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tv   News4 Today  NBC  April 15, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. it's april 15th, tax day, 2015. sorry to be the bearer of bad news. much more on the events honoring president lincoln today. >> but first the forecast. it is wednesday, hump day. looks like the try weather is -- dry weather is trying to make a comeback. >> yes. it has exited. we got two-thirds of an inch of rain yesterday. the last of the rain in far southern maryland a few scattered sprinkles there. otherwise, a lot of clouds around today. #not much sun. and closer to washington right around the beltway it's near 50. reagan national at 53. southern maryland around the bay, in the low to mid 50s now. a lot of clouds this morning. might have a little bit of sun. drying conditions through the morning. then a mild afternoon coming up. looks like warmer weather moving in for friday and into saturday. next weather and traffic on the ones at 5:11.
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a look at your bus stop forecast coming up and what to wear. melissa, what's happening on the the issue on the inner loop of the woodrow wilson bridge. looks like things may have cleared out of the way. we did have a police response here perhaps moved out of the way at this point this morning. we'll check on that and let you know in a couple of minutes. looking at 95 in maryland no major problems. north bound or southbound, everything is moving along nicely. 66 head into and out of town looking nice. 270 north and south moving along nicely. same thing as you head over to the east, into and out of town, no issues. at this hour on this morning 150 years ago, doctors were fighting to save the life of president abraham lincoln. at the same time a massive manhunt was underway for his assassin who was hiding out at a home in maryland. right now, ford's theatre is
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marking the anniversary with around the clock tribute. news4's megan mcgrath has details. good morning. >> reporter: well good morning. they are re-enacting things as they happened 150 years ago at ford's theatre and at the peterson house. you can see behind me here, the re-enactors, people in period costume that are participating. and this is going to be happening throughout the morning and people are welcome to come on down and take a look and be a part of this historical re-enactment. tenth street has been blocked off in front of ford's theatre. and that will be the case until about 8:00 this morning. there was a large vigil that happened last night. you can see in the video hundreds of people attended. now, at this point in the time line, president lincoln was inside the peterson house which is located across the street from ford's theatre. he at this point was fighting for his life. now they have a re-enactor who is portraying dr. charles leal and periodically he comes out to the steps of the peterson house
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and giving updates to people assembled outside. this is as it happened 150 years ago. at 7:22 the moment when president lincoln was pronounced dead they'll be laying a wreath on the steps of the peterson house. now, of course that assassination happened 150 years ago and today there are a number of events that are scheduled to mark that day. walking tours, panel discussions. there's going to be commemorative ceremony here at the peterson house and at ford's theatre. that is getting underway at 7:22 this morning. expected to last until 7:45 or so. that is free and open to the public. then at 8:00 this morning, bells are going to toll around the city. and coming up in the next hour we'll hear a little bit more from the artistic director of ford's theater about events happening today. back to you guys in the studio. >> all right, megan mcgrath, thank you. police are looking for a couple of armed bank robbers in prince georges county.
