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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  May 5, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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the riots and unrest. she thanked them for their service and said police can also be part of the solution. >> we don't always choose moments, sometimes they choose us. how we live with that and how we go through with that determines what kind of officers we all are. >> a few hours earlier, lynch sat down with faith and community leaders at the university of baltimore, and she met privately with freddie gray's mother. last week a local prosecutor charged six officers with gray's death. the fbi and the justice department are also investigating the case for any possible civil rights violations. results of that review are expected in the coming weeks. >> now to new information about one of the men who launched that failed attack on a controversial art show in garland, texas. a childhood friend of nadir soofi said his friend underwent a dramatic personality transformation after moving from pakistan to the u.s. in his sophomore year of high school. the friend told nbc news that
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soofi went from being laid back and agnostic to in his words an internet jihadi who was radicalized by loaniness in the u.s. isis claimed to be responsible for that attack. jay gray will join us live at 4:30. first at 4:00 a judge just ordered a psychological evaluation for a former fbi agent accused of making violent threats at the gate of the cia headquarters. >> it's a bizarre case in which the alexandria woman is accused of traveling from one highly secured government facility to another, and accused of threatening to kill federal police. >> news 4's scott mcfarland broke this story. he's live now outside the court in alexandria. scott. >> reporter: in this unexpected case another unexpected twist. that federal agent, that former fbi special agent was a no-show at her court hearing today. the judge says davis was acting
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inappropriately, was uncooperative and said force would have been needed to get her from u.s. marshals custody into the courtroom today. after some arguments from attorney the judge ordered davis undergo a psych evaluation and that will happen in the next day or two. news 4 broke the story about the crimes for which davis stands accused. a cia investigator says davis drove last thursday to the entrance of the nsa in maryland and was turned away and then tried to enter the front gate of the cia in virginia. court records say an officer had to physically stand in front of davis' car before she stopped. they say she reached towards an officer's gun belt soon thereafter and later threatened to shoot cia police. her facebook page is filled with videos she recorded of herself, many of them protesting the federal government. her personal facebook page was removed or otherwise made inaccessible earlier today. tunisia davis was a former special agent for the fbi from 2004 to 2010.
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she is charged with assaulting a police officer from that incident last thursday. we didn't see family or friends of hers in the courtroom today, but we did catch up with her friends in her alexandria neighborhood. what they had to say about her coming up on news 4 at 5:00. for now, live in alexandria scott mcfarland, news 4. i'm wendy rieger at the live desk. the man who's accused in the abduction and murder of a university of virginia student is going before a judge. jesse matthew is expected to get a new trial date during a hearing that starts at this hour. matthew is charged with killing hannah graham a sophomore at uva. she disappeared last september after a night out with friends in charlottesville. her remains were found about five weeks later. this case was supposed to start in late june but matthew's attorneys requested a later date so they could hire than expert to examine the dna evidence. david culver is in the courtroom. he'll have the latest coming up on news 4 at 5:00. at the live desk i'm wendy rieger.
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>> wendy, thank you. the teenager arrested for a vicious attack at a d.c. metro station will be held in jail until his next court appearance this friday. this surveillance camera caught the confrontation at the eastern market metro station nearly two weeks ago now. 19-year-old elijah smith appeared to spit on the 69-year-old victim before punching him several times. news 4 has learned that smith was a suspect in a similar metro attack last year but the victim was not able to identify him. smith is also on probation for an attack on an actor outside a silver spring theater one year ago. new charges now filed against a d.c. officer accused of sexually assaulting two teenaged girls. in federal court today, prosecutors charged darrell best with child pornography. they say investigators found pictures on best's phone that constitute child porn. best was the senior pastor at god of a second chance ministry on southern avenue. one of the victims says she was assaulted there at the church.
