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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  May 7, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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a crime scene with a capital "c." an entire row of apartments here taped off. this is the first homicide in charles county this year. they wanted to make sure they didn't miss anything. in the parking lot, evidence flags mark a long trail of blood leading to a clump of clothes. and as a precaution for a time nearby schools placed on lockdown. neighbors very much on edge. >> earlier this a woman run out screaming, saying oh my god, oh my god, i can't believe this. >> this is how police tell the story. this morning three teenagers banging on an apartment door trying to get in. inside that apartment another teenager. that leads to a fight. the fight spills into the parking lot. the teen who was inside the apartment stabs one of the teens
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who was at the door. the wounded teen taken to the hospital and pronounced dead a short time later. this is pamela caldwell. it was her apartment where it started. she said when she got to the scene she tried to chase those teens away with a b.b. gun. >> when i saw them i was using a b.b. gun to keep all of them from jumping him and while i was doing it they was fighting and they fought all the way up to the stop sign. >> reporter: miss caldwell says monday night the three teens spray-painted vulgar words on her apartment door and then smashed in the windows of her car. >> smashed my windshield and painted my car, spray-painted my car and my apartment door. >> reporter: why? >> they wanted the boys to come out to fight that night but they didn't come out. >> reporter: police say the stabbing victim is 18. the man with the knife also 18. they knew each other. it's been said that at one point they may have even been
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described as friends. neighborhood reaction coming up at 6:00. back to you. marylanders are rejoicing over news that tolls in that state, they're dropping. and for some it's going to make a significant difference. transportation reporter adam tuss is at the bay bridge talking to drivers. tough assignment out there, huh,ed a tsunami. >> lots of excitement. not often you get a chance to tell people that tolls are coming down but here at the bay bridge the cash toll drops from $6 to $4 the ez pass price cut by more than half. and there's more. needless to say people are very happy to hear the news. >> yes! yes! that's great! >> reporter: clearly roy is excited. roy lives in stevensville drives back and forth across the bay bridge every single day. he works in southeast d.c. >> over to d.c. and back.
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>> reporter: roy uses an ez pass so this will save him $2.90 a day, $14.50 a week it'll make his commute to and from stevensville much more bearable. >> i have lived over there for going on 28 years and this is the first i've heard of it. that's phenomenal. >> reporter: not just the bay bridge. the icc also dropping its price. right now it costs $4.40 to go end to end in rush hour and will cost $3.86. >> i'm glad. i appreciate it. >> reporter: why the drop in tolls? maryland governor larry hogan calls it tax relief. >> the governor has been calling for a toll reduction since last year. >> reporter: the state also doing away with the monthly $1.50 charge for ez pass and will increase the discount drivers get if they use an ez pass. pretty amazing to think something's actually coming down not going up. >> it's unusual. >> reporter: but residents say they'll take it. back here now live of course the state is going to lose money in all of this. how can they afford to lose the
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money and still keep up with road maintenance? that part of the story at 6:00. back to you. the search continues right now for a missing howard university doctoral student whose cell phone pinged in a northern montgomery county park. a search of the area didn't turn up any sign of him. lance buckley's family says the last time they heard from him was in a text message tuesday morning. that day he left his home in stafford county to come to d.c. to pick um a packet for his upcoming graduation at howard. investigators yesterday said buckley may have had a gun on him at the time. imagine if this is how your workday starts. a woman in rockville saw a car crashing into her office. it pinned her under her desk. she worked at a physical therapy office on park lawn drive near randolph road. news4's chris gordon has been following the story since it broke. he updates us on the investigation. >> reporter: police are charging the driver of the car with
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negligent driving. she crashed through the window coming to a stop deep inside the office of proaction physical therapy. >> a couple people were many the office at the time. one was trapped underneath the car and the desk. they were extricated and transported to the hospital. that was the most serious injury. >> reporter: two others in the office were transported to the hospital with serious injuries. so was the drive of the car. >> ems personnel describe her as elderly. her injuries are not life-threatening. >> reporter: police say the car tame came from the parking lot in front of the building. then the drive lost control and apparently panicked. four or five others inside the office suffered minor injury ts. they were evaluated by medical technicians but declined to be take on the hospital. an investigator drove car backwards out of the building. later we were allowed inside. there appears to be extensive damage to the wall furniture, and equipment. as a result of all this damage proaction physical therapy is closed for the rest of the week. but they tell me they hope to begin seeing patients again on
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monday. in rockville, chris gordon news4. the pictures from that scene are fairly dramatic. for more head to our facebook page. baltimore businesses hit by last week's riots will have a chance to get no-interest loans for repairs. the state of maryland will offer loans up to $35,000 for terps of up to five years. the state tells us businesses with greater losses could qualify for a separate loan program. those could run as high as half a million dollars with terms up to 15 years and an interest rate below market rate. db's auditing office will take another look at the use of force by police officers in the city. the office hired an independent monitor which will oversee reforms from 2001 to make sure the police department is still complying now. those reforms came amid reports d.c. officers fatally shot more people per capita than any other major u.s. city.
