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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  April 30, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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t couple of hours you see this one line that has made its way just west of 95, just continuing off to the west. it's right now over i-81 as we stop the motion here. martinsburg in through bjerkery county, down 81 toward winchester, very heavy rain along 81, around front royal seeing the heavy rain toward rappahannock county, most of falkier county seeing the rain. then look at this rain right here around the city of fairfax, very heavy rain in this area, too. this is something that we're going to be watching very closely. let me move out of the way. i want to zoom in on that one storm that is over the city of fairfax right now. again, this one now has a lot of lightning associated with it. i'm getting a lot of reports out of fairfax and vienna of not just lightning but the pea-sized hail. let me take the lightning off. we're talking along 66 286 and of course 29 we'll continue to watch these storms for you on storm team4 radar. again, make sure you have the umbrella handy if you're heading out tonight. >> thank you doug. now to the arrest and death of freddie gray.
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there's new information about the investigation and a new account of the moments inside that police van. >> and it's up to prosecutors now to sort it all out as the people of baltimore try to clean up the mess and preserve the peace. we have team coverage beginning with scott macfarlane who's been working with pat lawson muse and producers in our newsroom to sort things out best question. scott in. >> jim, good evening. a lot of reports out there today. here's what we have at this hour we're growing certain of. we're told the investigation into the death of freddie gray appears to be focusing on the police transport van and reporter jane miller from wbal in baltimore, sources tell her the report turned over to prosecutors say whatever lapped to freddie gray happened inside the van and not during the arrest. we're just fold a second stop was made about a mile away and police just discovered it on surveillance cameras and say they don't know why the van stopped. from there, the van made a third
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stop and the driver asked an officer to check on gray. then a final stop was made to pick up dante allen at the same enter section where the cvs was set on fire this week. dante allen spoke today for the first time to jane miller said he was put in the van on the opposite side of gray with a solid divider between them so they couldn't see each other. allen said he didn't know anyone was in the van at the time. this is what he said about the ride to the police station. >> when i got in the van i didn't hear nothing. it was a smooth ride. we went straight to the police station. all i heard was like a little banging for like four seconds. i just heard little banging you know, just little -- you know, boom, boom, just little banging. >> did you tell the police that you heard him banging his head against the van? >> i told homicide that. >> sources told our baltimore affiliate that gray was likely unresponsive by the time allen was picked up and put in that van. but according to medical experts, the type of injury gray suffered could have caused seizures which could account for the four seconds of banging
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allen reported to the police. at the live desk, scott macfarlane. >> thanks, scott. the city's state's attorney confirmed that she now has the internal investigation from the police. she says her office has simultaneously been conducting its own investigation into gray's death. she said her office would not rely solely on the police report but also on the facts that they have gathered and been able to verify. >> and what about the people who live in the neighborhoods impacted by the violent protests? news4's tracee wilkins talked to people in baltimore who are still struggling to get back on their feet. >> reporter: for many of the people standing in this line -- >> have you been waiting long? >> no. >> reporter: -- they're getting their first bag of fresh groceries in days. >> thank you. >> as a result of the riots, we lost four convenience stores. we have no place to get toilet paper pampers milk anything.
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>> reporter: this section of baltimore was already a food desert. >> 30% of the neighbors that live here are in poverty. >> reporter: so every little bit helps. >> 21% of the neighbors here don't have jobs. >> reporter: when every dime counts. >> my family how long have we been mere? we've been hforever. >> reporter: and with so many businesses burned out and lost after monday's riots -- >> i just wonder where the money is coming from. it's just a simple question. that's what i want to know. >> reporter: today randy mcmillan got to ask the governor for himself who's paying to clean up this city. >> we're going to find all the resources we can at the state level, work with the city and from the federal government. >> so it going to come out of our pockets. >> well, some things will come out of your pocket. >> right, right. i understand. >> we'll try to provide all the help we can. >> he said some positive things in there, but i got the feeling that he was unsure himself about the programs that he was going to try to implement. >> we lost 200 businesses on monday night.
