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tv   News4 Today  NBC  April 17, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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to get the chair monday morning, it was gone. three d.c. firefighters are recovering after being exposed to chemicals. crews went to check on a fire alarm yesterday on new hampshire avenue. they found a fire suppression system somehow activated in the building and some of their crews were exposed. no one else was hurt. this morning we are hearing from the medical resident who saved a man's life on the key bridge. abdulaziz almehlisi just finished a shift at george washington university hospital thursday morning and he was driving home on the bridge. he was on the arlington side when he saw an suv flipped over and the driver laying in the street. the driver was unresponsive and gasping for air. >> all of a sudden like seconds later he lost his pulse. so i started doing cpr. arlington fire showed up. and they started -- they took over the resuscitation basically. they told me at that point that
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they had pulse. >> arlington fire and ems say the doctor saved the man's life with his quick action. investigators tell us the patient was driving under the influence and speeding before the crash. he is in critical condition at george washington hospital. >> goodness scary story there. a bit of a damp start to the day today, but temperatures way warm up a bit. >> let's check in with meteorologist tom kierein to find out the day we have. >> yeah the nationals got their game in and then the rain came in. east of i-95 for the most part and west of there, in howard county and southern montgomery county. northern prince george's county, a light shower there and then west of there over to silver spring. showers in southern maryland and southern prince george's and crossing the bay and through the northern neck as well. still some wet streets here northwest washington. live view from our tower camera. a cool morning with drying pavement. mild afternoon. then may get wet again.
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later this afternoon as we have a chance of some thunderstorms coming through. likely this afternoon as those storms come through we won't get any severe weather. but some downpours with maybe some thunder and lightning. that's going to be mid to late afternoon. now let's check on the friday morning commute. melissa, what's happening? >> some of the roads are wet as you're talking about this morning, tom. wide look at things, beltway looking quite good. still have this issue again, scaggsville, 95 south at scaggsville road. you can see the right shoulder is taken up. as long as they get out of the way here that crash out of the way in the next little bit it shouldn't pose any real problem for anybody this morning. 95 in general in maryland overall looking good in green. same thing at b.w. parkway. no major issues but remember we do have this in frederick county westbound 40 at pleasant walk road, that is shut down, eastbound eastbound lanes are open because of a crash.
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molette green with a developing story. five people found dead in a house in phoenix. we are just learning about this standoff and shooting in north phoenix that lasted about an hour when police heard gunshots. when cops stormed in they found three brothers, their mother and a spouse all dead. four escaped and told police it was a family dispute over a family business that went wrong. that is the latest. back to you. >> thank you, molette green. 4:33. a bond hearing is set for a former fairfax police information officer who is now the focus of a child pornography investigation. bud walker's first court appearance was yesterday via closed circuit tv. northern virginia bureau chief said he had no comment to the judge. he was arrested on possessing child pornography and today walker's attorney will ask for him to be released.
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a man who jumped the fence last october is supposed to be in court today. he is seen on video being attacked by secret service dogs. investigators say on october 16th, he climbed the fence on the north lawn and went about 20 yards past it when he was taken down. president obama was home at the time of the incident. the debate over security on the national mall is reaching new levels after that mailman on a political mission piloted his gyrocopter on to capitol grounds. some are calling it a major gap in security that could have been catastrophic if the pilot had more sip -- sinister motives. eleanor holmes norton has more. >> i want to make sure we don't overreact. i think this man has provided with us a practice opportunity. >> norad did not know that doug hughes was in restricted air space until he had already landed. he said he was able to do that by flying low enough to be undetected by radar. now, while lawmakers debate
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security hughes is headed back to florida. he is facing several restrictions. he is banned from returning to d.c. and he is under home detention and he has to wear a device. meanwhile the reporter who documented the store for "the tampa bay times" and called the secret service while hughes was in the air is defending the way his paper handled the story. >> we did our due diligence in terms of checking it out and getting to know him. we were comfortable with the fact that the secret service had visited him twice in the past and had interviewed his colleague with whom he shared the plan. >> you felt the federal government knew what he would do? >> i felt the federal government had a chance to know what he would do. i don't know where that investigation went. >> now, doug hughes is due back in a d.c. courtroom on may 8th. today, friends and family
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will remember a security guard shot and kill at the census building. the funeral will be held today. buckner was shot last week in maryland. the man who shot him, ronald anderson, led police on a chase that ended in the district. today nine people are facing charges accused of robbing the same drugstore twice. the robberies happened on sunday and monday in southwest d.c. the oldest suspect, 38. the youngest 18. police say the group stole drugs not cash. officers recovered drugs and three semiautomatic handguns on wednesday. if you own a home in arlington up county, the board won't raise property taxes this year but the overall taxes can go up. assessment increases and a water sewer rate increase will raise property taxes for the average homeowner by $300 a year. the fiscal year 2016 budget also includes an added $6 million for public schools.
