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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  April 30, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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presence and after a brief foot chase the officer noticed a knife clipped to his pant pocket. the defendant was arrested without force or incident. so what happened after that? wendy rieger has a new time line as baltimore and cities across the country watch developments very carefully. >> well, jim and pat, let's get everyone caught up on some big developments in this case today. first, the police turned over their internal investigation in gray's death to prosecutors this morning, and the state attorney's office will now decide whether criminal charges will be filed against any police officers. a source is telling news4 that the investigation into the death of freddie gray appears to be focusing on the police transport van where they are looking into the possibility that this is the place where his fatal injuries occurred. what brought about those injuries still not clear. there is also a new time line for that police van. after freddie gray was arrested, the van he was riding in made its first stop just one block
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away. at that point, police say gray was put in leg irons because he was, quote, irate. now this is where things are different from before. police say they discovered a previously unknown stop that was captured on surveillance cameras about a mile from the arrest, but we don't know why the van stopped then or what happened during that stop. from, there the van made a third stop, wht driver asked an officer to check on gray. our affiliate in baltimore is telling us that at this pint the police acknowledge a medic should have been called. but the van would make one more stop to pick up a prisoner at north and pennsylvania, the same place the cvs was set on fire this week. an ambulance wasn't called to help gray until the van reached central booking about ten minutes from that last stop. and this entire trip took between 30 and 45 minutes. at the live desk i'm wendy rieger. back to you.
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>> wendy thank you. civil rights and faith-based leaders met with baltimore's mayor about how to move forward and what they can do to help support the city. among those at the meeting is the reverend al sharpen who says he wants to see justice but also peace. >> what we just started, what they say is tragedy in baltimore? we have the opportunity to change baltimore. >> that's baltimore ravens legend ray lewis telling students at frederick douglas high school they can all help change their city following the unrest. the day started when 55 members of the ravens team arrived in west baltimore in morning to help out, including quarterback joe flacco and head coach john harbaugh. they greeted local leaders and then dropped off boxes of food and other supplies for people living in neighborhoods damaged by the riots. coach harbaugh said a bunch of guys on the team care very deep deeply for the city. >> the baltimore case is sparking protests nationwide this one in new york city grew tense last night when
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demonstrators scuffled with police. the protest was in manhattan's union square when it spilled onto the streets and blocked traffic. dozens of officers moved in with plastic handcuffs and began making arrests. they ended up taking about 100 people into custody. now for a check of our weather, we're tracking showers and thunderstorms. let's go to storm team4 meteorologist veronica johnson in the weather center. >> some of those thunderstorms bringing some brief, heavy rain in what we've seen today, some isolated hail as well as some lightning throughout the area. now we told you yesterday not everyone would be getting the wet weather or those thunderstorms. in fact you can see where that line of storms is really starting to kind of detail itself, right here hagerstown warrenton charlottesville up through luray, right in this area here. as we zoom in, we have showers in the beltway headed toward petworth, ledroit, mt. pleasant as well. and the showers and
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thunderstorms that i'm tracking off to the west right now these will continue making their way, more west-northwest into leesburg hamilton, leave itsville and purcellville. if you go out this evening, what you can expect scattered rains with the heaviest ending around 8:00 or so. 63 to 57 your temperatures, we'll talk more about what's in store for us tomorrow. more rain and how heavy it will be. it was a surprise lesson for students at an alexandria elementary school. an air force helicopter made an emergency landing next to the playing field at ramsey elementally on sanger avenue today. there were no kids on the field at the time. the chopper was on a routine flight when there was a slight mechanical emergency. >> it's one of those emergencies where you want to land as soon as possible so we happened to be right over this field. it looked like a good spot so we landed. >> the chopper was checked out and a short time ago returned
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safely to the base. five days after that catastrophic earthquake in nepal nepal, a teenager was pulled out alive. members of the fairfax urban search and rescue team got to the teenager trapped between two collapsed floors. ma miguel almaguer has video of that rescue. we are learning new information about a montgomery county mother charged in the disappearance of her own children. katherine ogle appeared in front of a judge this morning. he had the latest psychiatric report which shows hoggle is still incompetitive tenlt to stand trial but that her condition is improving. hoggle's children sarah and jacob have been missing now since september. after today's hearing their father expressed hope they'll be found. >> i believe that they're still out there at this point. i just want them to did come home. if the truth is something else, then i just want to find that out. >> katherine hoggle is charged