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over 100 of them are minority-owned businesses. many people didn't have insurance. >> reporter: while the powers that be work out lark larger issues, community organizers are taking care of more immediate ones. >> i'm glad you were able to stop by and get something. there are new details tonight in a savage attack inside a metro station. investigate rz have named the suspect seen in this video. he was beating a 69-year-old man. police are looking for him right now. they say it is not the first time that he's done something like this. jackie bensen is outside metro headquarters with more. >> reporter: jim we've learned this suspect has a history of doing the same thing before. the video from last week's assault is tough to look at. it shows a sudden violent attack on an escalator at the eastern market metro station. the victim who is 69 years old was very seriously injured but is on the mend. police say the video was clear enough for a good citizen to
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identify 19-year-old elijah smith of silver spring. >> we're very pleased with our cc tv system. we upgraded it, rely on it for security matters every day to situational awareness. those cameras proved prudent that day with those cameras we identifyied him. >> reporter: news4 has learned smith is still on probation after serving time for a similar brutal random attack in may of last year. the victim in that case was an actor who just finished a performance at a theater in downtown silver spring. he, too, was very seriously injured. >> we put that information out there. we want to help identify where he's at. if he's listening, we want him to turn himself in. >> reporter: interesting to note smith faces the possibility of tougher than usual punishment in the most recent incident, the one at the eastern market metro station. that is because d.c.'s law allows for enhanced penalties if the victim is over 65. at metro headquarters jackie bensen news4. a d.c. man is now charged
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with rape in a case that law enforcement tells us involves a nun. the suspect is juan randolph. investigators say he broke into a home along 16th avenue in chillham last night and raped a woman. sources tell us the victim in this case is a nun. officers took randolph into custody earlier today. we're told he has admitted to the assault. a deadly hit-and-run crush is highlighting the dangers pedestrians face trying to get around a busy d.c. road. faith pines died trying to cross southern avenue in the district laugh last night after she left a helicopter. news4's pat collins spoke to the victim's family and has more on this story in southeast tonight. pat? >> reporter: doreen, for pedestrians, a trip to and from this hospital could put you in the hospital. for one woman this fatal consequences. and some people are calling this stretch of the road the death zone.
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crossing southern avenue at the united medical center is downright dangerous. it's like trying to get across a highway. here now from christine coghill she works at the hospital. she takes this risk every day. >> something needs to be here for the pedestrians that's coming from the hospital or going to the hospital. it's just a death zone. that's what it is. >> reporter: so you might be saying, why don't people just go to the nearest traffic light and cross? well, take a look at where the nearest traffic light is. it's more than two blocks away. many people coming to and from the hospital are not going to cross at that light. getting from there to over here cost a 68-year-old woman her life. >> reporter: faith pines struck and killed by a hit-and-run driver as she was trying to cross southern avenue. it happened tuesday night. she'd been to the hospital here to visit a friend. as she went to cross the street,
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she was run down. simone jordan is faith pines' daughter. she just took this picture with her mom a couple of days ago. she has a message for that hit-and-run driver. >> why would you do that? i know you have a mother. i know you would not let your mother just die like that. you wouldn't have left the scene. why would you have left her? just to die right there? >> reporter: police say the striking car was a 1999 tan mercedes. now, they found the car on benning road. now they're looking for the driver. jim, back to you. >> thanks, pat. something unusual at a school in alexandria today. an air force helicopter made an emergency landing on the field at the william ramsey elementary school. students were taken outside to get a closer look at the helicopter and to actually have a chat with the service members there. it was an emergency landing they
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had to make when there was an indication of some trouble. the chopper took off after some mechanics came along and checked it out. a couple of really big sports stories tonight. dianna russini is in chicago where the nfl is taking place. carol maloney is in new york, new york, where the caps are in the second round of the playoffs. carol? >> reporter: hey, jim. yeah it's a rite of spring. the caps/rangers are meeting again in the playoffs. this is the fourth time in the last five years. and this one expected to be the most brute willal alal of them all. this one could be measured in stitches. coming up on news4 at 6 a little later in the show, we're going to hear from the caps players who tell us the way they have to play to have success in the second round. for now though, let's head to the windy city. >> reporter: i'm dianna russini in chicago, getting ready for the 2015 nfl draft. the redskins will pick fifth, and i'm going to tell you about the two guys the redskins are hoping to get on their roster.
