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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  April 9, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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moments before a white police officer shot a black man in the back as he ran away. it's the very latest development out of north charleston south carolina. >> dashcam video from the cruiser driven by former patrolman michael slager shows him pulling over walter scott on saturday. scott is seen running from the vehicle after slager told him to stay in the car. unlike the cell phone video that's gone viral this week it does not show slager opening fire. >> also developing tonight calls for a new look at a past complaint against slager. nbc's sarah dallof live now in north charleston with the latest. sarah sarah? >> reporter: good evening, jim and doreen. as you just saw, that dashcam video does not give a new angle on what happened at the moment those shots were fired, making the cell phone video all the more critical in this investigation. as investigators and the public continue to scrutinize cell phone video of the deadly shooting new details are emerging about the police
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officer charged with murder. michael slager joined the force six years ago. personnel records show a complaint against him two years ago for improper use of force with a taser. slager was exonerated but the man who filed the complaint and his attorney spoke today about what they call a systematic problem within the police department. >> we believe that as the citizens start listening we're going to uncover other instances of where there have been aggressive behavior. >> reporter: investigators and the public continue to scrutinize cell phone video of the shooting. one big question why does slager appear to retrieve an object from the ground near where the shots were fired and drop it by scott's body? the scott family attorney believes that object was the taser slager initially used to try to subdue scott. >> he then took that back to where mr. scott's body was and essentially planted the taser directly beside mr. scott's body. >> reporter: another troubling question -- why are no officers seen on video performing cpr
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when the initial report says they did? >> there are questions that i have in my mind that i can't answer right now. >> reporter: no quick or easy answers in a case that's re-ignited debate over deadly police force. michael slager has been denied bail and fired from his job on the police force. his attorney says it is still too early to comment. in north charleston south carolina i'm sarah dallof news4. i'm lawrencechris lawrence at the live desk. we just heard from elijah cummings about the most recent scandal to hit the secret service. the"the washington post" was the first to report the agency put a high-ranking supervisor on administrative leave. the post says xavier morales made unwanted sexual advances towards a co-worker. he's being investigated for "allegations of misconduct and potential criminal activity" but he has not yet been charged with
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a crime. congressman cummings serves on the house xhet committee that oversees the secret service. he says while the most recent allegations are disturbing he's glad at least in this case director joseph clancy was notified immediately and took action. >> he cannot control every action of every officer. but when these things happen he has to send a message that there will be zero tolerance as to these types of activities. and so i'm very pleased about that. but, again, we have a lot of work to do. the president's life is on the line and we've got to protect it. >> cummings says that the secret service needs to restore a culture of responsibility rather than one of mediocrity and complacency. doreen? >> chris lawrence thank you. getting ready to trade the drizzle and fog for heat and strong storms. big weather changs coming our way tomorrow. veronica has details. v.j.? >> it will be stormy for i think a period of time tomorrow afternoon. again, right around this time. but right now we're in this cool
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pocket of air and that's interesting because of what's going on. just off to our west around western maryland areas of western west virginia tracking some storms here. this is where part of that weather system right now. you can see how electrified this line is. it's bringing some high winds pap lot of lightning with it. and yes the red, the bright red, these are tornado warnings for morgantown that storm advancing up into pennsylvania areas of western virginia also. so this whole area of severe weather pivots to the east anywhere from i 81 right through i-95 for tomorrow. so we could see downpours, gusty winds, lightning, all of it along with something else that you're not going to like. but again you'll want to tune in for the timing of these storms. we veal that coming up. a women held her girlfriend's hand and casually walked down 14th street northwest just minutes after police say her girlfriend killed a lawyer in an upscale hotel. that woman's walk out of court late this afternoon was not quite as casual as news4 tried
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to ask her about new charges against her. our pat collins is live with our report. pat? >> reporter: jim, it was a robbery that turned into a murder. for what? according to court documents, $40 in cash and a metro fare card. 19-year-old dominique johnson leaving superior court. she's under high intensity supervision with a gps tracking device attached to her leg. she looked a lot different in court in her red hoodie. in court where she was officially charged with conspiracy to commit robbery in the david messerschmitt murder case. in fact, they say after the murder johnson used messerschmitt's stolen metro-card for weeks to travel around town. johnson is the roommate of accused killer jamyra gallmon. they live in this apartment on
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good hope road in southeast. they're described as very close friends. david messerschmitt, a 30-year-old attorney stabbed to death in a room at the donovan hotel. according to court documents messerschmitt went online to solicit other men. jamyra gallmon posed as a man and went to messerschmitt's room to rob him. it turned into a case of murder. now, according to court documents before the murder security camera video shows johnson and gallmon at the cvs across the street from the donovan hotel. they say there gallmon brought fluorescent zip ties that were used in the crime. johnson told police she waited outside while gallmon went up to messerschmitt's room. afterwards she says she and gallmon walked down 14th street hand in hand. on the way home on the bus, she says gallmon looked at her and said, "it went bad."
