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tv   News4 Today  NBC  April 10, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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ice notice. >> the two d.c. officers are expected to be okay. there were conflicting reports about the suspect's condition. but we're being told he is still alive. now family members of the security guard killed are mourning today. his name was lawrence buckner. loved ones were visibly it is restaurant last night. we know he was married only 59 years old. sources told news 4 that he was still alive when he was brought there, but he passed away just after 7:00 p.m. from a gunshot wound to the chest. details just coming in about a killer tornado in the midwest. and all the destruction leftwake. look at this video. this is quite a scene. that tornado is massive and the destruction is just incredible. we know at least one person was killed in northern illinois. a 67-year-old woman was found in her home in the tiny town of fairdale. where up to 20 homes were leveled to the slabs.
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when the sun comes up, searchers will be back out searching for more possible victims, this all after a super cell of thunderstorms just produced at least two twisters. we'll be following this developing story throughout the morning. back to you. it's 4:31 right now. and storm team 4 weather alert day. >> let's find out from tom kierein what is happening with our forecast. >> good morning. this is for this afternoon. we have a line of thunderstorms that between produce some tornadoes, damaging winds in illinois. now that has advanced east it has weakened a bit, but there is still thunder and lightning, downpours ohio, kentucky tooen down into tennessee, that is part of a cold front that will be getting closer to our metro area. and it's still about ten hours away from getting here. that's around 2:30 3:00 4:00 as it moveds through. so the hour by hour forecast for the day, we'll stay in the 40s where we are now through 8:00
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with a little bit of drizzle perhaps and clouds around maybe a little bit of fog. by noontime, ought to be jumping into the 60s and then hitting the 70s when the storms arrive. a lot will be ending by 6:00 p.m.. checking on the commute now this friday morning, alexis davies in for melissa. we have an accident outer loop of the beltway in maryland after allentown road. two left lanes are blocked on the outer loop and one left lane is blocked on the inner loop in that same area. also in d.c. h street northeast is closed between 10th and 11th due it police activity and the police investigation. and that is closed until further notice. northbound 95 in virginia near the prince william county parkway, accident there blocks the right lane. taking a look at the beltway in montgomery county, looking good, seeing wet pavement but no delays. 66 right around the prince william county parkway is looking good as well. remains have been found during the search for a missing longwood university student.
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norfolk police made the discovery yesterday outside of a home in south hampton county. 18-year-old angelica hatzel had been missing since march 3. they will determine the cause of death. a university of virginia fraternity will not pursue an honor code case against the woman who accused members of rape. the accusation appeared in a now retracted rolling stone article. virginia has the oldest student run honor code in the country, it prohibits lying, cheating and stealing and students found guilty face expulsion. it's not known whether the woman known as jackie is still enrolled at the university. maryland congressman cummings is calling for a culture change at the secret service after yet another scandal. xavier morales has been accused much assaulting a female agent. he's on administrative leave. congressman cummings is glad that in this case director
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joseph clancy was notified immediately and took action. >> he cannot control every action of every officer. but he has on send a message that there will be zero tolerance as to these types of activities. and so i'm very pleased about that. but again, we have a lot of work to do. the president's life is on the line and we've got to protect it. >> congressman serves on the house committee that oversees the secret service. prince william county police are searching for a man who tried to take a child from a daycare center. they say the man tried to pick up a small child at small world daycare last friday. the man came in and named a specific child thatbut wasn't on the list to pick him up. parents say they don't know him. police say they just want to speak with the man to see if this was a misunderstanding. today a man is in custody accused of robbing three banks in the area. police arrested sunny parekh at
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his arlington home yesterday. he's accused of robbing banks in dupont circle arlington and alexandria. fbi agents have dubbed him the sharp dressed bandit. surveillance pictures here show the robber dressed up wearing a pea coat suit and carrying a preef briefcase. he would pass the teller a note that demanded money and threatened a weapon. this morning all eyes are on president obama and raul castro. the president and castro won't officially meet one on one, but even an informal chat could solidify ties. yesterday secretary of state john kerry met with the cuban foreign minister and that is the highest level meet between the two countries in more than 50 years. in about 15 minutes, we'll have a report on what new changes could be coming in the relationship. ebola patient admitted to the national institutes of health is free of the disease. the patient was released from the hospital yesterday. the american health care worker was admitted to nih on march 13
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with the ebola virus. nih has not released the name of the patients but we're learning he was the 11th ebola patient in the u.s.. a group students expected to make a major announcement today. want to show you video of the team winning a regional competition in tennessee. that team then experienced a major setback. the suv that they were using with their robot and their equipment was stolen. we can't know what today's announcement the will be but we'll be there. >> oh, man. >> hopefully they got the old one back. >> let's hope so. the mother of alina police officer is speaking out, what she has to say to the family of the man her son shot and killed. how a news photographer could have an impact on the aaron hernandez murder trial. and your commute to work on monday could be much different than today's and you might not even notice. the major change coming to the red line. and looking live outside right now where things are pretty calm at this point.
