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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  May 4, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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ice say that is not the case. let's get right to wendy reger at the live desk. >> a day after the curfew city-wide curfew lifted eded and some hope the city turned a corner. police say they arrested a man on a gun charge at north and pennsylvania where the cvs burned last week. police say initial reports the man was shot was not true. police officers with riot gear arriving as well. police say they recovered the gun that the man was holding saying the man was not injured, no one was shot. and the man did not want to go in the ambulance but he was going to be -- go taken to the hospital anyway to be checked out as a precaution. we'll monitor the sich walgs here. back to you. new video, dozens of emotional new york city police officer salute the ambulance that carried the body of brian
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moore. he died this afternoon after being taken off life support. two days after being shot in the head while sitting in an unmarked patrol car in queens. his alleged killer was locked up 90 minutes a of the shooting on saturday. nbc news is reporting that a gun just found in a yard in the suspect's neighborhood. investigators are checking to see if that's the murder weapon. he was 25 and came from a family of police officers. first at 4:00 today, a prince georges county police officer found guilty of assaulting a student inside a high school. >> news 4 bureau chief tracey morgan is live where the verdict was read today. >> reporter: the chief says nobody is above the law including police officers and if they do something wrong, he'll contact the state's attorney's office and seek prosecution. this case has been prosecuted and found guilty. the state's attorney said it was the video that made all the difference in this case.
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let's show you that video. in the video, the high school resource officer taking a student into a hallway, taking off his belt and vest and proceeding to have a verbal exchange that ends with the officer punching the then 17-year-old knocking him to the ground. this happened in november of 2013. today a judge found the officer charles bacard guilty of misconduct in office and reckless endangerment. >> his actions not only violated the trust of this community, but really did contribute as well to harming a child. >> what happened on this day is something that can't be tolerated on this police department and won't be. >> reporter: coming up on news 4 at 5:00 the chief explains what's next for this officer and his career with the force. we also hear from the victim. reporting live tracee wilkins, back do you in the studio. >> thank you. a dangerous mess on a dangerous route cleared. arlington police tell us crews
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removed several live wires that fell on columbia pike this morning. the power lines had that stretch of the road shut down between south jefferson and south dimwiddie streets and the traffic backups lasted through the morning rush. lanes reopened about three hours ago. dominion virginia says an a tree brought the wires down. the utility's website reported a customer in arlington without electricity in the last hour. if you speed in the district there will be more eyes focused on you. the city today fired up five new speed cameras, a 30-day warning period is just getting under way, so the cameras won't start generating fines until next month. we have a map with the camera locations. check them out. right now that collapsed parking garage at the watergate hotel in northwest d.c. is stable and searchers are confident that no one is buried in this rubble from the several floors that came crashing down on friday. workers returned to their offices at the water gunshot gate today and crews began
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clearing the debris. police don't know when people will be able to retrieve vehicles still in the garage. residents in the watergate west building are without hot water and ac. a rapidly widening probe is closely examining the art show attack in a dallas suburb today. a police officer shot and killed two gunmen who opened fire outside a contest for prophet muhammad cartoons. wendy is at the live desk and we understand the officer's actions likely saved lives. >> that's right. police in garland say that the police officer reacted so quickly they say police stopped the gunmen before they were able to get inside that event. just moments ago, police identified the second shooter and right now fbi agents are in phoenix, arizona, looking at a vehicle parked at an apartment come flex because the shooters were roommates and they lived there. interviewing witnesses and the bomb squad is there with them because investigators believe
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these shooters may have had explosives. the two gunmen are armed with assault rifles killed after they opened fire on officers outside of that event last night. one security guard was wounded. there's still no motive and trying to figure out if they targeted that event because of the depictions of muhammad. back to you. >> all right. now to check out the weather. glorious day today. hot and humid days still to come. veronica johnson is tracking the warmest stretch of the year. when does that happen? >> it started yesterday. the temperatures above 80 degrees and, yes, even today feeling a lot like a june day and now throwing in some humidity. at least mother nature. and talking about the chance also for some showers and even some thunderstorms. the average high temperature again, 72 degrees. today, a lot of neighborhoods up around 85. so this warm stretch is going to continue. meanwhile, yeah as we take a look at satellite and radar this afternoon, notice the clouds
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building around the mountains right now an seeing more cloud cover making the way across the area. tomorrow and some showers even thunderstorms. we'll talk about how strong those thunderstorms could be coming up. but for your evening, going out, nice and mild. 70 to 75 degrees. i'll have that coming up. back to you. >> thank you. first today in the courtroom -- >> the university and the gop bid for president. the new faces you need to know.