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jonathan zucker is johnson's defense attorney. >> this is not the first time nor the last time that you've all seen either a family member or a significant other of somebody who's accused of a crime charged in conjunction with that and why the prosecution would choose to do that is a strategic reason for them to make. >> reporter: we've posted all the court documents in this case on our nbc washington app. there's a lot of detail here. you may want to check it out. doreen back to you. >> pat collins reporting. thank you pat. a hyattsville man is under arrest for a hit-and-run that killed a man who was changing a tire on the b.w. parkway. the news4 i-team broke the story on twit they are afternoon. u.s. park police say 73-year-old earl teeter was the driver who ran into and killed 38-year-old rick warrick on super bowl sunday. warrick's fiancee was hurt too. according to newly filed court
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records investigators say they found pieces of the suspect's car at the scene and first contacted him two weeks after the crash. when interviewed by police teeter said he knew he hit something but didn't know what. jool a prince george's county mail carrier is in critical condition tonight after his truck crashed in bowie. prince george's county fire officials say the man was thrown from his truck. that happened about 3:00 this afternoon. some of the mail spilled out onto the road. it is not clear what caused that crash, but no other cars were involved. today metro announced a big change in how trains will operate. about half of the trains on the red line will switch back to automatic operation next week for the first time since the deadly crash that killed nine people. that was in 2009. news4's mark segraves is live along the red line in bethesda tonight. mark? >> doreen back in 2009 the ntsb made several safety
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recommendations to improve the safety in metro. the two biggest getting rid of the 1000 series cars which is being done and to replace the circuit modules along the tracks. and that has now been completed along the red line. and that will allow automated control to resume next week. >> for the last six months during midday hours eight-car trains have been operating in automatic mode for training purposes with an instructor on board to get operators familiar with letting the train do the acceleration and deceleration. >> reporter: after the fatal accident metro stopped using the automated train operating system until safety improvements could be made. those improvements have now been completed along the red line and metro is confident the automated system is safe to use. >> all of the work we did was validated, tested not by one but by two external consultants and ntsb closed all the related recommendations so that's what gives us the confidence to know
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we're ready go. >> starting monday the eight-car trains on the red line will be automated. the six-car trains on the red line will switch to automation after a computer upgrade that could take up to 12 months. the rest of the system can't switch to automated operation until safety upgrades to those lines are completed. >> we're going to complete all of the track circuit replacements that are needed still on those lines before we bring them all back together. we still need a couple more years on that. it's probably going to be the latter part of 2017. >> reporter: now, of course there will be operators ar human operators on every train regardless if they're manually or automatically controlled. now, they want you to know that this will start next week but only on the red line. doreen back to you. >> mark segraves, thank you. at its board meeting today metro asked riders to weigh in on the search for a new general manager. the metro board has been split over the type of person who would be best for the job. some board members want a transit expert.