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46 degrees outside of our studios. tom kierein is back with the neighborhood that could get hit the hardest by today's storm.
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fourth day of jury deliberation in the case of a former nfl player accused of murder. aaron hernandez is charged in the shooting death of odin lloyd. lloyd was dating the sister of hernandez's fiance. there has also been drama
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outside the courtroom. a boston based nbc news photographer has been banned from the trial following of a -- after following the jurors from the courthouse yesterday. he says he didn't frytry to talk to the juror, he just wanted to know where they were getting off the bus to attend court. a new development in the murder case against robert durst. a day after pleading not guilty to weapons charges, he may have penned a letter from jail. a reporter says she received a lotter from the facility where he's being held. it's signed bob. it includes details about his likes and dislikes but nothing about the case. durst's attorney did not confirm the letter's authenticity. durst's possible connection to several murders was profiled in an hbo documentary. we're coming up on 4:41. want to get you caught up on the forecast. >> weather alert day. tom kierein telling us about some storms. are we expecting more rain right now, tom? >> just a little bit of drizzle this morning, but it's later this afternoon, our first round of spring severe weather coming
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our way. all from this system here in the midwest, some scattered showers and thundershowers right now rolling through kentucky, ohio down into tennessee. that is on a track to get closer to us, but right now just a little bit of scattered drizzle around don't have anymore rain after the overnight thunder that came through and the showers are long gone now. temperatures right now are hovering in the low to mid-40s so still quite a chill in the air from the bay all of the way to the shenandoah valley. out in the mountains, as well, we have temperatures down into the 40s tomorrow. so you'll need a jacket before you head out this morning. the severe risk zone is south of washington this yellow area this is the prime zone where we could get these very strong storms from salisburyoff to leonard town, southern maryland and then just near fredericksburg and south of there, charlottesville down to richmond, we're on the fringe of that but the nearby far southern suburbs could get very strong storms as even a slight risk around the immediate metro area that is later this
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afternoon. a look at the hour by hour timing on the storms coming up at 4:51. how is the commute now? we're still dealing with that accident on the outer loop of the beltway in prince george's county. it's after allentown road. two left lanes are blocked and one left lane on the inner loop is blocked, but not causing significant delays right now because we have light volume the on the roads. in the district, h street northeast is closed between 10th and 11th streets that is due to police activity. and it will be closed until further notice. elsewhere, 395 at duke street light volume looking good as you're heading up toward the district. 270 south at montrose road is looking good. for more traffic when you hit the road tune into 103.5 fm wtop. we're just learning about hundreds of dolphins beached in japan. molette green is looking in to what happened there. she'll update us. and a bizarre chase ends in controversy, why southern california police are now investigating a few of their own.
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15 before the hour. developing this morning, we're waiting to learn more on a violent crime spree spanning between the district and maryland. police say a suspect is being treated at a hospital right now. he was gunned down in a shoot-out with d.c. police after kidnapping his own wife and killing a security guard at the census bureau in suitland yesterday. two officers hurt in the series of events are expected to recover. for the latest updates, you can look for the top story on the nbc washington app. new video this morning of the beginning of what would become a deadly traffic stop in south carolina. this dash cam video shows north charleston officer mike aem michael slag are pulling over scott for a broken taillight. you can see scott jumping out of his car and starting to run.
