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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  April 16, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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forward. tracking some sprinkles and light showers this evening. more on the way for friday. first, new details on the gire row -- operated an unregistered aircraft and violating national air space. >> a story with this video we brought to you as breaking news yesterday right here on news4 at 4. we're learning more about how the florida post pal worker breached our city's no fly zone. >> team coverage first at 4 beginning with news4's chris gordon. >> reporter: i just came oust the federal courthouse here in the district where douglas hughes made his first appearance. federal magistrate deborah robinson ordered him released on his own recognizance with conditions, that he stay away from the u.s. capitol and white house, that he refrain from flying any aircraft including an ultralight, that he report to tampa tampa's pretrial services, tampa, florida, being where he lives, that he be required to be
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restricted to home detention and that he only return to the district of columbia for court appearances or to meet with his lawyers. his lawyer said that he has an expired passport. the judge wanted it to be surrendered. the next court appearance will be be the preliminary hearing here at the u.s. district courthouse on friday, may 8th. reporting from the federal courthouse, chris gordon news4. i want to know all the facts before i reach an assessment of what can and should be done about giro koptors in the future. this individual apparently literally flew in under the radar literally. >> that's homeland security secretary jeh johnson today. he said when he heard about what happened he was confused because he didn't know what a giro koptor was. he also said while security has to stay one step ahead of incidents like this, people should not overreact.
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taking a closer look at the path hughes took, he left gettysburg regional airport and flew to washington passing through several restricted flight zones going right along the national mall, before landing on the west lawn of the capitol. our team coverage continue now with pat collins and a look at the security concerns resulting from this flight. pat? >> reporter: pat how did he do it? how come radar didn't pick him up? how come the air defenders of our city weren't deployed? how? how? how? how did this 61-year-old man on what he described as aicycle penetrate the restricted air space of washington and land undetected on the capitol lawn? i talked to somebody at norad today, and he told me norad
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didn't know he was here until he was here. this is what senator tim kaine has to say about it. >> this is a very serious matter. that shouldn't be the end of it. we need to look at what the faa doing this investigation our law enforcement agencies they knew about it this was a breach of security of the capitol that could potentially have been very serious. and we need to understand why he was able to kind of get onto the capitol grounds in an aircraft with snobnobody stopping him. >> reporter: now, it appears something may be wrong with our radar. what does that mean for the security of our city? we'll hear from an expert coming up at 5:00. jim, back to you. now to storm team4 today showers rolling in folks. veronica johnson is in the storm center. what are we talking about? >> hard to believe after a fabulous day. i'm tracking showers right now on satellite and radar. the clouds have been creeping in. you've probably noticed the high
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clouds, the showers the green creeping into falkier county, leesburg leesburg, probably sprinkles there, culpeper seeing the line of rain advancing toward the east. it's going to run along i-66 over the next half hour. this line will be moving through areas of falkier county, through prince william county and right into the district. so we've got a little bit of wet weather to talk about this evening. we've got more wet weather to talk about for friday. it's going to rain, folks, during certain times of the day tomorrow. even a chance for some thunder. i'll give you details coming right up. first at 4, an nfl star gets ready for a comeback after being charged with child abuse. the league today says it will reinstate adrian peterson with his team the minnesota vikings. he'll be able to pick up right where he left off. last year you'll recall peterson was suspended without pay for the rest of the season after pleading no contest to assaulting his son with a switch. >> right now investigators are
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working to find the cause of a house fire in arlington. a man reported his garage was on fire just off columbia pike. by the time firefighters got there, the whole house was in flames. this afternoon, there's nothing left but the charred wooden frame. no one was injured. new details this afternoon about a deadly accident. the driver was killed attempting to get away from a state voop trooper. the trooper tried to make a routine traffic stop around 1:00 a.m. in waldorf. the driver sped off, hit a utility pole knocked down power lines and ultimately flipped of the car. acton lane was closed for hours as crews worked to clear the area. the driver was pronounced dead at the scene and has not been identified. the man who spent years speaking on behalf of his fellow police officers faced a judge today on childor pornography charges. northern virginia bureau chief julie carey was inside the courthouse today was the former public information officer,
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charged with possessing and of the intent to distribute child pornography. investigators were led to walker by a tip from an online blog. according to police, they traced uploads onto the web site to walker's home in fairfax county. a bond hearing is set now for tomorrow. well, a lot of you were tweeting about this on your way to work this morning. right now the metro's green line and yellow line are back up to normal. the morning commute was snarled by an arcing insulator near the ft. to the totten station. a lot had to wait at metro as they brought in shet ells. the station reopen 0ed a short time later. our news4 i-team was the first to break the story about proposed changes coming to security at the white house. how the city is responding to security breaches there. and the noticeable changes you'll soon see. plus, a country music star gets quite a square. how this story of a bus fire suddenly took a very big turn.