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others say the new gm should be a turnaround specialist somebody who can fix metro's finances. excuse me. former gm richard sorrells retired in january. three finalists to replace him withdrew their names from consideration. the fbi calls him the sharp-dressed bandit and now he's locked up with no bail. police arrested a man named sunny parak at his home in arlington today. he's accused of robbing three banks, one in dupont circle another inarm, another in alexandra. surveillance pictures show the robber dressed up wearing a coat, a suit and carrying a briefcase. during each robbery police say he passed the teller a note that demanded money and threatened a weapon. police say that collaboration between several departments led to that man's arrest. a multimillion-dollar lawsuit filed over deadly shooting. what the family is telling news4 about its suit against a local
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sheriff's office. >> the global tv network knocked off the air. we'll report on the attackers taking responsibility for this unprecedented attack. a year after outrage over wait times at va hospitals, we look at how much has changed.
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a french television network is still trying to get to full operation after massive security breach. isis is taking credit for a cyber attack that took control of the network's website social media accounts and 11 tv channels. those chance all went black last night. and the websites were replaced with pro-isis messages. the hackers call themselves cyber caliphate. they also claimed responsibility for hacking "newsweek's" twitter account back in february. u.s. forces are helping iraqis gain momentum in fighting islamic state terrorists. vice president joe biden spoke at the national defense university here in the district today. biden claims things are moving in the right direction and that isis no longer has an aura of invincibility. iraq's prime minister will meet with president obama next week. one year after the nation was horrified to learn that sick veterans were being forced to wait months to see a doctor very little has changed.
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that's the bottom line in a new investigation from the associated press. nbc's edward lawrence is looking for closely at the findings. he's on capitol hill with that. edward? >> reporter: corridorkor doreen tens of thousands of veterans are waiting right now just to see a doctor and have been waiting 30 days or more. maryland fares pretty well on that list but virginia is another story, especially at the va clinics and centers around norfolk. long wait times still plague veterans seeking nonemergency treatment at veterans facilities a year after the government promised to fix the problem at hospitals ss ss clinics. iraq war veteran bill roush says new va secretary robert mcdonald has made significant changes. >> we think the biggest changes he faces is the culture of the va and the fact that the va is so large it's slow to move.
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>> the ap an examined va data from august of 2014 to february of this year. the worst delays were clustered in southern and western states. they found wait times of more one of the worst problems is at the va outpatient clinic in jacksonville, florida. more veterans waited for health care there than in the entire states of new york and pennsylvania combined. >> you have more folks wanting to come into the system but, again, this is coming at a very challenging time for the va because, again, they ear trying to reset and refocus. >> reporter: the va is building new facilities like this veterans hospital in fayetteville, north carolina, to handle a greater need as the wars wind down in iraq and afghanistan. deputy secretary of veterans affairs sloan gibson says, "as we improve access, more veterans are coming." last month president obama visited the va hospital in phoenix, arizona, where the initial problems were uncovered. >> it's important that veterans now that somebody's got their backs and if there are problems we're not being defensive about it, we're not hiding them. >> reporter: he says the va is chipping away at the problem. and some good news in the data. wait times for va doctors in the
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midwest, northeast, and west coast states were just as fast as in the private sector. good news in the data wait times to get in to va dock fors in the northeast and midwest and west coast were better than the average. but at this moment they're just trying to do the best they can and get everything moving forward. live on capitol hill edward lawrence news4. jool people suspected of being black market smugglers are operating in broad daylight. the news4 i-team is working on an investigation for our broadcast at 11:00. scott mcfarlane is here now and says you might be surprised by where the investigation leads. scott? >> because, jim, tonight we're taking you to the busy checkout lines of some very popular big-box warehouse stores locally, the ones where you buy in bulk and fill up those normt carts. for example, have you ever seen a buyer like this with this much product behind you in line? someone who's filled enormous push carts with tens of