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earlier today law enforcement officials from all over the country met here in d.c. to talk about use of force. chief cathy lanier says issues with force are not training based. >> the key is what is our role in the community, what is expected of the police and what is it people want from the police and then we build from there in terms of re-establishing trusting relationships in the community and training our people the right way. >> the chief adds it's important officers know they're supported and that the department has a commitment to constantly improving. new security changes approved for the white house. news4's scott mcfarlane broke that story about those changes to the white house fence. tonight he's learned that installation work is going to begin within 24 hours. >> reporter: two major sets of changes to white house security were approved late this afternoon by federal officials. those new sharp spikes that were promised for white house fence will be bolted on in july. the national park service says. a more immediate change happens
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starting tomorrow. federal crews will install newer vehicle check points along the white house fence. this shows the current vehicle check. the second is the new vehicle checkpoint. you can see it's more secure. about those spikes. they will be bolted onto the white house fence. they say they want to deter fence jumpers, of which there have been several in recent years. all of this is a prelude to more permanent large-scale changes to security here some of which were discussed in a meeting late today. >> our objective here is not only to improve security in the area and for the white house but also to improve the visitor experience of the park. >> reporter: those more permanent changes will also include a new white house fence, potentially a higher fence, potentially a double fence. the news4 i-team has learned they ruled out other measures. they were considering a mote around the white house, a chainlink fence, eve anbar bed wire fence. all those ruled out. we'll find out what they are
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going to do sometime in 2016 for the new permanent white house security. at the white house scott mcfarlane news4. part of the fairfax team is in nepal saving lives, other members have been testing a new tool that could make them more effective. the device called finder was developed by nasa and homeland security. it uses microwaves to listen for evidence of survivors in piles of rubble. it pinpoints within five feet where those survivors are, even by just hearing a heartbeat. >> instead of having to dig or break rock two or three feet away we now may be able to dig or break rock right next to somebody and get them out faster. >> the finder device the fairfax team has in nepal right now helped find four survivors already. a d.c. police officer walks on an attempted murder charge. tracee wilkins explains how the jury reached this verdict. you're driving down the road when you lose control of your car. the windows even the brakes.
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your car has been hack. up next we'll show you who's behind this. and whether or not it would happen to you. talking tact weekend right now. potential tropical storm. (music) hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! (music) introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle.
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a d.c. police officer accused of beating and trying to kill his wife inside their home goes free tonight. >> we're hearing some of the evidence. prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins is outside the courthouse in upper marlboro. tas tracee? >> reporter: it seemed like overwhelming evidence until we heard the defense attorney say this is just not what we need to convict this man and at the end of the day jurors agreed. >> this was a situation where there were two vergs of a similar story. >> reporter: but who was telling the truth? d.c. cop samsung lawrence or his wife betty? did lawrence seen here in this vest, beat and attempt to kill his wife of more than 20 years? >> we all along thought that the evidence actually supported his rendition of what actually happened on that day. >> reporter: but there was evidence supporting his wife's version as well like the 911 call made from inside their home by their daughter.
