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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  May 3, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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sound like a bad word but it's a good word. >> he has to hole this to get it to 17. mcilroy there in two. that close to birdie. and maybe that close to closing out woodland. he may not even need it. >> just hits exactly where you're supposed to hit behind it for a classic shot and sound. >> now woodland is hanging on by a threat. >> he leaves this one short on the upslope, rog. >> a little short. >> this is gone. >> man.
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>> no reason to be doing that. >> well we talked about it earlier, how the bunker play is one ever the facets of woodland's game he wanted to improve. one of the reasons he went to jim mcclain a month ago. it seems like a formality for mcilroy who's just a few feet away for birdie. you would think unless this one's holed, we have a concession here. >> it doesn't look like a great spot where that ball ended up. not even sure if it's in the bunker or that long grass on the bank. >> rory mcilroy won his first pga tour event five years ago yesterday at the age of 21 in charlotte. it was just the beginning of what has turned out to be a brilliant career. just a moment maybe seconds away from pga tour victory
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number ten before the age of 26 to join jack and tiger as the only other players to do it. since world war ii and the modern era. >> one swing here and it's over if it doesn't go in. >> that should do it. just for the second time ever in the wgc-cadillac match play, the top seed the world number one, rory mcilroy, outlasts them all. and a gruelling week of match play. it was that stretch, johnny of four winning holes in a row on the front nine that gave mcilroy in the end what turned out to be an insurmountable lead. >> i'm sure gary woodland won't forget the little putt he missed on 13 to get it to one down. let's get you down to steve sands. >> dan, thank you. with the world's number one player who just became a match play champion here at the tpc
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harding park. rory, we have spent the last week using a lot of adjectives to describe your game. how would you describe the way you played this week? >> really proud of myself with how i showed a lot of character early on in the tournament with coming back from some deficits. played really solid golf. you know i've gone on a nice little run in match play. i got a lot of confidence from the way i played against rickie at the ryder cup last year. i followed it through on to this. obviously delighted, second world golf championship, first win in the states this year. yes, couldn't be happier. >> congratulations. we'll see you next week at the players. safe travels. >> thanks. >> dan, back upstairs to you. it's a great way to go into the crown jewel of the pga tour. danny willett with a huge week as well and a big win over furyk, the latest fedex cup standings, rory mcilroy moves
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into 19th in the position. so still out of the top ten. jordan spieth continues to lead. as spieth and the rest of those on that top ten list head to the players championship as well. going to be a fun week in ponte vedra beach. if you missed any of today's action get caught up with "golf central" on golf channel. tpc sawgrass coverage starts thursday and continues saturday at 2:00 on nbc. coming up next except on the west coast it's your local news. tonight, it's "dateline." for our entire golf channel, nbc team dan hicks saying so long from san francisco, tpc harding park where the world number one emerges as the wgc-cadillac match play champion. now he roars into ponte vedra beach.
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lets say this is your tv and these are the channels you pay for with cable but these are the types of channels you actually want to watch what if you could pay for what you want, and not for what you don't so you could get kids channels sports...
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or entertainment mix and match, or get them all. now fios brings you a totally new way to customize your tv starting at $74.99 -- including internet and phone. cable just gives you channels. fios gives you choice. tonight at 6:00 people in baltimore are praising the mayor's decision to lift the curfew and some say it is long overdue. news4's darcy spencer kicks off our team coverage. darcy, what are you seeing hearing out there? >> reporter: chris, as you know it got a little bit hectic out here last night. baltimore police arrested more than 40 people for violating the curfew but as you say, that curfew will not go into effect tonight. let's take a look at where i am right now. pennsylvania avenue and north
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avenue. this is the area where there is all the unrest that happened earlier this week. things are very calm. there is a big group of motorcycles that came through here earlier and shut down the intersection but that has cleared out. it looks like things are getting back to normal. what you're seeing now, this is video of a small demonstration, those folks affiliated with a church group, came down pennsylvania avenue just within the last hour again, very peaceful, they had their signs up and they were chanting. again, very peaceful here today still a celebratory tone being taken here also that large group of motorcycles, i counteded at least 20 the group keeps circling around when they came through here just a little while ago, they vir kwhully shut down the intersection and they were getting cheers from the people who live in the neighborhood. they were also demonstrate with their motorcycles.
