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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  April 10, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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now at 11:00, new details about the census bureau shooting mayhem. a business manager talks about how the chaos cost her thousands the of dollars. crews race to the scene after a car flies off the road. chopper 4 hovering above the
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water rescue. the couple that lost their little dog named ollie posted these flyers all over the city. now they're being told rip them down or pay a fine. news4 at 11:00 starts now. afraid to go to sleep. that's how the neighbor of the suspect in the census bureau shooting mayhem described her feelings when the police were steps from her door. >> tonight we're learning new details about the chaotic scene during the crime spree and after. shomari stone has been covering this from the start, joins us from h street. >> reporter: well that's right, tonight i'm here on h street. a lot of the business owners behind me tell us that last night was chaotic and it was especially bad when police shut down the road because a lot of those customers could not go to the different businesses thus some of them lost money. tonight we'll hear from the suspect's neighbor. >> i heard a lot of policemen, a lot of commotion.
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>> reporter: jeannette was scared when she heard police bang on her neighbor ronald anderson's door last night in southeast d.c. >> i couldn't go to sleep. i was afraid. >> reporter: she had no clue that anderson was in critical condition at a hospital after police say he got in a shoot-out with officers on h street. it all started around 5:30 yesterday evening. police say anderson kidnapped his girlfriend in northeast d.c. drove her to the u.s. census bureau in suitland maryland where they say he shot and killed a security guard. he left as d.c. police spotted him in southeast and he started shooting at officers. police chased him to h street northeast. the mayhem ended with a crash and lots of gunfire. according to court documents released we found out that police say they searched the suspect's car and found a .45 semiautomatic handgun. >> it actually happened right near the middle of this block. >> reporter: carmen whitaker manages touche supper club.
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the shooting caused her to cancel an event. how much did you lose. >> between 3,000 to $4,000 in revenue. >> reporter: according to court documents police say they found a cell phone in anderson's car. tonight he's charged with armed kidnapping and assaulting a police officer. he has not been charged with the alleged killing of the security guard. live here on h street shomari stone, news 4. great work shomari. you can find out more about the suspect including the charges he was already facing on an anne arundel county police officer is in critical condition tonight after he was shot this morning. happened around 2:00 this morning outside a convenience store on east college parkway in annapolis. police say a witness told the officer about a suspicious man outside the tore. the officer approached him and there was some kind of a struggle. the suspect fired a shot and ran away. police are still searching for the armed gunman. developing out of baltimore
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county three people are dead in what police are calling a murder/suicide. now, investigators went to a home in parkvail after a 911 caller said that the woman who lived in the house didn't show up for work. when officers got there, they discovered the bodies of three family members. police believe a knife and gun were used in those doets. the investigation ising what forced a small car off the road and into a small creek. the suv ended up partially submerged in the creek along woodmore road tonight. they didn't use boats. they were able to pull the driver out of the car. he suffered a medical emergency and ran off the road. he's now in good condition. more dash cam video is filling in the blanks in that deadly police shooting in south carolina. while former officer michael slager was engaged with walter scott, dash cam video shows another officer with a passenger from scott's car. that officer has the man put his hands on the car while he's being searched.
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the officer questioned the passenger but did not detain him. and now state investigators say from the very beginning, they doubted the story slager was telling them. walter scott's family will hold a funeral for him tomorrow. developing tonight, the man beaten by several california sheriff's deputies after a chase on horseback says one of the deputies threatened him. attorneys for francis pusok say after the beating, a deputy told him, quote, this isn't over. lawyers say pusok is still very swollen and bruised and can't remember everything that happened. ten computes have been sdeputies have been placed on leave and the fbi is investigating. the weather channel is reporting that up to 14 tornadoes tore through the midwest and two people have been killed. survivors are describing the harrowing moments when the storm hit. the frantic searches for people trapped and coming to grips with what they lost. nbc's national correspondent miguel almaguer is in fairdale
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which took a direct hit. >> oh my gosh. >> this was the killer tornado that barreled through northern illinois. >> he's over. they'd never seen anything like it. in the bull's-eye the tiny of fairdale. seconds mean the difference between life and death. >> it's just devastating. that's all i can say. unbelievable. >> reporter: today, search teams again combed piles of wreckage. two women, one a grandmother, who were neighbors and friends, discovered inside their homes. >> it was just unbelievable. >> reporter: daniel and alan chased the storm, then rushed to help the victims. >> we helped as many people as we could until the rescue got there. >> this is the house. >> reporter: 15 miles away the town of rochelle is in pieces.