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check your bank and credit card statements. we are learning about a second potential data breach at sally beauty supply stores. sally beauty says it's currently investigating reports of unusual
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activity including payment cards used at some stores. we'll keep you updated on our consumer facebook page learning about this potential breach. in decision 2016 the race in the white house grows on the republican side. a former tech ceo and a former johns hopkins neuro surgeon. dr. ben carson said his outspoken views won't change. >> i'm probably never going to be politically correct because i'm not a politician. i don't want to be a politician. >> carson grew a staunch conservative following back in 2013 after he criticized president obama at the national prayer breakfast. carson will likely be the only black candidate to seek the gop nomination. carlie fiorini will likely be the only republican women running. she announced the candidacy this
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morning on twitter. she's never held an elective office before but the name is familiar to california voters. she lost a contest for the state senate seat in 2010 to incumbent senator barbara boxer. we expect an announcement from former arkansas governor mike huckabee tomorrow. if he jumps in he will join fiorina and carson and senators ted cruz rand paul mark rubio in the gop primary. it was a rare display of emotion from the convicted boston marathon bomber. tsarnaev today teared up as family members took the stand to defend him. his trial is in the penalty phase to determine if he gets the death penalty or life in prison. we'll have details on the emotion in the courtroom and what tsarnaev's loved ones said in hopes of getting his life spared in the next half hour. caught on camera a dust devil wreaks havoc in california. the trail of damage it left behind. and the little princess has
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a name. the world weighs in on the baby girl's royal moniker.
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talk about coming into the world with a bang. royal gun salutes across great britain today to welcome the royal family's new princess and earlier today we learned her name. >> yeah now we know it is charlotte elizabeth diana. nbc has a look now at how that name was chosen. >> reporter: it's a girl. born early saturday morning, the little princess 8 pounds 3 ounces. sleeping through her first big moment. her mom turning the hospital steps into a fashion runway. please let me look half as good as kate after giving birth one woman tweeted. it's not fair says another. it takes prince george some getting used to sharing his parents and the spotlight visiting his sister just like william. >> very happy.
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>> reporter: delighted grandparents paid a visit and kate's family mom and sister were first to see the princess. uncle harry away in australia says he can't wait to see his niece. london turning pink to celebrate, a baby sure to be the next trend setter some saying she could be worth a billion dollars to britain's retailers. while being fourth in line to the throne. >> this princess is the most powerful princess we have probably ever had. >> diana would often say, let's pop down to a burger barn, let's go to a theme park. >> reporter: william and kate hoping their children have a normal childhood or as normal as a prince and princess can have. so the name is charlotte elizabeth die why that. charlotte is also the middle name of pippa middleton, kate's sister. elizabeth is the middle name of carol middleton, kate's mom. they pay honor to both branches of the family and a traditional name and a sentimental one and
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so many people will feel the sentimentality of the name diana after everything that william and harry went through with the divorce and with her untimely death. this sends a real message. back to you. >> they call it a dust devil and it wreaked havoc on a farmer's market in palm springs, california. little warning as the whirlwind grew in size and intensity and strong enough to damage several tents and vehicles. a dust devil forms when heated air at ground level rises and creates a vortex picking up loose soil. they're not uncommon in hot and dry climates. >> it's not dust but pollen in our eyes today. >> yeah. meanwhile, we are talking about a little bit of a rain to help with that pollen count. afternoon rains like florida and help to wash away some of the pollen. take a look. winds have been breezy side
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today. around 10 to 15 miles per hour. gusts over 20. seeing some of those gusts still now but the wind will start to ease up as we get into the evening hours. and nationals forecast yes, we take on the marlins 7:05. we do again tomorrow. but for this evening's forecast you know most of the time when we talk about a little bit of wind out there, i say take the jacket this evening. not going to need it this evening. 80 degrees the temperature. drop to 77 by the 7th inning. no chance of any rain this time. 74 degrees by last out. take a look. satellite and radar. might be dry here. there's the warm southerly flow. some clouds building around the mountains. this is the next weather front to make its way eastward into our area with a chance for some showers as early as about 2:00 tomorrow. see some of the rain building just east of the front right now and areas of ohio. let's show you the time line starting with early tomorrow morning. you can see here we're looking at mostly clear skies. some clouds to the west around
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hague hagerstown. some showers, any time after 2:00. the other thing to notice that's different tomorrow is that there's going to be a tad humid and more humidity coming our way for wednesday. but from 2:00 until about 7:00 chance for some showers and storms. you can see them here. culpepper, gaithersburg and baltimore. by 6:00 still some should recalls and a few storms across the area. very scattered but any storm could deliver some brief high winds from brief, heavy rain too. we do it all again wednesday and the front stalls out. 3:00 and on wednesday i think we have a chance to see more rain coming with this system especially in the south side of the front. areas like charlottesville, stanton, winchester right there around manassas warrenton and should recalls hang on for the afternoon. tomorrow morning, warm. a great start with a few clouds around the area.