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with child neglect. today the judge said if further psychiatric reviews shows she will become competent, he will order her to stand trial immediately. news4's chris gordon will have more coming up at 5. now to a first 4 traffic alert that takes effect just a few hours from now. construction work will shut down two roads along the national mall, starting at 7:00 p.m. 15th will be closed between jefferson drive and constitution avenue. that closure lasts until tuesday morning may 5th. as 15th street reopens, madison drive northwest will shut down between 14th and 15th streets. that closure will continue through the end of the week. now, these closures are due to the ongoing construction at the national museum of african-american history and culture. metro is hosting a public hearing tonight on the potomac yard station coming to alexandria. the station will be built on the yellow and blue lines between the stops at reagan national
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airport and braddock road. the city selected its preferred site this week close to the potomac yard shopping center near target. tonight's hearing at the recreation center starts at 7:00. another candidate joins the race for the white house. senate bernie sanders just made him announcement and told news4 what he wants to change about america. plus a massive fire in will california that sent smoke and flames into the sky. what exactly started it?
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a retired fbi agent in boston was arraigned in federal court a couple of hours ago and pleaded not guilty to perjury charges. robert fitzpatrick is accused of lying on the witness stand during the trial of boston gangster james whitey bulger. he surrendered this morning.
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prosecutors claim fitzpatrick exaggerated certain facts in order to sell more copies of a book he wrote about bulger. bulger is serving two life sentences. i'm running for president because this country today faces more serious problems than at any time since the great depression. >> that's independent senator bernie sanders telling news4 he's challenging hillary rodham clinton in the race for the white house. the presidential nomination on the democratic side. later outside the capitol he laid out a list of his concern including campaign finance reform and climate change. sanders says he is in the race to win. political analysts say it's more likely his candidacy will force clinton to put more focus on progressive issues. a double whammy for firefighters trying to stop flames from spreading in california. this blaze began at a power pole road in fresno. firefighters say those power
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poles provided extra fuel to the fire, and they also say there are no fire hydrants in this area. there were no injuries, and no word yet on the cause of that blaze. it's been 40 years since the fall of saigon. the event marked the end of vietnam war and return to communist rule to the country. it's still one of the most crushing defeats for the u.s. military. today former virginia senator jim webb visited the vietnam memorial for a ceremony to mark the occasion. webb served during vietnam. he's a marine. more than 58,000 service members died during that conflict. well you've seen the incredible video. rescuers pull a teenage frer the rubble in nepal. we'll hear from nbc correspondent miguel almaguer who witnessed it all and how awe local rescue team helped. later the cancer screening guidelines that may be causing confusion. the new information every woman needs to know about.
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>> announcer: you're watching news4 at 4. we have dramatic new video of the moments that monster earthquake hit nepal on saturday, a tourist took these shots. the historic city here is just eight miles east of kathmandu. now, first the buildings shake, then they begin to collapse. the city is filled with ancient
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temple temples, palaces and other historic treasures centuries old. it was considered the best-preserved old city in nepal. amazing. there hasn't been much reason to celebrate in nepal, but one incredible rescue led to cheers across the country. >> this is incredible. a teenage boy was pulled alive from underneath a collapsed building. and the fairfax county search and rescue team played a huge role in his hess cue. >> nbc's miguel almaguer witnessed these dramatic moments. >> reporter: this is where the cry for help came from, buried deep beneath this massive pit of twisted concrete and metal. teenager's withering voice finally heard by search teams. he's been here five days, say locals trapped inside a hotel. a los angeles county urban rescue squad a block away with search saws when they get the call and scramble to assist. the rescue is fraught with
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danger. buildings everywhere here are on the brink of collapse. search teams will risk lives to save one. six hours into the rescue, this is the moment that would rally the region, the 15-year-old boy methodically pulled from the rubble carried away by the men and women who saved his life. how can you survive six days in those conditions? rushed to the hospital by ambulance, his injuries are said to be minor. the boy entombed between two collapsed floors for 120 hours. >> when you see it the floors are within feet of each other. it's floor after floor after floor within a five-foot span you have three floors. >> reporter: your victim is pancaked in between the floors. >> if was amazing he was still alive. >> reporter: this morning, word of this incredible rescue is spreading across the country. a symbolic win for a nation surrounded by so much loss.