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chilling details in the case of an ohio man who allegedly gottor terrorist training from militants in syria last year. federal prosecutors say mohammed got training in weapons, explosives and hand-to-hand combat. he came back to the u.s. in june allegedly with instructions to commit an act of terror. that's according to a federal indictment released today. mohammed's brother went to syria in 2013 and was killed fighting for an al qaeda affiliate. a teenager from sterling virginia, is in jail right now charged with a murder in herndon. 18-year-old moses dmin guess was arrested for the killing of william leaf va. he was found dead last month in some woods near a walking trail off hidden brook drive. detectives are looking into the possibility the murder was gang repeated. tense moments for members of the band lady ant bell imthis
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morning as the bus they were traveling on caught fire. this happened just outside dallas where fire rescue officials say a blown tire on the bus caused the bus to be engulfed with flames. the band was headed to the american country music awards on her instagram account, hilary scott posted a foetd toe of the scene and a message that read in part, quote everyone is safe and sound. then a few hours later, she said everything from the back lounge of the bus was destroyed except for her bible. she added quote, my faith is forever deepened because of today. i'm scott with duke university. excuse me. that was on camera. >> can you say awkward but saved the day with a good sense of humor from the governor of north carolina. governor pat mccory joined a roundtable meeting but nobody told the governor the chair had wheels on it. mcyourry said in 20 years of
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public service this was a first. i'd say he took it pretty well. >> he did. right now storm team4 radar is lighting up with showers all over the area. but the wet weather could be just the beginning. veronica will tell us what's next. plus, getting ready. crowds will fill our national mall for a huge concert in just a matter of days. and it could cause some headaches even if you're not going. you're watching news4 "f ♪ ♪ stop dreaming. it's time for the volkswagen stop dreaming start driving event. get a $1000 volkswagen credit bonus. hurry in, during the final days of the volkswagen stop dreaming start driving event and you can get 0% apr, plus a $1,000 volkswagen credit bonus
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i-team takes a close look at some of the changes just approved for the new white house fence. >> a federal agency approved adding spikes to the gate to reduce the risk of people jumping or climbing over. >> the latest fallout from the frightening incident months ago when a man made it over the fence and onto the white house east room. >> as scott macfarlane shows ussish the spikes will be temporary until a permanent replacement fence is completed. >> reporter: one of two federal agencies that has to approve changes to the white house fence did so today temporary changes that last about a year. they'll add steel spikes atop the fence to make it license climbable, also changing the vehicle checkpoints around the white house three of them making them for fortified. take a look at this image, the current setup is on the top, the bottom one is what it will soon become. a bit more fortified, they think. these images obtained exclusively by news4. and the park service and secret
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service were considering bolder ideas to make this place more secure, includeing barbed wire, a moot mote, those railroad all turned down. there were others, details on why they were rejected and what they were coming up at 5. for now at the bhiet house, scott macfarlane news4. these 100 influential people just became even more influential. so who made the "time" magazine out with the 100 most influential people list? well, hillary clinton and from the republican party senator bob corker is there, actor bradley cooper made it as did comedian john oliver, director lee daniels making the "time" list and you could have guessed this one, tailor swift. both kanye west and kim kardashian also making the "time" list. there will be a full-scale emergency response drill this weekend at the greenbelt metro station. just yesterday you saw that pedestrian bridge collapse onto the tracks between the greenbelt
