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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  April 10, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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was over. and our first look at the guard who was killed while doing his job. we begin with mark segraves. >> reporter: we just got the charge documents from the u.s. attorneys for the charges in the district. it's painting a different picture of what happened and the time line. we know it began in washington with a kidnapping. and then it moved into maryland where the suspect shot and killed a guard and then came back here into the district where it ended with a shoot-out with police right here. >> in my car, the first gunshots i look up and guy shooting at the police officers and they shot back. >> definitely a shocking scene. >> reporter: police have identified the suspect as 48-year-old ronald anderson of southeast d.c. charged with armed kidnapping and assaulting a police officer. police say he shot and killed a security guard outside of the u.s. census bureau in prince
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george's county sending the campus into lockdown as police searched for an active shooter. it began about 5:30. the police say anderson kidnapped a woman near the intersection of third and t streets northeast. 30 minutes later anderson shot and killed that security guard outside of the u.s. census bureau. sometime later, anderson was spotted by d.c. police on bruce place in southeast where anderson opened fire on officers. a police chased anderson he opened fire again, this time near the intersection of 3rd and m streets northeast. about 8:00 the chase end near 1 11 and h streets northeast with a crash and a hail of gunfire. >> we know that our officers put themselves in front of harm's way. >> reporter: in fact a d.c. police sergeant was shot in the leg. anderson was also shot. >> i thought it was like shooting a movie at first. then i said no this isn't a movie, this is real life. >> reporter: that police officer who was shot is doing just fine. we're told he's been released from the hospital as of today.
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as for the suspects his condition has not been released. now, the charging documents reveal that the suspect has been charged with kidnapping and that that victim was at one point his girlfriend. the charging documents also reveal that the officer that he is charged with assaulting is not the officer who was shot here on h street during the shoot-out but a different officer who was shot during the police chase but was not hit by a bullet. chris, back to you. >> thanks for keeping that straight mark. here's what we know about the security officer killed at the census building. lawrence buckner had been married for 36 years, leaves behind a wife a son, and four fwrin. grandchildren. he served in the u.s. army before spending more than 20 years in security. our team coverage continues. prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins is live in suitland. what are you hearing about this? >> reporter: as you sate buckner was a family man. his family is feeling that loss and so are his co-workers.
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>> it was very fast. >> reporter: as news spread throughout this federal building that it was security officer lawrence buckner who was shot and killed outside the census bureau yesterday there was shock. >> just totally quiet. it was pretty much what i could say is it's quiet. >> reporter: police say ronald anderson was arguing with his girlfriend in front of the bureau yesterday evening when buckner intervened and was shot and killed. >> these guys, you know they stand out here in the rain, the snow the 85-degree weather you know and they're always there for us. and it's put a big hurt on everybody. >> you recognize him when you come in and leave and see him around the building and it's just awful. >> reporter: buckner was taken to prince george's hospital where he day dyed from his injuries. his family rushed to be by his side. he worked for the masters security company for nearly four years and was stationed at the census bureau. according to the company, he spent two decades in the
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security industry after serving in the u.s. army. >> i just couldn't believe it. i mean you know, we still need to know more details but i can't believe that this happened here. >> didn't make sense to go in that driveway. there's a guard there. there's a gate there. there's more to this than has been published i think. >> reporter: a lot of the workers we spoke to expressed that same sentiment, not understanding why those folks ended up here in front of the census bureau, and then not understanding what it was that happened that had the security guard decide to get involved. tracee wilkins reporting live in suitland. back to you. we have more coverage of all this story right now on our nbc washington app. jackie bensen will join us at 6:30 for more on the criminal history of the suspect. we want to turn to weather now briefly. few storms still hanging around and they could bring some strong winds and even some heavy rain to some areas.