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the robbers dressed up in full bodysuits. they robbed the bank of america on laurel bowie road in bowie. witnesses believe both robbers are men. and one of the members of the so-called black hat bandits has confessed. 66-year-old thomas george admitted he was part of a robbery at the wells fargo on connecticut avenue. witnesses say he threatened to kill a customer if he didn't get the money. a possible accomplice was also arrested. they're known for using high powered rifles and black hats to rob banks. 5:04. we'll find out how long a man will stay in jail for allegedly raping men. he lured men he met at beer pong tournaments to his home in gaithersburg after getting them drunk and raping them. poindexter is believed to be a sexual predator who has been targeting young men for a decade. he is expected to be sentenced
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today at 1:30. for the first time a good samaritan is talking about the day he found a quadriplegic man abandoned in the woods with just a blanket and a bible. police say the 21-year-old victim's mother left him in a philadelphia park on friday so she could visit her boyfriend in silver spring. anderson spotted a wheelchair while he was trying to get a picture of two deer for his grandsons and he saw something wrapped up in a large bundle and called for help. >> and when the rescue guy came and opened the package, i remember it was a bible on top of it. i didn't see his face but i saw the bible and i walked away. >> the man is being treated at the hospital now. prosecutors said that his mother nyia parler will be charged with attempted murder. she's currently in the hospital in montgomery county but police have not revealed why. hillary clinton continues her low key presidential campaign kickoff in iowa. if you can call it low key. she plans to hold more small
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meetings today. she is talking to people in the suburbs surrounding des moines. many of the events are purposely closed to the media. she is focused on meeting people and talking about the economy. more large scale events and rallies will be held next month. new science is giving a family -- the families of some pearl harbor heroes some new hope. the military will use forensic technology to identify 400 sailors and marines who are buried as unknowns after the bombing in 1941. the military says it plans to unearth the remains in three to six weeks so they can re-examine them. they hope to identify all the unknown service members in the next five years. 5:06 right now. it's time for you to rock the red. the caps quest for the cup begins tonight. the capitals will take on the new york islanders in game 1 of the divisional playoffs. this is first time the capitals have faced the islanders since 1993. of course in the playoffs things get a little more intense. and a little more physical and
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caps' players are just fine with that. >> i think over the last few years you have seen kind of a -- a little bit of a shift in the teams that are successful. and having to play that style especially in the playoffs. wearing them down over games. it's okay to you know not do it for one game and bounce back and play a different team. but when you have the same team and over and over again, you need to put that in their mind right from the start. >> if you want to catch a playoff game, you can still get a pretty affordable ticket. on stub hub, we found tickets as cheap as $39. tonight's game is at 7:00 p.m. at verizon center. well she started the explosive accusations against donald sterling and his girlfriend may have to pay big time. and bumps and bruises this morning after a flight suffers a hard landing. we got some new video in and we'll bring you that and tell
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you why the flight was so bumpy. looking live outside, where it was much drier than yesterday. 53 degrees outside of our studios but how long will that last?
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welcome back. you are looking at new video after an asiana airline skidded off the runway in japan. it clipped several communication towers and about 20 passengers
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were treated for minor injuries. people said they were tossed up and down in their seats. the airport has closed. two years ago a plane crashed as it approached san francisco's airport. the woman who leaked that audiotape of donald sterling's racist comments last year has a big settlement to pay. a judge ruled that she owes $2.6 million. and sterling used to own the l.a. clippers. shelly sterling claimed her husband who gave stiviano millions in gifts wasn't free to give anything away until he had consent. a tornado touched down, two cars were flipped over as the small tornado touched down in eugene. that's south of portland. one car was lifted more than six feet off the ground before it came crashing back down. there were people inside those cars that flipped over and fortunately, they were not hurt.
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what -- >> good for them. how scary. >> for sure. around here we're dealing with a soaker yesterday. waking up to a little damp weather, but looks like things will improve. >> let's hope all the rain washed out the pollen though, tom. >> please. >> it did. the tree pollen anyway. we'll have that kind of building today as we gradually dry out. good morning. we still have damp pavement and sidewalks but we're hovering around 50 degrees around 7:00 and 8:00 a.m. as well. if you're waiting for the metro you'll be glad you're wearing a light jacket. you can ditch the umbrella, the slicker and the rain boots. later this afternoon you'll be comfortable in long sleeves as temperatures will generally be in the 60s to 70 degrees. look at our next chances for more rain. that's coming up at 5:21. new crash now, where's this? >> this is 95 southbound at 6:44
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we had that initial problem with a car down the embankment. now we're understanding that two lanes are blocked, 95 southbound and 644. we're making some calls now. inner look of the woodrow wilson bridge, nothing is happening there and we still have that problem there with the right lane blocked. 66 into and out of town no problems. 270, rolling along just fine. it's something called predatory towing. tow trucks just waiting for you to park illegally and then charge you a huge amount to get your car back. >> but now there's a measure to make the practice illegal. we are going to tell you where. a video sparks new outrage, and new talks about police brutality after an arizona of
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if you run over somebody it's usually because you were driving too fast or you didn't look before you turned or you didn't stop for someone in the crosswalk. always be alert. pedestrians don't come with airbags.