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>> prince george's county 911. >> my father is hitting my mother. >> reporter: the other 911 call from the neighbor after betty escaped her home. >> prince george's county 911. >> they ore on their way, buddy. it's okay. >> reporter: the pendant lamp and knives he allegedly used to threaten and beat his wife were found in the house but without his fingerprints or dna. >> when you look t at the dna evidence the fingerprint evidence none of which belongs to my client i think the jury was ims pred that maybe miss lawrence was not telling the truth about what happened on that day. >> we brought charges that reflect the seriousness of the offenses and we felt that the evidence was sufficient. but jury is final arbiter and we respect that. snoof this was lawrence's second trial. the first ended in a hung injury. the state's attorney's office says they're pleased with the cases they presented in spite of the outcome. >> these cases are tough. one thing is for certain which is we are absolutely going to continue to fight for victims of
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domestic violence here in the county and we take all these allegations very seriously. >> reporter: sampson claimed self-defense and said his wife's injuries were sustained after he push her off of him during an argument where she was being physical with him. jury agreed at the end of the day. on news4 at 6:00 now that he is out of family hopes will happen next. live in upper marlboro tracee wilkins. back to you. a serious blow tonight. nsa's program of collecting millions of americans' phone records. a federal appeals court ruled unanimously that the program, which is part of the patriot act, violates our privacy. the aclu supports today's verdict. >> in a democratic country you're supposed to have suspicious first before you have a search. and the nsa was essentially reversing that and putting the search first. >> congress has until june to pass a law overriding today's court ruling. well this is a
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once-in-a-lifetime event in the skies over washington and it's tomorrow. more than 50 vintage world war ii aircraft will fly over the national mall. this marks the 70th anniversary of our victory in europe. it will happen between noon and 1:00 tomorrow. as a result flights in and out of reagan national they'll be stopped during this event. and then on saturday a lot of these planes are going to be on display at the smithsonian's center out in chantilly. car hacking as technology continues to evolve, do drivers need to be concerned? consumer reporter erika gonzalez is here with eye opening video. >> "consumer reports" got behind the wheel of a car hacked by the government as part of a research study. getting hacked? take a look. jake fisher director of "consumer reports" awe or the testing, says most of the systems in your car are actually controlled by a computer. >> tu's cars are basically computers on wheels.
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computers control basically everything -- the engine, the suspension the seats, the mirrors, even the air conditioning. >> reporter: but with all of these computers could the security of your system be compromised? "consumer reports" got to experience a controlled hack by the national highway traffic safety administration as it researches car security. the demonstration showed how "consumer reports" auto editor mark reckton was left helpless at the wheel by nhtsa's frank barrickman. he took control of the horn, the seat belts and the brakes and steering. >> wow. seat belt pretensioners going, the fan full blast, horn going, windows going up and down all at once. quite the haunted car. >> i believe it is a matter of not if when someone could possibly do something nefarious to the vehicle. >> while this may sound unsettling "consumer reports" says it isn't a reason to pan pick. >> the benefits of the computers far outweigh the risks.
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>> reporter: they'll be following the research as the government tries to stay ahead of hackers making sure that something like this will never happen to you. >> wow, it's going furious at me. there we go. >> incredible to think about, right? "consumer reports" experts stress at this point hacking can only be done with a computer that's been hardwired into the car and by someone with some very intimate knowledge of the car's software. so whether or not that's going to be happening here with, you know your neighbor highly unlikely. back to you. >> thanks erika. five years after its launch the capital bike share program has seen a huge boost in ridership. it's nearly tripled. the average bike share station is now seeing about 25,000 pickups and drop-offs a year. and the busiest station in d.c. is the one at mass avenue and dupont circle. as expected bike usage peaks in the spring and the summer drops off in colder months but doesn't
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go away. >> well, this one hurts, folks. new details tonight about the injury to wizards star john wall. jason pugh has more on that and how it could impact the team's run in the playoffs. jason? >> reporter: seemed revealing this afternoon that point guard john wall has five fractures in his hand and wrist. his status for saturday's game against atlanta and possibly the remainder of the playoffs is uncertain. he was injured during the second quarter of game one against the hawks on sunday. he was able to finish out the game but he could not go for game two. wall is consulting with physicians and specialists to determine the best course of action. teammates say they have to be prepared to go on without him this weekend. >> you know, by no means do we feel like this series is ovechkin or our goals change so you know we're going to continue to go out there, reach for our goals, and continue to fight each and every night. >> head coach randy wittman said
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wall's hand so so swollen right now he can't even hold a basketball. we'll hear from him later on coming up on news4 at 6:00. jason pugh. we are working several stories tonight. a group of students has filed a major sex discrimination complaint against a local university. why they say cyber threats could be connected to the death of a student. and defense department workers ran up quite a tab at casinos and strip clubs. officials say they did it with the government's credit cards. area of low pressure we've been talking about all week could become our first tropical storm of the season.
