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tv   News4 Today  NBC  May 6, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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one of the officers charged in freddie gray's death says he wants the knife gray was carries re-examined. mosby said the officers illegally arrested gray because it was legal. a new report says the fbi and city leaders were secretly watching people last week. according to "the washington post," two surveillance planes flew over the city for several days. one flew directly over the heart of last week's riots. the aclu says the surveillance is a problem and it says the planes put a lot of people's pro privacy at risk. you can talk about everything going on today. leaders from the community and the state police union will be there. the forum beaks at 7:00 p.m. the aclu is suing fairfax county police over license plate readers. virginia state police stopped collecting that data two years ago.
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after a ruling from the state attorney general. some local police departments still collect the information. lawyers have dropped a lawsuit against a fairfax county elementary school principal. plaintiffs alleged sexual and racial discrimination by marie lemon. former teachers and a former student accused lemon of giving preferential treatment to unmarried white teachers. no word on whether there was a financial settlement here. the school system expressed support for lemon. we have had a bunch of warm weather the whole entire week, right? >> it's constant now. pretty consistent i should say. >> i wonder if this rain will cool things down. >> tom kierein has some answers. good morning. >> use the #summer in may. this warm pattern continues. dress accordingly, go sleeveless or short sleeves but you'll likely need an umbrella this afternoon. before then some sunglasses.
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afternoon scattered thunderstorms for students at the bus stop it will be mild between 7:00 and 8:00. in the low 60s with lots of sunshine. a few clouds between 8:00 and 9:00. mild up into the mid 60s by then. temperatures as you head out the door are in the mid 60s in the metro area. nearby suburbs near 60. shenandoah valley and the mountains in the 50s. your drive time commuter forecast next weather and traffic on the 1s at 4:41. melissa has some road construction to talk about. >> good old road work. first of all, the outer loop at landover road two left lanes blocked there. that's supposed to be wrapped up by about 5:00 a.m. this morning. that could be in the way just until then there at 202. 7 eastbound at the toll road also have some construction there. right now, first 4 traffic tracker 66 approaching 123, spoke with the driver here, she
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just passed about three lanes here. 66 approaching 123 of construction. that again should be out of the baby 5:00 a.m. and a wide look at things overall, don't have any serious issues. back in ten minutes. see you at 4:41. we have this breaking news out of germany right now. police arrested four people who they say were going to attack islamic targets. they did these raids across the country. we know that those that were jailed are part of a right wing extremist group. they're known as the old school society. mosques were among the targets. >> angie goff thanks. it's 4:33 now. new details, d.c. police arrested man in connection with a murder in northeast five years ago. they arrested gregory williams yesterday. police say he shot and killed aaron wood fork back in december of 2010. the man charged in the kidnapping and killing of hannah graham is now charged with capital murder.
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jesse matthew may face the death penalty if convicted. 18-year-old graham went missing last september after a night out with friends. her remains were found five weeks later. according to prosecutors new forensic evidence led to that. james kirkland failed to properly take care of his 87-year-old mother. she's in the hospital in serious condition. he ran for the montgomery county council months ago. pat collins went to bethesda to talk to him at his home. >> james kirkland, tell me about your mother. >> i don't think i have a comment, pat, sorry. >> did you abuse your mother? >> no. bye. >> montgomery county police say that kirkland's mother slept in a plastic chair instead of a bed. they said she wore compression socks for so long doctors had to surgically remove the socks at
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the hospital. you won't see a new elementary school going up in the willows burg area. the contract was terminated to build that proposed school. neighbors in the community say the school is not suitable for the community. they didn't want the extra traffic either. police are trying to figure out why a car crashed through the fence at the loudoun county courthouse. it happened yesterday before noon. the driver of the car took a right turn on north kings street in lees berg and then the car crashed through the courthouse fence and hit a tree. the driver is okay. crews are working to redirect sewage following a leak in prince george's county. a sewer main is leaking near huron drive. wssc says the crack in the 14 inch sewer line spilled 10,000 gallons of waste water. some of the sewage made it into oxen run creek where we saw children playing. look at that. there are signs urging people to
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stay away. doug walllard discovered that leak on friday. >> a lot of damage, but i don't know how long it's been leaking. >> now workers are laying 7,000 feet of temporary pipe to redirect the sewage. that work could take days though. then crews can begin repairing the broken sewer main. a big honor for alex ovechkin as the team tries to keep rolling tonight. ovi is one of three finalists for the linsey award. given to the top player in the week as voted by other players each year. ovechkin has won three times before. the caps face the new york rangers at 7:30 tonight. and ovi has been scoring like a champ seriously for the entire postseason. >> let's hope the champ follows for a few more games here. >> yes. well, what's bringing elton john and pastor rick warren today? the cause important to both in
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two minutes. hillary clinton ramps up the race for the white house. dramatic new video of migrants who are trying to better that their lives nearly losing them in process. looking live outside where it's dry right now. but how about your ride in to work?