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and college park stations. this drill is sunday morning. emergency responders will simulate the evacuation of passengers from a fake disabled train. the greenbelt station will remain open during this exercise exercise. there will be be similar drills later this year in d.c. and virginia. >> emancipation events are well under way in the district with parades and other events. april 16 1862 marks the abolition of slavery in the district of columbia. more than 3,000 people who were slaves were freed on this day 153 years ago. if you missed the parade no worries. a concert on freedom plaza starts at 4:30 and will last until 8:30 tonight followed by a fireworks show. >> you couldn't have asked for better weather today. the fireworks should be fine. we're talking about sprinklersor, light showers. we're live on parascope right
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now. if you want to follow us go to nbc washington to get more information on that. again, cloud cover today. there's the rain lain lining up from areas just west of falkier county into stafford county right now. you can see on storm team4 radar, here we go, behind the scenes and over to the big green screen, i-95 seeing the showers running down just shy of quantico right now. all of this advancing eastward so soon into areas like bluemont right areas of 66 manassas, too, then eventually into fairfax and d.c. but this is moving very slowly. probably now the next hour it will hit areas of prince william county and probably not until 6:00 or 7:00 into fairfax and d.c. again, light showers and sprinkles around the hour. so at nats stadium for first pitch, 7:05, here is a look at the forecast, temperatures in the mid-60s, could be a sprinkle coming through. take the jacket. might need it late as
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temperatures drop to the upper 50s by last out. lots of cloud cover around the area. i think our best chance of showers will be app after midnight. we're at 74 right now, it's plenty warm. 70 in camp springs 66 in pax river with all of that warmth today, you know what it did? it allowed the pollen count to go sky high for trees running high for cottonwood and for poplar. take a look temperatures by tomorrow morning, start willing out inity fwz not too bad, nice and comfortable. but it will be wet so you'll need the umbrella once again, the rain gear, rain jackets. pull them out. mid-50s, upper 50s right inside the beltway, 55 for fredericksburg and stafford, 6:00 a.m. yes there will be again wet roads between 8:00 and 10:00 a.m. still showers around the area. i do think we could get a little bit of a break between noon and about 3:00 tomorrow. after that, some showers and even the chance for eye little bit of thunder back. here's early tomorrow morning, showers drifting through, scattered and very light, better chance in the afternoon with the
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actual weather system moving through. there are the areas where there could be be some thunder annapolis through d.c., as far south as stafford and waldorf tomorrow afternoon. by 8:00 already we're going to start clearing out. that's going to lead us to a very fine weekend. mid-70s for highs tomorrow, again that's with cloud cover. we're upper 70s, around 80 degrees for saturday, very, very warm conditions expected on saturday. saturday the best day to get out this weekend. sunday the rain returns. there's a 60% chance of some showers late in the day. i think as late as 6:00, 7:00. so again, the weekend this is your a-plus day, saturday. monday right now is looking wet from the beginning of the day right through your afternoon and into the evening, as a matter of fact. the monday morning rush coulding very soggy, anywhere from a half to an inch of rain. we'll have a lot more on this weekend coming up and of course
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our wet monday as well as the showers that are making their way through the area right now. jim, pat? thanks. >> a live picture of the national mall as crews begin setting up for the big earth day event on saturday. >> it's a big rally aimed to unit unite the issues of climate change and global poverty. and about 250,000 people are expected to head down. this event is free and hosted by you can expect performances from no doubt, usher fallout boy also expecting road closures around downtown d.c. for most of the day on saturday. check the nbc washington app, of course before you head out to avoid delays. >> guaranteed to be some. >> you know. well, it's a recall that could make spring cleaning dangerous the popular tool that's been overheating, even catch fire. >> one lawmaker learns a tough lesson in cell phonette etiquette. it's going viral. remember, folks, as wet weather moves in, you can always stay ahead of it if you don't
