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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  May 4, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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convicted of lying to federal investigators about plans to join a terror group in somalia. we have team coverage. wendy rieger has details on the art show and the ties to our area. jay gray is at the scene of the shootout. jay? >> reporter: police say the shootout lasted no more than 15 seconds after the alleged gunman jumped out of their vehicle and opened fire. >> they simply got out and started firing. >> reporter: wounding bruce joiner an unarmed security guard. then they turned toward police. >> came around to the back of the car and started shooting at the police car. >> reporter: the traffic patrol officer inside that cruiser fired back killing the suspects elton simpson and nadir sophie. >> the officer using the duty pistol pistol. they were using assault rifles. >> reporter: at this point investigators say they're not sure of a motive. >> we think their strategy was to get to the event center, into
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the event center. >> reporter: where the inaugural muhammad art contest and art exhibit was coming an end including a $10,000 prize for the winning cartoon of the prophet muhammad. katrina pierson was inside when the shots were fired. >> we all knew there was a chance something bad may happen. >> reporter: we are learning more about simpson convicted of lying to federal agents five years ago about his plans to join a terror group in africa. there are also indications of a message on social media with #texasattack 30 minutes before the shooting. jay gray nbc news garland, texas. >> we have new details coming into the newsroom about the organization that's at the center of this attack in the
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dallas suburbs. we're learning that the american freedom defense initiative has ties in our area. that organization has a long history of courting controversy by targeting muslims. the american freedom defense initiative is listed as an anti-muslim hate group by the southern poverty law center. last night's event promised a $10,000 prize for the best cartoon of muhammad. the group run controversial ads on subways and buses in cities across the country including here in d.c. investigators trying to figure out if the shooters targeted the event because of the mockery of muhammad. back to you. >> thanks wendy. over the weekend, somebody walked up to a new york city police officer and shot him in the head. that officer has now died. today, other officers lined up to salute the ambulance carrying the body of 25-year-old brian moore. as it left the hospital today. moore was shot on saturday. he and his partner both of them
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in plains clothes approached a man they suspected of carrying a gun. the man who they believe shot him is named demitrius blackwell. there's a tense scene in baltimore where crowds gathered following reports that police shot a young man while arresting him. that was not the case. it happened where the rioting took place last week. police say they chased a man who was spotted carrying a gun. there were initial hots the man was shot in the back but police say the man dropped the gun in the chase and it went off. he's happy the charges filed so quickly in the case but still work to be done. nbc's lester holt sat down with gray's family for an exclusive interview. >> they just gave me a little
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more confidence and the state's attorney's office and people that n that area. but as far as law enforcement itself i just feel still the same way that i felt when i first found out what had happened. >> lester holt will have more from the interview coming up on the nbc nightly news at 7:00 tonight. now to a story to see only here on news 4 with a fight over a brand new condo building in the district. because of the controversy, crews are now tearing the new building down against the owner's will. the building is at the corner of 17th and d streets northeast. not too far away from rfk stadium. it sits on top of an old water and water sewer system and that's the problem. mark segraves is there. mark? >> reporter: yeah you know this is one that really has residents in this neighborhood scratching their heads and wondering how could this have ever gotten to this point.
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look at the brand new four-story multi-unit condo. it's coming down because of what's beneath it. is the reason they're going to tear it down. >> i watched it go up. now i'm going watch it come down. >> reporter: neighbors wondering how it could happen as demolition crews hired by d.c. water are gutting the brand new multi-million dollar building. >> a complete waste of money. it's a complete waste of time. a complete waste of labor. >> reporter: the developer says they had all the proper permits from the city to build the condos but d.c. water says the building is in danger of causing catastrophic damage to the aging water tunnel that runs beneath the new condos. >> it's a little surprising they would be issued permits in the first place to build something on such a main focal point for the water supply. >> reporter: the developer filed suit in d.c. supreme court to
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get the demolition stopped. in court documents the developer says they had all the proper permits and d.c. water knew of their plans to build here but never opposed the permits until after the building was nearly complete. long before the issue with the sewer was brought up neighbors raised concerns about the project and asked city officials if the developer had proper permits in the first place. >> we raised the issue of illegal construction because the building was humongous. >> reporter: the local advisory neighborhood commission couldn't get straight answers from the agency that issued permits. it turns out they were. in a written statement, d.c.r.a. said it issued the permits and insists the developer filed a false application. >> the sad thing is that the owner has spent a large amount of money. >> stupid. but now that i find out why it makes complete sense but why didn't they know anything about it before they allowed the guy
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to build it? >> reporter: and that is really what may be become the multi-million dollar question. how did d.c. issue the permits not knowing that this water main was underneath? a spokesman tells us that they became aware once there was an actual rupture to the water main and came out to repair it and that's when they went to court and said they're going to have to tear down the building. the building is definitely coming down. the question is who will have to pay for it? that will likely be answered by a judge. back to you. >> thanks. former secretary of state hillary clinton says she will testify before members of congress about that attack on a diplomatic come pound in libya. four americans were killed in that attack back in september of 2012. a special panel is investigating. they wanted clinton to appear before them twice, once to answer questions about benghazi and another time to answer questions about her use of a personal e-mail account.