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let's go to v.j. to find out what it's looking like the rest of the night. >> that area is right on our southern fringe so southern maryland right at the edge there, northern neck that's where there still might be an isolated storm. but i'm monitoring some bigger storms way down to the south around richmond. look at storm team 4 radar right now. you can see some showers around areas of fairfax into montgomery county just light stuff here. we've got a chance to see some showers in fact till about 7:00 or 8:00. then down to culpeper locusdale, heading towards spotsylvania, but look at the storms that are down around richmond right now. these have intensified more. severe thunderstorm warning just went up for areas in richmond on east towards williamsburg until 6:45. what follows behind this front and it is a strong front moving through, some chilly air for our evening that is going to get cold before the weekend is up. 65 here 78 right now in fredericksburg. more coming up. >> thanks veronica. right now, president obama is taking part in a roundtable discussion in panama before
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tonight's official start to the summit of the americas. the headline of the summit is expected to be the u.s. relationship with cuba. the president's expected to meet informally with raul castro tomorrow. the two spoke by phone on wednesday. president obama also hinted this week that cuba will soon be removed from the u.s. list of state sponsors of terror. and hillary rodham clinton is expected to finally kick off her presidential campaign this weekend. but don't expect any big rallies, at least at first. the announcement will be made through social media. her first appearances are expected to be small according to people familiar with her plans. advisers say clinton hopes to keep the focus on voters rather than the candidate. >> obviously her second run for the president and seems to be scaling things back this time around. >> "meet the press" moderator chuck todd joins us. what does that mean keep the focus on the voters and not the candidate? >> here's what i was told from folks close to her.
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she is assessing what's gone wrong with 2008 and what's gone right in campaigns past. she looks at the new york senate model as something that went right. she maybes her announcement then it became a listening tour of new york. granted the expectations were lower and it was different, but that's where she was comfortable. she was in small settings meeting with community leaders, doing more listening than talking. that's what she wants to have in this at least the first month of the campaign. the biggest criticism she had eight years ago when she launched her campaign did it on social media then had a big rally in iowa. this time she wants to go to a house and living rooms and do that in new hampshire and south carolina for a month, to get her own sea legs hasn't done this in a while, and then sometime in may give the why i'm running for president big rally speech. >> all right. that's coming sunday. kentucky senator rand paul already announced that he is running. what are some of the challenges he'll face beside the legacy of his dad? i think the biggest challenge is what lane -- you
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know the republican party is the multiple constituency subconstituencies, your social conservatives, ted cruz mike huckabee want to be there. there's your rank and file republicans, establishment types, jeb bush scott walker. paul has a unique ability to potentially bridge a lot of divides, but the foreign policy angle is something that most of the -- he's not in the same place on foreign policy as everybody else on the field. lindsey graham has said one reason he's running for president is eventually to troll rand paul, which is to go after him, constantly simply on foreign policy. we're seeing the first hits on rand paul paid media came from republicans. so that's the odd challenge. he is what i call my dos eqis candidate. he's not a conventional conservative. >> hard to pin him down. >> it is. >> more to come on sunday morning. >> and oh by the way i have john
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kerry too. by the way. it's a packed show promise. >> you can join chuck on sunday morning at 10:30 here on nbc 4. down to the wire for lawmakers in maryland as they continue to battle over the state's budget. the legislative session is scheduled to end monday at midnight but the democrat-led legislature still isn't happy the republican governor's revised proposals. governor larry hogan wants to provide a 60% tax credit to businesses that donate to public and private schools. the house speaker says that's not going to happen. coming up at 6:00 charges and hit-and-run crash that killed a man. his mother is not happy with how the case has been handled. >> we talking about a human body. we talking act my son. plus new damage reports coming in from illinois in the wake of those devastating tornadoes. >> we have pictures and videos