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overall, the budget cuts $2.6 million. the district needs more firefighters. when muriel bowser and gregory dean announce their new plans today. that will happen on engine 29 in northwest at 10:00 a.m. it seems that recruitment is not just an issue in the district. in alexandria a ribbon cutting set for this weekend at a new fire station is on hold. the city has a brand new fire station but get this no firefighters. with more retirements from the fire service than the city expected it says recruitment will take money and time. neighbors of an ethanol transfer station they're concerned that the fire station is not fully staffed. >> this beast behind this train hauling ethanol and fuel that can go boom at any moment that's very scary here. we need that fire station. >> many of you have signed a petition asking the city to include whatever is needed in
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next year's budget to get the fire station up and running. the city says it doesn't expect the station to be in action until next year. well it made more than 100 people sick and this morning there are new details about the measles outbreak that spread at disney world. what's expected to happen today. yeah pulled to safety by a complete stranger. the man whose suv was dangling off a cliff and the pictures to prove it. trapped inside an alaska airlines flight a worker calls 911 for help. but why the dispatcher was so confused. looking live at storm team 4 radar this morning, where some people are waking up to rain. how long will it l
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an incredible rescue captured on camera. take a look at this video. a good samaritan mulled a -- pulled a man from his suv as it was dangling on the edge of a cliff. this happened in idaho. police say the 23-year-old was riding it over the shrubs and he nearly went over the hill. a good samaritan pulled the driver to safety through the passenger window. >> yikes. >> slow down. >> yeah. today, the measles outbreak in california is over. officials will make the announcement later today. now, the outbreak started at disneyland last december and spread to several other states and countries. it took months to contain the
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highly contagious disease. in all 31 people in california were infected. glad to see that that is done. i mean there was a lot of concern about that. >> right, it was spreading quickly. it came to our area as well. all right, today we're talking about the weather. i heard the rain when i woke up and then it stopped by the time i got out the door. >> the good news is tom says we can all jump in the pool tomorrow right, tom? >> yeah. >> is that right? >> but first, you have to fill it up with water. >> oh. >> yeah a lot of the pool companies are getting busy now because is of only summer-like weathe for the weekend, but not yet. we have had some rain to deal with the passing showers are pulling east of 95 and continuing to track off across the bay, getting a moderate shower here in yellow. that's moving across northern st. mary's county. caution for the morning because we'll still have some wet pavement, but should be all dry by midday. then pavement may get wet again as we get thumder showers --
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thundershowers rolling on through. wet roads, temperatures in the mid 70s. next weather and traffic on the ones coming at 4:51. an update on the crash. >> two crashes in meyersville. we have been tweeting about this for almost an hour now. 70 east at monument road, first we had just the right lane blocked. now the semi crash has all lanes blocked because they have a tow truck on the scene. they're trying to get this out of the way. hopefully that's out of the way soon if you're in meyersville this morning. westbound 40, at pleasant walk shut down because of a serious crash. no major problems inner loop two lanes are blocked there because of construction. slapped with a class action lawsuit. why some drivers are suing over the company that operates the ♪ ♪
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wow something sounds sweet in here!!!! ♪ ♪ need a little honey in the bowl. yeah!!! badabopbopbopa!!! no? must be the honey!!!