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honored for their bravery. new at 6, we salute the local men and women whose actions in the line of duty sound like something out of a movie. >> reporter: how close are prosecutors to filing additional charges against catherine hoggle, the mother who hid her children seven months ago? and we'll tell you about a traffic headache and the reason behind it. (music) hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! (music) introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle.
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>> announcer: you're watching news4 at 6. the faces of two young children who have been missing now for nearly eight months. their mother has been charged with neglect. she attended a court hearing today in montgomery county. chris gordon reports it is still unclear if she'll ever go on trial. >> reporter: the latest psychiatric report indicates catherine hoggle is improving but still incompetent. children, 3-year-old sarah and 2-year-old jacob, not seen since september. their father tells me he spoke by phone by catherine hoggle who's in a mental hospital a few weeks ago. >> she's been saying since before thanksgiving she's ready to bring them thome and things like that. i'll believe it when they're in my car. >> reporter: i asked hoggle's defense lawyer the question that many people want answered.
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does catherine hoggle want to reveal the whereabouts of her children? >> i can't speak to that. i don't even know if she knows the whereabouts of her children. >> reporter: the jung of judge said when hoggle is declared competent he will put her on trial for the misdemeanor charges of neglecting minors, but she said she's already been in custody seven months which would exceed the sentence he would impose. the top prosecutor anticipates he will seek additional charges against hoggle. >> we remain sort of in a holding pattern because that's the right thing to do to allow us to have the maximum options for exploring other lead that's may develop in this case and having the availability of using the grand jury. >> reporter: police conducted a search earlier this month. based on tips and because the foliage has changed. but they tell me it resulted in no new leads to help them find the children. reporting from montgomery county, chris gordon news4. a first 4 traffic alert for you tonight, a busy road along the national mall will be
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closing in about 45 minutes. you won't be able to drive down 15th street between jefferson drive and constitution avenue until next tuesday. the street closure is part of the ongoing construction of the museum of african-american history and culture. >> it's bad already, yeah. and it seems only to get worse. >> pretty inconvenient and i've got the kids in the back seat. it might take a little longer to get to school. >> 15th street isn't the only road that will be impacted. next tuesday at 6:00 a.m., a stretch of madison drive will shut down between 14th and 15th streets. commuters will have to deal with that disruption through the end of next week. in just under an hour you'll be able to weigh in on the proposed potomac yard metro station in alexandria. metro is hosting a public hearing on that station. it will be at the rec center. that's along west reed avenue just a few blocks off route 1. the proposed station would be
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between the gw parkway and potomac avenue on the blue and yellow lines. doug's back with more detail on this rainy weather. and some people are getting hammered right now. >> they really are. the radar behind us, coming down very hard in parts of fairfax and toward the west. we told you yesterday most of the activity would be just to the west of i-95 and that's exactly where it's been all day today. take a look. again, east of i-95 in through southern maryland mostly dry, the west of the waldorf along the potomac but a lot of activity through parts of northern virginia and panhandle west virginia. warren torn, fairfax county loudoun county, frederick county virginia getting hit hard so is the front royal area. we'll do a couple of stops, zooms, also some around frederick county, maryland. but look around martinsburg. it's been raining here for the good part of an hour, some locations picking up well over an inch of rain from this. we're going to continue to see the heavy rain through berkeley county, down to the south, frederick koublt county virginia, clark county virginia, the heavy rain, along
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route 50. farther south along front royal toward marshall where it's been raining for one to two hours. let's go to rap han ick county where some of the heaviest rain has been over the last hour or two. it's not moving a lot. expect to see more rain. where it is still moving slowly to the west, right around fairfax, woodbridge, prince william county. there's the one shower through southeastern prince george's county, northern charles county. that is trying to make its way across the potomac. let's zoom in. this is the shower we've seen come through fairfax county and vienna. a lot of lightning and hail reports from this. right now around the clifton area, toward chantilly and just west of the city of fairfax, city of fairfax will begin to dry out as we move through the rest of the evening. temperatures now 70 degrees at the airport winds out of southeast at 9 miles per hour. look where it's raining and notice the temperatures, a lot cooler. only 54 in winchester, 56 over toward martinsburg all of this rain because of an area of low pressure aloft.