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from witnesses of the shoot-out on h s
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part of our area has been placed under a severe thunderstorm watch. veronica will have a lot more on our weather coming up in just a few minutes. fairfax county police confirm an officer has been
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relieved of duty has they investigate allegations involving child pornography. detectives say they got a tip that child pornography had been uploaded to a blogging site from a home in fairfax county. on wednesday investigators discovered that home was owned by a police officer. the department says the officer is a 15-year veteran and was assigned to police headquarters working in administration. the officer has not been charged with a crime. police say their investigation continues. a new revelation today regarding that deadly police shooting of an unarmed man in south carolina. state law enforcement investigators now say from the start they doubted the story that former patrolman michael slager was telling them. now, he initially said he shot the victim in self-defense on saturday. but investigators say the gunshot wounds in walter scott's back were inconsistent with that story. cell phone video from a bystander showed slager shooting scott as he was running away after being stopped in a traffic stop. slager has now been charged with
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murder. scott's funeral will be held tomorrow. just in the last hour the national weather service has classified one of the tornadoes that ripped across northern illinois as an ef-4. early findings indicate the tornado that hit the small town of fairdale had winds of up to 200 miles an hour. two women died in that violent storm. dozens of homes were destroyed or damaged. >> we're h that feel our search will be fruitless in the sense that we won't find anybody, but we're going to go through all the spaces. we've been the through the buildings a number of times and so far we haven't found any additional folks. >> illinois governor bruce brown credits the small number of fatalities to the advanced warning give on the people in this area. back to our weather, our storms not packing the punch of the midwest. >> but some new watches now put into effect. >> that's right. these are around the areas that had most of the heating today
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that had even some clearing pockets with cloud cover. most of our areas in that cool air mass. but temperatures 70s, 80s, right around here today. it's op that southern fringe extreme eastern king george county extreme southern charles county st. mary's county down through the northern neck. this watch extends off to the east until 11:00 p.m. there is the potential for some strong potentially severe storms that could bring some hail and even some damaging wind to this area. so you can see the storms down there to the north. it's mostly rain showers for us. again, the same frontal system that's moving through, some showers from savage right into d.c. inside the beltway east toward areas like bowie. eventually annapolis and clinton getting some of those rain showers, not seeing any lightning here either. east of culpeper headed toward hartwood in fredericksburg spotsylvania eventually route 1 and i-95 getting some of that just rain. but look at the difference. just a couple of miles away down into areas of the northern thunderstorm warnings that have
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been issued down through this area as well. one that's headed towards williamsburg. another cluster further down i-95 just south of richmond right now pap lot of lightning with these and possible rotation with these taking place as well. so we may see some tornado warnings coming out of that area. of course storm team 4 telling you throughout the afternoon that it was this pocket down here that we really had to start watching closely. temperatures are starting to cool off, though. 66 degrees currently in richmond and we'll cool off more so keep that in mind if you're going to be going out this evening. until about 8:00 or 9:00 we'll keep the possibility of some rough storms around for much of our area through charles county but it's at 10:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. i think it's completely out of here. mostly southern maryland and down through areas of the northern neck. your temperature drops to 55 degrees by 9:00. the rain continues to move out of here and we'll start drying out but with breezy conditions to follow and that includes for your saturday especially early in the day.
