deputy wasn't charged for shooting and killing a man last year. prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins is in upper marlboro with a preview. >> reporter: last october a 911 call went out for a domestic disturbance and a man who was allegedly violating a home and also throwing things at family members. when the sheriff's department arrived, that man was shot and killed. 38-year-old michael minor. his family is suing for millions of dollars. we'll speak with the state's attorney's office about why a grand jury decided those sheriff's deputies did nothing wrong when they shot this unarmed man. >> they had an opportunity to hear from the witnesses in this case including the people who called us to the home. and after they heard from them and heard about all of the evidence in this case they decided that there was not probable cause to return an indictment in the case. >> reporter: coming up on news4, hear the audio of the 911 call that got police out there in the
4:54 pm
first place. in upper marlboro tracee wilkins, news4. the take auch was successful but it quickly turned into a scary situation. >> we walked over and everyone is staring at this hole in the nose. >> we'll tell you what went wrong seconds after takeoff and how it could have been the
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
a close call as a police officer was nearly hit by an
4:57 pm
oncoming car. take a look at this video from the officer's perspective on his motorcycle. a driver on the other side of the road turned right in front of him, but the officer was able to veer out of the way just in time. it's not clear if the driver was distracted or whether he simply didn't see the officer's motorcycle. a denver woman has a story to tell this afternoon about the scare in the air coming home from her vacation in iceland. nbc's whitney wild says the woman was a passenger on a plane that experienced rare trouble. >> this is one of the mini waterfalls. i think this is one of the most famous. >> judge big the pictures, amman amanda amanda's trip to iceland was unbelievable. >> this one is great because you just pull over in your car on the side of the road and see incredible things. >> reporter: incredible all the way to the dia tarmac. >> when we walked over and everyone is staring that the hole in the nose. >> reporter: iceland air flight 671 that left ice land tuesday
4:58 pm
evening. on the way up -- >> a jolt and a bright light. lightning struck the plane so, i had never been in a plane that's been struck by lightning before so i was really startled. >> reporter: and very few have been on a plane that suffered this kind of damage. the bolt blew open a large hole in the nose the area where important weather radar is housed. >> because this fiberglass is not a good conductor of electricity it concentrated the energy and blew a hole. >> reporter: planes are only struck between one and five times every year but he adds this incident could have been much worse. >> they should have turned around. it's a prudent thing to turn around because you don't know what the damage is. could have pressurized this whole area and caused it to fail structurally so, the whole front end of this nose could have come off. >> reporter: if every action has an equal and opposite reaction this is a good example. before lightning struck the plane, she was a nervous flier. now -- >> i flew 3,000 miles with a hole in the nose and it was fine. i actually think i'll be less nervous when i get on a plane.
4:59 pm
news4 at 5:00 starts now with chris and wendy. >> killed for $40 in cash and a metro-card. new court documents explain the motive in a murder at an upscale d.c. hotel. new at 5:00 pat collins explained what the accused killer did before and after that bloody stabbing. >> metro calls it a major safety milestone. the red line is going back to full-time automatic train operation for the fist time since a deadly failure in 2009. why officials say the system is not only safer now but more efficient. we're going to get showers returning tonight. heat and storms tomorrow. i'll show you how rough those storms are likely to be coming up. this threatening post on facebook now part of the abuse investigation into this loudoun county church. developing tonight, a woman who walked hand in hand with an accused killer just moments after a murder was released on bond. she's charged with conspiracy to commit robbery in connection
5:00 pm
with the bloody death of a d.c. lawyer. news4's pat collins live tonight with new details in this case. pat? >> reporter: wendy, an incredible revelation today. it appears that lawyer david messerschmitt was murdered for $40 in cash and a metro fare card. 19-year-old dominique johnson leaving superior court after she was officially charged with conspiracy to commit robbery in that donovan hotel murder case. johnson is the roommate of jamyra gallmon, the accused killer of david messerschmitt. messerschmitt's the 30-year-old attorney who was stabbed to death at the donovan hotel back on february the 9th. according to court documents on the night of the murder security cameras at the cvs across the street from the donovan hotel took


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