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57 to 65 degrees. again, like june. you'll be able to sport the short sleeves. exercise impact for tomorrow going up to a high around 80 to 83 degrees but we hit the 70s as early as 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. we are going to be warming fast but again it's the showers and storms that we're going to have to deal with. we'll talk about the intensity and what else i think we'll see with this higher humidity coming in to the area and how what that is might impact area roads and driving for the next few days. guys? >> thank you. well the caps quest for the cup continues tonight. >> all right. here we go. i'm going. we are rocking the red tonight, pat. after playing the first two games at madison square garden the caps and rangers face off at the phone booth. guys big night tonight. >> how are you doing? >> yes, hi guys. the fans will be rocking the red as the scene changes back here to the verizon for game three. we are in the second round of the playoffs. and alex ovechkin has never made
4:20 pm
it out of this round since he's played with the caps so this could be really big for him. >> critical for alex ovechkin and the capitals team. barry trotz's squad, they haven't lost back to back since march 13th. they respond well. >> the only challenge, the rangers have been the best team in the nhl on the road. >> yep. >> they want to come here and try to get a win. but we know the caps here they have been red hot here in the playoffs at the verizon center. this should be a big game and good one and talking more about that at 5:00. we are live at the verizon center. back to you. >> thank you. melissa rivers says her mother's death was 100% preventable. >> she shared her story with nbc's matt lauer. >> i just couldn't believe what i was seeing. >> bush joins us live to talk about t
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for the first time since joan rivers' death, we are hearing from her daughter. >> melissa rivers shared her thoughts on her mother's death on the "today" show this morning. billy bush joins us live now from l.a. this was a powerful interview. >> yeah. i mean the main point was, look this was totally preventable.
4:24 pm
and she's filed a wrongful death suit against yorkville endoscopy. a week later she was dead. she tells matt it was totally and completely preventable and didn't have a fully equipped crash cart. all the vital signs you're supposed to take all that was out of whack. every ounce of it york ville endoscopy denied this. they're defending themselves but melissa's done the work and going ahead and pursuing this. the most touching part i guess, you know they were like thick as thieves. had a great relationship and melissa talks about the end of her mom's life and being there. >> i slept on the cot next to my mother's bed that night with some of the lights still on and the tv blasting just the way she liked it. in the morning when it was time to remove the ventilator she was
4:25 pm
surrounded by those who loved her most and whom she loved most. i lay in the bed and held for a while and after a few hours she was finally gone. i didn't have to tell her i loved her. she knew. she didn't have to tell me she loved me. i knew. >> a great relationship they had, the two of them. they argued and had to forgive each other all the time. combustible at times but deep deep deep love there. >> we should mention here also billy, that the clinic denies any wrongdoing. what's on "access" tonight? >> i'll tell you nbc sports network tonight. the rangers beating the capitals in washington. >> not going to happen. >> any question? >> just letting you know that. that's what's happening on there. and then for us we've got more on this and sofia vergara is speaking out about on her side of this frozen embryo debacle and we speak to her and more. go rangers, okay? >> ranger smack. hey, you used to call washington
4:26 pm
home. >> i did. i did. but listen. i was born and raised in new york and not going back and forth. i'm a long time ranger fan. don't make me come around this desk right here! you see what's going on here? these are hockey legs. go rangers. >> folks, we are sorry. don't adjust your set there. all right. >> we needed to see those. >> he went out big. >> thank you. a judge says his constitutional rights were seriously violated and now an inmate is filing a lawsuit against arlington county. the new details just coming in. emotions run high in the courtroom. the boston marathon bomber sheds a tear in court. the testimony that got him so emotional.
