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tv   News4 Today  NBC  April 14, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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file a lawsuit against gun today. you are looking at jayden stancil today. a fight broke out nearby. his family says it's suing the complex in the hopes of reducing gun violence in the district. child protective services is launching a new investigation into that maryland family who put free range parenting into the national spotlight. this morning, we have the 911 call that had the couple in trouble for letting their and 6-year-old children walking to the park alone. >> two kids are unaccompanied and walking around 20 minutes by themselves. >> that call happened sunday in silver spring. the meitivs have been found responsible unsubstantiated child neglect after their children were found walking alone last december. the couple says they are
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considering fighting back with a lawsuit. a principal is no longer leading her school after being denied reentry into the u.s. barbara smith has resigned. she was told her visa documents were not in order when she tried to return from canada after spring break. well in december the school board put the charter on probation when it found out smith was not licensed to teach in virginia. her replacement will start on may 1st. it is not known if she will return to middleburg. it's time now to check the forecast. we had a gorgeous beautiful monday. >> it was absolutely glorious. now it's only a matter of before before the showers break through. let's find out from tom when the rain will break through. >> it's cooled down in the 60s and some rain is moving in. good-bye sunshine. we have this light rain coming
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in through the west. little patches of rain here in northwest and fairfax county. just light rain the rest of northern virginia into west virginia moving right into the metro area. these will be the warmest temperatures of the day as the day progresses we will see it turning cooler as that rainfalls. so for the morning commute, showers likely through the morning with temperatures in the lower 60s and then some heavy rain in the afternoon so wet pavement around and we'll be dropping back down into the 50s during the afternoon and into this evening. coming up at 4:41 your walk to work forecast and what to wear that's in about ten minutes. now a look at our traffic on this tuesday. here's melissa. good morning. we have some construction here and there, that is normal on a tuesday morning. 66 here and 95 everything rolling along pretty nicely. nice and green there. no major issues. same thing as we move over to the right here at prince
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george's county. 95 maryland at skaggsville road here. rolling along quite nicely. we do have left lane blocked at the toll road. back in anyone's i'll see you at 4:41. a developing story overnight we have now learned that a family of three died when a giant concrete slab fell on top of their truck. it was a couple in their 20s and their eight-month-old baby son inside that pick up truck. they were discovered as the rubble was cleared away. you see the folks there in takoma washington thought only one person was inside when an 80 foot section of concrete
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fell from a bridge. but the project to make a safe walkway for pedestrians took that tragic turn and now investigators want to know how this happened. that is the latest to you. it's now 4:34. police are looking for a man they say killed his wife in a dunkin'donuts in a -- anne arundel county. bhadreshkumar chetanbhai patel beat his wife to death. she was 21 years old. if you think you know something what happened call anne arundel county police. a police say 21-year-old jessica addly was driving under the influence. she crashed into a house.
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the passenger was ejected from the vehicle and died. we'll get a much closer look at hillary clinton's campaign strategy today when she meets with community college students in iowa. she's asking for small donations on line. experts say she may eventually top the $1 billion president obama raised back in 2012. and a direct challenge to the president, the senate committee is expected to vote today for more influence over nuclear deal with iran. lawmakers are trying to find a compromise that can overcome the president's veto threat. secretary of state john kerry went to the hill to ask for more time. russia and ukraine have agreed to withdraw heavy weapons from the front lines. the agreement comes amid a spike in violence between
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russian-backed separatists and ukrainian government forces. leaders are meeting in germany to try to put an end to the year long conflict. more than 6,000 people have been killed in the conflict. you can officially fill your ballot to fill two seats on the d.c. council. there is a crowded field to fill marion berry's seat. just before their midnight deadline maryland lawmakers passed next year's budget. the $40 billion spending plan caused a divide. it does include $200 million for education, raises and health care. hogan opposes that spending and says he will likely use the man to offset a deficit next year. and d.c. council raised
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concern about new taxes and increased sales tax and higher tax at parking garages in the city. they also criticized the small amount of funding for the d.c. street car which she said she supported a few weeks ago. >> i'm confused about whether that's serious because these dollars really wouldn't support such a thing. it looks like a street car system that's on life support. >> bowser says she's does support the street car long term. currently the program is years behind schedule and has cost hundreds of millions of dollars. it's one thing to fall asleep at work. it's another to do it when you work in a plane's cargo area. the employee being blamed for an emergency landing. >> up up, and away. >>. why nasa is sending local students projects into space and a live look outside, pretty clear for now but that could change by the time you live for work. tom is back with your drive-time
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forecast. your time right now is
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welcome back. an alaska airline plane made an emergency landing after hearing screaming and banging beneath the plane. the los angeles bound flight landed in seattle yesterday.