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everybody just keeps saying another beautiful day in the neighborhood. and, yeah, that's exactly what we have. plenty of sunshine out there, although we have seen some clouds build in across parts of the area, but we've seen a lot of sunshine and beautiful conditions. temperature sitting at 80 degrees, winds out of the south at about 6 miles per hour. most of us seeing that sunshine. take a look at the numbers, 81 leesburg 77 culpeper annapolis the cool spot at 71. nothing on the radar. storm team 4 radar clear. it will stay that way for the next couple days. i think tomorrow will be another dry day.
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saturday and sunday maybe a slight chance of a shower. we'll get to that. i want to take three stops here. one obviously clouds to the south towards the bay. towards the ocean. that's cooler air coming off the east here. a little bit in the way of cloudiness. watch these clouds form right here. that's about the only place seeing the clouds. let's take a wider view back to the west. look what's happening in oklahoma. yesterday it was the tornadoes, 41 tornado reports, numerous areas of damage massive damage around oklahoma city. today more thunderstorms developing. those thunderstorms making their way toward the north and east. even more tornado warnings have been posted into parts of the area. this is something they'll be watching. the fact they could see more tornadoes and more severe weather over the next three days is very real. it's something they'll have to watch out for. for us we've been tracking this system. it was off the coast of miami, now up towards the carolinas. look at the spin here. a well-defined spin. but nothing very small at the surface. not quite a tropical storm just
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yet. if it does become a subtropical storm it would be anna. that would be the first named storm of the season. it is expected to move to the north. i think it will affect our weekend. mostly because of the cloud cover but maybe in the way of sure a activity too. future weather, nothing overnight. tomorrow plenty of sunshine. a beautiful, fantastic friday. just a few clouds during the afternoon. watch what happens during the day on saturday. a few more clouds develop from that storm to the south and notice just a couple of light showers, same deal during saturday afternoon. now, we've got a couple of showers, we've got areas of sunshine. that's what it's going to be a mixture of sun and clouds during the day on saturday and sunday with isolated shower activity as a result of that storm system down to the south. we'll continue to watch that. high temperatures tomorrow very similar to today. 80 leesburg 78 gaithersburg around 81 in washington once again partly cloudy skies across the region. so a beautiful afternoon. exercise impact get out there, play a little golf do whatever you want but a it will be perfect. nice warm and comfortable.
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9:00 a.m. 70 degrees driving to about 81 degrees about the 3:00 hour. a very nice day on our friday and i tell you, the impact from weather very very low. just a simple fantastic day once again. we'll be seeing these great days right on through. look at the next seven days. i mean every day in the next seven 80 degrees or above with the exception of next wednesday and thursday. that's when cooler air comes in. a pretty good weekend. chance of showers and thunderstorms on monday. then on tuesday hot with a chance for some strong sorms. that's the next day we'll be watching. some young women say that their college failed to stop sexually charged attacks online. >> and they fear the threats could be connected to the death of a classmate. our northern virginia bureau chief julie carey explains the accusations for us next. and new tonight, db's police chief defending her controversial are request to prevent police body camera video from automatically being released in public. a local 7-year-old boy survives what should have been a mortal wound. how his grandmother and first
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(music) hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! (music)
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introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle. they say they were threatened with rape even murder and some women say the administration at their school failed to help. one of the women targeted was killed last month.