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the measles outbreak that began at disneyland in december and quickly jumped state lines will be declared over tomorrow if there are no new cases discovered. of the outbreak sickenedor more than 130 people in california
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alone and reignited the vaccine debate. most people who got sick had not been vaccinated. measles was thought to be eradicated in the u.s. in 2000 but travelers can still bring in in from abroad. the virus strain in this outbreak is one that's common in the philippines. a judge has ordered rap mogul suge knight to stand trial for allegedly hitting two men with his pickup truck killing one and seriously injuring the other. knight pleaded not guilty to murder and attempted murder. a judge in los angeles made the ruling after a preliminary hearing to consider evidence in the case. if found guilty, the co-founder of death row records would face a mandatory sentence of 25 years to life. a badly burned firefighter getting better now even smiling after the latest of several surgeries. we first brought you this story two weeks ago. a neighbor's cell phone captured this video the moments captain pete dern fell through the roof of that burning garage in fresno
4:25 pm
fresno, california. he was rescued within minutes but suffered second and third degree burns. the department said he smiled yesterday when visiting with nurses. two recalls to tell you about today both involving tools that are supposed to help you with your yard work. both home light and owt industries are recalling their electric blower vacuums because they can overheat, spark and catch fire. the recalls affect more than 1 million vacuums. what's more there have already been reports of about 1400 fires. these bars are different because nuts are what's causing the high
4:26 pm
fat levels. >> if kind bars can't be called healthy because of their fat content, it implies that almonds can't be called healthy because of their fat content or walnuts because those are the sources of the fat in the kind bars that is causing this controversy. >> nutrition experts argue that consumers should look past the marketing and focus on getting a good, balanced diet. washington's worst places to work ranked for all to see. "first at 4," which parts of government aren't quite keeping its employees happy. we're staying on top of new developments this afternoon, those question bz how safe our city and skies are after that bizarre protest ended with a gyrocopter at the u.s. capitol. we're coming right back.
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>> announcer: you're watching news4 at 4. here's what's happening right now at 4:30. storm team4 is tracking a line of showers that are quickly moving into the area and we could be under the threat of rain for the next 24 hours. this home in south arlington a total loss this afternoon. take a look, flames ripping through it this afternoon. people could see the thick smoke for miles. everybody made it out safely. and the florida postal worker accused of landing that gyrocopter on the grounds of the capitol just appeared in court. a judge released him on his own recognizance but on the condition he stay as way from the white house and capitol.
4:30 pm
he can't operate any flying equipment. now to the security concerns raised by the stunt at the capitol. no one was injured, but there could have been a very different outcome. >> the secret service and a florida newspaper knew about the pilot, now credit igs sick critics want to know why it was so easy for him to fly under the radar. >> reporter: he landed at the capitol and landed in jail. but tonight pilot protester doug yuz is already out on his own recognizance, charged eenl with flying an unregistered plane and violated d.c. air space. hughes' message about campaign finance is overshadowed by concern about his penetration of washington's no fly zone. down the mall past the white house to the capitol. >> i got to tell you i'm very upset and very concerned about this. >> reporter: secretary of homeland security jeh johnson. >> this individual apparently literally flew in under the radar, literally.