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minutes later, this cell phone video captures slager shooting scott in the back and killing him. what led to that shooting is not on any kind of recording. officer slager is now charged with the murder in the shooting. >> one mother to another mother i can understand this. so i just -- i just want them to know i'm sorry that this happened and that this has made a change in everybody's life. >> and that was officer slager's mother. the police department is also coming under fire for their reaction after the shooting. there are discrepancies between the official report and what appears on in cell phone video. the report says officers applied chest compressions and tried to revive scott. the video shows scott on his stomach the entire time. disturbing that's how california officials are describing this video showing a violent arrest. take a look at this a man fled from sheriff deputies and stole
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a horse. during the chase the man falls off the horse and that's when deputies used him using a stun gun. then the deputies begin to beat and kick the man for two more minutes while he's on the ground. san bernardino county officials have ordered an immediate investigation into this incident. today we could see president obama and raul castro face to face in what could be a historic encounter. tracie potts live this morning for us on capitol hill with a look at how this could all unfold. >> reporter: could be a hand shake, could be an informal meeting between president obama and raul castro. and will president obama announce that they're taking cuba off the list of states that sponsor terror? that is what cuba is pushing for in order to get the embassy opened and to normalize relations between the two countries as they announced back in december. all of that could come down to a meeting at the sum mitd of it the americans today. we know the highest level
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meeting between the two countries in more than 50 years has already happened. that was secretary of state john kerry and his foreign counterpart, foreign minister rodriguez of cuba. apparently they sat down for a couple of hours at a restaurant bar with security there. a senior state department describes that meeting as lengthy, constructive and saying that they made some progress. so that has already happened. we wait today to see if president obama will have any sort of interaction or encounter with president castro. >> tracie potts on the hill. thank you. we're waiting to learn whether a hyattsville man will face charges for a hit and run on the bw parkway. rick warrick was killed on super bowl sunday trying to fix his car on the side of the road. warrick's fiance was hurt, as well. 73-year-old earl teeter was the driver who hit them. investigators say they found piece of teeter's car at the scene. the deadly shooting of a local rapper was not an accident. that is according to new court
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documents in prince george's county. prosecutors say the shooting was sbinks intentional. it happened during amuse music video filming. they aren't saying what the motive was for the shooting. i'm molette green at the live desk. new video just in of this massive rescue effort to save nearly 150 dolphins from danger. this is going on right now. take a look. they washed ashore along a beach in central japan. some are still alive, but they are extremely weak. the coast guard and others out there trying to help some measure between 6 1/2 to 10 feet long. they appear to be mellon headed whales or black fish and those who survive will be transported offshore and then released back to sea. that's the latest. back to you. 4:49 now. new report shows at least ten people have been able to sneak
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past fences and officers at our local airports in the past decade. the associated press found dell less had the most breaches reported since 2004, total of eight. each one has been -- rather one each has been reported at reagan national and bwi marshall that's part of the report that listed 268 nation wired. the virginia railway express will sign begin studying whether to extend its commuter line. the study will take more than two years. if vre decides to move ahead with that extension, it could be five years before passengers buy their first ticket. the manassas line currently ends at the broad run station in bristow. even though there is a potential for strong storms take it shouldn't affect all of the cherry blossoms. most of the trees will be in peak bloom tomorrow through tuesday. dref by drove by there yesterday.