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thousands of dollars in cigarettes? it happens and perhaps more than you think. the news4 i-team working for a story for 11:00 tonight. we'll show you what these buyers are suspecting of doing with all that next. why virginia investigators are so worried about them and why it's so easy for these big buyers to pretend they are legit. we go on the tobacco trail and follow where these suspected smugglers go next. tonight at 11:00. scott mcfarlane news4 i-team. veronica is here with a look at our weather with the arival of spring so comes the occasional severe weather issue, right? >> exactly. and it may be a bit of a stormy spring for us too. we're going to get it kicked off tomorrow with storminess anytime after 2:00 or 3:00. i can tell you, folks, we're not just expecting the gusty winds but there is the threat i think of an isolated tornado. i'll explain more why in just a moment. but for your impact forecast we take it right up into the high levels for tomorrow and because of the fact that these storms
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could bring some damaging winds to our area as well as some downpours right around the afternoon rush our impact forecast is high for tomorrow and will be a weather alert day. the other thing early tomorrow morning we'll have some very dense fog across the area. that could slow your early morning commute down. here's storm team 4 radar. you can see just how quiet it is across the area. western maryland different story. extreme western maryland under a severe thunderstorm watch. allegheny county until 10:00 p.m. this evening. that watch extend into areas of northern west virginia western virginia ohio pennsylvania. several severe thunderstorm warnings. those are the ones you see in yellow. you can see clusters of storms all making their way not eastward but more north northeastward so moving up into northeastern west virginia and areas around western maryland. our temperatures 53 to 52 to 51. they'll be dropping slightly and then rising in a hurry tomorrow. so just some pockets of drizzle and light showers around for your evening. meanwhile, the storms that you saw on radar associated with
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just the first part of our front, second part the stronger part comes into the area tomorrow. and it's going to be acting on all this heat that will be around. look at the temperature at 9:00 a.m. 57 degrees all right, a little chilly starting to warm up. i think we'll jumpuickly from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. up to 70 degrees to 80 degrees. let's take a look at future weather. showers arnold for tonight, early part in the day tomorrow so you'll need the umbrella some damp roads for sure starting at 3:00 these line of of i-81 and then advancing eastward so by 4:30 5:00 it's right around montgomery county frederick county extending down towards stafford county and waldorf and by 5:00 6:00 it's right around areas of i-95. stormy conditions between that pocket from 3:00 to 7:00 areas of western maryland. it won't last throughout the entire period depending on where you are, only about 45 minutes to about an hour you'll see the heavy weather. but also again a tornado threat with the high winds, eve an chance for some hail. we could see out of these storms
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tomorrow and this system has had a history of producing that. here's your window. showers early, after 3:00 just keep a watchful eye on the sky. temperature range 74 to 82 again, a lot of heat storminess across the area. a look at your weekend here 67 degrees on saturday seasonal 69 on sunday. yes, it's going to be nice but, again, not tomorrow. we'll take another look at what we're expecting throughout the day tomorrow with those severe storms and we'll take a look at the seven-day forecast. allegations of blackmail added to the investigation into a local church. tonight we'll report how former church members are spreading their message of protest. and an investigation shows hundreds of security breaches at the nation's airports over the last decade. many go unnoticed. what was uncovered here in d.c
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if you run over somebody it's usually because you were driving too fast or you didn't look before you turned or you didn't stop for someone in the crosswalk. always be alert. pedestrians don't come with airbags.
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a new report shows at least ten people have been able to sneak past fences at airports in the last decade. dulles airport had the most breaches reported since 2004 a total of eight. one each has been reported at reagan national and bwi marshall. that's part of the report that details 268 airport breaches logged nationwide. none was believed to be terror related. lawyers are getting about
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half the money they wanted from a lawsuit filed by women who were secretly recorded during medical exams. those lawyers are getting $32 million in legal fees. the rest of the $190 million will be divided among 8,000 patients of a johns hopkins gynecologist. his name was dr. nikita levy. he killed himself last year after police found video and frachs s photographs of patients in his house. he operated a clinic in baltimore that was run by johns hopkins medicine. next bullets fly during the making of a music valentine's day owe. friends say it was accidental. tonight why police are charging the shooter with murder. news4 talking with former members of a northern virginia congregation. what they're revealing about allegations of blackmail inside the church. plus a hidden gem.
