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tv   News4 Today  NBC  May 4, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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am 4 tower camera. flooded with bright moonlight on this monday morning. and we will have priegtd sunshine -- bright sunshine after we get the morning chill away. nothing on storm team 4 radar. we'll have it quickly jumping. but right now only around 50 degrees our nearby suburbs. even in the 40s in the shenandoah valley across northern virginia. around the bay in the 50s. out of the mountains in shenandoah valley most locations are in the 40s to 50s. your headlines on this moon lit monday, cool morning, warm afternoon. feeling summer like this afternoon. then a chance of thunderstorms moving in tomorrow. next weather and traffic on the 1s a look at your drive time forecast and we have breaking news on the roads with melissa. >> breaking news right now in arlington, tom. columbia pike, we mentioned this a bit ago. we pushed this out on our nbc washington app. columbia pike is shut down there at south frederick street because is of downed wires. we are sending a crew out there
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to check this out, get some eyes on this to see how this progressing throughout the morning. right now the traffic tracker is on 395. headed down to 95 and virginia for us. 395 southbound after washington boulevard that crash we have been talking about for a little bit here, all lanes are now open. nothing else to worry about in that area. prince george's county into and out of town, no problems. maryland 95 at 198 also rolling along quite nicely. 66 as you're headed in to town, out of town, we are nice and green. remember to listen to our friends on wtop when you hop in your car for the latest on traffic. guys? >> thanks, melissa. it's 5:01. out of wisconsin four people are dead of a shooting on the bridge in the eastern part of that state. take a look at this new video in. one of the four people killed is the gunman. one person is in critical condition. at this point police say the shooting appears to be a random act of violence. police say they killed two men outside of a controversial art exhibit. organizers asked the artist to draw the prophet muhammad.
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they say they rushed to garland, texas, outside of dallas after the men shot a security guard last night. in the video you can see a bomb squad checking the shooter's car hours ago. the art exhibit's organizer wanted to make a stand for free speech and jay gray will bring us a live report in ten minutes. today the maryland national guard will begin pulling out of baltimore. the mayor stephanie rawlings-blake lifted that curfew. the mayor implemented the order, no one outside after 10:00 p.m. the governor called in the national guard. since that violent night protests have remained peaceful. people we spoke with say lifting the curfew allows baltimore to begin to heal. >> i understand them having the curfew but enough is enough. >> i think it should have been a curfew. you know? because they needed it for those young people. and i know that's what it was for. it wasn't for us adults.
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>> now, the violence was a response to freddie gray's death. the 25-year-old was critically hurt in police custody. on friday, the state prosecutor ruled his death -- the state medical examiner ruled the death a homicide. state prosecutor charged six police officers involved with that arrest. now, as the city begins to rebuild, many say it is important to still push for change. maryland governor larry hogan dubbed yesterday a statewide day of prayer and healing. the governor went to church not too far from where freddie gray lived. the mayor toured the mondawmin mall hit hard by looters. they hear the calls for long-term change. >> it's been a very hard week but we have kept everybody safe. since monday night we haven't had any serious problems. >> i think a lot of the unrest has been settled. settled down in the sense of the protests. but that doesn't mean the work doesn't continue. >> the mayor says a part of
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healing baltimore is bringing rioters to justice. police are going through videotapes now and social media in an effort to catch those responsible for the damage. montgomery county police say a man is in critical condition right now. a car hit him in germantown last night. the crash happened on route 355 between the fox chapel and middlebrook village shopping centers. detectives say the man was crossing the street there. today you may want to watch your speed in the district. d.c. police activating six new speed cameras. this is one is on wisconsin avenue near the wisconsin embassy. the other five scattered throughout the city. go to nbc washington app to see where the cameras are. if they catch you speeding you'll get a warning in the mail. after 30 days warnings will be tickets. well, you can rock the red in d.c. today. the caps are playing the new york rangers at the verizon center 7:30 tonight. they split two games in new york. if you want to take a ticket to the game we found some on stub
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hub for 80 bucks. if you're planning to watch the wizards in person you can buy a ticket for $65 right now. on stub hub they go as high as $1000 for this weekend's game three. the wizard playing in atlanta against the hawks tomorrow night. they're leading the series 1-0 right now after a huge comeback and an awesome finish yesterday. go wiz. just playing so well. >> really are. >> i love it. >> keep it going. wrap it up. well, it can soon cost you more to park in virginia. why they're considering hiking prices. a wake-up call for a north carolina family after a car crashes in one side of their house and exits the other. looking live outside pretty warm start your day. 64 degrees outside already. it is only getting warmer. chuck bell joins us next with your weather and traffic on the 1s and your drive time commuter forecast. your time right now is 5:06.