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you're watching "news4 today." >> welcome back at 5:16. a police officer in arizona will not face charges for hitting a
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suspect with his patrol car. take a look at this dash cam video released by police. right there, police say the man robbed a 7 eleven set fire to a church and stole a rifle. that happened back in february. >> but the guy probably is still alive because the officer took the action that he took. because had he continued to press down the street or to walk toward sergeant control, these officers have to choice but to begin firing. >> the officer is now back on duty after being put on administrative leave. the suspect survived the collision and now faces several felony charges. a woman is in the hospital in critical condition this morning after she was hit by a car. this happened last night on bock road. the driver who hit the woman did stay on the scene. the u.s. capital police have two major positions they have to fill soon.
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assistant chief daniel malloy announced yesterday he plans to retire at the end of the month. he served on the force for 30 years. his boss chief kim dime submitted his resignation last week. new this morning, north koreans are marking the 103rd very of the birth of the man who -- anniversary of the birth of the man who led them after the end of the war. you can see a statue of the son there and his birthday is a public holiday in north korea known as the day of the son. canada is stepping up the work was and britain to help ukraine battle pro russian separatists. canada will send 200 military planners to help bolster the forces. there are more than 1 million people of ukrainian descent living in canada. a dramatic scene in brazil as police storm an apartment complex filled with more than 100 people living there illegally. look at the scene here. you can see that some of the
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people set fires in response. olympic organizers are planning to use the complex as a hotel for the games in rio de janeiro next year. in news4 for your health there may be a link between gestational diabetes and children who have autism. kaiser permanente researchers said there's an association between the two. it can help in fetuses with a lower than normal amount of oxygen in their blood. in baltimore, researchers at johns hopkins found a possible link in autism between children and their father's sperm. the same pattern showed up in men's sperm when children had early signs of autism. kids who have an easier time understanding what their friends want, think and feel tend to be more popular in school. a new study looked at more than 2,000 children between the ages of 2 and 10 and researchers asked those students and teachers to measure the popularity of other classmates. well, the study found that children who were considered the most popular also had a better
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understanding of conflict and sarcasm. they were also more aware of others' needs. the results may show that empathy is important for making friends and maintaining friends throughout life. there's a serious flu outbreak in the midwest. it's not a threat to people know. it's a threat to dogs. more than 1,000 dogs have been sickened with the canine flu in the chicago area. making matters worse is vets say this flu strain has never been seen before in the u.s. >> so we don't to create mass hysteria but we do want them to be aware that if they have a coughing dog in their house they need to be watching their cats. >> so far, there have been five deaths. vets recommend people avoid social areas like doggie day care and dog parks. this is treatable they say. but they also say it's highly contagious. if you don't get it at the right time it could eventually develop into pneumonia. >> so humans have to make sure
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your dogs stay away from other sick animals as well. >> yes. all right, a time for the look at the forecast. perhaps go back outside today after being soaked yesterday. weather and traffic on the ones. >> meteorologist tom kierein is tracking the next chance of rain. >> good morning. yeah pavement is still wet from the rain yesterday. we had a couple of accidents, i'm just told we have a new one too. we'll hear about that in a second from melissa. just because that pavement is wet it's rather slick out there. we are gradually trying out. no more rain falling from the sky. it's dissipating as it's crossing the eastern shore. temperatures are on the chilly side. we'rn suburbs. panhandle of west virginia and shenandoah valley and into west virginia in the mid 40s there. low to mid 50s around the metro areas. highs today should be climbing into the upper 60s. the district may be around 70. a cloudy day as well maybe a little peek of sun across northern virginia. highs from loudoun county
