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tv   News4 Today  NBC  May 7, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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tes this morning. we were there minutes ago when a montgomery county school decided to open today following flooding damage but there are some changes. the important information you need to know before you send your kid off to school. but first, a mild start to your morning as we see cooler temperatures right now. take a look. it's the start of what's shaping up to be a beautiful spring day. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein is here now with your weather headlines. good morning, tom. >> #windows open today. unless you suffer from the pollen. pollen count is down from the rain yesterday. no more rain now. our sky has cleared out this morning. those storms that give us the hail and some of those gusty winds yesterday are long gone. and right now in the wake of those storms in montgomery county, prince george's and fairfax lower 60s. sunrise is just a couple of minutes away. it will be coming up in a partly cloudy sky. we'll have a mild morning.
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warm afternoon. and then later the summer in may pattern continues this afternoon and for the next several days. next weather and traffic on the 1s amelia segal joins us live in the storm team 4 x 4. she'll have your what to wear this morning. what's the chopper up? >> over college park no problems there. nice and light volume. especially in the 6:00 hour. don't love seeing this of course. red line delays still single tracking between van ness and medical center. that they say is because of some late clearing track work here this morning. right now, first 4 traffic tracker on the outer loop of the beltway here. kind of going past braddock road. we'll go down to 95 and look at the delays there in the dale city area. 66 overall looking pretty good. tiny bit of a slow down here. the gadget is not reading right there, but that's manassas going about 40 miles an hour. 95 northbound before lorton road we do have that accident
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off to the right side of the roadway and volume approaching the crash. back in ten minutes with travel times. folks got to be ready for it. it's getting big, trees are coming down on me. we have to back out of here. >> take a look at this dramatic video taken as a tornado crosses a kansas highway. you can see the swirls of debris right in front of this car. this morning, we're getting a look at the damage left behind. news4's kristin wright has a look at new video from the live desk. >> severe weather, 20 twisters -- up to 20 tornadoes spotted across the states of nebraska, kansas and oklahoma. the worst of it in oklahoma city. a mobile home park you see there just ripped to shreds. 12 people there in that mobile home park hurt overnight. taken to the hospital and have searched there for more victims. also this morning we are getting new pictures in from nebraska. a funnel cloud right there over a highway.
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touched down and more dramatic pictures this morning. coming from kansas. storm chasers there near lincoln spotting this one, swirling over a highway. debris also swirling. people driving on the road there, had to take cover as best they could. roofs there in kansas ripped off of buildings, trees, power lines snapped by this storm. now so farp -- so far we have not fortunately heard of any serious injuries. evacuations at will rodgers airport at points and more severe weather on the way. 6:03 our time right now. soon we'll find out how a d.c. firefighter died. we'll let you know as soon as we hear from the mid cal examiner about lieutenant kevin mcrae. he battled an intense fire yesterday and he even made it out of the building and suddenly collapsed and later died. one woman told us that mcrae had just saved her family's lives.