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>> reporter: jillian michaels isn't carrying her rape whistle today but she's had it handy. >> threatening to kill us threatening to rape us, threatening to physically harm us. >> reporter: feminist united members were joined by national leaders a they announced the filing of the title ix complaint against the university of mary washington. it alleges administrators didn't do enough. >> the administration was flat-footed and it was slow to act. >> reporter: the trouble started last semester when the school's rugby team was suspended for using a chant that glorified rape. when feminist united's president wrote about it in the campus newspaper, her group was blamed for the team's suspension. threats like this showed up on yik yak. dandies about to kill a sblef or two. and going to tie these feminists to a radiator.
5:31 pm
feminist united members asked the administration to block the app but were told that could infringe on free speech rights. one of those specifically targeted was grace mann who was a very vocal activist for feminist united. she was killed last month. her housemate charged with her murder. >> i don't know if her death had anything to do with these threats. i hope it did not. but she had been mentioned by name on yik yak and i know she was scared. >> reporter: officials said "while we disagree with many of the details and content in this morning's press conversation we do share the ultimate goal of maintaining a safe environment in collaboration with campus partners. this university takes any allegation of gender-based violence very seriously." at the university of mary washington kerrjulie carey, news4. fredericksburg police have file search warrants for the phone and laptop belonging to the suspect in grace mann's murder accused of strangling her at their home near the
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university. search warrants pulled by news4 discovered he made several calls and sent several messages to mann's cell phone in the weeks before her death. mann is from fairfax county. an undercover sting targeting men who solicit children for sex acts ended with seven men from our area in police custody. police say between april and may of this year undercover detectives posing as underage girls were on sites like craigslist. officers then arrested these men when they tried to meet for a sexual encounter. police hope this is a reminder for parents to monitor what their kids are doing online. a silver spring man will spend more than five years in prison for a deadly crash on the b.w. parkway. a judge sentenced bernardo lloyd yesterday to 63 months. prosecutors say in 2012 he was driving nearly double the speed limit and wooeching in and out of traffic in the cheverly area. he wound up slamming into a pickup truck causing it to flip
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over. the driver of that truck died in the scene. aefr d.c. police officer will soon be wearing a body camera but we may not be able to see what's on those cameras. >> today supporters of open government squared off with the d.c. police chief about making the videos public. mark segraves is outside city hall. >> reporter: mayor bowser included the blanket exemption of the camera's footage from foias in her budget and that brought a backlash from critics and then councilman kenyan mcduffy put the brakes on the whole thing insisting the public have a chance to weigh in first and now he says he's against giving the police an xemings from the public records request p s. >> the use of these cameras will benefit the community and mpd by increasing accountability improving police services and enhancing public safety. >> you're talking act improving transparency and accountability in policing then you can't move
5:34 pm
forward with a blanket foia exemption. >> reporter: chief cathy lanier says she and the mayor want to exempt the body camera footage from freedom of information requests for several reasons. one of the biggest reasons, privacy of victims and the general public. >> that is not an excuse to have this blanket prohibition against releasing these documents. and i think the public good outweighs whatever privacy concerns that they seem to have with the video. >> reporter: groups like the aclu say deciding who gets to see the body camera video shouldn't p up to the police alone.>> that does not give trust for the public. the police can't police themselves. >> reporter: several groups will be able to see the videos. >> the agencyies and others will have access to videos as well as anybody who reports fwg victim of police misconduct. >> reporter: in the as best as
5:35 pm
of full disclosure news4 is one of the groups that opposes the blanket exemption. another reason lanier says it would be too hard to comply with foia requests is the cost and time it takes to blur the videos to protect the privacy of people caught on the cameras. advocates say the mayor should just budget more money for that. back to you. >> mark segraves. flashy social media campaigns are helping terror groups such as isis recruit at an alarming rate. that is the testimony earlier today from experts at a senate homeland security committee. an estimated 3,000 westerners have joined up with isis. experts say they're often lured by false messages and they say that young women are being recruited in unprecedented numbers. >> obviously their goal in life is to preclude women from having a role outside the home. we found about a fifth of the 62 females, a number to teenagers.