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clinton's lawyers says she will testify but only once. that hearing could happen as early as may 18th. list of republicans running for president just grew by two. former hewlett-packard ceo carly fiorina and retired neuro surgeon ben carson are joining the race. neither candidate has ever held an elected office before. she released a video announcing her run. carson who lives in baltimore made his announcement from his hometown of detroit. news 4 -- i'm sorry, minutes ago, school officials in prince william county responded of the safety concerns of a seventh grader. she was attacked by classmates on her way home from lake ridge middle school in woodbridge last week. northern virginia bureau chief julie carey is there where officials say it is safe for the student to return but her mother says she is not so sure. julie?
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>> reporter: well the victim's mom started sounding the alarms weeks ago telling officials the daughter was threatened on social media and at school. then last week the mom says some of her daughter's classmates made good on the threat. there's candy in one bag, school work in this environment for a middle school student attacked by a group of girls on the way home from school last week. her girlfriends were making a special delivery today. the victim is now in a neck brace because of an injury she received. we have agreed not to show her face. the 13-year-old is home from school for the third straight day because her mom fears the attackers might still be in class. >> after this happens, i can't just walk away and say it's going to be fine and send her back to school. >> reporter: sarah is especially frustrated because she warned school officials earlier last month that the daughter was being threatened by another girl and documented the concerns in this e-mail. >> i was assured by the school the counselors and the vice principal, if they were going to
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do this they would have done it. >> reporter: her daughter was attacked confronted and punched by one of the girls. >> when my daughter was able to get the girl in a headlock and couldn't punch her anymore, two other girls jumped on her. >> reporter: she said other students told there would be a fight rolled video on the phone. the daughter's friend called 911. now her mother just wanted school officials to hell her it's safe for her daughter to return to school. >> my daughter's at home. i want to be sure that the situation is taken care of. >> reporter: the communications director says he's barred from discussing individual students but tells me quote, they have taken this very seriously and the principal is very confident the girl is coming into a safe school environment. now, school officials tell me conferences are planned this week with all the parents involved and communications director says quote, there will be further resolution of the issue at that time. by the way, the students tell me today that two of the three girls involved in the attack
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have not been in class this week. back to you, now. >> thanks julie. news 4 learned that the state department employee accused of trying to solicit a child for sex now has a new lawyer. his name is daniel rosen, the suspect, that is. arrested in february on charges of solisciting a minor and arrested again weeks later on unrelated charges of stalking and voyeurism. rosen was a top counter terrorism official. he was supposed to be in court in fairfax county today. that case was continued until late july because of the change of counsel. it's video that landed a local police officer on the other side of the law. why he's in trouble for what he did to a student on camera and whether the student in the middle of it says it's enough. and uncertainty at an iconic washington building. a collapse at the waertdgate. i'm tom sherwood in
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northwest washington. wisconsin avenue lots of speeding traffic. new speed cameras here and around town to slow people down. temperatures in the 80s today and watching a cold front back to the west for a chance of storms. i'll show you when they can move in
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there's new reaction tonight to an awful story. two delaware teenagers are still in critical condition six weeks after being poisoned in a family vacation. a contractor working for terminix accused of spraying a banned pesticide at the virgin islands resort where they were staying in st. john. the family released a statement saying today they're confident those responsible will be brought to justice. terminix the epa and other agencies are investigating. speed cameras all over the district popping up. five new added to the dozens in service. there are questions about whether the cameras really make sense. tom sherwood talks with a city leader supporting the cameras and wants a change in the speed limits. >> reporter: on some city streets it feels like a racetrack. despite all sorts of caution signs. pennsylvania avenue southeast. it can be a speedway with sudden