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i asked people about the curfew they all tell me they support lift that curfew tonight. the can you are few affected things like people have to get around in the daytime, they also have to do it in the evening time going to and forth, taking care of family members, it is natural and it's normal. it is unnatural to have a curfew on us. >> a good idea for the curfew to be lifted because it was basically interfering with thez livelihood of people having to go to and from. >> reporter: no curfewant to we have seen the streets of baltimore cleared at 10:00, cleared by the baltimore police and national guard. the national guard is demobilizing. people free to go out past 10:00, hoping and praying it
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will be peaceful tonight. back to you. >> thanks darcy. this after into hundreds of people mobilized for justice in from the of city hall. faith leaders organized a peace rally, the reverend jamal bryant urged protesters to keep marching not just for freddie gray but those who have been imprisoned up justly. a teenager from maryland has died after someone shot him in northwest d.c. officers found anthony benson friday night near the intersection of georgia avenue where he died at the hospital. so far, no arrests. over in loudon county sheriff mike chapman has won the chance to seek a second term. today, republicans chose chapman as nominee over retired major eric noble, but it was a close vote. noble used to be a high-ranking deputy in the sheriff's office and he criticized how chapman has been measuring the budget and staff. he will face brian allman in the jeep election. police about to activate several new speed cameras when violators can expect to start
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getting some of those tickets. foster kids often have to move from home to home. tonight, a local map is being honored for making their transition a little bit smoother. tracking the warmest air since last september, plus a chance for some rain.
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you can see heavy equipment positioned outside the watergate today as crews keep sifting
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through the rubble. the parking garage collapsed three days ago and it's still not clear if anyone was inside. officials say a cadaver dog detected a possible hit at the complex. now, we know two workers were hurt and virginia avenue is still blocked off near that complex. still to come, a live look at the national cathedral from our news4 tower cam. we are about to hit the warmest stretch of weather since last summer. amelia's forecast is up next. >> we participated with him in 1999 a few months before he passed away. >> she founded a tribute to brain cancer victims and now she is praying she will never have to participate in an event like this aga
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lets say this is your tv and these are the channels you pay for with cable but these are the types of channels you actually want to watch what if you could pay for what you want, and not for what you don't so you could get kids channels sports... or entertainment mix and match, or get them all. now fios brings you a totally new way to customize your tv starting at $74.99 -- including internet and phone. cable just gives you channels. fios gives you choice.
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it takes a lot of money to research brain tumors that's why you need events for the race for hope 5 k. more than 5 1 0,000 people raced up their running shoes this morning in freedom plaza. organizers rolled out a 32-foot-long wall of hope between hundreds of victims and survivors. the roth family came up with the idea of the wall ten years ago to honor their dad but said this walk is mainly about finding a cure. >> just to keep raising money and raising awareness and hopefully, one day, we will find a cure and we won't have to have this event anymore.
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>> this year's race for hope raised more than $2 million. all that will be used to research brain tumors. well, consider yourself warping. starting tomorrow d.c. police have six new speed cameras across the district. now this one here is on wisconsin avenue near the observatory. but the other five are scattered throughout the city go to our website,, to see exactly where they are. if the cameras catch you speeding you will get a warning in the mail but after 30 days they will send you a ticket. well all those it shirts shorts summer dresses, flip-flops everything you broke out this weekend, looks like you can keep them handy. >> the entire week every single dane at five-day forecast starts with an 8. tuesday, 88 degrees for a high. so we are talking about summer. >> july. >> it is. early july. beautiful today, spectacular evening, full moon at night. now, for tomorrow the humidity is low. continue to keep the warmth around. so this week is going to be the
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warmest this year not just this year but since september of last year. and limited rain chances in the forecast. by the end of next week into the weekend, lawns and gardens dry for a good portion of us. temperatures in the 70s the most part, 78 in washington, 79 manassas a high today of 84. beautiful this evening, have the dinner outdoors fire up the grill, taking the dog for a walk the weather is cooperating. 9 p.m. temperatures in the low 70s, even around midnight only in the mid-60s, so some of you might have your air companier kicking on tonight and you will -- you may need it for monday and tuesday, but i think this weather is going to be great, especially tomorrow at the bus stop, a nice cool start, temperatures in the 50s. recess gets an a-plus temperatures in the mid-70s, by dismissal, 83 wonderful day for the kids to run off that energy outdoors. here is the high temperature tomorrow in your neighborhood and we will hit down at about 4 p.m. 86 a high in washington, a touch