5:36 pm
>> experts say it may seem logical to shut down isis-related accounts but say those accounts can also help investigators gather information about these groups. one person is dead tonight after a fire inside a home in the baltimore area. that blaze broke out late last night in the brooklyn park area in northern anne arundel county. firefighters pulled a woman from the home but by the time they got her out it was already too late. investigators tell us it appears the fire may be related to smoking products and home oxygen. george mason's patriot center is now the eagle bank arena. it's part of a $6.6 million sponsorship deal. george mason will be renaming its basketball arena after that bank. these are renderings that show what the arena will look like when the deal is official in july. in the past 29 years the patriot center hosted bruce springsteen, disney on ice, hundreds of graduation ceremonies. a hotly contested debate set to get under way.
5:37 pm
why one of our region's largest school districts is about to consider changes to its discrimination policy and why some parents are not happy about it. an eye opening pentagon audit. government workers using government credit cards at casinos and strip clubs.
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5:39 pm
the pentagon is responding to a report that military
5:40 pm
members and d.o.d. civilian personnel charged more than a million dollars to government credit cards at casinos and strip clubs. defense officials are telling nbc news the charges in 2013 and 2014 are against regulations but they didn't violate any laws because cardholders have to pay personal expenses out of their own pockets. one officer was demoted one rank. others have been counseled on their use of those cards. two-time oscar winner christophe waltz will make his directoral debut with a film from our area. he'll direct and star in "the worst marriage in georgetown." it's based on a story of albrecht muth and his wife viola drath. he's accused of being a count, a spy and a former iraqi war general. we've all had frustrating calls from customer service but
5:41 pm
one virginia woman claims her chat with verizon was bad for her health and she's suing the cell phone carrier because she says a call about billing gave her a heart attack. the woman is asking for more than $2 million. an attorney says the woman had to have surgery, spent four days in the hospital. verizon declined to comment. tomorrow part of the african-american museum will open. >> but we've got an early look today. tom sherwood will show you how the new museum is shaping up out on the mall. >> reporter: and we're here live at the fairfax county school board considering a controversial change in policy. it would protect transgender students and teachers. some parents, they're furious. they say there's a lot of questions still unanswered. doug? we're talking about a nice day today with some sunshine, a few clouds developing but that may be changing as we h
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tonight our region's largest school district will be considering a controversial change in its discrimination policy. the fairfax county school board will determine if it should ban discrimination of transgender students teaches, and staff. northern virginia bureau reporter david culver is in fairfax county ahead of tonight's vote. david? >> reporter: a lot of emotions surrounding this vote, which will happen in just a few hours from now. school board members have been flooded with e-mails from both sides of the issue. the controversy has sparked over
5:45 pm
two words in particular -- jender identity. if added to the fairfax county school discrimination policy it would protect those students and teacher who is identify as the opposite sex. last year the u.s. department of education's office of civil rights made a change extending its nondiscrimination clause to include gender identity. and in march virginia attorney general mark herring told local school boards they can change their policy ss ss worry about what that will mean for use of school bathrooms and locker rooms. we spoke with ryan mcelveen who proposed the change. >> nothing will change with bathroom policy. all of ur our students will go through an instructional with support staff. >> reporter: the change is likely to face at least one opposing vote. school board member elizabeth schultz says fcps should delay the vote until the schools know how exactly it's going to be
5:46 pm
implemented. she also worries about the federal government's reach. >> i think that there is a very serious argument that has to be had here about the sovereignty of individual school boards around the country and how we educate pre-k through 12th graders in the united states of america and whether it's the federal government setting policy or whether it's your local school boards. >> reporter: this is when you're going to want to download the nbc washington app because that vote will happen a few hours from now. we'll send a push alert via the app to let you know the outcome. i'll also be live 2013ing through much of the meeting. this is what it looks like from above in several parts of the country's midsection tonight after a dangerous series of storms spawned a series of tornadoes. along with this damage we're hearing some of the scary moments during the storms. >> got power flashes in front of me. it is krapging down. tree damage.