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stops. that's a reason the speed cameras in the 3000 block. it's just been activated. >> right here for church sundays, they just fly right on through. >> reporter: it's one of five new cameras going into effect today with a 30-day grace period of warning tickets. they join dozens of other cameras spread across the city. council chairman says speed cameras are important for safety. but should be moved around more often to surprise speeders. camera revenues have fallen sharply. >> they slow down and speed up after seeing the cameras. >> reporter: he says some speed limits are set too low lie a lot of motorists rightfully upset over the speed limits and some places the speed limits really are not adjusted to the conditions of the road. >> reporter: 2600 block of wisconsin the pollingers welcomed the camera worrying about grandchildren soon to walk
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through here. >> our grandchildren down here and up the hill and alone next year. watch the cars coming from up the hill and make sure that they see you. >> reporter: in the district tom sherwood news 4. people return to work at the watergate office complex today. many sent home on friday after that big parking garage llapse. investigators are still trying to figure out what caused the floors to crumble and doesn't appear anybody was killed here. crewa preliminary search and doing a more extensive dig. residents of watergate west spent the weekend without hot water and air conditioning. it was a nice weekend. wouldn't have been good to be without air conditioning. warm and sunny and lovely. >> 84 yesterday. 84 today. maybe 85. if we did, warmest day so far this year. >> let's say it was 85. >> warmest day this yore. >> more like june than may. >> really does. one of us here has their
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convertible down. >> you noticed that? >> not me. >> not me either. >> take a look. show you what's going on outside right now. a beautiful, beautiful afternoon. plenty of sunshine. look at the numbers. sitting at 82 degrees right now. winds out of the south at 10 miles per hour. humidity not much of a factor although it's a little bit on a hazy side and seen some of that hazy sunshine today. look at the numbers. 86 in leesburg. 81 in winchester. the cool spot still at 75 and annapolis at 76 degrees. gorgeous. nothing on the radar right now but this is what we're watching. any time we get this warm this time of year average high temperature around 72 talking about 10 15 degrees above average, you know something's going on. we have plenty of sunshine from boston where they hit 83 first time since mid-september down towards raleigh and the eastern seaboard. beautiful. look at the west here. this is a cold front making the way our way. this is the cold front to come through tomorrow and make the way down and then move right
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back up toward the north and not seeing the colder air from this and we will see a good chance for thunderstorm activity. not tomorrow morning. tomorrow morning, no problem. a day very much like today, at least early on. plenty of sunshine early. temperatures soaring. and that's when we see the showers develop as the front moves in. watch what happens around 4:30. there it is. culpepper culpepper, d.c. baltimore and annapolis. a good chance for storms and that's one round. looks like this computer model trying to give us yet another round and it tells us we have a good chance for storms in the evening hours tomorrow. could coincide with the evening rush and could slow us down a bit. how strong? not anticipating severe weather but we could see a strong storm or two with heavier downpours just like last week. 83 degrees in d.c. tomorrow. 82 in martinsburg. 85 down towards fredericksburg and cooler.
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good day today to get out there for golf. tomorrow just as nice. 66 for 7:00 a.m. 9:00 a.m. around 71 degrees. play early if you have a 5:00 tee time. that impact forecast tomorrow on the low side for sure. only thing is the storms but it will be quite warm and quite warm for the foreseeingible future. next four to seven days. that's what we have see here. another chance 0 storms on wednesday. high temperature on wednesday of 80 degrees and another cold front and bringing temperatures below 80. still 79 but below 80. 83 on friday. 86 on saturday. 87 on sunday. the weekend looking very nice. maybe another isolated shower on saturday. all in all, a pretty good seven-day forecast and one of the best we have had here in the last couple of months. we need the warmer weather. looks like it's finally here. >> must feel good to share a forecast like that after the winter we have had.