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now at 6:30 a new lawsuit against local police as we uncover evidence seen by a grand jury that refused to indict a sheriff's deputy who shot and killed a man. new at 6:00, the local projects that could benefit most with if the government can get a major funding bill passed. do you know which aps your kids are using? a new look at the way teenagers are using social media.
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sheriff's deputies shot and killed an unarmed man in suitland last year. >> we're seeing evidence that helped a grand jury reach that decision as the dead man's family files a multimillion-dollar lawsuit. county bureau chief tracee wilkins is in upper marlboro with the story. >> reporter: michael minor's mom is suing against the sheriff's deputy who fired the weapon but the state's attorney is saying she doesn't think that case is going to go very far. >> you can't just shoot a person and kill them because of assumption. >> these sheriff's deputies fear for their lives. >> reporter: these details go to the heart of a $10 million lawsuit filed by michelle minor, who says her son michael was unjustly shot and killed by prince george's county sheriff's deputies last october. >> it was two officers there. >> reporter: he at the time is
6:31 pm
on intensive electronic monitoring for strangling a woman a month earlier. >> reporter: we're hearing the 911 calls that led to the sheriff's deputies' encounter with michael minor revealing a domestic disturbance. >> he's destroy mig home. talking about he's got a gun on him. >> who is? >> michael minor. >> who is is he to you? >> he's a friend. >> have you ever had a relationship with him? >> yes. >> less than an hour after his girlfriend hangs up with the 911 dispatcher he will be shot and killed by sheriff's deputies. >> they believed he was armed with a gun. >> reporter: it was later discovered minor did not have a weapon but last week a prince george's county grand jury ruled the deputies did not violate the law when minor was shot. >> after they heard from them and heard about all the evidence in this case they decided that there was not probable cause to return an indictment in the case. >> reporter: michael's mom believes the deputies were wrong. >> and i hope and pray that law
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enforcement receive the training that is urgently needed. >> reporter: minor's mother has compared this to some of the many cases we've seen recently in the country with unarmed black men who have been shot and killed. but the state's attorney is saying this is a very different case and that the evidence shows that. i'm tracee wilkins reporting live in upper marlboro. back to you in the studio. >> thanks tracee. the deadly shooting of a local rapper was not an accident that according to new charging documents that allege that a man named falonzo iracs meant to shoot a man named keaway ivy. it happened while ivy was filming a music video. police identified the suspect by that video. they say ivy was shot in the chest, but the new documents do
6:33 pm
not shed any light on why he was shot. cutting your commute. it all comes down to federal money, but montgomery county has hit a funding roadblock. news4's chris gordon is along rockville pike tonight with how it could times. hi chris. >> reporter: hi doreen. you've ever ridden along rockville pike you know what it's like to get caught in gridlock. and now montgomery county traffic planners would like you to consider g your car. montgomery county's ride-on buses transport people from their neighborhood to metro stations. prefer to drive or to take the ride-on? >> ride-on. >> reporter: why? >> it will save me on gas. and probably traffic as well too. >> reporter: rideon has a new home this $85 million bus facility. it has a green roof and solar panels with the highest environmental rating. rideon how operates poo 350 buses but needs to buy about 30
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more each year to handle montgomery county's needs. >> our population is projected to grow 20% by 2040 and our employment by 45%. >> reporter: but federal funding to buy more buses is uncertain as well as money for metro rail and bridge repairs. building the purple line. and improving pedestrian infrastructure as well as possibly bringing rapid transit to rockville pike. >> it actually is going to get a lot of people to start using transit who do not today. >> reporter: today montgomery county was one of more than 100 communities across the country that held stand up for transportation events. they say the federal highway trust fund authorization expires on may 31st. they are pushing for passage of a long-term federal transportation authorization bill. >> montgomery county has made a priority of investing in infrastructure and particularly transit infrastructure and the residents of montgomery county including the people in east