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60 to 69 degrees, that's your spread in temperatures throughout the area, 69 degrees for d.c. 60 degrees areas north and west. here's a look at your four day forecast. 66 the high for saturday. breezy a look at that low temperature starting out early sunday morning 40 degrees inside the beltway. other locations starting around 34 to 35 degrees, almost cold for this time of year considering our average is right at 46. a cold start for sunday morning but twoorm 69 almost 70 degrees. i still think sunday will be the best bay dey out of the weekend. early part of next week. your chance of showers comes on tuesday right now with high temperatures hovering around 70 to about 75 degrees. meanwhile again we continue to monitor the severe weather that's possible down through this area in the severe thunderstorm watch until 11:00 p.m. i'll have a lot more coming up. their father was killed in a
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hit-and-run on the b.w. parkway earlier this year and they had to watch it happen. we've got an update on rick warrick's children tonight just a day after we learned there's been an arrest in this case. derrick ward has the story. >> reporter: she and her brother are still dealing with the death of their father. they saw it happen. >> he just was so dedicated to them. >> reporter: rick warrick and his fiancee were hit bay van as they changed a tire along the b.w. parkway back in february. the driver left the scene. tyree was injured, seany called 911 and was told by an operator to stop whining. >> she should have been more upset than anything knowing she's sitting there watching this. >> reporter: 73-year-old earl teeter surrendered to authorities earlier this week. he faces charges of leaving the scene of an accident and reckless driving. police tracked him down days after the crash using serial numbers that came off teeter's vann impact. she has mixed emotions about the accident that claimed her son's life. >> i'm pleased about finding out
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that they found the person that did it. >> reporter: but she also feels for the loss to her grandchildren. while there are grandparents and other rel tichs there for them it won't be easy. there's a court hearing for the accused and just life without their father. for this family it's all like it happened yesterday. >> it's still fresh. it's not good. >> reporter: derrick ward news4. baseball season officially got under way up in baltimore today. the clouds and chilly temperatures didn't stop fans from filing in to camden yards. the o's hosted the blue jays in their home-opener. we'll have highlights ahead in sports. and if you're a nats fan it will cost you a little more to take the family to the park this year. a new report says a family of four will shell out an average of $232 for one game. that's the seventh most expensive fan experience in baseball. that price does include four tickets, parking, four hot dogs and soft double-digits, two beers and two adult buys hats. all that would only run you about 163 bucks at an orioles
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game, among the lease expensive in baseball. the most expensive day at the ballpark is reserved for red sox, yankees, and cubs fans. the next phase of the boston marathon bombing trial delayed until the week of this year's mar on the. we'll tell you what's behind that delay. and at 6:30 look but don't touch. touch but don't buy. at least not yet. what you have to do before you can take home a new apple watch. >> reporter: beautiful day at the tidal basin. and the cherry blossoms are perfect.
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if you run over somebody it's usually because you were driving too fast or you didn't look before you turned or you didn't stop for someone in the crosswalk. always be alert.
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pedestrians don't come with airbags.
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>> officials awarded purple heart medals to family members of the 13 who were kill. a former police sergeant who shot nidal hassan that day was awarded the defense of freedom medal. hassan was an army mau jor. he's been convicted and sentenced to death. more trouble for another member of the secret service. arthur baldwin was arrested in d.c. early this morning. according to court documents his ex-girlfriend accused him of kicking down the front door of her home in southeast and breaking two windows. baldwin left the home before
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police got there but returned while officers were vetting. he admitted to kicking down the door. he faces charges of attempted burglary and destruction of property. we won't know the fate of the boston marathon bomber until after this year's marathon. a judge is delaying dzhokhar tsarnaev's sentencing for two weeks so the marathon is on april 20th and his sentencing will now start the next day. that means it will also bypass the anniversary of the bombing. three people died near the finish line on april 15th 2013. a judge who decided tsarnaev's guilt will decide whether he gets the death penalty. next grieving family and friends sharing their memories of a man killed in a wrong-way crash on a virginia highway. the legacy he leaves behind in washington. the news 4 i-team shows you how tens of thousands of dollars in cigarettes bought at big local box store are being moved out of state. why it's so hard to shut them down.