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through prince william. stafford spotsylvania should be in the upper 60s. st. mary's and anne arundel into the 60s. right by the bay a little breeze off the chilly waters of the bay, only near 60 degrees for a high later this afternoon. counties along the pennsylvania border frederick, washington panhandle of west virginia over to cumberland in the mid 60s. low to mid 60s, shenandoah valley into the mountains later today. a lot of clouds there as well. then overnight tonight we'll be down to near 50 degrees and tomorrow another day with a lot of clouds. highs again upper 60s near 70. next chance of rain is tomorrow evening. and lingering into maybe friday morning. then some sun back friday afternoon with warmer temperatures. should make it into the low 70s. beautiful day on saturday. highs reaching upper 70s. highs, 60s, another chance of rain sunday evening into part of monday. high 70 degrees. drying out on tuesday into midweek next week. next weather and traffic on the
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ones coming up at 5:31. your hour by hour mild temperatures through the day ahead. the new crash, what's going on? >> 66 eastbound. that's the on ramp from 29. you can see the crash off to the left side of the roadway. people are out of the roadway here. so warning if you're head out of the gainesville area. inner loop of the woodrow wilson bridge looks like something on the shoulder here, but looks like the lane is probably open at this point. that just sort of changed as i walked out here. 66 westbound, only two lanes getting by there because of road work. signage they're put up right now. no major problems when you look at the beltway and prince georges county looking good as well. more on the new crash on 66 coming up. thank you. the iranian foreign minister says he tried to personally intervene in the case for a "washington post" journalist charged with spying. jason rezaian is accused of espionage and acting against
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national security. the foreign minister says the charges are quote very serious and he won't try to influence the charges but he has tried to help on humanitarian grounds. >> so i have personally tried to assist in a humanitarian -- on humanitarian basis, possibilities for him to have visits with his mother and other members of his family. >> rezaian was detained july 22 along with his wife and two photojournalists. the others have since been release. iranian state television claims he sold economic and industrial information to americans. the virginia general assembly could take up changes to a new ethics bill today. the assembly passed that bill earlier this year. it forbids lawmakers from taking any gift valued above $100. but governor mcauliffe said the bill had a loophole because it didn't limit the number of $100 gifts the lawmakers could receive. he's calling for a cap of just
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one$1,100 gift a year. and we know the name of the city manager. the mayor named mark jinks to the post. the change takes effect immediately. he has served as acting city manager since the start of the year. virginia is getting rid of the voting machines that had the major technical problems last november. the state board of elections decertified more than 500 win vote machines. it allows you to punch your votes in a punch screen. they're used in 20% of the voting precincts including spotsylvania county. they have to find replacements in time for the primary in june. you or someone you know have probably been a victim of predatory towing. where tow truck operators grab the cars as fast as they can and the montgomery county officials are saying no more. a new bill cracks down on
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aggressive towings. it would ban the spotters who look out for cars to hook. a council member said it's the number one consumer complaint in the county. >> i was literally there for an hour and a half. my car got towed. >> it's not okay how this business is done and we need to step in and clean it up. >> if you want to see all of the proposals search towing on the nbc washington app. it's a program great for students transcripts and wallets but a dual enrollment program in northern virginia could be in jeopardy. great news for virginia students after somebody made off with their trophies and a robot from a recent competition. how police tracked down the stuff. looking live at the current temperatures a lot of people are waking up to mild temperatures and it's 53 in washington. tom has your hour by hour forecast in your next weather and traffic on the ones. your time right now is 5:27.
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looking at the stories making headlines right now at 5:30 police are looking for a couple of armed bank robbers.