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county that i'm privileged to represent are benefiting from that commitment. >> reporter: now, congressman john delaney has a bill before congress to fund federal transportation for the next six years. he says that it should be the number-one priority for the u.s. congress. that's the latest live in montgomery county back to you. if you plan to do some shopping in georgetown this weekend or to get a look at the cherry blossoms you can expect a little more breathing room. the georgetown business improvement district tells wtop radio it's going to widen the sidewalks along m street this weekend. portable fencing will give pedestrians about eight more feet of space from tomorrow night at 6:30 through 5:00 p.m. on sunday. there's a new place to do some shopping in the district's ivy city neighborhood. nike has opened its new store on new york avenue northeast. it did so today. the company calls it a community store because most of its
6:36 pm
employees will live within five miles of the store and they'll also spend time volunteering in the community. the former virginia delegate has spent his nights doing jail time earlier this year is suing his political party. joe morrissey wants a court to review hundreds of signatures rejected by the democratic party on his application to run in the primary for a state senate seat. morrissey claims that party officials deliberately rejected ballot signatures to keep him off the ballot pap party spokesman calls that allegation bizarre. morrissey served jail time for having an inappropriate relationship with a 17-year-old girl. eddie murphy is going to receive this year's top prize for humor at the kennedy center. he's going to receive the mark twain prize for american humor on october the 18th. eddie murphy first drew national attention in 1980 when he joined the cast of "saturday night live." kennedy center says murphy is the most commercially successful
6:37 pm
african-american actor in film history. next at 6:00, a troubling trend in our skies. what led to a major increase in the number of tarmac delays at our nation's busiest airports. >> reporter: yet another harmful allegation made against cavalry temple church. ahead at 6:00 aho
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during one of the bloodiest battles of the civil war, lee realized the confederates could not win and began negotiating the terms of the surrender. hundreds of tourists and history buffs watched that re-enactment today. a big jump in the number of tarmac delays during the month
6:40 pm
of february and this dallas snowstorm is part of the reason why. the u.s. department of transportation says 16 domestic flights were stuck on the ground for more than three hours in february. eight international flights were delayed for more than four hours. federal rules prohibit airlines from holding planes on the tarmac for that long and the department could issue some fines. a significant change coming this summer to recycling efforts in our area. prince george's county is going to stop accepting plastic shopping bags. that begins on july 1st. environmental officials tell "the gazette" that the bags clog up recycling machines and they get dirty in the process which renders them useless for recycling. residents will be urged to reuse plastic bags or return them to grocery stores. more than 90% of teenagers go online every day. but what they do and which apps they're using varies greatly
6:41 pm
from family income to race to gender. a new pew research survey found facebook remains the most popular social media platform with 71% of teenagers using it. they found boys more likely to play online games while girls appear more interested in visually based platforms like instagram, snap chat and pinterest. no surprise one of the biggest factors in use, access to a smartphone. coming up the biggest protest yet against a local church and its pastor. it could be coming this weekend. our david culvert will tell us about the latest allegations. and today the last time for a long time one of d.c.'s hidden gems will be closed. the change coming to the national arboretum. veronica? not only several severe thunderstorm warnings in west virginia but a new tornado warning for western maryland.
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dozens of parents in virginia are standing by the school system's controversial plan not to build a new elementary school system. at a meeting last night the majority of parents who spoke supported the board's change of plans. a sign in the neighborhood under construction advertises the location of ferlazzo elementary school. those who bought homes in this area say they were promised a new school but the school board says the new school was proposed and not promised and it may need the site to relocate an existing school. former members of the cavalry temple church in sterling are planning their
6:45 pm
largest protest yet against the church. they're planning it for this weekend. northern virginia bureau reporter david culvert says this comes as alleged blackmail is being added to an investigation into sexual abuse claims. >> reporter: seven years after leaving cavalry temple gary and marshall are joining the growing number protesting their former church. >> there are allegations of abuse. we believe the abuse happened. i don't want my grandchildren there. >> reporter: the couple's two sons are no longer part of the church but their daughter and grandchildren still go here and don't talk to them. >> we've reached out to the church many times, the leadership to try to reconcile things and were always told no. >> reporter: as first reported in the loudoun times, the church is under investigation by the sheriff's office. several claims of sexual abuse, and now the pastor's son, star scott jr., accused of posting on facebook a message threatening blackmail against the protesters. the post since deleted.