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most of the area with a gray sky, but seeing not only some rain showers but thunderstorms now. we've got showers around d.c. showers from warrenton. but look at the pink and the intensityeifyied line around
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richmond virginia right now, a severe thunderstorm watch up until 11:00 p.m. these storms again very much intensified, showing signs of possible rotation here. but certainly there's the risk of some hail and heavy downpours and damaging winds. it's just east of 295 for you phones that make that trip to the north just on the other side of richmond there. east of 295. head right over 64. again, a lot of lightning here and on toward areas of williamsburg. meanwhile, our temperatures will be coming down i think more most of us the rain is out of here and ending by 7:00 to 8:00. breezy and chilly and a pocket of cold will be moving in this weekend. i'll show you when coming up. i'm wendy rieger at the live desk. now fbi and the justice department's civil rights division are investigating those ten sheriff's deputies in san bernardino county beating and kicking this man who they had been chasing when he was on
6:29 pm
a horse out in the desert. this is video from our nbc station in washington. once the ten deputies got to the man and handcuffed him on the ground this began to happen and pretty soon there were a lot of deputies all ten of them on leave right now. again, the fbi and the justice department civil rights division are investigating. back to the latest on our top story, what we're learning about the time line the victims, and the suspect in last night's deadly and chaotic shooting ordeal that ended on h street. >> it all started want llgd kidnapping and a shooting as the u.s. census bureau in suitland. security guard and army veteran lawrence buckner was killed at that building last night. the accused gunman ronald anderson then allegedly led police on a chase into the district that ended with a shoot-out. that suspect is still in the hospital and tonight we're learning more about his apparently troubled relationship and criminal past. news4's jackie bensen reports on
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these new revelations. >> reporter: court record show the suspect has spent more than half of his adult life behind bars. a 1991 conviction for manslaughter was the beginning of ronald anderson's adult criminal record. since his release after serving 19 years in prison he continued to have contact with the criminal justice system mostly in the district. a reckless drive charge a dui and a 2013 charge for unlawful possession of a controlled substance. 48-year-old ronald anderson's deadly rampage appears to be related to a february 17th incident at the suitland maryland apartment he shared with his girlfriend. court record indicate neighbors called 911 after hearing noise next door and when officers arrived the victim was shaking, crying whispering while he was speaking because she was afraid of the suspect hearing her. the documents go on the say that the victim reluctantly stated
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that anderson spaked her several times cause herg to fall into the halls of the bedroom and bathroom. the officers also noted the victim had her 10-month-old son with her. the victim who's 20 moved out of the apartment shortly afterward and attempted to keep her whereabouts hidden from anderson. not clear how she discovered where she was yesterday. anderson remains hospitalized having been shot multiple times by police. now to a developing story in anne arundel county where a gunman remains on the run after shooting and critically wounding a police officer. tonight police say they believe the man who ran off is no longer in the area. that shooting happened overnight near a 7-eleven in annapolis. officers have been searching the area all day long. the police union tells our baltimore station the officer was hit in the neck. he remains in critical condition tonight. tonight police need your help figuring out how a driver entered the 395 hov lanes going in the wrong direction.
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it caused a deadly crash last night near route alexandria. now the wrong-way driver died as well as the man behind the wheel of the car that he hit. northern virginia bureau reporter david culver has the story. >> reporter: when you're not supposed to drive in the hov lanes it's generally pretty clear. several large overhead highway signs, then rows of gates with red lights blocking the lanes. but somehow state police say one driver missed all of that. the result a deadly wreck involving three cars. police identified the wrong-way driver as robert temp of springfield springfield. they say his suv hit another's car head on. temp and bettenburg both died. his wife is devastated didn't want to be on camera but says her husband was headed home from work. he was a lawyer, but that was his second career after retiring in from a senior position with the department of the interior
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he went back to law school. a colleague called him a great mind who will be deeply missed. what remains a mystery tonight is just how that other driver was able to get onto the hov lanes if the gates were down. in fact state police say they need your help figuring that out. if you did see that honda cr-v going on the restricted lanes they want to hear from you. in alexandra, david culver news4. virginia governor terry mcauliffe visited westgate elementary school in manassas today. that school went from struggling to being recognized as a school of excellence. more than half the kids there are nonenglish speakers. the governor met with school sthaf who in past two year have developed an expanseive english learners language program. 96% of the students are at poverty level and receive free or reduced lunch. this weekend will just beautiful and the cherry blossoms are expected to reach peak bloom.