5:47 pm
it's a monster out here. >> that was an oklahoma city reporter driving as the storm sit. at one point he says the wind started to move the car. this evening we're hearing from some of the residents as they work to pick up the pieces. >> we're still at risk of having storms over the next several days. >> we'll be out here today hope helping people put their lives back together. >> there were reports of at least 51 twisters across oklahoma nebraska kansas and texas. at least five people are still in critical condition tonight. >> i was just asking doug is this early for it and you said no they're right in the heart of it. >> they are. spring is tornado season out there, especially the month of may. month of may has a lot of tornadoes, especially in that portion of the country. and they'll get a lot more over the next few days. this is a problematic situation out towards oklahoma kansas colorado texas, over towards nebraska as well. really right on through day on saturday. they will have continued chances for tornadic activity. right now none of that in our
5:48 pm
area of course. we're seeing beautiful conditions here. plenty of sunshine today, high temperatures a little bit above average, currently sitting at 80 degrees out at the airport. a few clouds though. you see the darkening skies there, 80 degrees in d.c. 76 by 7:00. 70 degrees by about 11:00 tonight. 70 towards annapolis, always cooler along the water. 78 in ft. belvoir and 79 towards manassas. it's dry. will stay that way for about the next 24 to 36 hours and then we'll see that system to our south which could become subtropical storm anna giving us shower activity during day on saturday but just isolated showers. that's it. tomorrow sun and clouds another great one. high temperature 77 to about 83. we'll call it a fantastic friday because that's exactly what it's going to be. speaking of your friday let's look at skycast 4 and see how the sky conditions will be changing. if you're heading downtown this will will be what it look like
5:49 pm
tomorrow at 12:00. bright sunshine during the afternoon. by the evening, 7:30 just a few clouds. if you're heading out on friday night, looking really good no matter what it is you'll be doing tomorrow into the day. saturday we start off maybe an isolated shower early but more cloud cover saturday and around 1:00 this is where we could see isolated showers beginning to develop in pars of the area so we'll continue to watch as we move through next couple days. showers, not thunderstorms. the chance is less than 20%. it there's but less than 20%. 81 82 83. skipping 83 and going right to 85 on monday with a chance for some thunderstorm activity on monday. thaw front will bring a chance for strong storms during the day on tuesday. behind it cooler wednesday at
5:50 pm
75. isn't it cool when we can call 70 cool. there is still a lot of work to do before the new museum of african-american history and culture opens on the national mall next year. but as tom sherwood reports tonight, starting tomorrow you can get a sneak peek at some of the 40,000 artifacts that will be on display. >> reporter: the animation version of the $500 million museum. it's taking shape across from washington monument, due to open in the fall of 2016. the lead architect, his local work includes projects in maryland and the district. >> we would like for people to think of this building as a good neighbor a lead-in to the washington monument grounds, a transition from the mall. >> reporter: a complex series of graded panels are being installed on all four sides.
5:51 pm
the panels drawn from slave labor images in new orleans. this man's family had been in washington 50 years. she deputy director the museum that was then little more than an idea. what's your heart telling me right now? >> my heart is heavy and light at the same time heavy because of the extraordinary responsibility and it's light because it's full of joy that we'll be able to share the story not only with washingtonians and folks in the dmv but with folks around the world. >> reporter: next door a modest exhibit opens friday at the museum of natural history. it has a few of the artifacts intended for the new museum. it shows the broad sweep of african-american history. >> the african-american story is the quintessential american story. >> reporter: officials say they still must raise about $50 million to $70 million more before the museum opens.