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warmer than today, a little cooler over in annapolis, a high there of 77. tomorrow evening, whether you want to go for a run or just enjoy some fresh air maybe on your patio, look at the temperatures that we will be experiencing. 84 at 5 p.m. by 9 p.m. beautiful, mid-70s by 9 p.m. on tuesday, a little bit humid, a high of 88. some showers and storms are possible by the late afternoon and evening hours, not likely severe though. and the chance of some showers and maybe a storm on wednesday, mainly later in the day, a high around 80. then low 80s flew next saturday back to 86 on sunday chris. >> wow. thanks amelia. when foster children move from home to home a lot of times, they carry all their belongings in a plastic bag. but one man from our area is working to change all that. bob sheen became a foster child at 10 years old. he remembers being dropped off in a new house with everything he owned in a garbage bag. that memory stayed with him as he moved through the system for
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the next seven years. and now, he started a project called comfort cases to make sure foster kids have suitcases filled with everything they need as they make their journey toward a permanent home. >> we want our children to do better. i was a foster child, no one said that to me. they gave me a trash bag. we need to make a difference and we need to make a difference today. >> even better sheer and his partner adopted a child that they saw on our wednesday's child series. congrats to them. the wizards, they have been battling injuries and the hawks in atlanta, but just how badly hurt is
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well when you're playing the number one seed that means you're going to start the series on the road. >> here is the thing, the wizards are playing like the best team in the eastern conference now playing away from home can be a relief for some athlete, less distracts, less people calling your phone and bothering you for tickets. whatever the reason may be though for the blizzards'
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success away from the verizon sent they are postseason one thing cannot be denied focus and attention to detail top priorities for whitman's team. a trip to the eastern conference semifinals pick this bun up in the first quarter, it was all atlanta. care he could not miss in the first half 24 points for the game the hawks scored 37 in the first quarter on 64% shooting from the field. the wizards zherk battle back though fourth quarter, tied at 83 bradley beale knocking down the jump shot there, he had a game-28 points wizards take the lead 85-83. scary moment here though beale comes down awkward on his ankle here watch it again in replay he rolls his right ankle. he did go to the locker room he didn't return to the game though. later on, the wizards getting it done defensively, john wall having a block party in atlanta.
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rejects paul mill sap, three blocks in the game for wall to go along with this 18 points and 13 assists. he was critical down the stretch, less than a minute later, whiz up four wall to arnold porter, jr. for a three. he nail it is. wizards take a 7-point lead. paul pierce watch this screen here by the veteran, frees up wall he then finds porter again. porter had ten points 11 rebounds off the bench. under 30 seconds remaining, top of the feed there, wizards go on to take this one, 104-98. they are now 5-0 to start the 2015 playoffs. this year's squad has a different mentality about the postseason. >> experience is good and having that experience you know i think these guys have learned a lot through that want to stay focused here for another game. >> i think actually like i told you guys before we were just happy to be in the playoffs happy, we moved on and we didn't
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really have any high goals after the first round, but this year we expect more out of ourselves, expect to get past the second round, we definitely have that same desperation we had last year and previous round. can't worry about last year, honestly focus on this year and what we need to do moving forward. game two continues tuesday. move to the baseball diamond, the nationals team we expected to watch this entire season proving they can win a number of different ways today was all about pitching and defense, the first time in franchise history the nats they one back-to-back games by a score of 1-0. nats looking to take the series against the mets ryan zimmerman, up two men on facing dylan gee. this bloop single here is going to score jason worth. nates, 1-0 lead. doug fister on the hill today, bottom of the fifth. had himself a game, the nationals win 1-0.
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move on to the orioles game taking on the rays that was adam jones driving in a pair of runs here. he leads the american league in batting average. he was 4-4 in the game. the orioles they go on double up tampa by a final score of 4-2. great start for the wizards in this series. made nba history first game in the series to start the playoffs five three times. >> we will see you again at 11:00. nightly news is up next. listen up... i'm reworking the menu. veggies you're cool... mayo, corn dogs... you are so out of here! ahh... the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with nine grams of protein... and 26 vitamins and minerals. and now with... ...twice as much vitamin d ...which up to 90% of people don't get enough of. ohhhhhhh. the sunshine vitamin! ensure now has 2x more vitamin d to support strong bones. ensure. take life in.
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on this sunday night, sitting on edge. an emergency curfew lifted in baltimore. rebuilding begins after a week marked by riots and police charges in the death of freddie gray. cops shot. a new york city officer fighting for his life as a chicago cop is gunned down in his driveway. stark reminders of the risk they face. fht night. fans aren't pulling punches a day after the most lucrative bout in boxing history. many up in arms that some got it for free. and a royal welcome. the world's newest princess but which baby name will take the crown? >> announcer: this is nbc "nightly news" with lester holt. substituting peter alexander.


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