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this morning a 35-year-old man is charged with attempted murder. he is accused of shooting a new york city police officer in the head. the man did not enter a plea in court. police say two officers planned to question him on saturday when he fired a gun into their car striking one of the officers in the head. the officer right now is in a medically induced coma. he's critical but stable. a woman crashed a car into a house in north carolina.
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police say the suspected drunk driver hit a parked car up the street. when the driver tried to get away they say she lost control and then crashed into this house. it happened early yesterday morning. police arrested the driver. the family inside the home was asleep at the time. no one was hurt. very fortunate. coming up on ten minutes now after 5:00. chuck bell is outside. where are you? >> i'm outside, yes, indeed. out on the front lawn. a beautiful morning outside. temperatures right around town here in the low 50s. there are some cooler 40s out in some of the sheltered valleys, but nonetheless what a great looking morning if you do your early jog or dog walk, no problems whatsoever. as far as the commute in to work and school, nothing but green lights for today. morning, midday and afternoon. nothing to worry about from a weather perspective. no weather slowdowns for today. forecasted temperatures we're mostly in the upper 50s and low 60s here for the ride in early
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this morning. obviously no wetness on the roads to worry about this morning. coming home later this afternoon, plan on temperatures to be in the mid 80s around here. very summer like pattern for the next couple of days and, man, whatever happened to the month of may? we went right from april into late june around here. temperatures mid 80s today. far more typical of the end of june than the early parts of may. what can you do, melissa, hope it's a quick ride in to work. >> for sure. right now columbia pike is shut down at south frederick street. this is the problem in arlington. we have a crew on the way to check that out. taking a look now at 95 b.w. parkway, no problems there. beltway at kenilworth, inner and outer loop running pretty nicely. and fairfax county parkway area
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there you go, no problems there. southbound. no issues there. northbound either. 66 into and out of town, eastbound and westbound, no problems. the earlier road work, kind of near 234 is out of the way. no issues anymore or again i should say. this is the biggest problem. columbia pike shut down. we should have some eyes on that in 20 minutes or so. we continue to follow developing news in texas this morning where two people are dead after a shooting at a freedom of speech event. why police say they were forced to open fire at the controversial event. and a
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your time is 5:15. a developing story in a suburb of dallas this morning. police shot and killed two men outside of an art competition that featured pictures of the prophet muhammad. they opened fire after those men
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shot a security guard. nbc's jay gray is live in garland, texas, with more on what happened. good morning. >> reporter: hey there good morning eun. this unfolded late yesterday afternoon into the evening when the two men pulled up, opened fire, hitting an unarmed security guard. as you talk about garr land police -- garland police returned that fire and killed both of the suspects here. a bomb squad has been working overnight. we have heard at least three blasts from that area. they have been trying to determine if there are any explosives inside the car or around that vehicle. to this point we have not been told what those blasts are. we can only assume that's part of the work they're doing with the robots trying to figure that part out. look, you talk about it. it was an event that featured images of the muslim prophet muhammad and a cartoon contest with $10,000 to the winner who used an image of muhammad in a winning cartoon. they knew there would be some
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problems here. that's why there was the extra security with police officers. there had been an event at january, a pro muslim event that attracted almost a thousand people who were very frustrated that the event was being held in this center, marched and protested outside. so that was the reason that they thought there could be an issue here and that's why those officers including s.w.a.t. team members were at the event from the morning until the end. this all happened just as the event was about to wrap up. the investigation here into who the men were, why they were here, continues. back to you. >> jay gray, thank you. eight days after an earthquake hit nepal, three people found alive in the rubble. that is as the death toll continues to climb. so far 7,200 people have been confirmed dead. customs inspections slowing down supply delivery to earthquake