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homes stripped off their slabs. memories and keepsakes scattered across streets. this is where the restaurant stood. the owner scrat as the tornado came right at them. >> we were in the basement two to three minutes before it just demolished the building. >> reporter: for 90 minutes they were buried under debris. the landscape here permanently changed. the town before and now after. the view from above heartbreaking. what's most striking from the air, aside from the devastation, is the path of this tornado. it plowed through the middle of these corn fields then suddenly seemed to make a beeline for the homes below. homes like this one where alan wooden's grandchildren would have been playing in the upstairs bedroom. if everyone was home do you think -- >> it wouldn't have been good. >> reporter: even with all this destruction, so many still thankful. >> we got our family. houses can be replaced. >> reporter: and you got your pictures and memories still. >> yeah.
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that was miguel almaguer reporting. part of that same system is rolling through our area right now, but it's mild compared to what they saw in the midwest. is the rain and bad weather over veronica sh. >> that it is. the system really tame coming through our area. we never got the strong storms or the severe weather because it was just too cool and we stayed locked in with clouds all day. the showers are moving out. just showers all the way down to the south. richmond really got hit with a lot of heavy rain and lightning. and there were even some downed trees the and some high winds. now that's also east of that area. and we're seeing the cold front, the dry air start to move in. i'm seeing hupdty levels drop around winchester around leesburg. and even d.c. still sticky but that front will come through. we're at 64 degrees now. we will be dropping to the 40s by tomorrow morning, and in the rest of my forecast or at least
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part of it for the weekend i'm using the word "cold." wait till you see some of the temperatures before we bounce back up. >> thank you, veronica. tonight yet another member of the secret service is in trouble. arthur baldwin was arrested in d.c. this morning. court domes show that baldwin's ex-girlfriend lives in southeast d.c. and she accused him of kicking down the front door of her home and breaking two windows. baldwin was not there when police arrived, but he did come back while officers were still investigating and officers say that baldwin admitted he kicked her door down. he's now facing charges for burglary and destruction of property. new at 11:00, public health officials have closed the food section of the target in columbia heights. that store was cited for minor issues and they came back to see if the store managers had addressed those problems and that's when they found mice
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droppings and insects. target can ask for a reinspection. if they have resolved the issues the food section will be allowed to reopen. looks like hillary clinton is finally ready to run for president. sources close to clinton say she's going the announce her presidential campaign on sunday and she'll do it on social media. after that she'll head to iowa new hampshire and other key states to meet with voters in small gatherings. virtually unopposed at the moment she's considered the best bet for the democratic nomination. for more than 50 years, the u.s. has tried to overthrow or isolate the cuban regime. but now we're just hours away from a historic meeting between president obama and cuban leader raul castro at the summit of the americas in panama. the two leaders shook hands tonight and are working toward a new diplomatic relationship that could lead to the opening of embassies in washington and in havana. >> even the president has to file taxes. today the white house released the obamas' tax returns.