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>> he saved my sister and my baby, my sister was having an asthma attack. he died doing what he loved, helping people. >> mcrae worked at the d.c. fire department for 24 years. he was 44 years old. a developing story this morning, the family of a missing howard university student needs your help. lance buckley was last seen tuesday morning headed to howard university from stafford county. we posted his photo on the nbc facebook page as well. he is set to graduate saturday with ph.d.. police know he picked up the graduation packet but then he disappeared. 5:04 now. feminist student groups are accusing the university of mary washington of sexual discrimination. students will announce the filing of a federal complaint. it accuses the school administration of refusing to protect female students from threats of violence and sexual assault. today's announcement follows the murder of student grace mann who was a leading voice for
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feminists and gay causes. important information for parents in silver spring. megan mcgrath is learning that there are still some important changes folks need to know about, right, megan? >> reporter: that's right. yeah. we spoke just a short time ago with someone in the school's maintenance department and he tells me that the clean-up that continued overnight, it went well. and that flora singer elementary school is going to open on time. however, parents should know that there are five classrooms that are going to have to be relocated inside the building as they continue to clean up from yesterday's flood. you can see behind me here that we actually still have some ventilation hoses and other equipment here on the scene. it was quite a mess yesterday. in fact, the school was closed yesterday. because a water pipe sprung a leak and there was some flooding inside the building. they have been at it all night long though. the crews, they have been cleaning up the water. right now, they are blowing air and trying to dehumidify the affected rooms that are -- that
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were wet overnight and into the early morning hours. so that work is continuing. that's why they're going to have to relocate five of those classrooms but all students should report to flora singer elementary on time this morning. pack to you in -- back to you in the studio. >> 6:06 now. win one away. the caps need just one more win to move on to next round of the stanley cup playoffs. 20-year-old andre burakovsky scored both goals. last time he scored -- february. good going. they're headed to new york. i'd like to see them wrap it up. go caps. >> for the first time we're seeing some video of a deadly police involved shooting involving a fairfax county office. why police decided to release it now, nearly six years after the incident. it's a bit cooler outside as you leave to catch the bus or the metro this morning.
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here's a live look. storm team 4 meteorologist amelia segal has your what
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you're watching "news4 today." >> you may notice a little extra traffic on the bay bridge starting today. maryland transportation officials say they're expecting more people headed to the eastern shore because of spring fest in ocean city. the event runs from today through sunday and includes food arts and crafts and entertainment. transportation officials are asking you to leave at off peak times today and tomorrow. that's mornings after 10:00 a.m. and tolls on some maryland roads could be going down according to "the baltimore sun." the board is scheduled to meet today. governor hogan asked them to look into lowering tolls on some of the state's roads, bridges
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and tunnels when he came into office. right now there are no details on exactly which roads would see this decrease or how much the tolls would go down. all right, 11 minutes after 6:00. what can you expect when you head outside this morning? >> well, storm team 4 meteorologist amelia segal is live in vienna now with your walk to work forecast or perhaps trying to catch the metro. good morning. >> good morning. that's right. we're here at the the vienna metro station. folks headed off to work walking to work this morning. it is comfortable outside. temperature here right now 59 degrees. as the sun continues to come up we're going to warm up quickly. we'll hop up to about 64 the next hour or so. heading home balmy. temperature around 80 degrees. plenty of sunshine. low humidity. so more comfortable today and no storms in the forecast. overall a really nice day. you definitely need the sunglasses the entire day today.
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and short sleeves will be just fine as the kids head off to school. we'll have the weekend rain chances in ten minutes but now, melissa, a look at the roads. i know it's really busy this morning. what are you tracking on the roads? >> well the metro situation, red line single tracking between van ness and medical center. look at 95 southbound, looking quite good. northbound a different story. and first 4 traffic tracker will show us the volume headed northbound. southbound, you're fine as you are this time of the day. top of the beltway is moving along fine. 66 inbound and 95 north, 66 no problems. quantico to the beltway about 15 minutes behind. again the traffic tracker will be there in a minute. remember to listen to our friends on wtop when you hop in your car. new signs that baltimore is
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moving on after the riots. plus, one of mcdonald's old characters is making a comeback. but you might not recognize him. the campaign that's causing a bu
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newly released video shows the moments before a fairfax county police shot and killed an unarmed man in 2009.