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that combination, well you know it's going to be to mean a crush of people at the tidal basin. news4's kristin wright is there now where the crowd are already showing up in droves i guess. hi kristin. >> reporter: hi doreen. the crowds have been down just a lit from earlier. it's really the calm before the storm. if you're coming down this weekend, let me tell you, you are definitely in for quite quite the treat. let me show you why. it's because the cherry blossoms right now are just perfect. sandy reed has waited a long time to see the cherry blossoms. >> i would say probably at least 20 years. >> reporter: she's here from erie pennsylvania, just in time for the cherry blossom festival parade tomorrow. >> i finally said to my daughter i'm going to cross something off my bucket list. >> reporter: turns out that's a common theme today. >> one thing we can kros off our bucket list. >> we found out that the cherry blossoms on the tidal basin was both a childhood dream of mine
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and my husband's. >> reporter: stunning beautiful, gorgeous -- words we heard again and again to describe the cherry blossoms today. the timing perfect. with peak bloom expected during the festival this weekend. frances woodbury here from dallas is capturing the moment. >> i'm like what 70 years old. i'm, like i got to see this. it's on my bucket list of course okay? >> reporter: remember we would like to see your cherry blossom pictures on all of our social media platforms. tweet us a picture or post it on instagram and tag nbc washington. you can also send us a tsunami on snap chat facebook us your photos or e-mail them to it is a lot of fun taking pictures out here. you can get a lot of great shots so we definitely would love to see them. doreen? >> thank you, kristin. does look beautiful. she's got a nice assignment. >> that's a lot of work posting
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on that many platforms. >> no time to look at the actual blossoms while you're doing all that posting. >> thanks kristin. all right. coming up tonight, a local high school team about to compete for a world title in robotics. and this is after having their equipment stolen at their last competition. and i'm scott mcfarlane. the news4 i-team showed you suspected cigarette smugglers operating in broad daylight in northern virginia. coming up, state leaders at odds with each other over how to stop it. >> reporter: a student here at broad run high school in ashburn, virginia, dies of meningitis.
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♪ there is no royal blood in this country. nothing is reserved for anyone. it's all just out there waiting for someone to reach out and take it. ♪ and the ones who do. these are the kings and queens of america. ♪
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her father spoke about his daughter madison. >> i like hearing more stories about how she took what we taught her and used that. that's the greatest memory that we've got. she's a wonderful daughter, a wonderful kid. >> reporter: people are putting her picture on twitter, expressing their love and loss. she was a star softball player but best remembered for her kindness. >> couldn't be prouder. i wish i could say more than that. i would bleak up. i am so proud of her. >> reporter: at broad run high school in ashburn virginia, there's a memorial. madison died of meningitis without any warn bug the school system is confident no one here is at ri now we see nothing that would indicate there's any contagion in our schools or any reason for panic. >> reporter: today the vars till softball team gathered to honor her memory wearing pink and wearing hem you are in ber 24.
6:40 pm
on social media they used the hashtag #question wemayfor24. >> it's very hard for many of us. they've been bonding together spending some time together grieving this loss together. >> the principal tells me after days of grieving he's hopeful soon things will return to a sense of normalcy here. but he says that the memory of madison small will always hold a special place in the heart of this community. at broad run high school in ashburn, virginia, chris gordon, news4. a big victory tonight for the loudoun county high school robotics team that won a trip to the world competition only to have their robot stolen. roboloco as they're known found out today not only is their trip to the world competition being paid for but that they've also gotten the equipment they need to rebuild their robotics. students attend loudon's academy of science and monroe technology center in ashburn. they earned a spot in the world
6:41 pm
competition in knoxville, tennessee, last weekend. then their vehicle with the robotic gear inside was stolen from their hotel parking lot. the coalition of byes and individuals in loudoun county came together to turn this bad situation around. >> i think it's amazing how much help we've been able to get in such a little time. i'm so grateful to our community. >> we're representing loudoun county and all the teams who have reached out to us to help our team with donations and support. >> the loudoun county high school students tell us they're confident they'll have new robotics ready to go this weekend. the world competition is just ten days away in st. louis. >> wish them luck. >> we do. >> speaking of technology get in line if you want to get your hands on an apple watch. how long you could be waiting depend on the model you want. and how to stop cigarette smugglers in virginia. scott mcfarlane with part two of a news4 i-team investigation on
6:42 pm
the tobacco trail.