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they show that president obama and the first lady paid more than $93,000 in taxes on a $477,000 income. they also reported over $70,000 in charitable donations. a news4 i-team investigation paid off in a big way tonight as the maryland house of delegates passed a bill that was created as a direct result of our investigation taking a toll. now, back in december we showed how viewers lost their entire down payment when they tried to buy a house from one of the nation's largest home builders. this bill makes it illegal for home builders to seize your down payment if you lose your financing. now it heads to the governor's desk. if you want to see why lawmakers were outraged by what we uncovered go to the nbc washington app and click on the investigations ling. dramatic video shows the terrifying moment as a school bus rolls over. what investigators believe caused this wreck. imagine taking a drive and
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seeing this in your way. find how long folks living here will have to deal with the road block. and a pet owner wanted to post flyers to find his beloved missing dog, then he found out it could cost him about $750
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[ screams ] >> incredible video tonight from on board a school bus as it loses control and rolls over on to its side in tulsa, oklahoma.
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ten students and one adult were on the bus at the time. four students suffered serious injuries but they are all expected to be okay. investigators say a combination of wet roads and speed may have played a role in this crash. a boulder the size of a two-story house caused quite a roadblock in southern ohio. the rock weighs 1500 tons. it toppled on to a highway near the kentucky boulder. a pickup truck ran into the boulder but fortunately that driver is okay. officials say that area is prone to rock slides. it will take most of the weekend for crews to move that boulder. a dog owner did what any of us would who had a missing pet would do. he posted flyers about it. but then d.c. police threatened him with a fine. $750,000. news4's darcy spencer shows us why. >> reporter: roger horowitz rips down the flyers he posted about his missing dog ollie. not because the dog has been found. he's being threatened with a
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huge fine if he doesn't. roger and his wife anne marie recently adopted ollie. he was a rescue dog that had been shot in georgia. >> he'd been abused by his previous owner and actually shot with a shotgun. so he's got 23 pellets still in his back. >> reporter: horowitz was walking ollie on march 30th when he broke loose. >> cars backfired and he just suddenly bolted and managed to get away with the leash. >> reporter: he filed a missing dog report and says he was initially encouraged by police to post flyers. volunteers helped put up thousands of them but then a phone call changed everything. ollie's owners say they received a surprising phone call from a d.c. police officer saying they've got to rip down all these signs or pay a hefty fine. >> told me that regardless if we put up the flyers or if other people put them up we had made the original flyer, had my phone number and we could get fined up
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to $750,000. >> reporter: we asked d.c. police about the sign rules and fines. we were sent these regulations about posting flyers. vitals can result in a $300 fine it's unclear if that's per sign. the horowitz say they'd like to see the law changed to help people looking for missing pets and loved ones. >> this unknown, what can we to find our dog? >> reporter: in northwest, darcy spencer. >> take a good look. hope they find him. >> we were talking about this so much in the newsroom. i guess you could still post it at private businesses like starbucks. >> bulletin boards. >> but keep them off the phone poles, i guess. so a lot of us have big plans for looking at cherry blossoms or just getting outside into the sunshine this weekend. what's the good word? >> the good word is just what you said the parks and the trails they're going to be packed this weekend because, other than some cool starts you'll probably need to like have a sweatshirt on light
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jacket. the afternoon you're going to be in short sleeves and shorts for sure on sunday. let's take a look. we've been monitoring the radar all afternoon and evening again, explain why we just didn't get that severe weather today. now we're waiting on the drier air to move in. showers continue to make their way well south and east into areas of the northern neck. southeastern virginia 64 degrees our temperature now. we've got a partly cloudy sky. the wind now northwest at 14 miles per hour. we had that southerly wind right out ahead of the cold front, but now that's come through, so northwesterly wind. temperatures tomorrow morning, 48 degrees gaithersburg 48 manassas college park starting out tomorrow morning around 48 degrees. that's not bad, right? take a look at the wind gusts, too, because it's the early part of the day where on top of the temperatures in the 40s, it will be breezy and brisk. wind gusting from 20 to 25 miles per hour at 6:00 a.m. look at that 30-mile-per-hour