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chief edward ross her released it in an effort to bring transparency to police involved shoots in fairfax county. the video begins with police chasing driver david masters in a large suv. that's when you see two officers run after the suv and then you hear gunshots but you don't see them being fired. no one's facing criminal charges. the officer involved no longer works for the department. it was one of the most striking images during the riots in baltimore last week. now, cvs says it will rebuild the store that burned at west north and pennsylvania avenues. protesters set the store on fire a week before this past monday. and then a huge group of people came to that intersection to clean up the next morning. cvs says it's also donating $100,000 to support the people in baltimore. they don't know when they'll reopen again. the defense may rest in
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sentencing phase of the boston marathon -- of the boston marathon bombing trial. jurors must decide whether to send dzhokhar tsarnaev to life in prison or sentence him to death. his lawyers are arguing if tsarnaev is sentenced to life he'll be cut off from the world and can't do any more harm. he'll spend his time in a federal prison in colorado a place so isolated it's been called a clean version of hell. we are learning more about two gunmen killed near an exhibit of cartoons showing the prophet muhammad. one of the gunman was in contact with three known isis sympathizers. we are learning two weeks before the event in texas the fbi and homeland security warned the nation's police that the event carried quote, the risk of being targeted by violent extremists. it's a 6:17. right now, elections are underway in the u.k. britons are casting the pal lots in the tightest -- ballots in the tightest election in decades.
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despite five weeks of campaigning prime minister cameron's conservatives and ed mill aband's -- miliband's labor party are unrunning neck and neck. it may take days or weeks to forge a workable government. well we'll see soon know if former pennsylvania senator santorum will run again for president. he tells fox news channel he'll announce his plans on may 27th in the town where he grew up. santorum said he's a underdog this time around but says he's comfortable in the role. he surprised people in 2012 when he won contests in 11 states during the primaries. bills for gambling and adult entertainment are showing up on pentagon credit card statements. politico was first to report on a new inspector general audit. it found military and civilian employees used government issued cards to pay for escort services. the government did not necessarily reimburse employees for those charges.
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the official says employees may have paid with their own money, but used their government card to hide the charges from their spouses. today, robert durst will be in koert -- court. he pled not guilty to a gun charge in new orleans and durst killed a woman they say. he cannot face charges out of california until his case in new orleans ends. an elementary schoolteacher is under arrest this morning accused of sexually abusing a 9-year-old student. 39-year-old erwin magnaye was a science and math instructor in landover. he is shown -- i think we have some video we want to show you from prince george's county police. they say the boy's mother contacted them in february. she reported her son said the teacher kissed him and touched him inappropriately several times. prince george's county school says it is cooperating fully with police. that teacher is now on administrative leave. montgomery county
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prosecutors said there were years of financial mismanagement, but no crime was committed at a special education school in rockville. we first told you about this story in 2013. staff members at the rock terrace school were accused of stealing students' money. the work study money was deposited into a secret account at a credit union. according to prosecutors they didn't see attempts by the staff to use it for personal reasons. mcdonald's is bringing back a classic. we're not talking about a food item here. the hamburglar is coming back after a 13-year absence. do you recognize the hamburglar? this is the photo of -- what should we call him? the new hipster burger thief? he's now a grown man and more fashionable outfit than the old costume. remember the black trench coat with the fedora and the yellow band there? the previous version of the character appeared to be a mischievous child dressed in the old time black and white prisoner's uniform with a hat
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and cape. >> see, that was a character. >> right. >> that's a thief. the picture we just -- come on. >> we might scare people with the hamburglar. >> who is that supposed to appeal to? >> i don't know. maybe the kale eaters. 6:21 is our time right now. we want to get you up to speed on the forecast. it's a good one today, tom. >> that is steam punk, i'm all over it. we're starting off with cool, calm, quiet morning. in the wake of the storms we had yesterday, we have settled down in the storm team 4 skycast 4. sunrise underway it will be coming up in the partly cloudy sky by your lunch hour. a few high clouds. beautiful day, you'll notice the humidity will be lower. it will be much more comfortable by 5:00 p.m. there's the sun now coming up live view. storm team 4 tower camera temperatures under this mostly clear sky have dropped. it's our coolest morning in the last several mornings.