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let's go ahead and take you wide here. look at the motion here in the atmosphere. that spin is the one storm we're watching, the upper levels. at the surface we've got another storm. this is the one that's going to give us the motion from the east tomorrow and give us a good chance of rain tomorrow morning. here we are at 6:00. notice where the rain is, right around 8:00 same areas back to the wecht. heads-up, could see another inch in some locations. then future weather tomorrow morning, look around 6:00 a.m. gaithersburg, 270, leesburg and to the south a lot of rain falling early tomorrow morning. so the rush hour tomorrow morning between 6:00 and 9:00 will be problematic and will definitely be wet before all of this moves down tomorrow afternoon. not a bad afternoon but we have to get through tomorrow morning. temperatures tomorrow up to 65 up to 70 on saturday with just a slight chance of a shower in the afternoon. then some fantastic weather, sunday a high temperature of 76 with plenty of sunshine, monday at 80 82 on tuesday 80 on wednesday. it's about time we see some nice
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days in a row. but once again tracking storms, more in a few minutes. >> thanks doug. coming up tonight, some local families watching and waiting as their loved ones do everything they can to help the people who were missing and lost in that awful earthquake in nepal. and new questions tonight about a plan to outfit local police officers with those body camera cameras. why a city 3,000 mile as way is setting the tone about the controversial technology here in
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a rescue in alexandria sounds more like a scene from a movie, but it actually happened. today it brought a valor award for an officer and a good samaritan samaritan. on a cold and icy february day, mamy doyle called 911 which brought officer michael nugent to the beltway. a woman was threatening to jump 75 feet to cameron run below. the woman leaped but doyle managed to catch her arm. the jumper landed on a narrow ice-covered ledge. officer nugent grabbed hold, but the jumper continued to struggle. finally, doyle sat on her until more officers could arrive. >> when i got on the ledge and realize td was covered in ice and had very little control then i started to panic. >> it was scary. i think he realized i was scared after i came back over the ledge. i was in tier tears. >> officer nugent received a
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gold medal of valor from the a.m. ex-andrea chamber of commerce and doyle was recognized for her bravery. northern virginia bureau chief julie carey emceeing the ceremony. that's her there. the district is planning to spend more than $5 million on police body cams, but the chief and mayor want to restrict who gets to see the footage. news4's among many organizations being denied access to that video. chief lanier put out a fact sheet explaining why she made her decision but news4's mark segraves reports some lawmakers are questioning how factual it really is. >> i have concerns about whether or not there are some things included in the fact sheet that are accurate or whether they're imprecise. >> the three-page fact sheet explains how the body camera program works and why the chief believe it's important to restrict who can have access to the videos. the chief write that's if the d.c. council doesn't exempt body camera footage from the freedom of information act, private
6:25 pm
citizens' personal information could be made public. >> it simply isn't true, isn't the case. >> the mayor points to the seattle police department which does allow the public to see just about all body cam videos by posting them on a youtube channel after blurring the images for privacy. lanier says it takes seattle police 4.25 hours to blur each minute of video, and since d.c. has 5,000 hours of video so far, it would take 150 years to blur. but an official with the seattle police department says that's not correct that in fact it takes them just one minute for each minute of video using the same cameras that the d.c. police use. the d.c. council will hold a hearing next week on whether to keep the body camera videos from the public. the aclu doesn't oppose body cameras for police but wants the video to be accessible. the council and mayor are using taxpayer funds to give mpd another tool to surveil communities, not to provide a
6:26 pm
fool for police accountability. police accountability is not achieved by allowing the police to police themselves. >> there's some serious questions about the burden being placed on mpd, the financial burden as well as the burden of trying to store all that data. and those are legitimate concerns. but i think the chief should air those concerns in a public fashion. >> in the district mark segraves, news4. $8,000 lost. >> a local man out thousands of dollars. the warning tonight for anybody who may be trying to settle a debt with the irs. and some of us could see some lightning before this night is through. doug tracking whatever is in jamie wanted a taste of the real new orleans and we just couldn't
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say no to that face. then we wanted more of that local flavor so betty says... oh yeah, that's betty. you're going to want to do this alligator thing. and betty didn't lead us wrong. a little later we passed some dancing. and who doesn't like dancing? especially when it's followed by fireworks everyone's nola is different. follow yours.