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the other victim says best assaulted her at his office inside police headquarters. things are back to normal at the national institute of standards and technology in gairsburg gaithersburg but earlier about 100 people were evacuated. an acid-based chemical became pressurized and could have exploded. crews used robots to handle the toxic material. the tense situation ended with no injuries and no damage. turning now to the weather, another hot, humid day with a chance of showers. storm team 4 meteorologist veronica johnson is tracking the weather and, veronica is it going to cool off or are we in the middle of this wave? >> well we're going to cool off only temporarily and then temperatures will shoot right back up at least as far as this afternoon and evening goes. we've been tracking some of that rain. you can see it just now coming into fauquier county around the
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shenandoah. you can see this whole area here to our west primarily. winchester down toward areas like madison right now. the stronger part of the line just west of charlestown right now headed into areas like blair and bolivar in the next couple of minutes. there it is marshall down toward madison, headed toward warrenton and brandy station in the next couple of minutes. of course the rain will help with this the pollen count. a lot of people have been sneezing today. the tree pollen count as well as the grass count. it's running at moderate levels currently. i'll tell you how long we're going to hold on for our rain chances for the evening and what about tomorrow could still see more storms and heat. >> i am a candidate for president of the united states of america. >> former arkansas governor
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mike huckabee joined the republican presidential race today from his hometown of hope, arkansas coincidentally the birth place of former president bill clinton. this is huckabee's second bid. in 2008 he won the iowa caucuses and seven more states. he's reaching out to social conservatives again while sending a populist message on sich issues as as trade deals and wall street. migrants trying to get off of a sinking ship. where they were headed before things went horribly wrong. and could manny pacquiao be punished? what the lets say this is your tv and these are the channels you pay for with cable but these are the types of channels you actually want to watch
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just in to news 4, the government is starting another investigation after some jeep and dodge sun visors caught fire
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even after a recall repair. this problem impacts about 900,000 jeep grand cherokees and dodge durangos. fiat chrysler recalled the cars because a short in the vanity lamp wiring could cause the visors to burn. a plastic part was supposed to fix the problem, but the government says it's received eight reports of the visors catching fire even after that recall fix. watch as a rescuer yells "take the rope" as dozens of people frantically abandon a sinking dinghy. this is from a rescue in the mediterranean sea between libya and sicily on sunday. some people jumped overboard, others fell. they scrambled to get onboard a cargo ship. at least five people died. the associated press reports the people were trying to get from west africa to europe to find work. democratic presidential
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candidate hillary clinton is expected to call for a full and equal path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. clinton is scheduled to speak during a roundtable at a mostly latino high school in nevada in the next 90 minutes. she says anything less than full citizenship would amount to quote, second class status. most republicans believe amnesty for immigrants would hurt american workers. they want immigration reform to begin with stronger border security. one of the boxers involved in saturday night's big fight of the century is under investigation now and may be punished. manny pacquiao had a shoulder injury before that fight with floyd mayweather and didn't disclose it on the prefight questionnaire. now, if pacquiao wasn't fighting at 100% customers wouldn't have gotten what they paid for. the fight brought in $74 million at the gate and hundreds of millions from tv pay-per-view. the nevada attorney general is investigating. pacquiao is having surgery this
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week for a torn rotator cuff. he could be fined or suspended for not answering that question correctly. panera calls it the no-no list. >> ingredients that the restaurant will no longer use. the major health overall to their menu. the changes you'll see and why panera isn't the only company promoting clean eating. and d.c. breaking records when it comes to travel tourism, and the major impact it has on our economy. >> you're watching news 4, first at 4:00. ♪ there is no royal blood in this country. nothing is reserved for anyone. it's all just out there... ...waiting... ...for someone to reach out... ...and take it.