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over the last 48 hours there have been several rescues like this one. the american search teams say you can survive up to two weeks in the rubble here. that is why today they are out on the streets looking for more survivors. >> wow it's being called a miracle and rescue crews from our area helped make it happen. members of fairfax county's urban search and rescue squad helped will pull a teenager out from a collapsed hotel in nepal. he was stuck under that rubble for five days. it took six hours for crews to get the teen out. the fairfax team provided the special tool that made it happen. >> so this tool is designed to get through that concrete quickly efficiently get to the individual who needs to be rescued. >> first responders say the boy ate butter and drank water from a wet wash clock to survive. 57 men and women and six canines from fair chasmfax county are in nepal helping. good for them. >> i'll say.
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well, we have got some big changes that you promised us yesterday for days actually and they're here now. >> right. the wet weather of course, is coming in the form of not just rain showers but some thunderstorms. those are scattered about the area bringing anything from some lightning to some small hail. we've had reports of pea-sized hail right inside the beltway and winds gusting to just under 30 miles per hour. so those winds with any of these storms could come up briefly then come back down. take a look. we're zooming in on storm team4 radar inside the beltway. this storm potentially producing hail, running up northwest d.c., wisconsin avenue there, you can see it toward nebraska avenue, rock creek park some moderate even heavy rain coming down right now. i'm not seeing any light currently but there is the chance for hail with these. storm team4, we've got our hail markers turned on. all of this here right now is just over northern loudoun county tracking more north and northwestward toward areas like purcellville and charlestown in
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the next couple of minutes heavy rain there. down to the south around falkier county is where really the boundary has been for much of the day today. this one toward areas like crestville della plane and blue mountain in the next couple of minutes. we have areas with moderate heavy rains, chance of hail and lightning across the area. we'll hold on to the threat up until about 9:00 p.m. tonight. you'll need the big umbrella if you'll be stepping out this evening. any of these storms could produce some downpours across the area and some ponding on area roads. evening planner fore cast, 73 from showers and storms to becoming more scattered and a little lighter as we get into the 10:00 to 11:00 p.m. again storm chances hang on up until about 7:00 to 8:00 this evening. we drop from the 70s to the 50s late this evening. now, let me show you your future weather. hour by hour 7:00, the threat of storms really starts to diminish. early tomorrow morning, this is 7:00 a.m. friday, yes, we're
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talking about rain showers, but i think that threat will be primarily south of d.c., leesburg, manassas, culpeper, charlottesville, toward areas like pax river and even st. mary's early in the day. then overcast with an east wind still, we are talking about some drizzle and sprinkles that still could rotate through the area during the afternoon and even the evening hours tomorrow. so it's still going to be on the damp side and certainly cool for your friday. temperatures start out 47 to 53 again, the rain mainly south. by the afternoon, your high temperature, unlike today up around 70 degrees, just 64 65 degrees for the afternoon hours. keep that in mind if you want to get out and do some exercising. the best part of the day will be the afternoon hours from 65 to around 64 degrees to areas south and east. the weekend much improved. but i'll take you hour by hour with tomorrow's forecast. we'll talk about that threat of rain for saturday coming up. >> thanks. big night for the washington capitals
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capitals, game one of the eastern conference semifinals against the new york rangers. our carol maloney is live at madison square garden. carol, no love lost between these two teams. >> reporter: oh you betcha, jim. we'll be measuring this series -- rangers/capitals game one, round two. they're going to drop -- >> reporter: hello from the windy city where i am in draft town right now where all the fans are gathering. the auditorium is inside, and that's where so many college football players' dreams will come true. the redskins will have the fifth pick tonight. they haven't had a choice in the first round in three years. remember robert griffin iii was the last time they picked in the first round. and i'm told tonight keep an eye on two players, dante faler jr. and brandon sheriff. we'll talk more about them at 5. i'm dianna russini in chicago.