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still tracking areas of heavy rain right now across the region, showers forming in and around fairfax county, north and west of waldorf. look at these showers back to the west again, very heavy rain continuing to make its way across the area. and as we see the rain, we'll continue to watch it from winchester, front royal luray. again, very heavy rain, upwards of an inch of rain has fallen to the south and east through fairfax county, around centerville and chantilly, prince william county and across the river to the north and west of waldorf. we'll continue to track storm team4 radar. i'll have the latest in about ten minutes. right now at 6:30, the latest from baltimore where the freddie gray case is now in the hands of prosecutors.
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the state's attorney's confirmed they received police findings but will rely on their own independent investigation and they asked for patience. >> an attorney for gray's family says they want justice, but they want it, quote, at the right time and not too soon. police, meantime, say nearly 100 officers have been hurt since the violent riots began on monday. 13 have been unable to go back to work. >> once you got in the van, what did you hear? >> i didn't hear nothing. it was a smooth ride. we went straight to the police staipgs. awful i heard was a little banging for like four seconds. you know what i ust heard little banging, you know. just little -- i mean, boom boom, just little banging. >> that's the account from the man who rode in the same police van as freddie gray after he was arrested. he talked about what he heard with jane miller from our sister station in baltimore. right now there's yet another protest at city hall in baltimore going on even in the
6:31 pm
rain. >> nbc's jay gray joins us from there where the city is once again preparing for a 10:00 curfew. jay? >> reporter: doreen, jim, protests breaking up behind me, but there was a large crowd here maybe 300, 350 protesters angry, emotional about what's going on here and wanting an answer to just one simple question. how did freddie gray die? there is new information and questions tonight in the death of freddie gray, the 25-year-old who was severely injured and later died after being apprehended by baltimore police. today investigators revealed the transport van gray was riding in made a previously unknown stop the day he was arrested. >> this new stop has been -- was discovered from a privately owned camera. >> reporter: citing the integrity of the process it's the only information police shared publicly today after turning over initial reports of their investigation into gray's death to the state's attorney. >> making sure that we look and overturn every rock is more
6:32 pm
important than just coming foernlg offorth and giving a document. >> reporter: still, we're learning new details in a case. a charging document obtained by nbc news indicates after fleeing from officers gray was apprehended without force, taken into custody for alleged possession of a switch-blade knife. as the investigation continues so does the effort to heal. today members of the baltimore ravens delivered food and supplies to families in the areas most affected by the riots. >> just giving these people hope that a better day will be on the horizon. >> reporter: hope this community desperately needs right now. now more protests are scheduled here and across the country through this week. police, the national guard say they will maintain their presentation and the curfew for as long as necessary. that's the latest live in baltimore, jay gray doreen back to you. >> thank you, jay. many of you may remember that baltimore was the scene of major riot rioting in 1968 after the death of dr. martin luther king jr.