4:31 pm
>> reporter: but homeland security had hughes in its sights two years ago. the tampa day times shot this video and secret service interviewed hughes, telling lawmakers today they found him not to be a threat. >> terrorists don't brachtoadcast their flight path. >> reporter: tampa bay times reporter ben montgomery covered hughes' preparation, came to washington to watch and did not would not call police. >> what if the cops pull out the guns and start shooting? >> reporter: would that bother you? you like this guy? >> i think this guy was nonviolent. >> reporter: secret service today said someone else at the paper called to ask about hughes but not to warn that he'd taken off. they were referred to capitol police so questions remain. >> what other planes could be able to come in? what other copters could be able to come in? >> reporter: and can secret service already working to beef up barriers around the white house better coordinate with other agencies to counter the airborne threat to washington? i'm steve handelsman, nbc news,
4:32 pm
capitol hill. new details about the arizona police officer behind the wheel of the cruiser that ran over an armed suspect. according to court documents he was the focus of a civil lawsuit ten years ago when he was a new york police officer. a plan claimed he threatened to shoot him then hand kufd and choked him over a dispute over a parked car. in the arizona case where pea co-used his cruiser to take down an armed suspect walking down the street, was cleared of any charges. it's become an annual tradition. today president obama and vice president joe biden welcomed wounded warriors to the white house to launch the annual soldier ride. ff's our chance to say it to all of our returning heroes that you're not alone, that we've got your back. we're going to be with you every step of the way. >> the ride brings injured service members from all over the country together for a long
4:33 pm
weekend, focused on camaraderie and healing. now to a story that got a lot of reaction on our nbc washington facebook page. a missing dog by the name of ollie back home nearly three weeks after ollie went missing, someone spotted him on the campus of howard university hospital. his owners went down and managed to grab him and take him home earlier today. >> staff at the howard university hospital had called the campus police. they sent officers there and then the police called us because they recognized it was ollie, filed a report with them, and so we went and miraculously my wife just sat down and he came right to her. >> our original story generated a lot of buzz because his owners say they were threatened with huge fines if they didn't take down their missing dog flyers, which were posted around the city. still ahead, news4's darcy spencer will take a look at how some are trying to change d.c.'s sign ordinance. women one might imagine a senate hearing on u.s. terror policy could get a little dry,
4:34 pm
right? unless someone forgets to set their phone to silent. >> preferences? >> oh, come on. ♪ let it go ♪ >> just let it go. >> yes, senator pat roberts has that oscar winning song from the disney flick "frozen" as his ring tone. maybe a grandchild gave it to him? the finance committee hearing quickly returned to business, but the light moment started trending on social media, even more play when the republican senator tweeted somebody had to tell the obama administration to let it go hash tag for the grandkids. >> we knew there had to be inspiration there kids, grandkids. not for him. a new concern for parents. "first at 4," brand-new information about an alarming trend. more teens using e-cigarettes instead of lighting up. what's behind this and whether the new technology is really a
4:35 pm
safer option. police call it a real-life dr. jekyll and mr. hide, a well respected doctor now accused of leading a double life. what he's accused of doing that his longtime patients say they cannot believe. and storm team4 tracking some rain. >> that's right. our early afternoon was really nice, right? nice and mild a lot of sunshine across the area. now the clouds have moved in. look at this storm team4 radar we've got storms across the area. i'm tracking this line starting to really break up and becoming ragged. it will bring wet weather to our area. the timing on that between now and through 7:00 p.m., then a better chance of rain 11:00 p.m. to midnight. wait until you see the forecast for friday and just beyond that. i'll have it coming up when news4 at 4 returns. i'm wendy rieger at the live desk. we have breaking news out of southwest d.c. two people have been shot, police say they were found in the 100 block of ridge road, not far from east capitol street in
