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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  April 19, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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right now at 6:00 firefighters save two children from a burning home and the dramatic 911 call tore help. plus developing right now, protests in baltimore after a map dies one week after his controversial arrest. flood potential and severe storm potential. i'm tracking it all for the overnight and right through your monday. i will have the forecast coming up. we begin tonight with two kids being pulled out of a burping home in maryland. it happened on small drive in clinton. and we have just received a 911 call from one of the children.
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you can hear how scared he was trying to get out of that inferno but you also hear the motivating words of a big brother as he courageously guides his little sister to safety. >> please hurry. >> exactly where are you located? >> in the top, all the way upstairs on the right. >> shomari stone is live at the station with more of the dramatic 911 call and the firefighter who shomari? >> reporter: well good evening, chris. right now, i'm standing in front of one of the fire trucks that responded to this call and before i show you video of the house, i do want our viewers to know that this prince georges county firefighter is a 27-year veteran. he says that he was simply just doing his job. right now, the children's mother stepfather another adult, are out of the hospital but the two kids are still at the hospital because they breathed a lot of that heavy smoke. now, let's show you some of the video. the fire broke out in this clinton, maryland home early this morning. it started in the basement in an area where the family had their
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computer plugged in. the mother stepdad, another adult and the family dog got out okay but the kids were trapped on the second floor. prince georges county firefighter, lieutenant kenneth ward got in the burping house, walked up the stairs and rescued the 13-year-old boy and his 9-year-old sister. we are now going to hear from lieutenant ward. >> i searched the bedrooms found the one victim got over to the ladder as they were breaking a window out and we were moving the victim out the other -- the 91-year-old, the 9-year-old grabbed on to my payments leg and started tugging at my pants as i was removing the 13-year-old. >> reporter: now that 13-year-old, as chris lawrence told you at the top of the show, is the one who made that chilling 911 call asking for help. let's hear that call right now. >> stay low to the floor, close the door okay? cover the cracks of the door with wet clothes, towels clothes, drapes or anything else
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that is readily available. how many people are in the room with you? >> my little sister. it's too hot. >> okay then stay low to the floor. just tell your little sister to stay low to the floor, okay? >> stay low to the floor. >> reporter: now, as you can hear that 13-year-old made a great call in trying to help his family his sister. firefighters are investigating the cause of this fire. it's worth mentioning here at news4, we like to tell you the little details can hopefully save lives. the smoke alarms were not working in this house. the homeowner's german shepherd woke up the family barking really loud and subsequently saved this family. firefighters say this is a reminder to make sure that your smoke alarms are working properly in your house. live here i'm shomari stone back to you in the studio chris. >> can never hear that too many times. thanks so much shomari. turn now to our weather. we have a pretty nasty storm headed our way and could bring high winds and flooding over the next 24 hours. storm team4's veronica johnson is in the weather center
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tracking it all. what are we looking at here? >> the same storm system really that brought severe weather to areas well to the west, the midwest, even snow to the rockies, it arrives here going to have a lot of moisture coming to the area, quickly, too, a flood watch for all these counties shaded in green, the entire viewing area exception of southern maryland st. mary's charles county, around calvert county as well as the northern net. what that means, starting at 7:00 running there you your morning rush, moderate to heavy rainfall. as much as one to two inches flooding bonding on area roads, all possible. as the system comes into the area the rest of it tomorrow after into, the threat of severe weather. with that we could see some more wild and heavy rain coming into our area. i'm going to give you the time line of that as the rain is just now starting to make its way into our area now, but a high-impact day, weather alert day for us tomorrow afternoon severe storm risk. again, i will take you hour by hour coming up in a couple of