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back to you. >> oh, it's a big night. cell phone company ordered to pay its customers millions. >> the step you need to take to collect your cash and why you need to act now. and sale fail. what the news4 consumer team found that could change the way you shop. you're watching news4 "first at 4."
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we want to show you this live video from -- these are
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live pictures from philadelphia where a march is under way right now near philadelphia's city hall. they are calling this philly is baltimore. these marchers are demonstrating in solidarity with those who have been marching in baltimore city. we'll have a live report on this demonstration in downtown philadelphia coming up later on news4. sale prices. we assume they are deep discounts offered for a limited time. >> but what if something is always offered at a sale price? erika gonzalez did some digging for us on this. erika? >> we wanted to know, what makes a sale really a sale? here's why jumping at that sale may not actually be getting you a deal. sarah sheldon loves a good bargain. >> there l certain stores that if i see a sale i almost always go to. >> reporter: she wants the sale to be big huge. >> anything under 40% is not really worth my time. >> but what if you could get the same 40% off deal two, three, four, even nine months later?
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is it really a sale? nonprofit decide to find out. it tracked the prices of dozens of products at eight national chains once a week for 44 weeks. the nonprofit found sears, macy's and kohl's had at least half the items checkbook priced on sale most of the time. look at this mixer and this recliner, both on sale 44 weeks out of 44 weeks. >> the worst example of this was sears. sears, for almost all the items we checked, the items were more often than not always on sale. >> and some of the discounts appeared steep. >> we'd have an item that their regular price was listed at $1200 and would be on sale for $800 week after week after week. 40% markdown every week. >> so what makes a sale really a sale? turns out there's no legal standard for how to determine a sale price, though a permanent
4:27 pm
sale may violate unfair or deceptive trade practices and laws in some states including d.c., maryland and virginia. >> is it illegal for something to be on sale all the time? >> well it's for sure dishonest. >> we asked sears macy's and kohl's to respond to checkbook's research. sears tells us its pricing is not misleading or deceptive. sears says quote, we provide discounts to our members and customers in a number of different legally compliant ways. it is unfortunate that did not appear to take those factors into account before making assumptions. macy's said, quote, our pricing cadence varies on each item based on the nature and seasonality of the merchandise. the items on the list were not monitored every day. macy's promotes sales by day not by week. macy's says it strifes to comply with all laws and relgss. kohl's does not respond.
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how do you really know if you're getting a deal? checkbook says -- >> never assume a sale price is a good price. >> and to help in your comparison shopping -- >> ask a salesperson if they'll hold that sales price for you for another week or month. >> while you check the competition for a lower price. one thing is clear once you know you're getting a deal, go for it. >> i feel like there's always sales. >> that's a good thing for you. >> yes. no it's great! >> you can see the full results of checkbook's research on just search "sale fail." if you have a story idea for the consumer watch, we'd love to hear from you. send us an e-mail or call us. make you think twice before you reach for that garment that's 30%, 40%, 70% off. >> but it's tempting isn't it? >> oh, yes, it is. >> we love a sale. >> i know it all too well, pat. >> thank you. well, a major scare at a virginia school. police arrest a student for
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trying to bring a samurai sword to class. find out how investigators were tipped off. plus, new details coming in about the freddie gray investigation. what we are learning about his
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>> announcer: you're watching news4 at 4. live pictures over philadelphia, the city of brotherly love.