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right now following a developing story in baltimore. police say they arrested a man on a gun charge where that cvs burned. police say initial reports that the man was shot are not true. those reports led to some crowds gathering in the street and police officers with riot gear arriving on the scene, as well. police say they recovered the gun that the man was holding and not injured and he did not want to go into an ambulance. but was going to be checked out as a precaution. we'll continue to monitor the
4:30 pm
situation there. a week after a huge fire in baltimore destroyed a senior citizen center under renovation the mayor and community leaders are talking about making a comeback. and the developer of the mary harbin center says that construction could start as soon as next week. leaders say the city will come back stronger after last week's rioting. >> it is my determination that we're not going to just get back to where we were. we will get better than where we were. >> the senior center was scheduled to open this fall. the date has been pushed back to next spring. first the young man convicted for ending three lives and wounding so many in bostons has relatives pleading for his life today. >> nbc explains how family members are defending tsarnaev and what had tears welling up in the eyes of the convicted marathon bomber. >> reporter: for the first time since his trial began back in march, tsarnaev showed some
4:31 pm
emotion in open court appearing to wipe away tears as one of his aunts took the stand a few feet away. referring to the bombing, his cousin told jurors she reject what is he did and said he was a warm child and think his kindness made everyone around him kind she said. she told a story about tsarnaev watching the movie "the lion king" and cried with one of the lions died she told jurors. on cross-examination, prosecutor pounced, how could someone cry at a movie and remain indifferent to the deaths of innocent people? the judge quickly sustained the objection but the point was made. he was described as a shy child and turn his face she said. like many of the other relatives, she said she hadn't seen him in more than a decade. another cousin also said he was a kind and caring child growing
4:32 pm
up. she said he loved his older brother very much and customary in the family to listen to older siblings. the defense maintains tamerlin was the master mind. nbc news, new york. new details this afternoon in last week's murder of a fbi police officer in stafford county. antoine johnson told investigators he was a scorned lover and that's why he killed jeremy brown. that's according to court documents pulled by the fredericksburg star and admitted to creating a fraudulent social media site with brown's information and luring people to his home for what they thought was solicited sex. a death inmate's lawsuit against arlington county is moving forward. a judge ruled if the accusation accusationing are true the rights were violated.
4:33 pm
the man said the jail did not provide a sign language interpreter during a six-week pretrial stay and said he was in jail for two days without know knowing why and medical proceed yurls without his consent. one of the victims of a deadly motorcycle crash in charles county was a local musician. the motorcycle slammed into the back of a truck and caught fire yesterday afternoon. it happened along route 301 in waldorf. derek and his female passenger were both killed. wtop reports that he was a musician and manager of the junkyard band a popular group in d.c. police tell us speed played a role in the crash. two delaware teens are still in critical condition right now six weeks after being poisoned during a family vacation. a man working for terminix is accused of spraying a pesticide where the family was staying in the virgin islands. both teens and the parents got sick. the epa and other agencies are
4:34 pm
investigating this. the family released a statement today saying they're confident those responsible will be brought to justice. >> tsa officers caught two virginia residents trying to sneak handguns at two airports. a man from virginia at a .45 in the carryon yesterday and bound for miami. the day before officers stopped a woodbridge woman at reagan national with a loaded .22 and on the way to ft. lauderdale. both travel earls now face weapons charges. police link a deadly family fight to the weekend boxing match. so many of us took in on saturday night. it happened in philadelphia. detectives say a man stabbed his brother late saturday after the two reportedly ordered on the highly anticipated boxing event and the victim was found lying in the middle of a residential street covered in blood. he was 35 years old. his older brother who is 50 is
4:35 pm
now charged with murder. 90 minutes from now students at the university of maryland will see the move vi "american sniper" on campus despite a recent backlash. it will be shown at 6:00 at hoff theater followed by a panel discussion. the two student groups canceled the screening when a muslim student group said the film is anti-muslim. that cancelation drew a lot of controversy. maryland's president said he supports the movie event and believes it will provide a teachable moment. big turn around for mcdonald's. what the fast food giant plans to do to get you back at the golden arches. as the weather gets warmer more people are heading outdoorls for lots of fun but as the sun sets can you spot them? the best way to protect yourself before hitting the streets. and storm team 4 tracking some possible storms. >> we have humidity coming in a chance for should recalls and thunderstorms. i'll give you the timing of that rain as well as what else could
4:36 pm
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mcdonald's new boss says he knows why people are no longer loving it. ceo steve easterbrook took charge of the world's biggest burger chain march 1st saying the company needs to move faster to keep up with changing tastes and peeling awaylayers of bureaucracy to make mcdonald's more nimble.