6:46 pm
>> his only mechanism to fight back is to threaten because that's what he knows. >> i was told that i was public enemy number one. >> reporter: former church member john says if true the post speaks to the church's culture. >> they cause people to basically turn their brains off over certain topics. >> reporter: he left six years ago. his wife and son stayed. they have limited contact. but he's hopeful. >> if i could sum my son up in one word it would be kindness. he's an incredible guy and so fun to be with and i know someday we're going to have an incredible relationship. >> reporter: outside the church you'll notice a large sign promoting a car and motorcycle show for this weekend. former church members tell me they're using that as an opportunity to spread their message of protest. meantime i did send a message via facebook to star scott jr., haven't heard back from him, and we've tried numerous times to talk with the pastor and members of cavalry temple but have been unsuccessful getting them respond to respond to our requests. sterile, david culvert, news4.
6:47 pm
our yes region's most familiar sign of spring is really starting to pop down at the tidal basin despite the chilly temperatures. our crews found plenty of people out strolling enjoying the cherry blossoms that have started to bloom. veronica says tomorrow's expected storms will likely only impact the trees that have fully bloomed already. many have not. so if you're headed down there this weekend, you should be able to enjoy those familiar pink and white flowers during the expected peak bloom period. going to be a nice weekend for that. if you'd like to see some cherry blossoms which you don't want to deal with those massive crowd at the tidal basin, head to the national arboretum. the arboretum had to cut back to three days a week back in 2013 because of federal budget cuts but beginning tomorrow the arboretum will be open to the public seven days a week. veronica, many thousands of us are trying to make our plans to see the cherry blossoms. what's your advice? >> the advice is it will be just
6:48 pm
fine. this weekend. but friday afternoon some caution, we will see some wind i think around the tidal basin that could take down some of the blossoms that have opened. about two hours of strong winds with this weather system. part of that same system already causing high winds in areas of pennsylvania and western maryland. in fact that red that you see pocketed there in western maryland it will zoom right down to it. that is a tornado warning until 7:30 for arias of allegheny county. these storms advancing to the north and northeastward. moving to arias like skyline by 7:18 on toward arias like swanton by 6:52 more to the north and northeast. our area the bulk of it quiet. that severe thunderstorm watch off to the west but all part of the same system that will be moving in tomorrow. for tomorrow morning lit look like this. thick, dense fog across the area. the temperature 50 degrees. it will be warm. then hot tomorrow afternoon.
6:49 pm
we'll get up to 80 81 degrees, hot for this time of year. dense fog early on. we get the green light i think. some minor delays across the area but heat for the afternoon. keep an eye on the sky. storms by 2:00 3:00. by dismissal, potential for severe storms. 81 degrees the high temperature, a little cooler in hagerstown. limited sunshine but enough warmth there's a possibility of an isolated tornado. breezy on saturday but not too much wind. sunday absolutely gorgeous. weather alert tomorrow high of 81. early part of next week tuesday chance of showers, high 70. most of next week. we hang out very comfortable around 70 degrees with tuesday and thursday.
6:50 pm
we could have strong storms tomorrow this time. >> >> sports coming up next. things did not go well for the nationals today. -- of the young man who recorded the walter scott shooting as we take a close look at anyone really came to the aid of a dying man. accused killer robert dust heard from behind bars in a letter. what he is saying and what it may say about him.
6:51 pm
♪ there is no royal blood in this country. nothing is reserved for anyone. it's all just out there waiting for someone to reach out and take it. ♪ and the ones who do. these are the kings and queens of america.