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preorders of apple's new watch sold out quickly and thanks to demand you may not be able to get one shipped until june. they're currentfully store bus only to test out. the actual sales don't start for a few weeks. prices range from $349 all the way up to $17,000. i think that's the gold plated
6:45 pm
or something. >> better do a lot more than tied. >> you want to check out the luxury version, they're supposed to be on display in georgetown and tyson's. some estimates suggest apple could sell 10 million of these by the end of the year. >> you should be able to drive that to work for that price. a proposed law to stop cigarette smuggling goes up in smoke. the news4 i-team reported on those loadeding up on big box stores in virginia are suspected smugglers that move cigarettes out of state and potentially finance criminals. as scott mcfarlane reports, virginia legislators are batting over -- battling over what to do about it. >> we showed you how some of is mug smugglers could be behind you in the checkout line. buying tens of thousands of dollars in smokes at one time. they have paperwork printed off
6:46 pm
a state tax agency website saying they're small byes. pop businesses. >> no. most of the ones we've investigated are empty parking lots. >> reporter: including this buyer who purchased nearly $70,000 worth of cigarettes. we also found his listed business addresses with the state include an empty field, a suburban home and an unmarked space in a remote business park. >> this is an issue that's very troubling to me. >> reporter: virginia state legislators have connected big illegal cigarette smugglers to crime. >> this is about ties to terrorism. >> reporter: in news conferences an investigative hearings legislators in recent months pushed a proposal to stiffen the rules and require the state's alcoholic beverage control board be in charge of policing the distribution and sale of cigarettes. and to require cigarette sellers keep better records. >> this bill will not serve as a silver bullet but lit provide an important and significant and fundamental tool in the box as we continue to adapt to the
6:47 pm
changes in the criminal environment to protect the commonwealth. >> reporter: that bill died not enough support in the statehouse and opposition from the cigarette merchants ourselves. >> our members view this as an additional tax and legislative burden. >> reporter: some allowed local police agencies to go after them. >> it's getting out of hand and dangerous for citizens. we are bringing in the organized crime and it's not the kind of thing we want to have happen in virginia. >> reporter: 36 states require anybody who wants to sell cigarettes get an actual license, a state license to do so. it's a safeguard against people setting up phony businesses. virginia is not one of them. >> you can see part one of scott's investigation and see videos of the cartons of cigarettes involved on our nbc washington app. just search investigations.
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we want to head back to v.j. and storm team 4. we didn't see any severe weather here in d.c. but i guess to the south? >> there's some in our area v.j. what's the latest? >> that's right. really really close that severe weather. we're seeing some of those showers continuing to build up to the north from off of that line of storms down to the south around fredericksburg some showers right now coming into prince william county and of course we've even had showers and light winds around the beltway. look at this line. here's where it's been. areas from stafford right down through fredericksburg extending to the south and west. this is where the heat has been today with this weather front now coming in. it's got enough moisture too, to work on. you could see the secondary line now well east of richmond. it produced a whole lot of rain in a short period of time. just east of route 1 watching this area of showers making its way toward fairview beach and again some more moderate rain crossing over i-95 around
6:49 pm
fredericksburg. the southern end in that severe thunderstorm watch that goes until 11:00 p.m. areas of the northern neck toward the east to include chincoteague and look at this rain. look at the lightning with it. there's eve an chance of some hail markers coming on here throughout that line around williamsburg. a chance of hail as we see those hail markers right now. our threat of seeing any rain will start winding down around 8:00 or so. again just isolated severe storm system that could blow up around areas of extreme southern maryland. again, we'll see things wind down by 8:00. 60 to 69 your forecast for early part of the day. breezy conditions. then sunday morning. look at this in the 30s. that's the cold air that will start moving in. 35 gaithersburg 35 degrees in manassas. a cold start for for the cherry blossom. it starts at 7:30.