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you're watching "news4 today." this weekend marks 20 years since the oklahoma city bombing. 168 people were killed and close to 700 others were hurt. the city and survivors have pushed forward in the last two decades. within only five years the oklahoma city national memorial was built on the site of the former alfred m. murrah federal building that bombing remains the worst act of home grown terror on american soil. today marks two years since the deadly plant explosion in west texas. 15 people were killed in that blast and more than 200 others were injured. more than 300 homes were also destroyed. the blast had the strength of a 2.1 magnitude earthquake. there will be a vigil tonight to remember the victims at 7:51 local time. today the first american man trained by isis in syria before
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returning to the states will be in court. the 23-year-old man from columbus ohio has been indicted on federal terrorism charges. prosecutors say he went to syria to train and fight with isis terrorists. he returned to the u.s. with plans to carry out attacks on american soldiers. federal agents had him under surveillance after jihadi postings on his facebook page. breaking news. pope francis is considering a stop in cuba while on his way to the u.s. this news coming from the vatican just this hour. a spokesman says the pontiff is quote, considering the idea and discussions with cuba are at a very early stage. now, francis is coming to america in september. and is credited with early steps to help both countries talk again. i'm molette green at the live desk. adam? >> all right, thanks. this weekend is the perfect time to visit a national park. this one is a little dark but
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believe me there's national parks out there. there's some extra perks for heading to your favorite park over the next few days. nbc's tracie potts is live at great falls national park with a look at the events this week and some of the challenges facing the national parks. good morning, it's beautiful there. >> reporter: yeah hey, adam good morning. you know you can smell it you can hear the falls behind me. you can't see it yet, but it will be beautiful when the sun comes up. you're right, there are some perks because as part of the 100 year celebration that's coming up next year everyone is getting into national parks for free for an entire week star one of the things that they're trying to do is draw people into the parks because they need money. you know, most of our national parks and historic sites are free but there are some a quarter of them that charge fees and that's because they need the money for maintenance and repairs. they are asking congress and trying to raise $11.5 billion just to fix the roads and the crumbling brick walls and some of the facilities in our
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national parks around the country. let me break that down for you, what that means here in the metro area. 665 million in virginia. about half that in maryland. it's a lot of money. our national parks are aging. they need more for upkeep. so that's part of what the centennial campaign is about. for now, come out and enjoy the park. it's free this weekend and for the entire next week as they really try to get the word out there, while there's lots of fun stuff to do with your family this is really a part of american history. adam? >> tracie potts at great falls, thanks. a live look at the national mall this morning. preparations are under way for a big earth day event and concert tomorrow. organizers expect about 250,000 people to attend. and some big acts have already signed up to perform including usher, no doubt, fall out boy, mary j. blige. check for delays and be sure to give yourself extra time if
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you're headed downtown. there will be some road closures. you can expect metro to be crowded as well with that many people headed to the national mall. >> well let's check out the weather. what do you think? >> i think the world of the earth. >> so do i. >> it's important to do that, yes. >> we're happy to be here. >> what a great planet. as we're starting off this morning it's a little wet we had some showers coming through. the storm team 4 radar showing that's pulling off to our east. and the close-up view of the radar showing these few showers tracking across southern maryland now. they're in charles county moving into calvert and st. mary's as well as the northern neck. these are just some light to moderate showers moving on through. in the wake of the showers that came through the metro area we have some wet pavement. here is timing on other showers moving in later today. by noontime we will have a partly cloudy sky.
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no showers around, except out in western maryland. then some showers will roll farther to the east. by 4:00 p.m., scattered showers. maybe some rumbles of thunder. don't anticipate any severe storms but rumbles of thunder between 4:00 and 6:00 or so. it will be mostly dry this evening. keep up with the weather with the storm team 4 weather app. partly sunny, then partly cloudy noontime. up around 70. then during the middle part and latter part of the afternoon, should be hit the mid 70s. maybe a few isolated showers or thundershowers coming through mid to late afternoon. great on saturday. looking great for earth day. and all around the region. it will feel summer like up around 80 degrees. it will be cooler in the higher elevations, in the 60s. increasing clouds on sunday. next chance of rain for the next seven days appears to be sunday
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evening. some showers coming through late and then wet on monday with occasional showers. dry tuesday and wednesday. another chance of some rain maybe moving in on thursday toward the end of next week. now melissa is looking at slowing traffic because of the wet pavement. >> another new crash here. this is in spencerville tom. 198, we are talking about right between batson road and peach orchard. all lanes are blocked because of a crash. then that crash took some wires down. that could be some time before they actually get that all back up running and out of the way there if you take 198 in. 70 eastbound at monument road in meyersville, all lanes are blocked there. as they try to get a crash out of the way there. and westbound 40 at pleasant walk road a serious crash. a wide look at things no major problems as you look at the beltway this morning. 66 headed in to town nice and clear. nice and green, remember to listen to our friends on wtop when you hop in your car for the latest on traffic. live picture of 95 in virginia coming up in a couple of
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minutes. >> thanks melissa. dulles versus reagan. >> straight ahead, the expansion project pitting the two airports
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you're watching "news4 today." >> hello, i'm trapped in this plane. i'm in the plane. >> you're where? >> i'm inside the plane and i feel like it's moving in the air.