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we've posted two maps on our website that compare where those 1968 riots happened and where this week's unrest erupted. today the environmental protection agency disclosed several cases involving employees caught watching pornography on the job. internal investigators at the epa say that one worker admitted to looking at porn on his work computer for as many as six hours a day for several years. that person resigned last week. another employee's misconduct came to light after a child caught him looking at porn on "take your daughters and sons to work" day. agency i.t. workers caught a third employee trying to erase child pornography from his work laptop. that man resigned in 2013 and is now serving a 30-month sentence in prison. terrible new video tonight showing the dramatic moment a
6:34 pm
powerful earthquake shook nepal. it comes from the camera of a tourist near kathmandu about 5800 people have been found dead so far. but there's been another amazing survivor. a short time ago a woman in her 20s was pulled from the debris. earlier today a teenager was rescued with the help of the team from fairfax county. news4's darcy spencer has more now on how these success stories affect worried family members back home. >> it was on the news that they had pulled the teenage young man from the rubble and it brought tears to my eyes. >> reporter: alexandria bu a buchanan accepted an award today, but her husband's achievement brought those tears to her eyes. her husband is with the fairfax county urban search and rescue team that helped pull a teeth age teenage boy from the rubble in nepal. >> knowing their capabilities, knowing the commitment and the drive that they have as a team
6:35 pm
nothing's impossible for them. >> reporter: buchanan and her daughter are used to him leaving on a moment's notice to go to a disaster zone. seeing these imajz of a frightened teen being brought out on a back board reminds them of what it's all about, how important it is. >> it's so nice to see him over there helping and being able to tell everyone that my dad is over there helping and part of such a great group. i'm so proud of him and can't wait for him to come home. >> reporter: the men and women with fairfax county's urban search and rescue team were instrumental in bringing the boy out. he had been completely surrounded by concrete unable to move, for five days. >> what we did is worked side by side with the local and we were there to assist them in getting this victim out. >> reporter: the fairfax county team was deployed eefr eded over the weekend, 57 men and women and 6 dogs trained to sniff out the scents of living victims. this was the team's first rescue of the mission but they're
6:36 pm
hoping it won't be the last. in fairfax county darcy spencer, news4. and we have a list of ways you can help nepal on our website right now. in fact, we just posted new ways you can help the children from that country recover. crickets, mildew dirty mop buckets, just a few of the things health officials found at a blue bell ice cream plant. all that according to a review of health inspections performed at the plant in texas. all blue bell products were recalled last week because of possible listeria contamination. it could be weeks before the company begins to make ice cream again. officials at blue bell say they take cleanliness in their production facilities very seriously, and it is a top priority. it is always -- they are concerned about the quality and safety of their products. the president sits down for a little reading time with children in our area. hear what he said when one student asked what he's going to do after he leaves office. a disruption on capitol hill
6:37 pm
happened on live tv. we'll tell you what lawmakers are talking about when three
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visit your local volvo showroom for details. members of the veet na means-american community joined u.s. veterans in a special ceremony today at the vietnam veterans memorial in d.c. today marks 40 years since the fall of saigon. nearly 60,000 u.s. service members died in that war. about 200,000 allied vietnamese were killed. former virginia senator jim webb who is a vietnam veteran spoke at the ceremony today. he says better political laefdership would have changed the outcome. webb's wife fled that country as a child. three d.c. residents were arrested today for disrupting a vote in the house. they unfurled a d.c. flag and
6:40 pm
shouted "d.c. vote" from the house gallery. it came during a procedural vote on a resolution that would overturn a d.c. law that bans employers from discriminating against workers who have abortions. a final vote is expected tonight. the three were charged with disrupting congress. tonight a renewed effort to bring home a missing civil rights leader and former confidant of dr. martin luther king. former d.c. congressman and minister walter fauntroy left to travel across africa and then to dubai three years ago. now his family and friends say they don't know where he is. dorothy fauntroy is the wife of 57 years of walter. she told our tom sherwood today their faith in god helped them survive threats and attacks in the '60s during the civil right movement and her faith is still helping her cope. >> people ask me, how do you do it? and i just said with the help of the lord just like that.
6:41 pm
i said i've always had a strong faith in god. >> reverend fauntroy's former church is supporting efforts to try to find him. family and church friends are also raising money to help mrs. fauntroy avoid bankruptcy. a lot of you out there are seeing rain, lightning, some of you even seeing hail. doug joins us with what's in store for us next. also, a warning tonight from consumer reporter erika gonzalez. we'll tell you why one way to settle a debt with the irs could be too good to be true.