4:36 pm
anacostia. both men were conscious and breathing when they were taken to the hospital. a tweet from police says they're looking for a black crown victoria seen speeding away from the scene. at the
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does living close to the airport impact the way you sleep at night? according to a new report by the centers for disease control, the answers is no. researchers linked noise data
4:39 pm
for 95 major airports in this country to data on the number of days without enough rest or sleep for people near the airports. they found no significant parallels between the two. the study also confirmed earlier findings that adults who are young female and non-hispanic are most likely to get too little sleep at night. e-cigarettes have jumped in popularity among teenagers in recent years. >> in fact, a report released just today find more teens are smoking e-cigarettes than conventional cigarettes. erika edwards has more. >> reporter: let's start with a bit of good news. just 9% of high school students said they smoked cigarettes last year, a significant decline from nearly 16% in 2011. but it seemed they're replacing conventional cigarettes with electronic cigarettes both containing nicotine. >> nicotine is we know for sure, an addictive product. put into the hands of teenagers who are more susceptible to addictive products this is a
4:40 pm
problem. >> reporter: the centers for disease control published findings from the latest national youth tobacco survey. it asked 22,000 teens whether they'd used tobacco within the past month. the percentage of kids trying e-cigarettes tripled in a short period of time from 4.5% in 2013 to more than 13% a year later. >> the fact that youth are even xpeerpting with these product chz we know can have lasting effects 0en their developing brain, can cause addiction is concerning to us. >> reporter: the food and drug administration has power over conventional cigarettes but not e-cigarettes which have exploded in popularity in recent years. >> we don't want to be playing a game of tobacco nicotine whac-a-mole where we're looking at one product. >> reporter: a ban of e-cigarettes to kids under age 18 backed by the e-cigarette industry. erika edwards, nbc news. some encouraging news for folks who have received a
4:41 pm
speeding ticket or other traffic violation recently. according to a new survey out, only 19% of respondents said their auto insurance premiums went up as a result of a violation. the best way to avoid paying more for insurance, pick a policy with accident forgiveness, keep your car in good working order so you don't get pulled over for things like a burned-out head light. "first at 4," storm team4 is tracking wet weather, much of your friday could be wet. veronica johnson is tracking when you'll see the rain and whether it will dry out in time tore the weekend. the video that has so many of you talking this evening, a woman swallowed by a wave, the frantic efforts to
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here we go again. right now on news4, storm team4 radar covering a line of showers and moving in fast. veronica joins us in a moment with her updated forecast, and you'll probably want to keep that umbrella close by. the story behind this shocking video that has so many people talking online today. what happened when a woman got a little too close to strong seas. but first, the first set of all female quinntuplets born in just four minutes. >> after a busy week, mom and dad spoke on the "today" show. >> hazel, parker, riley, and identical twins olivia and ava, each weighing around 2 pounds,
4:45 pm
all doing fine in the intensive care at the women's hospital of texas in houston. danielle described an emotional downpour when she held one of her girls for the first time. >> i did. i got to hold her two days ago and got to hold ava last night. it's been hard to see your baby in the ice owlets, but that moment when you finally get to touch your baby and hold them, it's -- there's no better feeling than that for sure. >> wow. the babies are all on oxygen for their premature lungs. the search is on in boston right now for a thief who told running shoes from two marathon bombing survivors. they were in downtown boston yesterday for the one boston day ceremony. they were going to surprise a team of other survivors planning to run in the marathon with new shoes and athletic items. even more insulting? the thief left a note open their car saying, from me to you. well, veronica joins us now.