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the cargo hold is pressurized and temperature controlled. the worker suffered no injuries. he told first responders he was taking a nap and was caught. yikes. okay. well nasa will try for a third time to launch a rocket with college science experiments into space. the experiments will developed by undergrads at virginia tech and several other schools. the launch is in wallops island in virginia. the launch was postponed because of the weather. and we'll be waiting to here whether a launch will be attempted in cape canaveral. it's scheduled for 4 to 10 a.m. it's includes experiments and
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espresso maker and the italian astronaut is going to wait another day for the good stuff. >> first things first get our coffee. then we'll move on. wee wonder what kind of weather we have today. >> i get a feeling we're in for a little bit of a cooldown. >> yeah. the same front heading out is going to be heading out where the launch is going to have. they have only a 50% chance of getting it up. getting some light rain moving in from the west and it's moving right into the metro area right now. so a little sprinkle activity in montgomery and fairfax county and points west. we'll have wet roads for the morning commute. right now we're in the mid 60s. during the 50s in the afternoon. we could get moderate to heavy downpours noontime into late mid afternoon as it moves on
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through. a look at other rain chances over the next seven days. that's coming up at 4:51. we have some road work 95 northbound at 234, the two left lanes are block until 5:00 this morning. you can see a little bit of a slowdown as you are approaching that area. it shouldn't be too much of a problem. if you are headed out after that. don't worry about it at all. wide look at things overall, no major problems everything rolling away quite nicely. do have some other road work on 66 sincere, nutley and seminary. we learn the church of jesus christ wants to weigh in in front of the supreme court on a case. a manhunt is under way after a
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today, friends and family will remember a security guard shot and killed at the census building in suitland maryland. a viewing will be held for him today. his funeral will be held friday in westmoreland county. right now, police in north carolina are searching for the man who shot and killed an employee on at a north carolina college campus. 20-year-old kenneth stancil walk into a building and kill ron lane. he was formerly student at a school and stancil was a
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printer. can one of the most famous women in the world reintroduce herself to voters in iowa? nbc is there with a live look. >> hillary clinton is trying to get that more personal relationship with voters at the moment. she took a more grassroots approach to this campaign. she's hit the road in a van. clinton drove 1,000 miles from upstate new york to iowa. her campaign stop will be to talk to students at kirkwood community college. voters can ask her about the emails on her server and also what she knew about benghazi. for this run, she has bypassed those big rallies and gone with a more personal interaction. on the other side of the race there's three republicans entering the race for president.
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florida's marco rubio announced yesterday. he's the youngest running. it's 4:48. today we'll learn what alex alexandria mayor thinks is going well in this city. how your tax dollars will be spent there are five public hearings. the number of spots for speakers is limited so register ahead of time. at the live desk with new details just in on the same-sex marriage case before the u.s. supreme court. we just got a copy of the brief filed by the church of jesus christ of la latter day saints and a coalition of faith communities. they all want in on the arguments with a particular focus on religious freedom and its connection to the definition of marriage.