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victims too. after the earthquake it was'sed but large planes were banned from landing. a bottleneck has been created at the customs and those supplies are crucial for hospitals overwhelmed with patients. 5:17. today a d.c. police officer will be on trial for a second time. prosecutors say samson lawrence attacked his wife and tried to kill her two years ago. they say he threatened her with knives, sprayed lysol in her face. the jury could not reach a verdict last summer. we'll hear the verdict for a prince george's county officer today. prosecutors say charles pickard assaulted a high schooler a few years ago. the student was 17 years old. the student was struck before arresting him. it could soon cost you more to park in arlington. lawmakers are ready to pass measure that would increase meter prices 25 cents an hour. so prices would go from $1.25 to
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$1.50. a first 4 traffic alert before heading out the door this morning if you take 395 through the third street tunnel the off ramp to massachusetts avenue is down to one lane. you'll also have to keep your speed to 35 miles per hour. and it's going to stay that way for about a year and a half as d-dot works to upgrade the tunnel. today students at the university of maryland and college park will be able to see the movie "american sniper" on campus following a controversy there. the college republicans and democrats will show the movie tonight at 6:00 at the theater e. there will be a panel discussion following. the student entertainment group postponed it because of concerns. the muslim student association said it's anti-muslim. several big announcements expected today from republicans hoping to be the next president. ben carson is expected to announce in his hometown of detroit. political experts say former hewlett-packard ceo carly fiorina will also announce a bid
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today on social media. tomorrow, former arkansas governor mike huckabee expected to announce he is running as well. in news4 for your health, protection for your child provided by a whooping cough vaccine fades over time. two years after vaccination, a child will only have 34% immunity to whooping cough. experts getting the vaccine is still say it's the best way to protect kids from the disease. children with adhd are more likely to develop an eating disorder. doctors at johns hopkins says kids with that behavioral disorder are likely to have the chronic binge eating. the more severe a child's adhd is the greater the risk is of developing the overeating syndrome. as you plan your summer beach get aways remember to put on your sunscreen. the american academy of dermatology calling today melanoma monday.
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it is trying to bring awareness to skin cancer. here are a few things to do to protect yourself. use a sunscreen with an spf of at least 30. reapply every two hours. ladies, spf in your makeup is helpful, but it should not replace regular sunscreen. dermatologists recommend wearing hats and other protective clothing. >> oftentimes patients go undiagnosed for prolonged periods because they're unaware of something growing on areas that they can't see. >> now doctors say you should designate a loved one to look at your back to check for melanoma spots. >> as we're out in the sun and enjoying it we have to remember a little time -- you can get sun burned quickly. >> i forget while i was on vacation, i forgot to put some on. >> you got a sun burn. >> it's cleared up now. no sun to worry about yet this morning but we're in for a nice warm-up today. >> meteorologist tom kierein
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telling us about what seems like what we're creeping on summer tom. >> really we have jumped from spring into summer. you will need the sun block today. here is skycast 4 for this monday. lots of sunshine, the sunrise this morning is just past 6:00. we'll have lots of sunshine through the morning and by noontime. beautiful blue sky, a few high clouds drifting through. remaining mostly sunny into the afternoon. and rapidly warming. in fact, a 30 degree jump from where we are now. reagan national at 60. we're in the mid 50s to upper 50s around the bay and the shenandoah valley and the mountains are in the 50s and 40s. chilly spot, petersburg at 41. there's capitol hill under a moon lit sky. by 8:00 around 60 and then jumping to near 80 by noon. and then mid afternoon, the mid 80s. lots of sunshine a few clouds drifting through. so quite a summer like day. this fourth day of may.