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it's become a growing trend in the food industry. big companies deciding to get rid of preservatives and ingredients you can't pronounce. well our aaron gilchrist has a look at the latest company making big moves. >> panera is the latest restaurant to give the heave-ho to artificial sweeteners preservatives used in everything from are deodorants to e-cigarettes. the changes are expected to be complete by 2016. company executives say it takes time to reformulate certain items and make sure they still taste good. panera is one of a dozen food companies trying to simplify ingredients. nestle is removing artificial flavors from many of its products. hershey is trying to take out
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the high fructose corn syrup from some of its candies. kraft said it will stop using artificial colors in its macaroni and cheese and pepsi is changing from the artificial sweetener aspartame. there is more focus than ever on the ingredient label and they're just trying to respond to consumer demands. 2014 was another record-breaking year for travel and tourism in washington. the group destination d.c. rallied to celebrate the accomplishment today. there were more than 18 million visitors just from the u.s. they spend nearly $7 billion here last year. that was 5% more than the year before. >> the travel and tourism industry in washington, d.c. is so important. it is important in terms of a job generator, it is important in terms of tax revenue that it creates, and more importantly, it's important because it continues to brand d.c. as a
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place to be. >> next year the city will welcome 15 citywide conventions, including two high-profile events. a boost for efforts to improve the historic beverly mill and the grounds around it. the weekend adopt a stone fund-raiser brought in several thousand dollars. the mill is located on the prince william county/fauquier county line and easily seen from i-66. you can learn more by visiting nbcwashington and searching mill. right now we're tracking showers. veronica is there enough rain on that radar to wash the pollen out of my eyes? my contact lenses? >> to help take it down not enough to help take it down but at least enough to wash it out of the outdoor surfaces or cars or decks or patios. but the type of pattern we're in not conducive to keeping that pollen count down. you can see the rain that we are talking about is just that mostly rain. some moderate and even areas
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with pretty heavy rain. this whole line is moving off to the east and southeast very slowly at only about 10 to 15 miles per hour. the strongest part right here. i've zoomed right in. it's just going to skirt across northern loudoun county. this marker showing the potential for hail based on the algorithms that our radar is producing. another area along areas of 66 that moderate rain will be making its way very slowly eastward. toward culpeper by 4:22 haymarket by 4:25. so it's east now. this line through fauquier county and into prince william county the next couple of minutes. some of that rain could hold together and even make it inside the beltway by 7:00. of course you know that there is a game to be played. 84 degrees with a south wind right now at 5 to 10 miles per hour.
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so we don't have the big breezes blowing as was the case yesterday. a lighter wind but it is out of the south and that's helped to take the temperature up. by game time 7:05 a chance of a shower. 76 by the seventh inning stretch and 73 by last out so we keep the chance around until 7:00 to 8:00 this evening and i think our chance for any storms will really drop pie 7:00 p.m. for tomorrow morning, the possibility of some fog, higher moisture content in the air. that means humidity you're going to be feeling a little more of it. by tomorrow morning temperatures drop off to the 60s, that's still warm. 61 to 67 the spread across the area. on satellite and radar, this is the weather front that we're tracking right now. it's a warm front up to the north. a cold front to areas of ohio. that system will be coming through our area tomorrow afternoon, giving us a better chance for showers and thunderstorms. so here we are for your wednesday. early in the morning foggy conditions. here's your chance for some
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showers showing up at 3:00 all the way from north to south. by 6:00 right there into manassas d.c. gaithersburg until 9:00. in fact the chance of showers could go a little longer a little later but we could see downpours across the area this evening. so exercising tomorrow 63 68 by 9:00 a.m. we're into the low 80s for a high temperature rain chance. yes, we'll talk about the weekend. some changes coming in on the weekend forecast. yep, it includes mother's day. i'll have that in a few minutes. they are the most important women in our lives. >> heading into mother's day, we begin a celebration of our moms. meet my mom and see how our roles have been reversed and now i get
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she's now 96. the mother of seven children. we all grew up in las vegas where she met my dad and taught me everything i know about life. as we prepare to celebrate mother's day, i wrote a video letter to pay tribute to my mother georgia. dear mom, my sweet, beautiful mother i should have written this long ago while you were still able to read it. as i write it now, at least i know you'll be able to hear it. so much time has passed and so much has changed.