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we're down in the 50s including the nearby suburbs. near 60 by the bay. there's the washington national cathedral and we'll have temperatures gradually climbing through the 60s, through the mid-morning and then jumping into the low 70s by noontime. a few high clouds peaking near 80 by late afternoon. and then as we go forward here over the next several days i'm going to step out here and jump on over to the seven day for some reason it didn't want to show that. and i will grab that for you right now. stay with me stay with me through the magic of television and through the use of my storm team 4 computer system we will get the seven day for you coming up here now. there it is. highs today around 80 degrees. melissa -- >> i'm sitting here -- >> yeah. >> we'll be in the low 80s tomorrow. mother's day, we have a possibility of a passing shower mainly south of the metro area mainly during the afternoon.
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otherwise, weekend looks dry. this summer in may pattern continue into next week. greater chance of showers around on monday. what's going on with the traffic? >> brand new crash here in forest forestville. this is pennsylvania avenue southbound right there at dower house road. watch out for that if you're headed southbound there this morning. beltway at branch avenue everything rolling along through prince george's county just fine here. we are rolling on kind of slowly here. 95 northbound here. this is the first 4 traffic tracker, so you can see it's slow through dale city. 66 headed into town manassas area. no actual incident there that we have had reported here but a good bit of volume. 270 shady grove road. all the folks headed southbound and remember red line single tracking between van ness and medical center. see you in ten minutes. >> thank you. 6:23. maryland governor larry hogan
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said he's concerned about the cost of the purple line and now the project could be done for less. according to "the washington post," transportation secretary pete raines says the project can be completed for about 10% less than previously estimated. those findings will be presented to the governor next week as he considers whether to support that project. metro wants to hear your thoughts on the potomac yard station coming to alexandria. the station will be built on the yellow and blue lines. construction on the new station is expected to begin next year and be finished by 2018. there is a public hearing at the lees center in alexandria tonight at 7:00. no change to a maryland state law after a towing company went to court saying it was unconstitutional. it's a story that the news4 item has been covering for more than a year now. the owner of g & g towing fought the rule about so called tow spotters. an appeals court dismissed the
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challenge saying they can't challenge the law because nobody has ever prosecuted the company for violating the law. you can read more about the case and watch the i-team's reports on the nbc washington app by clicking on the investigations tab. it is 6:25. today college football players will be at the white house. president obama will give the team from the u.s. air force academy a trophy for beating army and navy's teams this year. you're looking at video of when the navy team won the so-called commander in chief's award two years ago. i always played within the rules, i would never do anything to break the rules. i believe in fair play and i respect the league. >> you have heard that. new england patriots quarterback tom brady coming under fire today for those words. he said earlier this year. a month's long investigation says brady was quote at least generally aware of several underinflated footballs during the afc championship game in january. >> the patriots won that game and went on to win the super bowl. investigators implicated two patriots employees in addition
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to brady. the report says it was quote, more probable than not they deliberately deflated the balls. the investigators forwarded the findings to the nfl. if the league decides to punish brady he could face a suspension or a fine. >> so the stink about this the underinflated balls are easier to catch or handle and brady for that reason knew what was going on. i don't know. well we'll move on to more important things. a potential redskins return to d.c. the new talk about luring the team back to the district. no need for your umbrella as you step outside to cool conditions. the temperatures you will see with your weather neighborhood highs at 6:31. shopping at whole foods without spending people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted
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just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve.