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and later tonight under a mostly clear sky. back down to the 60s. not as cool as this morning and another day tomorrow back into the 80s. but more clouds, in fact, increasing clouds and a likelihood of scattered thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. there's only a small chance we might get some hail or a brief gust of strong wind from these as they do move on through tuesday afternoon into early tuesday evening. then some sun back on wednesday. and maybe an isolated shower on wednesday. partly cloudy on thursday. and highs in the upper 70s. morning lows of 50s. then we jump back into the 80s again. another warm pattern on saturday. we might get some afternoon thunderstorms. highs love 80s saturday, sunday mid 80s. a look at your county by county highs. that's coming up at 5:31. breaking news on the roads. >> breaking news, still have
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this problem in arlington. again, we are talking about columbia pike. right now shut down at south frederick street. we talked with police, they say it could be some time. your alternate is south george mason drive. this is because of a live wire across the roadway. columbia pike closed at south frederick street. our kristin wright is out on the scene. i guess question number one is it still closed and what are they saying about reopening? >> reporter: melissa yes, the road is still closed. both eastbound and southbound and you mentioned it could be some time. we are told possibly eight hours. look down the road behind me. this is columbia pike where it's closed between buchanan and jefferson. there are live wires down. we are told they're actually -- there are actually several wires down crossing the road and also lengthwise on the road. so that is creating a major hazard this morning. we're told by police that it's possible that a tree brought the wires down this morning. so obviously, very hazardous, dangerous situation.
5:24 am
they don't want anyone in this area. there are no outages we are told at this point and again, it could be eight hours before the wires are off the road. so that is well into the morning commute. back to you. >> all right. one problem there. do have of course other issues around town. one of them this morning outer look at georgia avenue. road work there on the shoulder, so that's still sticking around for us this morning. 270 at old hundred road, southbound southbound, it's a little slow. northbound you're okay. right now, 95 in virginia, northbound and southbound we don't have any issues. earlier road work out of the way. remember to listen to our friends on wtop when you hop in your car this morning. driving live southbound on 95 i promised you it's still looking good. 66 into and out of town, rolling along nicely. back in ten minutes with more on this closure in armington. hi, i'm angie goff at the live desk with this developing
5:25 am
story out of dubai. investigators at work right now an air arabia flight was diverted to the military base after a passenger said the plane would explode. now, this coming from the united arab emirates news agency who says that authorities have boarded the plane after it landed. the airliner would only say that it made that landing because of an unruly passenger. we know that everyone is safe. eun? >> all right, angie goff, thank you. d.c. police want y to solve the murder of a teenager. someone shot 17-year-old anthony benson on georgia avenue northwest friday night. he was found near the intersection of georgia and missouri avenues. police are offering a $25,000 reward for information to help them solve this case. was know the names of two people who died in a crash in charles county. maryland state police say derek colquitt and jeri whorton were riding a motorcycle in waldorf yesterday.
5:26 am
according to police, they slammed into the back of a pickup truck and their harley caught fire. 5:26 our time right now. give yourself some extra time getting around the watergate building in the district today. part of virginia avenue northwest closed because of a sgarj collapse there. d.c. fire and ems tweeted thought picture saying crews stabilized that over the weekend and searched the rubble. they didn't find anyone. on friday, the garage collapsed and a cadaver dog detected that something might be in the rubble there. we know two workers were hurt. today, a new panel will begin looking at virginia's alcoholic beverage control department's law enforcement activities. governor terry mcauliffe created the panel after the controversial arrest of a uva student back in march. cell phone video captured the agents holding down martese johnson. he got a severe cut on his forehead. mcauliffe ordered a state police investigation and retraining of
5:27 am
abc agents. flames erupt in an elementary school. was it intentional? the investigation underway. a live look at the district for you this morning. we expect to see temperatures in the 80s
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looking at the stories making headlines at 5:30 police are on the scene of a deadly shooting. we are told officers received the call at around midnight. megan mcgrath is on the scene and will bring us an update in 30 minutes. we have a crew on the scene gathering information right now. and the national guard will pull out of baltimore. stephanie rawlings-blake lifted the curfew there. get ready for a warm stretch of weather. we are going to see the mercury hit 80 degrees in most sports today. it is going to stick around. you know i like this warmer weather. very exciting. >> windows down walking around, it was nice stuff. good morning to you. i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. let's see how warm it's going to get where you live today. meteorologist tom kierein is in the storm team 4 weather center. >> good morning. got a howling wolf moon in the western sky, illuminating fleesy