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>> i love sharing. >> we love hearing it. coming up tonight, the convicted marathon bomber in tears for the first time. we'll tell you about that. you want a smooth safe road? then you want this thing driving down the street. i'm adam tuss.
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boston marathon bomber tsarnaev cried in the courtroom today. it's the fooirs time there's
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been any demonstration of emotion from him. tsarnaev wiped tears from his eyes as his aunt sobbed uncontrollably on the stand. she was so upset the defense moved on to another witness to give her time to compose herself, the same jury that convicted tsarnaev in the bombing is deciding whether he should get the death penalty. mr. paul vance is remembered tonight for dedicating more than 40 years of his life to ensuring that children got a good education. he died on saturday at the age of 83. in 1991, dr. vance became the first african-american educator to lead montgomery county schools. he agreed to come out of retirement the next year to lead the d.c. public schools and served in that role for three years. you probably drive on some rough roads for your commute but one road crew is fighting back with a high-tech and pricey
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laser vehicle. transportation officials say this million-dollar truck pays for itself. news 4 transportation reporter adam tuss explains. >> reporter: call them the road doctors. >> laser systems, camera systems. >> reporter: maryland state highway's automated road analyzer costs over $1 million. its mission, giving you a better ride. >> this is the same camera they use for the nfl in the football games. >> reporter: it analyzes processes and tells crews what needs to be fixed so efficiently that crews say it pays for itself in manpower hours alone. all right. you won't find any rock stars getting out of this vehicle but you might find a transportation reporter. hey, this thing costs over a million bucks and helping keep the roads you drive safe and smooth. every year george and terry drive all across the state about 12,000 miles. >> i don't know my son's birthday but i know every road
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in maryland. >> reporter: yep, you heard that right and he is not joking around. what's the roughest road? is there like one road in the state that stands snout. >> montgomery in pc county. >> reporter: there's just too much traffic in our area. they'll wait until school is out to take a close look at the road. maryland is one of only a handful of states to own anaran and they have two. the team says please be patient. >> little bit of courtesy could be appreciated. >> reporter: in maryland adam tuss news 4. next no traffic light. not even a stop sign. just last week a woman was killed crossing the street. the risk pedestrians and patients are taking to get to one local hospital. unwanted visitors near school does stops and restaurants. why a woman says she grabbed her dog and ran to call her neighbor. how to
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now at 6:30 -- >> getting to and from this hospital could put you in the hospital. >> the pattern setting us up nicely for 80s all week. but we're looking at a chance of thunderstorms, as well. not something you see every day. how this underwater treadmill is bringing relief to local pets. >> fabulous. i think it's made a huge difference. but first at 6:30 a local police officer found guilty of
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knocking out a student in a high school hallway. >> tonight, we are hearing from that student and also top officials in prince georges county. county bureau chief tracee women wilkins is there. >> reporter: every time this happens, they think about baltimore and preventing something like that from happening here in the county and part of the way they believe they're capable of doing that is by presenting a united front dealing with these cases. >> when i watched the video, i was angry. >> reporter: the punch of this high school resource officer was so hard it knocked this student out. the then 17-year-old agreed to speak with us if his face was not shown. >> i felt bad. i just felt like who here for real? who here to protect us? >> reporter: the chief say this is's why his department says their internal investigation of school resource officer to the state's attorney's office. >> she has the final say in misconduct issues on this police
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department. >> reporter: after years of allegations of misconduct among the officers and even a justice department oversight, the chief says transparency in the cases like this one are even more critical for the prince georges police department. >> when bad things have happened we've been out in front of them and we have told the people you know what the circumstances were why we did what we did. >> we cannot operate without each other. i think we recognize that. the relationship is critical. >> reporter: he's guilty of second-degree assault, misconduct of office and reckless endangerment. this after police turned over their internal investigation to the state's attorney's office and openly supported their decision to go to trial. >> on both days t but when it does ap we understand that people are unsafe if we're unwilling to do the right thing when mistakes occur. >> reporter: now, apparently he was beloved at the high school. a number of students wrote letters saying they wanted him back in the school when he was initially suspended. now when's going to happen next
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is a police review and decide if he has a future on this department or not and he is looking at the possibility of prison lime and sentenced in july. reporting live i'm tracee wilkins. back to you. >> thank you. a new promise to rebuild one week after a senior center was destroyed in the rioting in baltimore. today church leaders and the developer behind the project say they're not giving up. construction could start back up as early as next week. community leaders say the neighborhood will come back bigger better and stronger. the mayor of baltimore delivered prescription to those that lost access to pharmacies in the rioting. the mayor talked about among other things those people who she said were eager to see that city destroyed. >> it is up to us to light that same fire of rebuilding with prayers that those same people so eager to see our destruction will be a witness to our rebuilding.