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they robbed the bank of america in bowie. a good samaritan is talking about the day he found a quadriplegic man abandoned in the woods with just a blanket and a bible. fitzroy anderson said he spotted the man while trying to take a picture. police say the 21-year-old victim left him in the park on friday so she could visit her boyfriend. and the district and nation is marking the 150th anniversary of president lincoln's assassination. search for them on the nbc washington app. we'll have much more on those stories throughout the morning, but first, good morning to you. i'm eun yang. >> i'm angie goff in for aaron gilchrist. this morning we are waking one the remnants of all that rain we saw last night. >> good news is it is clear for now. let's check in with storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein for a look at the forecast. >> good morning. yeah, the rain has stopped but we have some puddles around. some wet pavement. there's the sky, a live view from the tower camera.
5:31 am
a few breaks in the clouds. might allow a little bit of sunshine to come through. between now and 8:00 we'll be in the 40s to near 50. then mostly cloudy the rest of the day. temperatures by noontime, should be into the low to mid 60s. then upper 60s near 70 by late afternoon. still mostly cloudy, not much sun today. and then overnight tonight a lot of clouds around. the last of the rain exited the lower part of the eastern shore just about half an hour ago. so we are beginning to try out and there is a chill in the air now. we're in the 40s north and west of the metro area and right around washington near 50 degrees. it's dipped down to the upper 40s to 50s in southern virginia and the lower part of the bay. a look at your drive time forecast morning and afternoon commute coming up at 5:41. now we're still dealing with the aftermath of a crash. what's going on with that, melissa? >> still have this problem as you're headed out of gainesville. a lot of red on your screen. this is 29 the ramp to 66 eastbound. so you can see the crash here on the left side of the roadway.
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as you're kind of making your way on to 66 it is pretty jammed here because of that crash. you have to stay to the right. inner loop of the woodrow wilson bridge just have this crash off to the right shoulder so no major problem there anymore. it is out of the main lanes. 66 headed into town kind of through manassas you're not having any issues. not even seeing any real backups here as you come on to 29. perhaps it will change in the next couple of mitch its here. 95 north bound or southbound no problems here. listen to our friends on wtop when you hop in your car. and prince georges county moving along. more coming up in ten minutes. a dueling enrollment program that's helped loudoun county teens save money on college tuition is in jeopardy. students at the high school have been able to take college level physics classes and they received credit at richard bland college of william & mary. they were planning to include theater, biology and chemistry.
5:33 am
that's on hold after another community college raised jurisdiction questions. loudoun public schools is stalling that program. >> it would be a very sad thing for those of us that have put in work to be in this course. >> well parents say the kids are missing out on both the credits and the early college experience. last week, richard bland got a partial go ahead. stay with news4. we'll follow up on this story. so a teenage boy who impersonated a police officer in fairfax county will not face charges. police in the county stopped the 16-year-old during a dwi check point on friday night. officers found equipment of law enforcement in his car. the boy and his friend were released to their parents. 5:33. if you're plan on eating some fast food it may not be so fast as some workers plan to go on strike. fast food workers from more than 200 cities nationwide plan to strike today. they want a $15 hourly wage and
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the right to form unions. organizers at april said protests are being held in as many as 40 other countries. we're looking today that agents with the drug enforcement administration have attended sex parties with prostitutes while stationed overseas and it seems these events are dating back as far as 2001. that's what came out in a dea report released yesterday. it follows a justice department investigation spawned by a secret service prostitution scandal in 2012. so far, ten dea agents have been accused of wrongdoing and seven have been suspended. none have been fired and their names have not been released. molette green at the live desk with new numbers that show violent attacks against jews surged worldwide. just released study says 2014 was the second most violent year in the past decade. partly due to the bloody war last summer between israel and hamas in gaza. now, researchers found most of
5:35 am
the cases the 766 cases in western europe at synagogues, schools and cemeteries. that's the latest. back to you now. >> molette green, thank you. one construction project is about to make history in the district and this one is pretty cool. crews are going to pick up two 100-year-old buildings off their foundation and move them. this is part of a development project on new york avenue. a carriage warehouse built in 1891 will be moved about 30 feet. doesn't seem that far, but it's a building. that process expected to take about a week. it's the largest building moved in d.c. history. pretty cool there. a major face-lift is coming for the russell senate building as well. crews are plans repairs to the facade windows and doors of the 105-year-old building across the street from the capitol. scott mcfarland says that the
5:36 am
repairs are needed to prevent the stones from falling out. today first lady michelle obama and many kids in the area will get their hands dirty. they'll be planting vegetables in the white house kitchen garden. this is the seventh year in a row that the first lady is hosting the event. the first lady created the garden to start a national conversation about healthful eating. food news for local students in loudoun county. equipment and robotics are being returned after being stolen. this is the robotics team that won a spot in the world championships during a competition a week ago. but their robot and awards were stolen along with their vehicle a few hours later. the equipment and trophies have been found near knoxville, tennessee, and appear to be in good condition. last weekend, the team built new robotics from donated money and were able to get some more equipment when they received the original robotics.