5:31 am
clouds on this monday morning. temperatures near 50 degrees. highs today low to mid 80s. lots of sunshine. across northern virginia, from loudoun loudoun county, spotsd 80s. the cool spots are along the pay in st. mary's. in the 70s. and then near the pennsylvania border it will be up around 80 degrees. and in the shenandoah valley and the mountains most locations there as well, into the low 80s to upper 70s. next weather and traffic on the 1s coming up at 5:41. a look at your bus stop forecast, what to wear today. now melissa has a look at our traffic earlier this morning. breaking news. >> breaking news once again. take a look at this. live picture, kristin wright is on the scene of this problem in arlington. we are talking about columbia pike at south frederick street and we are going to be shut down
5:32 am
for probably up to eight hours. that's what she's hearing out on the scene. this is a problem, the downed wires. your best alternate is south george mason drive. and avoid it if you can. also we have some metro delays that popped up. yellow line delays. wide look, we look pretty good. at the beltway, a little slow inbound 66. that's just volume. don't have an actual problem there. bigger look at 66 out through manassas here. you can see we don't have any issues there. 95 northbound, getting slow through dale city. other than that, overall looking pretty good with the exception with that big issue in arlington. travel times in ten minutes. >> thank you. 5:32 right now. today the maryland national guard will begin pulling out of baltimore. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake lifted the curfew there, city wide curfew. edward lawrence has more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. there was no curfew in baltimore
5:33 am
today, the first time in five mornings that's happened. people were moving around the streets at all hours freely at this point. the mall that was ransacked has since reopened now. it's all a symbol that life is returning back to normal. even montgomery county police officers that went up to help have come back to montgomery county and the national guard will pull out with six officers charged in the death of freddie gray in police custody. the focus now turns to the systemic problems that erupted in the violence last week. the mayor of baltimore promises police reform and the local elected leaders promise to fix the economic despair in the area. representative elijah cummings says he'll bring a bipartisan delegation from congress to baltimore. he wants to have federal initiatives started to help bring jobs back to those affected areas where the violence happened. reporting live in washington, edward lawrence. now back to you. these chargeing homicide --
5:34 am
>> if these are true it's outrageous and unacceptable. >> house speaker john boehner appearing on "meet the press" weighing in on the situation in baltimore. he says we're in the middle of a national crisis when it comes to black people and the police. the speaker said that reforming the education system is one step toward long-term problem solving. middle school students in sterling say gang members tried to recruit them. the loudoun times reports that five students from park view high school tried to recruit sterling middle school students earlier this year. one student said he was punched in the chest. the sheriff's office issued a search warrant and deputies reviewed surveillance video verifying the stories. today president obama will announce my brother's keeper initiative is becoming a nonprofit classification. it allows him to continue helping men of color after he leaves office.
5:35 am
he will make the announcement today at layman college in the bronx. members of dzhokhar tsarnaev's family could be called to the stand. last month that jury found tsarnaev guilty on all counts for the boston marathon bombing. if even one juror is against the death penalty, tsarnaev will face life in prison instead. this afternoon the state department worker expected in court in the fairfax county. daniel rosen is charged with soliciting a child for sex. fairfax county police say that rosen had a series of online exchanges with an undercover detective in the child exploitation unit. rosen is the director of counterterrorism at the state department. his security clearance has been suspended. he's now on administrative leave. he is facing separate charges for voyeurism and stalking. this is is a story we're watching in the week ahead. the fairfax county school district is considering adding gender identity to its nondiscrimination policy. supporters say the move could protect transgender students and
5:36 am
teachers in fairfax county. critics concerned that a policy change could lead to mixed sex bathrooms. the school district said it would hire a consultant to help plan policies including bathroom use and locker rooms. in montgomery county this morning investigators are trying to find out how a fire started at an elementary school. take a look. you can see that damage that was done to the portable classrooms at gauchen elementary. the fire did about $10,000 in damage. loudoun county sheriff chapman beat retire major eric noble in a close race. noble used to be a high ranking deputy in the sheriff's office. he criticized how chapman has been managing the budget and staff. chapman will face brian alman in the general election. one family is honoring a loved one who lost his life to a brain tumor.