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minutes. chris? >> thanks vj. now to a developing story in baltimore, one week after he got into a confrontation with police a man has died from his injuries and that is sparking some very angry protests. this is outside the baltimore police department this after into and looked about the same last night hours before freddy gray died. he has been in a coma for the last week with injuries to his spinal cord including three cracked vertebrae. cell phone video captured his arrest last sunday and witnesses say gray was screaming as two officers pinned him down. today, baltimore's mayor promised a traps par represent investigation that will hold people accountable and gray's family released a same saying they think the police department is keeping the circumstances of his death a secret. there's a tragedy unfolding now in the mediterranean sea. the italian coast guard has launched a major rescue mission after a my grant boat capsized nearitilism about 700 men, women and children boarded that boat in libya, trying to escape the
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violence there rescuers approached in the med, too many of them all moved to one side of the boat and it capsized. the passengers tumbled out into the frigid water and so far, only 28 of them have been saved. it's been seven moments since two toddlers disappeared in montgomery county. today, officers from more that a dozen departments launched another major search to find them. jacob and sarah hogle went missing back in september. jacob is 2 years old. his sister is 3. they disappeared with their mother. katherine hogle turned up later without her kids. although she says they are somewhere safe she won't say were she is receiving psychiatric care and the children's father is frustrated because patient confidential y'allity laws have prevented detectives from fully questioning the mother. >> she has more rights through hipaa or the jim determining that he doesn't like the way she is questioned and my kids have to be found. >> but that may come down to
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kath rip hogle. police are telling us they still don't have any new leads. new at 6:00, the man who landed his gyro couldn't other the from the lawn of the capital is back home tonight in florida. doug hughes is under house arrest there and has to wear a electronic monitoring bracelet. today, he talked about the stunt that raised a lot of concerns about security at the capitol. >> we need to be worried about not whether somebody can fly into d.c., but worried about the piles of money going into congress. >> hughes has to come back to d.c. in may for his next court hearing and he doesn't expect to get his gyro copter back. the caps' quest for the cup hit a bit of a speed bump out on long island but this one was yet another nail biter. diana russ seepny is here with the highlights. hey, di. >> the caps should have lost this game by at least six goals but braden holtby kept them in this with the dazzling performance, caps couldn't keep one the islanders, physicality on the ice today.
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braden holtby keeping the caps back on the ice. he missed game two because he was sick. let's skip ahead to overtime tied at one, long shot here holtby grabs it caps try to clear. islanders keep it n first shot holtby makes a save they can't get it out, john tavares puts it in. can't clear it out and tavares takes advantage. islanders win a crazy game, 2-1 in overtime and take a 2-1 series lead. coming up in sports our carol maloney with the caps talks to them about why they think they could come back tuesday and win game four. send it back to you. >> look forward to that thanks di. up next at six, it looks like a full-scale emergency, dozens of first responders called to the green belt metro station and put to the test. what they have learned today to keep all riders safe. and the seven-hour rescue operation to save a puppy. we are
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families and officials held a moment of silence in oklahoma city to honor the 168 people who were killed 20 years ago today. thor is mope took place in the space where the federal building cons stood. former president bill clinton addressed the crowd. mr. clinton thanked the entire state for showing such tremendous camp position after
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the bombing, a reaction that became nope as the oklahoma standard. >> you had to choose farsighted love over blind hatred. you had to choose to redeem your terrible losses by beginning again. >> an anti-government militiaman named timothy mcveigh was convicted of federal charges and later executed. his accomplice terry nichols, received multiple life sentences. back here at home first responders were put to the test today to see how they would react to a real situation on the metro. and they conducted a emergency drill in prince georges county. in this case a train was disabled on the tracks in the greenbelt area and crews had to simulate how they would evacuate passengers from a again line train. it's the first drill of several all designed to improve coordination after the incident in january when smoke filled the
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tunnel. the frantic rescue in maryland after a puppy became trapped ten feet underground. we will show you how the crews pulled the small dog from a six-inch pipe. a flood watch is about to go into affect for our area. vj is back with what this means for the morning and afternoon rush tomorrow.