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they're looking beautiful. organizers expect big crowds. maybe big is not the right . >> have you ever been down there on a saturday morning? >> they will be huge. early mornings are a good time to beat the crowds. national cherry blossom parade starts at 10:00 tomorrow morning. >> and if about we can just get through today's storms it will be a gorgeous weekend for the festival. tom kierein here telling us about it. >> my favorite time to be there is right at sunrise. you have to muscle your way in, though. all the photographers are set up. awesome pictures right at dawn. and great weather for the weekend. but first, it's a weather alert day. we have the chance for our first round of severe storms this this spring season. we are coming into spring storm season. so here we are april the 10th our first chance. and it is storming now in the midwest. these are not as bad as they were yesterday, but still a pretty did line of thunderstorms stretching across ohio into
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kentucky, all the way down to tennessee, all along this cold front. it will be getting closer to us but it's still about 9:45 away from getting closer to the metro area. so that will be right around 3:00 or so this afternoon when they begin to arrive. right now just a little scattered drizzle around the metro area. otherwise just some low clouds and it is rather chilly. our temperatures right now are just in the 40s. and that's from the mountains all of the way to the chesapeake bay and eastern shore. our nearby suburbs north and west of washington, in the low 40s. and right around the metro area, we're in the mid-40s low to mid-40s around the bay as well. so quite a chill in the air. hour by hour for the day ahead, just a chance of a little drizzle through the morning, but still chilly in the upper 40s by 8:00 a.m.. but then by noon with a southwesterly breeze we should jump into the 60s and maybe a few breaks in the clouds. overall a lot of clouds around. then thunderstorms likely by 3:00 p.m. we'll be in the upper 70s and a lot of the storms will
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be ending by 6:00 p.m.. so here is the hour by hour timing on this. by 3:00 4:00 we'll have the thunderstorms beginning to move into the shenandoah valley. and then after that they will be getting closer to the metro area. this is as of 3:00 p.m.. this is just east of the blue ridge, up now new hagerstown. but then it's between 4:00 to 7:00, they come right through the metro area, head toward the eastern shore and dissipate by 6:00 most of it will be ending. maybe a few lingering storms by 8:00 p.m. in far southern parts of the eastern shore. there a very low risk of any tornados. but a moderate risk of high winds and hail. and some brief very heavy rain as the storms come through. then a glorious weekend coming up highs 60s tomorrow with sunshine. a bit breezy sunday near 70. bright and sunny. the low 70s on monday. beautiful day for the cherry blossoms for saturday, sunday and monday. might get some some hours early tuesday morning, otherwise dry
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into next week. and now how is the friday commute? an accident on the beltway prince george's county county. outer loop after allentown road two left lanes blocked. and on the inner loop one left lane is blocked. taking a look at 270 south at shady grove, all lanes open. no reports of delays or incidents there. 95 in maryland at 216, again seeing more volume but nothing to report. 50 traveling in from annapolis, looking good. you're traveling at speed. 95 into prince william county parkway, looking good. 66 all the way in to the beltway, no reports of incidents or delays. you may not be able to afford the peanuts and cracker jacks if you go to a nats game. >> why the team is considered one of the most expensive in the league. it's 4:54.
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we're work to go find out how a prince george's county mail carrier is doing after a car. you can see it here on 450 in bowie yesterday. fire officials say the man was thrown from his truck. he was taken to the hospital in critical condition. mail of course spill all across the road there. it's not clear what caused the crash. fwloo metro announced yesterday that about half of the trains on the red line will switch back to automatic operation next week. this is the first time metro has used automation since the deadly
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ft. totten accident that killed nine people in 2009. metro says it has been testing the automation for some time now. >> for the last six months, during midday hours, trains have been operating in automatic mode for training purposes. >> metro says the additional six cars on the rhetted line are waiting for a computer upgrade and that will take about a year. it's 4:58. a former virginia delegate is now suing his own party for taking him off the ballot. joe morrissey wants a court to review hundreds of signatures rejected by the democratic party. the sits are in his application to run for state senate. morrissey claims party officials deliberately rejected valid signatures. a party spokesman calls the allegation bizarre. morrissey severed jail time for having an inappropriate relationship with a 17-year-old girl. if you're hoping your kids
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stay near by for college, this might give you leverage. on line has ranked a few cities in our area as among the best for millennials. virginia beach actually came in at number eight. d.c. is number 11 on that list. baltimore is 12th. tuition and cost of living factored into the rankings. if you're headed to a nats game next week, get ready to pay up. a new study says nats games where some of the most expensive to attend. it costs a family of four about $230 to catch a game and that came from four tickets, two beers, four sodas, four hot dogs parking and two adult size hats. and that makes nats games the 7th most expensive in major league baseball. the average family trip to a baltimore orioles game was $163. today you can try on the new apple iwatch. but you can't take it home just yet. you can pre-order the watch online today and it seems that
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there are a lot of options. the watch comes in 54 different styles. shipping will start on april 24th. i have my eye on the crusted one. i think it was like $10,000 on my christmas list. >> don't look over here. >> i'm looking right at aaron. stay with us. "news 4 today" continues at 5:00 a.m.. right now at 5:00 a.m. we have developing new. three different scenes spanning across maryland and the district connected to a shooting at the census bureau. a woman kidnapped security guard killed and police officer recovering after a shooting with the suspect. >> and we're waiting to learn the identity of the lone shooter. the chaos started when the suspect kidnapped his own wife near t street northeast. from there he shot a guard at the u.s. census bureau headquarters. later police spotted the gunman's car and


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