5:37 am
race for hope was at freedom plaza yesterday. organizers rolled out a 32 foot long wall of hope and it features stories of victims and survivors. the roth family came up with this idea to honor their dad. >> just to keep raising money and raising awareness and hopefully one day we will find a cure. and we won't have to this event anymore. >> that event raised more than $2 million. literally running for their lives. this morning we're getting a look at video of women and children running from their boko haram captors as long as who they're hailing as heroes. what's in a name? apparently a lot. we haven't heard what the new name of the princess is in england. chuck is back at 5:41 with a look at what to wear. 63 degrees right now. 5:37. stay with us.
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tomatoes, cilantro, and lime the new bacon guacamole flatbread. ole, indeed! america runs on dunkin'. goshen. take a look at this video from the nigerian military. it appears to show boko haram militants running away and women and children trying to run to safety. the nigerian air force pilots directed the women and children. they're being held against their will. the military rescued hundreds of people. the rescued women have been
5:41 am
telling their stories now. today two people will be in federal court to face charges connected to the so-called bridgegate in new jersey. a former staff member of the governor's office and the former director of the port authority are said to be arraigned on nine charges. the third person pleaded guilty last week to two counts of conspiracy in a plea deal. the three are accused of closing lanes on the george washington bridge back in 2013 for political reasons. investigators found no evidence that new jersey governor chris christie was involved. a huge storm system in new zealand is causing rough surf all the way in california. take a look at these waves, 14 foot waves pounded the coast near newport beach this weekend. lifeguards issued warnings to swimmers but many still went in the waters as you can see. a couple dozen people had to be rescued after they were pulled in by the strong rip current. so far, no one has been injured. let's get a look at your
5:42 am
weather and traffic on the 1s. chuck bell is out on the weather deck. good morning. >> good morning. that surf out in california that's gnarly man. surf's up though. for us if you like summer weather do we have good news coming your way in the forecast this morning. what to wear other than a little bit of a morning layer first thing, really just shorts and t-shirts and sunglasses and sunscreen for later on today. it's going to be looking and feeling like summertime out there. sun will be up in a couple of minutes. temperatures early this morning in the cooler 50s. but we'll rise quickly into the 60s by 8:00 or 9:00 this morning. headed into the 80s by later on this afternoon. tom will check on tomorrow's thunderstorm timing coming up in ten minutes, but for now breaking news from first 4 traffic. >> again, this is the problem, columbia pike here at south frederick street in arlington, shut down right there. kristin wright will have a live report from the scene in the couple of minutes. driving 95 northbound it's cleared up quite a bit. first 4 traffic tracker through dale city, we were seeing a good
5:43 am
bit of volume. speaking of 95 north, quantico to the beltway, 27 minutes. 66 inbound no problem there. 66 and 95 in maryland looking good. >> all right, thank you, melissa. do you do some spring cleaning to your electronics?