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at dunkin' breakfast just got zestier with guacamole made from real avocados, tomatoes, cilantro, and lime the new bacon guacamole flatbread. ole, indeed! america runs on dunkin'. many redskins fans have talked about, returning the team to the original home in d.c. now the mayor is addressing that talk. and sparking debate on social media. what it means for a potential
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return to the district. >> but first, you're stepping outside to temperatures in the 60s this morning. comfortable thursday morning to start and unlike the past few days there's no threat for storms. >> storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein is here with the high temperatures you will see where you live this morning. >> good morning. if you sleep with the windows open like i do you'll notice a fresh change has blown in overnight in the wake of the storms yesterday. the sky has cleared out. lower humidity had returned this morning. and in prince george's county now a comfortable 57 degrees, partly cloudy sky. it will be peaking in the upper 70s. true through much of prince george's county. manassas prince william county, 59 degrees. later on jumping to 80 degrees. most of northern virginia around 80 in the afternoon. in silver spring they're at 58 degrees. a comfortable, cool start there. and during the afternoon there
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in montgomery county and silver spring, it will be reaching up around 80 degrees as well. normally this time of morning eshow you a or goes you -- i show you a gorgeous bright sunshine but instead we look at melissa's dress. >> what kind of sunrise would there be? tangerine cantaloupe? >> yeah. mango, all of that. >> all of the orangey fruits we can think of. we actually have nice, light volume as we have that pretty sunrise -- there goes the chopper over the spur. we'll move on. overall volume is looking light. colesville it's rather light. pennsylvania avenue, it's northbound, not southbound, they just switched this on on us. one lane is blocked there. might be a little slow. 95 northbound as you're approaching the beltway, again that beautiful sunrise i kind of match it. kind of. a little bit of volume. 66, as you approach 244 you're
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going about 40 mile per hour inbound. red line single tracking between van ness and medical center. back in ten minutes with travel times. today the public and the d.c. council will discuss the police body camera program. kenyon mcduffy called for the round table. it is expected to cover policy and paying for the expansion. it's too late to sign up to attend but you can submit written statements to the council until next wednesday. law enforcement agencies across the nation are here in the district today. they're here to discuss the use of police force. it's a topic that's polarizing communities high profile incidents like freddie gray's death in baltimore that have affected how the officers interact with the community they serve. some of those concerns will be addressed. >> if you do ask for permission to take the hands off the wheel or whatever it is you want to do you don't make a move unless they tell you to do it.
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that's not equal treatment any kind of way. >> police tactics also under the microscope and they talked about it in a forum in clinton last night. several accused the unions of dragging their feet on enforcing more accountability. the young people were told to record their interactions with police on their cell phones. the violence in baltimore in recent weeks could be a big topic for the attorney general today on capitol hill. loretta lynch is slated to testify todayed a hearing on -- today at a hearing on the budget. tracie potts with a look at what's expected today. >> reporter: good morning. she's here in a few hours to talk about the budget, about money. but in that budget we get a sense of what her priorities might be for the next year. some of the money will be used for things like the aftermath of baltimore, civil rights investigations, baltimore's mayor has requested one for her department like they did for ferguson. more money for prisons and for
6:34 am
brants for body cameras. but the biggest chunk is going to be fighting immigration, specifically dealing with a lot of the issues that came up when children crossed the border without their parents. and the civil rights investigations and terror which is under the justice department's purview. $106 million to help make sure that suspects are -- they keep an eye on suspects like those in garland, texas, last sunday. eun? >> tracie potts, thank you. today we expect to learn how security agencies plan to stop white house fence jumpers. the secret service, the national park service expected to approve temporary spikes for the top of the fence. several permanent solutions are on the table including a 10-foot fence or a double fence. an anne arundel police officer is on the other side of the law, facing assault charges. according to documents michael flaig got into a fight with a man outside a bar on tuesday