4:46 pm
big changes on the way in weather for tonight. >> that's right. for tonight and even the morning rush, the roads will be a little wet around the area. nothing too heavy, but the windshield wipers will get a little bit of a workout. we're talking about scattered light showers, a sprinkle or two here and there. not everyone will see the wet weather but again some around the on the storm team4 radar that's the movement from west to east. it's lined up from pennsylvania all the way down into virginia. out ahead of this next weather system, while this line was very narrow earlier, now it's filling in back to the west. you can see it riding along areas of 66 as we track it wiest ward. it will make it that move over the next two hours through prince william county, fair tax county, right into d.c. so, okay, let's see. 5:00 now, that's right around game time, right? again, if you're going to the game, take along the rain jacket. brantsville getting showers right into areas of 95
4:47 pm
woodbridge, quantico, even this lifting east and more northeast ward, up to waldorf, allen, calvert beach too. just nothing too heavy. the possibility of thunder tomorrow that could bring some very brief, isolated heavy rain. 74 degrees right now southerly wind at 15 miles per hour. let me show you the pedestrian forecast for tomorrow morning we take you into the afternoon, after that 57 to 63 temperatures warming despite the clouds and rain. i don't think we'll have anything too heavy early part of the game. even with the isolated thunder and brief heavy rain, you can still get by with just an umbrella umbrella, not the huge golf-sized umbrella. no widespread downpours along the area. low to moderate, your impact forecast for the chance of showers thunder, wet roads will be impacting some of the outdoor activities tomorrow afternoon mainly. 68 degrees the high temperature in germantown only 66 the high,
4:48 pm
closer to 70 culpeper areas around fredericksburg for tomorrow. so again you'll want to get your run in early, chances go up for the afternoon. your rain chances from a slight chance around 40% early to as much as a 70% to 80% chance for the afternoon the high topping out in the low 70s tomorrow. so for travel, for exercise, getting out and about, we go from having wet roads, getting out early and carrying that umbrella, use caution, download the nbc washington app because it's there that you can get a live radar forecast. 75 degrees your high for friday, up to 80 degrees on saturday, nice and mild. your shower chance back not until late sunday, as late as 7:00 p.m. cannot wait until saturday. for more on the weekend details and how much rain we'll get, we've got a look at meteorologist doug kammerer, what he has at news4 at 5. >> that's right, we'll continue
4:49 pm
to track the showers on storm team4 radar. we'll continue to do that through the 5:00 and 6:00 hour. as we move through the next couple of days, though, the attention turns to the weekend again, very warm on saturday as you mentioned. but then we've got a chance for some very heavy rain the we'll show you when that moves in and time that out for you as well. it's a call to action for the next generation of national park visitors. today kicks off the find your park campaign. in an effort to establish a connection with the land across the country, the national park severance is encouraging people to share their stories and discover new places. >> we really want every american to make an effort to find their park. and that could be a national park. it could just be a sense of place. >> today the park service unveiled an interactive kiosk at the jefferson memorial. coming up at 5, zachary kiesch looks at how visitors can use these and the impact the program will have on the 407 parks
4:50 pm
across the country. i'm wendy rieger at the live desk of the the man who landed his guy row capopter is headed home. he was charged with operating an unregistered aircraft and interrupting air space. he was released but ordered to remain confined to his home in tampa. up next, what's next for the case and what does this stunt mean for the security of the capital capital's air space? i'm wendy rieger. see you in a few minutes. he's a high school senior and a stand-in parent. now a virginia teenager is being awarded for making huge sacrifices while both his parents were deployed. kristin wright has a preview of this story. >> reporter: caleb parsons is a straight-a student, a senior in high school headed for a career in the military. caleb from virginia was just named military child of the year by nonprofit organization operation homefront. the group that supports military
4:51 pm
families is honoring caleb for his leadership role and everything he's done for his family while both parents are serving away from home. >> first i had to figure out, how do i run a household? how do i make sure that beds get made, the kitchen stays cleaned? justor chores around the house. >> reporter: the operation home front award is only part of the story. today caleb was in for the surprise of a lifetime. that's coming up on news4 at 5. retired pope benedict xvi celebrated his 88th birthday today with a party and pint of beer. the vatican released the photos showing benedict making a post during a gathering in a private garden garden. most of the guests were from ba var area. in 2013 he became the first pope in 600 years to resign saying he didn't have the strength of body or spirit to carry on. these days he's spending his times reading meeting with guests, and playing the piano. a respected doctor now
4:52 pm
behind bars. what he's accused of trying to do that has police calling him a real-life dr. jik elle and mr. hyde and how police managed to stop him. >> reporter: i'm tom sherwood on the stage at the longtime nightclub on georgia avenue. there will be some new naked dancers soon, and former d.c. council member jim graham is goin
4:53 pm
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4:55 pm
oh my gosh is right. take another look at this video from the remote aaron islands off the western coast of ieshreland ireland. one second, a tourist is there. the next second, she's not. swept off a cliff by a giant wave last week. a paramedic who happened to be visiting the island rushled to the woman's aid and helped fashion a makeshift rope to pull her to safety. her parents met her rescuers for the first time last night. >> when i see the huge wave coming and my daughter shouting "mommy." i just looked back, and she's not there. most terrifying moment of my life. >> it's a miracle that she's alive. it's simply amazing.