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5:46 am
we have breaking news right now in arlington. wires are down on columbia pike and they're shutting down the road. news4's kristen wright is working to find out when this mess is going to be cleaned up. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. arlington police are telling me it could be several hours, as many as eight hours before this situation is fixed. i want you to look down the road here. several live wires we're told several, down across columbia pike. it's closed in both directions
5:47 am
between south green breyer and south frederick. we are told by police it's possibly a tree that brought down all of these wires across the road. arlington police here, dominion virginia power here as well, trying to get this situation under control. but again, we're told it could be several hours into the morning commute before the problem is fixed. back to you. >> all right kristin wright, thank you. 13 before the hour. a big metro project begins today and that will be an inconvenience for a lot of you. the west entrance to the van ness metro station is closing so the escalators can be repaired. this is the entrance next to udc and the starbucks there. the current excavator is 5 years old. that entire project is expected to take about three years. lower paid workers will travel farther to get to work in the d.c. area. that's according to the american community survey. housekeepers, cooks and cashiers travelled 33 minutes one way to get to work. on the other hand more high
5:48 am
income earners including doctors and economists have the shortest commutes. many of them live in downtown washington a few miles from work. 40 more migrants from tunisia arrived across the mediterranean sea on a dilapidated fishing boat. close to 6,000 have arrived on italian soil. some italians are concerned about the latest group from tunisia. they want that group deported because tunisia has a functioning government. prime minister benjamin netanyahu is calling for calm after violent clashes between police and protesters. police charged a group of ethnic ethiopians yesterday during an anti-racism rally. protesters organized it after a
5:49 am
video clip that showed police shoving and punching a black soldier. demonstrators threw bottles at officers at the rally. dozens were hurt including officers and protesters. england -- britain's new princess may have a name but we're still waiting to hear what it is. people in london have been placing bets and alice charlotte and olivia are the top three names. right now the baby is at kensington palace. prince charles, camilla kate middleton's parents stoppedpy to see her. she's fourth in line behind her grandfather, her father, william and brother george. growing family. beautiful. congratulations. a man in our area is trying to make a big difference for foster kids. >> yeah. rob shear used to be a foster kid and he remembers carrying all of his things in a garbage bag from place to place. >> we want our children to do better. we need to make a difference. we need to make a difference today.
5:50 am
>> rob started the comfort cases project to provide suitcases for foster children. he held an auction to raise money in dupont circle this weekend. a college in northern virginia is receiving national attention. northern virginia community college is the most digital large community college in the country. nova has strong resources for distance learners. and the campus in warrenton won first place among medium sized school. this is a cool project happening in our backyard. students in southwest d.c. are being trained by scientists from the smithsonian. they set up infrared activated cameras to capture pictures of different types of wildlife. the smithsonian is trying to figure out why some kinds of wildlife live in our area and how they interact with us. from a >> i don't like when they interact closely. you know, we live in an area, we see a lot of wildlife. up close. >> with our hours, you know, a lot of it is very active at
5:51 am
night and raccoons and deer. a lot of deer still out now. possum. starting off this morning we have had a bright moon in the western sky, but now the eastern sky is getting brighter. nice soft pink glow in the eastern sky. live view from the tower camera this morning and the storm team 4 skycast 4 showing lots of by 8:00, mostly a blue sky. a few clouds coming through by noontime. beautiful bright sunshine coming down and we will have it sunny into the afternoon as well. but quite a chill in the air this morning. in fact, near 50 digs across most of northern virginia and in maryland. right near the bay in the mid 50s. right by reagan national it's at 60 degrees. shenandoah valley in mountains in the 50s. and 44 in stanton, virginia. yesterday, i biked the canal path and i took this picture near the aqueduct. it was beautiful there. post your pictures on facebook, twitter and instagram. there's the capitol now under
5:52 am
the brightening sky by 8:00 should be jumping up to around 60. then by noon upper 70s. by mid afternoon, the mid 80s with lots of sunshine through the day today. and then overnight tonight it will be partly cloudy. down to the mid 60s by dawn on tuesday. increasing clouds tomorrow and likely afternoon thunderstorms coming through. looks like from mid to late afternoon into early evening. overnight, maybe some thunderstorms coming through. only a small chance they produce damaging winds, maybe some hail. on wednesday, cooler and we'll have a possibility of a passing shower. so 80s today and tomorrow. 70s on wednesday and thursday. thursday partly cloudy and then we jump back into the 80s again on friday, saturday and sunday. warm pattern returns. might get a thundershower saturday afternoon. breaking news with melissa. >> still have this problem breaking news again. we're talking columbia pike at south frederick street. this problem in arlington.
5:53 am
this is where kristin wright is for us this morning and this is going to take most of the day to reopen. columbia pike shut down at south frederick street. your best alternate is south george mason drive. taking a look at georgia avenue northbound at spring street, that crash has now cleared out of the way there. driving inner loop as you approach little river turnpike, we're looking nice and clear. outer loop looking good as well. still have these delays. yellow line delays to huntington this morning. that popped up about 40 minutes ago. so we'll keep you updated on twitter. first 4 traffic and of course live here on air. taking a look at 66 into and out of town, no problems. remember to listen to our friends on wtop for the latest on traffic and a wide look at the beltway. same thing when you look at 29 and the b.w. parkway. if you're dreading the first of the month when you have to write that rent check you're not alone. new research finds that more than a quarter of a million americans who rent are spending half their incomes on housing.