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gust showing up at 9:00 a.m. until 11:00 a.m. until 1:00 or 2:00 we'll have the higher winds, then we'll start to settle down with sunshine. tomorrow's forecast 60 to 69 degrees. that's seasonable this time of year. close to what our average is. breezy yes, but not on sunday. so saturday some of the blossoms just a few might come down for the wind in and around the tidal basin. sunday warmer conditions. we get the green light, the two. we want folks to get out this weekend. even monday the early part of next week gorgeous conditions because we're still going to have a big area of high pressure over us. here's a look at sunday morning. that's when it gets cold. that's the time this weekend, early part of the day sunday. 36 mount airy in frederick, 35 degrees, in areas like leeberg and sterling that's cold for this time of year. sunday impact forecast if you're going to be hitting the links
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and maybe going to the governmentgolf course 62 degrees. you might want to wait a little while. gorgeous weekend, 66 close to 70 degrees. a lot of sunshine. this will be a good weekend for not only doing some spring cleaning but getting outside, maybe doing a little bit of gardening, too. and washing the car because we only have a slight chance of rain next week unlike this week where it was so gray. next week we've got a couple of days with lots of sunshine temperatures instead of in the 50s, in around 60 degrees, we're closer to 70 degrees. nice warmth all week. >> that was helpful. you've got our whole weekend planned except for the spring cleaning part. >> something for next month. coming up in sports why the nationals and, heck the orioles and wizards were all about as happy as this guy tonight.
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this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. the mets left town. nats looking to bounce back against the phillies tonight. >> the phillies are supposed to be terrible according to everyone. now is the time for teams all across major league baseball to pounce on the nats. they're banged up and out of sync. tonight in philadelphia a less than healthy lineup produced just one run. after four games the nats are batting 3 for 22 with runners in scoring position. they've left 24 runners on base. the phillie phanatic showing off
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his dance moves tonight. either that or he's trying to pick that guy's pocket. michael taylor leading off against jerome williams tonight in this his first career leadoff home run. a lot of good seats available out in the outfield there. second homer of his career. the nationals go up 1-0. xavier cedeno. he gives up a bases-loaded hit to hernandez. two runs come in to score. the phillies played four in the inning. three of those charged to mr. gonzalez. top of the eighth bryce harper up. with a man on second. trying to get something to go there. he strikes out looking. harper with six strikeouts in his last eight at-bats. the nats strand four tonight. dropping to 1-3 to start the season. in baltimore, home opener for the orioles taking on the blue jays. not a good day for ao's starter.
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navarro takes it to left. two score on this double. the blue jays jump out to a 4-0 lead. norris had a rough day. eight earned running in just three innings of work. in the sixth inning baltimore just can't catch a break. chris davis at the plate. this ball deep to left. but pillar is on his horse. the orioles fall 12-5 in their home opener. over in the nba the biz ards visiting brooklyn. john wall out for a second straight game resting up for the playoffs. the brook lopez show started. that's as many as the wizards had as a team in that frame. brooklyn up 17 points after the first quarter. wizards, they did have a few bright spots. beal he came to play tonight. gets the steal. nice finish there for beal. he had 24 points in the game.
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the first quarter was really bad. lopez finished with 26 points. the nets blast the wizards 117-80. less's move on and talk golf. if you've only been keeping track of tiger woods at the masters, you missed history being made at augusta. jordan spieth is tearing through the course. he set a 36-hole record. woods shot a 1 over yesterday, much improved in his second round. his first time breaking 70 at the masters since 2011. he's tied for 19th but still 12 shots behind the leader jordan spieth. as for the 21-year-old, he's continuing his strong play shooting a 66. his 14 under is the lowest 36-hole score at the masters ever. 15 birdies in two days for spieth. he leads charley hoffman by five strokes matching the largest halfway lead in masters history.
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also the capitals they're in action tomorrow against the rangers at 12:30. if they win, they clinch home ice advantage in the first
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some breaking news we've just learned that police have made an arrest in the shooting of an anne arundel county police officer. officers have been out searching for that shooter since 2:00 this morning when shots rang out outside a convenience store in annapolis. the officer himself is still in critical condition tonight. >> that's our news.
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