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take a look at this rescue south of sicily. take a look the migrants all
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packed into a small boat scrambling for help when a cargo ship comes by. you can see the migrants panicking looking for life preservers. some claim to safety on the rope. these africans are trying to make their way to europe. the rescued migrants arrived at a port in sicily. just last month, 800 people drowned. california regulators approved rules to save money amid the drought emergency. those new rules impose mandatory water savings targets for hundreds of agencies and cities that supply water in california. the rules forced cities to limit watering on public property and encourage homeowners to do the say. jerry brown urged them to cut water levels from 25%. it's unclear how regulators will enforce the new rule. it's 4:41. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein tracking the potential for some storms today.
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>> yeah that could be affecting the afternoon commute. but as you're trying to work and dropping kids off at school, should be fine this morning. we'll have all green lights weatherwise this morning and midday. if you're headed out for lunch. but caution because there could be some scattered afternoon thunder showers similar to yesterday. bright sun this morning and dry roads and temperatures in the mid 60s then a few scattered thunderstorms around. roads wet as temperatures will be right around 80 degrees. next weather and traffic on the 1s coming up at 4:51. look at the hour by hour timing on those thunder showers for the afternoon. and now we've got the first 4 traffic tracker cam underway and look at that, live. >> looking good right, right? this is the outer loop of the beltway after braddock road. nice, dry roads. i'm going to pretend i didn't hear anything about the evening commute being wet in some spots. maybe it will go away. 66 into and out of town, fine.
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same thing on 95. we have a little bit of a situation here an 95 as far as construction goes. 95 southbound backlick until about 5:00 this morning. traffic tracker is headed that way. see if we pass that over the next couple of minutes. a live look at 270 coming up. we are standing by for a major announcement on drones. why the unmanned aircraft could soon be flying in some of the nation's busiest air space. a popular d.c. charity is
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right now the coast guard is out searching for a missing boaters in maine. two people disappeared in the sacco river, near the university of new england campus. crews are using boats an a chopper to look for the
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individuals. they have been missing since last night. eun? >> thank you, angie. in a few hours elton john and pastor rick warren will be side to side on capitol hill. the pair will testify about aids and other health crises. john is urging lawmakers to continue funding the hiv treatment. as drone use takes off new regulations are taking shape in the u.s. today the faa is announcing new initiatives that could put drones in the air longer and farther away from people controlling them. nbc's tracie potts joins us live from capitol hill with a look at what the faa has planned. >> reporter: good morning. it's two initiatives, two separate announcements at a drone conference in atlanta. they have taken in over 4,500 comments on the rules that they proposed back in february for drones under 55 pounds.
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the business community is eager to see this happen. it said that that's a billion dollar tech industry waiting to happen. 70,000 jobs if the faa will approve expanded use of drones. there are already seven companies that have requested certification for the drones that are already out there. safety obviously a big concern. we saw one crash on the white house lawn. also what happens if they interfere with commercial aircraft. some in fact -- google has talked about using them for commercial purposes for flights. there's one estimate from the consumer electronics association that we could see a million drones a day in 20 years. it all hinges on these rules that the faa is working on. they say we could see those rules by fall. but a couple of big announcements about how those drones may be used coming later today out of atlanta. >> wow. that puts it in perspective. tracie potts, thank you. the faa has approved use of more than 200 pound drones for farmers.