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april 15th has come and gone, but that doesn't mean that everyone has paid their tax debt to the irs. consumer reporter erika gonzalez has a warning about hiring companies that advertise tax debt relief services. >> i called these people up, and they said they could help me. >> darrel ray eckert of charles county, maryland, has serious tax debt to the point the irs eventually threatened to take his house. eckert owes more than $9,000 to the state and more than $27,000 to the federal government a total of more than $36,000 in back-taxes. >> when i started getting more depressed about my taxes i owed, i looked in the telephone book. >> reporter: eckerd saw an ad for help wall and associates incorporated advertising it solves tax problems. that's when eckard picked up the phone. >> they said they could help me with my taxes and everything. they would send somebody out to talk to me. >> reporter: when a company tax consultant visited him, he
6:45 pm
brought a contract. >> i signed a contract, an initial fee up front. >> reporter: $3,000 up pront plus an additional $400 each month to wall and associates. he did so for more than a year and $8,000 later eckard said he questioned what the company actually accomplished for him. >> i contacted them many times about that, and they kept on saying they're just working on the case and that i needed to send them more money for them to keep working on the case. >> reporter: we contacted wall and associates, the company says it performed a lot of work on eckard's case, which included preparing an officer and compromise to the irs and maintaining regular contact with eckard. the company says it does not make any guarantees on the outcome of a person's case, which is stated in eckard's contract. did any of the $8000 go towards your tax burden? >> no, ma'am. >> reporter: wall and associates confirmed eckard still owed his full debt after payments to the company. but the company says the irs will close a review of an offer
6:46 pm
in compromise if it doesn't receive information it requests. wall and associationes says this is what happened in eckard's case. they say he didn't provide the information the company needed in a timely manner. but eckard argues he sent the same documents multiple times after the company continued to ask for the same information. eckard says throughout his case he spoke with at least nine different people. wall went on to say its average settlement for a client is 10% of what's owed to the irs. when it comes to looking for tax relief services the federal trade commission warns, if a company requires a fee in advance, walk away. as for eckard, he's now on a payment plan with the irs. >> the $8000 that i paid this company i could have paid to the irs and got my debt down. so basically right now my $8,000 is lost. >> can't afford to pay your taxes? the first thing you do is contact the irs for free help.
6:47 pm
it's got different programs and payment plans. if you decide to hire help, make sure the company has enrolled agents and then check with the irs to make sure the agent is in good standing. you can check our consumer watch facebook page for more information on this story. president obama says he would like to return to the kind of work he did before he took office when he wraps up his second term. the president hold a virtual town hall at the anacostia library in southeast today. he talked about a new initiative that will bring free ebooks to low-income students. while talking to the kids, mr. obama jokingly told them that he would still be a relatively young man when he's finished with his time in the presidency. >> i'm just trying to find ways to help young people get education and help people get jobs, try to bring businesses into neighborhoods that don't have enough businesses.
6:48 pm
>> at one point a student asked a president about technology when he was young. president obama joked they barely even used calculators until he was in high school and said nobody in his high school had a computer in school. >> they probably didn't believe him. >> i'm going to leave it at that. >> everybody has a computer in their hands. >> they probably didn't. >> i talk to the kids all the time and tell them we didn't have the internet when i went to college. that's really hard to believe. this stuff has all been coming up recently. a wealth of knowledge out there. so trouble out there? >> trouble right now for some. it is really coming down. where it's raining, it's raining hard. that rain continues in many parts of the area, especially in through parts of northern virginia and baltimore, around howard county seeing some of that heavier rain. look around the luray region, back towards front royal, winchester leesburg, just south into parts of fairfax county again, very heavy rain. here is shf the some of the heaviest rain clark county, right down i-81, 66 toward front
6:49 pm
royal. front royal getting pounded right now with very heavy rain, some areas reporting 1 to 2 inches. rappahannock a lot of rain falkier, along 66 i guarantee 66 is not a very fun ride tonight. and then take a look around the woodbridge area, look around i-95, a little bit of lightning here. but it's really the heavy rain that continues right down from around newington, springfield, through lorton, woodbridge, quantico. one more zoom toward woodbridge, we'll show you exactly where this is. right around woodbridge and where lorton intersects with route 1. very heavy rain. we're continuing to see this area of spin. it allows the storms to develop and allows them to cool. that's why we saw hail in many parts of the region today. not big hail, but we saw pea to penny-sized hail in the area. dropping into the 60s, showers tonight, and most likely into
6:50 pm