6:50 pm
breezy conditions bad for the flowers, but warm conditions the early part of next week. a look at your storm team forecast another chance of rain on tuesday. again, storm team 4 will continue to monitor that line of storms passing south of us and beautiful weekend. so get out and enjoy. >> we like that. we will veronica. thank you. coming up in sports while the nats get ready for philly -- >> the orioles left feeling blue by the blue jays
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
i still can't believe they lost the series but they're moving forward. a new series for the nationals starting this weekend. the fellas in philadelphia looking to regroup after dropping yesterday's rubber game against the new york mets. gio gonzalez getting the nod on the mound. earlier this afternoon in the american league, the home-opener for the orioles taking place. the birds, they've seen better days at camden yards. this one with a few highlights for the home team the oriole bird running out before the game. bud norris on the hill got in trouble early on. two men on for jose bautista. he drives in josery rey yes, sir to give the blue jays a quick lead. later in the in toronto up a pair of runs here.
6:54 pm
it gets worse. november row take-- navarro takes him to left. norris he gave up seven hits eight earned runs in just three innings of work in his season debut. to the sixth inning this the kind of day it was for baltimore. chris davis thinks he has a hit here but kevin pilar says no you don't. runs into the wall making a great catch there. the orioles they fall 12-5. here's buck showalter after the game. >> it's like everything they put the bat on a hole. hit some balls hard too. one of those days we all know bud is capable of better. it will happen. wasn't there today for sure. >> let's talk some basketball now, the wizards in a tough spot these final four regular season-games. do they fight for home-court advantage in the first round or rest some of their key players?
6:55 pm
last season home court didn't mean anything to the wizards. they were 1-4 at the verizon center in the playoffs. this year though it's all about being healthy and performing at a very high level. >> i think we all understand the way we've been playing lately has been a defensive-minded team first and passing the ball and not having a lot of turnovers. we feel like we can beat anybody in this league and we've proven that. that's the biggest key, having that focus and mind-set of being locked in no matter if at home or on the road. >> i don't mess with the basketball gods very much. usually gets you. you play the game. we play every game to win. where we end up who we -- we'll see. >> randy wittman not too concerned about where they end up. to the ice, the capitals getting ready for their regular-season finale which takes place tomorrow against the rangers. a year after missing the postseason they're back in thanks in large part to alex
6:56 pm
ovechkin top scorer in the national hockey league. barry trotz watching him evolve into a more complete player this year. >> he's had a terrific year. you look at the numbers that the rest of the league i mean 40 goals, 41 maybe, the next closest. that's pretty daunting that he's 25% ahead of the crew. >> early puck drop tomorrow in that capps/rangers game at 12:30. before we let you go tomorrow at the barclays center d.c. native lamont peterson takes on undefeated danny garcia. boxing fans have been waiting for a long time for this fight. the winner is in line for a high-profile fight later this year. peterson, he's going to put his record on the line against garcia who's a perfect 29-0 with 17 knockouts. both fighters are junior welterweight champs be no titles on the line saturday night. peterson had two fights in 2014 winning both and he expects the same outcome this weekend. >> i'm definitely confident i'll
6:57 pm
put out the win. you know i trained really hard and smart for this fight. i'm at a good place. i feel excellent. i feel better than ever. i could see it going the distance. but honestly i think by the ninth, tenth round something will happen. something going to happen. >> hopefully something happens before the ninth or tenth round. this is going to be a great fight on nbc tomorrow. >> hope through to the other guy. >> exactly. al michaels marv albert and sugar ray leonard on the call tomorrow for the boxing match. should be a great card. >> you'll be watching the masters as well. >> i will. tiger made the cut this weekend. he did make it. had a good round today. >> all right. lot to look forward to this weekend.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
on this friday night, blown away. a deadly outbreak of tornadoes, a town with nothing left standing. tonight, the frantic efforts to rescue people trapped underground as we take to the air to see just how much it leveled. nbc news exclusive video of a wild chase through the desert. a man on horseback, police in pursuit, catching up and beating him as our camera rolls. late word tonight, the fbi is opening an investigation as ten sheriffs deputies are put on leave. the big announcement from hillary clinton, ending speculation preparing to jump into the race for president this weekend. and never give up. words to live by from the young woman whose dream to play college basketball inspired a nation. tonight, so many honoring her legacy. "nightly news" begins right now.


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