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tv   News4 Today  NBC  May 8, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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starting off this morning we have a beautiful morning under way. and good for the flyover today and for flying along the freeways. green lights with dry pavement this morning. quite a bit of sunshine for the morning in the mid 60s with dry roads. dry roads for the afternoon commute as well. just a few high clouds coming through. temperatures in the mid 80s. you probably need that a.c. on in the car in the afternoon. that sun can cook the car if it's sitting outside for a length of time with those windows closed. melissa has an update on a new crash now. >> yeah, brand new crash, we just got this report into the traffic center. this is outer loop at georgia avenue. so we'll call and get more information about this. when you take a wider look at the beltway, everything else is moving fine. no major problems inner or outer
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loop. georgia avenue is our biggest potential issue at this point this morning. 66 headed through manassas slow there, going at about 45 miles per hour. volume quite light. looking good here. 95 northbound through dale city 18 miles per hour. that's your slow spot. and north at duke street late-clearing road work. more on this crash coming up. a violent attack is unfolding right now at a college in nigeria. suspected boko haram extremists opened fire at the business school. five students were shot. suicide bomber blew himself up in a parking lot and a second bomb exploded in a dorm. most students living in this dorm were already in class. people were jumping out of windows and over walls to escape. many were hurt trying to get away. boko haram is the same group that kidnapped hundreds of school girls last year. there was an on going push to drive these extremists out.
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at the live desk i'm kristin wright. >> thank you. it's 6:02 now. a developing story out of baltimore. today the justice department could announce plans to investigate the city police department. they'd look into possible civil rights violations committed by the department according to "the washington post." baltimore's mayor asked for the investigation after six police officers were charged in the death of freddie gray. prosecutors say officers illegally arrested gray last month. he died after being hurt in police custody. the 19-year-old who police say attacked a man inside a metro station will be in court. elijah smith has a preliminary hearing today. police say in april smith punched 69-year-old albert langeberg inside the metro station. if he is convicted he could face quite a bit of jail time, that's because of d.c. law that allows for harsher penalties if the person is over 65. and the school board in
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fairfax county voted in favor of changing the nondiscrimination policy to include gender identity. emotions flowed packed with parents and students and teachers. the crowd was so large, school officials had to lock the doors and put officers at the entrance. some parents said they're confused by how the changes will of a fekt their -- affect their children. the only board member to vote against the change says teachers are already meeting the needs of students. >> setting this policy is going to set off a firestorm that isn't needed. my fellow teachers don't need it and the students don't need to because we're already doing it well. >> the school district will hire a consultant to help plan policies including bathroom use and locker rooms. a man is recovering this morning after d.c. fire crews rescued him from the elevator shaft. somehow he got himself wedged between a service elevator and a wall of a building in cleveland park. he was trapped from the waist
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down. you can see the firefighters are talking to the man as they try to figure out how to get him out of there. about half an hour goes by and rescue teams got him on a stretcher and on his way to the hospital. firefighters had to use air bags to separate the elevator from the wall. we're working to find out how bad his injuries are. the fire on a greyhound bus in stafford county may have been started by a man stowed away in the luggage compartment under the bus. that man may have lit a cigarette in there. he was pretty badly burned. police say he got into the compartment in new york. the bus was headed for atlanta with a stop in richmond. the driver pulled over on i-95 in stafford yesterday afternoon when he noticed smoke. that led to a major traffic backup. you can see it here from chopper 4. nobody else was hurt. today in the skies over washington, you can watch a spectacular contribute to world war ii veterans. dozens of world war ii aircraft will fly over the mall. let's go to megan mcgrath great weather for it too, megan. >> reporter: yeah great weather. no doubt it's going to be quite
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a sight to see. actually, down here at the world war ii memorial, a great place to actually take in the flyover. now, the aircraft are going to be flying in formations that represent major battles in the war. the flyover marks the 70th anniversary of victory in europe day. it's going to start at 12:10 and they'll be flying over the national mall as well as near the world war ii memorial. now the p-38 lightning, b-29 super fortress a couple of the aircraft that are involved in this. something else to keep in mind reagan national airport is going to be suspending flights from 12:10 to 1:00 this afternoon while the aircraft are in the area. hundreds of people of course are expected to gather along the mall and here at the world war ii memorial. you can see a slowdown in traffic as a lot of people are going to be paying attention as the planes go overhead. now, you can get a good view along the national mall here at the memorial. some place without a lot of tall buildings and trees and you should be able to see all of the
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planes going by. now, if you can't see the flyover, if you're at work at home we are going to be streaming it on the nbc washington app so check it out there. back to you in the studio. >> all right, thank you. the caps will try to move on to round three of the stanley cup playoffs tonight. >> go caps. >> they lead three games to one. the puck drops at madison square garden at 7:00. severe weather is showing no signs of easing up on the heartland. the latest communities dealing with tornado damage and which states can see more of them in the day ahead. plus fighting to keep money from metro. the step one virginia lawmaker is taking to prevent planned cuts in congress. a beautiful morning on embassy row which will be open to guests this weekend. storm team 4 meteorologist amelia segal is live w