4:24 pm
what hasn't is the bond between us. from the beginning, you made me feel special. you made all of us feel special, like each one of us was your only child. you kept our family grounded through good times and bad. and through the years, though we gave you plenty of reasons, mom, you seldom complained. you were always there for us for dad, for me. remember the day elleree and i became brownies? we were so proud. remember the citywide spelling bees? you were so proud of me. from high school to college, my first car, my first tv job, the day i walked down the aisle, you never missed a big moment. now, just as you were there for me i'm here for you, mom. >> can you look at the camera there? can you wave? can you wave mommy? there you go. >> i know the past 16 years
4:25 pm
haven't been easy for you. as i've cared for you day after day, it's been tough for me to watch your body weaken and your eyesight dim. your stroke changed our lives in every way. yet you faced it like you face every challenge, with a quiet resolve and unyielding grace. and if i had just one wish it would be just to hear the sound of your voice again. but i'm satisfied with your tender gaze and the joy of kissing your sweet face each day. and though you can no longer say them i will always hear your words. you always said remember in this life if you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything. always do the right thing and the right thing will follow you. if you fall get back up and try it again. you told me to dream big and never be afraid. and you said remember good common sense is just as important as a good education.
4:26 pm
i was listening, mom. and i just want to thank you for guiding me for dressing me up on sundays and teaching me to stand on my own two feet. i'm so glad we've shared these years. and i want you to know i'm here for you, mom. and i will be here. >> you know jim, most caregivers in this country are women. and if you're a woman carriage for an ailing family member a parent a spouse or a child, you know there are so many challenges but you also know there are so many rewards. >> it comes full circle. what beautiful pictures and how blessed you both are to have each other. >> truly blessed. >> oh, my goodness that was wonderful. thank you, pat. we invite you to join us this saturday for a special program celebrating moms. catch "from our mothers for our mothers" saturday at 10:00 on nbc 4.
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when we come right back on news 4 at 4:00 this afternoon, did the islamic state attack on american soil? isis is claiming responsibility for that shooting down in texas. why investigators are skeptical, and the new details we're learning about the suspects. and how a maryland family's tragic death could change the way power companies do business. okay, i need a better pizza. one made with only real cheese. and dough that rises naturally. with no chemical leaveners. a pizza my family will love. (announcer) freschetta naturally rising crust pizza. no other pizza tastes like freschetta because no other pizza is made like freschetta. and try great tasting gluten free freschetta. ask for it at your local store.
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right now at 4:30 u.s. attorney general loretta lynch is in baltimore. she had a series of back-to-back meetings today, including a one-on-one meeting with freddie gray's mother. the teenager arrested for a vicious attack at a d.c. metro station will be held in jail until his next court appearance this friday. surveillance cameras caught this confrontation two weeks ago. he appeared to spit on the 69-year-old victim before punching him several times. and right now jesse matthew is in court. he's the man accused of the abduction and murder of a uva student, hannah graham. matthew is expected to get a new trial date during that hearing. the white house sounds skeptical about the isis claim of responsibility for sunday's art show attack down in texas. >> white house aides say it's
4:31 pm
too early to know whether the terror group had any direct involvement. >> nbc's jay gray is in garland, texas, just outside of dallas where investigators are digging for that information right now. jay? >> reporter: hey there, jim, pat. yeah garland investigators along with the fbi poring through evidence at the scene. federal agents also coordinating an effort in phoenix right now to try to find out more about the suspects' lives there before the attack. not that long after remnants of the failed attack were cleared away isis called the men responsible soldiers and brothers. the terror group for the first time ever claiming responsibility for action on u.s. soil praising roommates elton simpson and nadir soofi as soldiers for the caliphate and threatening larger more brazen attacks on america. >> we know there are extremists around the globe including some affiliated with isil who are trying to capitalize by the opportunity presented by social media to try to communicate with
4:32 pm
individuals around the world, including inside the united states. >> reporter: to this point the group has not offered any evidence of involvement, leading some to believe it could be an opportunistic claim to grab attention. whiem while the attention of federal investigators has turned to phoenix and the apartment the men shared. >> s.w.a.t. was all over the place. they told me to expect some possible booms because they might be detonating something in it. that was pretty unnerving. >> reporter: neighbors said the agents searched a car and found books on islam inside. part of an evidence trail and investigation that now stretches between arizona and texas. now, nadir soofi's family is preparing for his funeral in kansas where his father lived. in pakistan 150 to 200 people showed up for a service to honor both suspects as martyrs for islam. that is the latest live here in garland. i'm gray jayjay gray.