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things did not go well down there today. one error, three runs. >> yeah. thankfully in baseball the season's 162 games long. you can make up for days like this. because of injury the month of april might not give us a great preview of what to expect from the nationals this season. so far the nats have scored only six runs in three games. not only is the offense not in rhythm but defense far from perfect. shortstop ian desmond having the most trouble. another costly error today for desmond. great pitching matchup at the ballpark. stephen strasburg on the mound for the nats taking on the ace for the mets matt harvey making his first start since
6:54 pm
returning from tommy john surgery. scoreless in the top of the third, strassburg facing david right. this looks like a double-play ball but desmond, he boots it. his third nair three games. that mistake gets magnified. later in the inning mets up a run, daniel murphy hits a chopper here strassburg and ryan zimmerman almost collide. another run gets across. mets are up 2-0. not going the nationals' way today. this is travis hits a ball into shallow cent right there, finds some grass. the mets are up 4-0. strassburg went 5 1/3 innings, gave up nine hit, six runs, but just three of those earned runs. as for matt harvey he was on fire. his first start since the 2013 season he struck out nine nationals over six shutout innings of baseball. harvey he gets the w, strassburg gets the l. the nats they fall 6-3. afterwards desmond talked about his fielding issues. >> i wish i would have put myself in a better position. a different
6:55 pm
hop. i wasn't expecting the ball to bounce up like that. but like i said, the object is to convert the balls that are rolling into outs. wasn't able to do that. >> can't let those things affect you. those guys are will go out there and give it everything they have every single day. that's all i'm expecting. >> next up for the nationals, they are in philadelphia for a three-game set with the phillies. gio gonzalez he will get the start tomorrow for the nats. moving to football the nfl released preseason schedules today for all 32 teams. >> whoa! >> get this fans over the last four years the redskins they have gone 13-3 during preseason play. can we translate that into regular-season success? the skins kick off against the cleveland browns in the preseason. then this is the preseason home-opener the next week against detroit. up 95 to baltimore to face the ravens. the redskins will finish the preseason schedule at home
6:56 pm
against the jacksonville jaguars. all those preseason games can be seen here on nbc 4. to the ice for the capitals they have one regular-season game left on the schedule. after, that it's all about the playoffs. goaltender braden holtby is giving cap fans reason to believe that this playoff run will indeed be different. last night holtby shut out the bruins for the third time this season. the win a career-high 41st for braden holtby tying in with kolzig for first place on the cap single-season wins list. holtby has also made a franchise-record 1,857 saves this season. his teammates can't wait to see what he has in store for the playoffs. >> really gives their team a lot of confidence. that's great for him too. you know he's a few times earlier in the season people were questioning him. i was just shaking my head because i knew you could see the potential coming. he's just been rock solid.
6:57 pm
in college park more good news for the maryland men's basketball team. jake lehman will return for his senior season this coming on the heels of -- >> great dancer. >> yes. of melo announcing his return as well as one a commitment from diamond stone. he averaged 12 1/2 points a game this past season. the terps already considered by many to be a top ten team for next season. they might be a top five team with all those guys coming back. >> love that. thanks jason. breaking news out of suitland maryland right now. this is at the u.s. census bureau where there's an active shooting investigation under way. an initial report to police indicate a security guard has been shot there. we just arrived on the scene. we'll be updating our nbc washington app and here on air as get more information. that's at -- shomari stone is there on the scene. we'll have more from him tonight on news4 at 11:00. that's outside the u.s. census
6:58 pm
bureau in suitland maryland, report of a shooting.
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
on this thursday night, breaking news. new video from that fatal encounter in south carolina, what the police dash cam video shows. walter scott pulled over and questioned, then jumping out of the car and running away. tonight, what the tape reveals and the questions that remain. also our nbc exclusive, the witness that reported that shooting comes together with the victim's family. tonight, the police officer's mother speaks out for the first time. violent storms tearing across the country. tornadoes, hail and lightning strikes, exploding power lines. tonight, 95 million americans in the storm zone. and call for help. sandra bullock wakes up to an intruder loose in her home. tonight, the chilling 911 call while hiding in her closet. "nightly news" begins right now.


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