5:37 am
they'll decide which ones to use in the world competition which is scheduled for next wednesday. don't let tax day get you down. there are a number of freebies you can cash in on. we'll run down the number of places to stop by today. temperatures are a little cool right now. at we are using that #not much sun. scott bell is out to show you how the weather can impact your weather today. that's at 5:41. the company are $70,000 is now the new minimum
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we'll have a minimum $70,000 pay rate for everyone who works here. >> the shock is still settling in for employees at gravity payments in seattle. >> yeah you heard the ceo announce everyone there will be paid a minimum of $70,000 a year. >> can you imagine? >> a minimum. >> $70,000? >> unbelievable. the average salary at the credit card processing company was just $48,000. so as you might imagine the news is having quite the impact on the workers. >> i can move out of my grandmother's house. >> we can start a family months before we thought we could. >> well to pay for the change
5:41 am
the ceo cut his own salary from about $1 million to $70,000 a year. he also expects more than $2 million in extra profits this year and the sound bites that you just heard from the people that are benefiting from this, that was a theme. this is going to benefit my family i can start a family. >> this is life changing money, right? so there are about 70 employ that double salary. the ceo wants to start a conversation about the minimum wage about work happiness and workplace environment. >> and feeling valued right? >> yeah. $70,000. i don't want to tell you what i made last year. >> can't go there. 5:41. time for a check on your traffic and weather on the ones. >> chuck bell is live with the storm team 4 in bristow, virginia. good morning. >> good morning. a very chilly start out here in bristow this morning. temperature now down to 48 degrees. and i was watching the satellite
5:42 am
out here, we watched the little thumbnail moon rising a few minutes ago and the clear skies have allowed for a big drop in temperatures. as a result, there are patchy areas of fog across parts of northern virginia. on this side of me, we have the train -- the very head of the line of the vre. this is the train headed into union station. everybody getting on board first thing this morning. they don't have to worry about the long commute in or the fog. temperatures outside in the 40s and 50s early this morning. we'll get sunshine tclouds come rolling back in as well. high temperatures today, upper 60s to near 70 degrees. so it will turn into a nice day to be outside, but do plan on some areas of fog around first thing this morning and a little bit of wetness on the roads as well. maybe not the ultimate best drive in to work and school this morning. you might want your long jacket and long sleeves for this morning. you can see your breath across
5:43 am
parts of northern virginia early this morning. i have to check out and see if i'm allowed to yell the all aboard that's a life long dream of me. >> we'll start a petition. >> a check -- yeah, absolutely. >> why not, right? the girls here are like, they should let him do it. >> let him do that. good for them. >> yeah. >> definitely allowed. >> i'm on board for this. >> all right. 29 ramp 66 east not looking as nasty as it was. right now still a little bit of red, but not as bad as it was there. as far as travel times go 270 south, you're on time. outer loop 270, same thing. virginia travel times, 66 east into town you're fine. 395 northbound no problems there. and 95, actually looking really good there as well. we'll go to the beltway in 28 minutes. >> thanks. a jury has been seated in the aurora, colorado, movie
5:44 am
theater shooting. we're learning sad news about the man behind one of the most famous pictures in american history.