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>> baltimore city health department is helping dozens of people get medications that they need until they can transfer the prescriptions or pharmacies back in business. a panel established after the bloody arrest of a university of virginia student is now done with its first day of work. the 20-member review panel created after video of the arrest of johnson went viral. the video shows johnson being pinned down by officers with virginia's department of alcohol, beverage control. he needed ten stitches to close the gash on the head. only 13% of sworn special agents are minorities. uva student council president is one of those on the panel. now examining the department's law enforcement powers. relatives of the victim of a deadly hit and run incident are calling for safety improvements outside of a hospital in the district. the woman died trying to cross southern avenue in front of that hospital last week. there is no stoplight or
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crosswalk nearby. pat collins tells us now what needs to happen to make the change. >> reporter: is it scary crossing this street? >> yeah. i just -- take you like about -- time to cross. barely on rush hour. they just fly past you and don't even see you. >> reporter: some people call this stretch of southern avenue the death zone. there's a bus stop here. and the united medical center over there. in between, traffic moving at highway speeds. at great risk people dodge the cars as they move from one side to the other. >> it's really dangerous. and there's no light. >> you have children going back and forth. going to the hospital. trying to catch the bus over here. the mom's got to you know cross with the cars and the delivers don't care too much. >> reporter: they're fast.
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>> yeah. >> reporter: highway fast. >> yeah. >> reporter: there's no traffic light or crosswalk in front of united medical hospital. there's a light in front of georgetown hospital. and gw hospital. and howard university hospital. but not one here. last week 68-year-old faith was struck an killed leaving united medical. her relatives say something should be done to slow the traffic here. >> my question is how many more fatalities have to happen on southern avenue before they do something to protect the pedestrians, the residents, and the employees of the hospital. >> reporter: d-dot says to get a traffic light there has to be a petition with signatures of 75% of the residents in a community. and then they say d-dot engineers will do an assessment to see if a traffic light is needed. it's unclear as to what are the
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other hospitals had a petition to get their traffic lights. in southeast, pat collins, news 4. today some people in alexandria took time to honor police officers who have given their lives in service to the city. a wreath was laid along the water front. the city lost 18 officers in the line of duty more than any other virginia jurisdiction. >> what we did today was to ensure number one, that those 18 names are never, never forgotten. to hope that we never had a 19th name to that memorial. >> a short time later an inaugural wreath laying held at the new memorial to fallen officers that at the police station on wheeler avenue. the man charged with murdering a student at the university of virginia is expected to appear in court tomorrow. his name is jesse matthew. he has a status hearing.
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it is expected that the judge at that time will set a trial date for the murder case. matthew also, though, facing charges of attempted murder and sexual assault in fairfax county. there's a procedure that could change the way animals get back on their feet. we'll tell you why a little water could get them moving again. and taking a look down by the water, national harbor. looking good. 24 hours from now, could be a little different picture with dark clouds moving on in.
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presidential logistics squadron they operate behind the scenes to make sure president obama gets from here to there on air force one. today the president took time out to thank them. it happened at joint base andrews this morning. the president stopped to shake
6:40 pm
hands with the nearly 80 men and women of what's called the pls. pls is part of the 89th aircraft wing. they're responsible for the care and maintenance of air force one and the other presidential aircraft. some people in bethesda says coyotes are roaming in their park and backyards. >> and reports of sightings in bethesda row. chris gordon spoke with animal control to find out what to do if you should spot one. >> reporter: this coyote sighting in arlington, virginia two years ago. a couple of weeks ago nancy spotted one in her bethesda backyard making her worried about her dog buster and the children living next door. >> i saw a coyote. she said we saw it ten minutes ago at the bus stop. >> reporter: it happened again this weekend. >> i went over here. >> reporter: john marcus calling his cat lily outside of the home saturday night. standing right next to her, he saw a wild animal that turned
6:41 pm
out to be a coyote. >> but the cat was very scared and i was able to make the coyote go a way by hissing at it and stamping my feet and walking away it started to come back and then ran between the houses over here and probably into the park. >> reporter: his house borders arylawn park. council member says he's getting a lot of concerned calls. >> it's frightening. you don't want your pets unattended of course. but we cannot point to an incident in which there's been a harm to a human being as a result of these animals in our communities. >> reporter: we have received reports there have been coyote sightings here along bethesda row known for its restaurants, retail stores and residential units. >> i cannot say there is or isn't. it's pretty unusual. they tend to stay away from highly populated areas.