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two adults and several pets are without a home. this video was shot shortly after firefighters arrived on the scene. the blaze began on the first floor. smoke alarms went off and the two adults got out safely. firefighters rescued two cats. one is still missing. the cause of the fire is still not clear. a maryland man died after a trench collapsed and buried him. he was part of a crew working at a house under construction yesterday in franklin township new jersey. they were digging a seven-foot trench for utilities. the walls of the hole gave way and the victim who's from salisbury, became trapped. an eastern show community leader is proposing new rules for how utilities deal with stolen meters. it follows the carbon monoxide deaths of eight people in princess anne maryland. they were operating a generator. their power had been shut off because of an illegal meter. according to the del marva times, kirkland hall is lobbying
4:34 pm
to require utilities to contact law enforcement before turning off power to illegal or stolen meters. a massive forest fire burning in the hudson valley right now outside new york city. this blaze is tearing through the shawn gum ridge straight forest. dozens of people who live nearby have been ordered to evacuate. two firefighters have been treated so far for miles per hour injuries. some mixed news about the housing market in virginia. home sales across the state increased an average of about 6% in the first quarter compared to that same time last year. but when you break it all down by region northern virginia was the only area where sales declined. prices there fell 4% according to the virginia association of realtors. the biggest increases were in southwest virginia where home sales soared nearly 19%. prices in central virginia jumped almost 16%. new numbers out today about
4:35 pm
how americans rank when it comes to credit history. >> consumer reporter erika gonzalez joins us now to break them down for us and tell us how to help build our credit. >> that's right. they are called the credit invisible, consumers with no credit history with a nationwide reporting agency. according to a new report released just an hour ago, 26 million americans fit that category. that's about one in ten consumers. the consumer financial protection bureau says folks who live in low income neighborhoods are more likely to be credit invisible. it also says blacks and hispanics are also more likely to not have a credit history than white or asian consumers. credit history reflects how well a consumer has paid his or her debt. the best way to build yours, pay your bills on time every time. buying things with a credit card will also help build your
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credit. just be sure not to carry a balance or get too close to your credit limit. coming up at 5:00 tonight, repair after repair. you are convinced you've got a lemon on your hands. after a number of viewer e-mails, we're looking into what really makes a vehicle a lemon and where you can go for free help. if you've got a story idea for the consumer watch, send us an e-mail or give us a phone call. 202-885-4884. we'd be more than happy to talk to you. disturbing data about the health of babies here in the district. why so many newborns will never leave the hospital and what we can do to change that. plus we salute our teachers today. the freebies and deals stores are offering right now if you're changing a child's life at school. and storm team 4 tracking some showers for us. veronica. >> that's right. some moderate showers from loudoun county down to culpeper
4:37 pm
county. i'll show you how long this rain thunder will hang on and if the storms that we get tomorrow will be stronger.