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they will hover above farms spraying pesticides on to the crops. some farmers are using approved drones with cameras to check the health of their crops from the air. it is one of her biggest presidential campaign pledges. hillary clinton says she will fight for comprehensive immigration reform and said she'll push for a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. and the president's actions led to bitter standoffs with republicans over other policies. clinton was quick to slam her republican opponents for offering what she calls second-class status for immigrants. >> make no mistakes, today not a single republican candidate announced or potential is clearly and consistently supporting a path to citizenship. not one. >> now clinton's event comes as her campaign launched an online
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counteroffensive over a controversial new book. that raises questions about foreign donors to the foundation. bill clinton defended her saying quote, people should live to be as honest as she is. republicans in the white house are on a collision course over health care again. the senate adopted a budget that sets an assault on the president's health care law. this was a party line vote. republican presidential contenders in the senate were closely watched here. senators ted cruz and rand paul are the only republicans who voted against the blueprint. senators rubio and lindsey graham voted for it. you can expect extra traffic delays around the watergate complex. at least one lane on virginia avenue northwest is still closed. workers are shoring up the garage so they can do more extensive searching. three levels pancaked on on the of one another last friday and a cadaver dog indicated a hit, but no one is reported missing.
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and your kids can take a standardized test in virginia. third through eighth graders can retake their sol tests if they fail them. the policy would start next school year. "the free lance-star" says city schools adopted the new program for this school year. soon you'll have more affordable child care options in montgomery county. last night the council passed a bill that creates a policy officer for quality child care. it also includes a new initiative to focus on family child care providers. bill sponsors say only 39,000 slots are available at regulated child care providers. there are 65,000 children under 5 living in the county. one of the district's largest charity groups is moving to anacostia. martha's table is getting ready to break ground on a $20 million headquarters in southeast. the charity operates out of a building on 14th street northwest right now. that location will continue to operate a food program and early
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childhood center. the new location in anacostia will be closer to the people who need their services. annapolis is topping the charts in selfie taking apparently. that he's according to a new survey from social network is that right? >> i think so. >> annapolis falls in at number ten on the list of top cities with people taking about four selfies every week. but they have a secret selfie weapon too -- midshipmen. here are the top five selfie taking cities. santa fe in new mexico takes the number one spot with each person taking seven selfies every week. >> this list is interesting. topeka kansas, is on there. >> i have no idea -- because a lot of times it's about the background. whatever is going on behind you. we know that annapolis has so many beautiful buildings and the water and everything else. >> for sure. >> topeka i'm sure is pretty. >> how do they know that? >> who's doing the math on that?
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who's watching you? >> exactly. well, this morning we are starting off with a little bit of pollen in the air. not quite as much as yesterday but you'll probably notice it. have the tissues handy. not the very high zone like yesterday, but still mostly oak tree pollen right now. lesser amounts of mulberry and pine tree. if you're affected you'll notice it today. the rain did help wash out a little bit of it yesterday. right now, we are mild. in the low to mid 60s. shenandoah valley and in the mountains of west virginia and western maryland generally in the 50s. oakland at 61. 63 annapolis, around the bay, beautiful morning there. in the low 60s. mostly clear sky now. we'll stay this way through 8:00. temperature in the mid 60s. then by noon, to the mid 70s with clouds building peaking around 80 in the afternoon.