4:39 pm
easterbrook says the company will focus on listening to customers and improving perceptions of the food. visits to established locations dropped for two straight years as customers head for newer chains like five guys shake shack and chip out l. we have an update of a story a few weeks ago. home improvement store lowe's is halting sales of some chinese made flooring saying the move comes out of an abundance of caution and comes about two weeks after home depot said it will stop selling floors made of the chemical used in vinyl flooring. lowe's says it will only sell u.s.-made flooringing in the stores come july 1st. cars kill nearly 5,000 pedestrians, cyclists and joggers every year according to the latest government research and the vast majority of those accidents happen after the sun sets. >> consumer reporter erika gonzalez is here to tell us about a way to keep us safer. >> we're talking about special reflective clothing supposed to
4:40 pm
make you easier to see, especially out for a run for a bike ride at night and of course the weather is great for that and consumer reports tested a few options for you. as nightfalls it is tough to see people along the side of the road and can lead to serious accidents. greg cohen was hit while jogging at dusk and learned you have to be seen. >> wearing something bright or high viz is the difference of getting back to your home that night or winding up in the hospital. >> reporter: lots of products promise to make it easier to make it easier to notice you at night. consumers reports assessed shirts jackets and a vest. there was even a button down shirtd made with reflective thread. some of the clothing stood out from the rest and easy to use and some just blends into the night. take that beta brand shirt with reflective thread. on if company's website, it looks easy to spot and consumers reports found it's not visible from 300 feet and that's the distance it takes for a car to
4:41 pm
stop if it's going 60 miles per hour. >> it's really important that the garments are seen from the front and the back and the more reflective elements the better. >> reporter: this $180 bike jacket is easy to see coming and going but it didn't outshine this safety chest with its big bright strips and it's expensive. around $15. you can up your safety game with accessoryies like a wristband or this e flektive ankle band. they're all highly visible from 300 feet and when they move up and down as you're biking and running, they really stand out. so we reached out to beta brand and it tells us that of all the reflective garments that it makes, the shirts contain the least amount of reflective material. the company has many other more glaring examples of its commuter friendly clothing on the website. if you've got a story idea for the consumer watch, we'd love to hear from you. send us an e-mail. you have the contact information there on the screen.
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phone number as well. some of your best stories come from you. we appreciate your feedback. >> thank you. well a coyote lurking in a resident shl neighborhood nabls say they spotted the wild animal and where people are on high alert right now. the best and worst places in our area for working moms. lets say this is your tv and these are the channels you pay for with cable but these are the types of channels you actually want to watch what if you could pay for what you want, and not for what you don't so you could get kids channels sports... or entertainment mix and match, or get them all. now fios brings you a totally new way to customize your tv starting at $74.99 -- including internet and phone.
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now some stories we're working on in our newsroom.