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lets say this is your tv and these are the channels you pay for with cable but these are the types of channels you actually want to watch what if you could pay for what you want, and not for what you don't
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so you could get kids channels sports... or entertainment mix and match, or get them all. now fios brings you a totally new way to customize your tv starting at $74.99 -- including internet and phone. cable just gives you channels. fios gives you choice. there is some alarming information out today about d.c.'s youngest residents. a new report from the department of health shows infants in the district are dying at a rapid
4:40 pm
rate. >> news 4's kristen wright takes a look at what's being done to give babies a better chance at life. >> reporter: d.c. has the highest infant mortality rate of the 25 wealthiest capital cities of the world. according to a new report by save the children. and babies in the district's poorest neighborhoods are dying at a much higher rate. the infant mortality rate in ward 8 in 2012 was 14.9 per 1,000 live births compared to 1.2 in ward 3. in 2013 the rate in ward 8 decreased to 10.9 per 1,000 live births compared to a steady 1.2 in ward 3. dr. lindsay with the d.c. department of health says the district is committed to bringing down the infant mortality rate much more. >> we'd like to emphasize that we are looking at addressing infant mortality by addressing some of the broader social issues. >> dr. white says one way is through the mobile programs.
4:41 pm
she's the director. >> ensureing that mothers when they are they're pregnant and also when they give birth to their young infant children that they have enough food to put on the table to last them throughout the month. that they have transportation in order to access medical providers such as us. that they can keep the lights on that they have adequate housing. >> reporter: over the past 15 years, the infant mortality rate in the district as a whole has decreased from 15 to 6 .6 deaths per 1,000 live births. if you'd like to see the full report go to the nbc washington app. in southeast, kristin wright news 4. teacher appreciation day isn't just for the classroom. educators can get special deals today at stores and restaurants. ann tailor loft j. crew and banana republic are offering 15% off. new york & company is giving teachers 30% off. chick-fil-a and cici's pizza are
4:42 pm
offering free food but you have to show your teacher i.d. and the deals vary by location. well you've heard him on the radio. he's our friend and you've seen him right here on news 4. >> cade from hot 99.5 opening up about his battle with obsessive/compulsive disorder. he and his wife are
4:43 pm
4:44 pm
right now, folks, we are
4:45 pm
tracking some weather everywhere. everything from showers to thunderstorms across our region. there they go. >> veronica how's it looking right now? >> there's a little thunder showing up. really more moderate rain showers making their way eastward into areas of loudoun county. you can see it right down through prince william county and fauquier county all advancing eastward. so we're going to get that rain into fairfax as well as the beltway. it will be sliding right along 66. areas along 29 here over the next couple of minutes, so toward brentsville eventually to oakton and burke but we're seeing heavier rain just east of marshall and right along 15 in fauquier county. the southern part of the line now heading toward balls mill and about yourburr hill. these will hit by 4:49. getting towards spotsylvania stafford county within the next hour. the northern part of the showers, the more moderate showers continue to track that
4:46 pm
too, heading through areas of northern loudoun county toward barnsville by 5:07. so again it's some moderate showers that are out there right now. we've seen some spotty lightning with it. i haven't had any reports of any hail. as we get into the overnight period with more moisture in the air, all this showing up and blossoming as we go into tomorrow morning, that is fog. there could be some pockets of fog around late tonight until early tomorrow morning. so your pedestrian forecast heading to work foggy conditions, skefb67. we're dry in the morning and dry at 10:00 a.m. temperatures rising to the low 70s by then. for recess the school day forecast we're fine at the must say stop. kids can get by with the short sleeves and short pants for tomorrow. a shower chance after 1:00 tomorrow. once again, we could have a few thunderstorms by dismissal, so you need to keep a watchful eye on the sky. these could be some more
4:47 pm
slow-moving storms. a possibility from 1:00 to 4:00 5:00 6:00 7:00 up until about 8:00 tomorrow scattered showers with a possibility of an isolated thunderstorm. we could have some brief downpours tomorrow with that higher humidity. our temperatures will be lower. 80 degrees inside the beltway, 77 montgomery county. 81 around falls church manassas 82 around fredericksburg. looks take a look at the four-day forecast. tomorrow around 80 thursday around 80. friday around 83 degrees. what's changed now with the new data that's come in is the weekend forecast. we've got slightly cooler readings for your weekend, 82 83. saturday to sunday of course it is mother's day on sunday. we're watching a coastal storm system. a little area of low pressure off the coast of florida that could come close enough to produce more clouds. lower those temperatures give us a chance for a shower.