the day tomorrow. i do think tomorrow morning's rush will have showers likely. heads-up for that give yourself some extra time tomorrow. then on saturday a high of 70 30% chance of an afternoon shower. sunday, 76 of 76 plenty of sunshine monday a temperature around 80 degrees. it is really going to be quite nice. tuesday 82 and our wednesday temperature around 80 degrees. the weather gets much, much better. i have an itch! we've got a busy night in sports coming up. what are we going to do with that fifth pick in the nfl draft? also, caps focused on getting a win against the rangers. we're live in chicago and new york, and doug is dying over he
6:51 pm
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>> announcer: this is the xfinity sports desk, brought to you by xfinity your home for the most live sports. welcome back to news4, everyone. jason pew here with you in studio. good time to be a d.c. sports fan. tonight in new york, the capitals start their series with the rangers, second round of the playoffs. also in chicago, first round of the nfl draft taking place. that's where we start tonight. dianna russini is in the windy city. dianna, what are you hearing about who the redskins will take with that fifth overall pick? >> reporter: well, first a lot of people were thinking that
6:54 pm
maybe the redskins would take a quarterback. but i can tell you that gm scott mcleunen is sitting at redskins park in the war room with jay gruden. they are going to kons trailt on building up their defense. dante fowler jr. out of florida is a guy you're going to want to keep an eye on tonight. he's a defensive end, really athletic. athletic. he's big. he's strong. he could start on this team come august. now if fowler gets picked before the redskins get to him, look for offensive tack embrandon scherff. rg 3, these guys need protection. this guy could do it. he's well coached, out of iowa, a left tackle. he has improved every single season. now, gm scott mcllewyn just wants to take the best guy on the board. >> we're not going to draft for need. even in free agency we didn't go in thinking we're going to go
6:55 pm
to defense. we went in and it worked out to be defense. we're going to approach free agency and the draft every year the same. it's just getting good football players. you always have injuries. there's trade tuptdopportunities and stuff like that. if you keep stockpiling good flair players the organization is going no the right direction. >> reporter: all eyes are on the fifth pick, but i think a lot of fans should watch the gm's choices. this is his first test since he's been gm of the redskins. so it will be really interesting to see how that goes. and lots of people -- we've got a redskins fan here. you guys excited for tonight? >> absolutely. >> reporter: who do you think they're taking? >> a new owner. >> rg3's replacement. >> reporter: they're not going to do that. guys, we know the draft is here in chicago. let's go out to the city where the draft used to be held where we'll find carol maloney at madison square garden. carol? >> reporter: hey, we missed you by a year, dianna. we've heard a lot about the
6:56 pm
history of the caps/rangers in the playoffs but it's what's happened more recently that has the caps' attention right now. against them in season the caps are 1-3. the rangers finished the regular season with the best record in the league, now the hands down favorite to win the cup. caps have other ideas, of course. we can guarantee a good series though, if braden holtby stays hot and plays like he did in the first round. also, washington needs to wear them down with their brute strength and come out with the same physical style that won them game seven versus the islanders. alex ovechkin has some strong words about how important it is to play what he calls "our way". >> if we don't go and play our way we're going to give them easy breaks. the season is going to be over for us. we have to stay the course and be the same group of guys that we have been all year. >> it's a whole new ball game. it starts from scratch.
6:57 pm
you know, we're just going to go out there obviously like to come back in the lead. we're going to definitely try to do that. the main thing for us is have good energy in the first. >> any team that comes out fast in the first period is a difficult team to play against. if we can even that first period out a little bit, it gives us a really good chance. >> reporter: and a really good chance for redemption. you don't have to go back too far to know that the last two playoff trips for the caps ended at the hands of the rangers in seven games. jason, i can tell you that i think the caps would like to think the broadway boy vzs have it coming to them. >> thanks, carol and dianna. 7:30 start time tonight in new york. the nfl draft gets under way at 7:00. should be interesting to see who the redskins pick up with that fifth overall pick. it won't be an owner by the way. >> don't you love live tv? >> that was good stuff.
6:58 pm
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on this thursday night, the critical evidence in baltimore turned over to prosecutors who refused to make it public. tonight, what the autopsy reveals and what a man who was held in the police van with freddie gray says he heard. found alive, survivors pulled from the rubble five days into that devastating quake in nepal. an eruption of ches and celebration in a sea of destruction. embryo battle. one of tv's biggest stars, her former boyfriend and a very personal dispute gone public. who decides what happens to frozen embryos when the relationship ends? and clash of the titans. the richest prize fight of all time. hundreds of millions of dollars on the line. we're in vegas tonight. "nightly news" begins right now.


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