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a small group gathering to march toward city hall. they're calling it the philadelphia is baltimore march. and their signage a peaceful march demonstration heading to city hall. we'll keep you posted throughout the evening. back to our team coverage into the investigation of the death of freddie gray. >> findings included some surprises. jay gray is live with the new details for us in baltimore. jay? >> reporter: hey there, jim, pat. they turned the results over a day earlier than expected, but what police haven't done to this point, answered the question so many are asking here right now how did freddie gray die? there is new information and questions tonight in the death of freddie gray, the 25-year-old who was severely injured and later died after being apprehended by baltimore police. today investigators revealed the transport van gray was riding in made a previously unknown stop the day he was arrested.
4:33 pm
>> this new stop has been -- was discovered from a privately owned camera rnchtsz. >> reporter: this's the only information public shared publicly after turning over the results to the investigation to the state's attorney. >> make sure we look and overturn every rock is more important than just coming forth and giving a document. >> reporter: still we are learning new details in this case. a charging document obtained by nbc news indicates after fleeing from officers gray was apprehended without force, taken into custody for alleged possession of a switchblade knife. "the washington post" is reporting information reporting from a police document quoting an unnamed prisoner who rode in the van with gray who says he heard banging against the walls of the van and said he believed gray was intentionally trying to injure himself. but doctors and others say there's no way gray's spinal cord injury was self-inflicted. >> there is no way in the world that this man would have been able to hurl himself up inside the van and to produce those
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kinds of injuries. ridiculous. >> reporter: as the investigation continues, so does the effort to heal. today members of the baltimore ravens delivered food and supplies to families in the areas most affected by the riots. >> just giving these people hope that, you know, a better day will be on the horizon. >> reporter: hope. this community desperately needs right now. protesters scheduled here and across the country through the weekend. police and the national guard say they'll maintain their presence and the curfew as long as necessary. that's the latest live here in baltimore, jay gray, news4. i'm wendy rieger at the live desk. a man seen viciously attacking a 65-year-old metro rider has been identified. metro police identified this poster for 19-year-old elijah smith wanted on a charge of felony assault. this happened last friday at the
4:35 pm
eastern market station. the victim says he was shoved as he was getting off a train. then this video shows the suspect spitting on the man and punching him several times. police are asking that anyone with information about this give them a call. at the live desk i'm wendy rieger. back to you. in port smith virginia, a high school student is in custody accused of taking a samurai sword to school. police say the sophomore at i.c. norcom high had the sword in his backpack and made threats at his bus stop. he was immediately arrested when the bus got to school. fellow classmates say they were scared. >> he could have done anything. he could have -- he could have got a second thought, oh, i should just go ahead and slice the sword on the bus. it could have escalated he could have cut the person in front of his head off, slicing everybody up. >> other students reported he was new to the school and had apparently been the victim of bullying. he was charged with brandishing
4:36 pm
a bladed weapon, possession of a weapon on school property, and disorderly conduct. several beaches in maui remain closed right now a day after a shark killed a 65-year-old woman. a group of snorkelers found her body off of mckenna safe park. so far no witnesses have come forward to explain what whaped, but authorities say wounds on the victim's body suggest she was indeed attacked by a shark. beaches are expected to reopen later today. >> for the first time in nearly a century, lava is overflowing at a volcano in hawaii. thousands of people flocking to see the bubbling lava spill over the creator floor. this volcano has been active for 30 years but this is the first time the lava has overflowed. experts say because of the location of the volcano, it poses no risk to people or structures. 4 your health, confusion
4:37 pm
over new cancer screenings. we'll break down the new guidelines that every woman needs to know about. and she's fighting for freedom. george clooney's wife amal is in town tonight. we'll tell you who she's trying to help. and storm team4 tracking showers, a few thunderstorms. we've seen hail. we've seen lightning. but just how much longer is this going to hang on? it's inside the beltway right now. we'll tell you more
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lets say this is your tv and these are the channels you pay for with cable but these are the types of channels you actually want to watch what if you could pay for what you want, and not for what you don't so you could get kids channels sports... or entertainment mix and match, or get them all.