4:48 pm
still going to be plenty warm the first part of next week in low to mid-80s also. for this evening showers are still out there right now. we continue to track those as they head off to the east and we've got a lot more coming up in news 4 at 5:00. one of the nationals minor league teams could be moving across the potomac from maryland to virginia. it's a story we're working on for news 4 at 5:00 tonight. spotsylvania county supervisors could vote as early as this evening to approve funds to build a new ballpark for the hagerstown suns. isaiah thomas getting another chance in the new york basketball market this time in the wnba. we'll tell you which team he was just named president of. over the past year we have been focusing on mental health in a series we call "changing minds." your response has kept us going. >> and we've heard from so many of you who want to share your own stories in the hope that it might help someone else who is
4:49 pm
struggling. a local radio personality and our friend we all know him well shared his story with doreen gentzler about learning how to live with a mental illness. >> she looks great. why are they yelling about her weight. >> do you want to know what they called her? >> maybe. >> a fat b. >> no! >> that is the kane we know from his top rated hot 99.5 morning radio show. friendly provocative, always a lot of fun. >> and is this about getting the germs off of there or just part of your process? >> no it's making sure it's clean. >> reporter: and this is the private kane the guy who spent years struggling under the overwhelming burden of obsessive/compulsive disorder. this computer cleaning routine was just a small part of the rituals and compulsions that came to control his whole life. he had to complete this process several times a day, and only one cleaning product was acceptable or he could not move
4:50 pm
forward. and here's the real surprise. >> i didn't think anything was wrong with me. that's the worst part. i really thought that i just turned 38. i thought everybody did this. everyone operated this way. >> reporter: kane's wife natasha, knew better. his come pumgss nearly wrecked their relationship. >> we were in and out marriage counseling for years and this was really at the base of it but couldn't figure out why. >> reporter: kane was trying to contain a whole lot of distress that was taking up more and more space in his head and his wife had no idea what was really going on with him. >> hotels bathtubs. >> did hotels drive you crazy? >> bathtubs drive me crazy. hotel bathtubs drive me crazy. >> i didn't know that. >> uh-huh. >> dr. daniel lieberman is a psychiatrist who teaches at gw. true obsessive/compulsive disorder he says can be devastating. >> of course it takes up an
4:51 pm
enormous amount of time doing the checking perhaps doing washing. sometimes they have to keep things perfectly symmetrical. and in some ways it's almost like a cancer that little by little takes over their entire life. >> reporter: so why talk about all of this now? well because pete kane finally saw a psychiatrist finally got a diagnosis, and learned that his disorder is very treatable with therapy and medication. now he's doing both and doing much better. >> i do feel like a new me. >> this is having him be diagnosed has literally changed our lives. >> the best thing ever is being able to spend time with my wife and my kids and be in the moment. i was never able to do that before. >> reporter: the kanes have two daughters, 4 and 6 years old. but make no mistake, kane's fight against years of ocd is
4:52 pm
going to take a lot of hard work. work that is worthwhile for him, his family and maybe even someone he doesn't know. >> if there is one person that watches this and goes tomorrow is the day i'm going to pick up the phone and start making a phone call but they begin their journey, that's worth it. >> and if you'd like to know more about how kane deals with his obsessive/compulsive disorder, he'll be answering your questions on our nbc washington facebook page starting at 5:30 this evening. he'll also be here at 6:00 to talk more about his situation. >> it's our good friend here and our brave friend. >> good friend. >> big fans here. >> wish him well. well this afternoon we are hearing for the first time from the fairfax county police officer who rescued a man from a burning car last month. he talked with our northern virginia bureau chief, julie carey. >> reporter: fairfax county police officer ramirez calls the incident he handled in this
4:53 pm
stretch of the beltway late last month the most dramatic day of his career. he was a firefighter before he was a police officer, and all his skills were put to the test that night. this is the scene officer ramirez drove up on. several vehicles had been struck and one had burst into flames. initially its driver was okay standing outside the car. but suddenly he jumped back in the fiery vehicle and locked the doors. >> that's when i made the decision to break out the driver's side window. upon doing that the flames started coming out of the driver's side window so i wasn't going to make my approach that way. >> coming up on news 4 at 5:00 i'll tell you what the officer did next. did he back away from the fire or did he go in after the man? she tweeted too drunk to care just moments before a deadly wrong-way crash. >> and now a florida woman knows her fate. the prison sentence handed down
4:54 pm
by a judge and her emotional apology in cou ♪ ♪ when you're living with diabetes steady is exciting. only glucerna has carbsteady clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes. i'm a bull rider make it part of your daily diabetes plan. so you stay steady ahead.