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now, in june the high court is expected to rule on whether same-sex marriage is a constitutional right nationwide and whether individual states must recognize marriages from other states. that is the latest from the live desk. back to you. thank you. we're now hearing from the man who was in the car with walter scott when he was pulled over last week in south carolina. by now you know this story. scott ran away from the score -- car and was shot in the back by officer michael slager. he's now in jail on murder charges. walter was a dear friend and i miss him every day. a few sentences later, i never know why he ran but i know he didn't deserve to die. a d.c. council member is now challenging challenging the mayor over the
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body cameras. kenyan mcduffie he's says concerned that the program will be exempted from foia requests. he's also concerned that police have denied all requests about the program so far. activist groups are holding rallies for equal payday. they will raise awareness that the unfair advantage that men have in the workplace. mayor bowser will attend later. on average, women earn 3/4 of what men do for the same job. and the d.c. housing department is holding a meeting in every ward to talk about how to create more affordable housing. tonight, housing leaders will be in ward 7 at the marshall heights community development
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organization. if you are interested, the meeting begins at 6:30 p.m. the one thing you don't want to forget today is the umbrella. >> when the rain going to start? >> just a couple of sprinkles coming into the western suburbs. how are you at jumping puddles? rain boots too. the rain will be coming down harder during the afternoon, but right now just some very light rain coming in from the west. that's the area you see in the moving green on the radar, those areas where a few pockets of yellow. it's coming down a little bit harder in the mountains of west virginia. just a few sprinkles in fairfax and montgomery counties. the shenandoah valley the rain is continuing to move in. this area in yellow is where the rain may start coming down just a little bit harder just about
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8:00 this morning. noontime we'll have some moderate even some heavy downpours especially to our east. then that rain slowly moves off to the east because it's kind of a staled front with a weak area of low pressure rolling along that front. 3:00 p.m. still moderate to heavy rain. the heaviest rain will moving toward to the eastern shore around 6 p.m. by 11:00 we'll have it cloudy and temperatures right now are in the 60s, but later today, it will be dropping back down into the 50s as that rain continues to fall into the afternoon, and then into the evening hours we begin to dry out. love this photo taken yesterday by 12-year-old alie worrall, a beautiful picture there of the magnolias there in the sunshine.
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tomorrow another beautiful day around 70. another chance of rain late on thursday and into friday morning and another chance on saturday afternoon, maybe on sunday. so stay tuned on that. highs near 70 each day. now, let's check on our morning commute. melissa is back. what's going on? >> good to see you. had a little bit of road work not so good to see. dulles toll road westbound at hunter mill we have a road blocked, it will should open up in a few minutes. remember when you hop in your car, you can listen to our friends on wtoe. prince george's county nice and green. 66 east of route 123, a little bit of volume there. it was one of the first states to have such a thing, and it just hit a major milestone.
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why virginia is touti
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welcome back to 4:56. a major milestone for virginia's crime lab. the dna databank had its 10,000 cold case hit last month. virginia became one of the first
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to create a databank for persons arrested for felonies. >> it's now provided us with invaluable leads to law enforcement. the data bank has also assisted in exonerating the wrongly convicted. the lab was toured yesterday. senator warner said he will continue to fight for money for the kits. the 134-year-old arts and industry building is right next to the smithsonian castle it was closed in 2004 for a $55 million renovation. it's hoped to turn it into a innovative center but closed it due to financial pressures. it will reopen for special
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events late this year. are you ready for more than 1.6 million new neighbors, but that is the projection by the metropolitan washington council of governments. it rickets by 2040 the population of the washington area will rise to more than 6.5 million people up for a little more than 5 million in 2010. arlington, al alexandria are expected to see a growth rath of 37%. charled county is only to have a highest growth of 55%. it's free cone day. yea! ben and jerry's shops across the country doing this. what more do you need to know other than what time the shop closest to you open ups. for us here it's 10:00 a.m. >> can we go a little early and
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get in line? >> we sure. we got to talk to the boss. the company says it's their way of thanking their customers. they want to you instagram your ice cream cone. chocolate fudge brownie. >> i like cherry garcia too but i like chocolate fudge brownie. >> chunky monkey. >> back in line sunglasses and all. good morning. i'm angie duff in for. let's get a forecast for today. >> #umbrella day. the rain is moving into our western suburbs coming in from the west and a little bit from the southwest. right now getting rain from right along 95.
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fredericksburg right into washington pavement just now getting to wet. pavement along to 66 is wet now. and the pavement is wet on 270 from gaithersburg up to frederick and on interstate 70 from baltimore over toward howard county and 81 is all wet this morning and 340 as well as the light rain is continuing to move in from the west and we'll be continuing to move into our eastern suburbs in about another hour or so. there are those thickening clouds. a live view from our tower camera. a damp morning. rainy afternoon, we could have moderate to heavy downpours in the afternoon. we have rain chances over the next seven days as well. a mild start. we're in the 60s. it will be dropping as we get into the rest of the afternoon down into the 50s. next weather and traffic on the on


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