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you're watching "news4 today." >> it's very important, this decision that people of the cuba know -- northern territories know. >> new reaction pouring in today from cuba which president obama says is coming off the list of state sponsors for terrorism. the decision could have a major impact on both countries including a major amount of travel and an embassy here in washington. nbc's edward lawrence is following that story from capitol hill. where lawmakers now have to approve the president's plan. edward, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. lawmakers actually can block the deal within the next 45 days but they have to draft a new piece
5:48 am
of legislation and then vet on that legislation. now, reaction is coming down along party lines. nancy pelosi says that this is a good decision. she applauds the move. she says that cuba shouldn't have been on the state sponsor list for 50 years and she said tourism will bring a positive change to the communist country. on the other side of the aisle, marco rubio from florida calls the move a mistake. he says that he is the son of cuban immigrants and believes that the u.s. needs to double their effort to support those who are pushing for democracy and democratic elections within cuba. now other countries that were on the list and were dropped off, iraq, libya, north korea, south yemen. now, if and when cuba does come off that list there are three countries that are left on the list. iran syria, and sudan. reporting live on capitol hill, edward lawrence. >> thank you. today boston will mark the
5:49 am
second anniversary of the marathon bombing. boston's mayor has declared april 15th one boston day. a new tradition to honor the city's resilience. he's asked bostonians to show an act of kindness to someone today. three people were killed and more than 260 others were hurt during the bombing. the trial for the man accused of killing 12 people at a colorado movie theater can move forward. after nearly three months of intense questioning a jury is now seated in the james holmes murder trial. it consists of 12 jurors and 12 alternates including 19 women and five men. one of the jurors is a survivor of the columbine high school shooting. the jury selection process was one of the largest and most complicated in u.s. history. 9,000 prospective jurors were summoned to court and hundreds were asked back for one-on-one questioning. opening arguments will start on april 27th. d.c. mayor muriel bowser is defending her plans to keep
5:50 am
cameras from police officers out of the public eye. funding for the cameras is tied to language that exempts video from freedom of information act requests and that would mean the public and reporters would not have access unless the video surfaced in court cases perhaps. this comes at a time when these videos are under heavy scrutiny across the country despite transparency concerns bowser said she's for the privacy of the ordinary citizens. >> let's just face it when a citizen calls 911 and they call for the police, oftentimes they're in a distressed situation. police are coming into their homes. and they expect privacy. >> the body cameras are still in a testing phase and the council has not approved funding for them. the nats are on the loadroad today, and if you notice they're
5:51 am
all wearing the number 42. that was jackie robinson's number. plans for a funeral are now underway for the man behind one of the most iconic photos in american history. take that look, you have seen this photo before. it shows president john f. kennedy's son saluting his father's casket in 1963. we learned the man behind the camera died this week. he was 84 years old. >> a photo that captured so many motions from the pride to the respect to nourning. time for the forecast. has the rain headed out for sure? >> i think it has but it's not moved out for the entire week, right? >> the song i hear -- i think it's the grass growing. >> with all that rain. >> it was crazy. so nonstop and widespread. >> and the weeds are growing too. it will be busy around the yards this weekend. we have had three-quarters of an inch of rain moving out. a live view showing a crescent
5:52 am
moon hanging in the -- >> i see. >> -- in the eastern sky there. below our banner. a little bit of turquoise and tangerine on the who are his roohorizon now. temperatures around the region under this clearing sky after the rain has moved out down into the 40s. patchy fog especially north and west of the metro area and some of the rural areas of virginia watch out for that. temperatures near 50 in washington and right by the chesapeake bay, gorgeous on monday. that was the last of the peak cherry blossoms. this photo is taken on the mall by dave marsans. post your photos on facebook and twitter and instagram. check out the latest where you are when you're mobile. with the storm team 4 app. temperatures are reaching the upper 60s and 70s. closely cloudy across northern virginia.