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now fios brings you a totally new way to customize your tv starting at $74.99 -- including internet and phone. cable just gives you channels. fios gives you choice.
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international human rights attorney amal clooney is in town today part of a legal team working to free the former president of the maldives. they discussed the case at a news conference this morning at the national press club. mohammed na she'd was jailed last month on terrorism charges a move the u.n. and other humanitarian groups have heavily criticized as unjust. amal's husband george clooney visits washington often to campaign for human rights issues. new information for women about cancer screenings. >> and as news4's doreen gants letter tells us, there's concern this could lead to confusion. doreen? >> indeed jim and pat. we're talking about testing for cervical cancer, a disease that used to be the number onekiller of women. but over the last 40 years cases have decreased significantly. that's because of better screening and better treatment, and the invention of the pap smear about 50 years ago. but today the american college
4:41 pm
of physicians weighed in with new recommendations saying that women don't need to be screened as often now. the hope is that it will cut down on unnecessary procedures. researchers say that no matter how old you are, getting a pap smear every year is no longer warranted. that's because frequent screening for changes in cervical cells can lead to more harm than good, some doctors now believe, including false positives and unnecessary biopsies. instead women who are at average risk for developing cervical cancer should start the screening at the age of 21 and then repeat it every three years. once women hit age 30 then they can undergo screening every five years and testing can stop after age 65, according to these new recommendations. now, this news might confuse a lot of women who may be used to having annual exams. it's definitely a conversation you need to have with your own doctor. of course, if you are at high
4:42 pm
risk for cervical cancer, meaning you have a family history or other possible risk factors, then you should continue to have more frequent screenings. but the bottom line about all of this talk to your doctor. pat? jim? >> important information there. >> very. a march is going on right now in solidarity with baltimore. >> these are live pictures, again, from downtown philadelphia where people are marching near city hall. we've got a live report on this coming up in a few minutes.
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veronica, tell us more about the hail and thunderstorms and all this wacky stuff that could be happening. >> exactly. up until 7:00, 8:00, at the very least reports of some small hail in the area, including inside the beltway. lightning, yes, even the wind coming up for a time around 30 miles per hour and some downpours. we've seen a couple of spots there picking up anywhere from a quarter to just over a half inch of rain, and that means of course ponding on area roads. let me show you storm team4 radar. into the action inside the beltway, this storm system not quite as intense now headed toward bethesda, eventually to the north and west hitting wilewood hills as well as scotland area, pulling into montgomery county. another cell we're tracking has heavy rain, lightning potential as well as hail. this one headed toward western
4:46 pm
maryland hancock. right around 40. it's headed toward williamsport clear spring, new hope by 5:12. this whole line thshgs is where we've seen most of the action just to our west. right down i-66, bluemont middleburg area just down into areas of falkier county, that pulling to the north and northwest toward blue ridge mountain xaets s estates as well as della plane. potential for heavy rain, downr pours, lightning. tomorrow morning still wet weather but just showers, nothing too heavy. we start the day at 54 low 50s, 60 between 8:00 and 10:00. it will turn drizzly, cool and damp especially the early part of the day. our rain chances will start up around 60%, mainly south of d.c., then we'll start to see the chance drop by the afternoon. once it drops still going to be on the drizzly sprinkly side for
4:47 pm
the afternoon. that could come through at any time. so we've got the green light for recess and dismissal, just damp and cool. kids will need a jacket tomorrow. at least we won't get high winds with this system and those lower temperatures. but we'll be parked most of the afternoon in the low to mid-60s across the area cool conditions, damp conditions, better as we get later and later into the day. we're low to moderate on an impact forecast for tomorrow. do i think we'll see much sunshine? maybe limited sunshine just before the sun sets. there here is a look at your high temperatures throughout the area from 62 annapolis, 65 inside the beltway 65 degrees also around warrenton and manassas manassas. your forecast for the afternoon around 63 to 67. better conditions late. that's the main thing to remember, if you do want to get out. then saturday mostly cloudy, we'll be fighting cloud cover chance for an isolated shower mainly for the afternoon and just before the evening hours. we should start to see that
4:48 pm
chance wane. saturday a 30% chance, temperatures up to 70. 76 sunday, better day with sunshine coming our way. then a very warm pattern sets up will early next week monday, tuesday, wednesday. high temperatures topping out over 80 degrees. and yes, there is the chance for a thunderstorm on wednesday but, again, here's the very latest, a look at the radar. it is very busy. we could see more storms producing hail. of course we'll have the latest coming up on news4 at 5. >> we'll stay close. veronica, thank you. a local park has national recognition as one of the best playgrounds in the country. clementi clemy jauntry is on the list of early education zone. judges say the park is suited for children of all abilities. >>. >> here's the pitch. when the west springfield high school baseball team takes the mound tomorrow night against lake braddock, there will be a lot more winners than the team that scores the most runs.