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you're watching "news4 today." >> welcome back at 6:10. metro will open two hours early susan g. komen race for the tour. they'll open at 5:00 a.m. and the greenbelt station will be closed for the weekend. free shuttle buses will replace trains between college park and orange blue and yellow will be single tracks and running every 18 minutes. today the congresswoman barbara comstock will take a ride on metro. she and anthony fox will protest congress's decision to can it the budget. last week congress unveiled the plan to cut it by $75 million. officials will board the trains this morning at 11:00 a.m. at the east falls church station. passport d.c. month is underway and it celebrates the international community we live in. >> you can check out the european union embassies in washington tomorrow. some beautiful embassies in our
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area. amelia segal has your saturday planner to look at the forecast for today as well. good morning to you, amelia. >> good morning, eun and aaron. happy friday to you. i hope you're having a great start to the day. we're off embassy row with the storm team 4 x 4. it is comfortably cool. today and tomorrow for the most part two really nice days. now tomorrow a little bit more humid than it will be today with a high of 83. maybe an isolated shower. the best chance would be during the early morning hours. but most if not all of your day is dry, starting off with clouds. the clouds break up as we get into the afternoon hours and more sunshine starts to develop. by the midday, temperatures in the upper 70s. we'll reach the high of 83 around 4:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m. still beautiful. now for today, bus stop it is gorgeous out there. comfortable. i don't think the kids need a jacket. fantastic for recessissal temps in
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the low to mid 80s. tom has a look ahead to mother's day which is sunday and a bit of a better chance that you're dealing with the shower or thunderstorm. for now, we send it over to melissa with a look at the roads. >> good morning, amelia. over the beltway at georgia avenue we had that report of a crash, not seeing anything. that's good. look at the light volume. northbound 17th street shut down because of the pedestrian hit. megan mcgrath out there this morning. all lanes are open. northbound, quantico to the belt you're behind. and 270 south no major problems. same thing top of the beltway. especially since we don't have that problem at georgia. remember to listen to our friends at wtop for the latest. thanks, melissa. we hear the heartwrenching story as the temperatures rise. children being accidentally left in a hot car.
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we'll show you the technology you can buy to keep your kids safe. plus a restaurant is raising some
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major flooding in texas right now. it's causing problems at dallas-ft. worth airport. a lot of frustrated passengers this morning including one who tweeted this picture. stranded at the terminal because of flooding. hundreds of cars got backed up in the pickup area. the flooding so bad there that vehicles were stuck and had to be towed. the passenger who tweeted the photo says they finally left 4 1/2 hours after landing. several tornadoes reported in texas. look at this. one in slidell, not far from dallas. just dark stormy sky there. and guess what? more flooding on the way with three to four more inches of rain coming. it's now 6:17. more severe weather is on tap for texas, kansas and oklahoma. forecasters say conditions today and tomorrow appear to be ripe for storms that could produce even more powerful tornadoes.
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take a look at this video now of a tornado in norman, oklahoma, on wednesday. the storm brought high winds and baseball sized hail. one woman drowned after becoming trapped in her underground storm cellar. at least a dozen others were hurt. and one of the victims spent hours trapped under the rubble of what was once her house. a technician was monitoring open gas meters at this mobile home park wednesday as a precaution. >> it was where i could actually faintly hear her asking for help. it was rain and wind and other noises. so once i got the cops we all got out of here. we knew that obviously somebody was in there. >> a handful of police officers and neighbors came over to pull the woman out. she was in a lot of pain and was bleeding but we are told she's expected to be okay. lance buckley's cell phone picked near block house point conservation park in montgomery county yesterday, but police found no trace of him. they're retracing the last known
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steps of the missing howard university students. family members dropped him off at a commuter lot on tuesday morning and he sent his wife a text message, he was near howard university at the time. his family has not heard from him since. take a look here, these are some pictures of two people d.c. police want to talk to about a pair of armed robberies. police say a man and a woman held a georgetown student at gunpoint and demanded his wallet on wednesday. that was outside the mcdonough business school at 37th and "o" northwest. another robbery happened at 31st and "k." former governor o'malley is stoking more speculation about a presidential bid. he's hired a former president obama aide to be his political director. karine jean-pierre served as the deputy battle grounds state director in 2012. in 2008 she was the obama campaign regional director. he will announce his plans as early as this month. today, purposal -- purposal
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line advocates will take larry hogan on a listening tour. they'll explain the benefits of the line to a cardboard cutout of the governor. it begins at the silver spring library and will stop at the future chevy chase and bethesda lines. they want him to endorse it sooner rather than later. you have to deal with lane closures and construction near the watergate complex for the next three weeks. d-dot officials say the eastbound lanes of virginia avenue from rock creek parkway to 25th street will stay closed to traffic while they make repairs. this is because of last friday's garage chance. they need to stabilize that garage. comedian stephen colbert is single-handedly helping thousands of school children in south carolina. the former comedy central host auctioned off the set from his old show "the colbert report." the $800,000 will go to fund every single school project listed on donors choose for the state of south carolina. colbert is from south carolina and went to public school there.