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night. baltimore police say flaig bit the victim in the crotch and ran away. officers arrested him in a nearby bar. court documents say he smelled like alcohol and slurred his words. he was suspended and placed on paid leave. a new tweet is sparking an old debate. whether the redskins should return to the district. d.c. mayor muriel bowser certainly thinks so. she sent this tweet asking for your opinion. after a few decades in landover owner daniel snyder started the process of looking for a new home. d.c. maryland and virginia are all vying for the revenue that the teams can bring. the mayor says the team belongs in a new stadium where the old one still stands. >> we know that the perfect location for the redskins is where they played for decades very successfully. we have the infrastructure sitting on top of the metro station. >> some d.c. council members said they'd support the redskins' return the plan includes new affordable housing
6:36 am
and others want the team's name changed first. i have three coming down on me and we have to back out of here. i have trees coming down on me. >> devastation across the plains this morning after severe weather triggers at least 20 tornadoes. we have been getting new video in all morning. what it's showing and what
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whole foods junkies, listen up. the company says a brand new store is coming to tyson's corner. and it won't be any store. the whole foods is saying this will be its flagship store in our area. you'll find it near the greensboro metro station. a new development called the
6:40 am
boro is going in there. this will be the biggest whole foods in the region. the company has not said when that store will open. but you bet we'll be waiting to find out. >> i like my whole foods. >> we're learning about some new whole foods store that are more friendly for your wallet. starting next week they'll open a chain of stores targeted to more cost conscious shoppers. we don't where they'll be, but keep an eye out. >> i'll shop there for sure. 6:40 right now. what you can expect as you head out the door this morning. >> storm team 4 meteorologist amelia segal drove the 4 x 4 to vienna. pretty nice out there so far, amelia. >> oh it is beautiful out here this morning. plenty of sunshine. today we're using the #windows open. the humidity is lower, no storms are in the forecast. so as can itskids get on the bus this morning, short sleeves are fine. we keep plenty of sun around
6:41 am
throughout the entire day today. and high temperature of 80 degrees. so we lose the humidity but it's still balmy outside. some rain chances in the forecast and of course it's mother's day weekend. tom is going to have the latest timing on those rain chances coming up in ten minutes. but for you we'll send it over to melissa who has a look at the roads. i have had my windows open but i had to close them yesterday. how about you? >> i had the roof down everything. i want the works as much air and freshness as i can get. 66 here approaching sudly road eastbound, a bit of a slowdown because of a crash there. red line still single tracking between van ness and medical south. outer loop to 295 also about average. 95 northbound quantico to the belt 20 minutes behind. and then remember to listen to our friends on wtop for the latest on traffic as you're driving. >> thanks melissa.
6:42 am
they worked through the night to clean up a school damage by flooding. we'll show you the changes that could impact your kids. and firefighters are wearing black ribbons to honor
6:43 am
6:44 am
we have a roof that just flew through the air here. i don't know where it came from. >> look at that amazing video there. dramatic storm chasing video out
6:45 am
of kansas. it's when -- one of 20 tornadoes that touched down across the plains. what the people in three states are waking up to after your weather and traffic. >> no storms here. this morning, bright sun. now flooding the eastern sky. scanning off the treetops, live view from the tower camera. low 60s by 8:00. by noon low 70s. near 80 by mid afternoon. lots of sunshine with lower humidity. melissa? >> two of the slowest spots, 66 inbound approaching sudley road. we have a brand new crash that's slowing things down as you're headed inbound. look right here first 4 traffic tracker headed north on 95 going on to 395 northbound about 35 miles per hour right now. folks, got to be ready for it. it's getting big, i have trees coming down on me. >> can you imagine being in the middle of this? look at this dramatic video taken as a tornado crosses a highway in kansas. you can see all the debris there swirling around in front of this
6:46 am