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>> well you can tell that even the 911 dispatcher is a little confused about what he's saying. apparently the 911 call of that baggage handler trapped in the cargo hold of the alaska airlines flight, he was taking a nap in the belly of the plane when it took off from seattle. passengers could hear him from banging from inside. the worker walked off the plane just fine after an emergency landing. alaska airlines has banned him from handling bags for any of their flights. >> wow. there are new concerns that growth at reagan national airport is causing dulles to lose business. i reported earlier this week a $1 billion expansion is in the works for reagan and recent improvements have brought more domestic flights to reagan. the washington business journal reports that traffic at running game listen surpass dulles this year. virginia lawmakers say this is a blow to the dulles area. >> we have got to guard against making more and more exceptions to allow long-haul flights to be fly out of reagan because if we do we weaken dulles and that is
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going to hurt the whole region. >> now the expansion plans include a new concourse that you can see in purple there. it is 4:57. we are getting an idea of some of the changes that could be impacting you in prince william county. the board of supervisors wants to move ahead with plans to reduce class sizes. they took a straw vote yesterday ahead of next week's final vote on next year's budget. the board voted to fund 500 police body cameras that straw poll is not official but is usually a good indicate over what will happen. the official vote is expected next week. the ahead of north carolina's community college is headed north. he will become the president of northern virginia community college this fall. he is replacing robert tellplin who retired. disney's "frozen" has fans of all ages, even kansas senator.
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>> oh, come on. ♪ just let it go. >> oh, that is embarrassing. >> wow! >> interruption. that's his ringtone. >> look at his face. >> how do you even go on after that? the interruption came as agriculture secretary tom vilsack was answering a question on u.s. tariff policy. >> serious stuff. and then elsa comes on. >> let it go. >> the truth comes out when you hear people's ringtones. >> that's the funniest thing in the world. that's the truth. if you have that ring tone, yeah. what's going on, you love the movie. >> right. a good movie.> "news4 today" starts now. >> good morning to you. i'm eun yang. >> i'm adam tuss in for aaron this morning. welcome to "news4 today." 4:58 on this friday morning. >> we made it.
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>> we made it through the week. i'm happy to be here. >> yes. let's fiend out what kind of -- find out what kind of day we'll have here. meteorologist tom kierein. is the rain ending? >> temporarily. the rain that pushed on through left wet pavement. we had a couple of crashes and melissa will have an update in a couple of minutes. in the northern neck this area in yellow, one moderate shower in st. mary's headed over to solomon and a few sprinkles here at northern anne arundel, up just north of annapolis. that's crossing the bay. behind that we still have some low clouds around and the pavement is still wet. there's a live view from our tower camera this morning overlooking northwest washington. we'll have a cool morning, temperatures in the 50s. a mild afternoon should make it into the 70s. we have a chance of isolated thunderstorms later this afternoon. next weather and traffic on the ones your bus stop forecast. what to wear today. melissa has an update on those crashes. >> another new crash here tom, this morning. this is not starting off to be the best friday ever.
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95 northbound in maryland at powder mill road. the left lane here blocked because of that crash. hoping that gets out of the way soon. still have this problem, spencerville, 198 between batson road and peach orchard, all lanes are blocked because of an accident. and we have wires across the road. 70 eastbound at monument road now have the right lane blocked because of the tractor-trailer crash. we have partially reopened there. then still in myersville westbound at pleasant walk road westbound, still completely shut down. taking a wide look at things overall no major problems as you look at the beltway so of course that's good. and 66 95 into and out of town, nice and green and moving well. a man caught by secret service jumping the white house


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