5:54 am
real estate data says rental prices are going up twice as fast as most people's salaries since the end of it's one of the easiest ways for you to spot identity theft but a lot of people have never done it. we are talking about checking your credit report. bank says more than 30% of americans have never done that. seniors and millennials are the biggest offenders here. experts say you should check it at least three times a year. got milk, apparently not. it seems fewer and fewer are stocking up on this very popular dairy product. but there's a plan to change that. landon dowdy has more from cnbc with for your money. >> hey, that's right. milk is not just for breakfast anymore. dean food's is trying to make the white stuff relevant again. the company tells cnbc it's pouring all of its resources into the single national brand that it calls dairy pure. dean's will launch a national tv
5:55 am
and print ad campaign today. u.s. milk prices are down this year. and ford has quietly scrapped plans to build car seats that can detect heart attacks. the automaker claims cheaper and more accurate wearable devices for the decision. the system would have used sensors to spot a heart attack and bring the car safely to the halt. it never got beyond the research phase. back over to you. >> thanks, landon. technology moving so fast these days, and you probably tried to keep up by getting a new computer or a smartphone. but there's a growing concern about what to do with all of the old devices. it's called electronic waste and it's piling up at an alarming rate. the united nations says we generate enough e-waste to fill a line of trucks that's 14,000 miles long. a lot of places have rules that forbid you from throwing electronics out because they have toxic materials. >> keep that material out of the landfill, we want to get it processed responsibly. give it a second life.
5:56 am
>> now, environmentalists hope that new recycling programs will reduce the amount of e-waste and give all the plastic and metal a second life as things like playground equipment and car parts. you have a chance to win big in virginia. virginia lottery's newest draw game cash for life debuts tonight. you try to match five out of 60 numbers along with one out of four cash ball numbers. matching all six numbers wins the top prize a $1,000 a day for the rest of your life. i could go for that. or one time cash option of $7 million. going to go for the 7 mill? tickets cost $2 and drawings are at 9:00 on mondays and thursdays. good luck. we're following some breaking news for you. a situation on the roads right now. i want to show you live pictures of columbia pike in arlington. as we understand it, some wires are down. they have been on that busy road there. it's shut down as a result.
5:57 am
it could be shut down for a while and melissa mollet will help you get and it. that's coming up next.
5:58 am
"news4 today" begins with breaking news. >> and that breaking news is out of arlington right now.
5:59 am
where we could see an issue impacting your commute. you're looking live at the stretch of columbia pike which is shut down because of downed wires. >> melissa mollet has more on the problem and how to get around the mess. melissa? >> and no doubt it will be quite a mess here this morning. again, we're talk about columbia pike shut down at south frederick street. your alternate the best way around this is south george mason drive. no doubt this is going to last through much of the#2@v morning and perhaps into this afternoon. kristin wright on the scene will tell us more about this and give us some more live pictures in a little bit right now inner loop of the beltway, approaching the american legion bridge. outer loop looking quite good. 66, looking good and 95 northbound through dale city the biggest problem spot this morning. overall, prince george's county actually looking quite good. no major issues there this morning and then 270 at germantown road light volume northbound and southbound. love to see that of course.
6:00 am
much more on this situation here in arlington coming up in a couple of minutes and some travel times for you. tom, right now i have to thank you for the dry roads. at least there's that, right? >> beautiful morning underway. your weather and traffic on the 1s now. a pale yellow moon and lilac sky, from the tower camera this morning. it will be cool for the morning. a warm afternoon, we'll have a chance of thunderstorms moving in on tuesday. and mainly during the afternoon tomorrow. temperatures under a mostly clear sky now. the radar is all clear. we are just near 50 degrees though in montgomery county. prince george's county, mid 50s. mid to upper 50s most of fairfax county and the rest of northern virginia, low to mid 50s. reagan national at 58. next weather and traffic on the 1s a look at your commuter forecast. drive


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