car. this morning, we're getting a good look at the damage that was left behind. news4's kristin wright has the new developments from the live desk. >> well that's right. power outages right now in the midwest after a night of severe weather. we have pictures coming in this morning from kansas, oklahoma and nebraska. as aaron mentioned a total of 20 tornadoes spotted overnight. this is a mobile home park. you're looking at it in oklahoma city. it was hit by a tornado. wind just picked up the mobile homes, flipped them 12 people hurt. sent to the hospital. and a search underway overnight for more victims. we're also getting pictures in this morning from nebraska. funnel cloud over a highway. it touched down. also dramatic video coming in from kansas. storm chasers capturing a tornado near lincoln. look at that dark dark huge funnel cloud. also along a highway, just
6:47 am
swirling. and debris also swirling. people there told to take shelter immediately. trees, power lines, snapped by this storm. fortunately we haven't heard of any serious injuries. evacuations also at will rodgers airport in oklahoma city and guess what more severe weather on the way. i'm kristin wright at the live desk. flash floods are major concern in the plains this morning. take a look at some of the rising water in oklahoma city overnight. firefighters there had to rescue several stranded drivers. six counties under a flash flood warning right now. the "today" show will have a live look at the storm and flood damage in a few minutes. i just want the kids -- the kids and his family to know that this building -- 1330 is grateful for him. we are grateful for him. >> as you can see there, people in northwest washington expressing their thanks to the d.c. firefighter who died on the
6:48 am
job. lieutenant kevin mcrae died yesterday after fighting an intense fire on seventh street northwest. a medical examiner is trying to determine how he died. his body was taken from the hospital. one woman told us he saved her sister's life. >> my sister was having an asthma attack. he stopped over at the bus stop right over there. >> mcrae worked for the fire department for 24 years. he had three children. mcrae was the first d.c. firefighter to die in the line of duty in eight years. the last one was his cousin james mcrae iii. he died of a heart attack in 2007. a developing story this morning, the family of a missing howard university student needs your help. lance buckley you see him right here he was last season on tuesday morning heading to howard university here in d.c. from stafford county. we posted the picture on the nbc
6:49 am
washington facebook page. he's set to graduate on saturday with his ph.d.. police know he did pick up his graduation packet and then he disappeared. we could learn whether a former d.c. police officer will do some jail time today. a verdict is expected in the trial of samson lawrence. he allegedly assault has wife in their home in 2013. prosecutors say lawrence sprayed his wife's face with lysol choked her and pushed her down the stairs after an argument about a television installation. it's now 6:49 today. make sure you follow david culver on twitter. he'll president at the -- he'll be at the school board meeting tonight. they're considering adding gender identity to the nondiscrimination policy. it can protect the transgendered
6:50 am
students and teachers. critics are concerned a policy change could lead to mixed sex bathrooms and locker rooms. they'd hire a consultant on how to use the locker rooms and bathrooms. it's tonight at falls church. a big announcement in the day ahead from lumber liquidatorsliquidator liquidators as they try to recover from the safety of the products. landon dowdy has more. >> that's right. cnbc has learned that they'll halt all floors from china effective immediately. they have been under fire since march when 60 minu show that said they're harmful. aaron, back over to you. >> landon dowdy, thanks. the capitals are now headed to new york just one win away from the next round in the stanley cup playoffs. they're playing in new york and now lead the series 3-1. they played the ranger tomorrow and whoever wins the series will
6:51 am
face either montreal or tampa bay in the next round. holtby made an incredible save. >> a little pressure now. 6:51 is our time. tom is back with us. >> the sun is up and you can see it's lighting up the capitol dome. here's another view of it. the live view from the storm team 4 tower camera. you get to wear your sunglasses today. you look mysterious and aloof. >> i'll try to do that. >> after you go out after work and school you need the sunglasses. especially driving east. temperatures are cool and comfortable. humidity is dropped. we're down into the 50s in virginia and in maryland right in the district we're in the low 60s. near 60 right near the chesapeake bay. the trees have been producing pollen. some was washed out yet. but still in the high range. pollen counts still high. mostly oak tree pollen right now. this historic tree that was
6:52 am