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a 50% chance of a few isolated thundershowers coming through. similar to yesterday. likely not severe. just some brief downpours and some rumbles of thunder. maybe a rainbow. this morning might get a few sprinkles on the eastern shore, but the timing for any thunderstorms later today is not until mid to late afternoon. around 2:00. still nothing much going on. it's after that around 3:00 4:00 5:00 clock, those are some of the scattered isolated thundershowers that are rolling on through. they may pick intensity between 6:00 to 9:00. passing west of the metro area. some heavy downpours, thunder and lightning. continuing to track to the south by late evening. we'll begin to clear out. the impact is low to moderate. some isolated storms can produce lightning and maybe a little bit of hail during that time period. then tomorrow back up near 80. lots of sunshine low 80s on friday. chances for some rain on the weekend looks to be on saturday. we have about a 30% chance of a
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few isolated showers or thundershowers. mother's day, still warm mid 80s. a few chances of showers on monday tuesday and wednesday of next week. what's happening on the roads, melissa? >> right now we have road work to show you. more road work. this in temple hills. this is naylor road between branch and oxen run drive. so your alternate, either suit land parkway or branch. depending on which way you're headed to. right now, virginia 95 southbound. first 4 traffic tracker going to be crossing the occoquan in a couple of minutes. 7 eastbound at the dulles toll road a lane closed there. b.w. parkway into and out of town, all those routes are looking good. back with a live picture of 270 in a couple of minutes. it's a popular alternative
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to the hotel room or staying on your friend's couch. >> a (music) hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! (music) introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle.
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you're watching "news4 today." >> your time is 4:56. paying to stay in someone's spare room is a up polar trend. a lot of websites can help you find a home away from home. now montgomery county wants to tax those sites including airbnb
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and home away. it seems it will not be easy to avoid paying that tax if it's approved. >> because it's online. because the finance department can go to airbnb and find out what rooms are available. >> leventhal says that levying the 7% tax would bring the county an additional $230,000 a year. a town in maryland says it's increasing taxes to pay for this year's winter weather. the mayor of new windsor in carroll county says snow removal costs four times as much as the town planned. they spent $16,000 instead of $4,000 to clean it all up. now, to ball ance out the cost they plan to increase the property taxes. your children can get additional help in king george and stafford counties. ymcas are planning to raise $300,000 to provide summer
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programs. those programs will help third graders improve their reading skills. the ymca will provide transportation food and teachers. the program will be held at king george elementary school in king george county. rockville's landed on the list of best cities for families. ranked it number ten. they cited the low crime rate and amenities for families. the city was recognized for the emphasis, local schools put on science and technology. leesburg virginia snagged the number five spot on that list. stay with us. "news4 today" at 5:00 a.m. continues. >> "news4 today" starts now. >> good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. now at 5:00, a scramble to plug a sewer line. we're live with now crews in prince george's county are trying to stop a massive leak. a brutal beating caught on camera. now the victim is speaking out after an arrest in the case when he told his accused attacker in
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the moments leading up to the chaos. and we are waking up to temperatures near 70 in some places. only going to get warmer. get ready for what we're hash tagging -- summer in may. yeah right now it's in the mid 60s right in washington and around the chesapeake bay. another mild morning like we had yesterday morning and in the shenandoah valley mountains in the 50s starting off with a mostly clear sky. we have that past full moon in the southwestern sky. looks like a hard boiled egg, a mild morning. some afternoon thundershowers popping up and rolling through. likely not severe. maybe some brief downpours, lightning. maybe a rainbow like yesterday. but this warm pattern, feels more like june than may. summer in may is the hash tag for today. storm team 4 radar don't have any rain locally. over the last several hours all the thunder showers are long gone. a few light showers up into
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pennsylvania and that will stay through our commute. your bus stop forecast and what to wear is coming up on this warm wednesday. now let's check the morning commute with melissa. >> good morning, everything is looking good. first 4 traffic tracker headed southbound on 95 in virginia. right here, kind of approaching the dunn fridays area. and a lot of the construction has cleared out of the way, so that's great. 66 headed in to town and out of town. looking great, eastbound and westbound. earlier construction most of it is now gone. taking a look at 50 listen to our friends on wtop when you hop in your car for the latest on the traffic. live picture of 66 east of 28 no issues there either. 270 at shady grove road, northbound moving along as well. beltway, b.w. parkway, everything is rolling away.


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