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the wheels are turn and the mill stone is grinding again in great falls. they celebrated the restoration
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of the calledman run mill today and the work is nearly done. the mill has been grinding grain in virginia for more than 200 years. by this summer it will be going at full capacity for the first time in decades. well we can only hope this little puppy is having a restful night after being stuck in a pipe for seven hours. blue is a pomeranian. he is only nine weeks old. last night, he fell into a pipe in silver spring right near montgomery blair high school. blue was womened into a six-inch pipe and trapped about 12 feet underground. fire crews gave him food and pumped in oxygen while they worked around the clock on a rescue plan. they finally got him out around 1:30 this morning. had to be traumatic for the little guy. >> very. >> oh man. one of the things i know we are looking at now is whatever we had yesterday is long gone. we got something else coming in here. >> and preparation is everything. so we really need to prepare for the heavy rain that's coming and really the stormy weather for tomorrow after into and it is looking like we are going to get
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quite a bit of rain and could get quite a bit of wind too, with these storms that come through during the afternoon tomorrow. again, the storm system in two pieces the first part of your day tomorrow we will see the heavy rain so the rainfall intensity, going to need the really really big umbrella golf-size umbrella that can handle some wind as well as some downpours. let's go ahead and get the -- maybe we can get the monitors turned on ovehere guys. let's track the rain too. look at that hagerstown leesburg down toward d.c. waldorf and leonard up to where the line of showers is right now, advancing off to the east tracking it now as it heads along areas of 340 and toward 270. you can see it now, just shy of lubbocksville and around leesburg ready to make its way in. same thing, down to the south, rainfall rates now, just under a tenth of an inch per hour shy of clinton, down around waldorf, 301 wet for a while, too. again, if you don't have the rain yet, you will be seeing it soon. 63 now, heavy rain coming up by 9:00 as well as around 10 and
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11:00 this evening, temperatures drop to the 50s, with enthey do not going to see the temperature drop much more after that. and as we head into tomorrow morning. here's a look the 8:00 you can see to the west the yellow, the orange showing up this is all some of the pockets of more moderate and heavy rain. culpepper areas through rappahannock we will see these areas of moderate and heavy rain make its way right over d.c. montgomery county. charles county. throughout the early morning hours. the wee early morning hours. by 7, 8:00 most of that is to the north and east but still will be quite a few big puddles left around the area still some lingering showers to take you through 8, 9:00 around the area. then we are going to get a break, the sun's gonna come out and that's not a good thing. the storm system, as it advances with the heating of the day, talk talking about storms firing about 4:00 hagerstown stan top, i-81 line advancing off to the east and between 4 and 9 p.m. where we could have some pretty heavy duty storms coming through the area that deliver
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some hail and some high gusts around 40 50 miles per hour maybe even some damming winds. after that we clear out. we are talking about some cooler temperatures and a week with cooler conditions. but one to two inches of rain anywhere from the purple to the red there, between one and two inches a short period of time sees i to see why we are under that flood watch that takes us through tomorrow morning. stormy companies, travel delays yes, the other thing is you will notice the humidity high, not just in the morning but throughout the day tomorrow temperature going up to 80 degrees tomorrow. so for the morning rush heavy rain possible ponding, for your evening there could be some delays as well meanwhile, your severe weather threat right through this area the entire area tomorrow is where we could be seeing high winds. your four-day forecast after tomorrow's high of 80 we cool off into the 60s, look at the end of the week early part of the weekend. temperatures right around 60 degrees, much cooler from that high of 80. heavy rain stormy companies,
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right here in the weather center keeping you updated. >> wow, from 80 to high 50s, all in a matter of a week. thanks vj. coming up sol real disa poinlt
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the result was a little disappointing but i got to tell you, we don't have to worry about that whole illness thing anymore. >> i know. the series may kill caps fans what i'm concerned about, because all game it is like you're sit october edge of your seat, this was a tough one. let's start with the good one for the caps. braden holtby 40 saves in net. he was sick last game he is barely 100%. the unfortunate for the caps early injuries. it was a slugfest on the ice. it didn't help the caps were playing game three in long island at nassau coliseum. brendan holtby back between the pipes for the capitols after missing game two. he had the flu. so he is back, first period more bad news for the caps. eric fare going for the puck, slams into the boards crushed by kyle okay pos sew, left the
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game didn't return no update on his company as of now. second period still scoreless here islanders on the attack holtby a big save they shoot and score. but check this one out, it's actually redirected out in from the and goes in. islanders a 1-0 lead. nassau coliseum up on their feet, going berserk. late third period caps looking to even things up mike green over to nicklas backstrom backy circling fire ins one, scores. backstrom goes off the cross bar and in. second goal of the series caps tie things up at 1. later in the period islanders not going for overtime. right in front, braden holtby says unh-unh, holt just pokes this one away huge save for him, 40 today, here we are in ot didn't take almost long shot easily played by holtby. caps try to clear it. first shot. oh holtby makes a save but he can't get it out.