surveyed by george washington in page county in stanley, virginia was blown down yesterday. you can see the interior was really rotted though. it didn't have much more to go. but it lasted over 250 years. this photo posted by tom higginson. post your photos on facebook and instagram as well as on twitter. and in the shenandoah valley we do have some fog now in page county and all the counties in gray under a fog advisory. some of the visibles there down under a quarter of a mile. that's the only caution light for the drive time this morning. great weather through the rest of the day. you'll have that bright sun for the morning and afternoon as well. driving west, we'll be in the mid 60s for the morning commute and near 80 with low humidity through the afternoon. tomorrow afternoon highs on friday the low 80s and low 80s saturday. weekend rain chances have changed. right now, it looks like it will
6:53 am
be sunday. yesterday it was looking like saturday. now for mother's day mainly south of washington might get an isolated shower. otherwise the weekend is looking dry. still warm. feeling like summer in may. drying out midweek. melissa has a look at the chopper shot. >> right at the beltway over 66 nice light volume in this area right now. before you hit the beltway, 66 inbound approaching sudley road you can see a slowdown here. because of a crash there near sudley. a warning there. 395 northbound one of the slowest spots right now. hearing a report of a possible crash here on exit 3. perhaps that's what we're approaching here at this point with the first 4 traffic tracker. wide look at things, beltway looking pretty typical. you can see the 395 backups there. pennsylvania avenue inbound at dower house road a crash there. and b.w. parkway inbound a tad
6:54 am
slow before you hit the belt way. 270 montrose road, pretty light there. and red line tracking between van ness and medical center. and the busted sewage pipe near oxon hill is fixed. wssc says the problem was fixed faster than anticipated and now the focus is on a permanent repair to the pipe. later this morning, feminist students groups at the university of mary washington will announce the filing of a federal complaint. the students are accusing the school of sexual discrimination. the complaint accuses the school administration of refusing to protect female students from threats of violence and sexual assault. today's announcement follows the murder of student grace mann who was a leading voice for feminist and gay causes. it's time for four things you need to know today at 6:55. we expect to the secret service and park service to lay out new plans for the white house fence. the changes come after a series
6:55 am
of incidents involving fence jumpers at the white house. maryland transportation officials will meet today to talk about lowering tolls. governor hogan called for that meeting. it's not clear when the tolls will be lowered or what roads would be included. we will be at a fairfax county school board meeting tonight. the school district is considering adding gender identity to its nondiscrimination policy. critics say that a policy change could lead to mixed sex bathrooms. today the d.c. council will discuss the police body camera program with the public. i want -- it's expected to cover policy. and we have learned that flora singer elementary school is open. news4's megan mcgrath is learning there are some important changes you need to know before you drop off your kids. megan? >> reporter: well good morning. the clean-up effort that continued overnight it all went very well. no surprises, and so flora singer elementary school is opening on time. if you look behind me here though you can see that we still have some equipment here on the
6:56 am
scene. these are large hoses. they're still trying to circulate some air in the area that was flooded. get the humidity levels down. as a result there are five classrooms that will be relocated inside the building so the students will just be placed in other areas of the building that aren't being used. but school itself at flora singer elementary is open, it's on time today. it was closed yesterday. this all happened when a water line sprung a leak and caused flooding. things are back to normal. a refreshingly mild morning, lower humidity moving in. and a warm and comfy afternoon. temperatures by 8:00 will be in the low 60s by noontime, should be in the low 70s. up around 80 by mid to late afternoon. lots of sunshine. just a few high clouds will be drifting through. terrific day coming up melissa. slowest spot is 395 inbound. quite slow as our first 4
6:57 am
traffic tracker is headed into town for us. beltway looking typical. light volume here. 66 at the beltway. isn't that a nice thing to see especially right before the weekend. >> indeed. melissa, thank you. that is the broadcast this morning. we appreciate you waking up with us. >> we'll be back in 25 minutes with any breaking news. >> make it a great thursday, everybody.
6:58 am
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is . good morning. breaking overnight, tornado outbreak. >> it threw car on me here. it is bad news. >> dozens of tornadoes reported across three states. at least 12 injured, homes destroyed and damage at a zoo set live animals on the loose. we are live in the hardest-hit city. displays displain the nfl weighing reports against tom brady as the league bring as down the hammer on its biggest star. nick loeb why he i


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