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we now know why a lottery winner in california didn't want to go public. he's really an undercover state inspector. he posed as a short-changed winner in a sting operation in march. the store clerk gave him $75 instead of telling him the ticket he had was worth $75,000. the store's manager circulated video of the supposed winner
4:57 pm
last week in an effort to find him. that store is now under investigation. the young woman who tweeted "too drunk to care" before a deadly collision will never drive again. a judge sentenced her to 24 years in prison plus a lifetime driving ban. dan sawgrass has reaction from the victims' families from miami. >> you are committed to the custody of the department of corrections for a term of 24 hours in florida state prison. >> reporter: the families of two women begged the judge for the maximum 30 years but the judge sentenced kayla mendoza to 24. mendoza, drunk and driving the wrong way on the sawgrass expressway november of 2013 slammed head-on into the car killing both girls. their families relived that day in court and gave gut-wrenching statements directly to mendoza. >> kayla, you changed all that. you took all those dreams away.
4:58 pm
and then i had to make the choice to pull her off life support. that's something a mother should never have to do. >> mendoza herself, now out of a wheelchair limps to the stand to speak directly to the families apologizing, showing remorse for imploding their lives. >> it doesn't matter how much time passes they will never leave my heart. i think about them every day and i regret my choices every day. >> the family explained mendoza can't ever understand what was taken from them. >> things that were taken away from me is watching her grow up into what she wanted to be and raise a family. and i so wanted that first dance at her wedding, which i'll never have. >> reporter: the youngest justin answered mendoza's request for forgiveness marked with a cold stare. >> give someone that ruins your life and your family's lives
4:59 pm
forever. >> news 4 at 5:00 starts now with jim and wendy. we have breaking news first at 5:00. there is a major development in the hannah graham case. >> jesse matthew was just charged with capital murder in connection with the kidnapping and killing of that uva student. he is in court for a hearing that is still under way at this moment. >> david culver is working the story. he's in charlottesville. >> reporter: we're about an hour into the hearing involving jesse matthew, who's facing abduction and murder charges in the case of hannah graham. now, we're at the courthouse here in charlottesville. this is what's called a status hearing, so essentially it's to set a trial date but we're expecting a lot more detail to be revealed today. it's been an emotional eight months to get to this point for the grahams, starting back on september 13th the last time hannah was seen alive walking a popular downtown mall. five weeks from the day she went missing, police found her remains on an abandoned property. surveillance video and witnesses
5:00 pm
led police to jess you matthew after a nationwide manhunt that led in texas, police took matthew into custody. in february they charged him with hannah's murder. just a short time before the court started, we saw jill harrington the mother of morgan harrington walking into the court house. we spoke with her ahead of time. you remember her daughter's case still has no formal suspect. jesse matthew has been linked to it but hasn't been charged. >> i think that it is an obligation of mine to be here and to watch what happens. i want to learn. i want to see what happens when evil intersects with justice, and i will pray fervently that justice, whatever that may be eventually will prevail. that is my hope. >> reporter: we expect a lot of developments to come out in the next couple hours, so keep it here with us. we'll also update you on social media, on twitter and facebook for any news that comes out of this court proceeding. in charlottesville, i'm david


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