4:49 pm
they're playing to help kids who fight cancer. batter up. the spartans are hoping to hit a home run. in their friday night game against lake braddock. they're playing in the diamond's dream game for kyle's kamp, a charity that raises money and awareness for pediatric cancer. the charity is named for kyle honey a student at cub run elementary school. kyle is winning his five-year battle with cancer, and he's doing well enough to compete in little league baseball this year. that's why he's using his love of the sport to help others. >> i think baseball just really speaks to me. what i love about baseball is that it just takes my mind off of everything, you know. like it never even comes to my mind how i had cancer. >> his father robert founded kyle's kamp to help funnel more money to pediatric cancer research. >> we've been fortunate enough to raise roughly $1.3 million in
4:50 pm
the last four years. for children's national directly for pediatric cancer research. >> friday night's game will be played at west springfield high school at 6:30. proceeds and donations at the game will go to children's national medical center for pediatric research. i'm wendy rieger at the live desk. we've learn thad a d.c. man charged with sexual assault is accused of raping a nun. juan randolph was arrested this morning, accused of attacking the nun in her home yesterday. officers say randolph broke into the home on 16th avenue sexually assaulted the woman, ran off. police say after his arrest today he admitted he did attack the nun. he is facing multiple charges and is awaiting extradition to prince george's county. i will see you in a few minutes on news4 at 5. >> wendy thank you. we're learning new details tonight about a woman killed crossing a street near a hospital in the district. news4's pat collin has the story along southern avenue in
4:51 pm
southeast. >> reporter: the crime lines on the street mark the place where it happened. the spot here on southern avenue. all she wanted to do was cross the street. she had just been to the hospital to visit a friend. she was walking across southern avenue when she was struck down and killed by a hit-and-run driver. she was the mother of five children, the grandmother of 17. she had two great-grands. the hit-and-run death of faith pines, the story coming up, news4. a dramatic rescue in nepal. a teenager pulled from the rubble. >> and a local rescue team helped save him. we'll meet the proud fellow team members who watched the dramatic rescue back here at home.