6:42 pm
>> reporter: with so many children outside these days you should call the montgomery county animal services division if you see a wild animal that's either aggressive or appears to be sick. that's the latest in bethesda maryland chris gordon, news 4. check this out. looks more like a bath than therapy. how it can give local pets a second chance. also drunk drivers putting everyone in danger. we'll tell you when's new about the effort to keep us all safe.
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an underwater treadmill that
6:45 pm
promotes healing for injured legs and soar joints allowing patients to make strides but this is for members of the family who walk on all fours. we have a look new at 6:00. >> i know. i know. >> reporter: it is therapy day for junoment she gt into a car accident and break her femur. >> traumatic, yep. the whole thing was traumatic. r: it can leave a dog with a limp or a chronic pain. j you no is a lucky dog. >> good girl. >> reporter: this is juno in the h2 oasis. water fills the tank to her shoulders and she begins wet walkies. >> takes the weight off the joints and the resistance helps us build muscle. >> reporter: she goes into the tank for therapy once or twice a week. >> fabulous. i think it's made a huge difference. >> reporter: it is a tool for
6:46 pm
veterinarians to help dogs with surgery on the knees or back. they're fat or arthritic. >> most of them tolerate this very well because the water gradually fills up from the bottom and also heated. >> reporter: the water eases the burden on the injured body party and same time adding resistance. >> typically this is a much harder workout than they would do on a 25-minute walk with their owner. >> reporter: the leg improved greatly. >> she even jumps over logs and things like that. she chases deer. back to being pretty much her normal self. >> reporter: it costs about $85 a visit and there are package plans which may be worth it to owner who is won't don't want to be carrying their animals up and down the stairs and want to see them out of pain. this oasis treadmill at the friendship animal hospital here in tinnily town and they say they can use it for cats. can you imagine?
6:47 pm
putting a cat with water rushing up. they say they can. they can use it for cats. >> see that story. >> waiting for that video. back to you. >> we get it before a cat would. >> exactly. >> i want to see that one. thank you. for the first in the history, sober ride is holding free taxi rides on cinco de mayo that's tomorrow. and then 4:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. you can call 800-200-taxi. and you can get a free ride. up to $30. nationwide more than 40% of traffic deaths on may 5th involve drunk drivers. sober ride is offering free cab rides on other holidays known for times when people drink too much since back in 1993. any weather issues as people make plans to head out tomorrow evening? >> i think a biggest issue is right around that 4:00 to 7:00. getting out there for that early happy hour could be storms.
6:48 pm
as far as that's concerned, the cold front coming down and affects us in the evening. late night i think we'll be fine and 4:00 to 7:00 8:00 hour dealing with storms. evening planner tonight, well no rain tonight. 82 now. dropping to 80 next hour. 72 by 11:00. very warm night tonight. the arches down into the upper 40s to low 50s. we'll be well above that tonight. dulles 82 right now. 81 in camp springs. 81 in baltimore. just gorgeous weather. nothing on the radar. but again, tomorrow a little bit of a different story. seeing the sun and clouds and warm temperatures and then the afternoon thunderstorms. not anticipating anything strong or severe and we could have heavy downpours and thinking about the umbrella in case a storm pops up and moves over the area. temperatures tomorrow 80 to 85 degrees and much more like a june or july forecast than early may forecast and this is why. we have seen the cool weather
6:49 pm
for most of the year so far, january, february march especially very very cool and now we're finally seeing the jet stream take a track further to the north and allows for that warm air to make the way our way. much above average temperatures into the 80s. average high today is 72. we were at 84 85 earlier and this pattern looks like it wants to stick around right on into early next week. looks like the warmer weather is here to stay. 83 degrees, good chance of storms tomorrow. same deal on wednesday. 80 degrees and a chance of storms in the evening hour. these cold fronts coming close to us and move right back to the north. 79 on thursday. 83 on friday. and right now the weekend really looking nice. a chance of an isolated shower on saturday and right now a dry for the most part. saturday sunday and monday high temperatures once again well above average. we'll take 10 to 15 degrees above average any time except for july and august. >> all right. thank you, doug. breaking news out of texas
6:50 pm
where the investigation into a shooting outside of a prophet muhammad cartoon contest taken another turn. police now say s.w.a.t. team officers were involved in that shooting that killed two heavily armed gunmen. all day they have been saying a single police officer subdued the men. one on a terror watch list. well now, garland, texas, police say they don't know who fired the deadly shot. nbc nightly news will have up to the minute details coming up. coming up in sports wait until you see what ted leeon has to say. >> i'll shave my head bald if both teams get to the finals. >> you heard that? we'll explain a personal connection with that. stay tuned.