5:52 pm
sieve springs singer elementary school is back open after flooding closed the school yesterday. it reopened for class today. five classrooms had to be relocated when the cleanup was finished. the school maintenance workers used giant blowers to air out the flooded school. a virginia man accused of robbing a bank and posting the videos of that robbery on instagram says he's innocent. police say the guy went into a bank in the virginia beach area on monday and handed the it willer a note for $150,000. but the note said "please. "the man then recorded the teller loading up bags with cash. officers picked him up 20 minutes later. but then a jailhouse interview, he says he didn't commit a crime because he asked for the money, which is not illegal. >> robbery is demanding something and taking the money an whatever like that. i didn't do that.
5:53 pm
i gave note and asked politely. >> the young man went on to say he thinks the police told him they were just doing their job. he doesn't think the officers thought he committed a crime and he will be in court next month. where they'll probably set him straight. it's as good a birthday gift as one can get. a local 7-year-old gets to meet the men and women who saved his life. and we were there for the reunion. we'll have it for you next. buying a home is one of most important and expensive decisions you'll ever make. but what if you learned the house that you lay your kids to rest is bill with short cuts and shoddy renovations that is going to cost you hundreds of thousands more to make it right? tonight d.c.'s attorney general says his team is going after a local couple that has been allegedly flipping houses with subpar work and selling them for
5:54 pm
very big bucks. next on news4 at 6:00 we'll take you inside one homeowner's
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
some quick thinking and team work helped pull a 7-year-old through. chris lawrence has a better look
5:57 pm
at what happened and how they saved him. chris? >> reporter: someone stole the family's car. they got it back but no one noticed the thief had left a surgeon's skap pell in the back seat. demarry and his cousin being kids started playing with it. demarry severed his femoral artery nearly bled out in his grandmother's back seat. today his mom heard p 911 call for the first time. >> trying to see what he had. wait a minute. the heg. the thigh. >> get a plain dry cloth or towel and apply pressure to the wound to stop the bleeding. >> okay. right now he's in the back seat. [ screaming ] >> it's difficult to hear that but harder to believe this was the same kid scream ong that call six days ago. >> happy birthday.
5:58 pm
>> and what happened to you? >> thank you. this is how good i am. >> reporter: remember he was unconscious when all these officer, emts, and paramedics were working on him. so today he got a chance to meet them and thank them for what they did. >> at first it looked like a crime scene. there was blood everywhere all over the vehicle. we jumped in. i applied pressure to his leg. >> he wasn't responsive. and at that point we needed to be at the hospital. the only thing that was truly going to save his life was going to be a surgeon. >> i quickly got a couple of ivs on the patient to give him some fluid that i knew he needed. >> it -- i don't know. it's just hard to put into words. i'm just happy to see him here today. >> i mean it's very heartwarming i can say that. and it's a blessing. it truly is a blessing. and the way that it was
5:59 pm
explained to me he wouldn't be here if it wasn't for them. and i'm grateful. >> reporter: from the seat pleasant police officers who got there first and escorted that ambulance to children's to the surgeon starting to operate to save his life took all of 56 minutes. miracle sometimes doesn't even come close. live in capitol heights, chris lawrence, news4. backed up for miles. now at 6:00, a strange twist after smoke fills a bus and causes huge backups. why people on board the bus were shocked to find out what was below them. neighbors are reacting to a deadly dispute in a maryland suburb. tonight they're wondering if it was a homicide or self-defense that led to a teenager's death. he spent years in a cuban prison. new at 6:00 new details about alan gross' time in captivity. first tonight an end to a trial where a local police officer was the defendant.
6:00 pm
>> the first time officer sampson lawrence was tried for trying to kill his wife, the jury couldn't come up with the verdict. today they had one -- not guilty. prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins just spoke to the officer's family and joins us with more. >> reporter: what the defense attorney said in this case it came down to the evidence that was present bud more importantly the evidence that was not presented. >> we pleaded this case to god and god set him free. >> reporter: after a year in jail and a hung jury in his first trial, d.c. police officer satch sampson lawrence is not guilty of all charges including second-degree attempted murder of his wife. >> this was a, you know, situation where there were two versions of a similar story. >> reporter: but who was telling the truth? d.c. cop sampson lawrence or his wife betty? did lawrence seen here in this


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