4:45 pm
police looking for a man who tried to sexually assault a woman near a local university. a woman tells us a man attacked her along massachusetts avenue just after midnight on saturday. that area is close to american university. and four accused gang members now on trial for the kidnapping and murder of a virginia volunteer officer. jury selection today in charlottesville. new at 4:00 we just learned the man shot and killed in southeast d.c. overnight was from fredericksburg virginia. it happened near ridge road on c street. >> someone reported hearing gunshots. police searched and found a 33-year-old michael marshall jr. unconscious suffering from a gunshot wound. police are offering a $25,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest. it is the time of year when we start to hear about coyote sidings here in the area. >> people with small children and pets in bethesda tell our chris gordon they're concerned
4:46 pm
after spotting one in their backyard. >> reporter: this is buster. he lives here in bethesda maryland. his owners spotted a coyote along this fence just a few weeks ago running into that woodpile. she immediately called her next door neighbor who has young children. >> i said i saw a coyote in the backyard. she said she just saw it ten minutes ago at the bus stop. at the corner of grant and sonoma and ten little kids at the bus stop and saw it. so it must have gone through everyone's yard. >> reporter: she says it's scary recognizing a coyote where her dog buster plays. fearing it may be dangerous. >> a lot of people in the neighborhood walk dogs there are kids who go to the park. and i just wouldn't want anything like that to happen. >> reporter: new at 5:00 what animal services says you ought to do if you spot a coyote on your property. or in your neighborhood. in bethesda maryland chris
4:47 pm
gordon news 4. we're going to need to pump up the ac? >> that's right. a lot of folks, you know have some people who like the heat and don't like the heat. of course inside well some folks already adjusting their acs. trying to make it cooler because of the warmth today. impact forecast for tomorrow not only will we see some warmth around here but we have a chance of an isolated shower maybe even a thunderstorm so a low impact day for tomorrow. meanwhile, your pedestrian forecast should you be commuting to work tomorrow 66 between 6:00 and 8:00 a.m. mostly clear sky and picking up a few clouds during the hours between 8:00 and 10:00 a.m. not too many during the early part of the day. more clouds coming in for the afternoon and we are warming fast. 66 temperatures pumping right into the 70s there during the late morning hours. we're expecting to top out on the other side of 80 degrees again. today, day two and we have gotten up to 84 degrees and, yes, some folks again trying to
4:48 pm
stay comfortable. that means short sleeves, early part of the day tomorrow most comfortable to get out and exercise. nice and comfortable at the bus stop for the kids. by recess they need to remember the sun block, they need to remember to hydrate and a good time of the day to get out and by dismissal, maybe showers and a thunderstorm and throwing caution, make sure you check the nbc washington app for that. right? 80 to 85 degrees. afternoon storms coming through. definitely warm for this time of year and cloud cover expected on wednesday and probability of rain for tuesday. early part of the day, nothing. 7:00 10:00 a.m. by 1:00 a 20% to 30% chance and by 4:00 3:00 4:00 chance to 40% to 50% chance. seeing the isolated showers or thunderstorms. that means that not everyone seeing the rain tomorrow afternoon. isolated thunderstorms, scattered showers about and we have a better chance on
4:49 pm
wednesday in certain areas. this is the other thing that might slow you down on area roads. very late tuesday night, early tuesday morning and seeing fog building and it's going to build with the weather front and getting stalled out around the area early wednesday morning. so visibilities i don't think we're all that dense and could be enough to slow some folks down. high temperature tomorrow 83 degrees. 50% chance of afternoon storms and showers. 60% chance on wednesday and then 80s, 83 degrees. this warm stretch, this is something we haven't seen yet this year. continues for a couple of days. the weekend right now looking dry. can't rule out an isolated shower or thunderstorm on saturday but we've got more on this rain coming up for tuesday and wednesday, and of course if we're going to see any break in this pattern, after day seven coming up at 5:00. child care costs, work life balance, professional opportunities. they're all very important in the life of a working mother. news 4 takes a look at how well
4:50 pm
our area did in a new survey. >> reporter: our area is a great place to raise a family as a working mom. here's a look at a new survey of wallet hub. of all the places in the area virginia did the best on the survey coming in as the ninth best state for working mothers and also has a lowest child care costs in the country. maryland came in 12th overall but the number 1 state when it comes to professional opportunities for moms. and d.c. ranked 34th overall but it has the second highest paid mom executives in the country and one of the smallest gender pay gaps in the country. little bad news for d.c. moms and paying some of the most expensive child care costs in the country. vermont came in as the best place to raise a family as a working mother. i'm eun yang. at the live desk hillary clinton agrees to testify this month about benghazi and the
4:51 pm
home e-mail server. the former secretary of state says she will stay as long as needed to answer all the questions. through her lawyer clinton said she would be available in two weeks and only wants to testify once. for months now, republicans are on capitol hill pressing clinton for information on the 2012 terror attack in which the u.s. ambassador stevens died and want to know why she used a private e-mail address to do state department business. clinton also come under scrutiny for deleting e-mails on that personal server and republicans say it may have contained information to help them in the mbengabenghazi investigation. it's a hospital on a busy road in our area but there's no easy way for pedestrians to get to it and last week crossing the street had deadly consequences. here's news 4's pat collins in washington. >> reporter: last week a 68-year-old woman struck and
4:52 pm
killed just trying to get from here to over there. and that's why we're back here again today. you see, this is a dangerous crossing. getting to and from this hospital could put you into the hospital. so where's the crosswalk? where's the traffic light? more about that coming up on news 4. an attack outside a controversial art exhibit in texas. >> investigators want to know if the suspects are linked to isis. new details just coming in and why fbi agents have swarmed a home in arizona. a mom whose daughter was attacked a block from her middle school last week says they warned of the trouble to come and nothing was done to head off the problem. what happened when the punches flew just ah
4:53 pm
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gas prices are creeping up again. right now, prices are surging just before the summer driving season. in virginia drivers are paying the least, about $2.40 a gal listen. west virginia you'll pay an average $2.55 a gallon and maryland is $2.60 and d.c. gas is running at $2.70 a gallon. this is still the lowest the prices have been around this time in the past five years.