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another live look at downtown philadelphia where this crowd of protesters appears a little larger than it was the last time we showed it to you. they are protesting in a march they're will calling philadelphia is baltimore. they're marching in solidarity with protesters who have been marching in baltimore all week long. again, a crowd of what apparently is a growing in size
4:55 pm
there in downtown philadelphia. marching to city hall. we'll continue to monitor this and bring you more as the situation there develops. meanwhile, time is running out for some cell phone users to apply for a refund for unwanted monthly billing charges. tomorrow is the deadline for at&t customers to ask for their money back for charges known as bill cramming where third party vendors charge extra fees. last october at&t reached a settlement of more than $100 million with the federal trade commission. customers can visit ftc settlement to see if they are eligible. class canceled. the detroit school district closed more than a dozen schools today because teachers stayed home. they're protesting the governor's plan to transform the school district. detroit has 47,000 students, massive debt, and a record of poor academic performance. the governor says his plan addresses the debt but makes sure past mistakes aren't
4:56 pm
repeated. and official in nepal says it's never happened there before. after five days buried in earthquake rubble a teenager is pulled out alive. news4's darcy spencer reports the rescue team from fair tax county played a huge part. >> he's been trapped by correspond ugated roofing material. >> reporter: it was a miracle in the rubble in nepal. this teenager buried alive in concrete rescued after spending days trapped at the bottom of a collapsed apartment building. >> it's what we call an entombment. he was xpifkspecifically crushed. he was inside a box with heavy concrete all around him. >> reporter: the men and women with fairfax county's urban search and rescue team were instrumental in bringing the boy out. he had been completely surrounded by concrete unable to move, for five days. >> we worked side by side with the local teams and we were there to assist them in getting this victim out. >> reporter: the fairfax county
4:57 pm
team was deployed over the weekend, 57 men and women and 6 dogs trained to sniff out the scents of living victims. >> we're very gratified to see that they're able to successfully achieve a rescue. that's the whole reason they went there in the first place. >> reporter: once the news of the rescue spread, celebrations broke out in the street. finally, some good news. the earthquake has claimed more than 5,000 lives. this was the team's first rescue of the mission but they're hoping it won't be the last. >> it's a great motivator for the team because they're on limited sleep and kfrlt. it keeps them going. >> reporter: at news4 at 5, i'll show you some of the tools being used in nepal to search for and dig out survivors. in fairfax county darcy spencer, news4. live at 5, marches in protest in multiple cities as people react to new information that's being released in the death of freddie gray.
4:58 pm
and the big question tonight when did gray suffer that spinal cord injury that led to his death? multiple reports are surfacing. we'll straighten them out for you as soon as we can. plus, all she wanted to do was cross the street. a 68-year-old woman run down and left for dead. new tonight, pat collins talks to the victim's family. and we're talking about rain that came through the region a little earlier making its way off to the west. some very heavy rain. we've seen hail, also a lot of lightning with these storms making their way off quickly towards the west. let's take a look and show you storm team4 radar where those storms are over the last couple of hours. you see them making their way around i-95 and pushing well back to the west. look at this line from hagerstown, martinsburg charlestown, down through the marshall area in northern falkier county and back to the west. very heavy rain associated with these. another shower down around the fredericksburg area. that one has some lightning with it in spotsylvania county. look at all the red, the heavy rain right along 66 and around
4:59 pm
the marshall area. then another shower that's right over portions of the beltway right now. bluemont toward millwood, middleburg and marshall, look at the heavy rain along 66. you know that's going to slow traffic. then right around the beltway in bethesda, just off toward river road and down toward downtown, another shower coming through downtown. we have had reports of some hail with these systems. let's zoom in just a little bit more on this one. this is river road right here coming over towards congressional manor, congressional country club and toward cabin john. heads-up, heavy rain and heavy showers tonight, keep the umbrella handy. we'll have the rest on the week and weekend in just a moment. we continue to work new developments in baltimore right now for a second day demonstrators are making their way to city hall. this large and peaceful protest comes as new information is revealed now about the moments after freddie gray's arrest. >> his death set off as you saw a wave of violence. tonight there are questions mounting about that spinal cord injury he incurred. >> right now the investigation is in the hands of the state's
5:00 pm
attorney's office in baltimore and prosecutors will decide whether charges are warranted against any officers. a source tells news4 the investigation focuses on gray's transport van specifically, and they are looking into the possibility that the van is where the fatal injuries actually occurred. but what caused those injuries is still unclear tonight. >> today we are learning that the van made a previously unknown stop. it was one of four stops that the van made after gray was put inside. the first was where gray was picked up, the second stop the one that was revealed today and was discovered by a privately owned security camera. that's where gray is shackled and put back in the van. >> a third stop is made where the driver calls for another officer to check on gray. and then a fourth stop is made where an additional prisoner is picked up. >> baltimore police also announced today that more than 90 officers have been inj


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