5:53 am
and southern maryland all counties there including anne arundel and northern should be reaching the low to mid 60s. only near 60 right near by the bay with the wind off the bay and the counties are on the pennsylvania border will be in the upper 60s. mid 60s shenandoah valley. then tomorrow a lot of clouds again up near 70. next chance of rain is thursday evening and perhaps into friday morning. the sun back friday afternoon. then saturday looking great for outdoor activities and pulling weeds. we'll be in the upper 70s saturday afternoon. then sunday upper 60s. another chance of rain sunday into monday. melissa looks at the slowing traffic. >> slowing traffic in virginia. dale city to 95 northbound it's quite slow because of a crash and of course as you're headed through dale city northbound it's slow as well. so going to be nasty there for you this morning. branch avenue at the beltway. hearing about a brand new crash
5:54 am
there. this is beltway at branch it's not exactly the right camera. but looking good. branch avenue as you approach the beltway, gohearing of a new crash there. 66 eastbound, still have the situation off to the left side of the roadway. looks like it should be clearing out soon in a lot of the earlier traffic we were seeing built up there is being pushed out of the way. at the top of 95, no major problems but a little slow here. dale city probably the slowest part there. no major problems in northbound or southbound. listen to our friends on w top for the latest on the traffic. prince georges county looking quite good. if you were one of the target customers targeted by the breach, some money could be headed your way. landon dowdy has more on that.
5:55 am
and how you can score free things. >> yeah whether it's ice cream or tax refunds target is reimbursing banks for $20 million for the massive thai that breach in 2013. it would cover the costs. target said 40 million cards were compromise and personal information of up to 110 million people may have been stolen. and does tax day have you down several restaurants are offering freebies today. at boston market it's buy one individual meal and get a second one free. pizza hut is offering a return with a chance to win gift cards. eun, back over to you. >> thanks landon. 5:56. we have some tips this morning if you're not able to get those taxes filed by the midnight deadline. the first thing to do is file an extension today. and you can do that by going to
5:56 am
free file on you need to file form 4868. if you do not file that ex file. if you owe the irs money, you still have to estimate the amount of tax and pay by today. you have to pay up. you will receive a refund if you wind up paying too much. well it may not be the first thing that you think of when planning your vacation. but you might want to consider including thrift stores on your next trip. more tourists are opting to skip the mall and head to consignment and vintage shops. some say you get a better feel for the community you visit. >> you don't want to go to the mall. you want to see something different. you're connecting can people that live in a community and it's a much different feeling. it's true and authentic. >> another thing, you spend so much money on vacation, it's nice to visit some places where you can actually save some money. >> very cool. right now, people are gathering to remember the life of abraham lincoln. this is the scene right now
5:57 am
outside of the ford's theatre in downtown washington where the crowd is marking the 150th anniversary of his assassination. what you can expect to see in the hours ahead, next on "news4 today" at 6:00.
5:58 am
5:59 am
"news4 today" starts now. >> right now on "news4 today" remembering a tragic day in american history. you're looking live outside of the ford's theater in downtown washington where people have marking the 150th anniversary of president lincoln's assassination. the rain is gone, but don't expect sun in the days ahead. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein has today's weather headlines. >> good morning. starting off this morning we are drying out, but pavement is still kind of damp. we still have some puddles from yesterday's rain that has now exited the region over the last hour. the last of it now pulling away. we do have a partly cloudy sky.
6:00 am
another crescent moon, not going to see much sun after sunrise. a mild afternoon, then warmer weather moves in on friday and on saturday. temperatures right now though are rather chilly. northern and western suburbs, loudoun, fauquier generally in the 40s. there's some patchy fog there. so watch out for that. closer to washington, don't have any fog. temperatures are in the upper 40s to near 50 degrees. a look at your bus stop forecast, what to wear today that's coming up next at 6:11. we already had a couple of crashes this morning with this damp pavement. what's going on now, melissa? >> now we have another one. this is in alexandria huntington road just got a report of an overturned vehicle. we'll s


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