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you see right amount right, tavares puts it in net for the islanders. they go on to lead the series now, 2-1. they will play on tuesday, but for now, our carol maloney is in new york. >> reporter: overtime ended in no time but it didn't take long for the caps to look at the cup half full. >> a hostile environment, but played and we love it here you got to embrace it and just have fun out there and try to execute it. we just came up short toward the end. great job in the third period. we built some pressure on them. forechecking. you got the puck back. that's what you got to do we are battling harder. something to take with us to the third period. >> whipping here it's like -- it is going to be a tough game. but i think we have to play more intense and more, aggressive in
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the zone. see the puck it's better for us. >> forget this one. understand what we need to do to be successful in the next one. we know the environment. we know the opposition. we will probably make a couple of subtle changes and have to go back at it >> trotz said he would give the guys a hour to pout about this one and then had to start thinking about game four. the challenge for tuesday, to start the game with the same intensity they finished this one. at nassau coliseum carol maloney, news4 sports. >> thanks carol. that will certainly be the key for the cap it is they want to be victorious this tuesday. all right, so the other game in up to this after into the nationals swept the series against the phillies. beste were two. dinard span back from injury and steven sprasburg pitched on the mound. spann, recovering from surgery, season debut. everybody is happy he is back. desmond rips one down the left
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rip it is down left in line spann coming around from first doesn't have that midseason speed just yet, but then revere makes a play. rbi double for desmond. nat, 1-0 lead. next batter jason wirth up the middle desmond comes around scores easily which areth heads to second on the throw, nats jump out to a good 2-0 lead. steven sprasburg still on the hill in the seventh, gets ryan howard singing, seven strikeouts today. one run allowed, stras the first win of the season. nats take it 4-1. orioles visiting the red sox. adam jones, red hot to start the season. kept it up today. top one, man on. jones, absolutely crushes this one. over the green monster. two-run blast. fifth homer of the season. birds go up 2-0. then in the sixth, bases loaded jonesy halfers this one deep to center hits off the wall.
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this one clears the bases. three-run double for jones. 4-5 with five rbis in the game for him. birds beat the sox, 8-3. boy, adam jones, loves him some boston. >> we play tuesday? when are they playing? >> tuesday. tuesday. yep. >> a big chance for them them go up 2-0, come back to washington? >> by the way the nets didn't sweep the phillies, lost to them yesterday. took the series. that's what counts. >> we will be back later. see you later. >> it was a good day.
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on this sunday night, the desperate search for survivors after a ship full of refugees capsizes. tonight, hundreds rema. nbc news exclusive. loved ones speak out about the man shot and killed by a reserve deputy who pulled his gun instead of his ta second chance the new drug that's offering hope to some battling the diest form of cancer. day of remembrance, 20 years later, hundreds honor those killed in the nation's worst act of domestic t. and league of her own. the beloved bat dog who's become a fixture at the ballpark. >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news with holt".


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