4:56 pm
one of the nation's most esteemed colleges for women will begin accepting transgender students this fall. smith college intends to accept students who are born male but who self identify as female. the board of trustees studied the issue for a year before voting to clarify the admissions policy. the school's notable graduates include barbara bush and feminist writer gloria sty them. we are tracking information about the two men who launched an attack outside of a controversial art show in texas. nbc news just confirmed that one was on a terror watch list and his passport was revoked. the other was convicted of lying to federal investigators. nbc's jay gray has the story from garland, texas. >> reporter: hey there, pat. yeah. the event center still locked down. the streets around the facility also closed at this point as police and federal agents continue their investigation into last night's attack.
4:57 pm
police say the shootout lasted no more than 15 seconds after the alleged gunmen jumped out of their vehicle and opened fire. >> they simply got out and started firing. >> reporter: wounding bruce joiner. then they turned toward police. >> came around the back of the car and started shooting at the police car. >> reporter: the traffic patrol officer inside that cruiser fired back killing the suspects elton simpson and nadir sophie. >> the officer was using the duty pass sol. they were using assault rifles. >> reporter: at this point investigators say they're not sure of a motive. >> we think their strategy was to get to the event center into the event center. >> reporter: where the inaugural muhammad art exhibit and contest was coming to and with a $10,000 prize for the winning cartoon with the prophet muhammad. images considered blasphemous by
4:58 pm
many muslims around the world. katrina pearson was inside when the shots were fired. >> we knew there was a chance something bad may happen. >> reporter: as the investigation continues, we're learning more now about simpson convicted of lying to federal agents five years ago about the plans to join a terror group in africa. there are also indications he sent a message on social media with #texas attack about 30 minutes before the shooting. an attack police and federal agents continue to investigate right now. you can see that going on with the fbi evidence team that's been on the ground here since last night and continuing through the day right now. a lot of the evidence markers on the grund here and working and will continue in what police tell us is a very long and a very difficult investigation here. that is the latest live in garland, i'm jay gray news 4. news 4 at 5:00 starts now with jim and wendy.
4:59 pm
>> and right now, guilty. an officer convicted of assaulting a student inside a local high school. news 4 talks to that victim new at 5:00. ambushed on the way home from school. we're uncovering new bullying allegations tonight in prince william county and talking to a family who says nothing was done about it. developing tonight as baltimore tries to turn a corner new reports out of trouble in the neighborhood that was ground zero for riots last week. we have new information on a report of a shot fired. you want a smooth safe road? you want this thing driving down the street. i'm adam tuss. i'll take you along for a piece of high-tech equipment coming up. first at 5:00 a punch so hard it knocked him out. tonight, the student assaulted by a police officer in the halls of a local high school. opening up to news 4. the interview follows a guilty victim in the trial of the police officer who was arrested
5:00 pm
for hitting him. tracee willkins is live with reaction. tracee? >> reporter: well, the states attorney says that the school is a safe place, even for troubled kids and where they're supposed to go and be educated. the chief says that this kind of behavior is not tolerated in the department and seeing the video it made him sick. >> if you take a belt off, took the vest off. and i got sick. >> reporter: the punch from the high school resource officer so hard it knocked the student out. the then 17-year-old agreed to speak with us if his face was not shown. >> i felt bad. i just felt like who here to protect us? >> the young man in our mind was a child who deserves to be protected. >> reporter: a judge ruled the officer arrested misconduct of office and reckless


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