4:56 pm
i really am extremely grateful from the bottom of my heart to everyone. >> i suppose we just did what anyone would do in that situation, just try and help out. >> the rescued woman suffered a broken ankle. she hopes to return soon to her studies at the london school of economics an american student named brian smith shot the accident video here. then he had to run several hundred yards to get cell service so he could call for help. imagine seeing this on your way to work in the morning. a truck dangling off an elevated highway in boston. its front wheels hanging over train tracks below. not only was traffic backed up for hours but commuter rail services and trolleys were suspended because of the poe material danger t. all started with a two-car accident around 6:00 a.m. both drivers were sent to the hospital. right now, a cardiologist is facing a number of charges after allegedly plotting to have a rival doctor beaten and killed. nbc's greg cergol reports.
4:57 pm
>> reporter: anthony machete toe walked free after posting a $2 million bond. but his reputation as a cardiologist is in shambles after being accused of plotting to kill a fellow doctor and former associate. >> he saved lives, not destroyed them. >> reporter: dolores fought back tears as she described how the doctor threeted her husband. she drove to the doctor's office, she said to tell us the 54-year-old is no monster. >> he's a wonderful human being. i don't know what happened to him. he must have snapped. >> reporter: prosecutors say it was a professional dispute that led macheto to target the fellow cardiologist. he allegedly paid these two men, both in custody, to set fire to the other doctor's great neck office in february. when the damage was limited he planned to have the doctor mushdedmushd ed murdered next month. >> this is truly a case of dr. jekyll and mr. hyde. the man schooled in saving lives
4:58 pm
betrayed his oath. >> reporter: to pay for the hit police say he sold prescription drugs, heroin and weapons on six different occasions. the buyer was an undercover nassau police detective. >> this is a man who was going to vigorously defend these charges. >> reporter: ma saw police second a second day at the doctor's sand point home wednesday. prosecutors say a search there turned up 100 guns, a hand grenade and table full of knives hidden in a secret room behind a bookcase. >> i don't believe this. it's like a nightmare for our family. news4 at 5 starts now with jim and wendy. developing tonight, the man behind that infamous air mail delivery is free to fly home. new at 5, why a judge will let him go back to florida. what's next in this case? >> reporter: we spend tons of money to protect the air space in our city. tons of money. so how did a guy on a flying
4:59 pm
bicycle end up on the capitol lawn? and a new career for a former d.c. councilman, and this will catch your attention. jim graham now operating a strip club. our tom sherwood explains just how this happened new at 5. but first, tonight the pilot who got our attention with that bizarre low-flying stunt along the national mall has some new marching orders. jet home and stay there. doug hughes appeared in court just a short time ago, now facing two charges, but a judge will let him stay on home detention in tampa, florida. news4 spent the day talking to security experts asking them, how is it possible for hughes to fly from the gettysburg airport, pass through several restricted flight zones and then land on the west lawn of our capitol? we have live team coverage starting with chris gordon downtown where hughes appeared in court. chris? >> reporter: well, just a couple
5:00 pm
of hours ago he was here at the u.s. courthouse before a federal justice who ordered him released on his own recognizance with conditions. he is meeting right now with his court-appointed lawyer, planning his return to tampa, florida. now, he is charged with two counts, one flying an unregistered vehicle, which carries a penalty of up to three years, and the second violating national defense air space, which carries a one-year penalty. hughes must go back to tampa, florida. he's been ordered to home detention monitored by tampa's pretrial services program. he's been ordered to stay out of the district, specifically to stay away from the capitol and the white house. he will return here for his next court case, a preliminary hearing, on may 8th before the judge who will determine if l's reason to proceed at that time. now, social media has lit up today. coming up is


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