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doesn't have to be a sports fan to be thrilled about when's going on in this town today. diane and jason down at verizon center where all kinds of good stuff is going on folks. >> yeah. you are right. how can you not be excited about this? i feel like every time we're here the wizards or the caps asking us about -- jay tracked him down today. >> the happiest guy in the district. you cannot wipe the smile off his face talking about the capitals and the wizards. he's having a blast.
6:54 pm
i had to ask, hey, how cool for you having both teams in the playoffs? >> it's been a fun few weeks here in the district. how much fun are you having watching the caps and wizards postseason? >> i'm having a lot of fun and a relentlessness to this. saturday in new york. saturday in atlanta. monday in d.c. tuesday in atlanta. wednesday in d.c. it's a blur. but i get my energy from the fans and the fans psyched and happy so that's good for me. >> now, before the winter classic, an interview with jim vance. i don't know if you remember this. you told vance if the wizards made it to the playoffs you would get a mohawk. does that apply to the capitals as well? >> definitely. i'll shave my head bald if both teams get to the finals. that would be the least that i could do. and i bet you we could do something for charity. and get thous of people to get mohawks or shave their head bald because it would be a very very
6:55 pm
unique once in a lifetime kind of aachievement. >> very very happy man right now. check out the full interview log on to the nbc washington app. we'll have that interview posted later tonight. >> we have to hold him to that. pivotal game three tonight. the series all tied up and after falling to the rangers on saturday, the caps trying to regroup. listen to this. washington they have not lost back to back games since mid-march so what exactly is their secret to success? on bouncing back. >> desperation. not wanting to lose two games in a row. if you don't then you're always in the series and want to come out tonight for a great start, good showing at home here and hopefully get up a game. >> they figured it out a little
6:56 pm
bit. you areurgency level picked up. leadership driven that bus. with, you know i think players follow the leader. leaders try to follow the coach. there's a good understanding. lose a game. we're not happy. we need to get the next one. >> all right. let's move on to basketball now. the wizards took game one in atlanta but also took some injuries. bradley beal went down and did return to the game. john wall also banged up says he's thought he broke his wrist after landing awkwardly before halftime and he returned. both say they're getting treatment and feeling better and they will play tomorrow night. the wizards, a perfect 5-0 in the postseason. >> the wizards and caps having a tremendous postseason and the redskins. new gm getting praise for this nfl draft. his selection of offensive line scherff getting a lot of
6:57 pm
attention. torgt espn draft insider, scherff and the redskins are the best fit of any player and team in this year's draft. excited about the future redskins players. >> the whole package. it's what i look for. i'm lucky to be around the league a long time and seeing players succeed that have that much ability but also throw the character in there, the passion, the competitiveness, the toughness he has. i wanted my first pick to be somebody that's not just an impressive player but person and somebody to build around. not only coming in as a good football player, guys around him will be better because of the way he approaches the game. >> all the teams in d.c. rocking and rolling. back to you. >> all right. we love it all. bring it on. thank you. >> we are not used to this. >> no we are not. >> we have to figure out how to handle all of this. thanks guys. that's the broadcast for now. >> we hope to see you at 11:00.
6:58 pm
(music) hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! (music)
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