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he made the announcement to students yesterday via video chat. colbert is getting ready to take over for david letterman later this year. he does so much for education on all levels. he doesn't need recognition. he really just wants to helps kids. a colorado barbecue restaurant is coming under fire for its plan to hold a white appreciation day. on june 11th, this barbecue place will offer only its white patrons 10% off their orders. the owner says since other races have whole months, it's only fair to give white customers one day. >> so we figured all we could do -- the least we can do is offer one day to appreciate white americans. >> that was the owner. civil rights leaders in the area called the discount absurd. one state agency says if someone believes the discount is discriminatory they can file a complaint with the state's civil rights division.
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sunday is mother's day, i hope you have your plans and your gifts ready. i'm sharing the lessons i learned from my mother on the "today" show parenting website. there's the photo of me with my mother on my wedding. she taught me so much about life and the biggest thing she has given me is to live by faith. she's just a woman who's so faithful and she's gone through a lot of hardships, moving to this country and building a life, a better life for her children. never complains. always is grateful. always has a positive outlook on life and that comes from the faith she has. so i thank my mother for the woman she's made me. >> i thank her for you. >> thank you. you know she's listening and watching. >> i know. 6:21. we want to get you up to speed on the forecast and into the weekend it will be a nice one. >> can i adopt your mother? >> she'd love that. she loves you, tom. >> starting off this morning a little bit of a haze in the air.
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live view from the tower camera, looking off to the east, that sun is coming unlike pink grapefruit in the eastern sky. temperatures right now in the 50s. prince george and fairfax county, and right near the bay, anne arundel in the 50s to around 60 degrees. we have a little bit of fog forming. denser fog in the areas of gray. fauquier and culpepper and shenandoah valley. this is in effect into 10:00 this morning. visibility is a quarter of a mile or so. and by 8:00 mid 60s. by noon upper 70s. hitting mid 80s mid afternoon. a little touch of summer in may. a few high clouds are coming through. then on saturday great weather for the susan g. komen race for the cure. low 80s, partly cloudy. in the morning some clouds maybe a sprinkle, sun in the afternoon. sunday, mother's day, partly
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sunny. mainly south of us and temperatures in the mid 80s. here is new model timing on sunday. the areas in green might get a few sprinkles in the morning but the greater chance of any showers on mother's day is well to the south of the met row area. as of 4:00 p.m. maybe a few of the showers in stafford, culpepper and fauquier county. so most of the area during mother's day during the day will be dry. except those areas south and west of the metro area. as we get into monday still warm into the mid 80s. a passing shower. still pretty warm on tuesday. upper 80s. cooler weather moves in on wednesday. thursday next week with lower humidity. now melissa has an update on the roads. >> very light volume at this point this morning. looking pretty good almost everywhere. i have a couple of incidents here and there. chopper 4 behind me, take a look over the spur. and all these folks on 270 southbound just fine. northbound moving along nicely.
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wide look at things beltway looking good. getting a bit of a slowdown inbound 395, but a tad yellow. a tad slow there. nothing major to worry about. 66 headed into town, through manassas you know 45 mile per hour or so. speed has increased in the past couple of minutes up to 25 as you head through dale city. i got off the phone with megan mcgrath 17th street completely reopened in front of the world war ii memorial after that pedestrian crash. everything looking good. 6:25 is your time right now. we hear about these heartwrenching accidents each year. children dying after being left in a hot car. now there's new technology providing some added measures of protection. intel created a smart clip that attaches to your child's car seat. the clip connects to your phone
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via blue tooth and sends an alert if you walk a certain distance away from your car with your child still inside. on average 38 children die each year from being left in the hot cars. the cleveland cavaliers are responding to a controversial video they showed during the playoff gim with the cavaliers. ♪ now i had the time of my life ♪ >> the video was meant to be a humorous spoof on a popular commercial. but it ended up with a man throwing the woman on the floor when he realizes that she is a bulls fan. some said it was insensitive and made light of domestic violence. it was a mistake to include content that made light of domestic violence. domestic violence has no place in a parody video that plays in an entertainment venue, that's a quote from the cleveland cavaliers in response. coming up on 6:26 tom brady speaking out for the first time about the deflategate scandal
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report. that report by the nfl says the patriots quarterback was probably aware that a staffer was deflating football. brady says he can't react to those allegations just yet. >> it's only been 30 hours so i haven't had time to digest it fully. when i do, i'll let you know how i feel about it. and everybody else. >> are you that slow a reader? [ laughter ] >> investigators think a patriots employee improperly deflated footballs before the afc championship game against the colts. the reports says that some of brady's claims were not plausible or contradicted by other evidence. his agent released a statement, saying it was biased and said that the nfl ran a sting operation to get brady and the patriots. the report doesn't take away the super bowl win. i'm just warning you the next story might cause arguments this morning. >> where? >> women outwork men in the
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chores department. but the scales are starting to even out. that's according to researchers at the university of maryland. from 1965 to 2012 daily house work dropped to less than 2 1/2 hours a day. over the same time period chores tripled for men. but women still did nearly twice as much house work as men in 2012. in other words, the average man would need to increase his house work output by 70% to be as productive at chores as the average woman. >> okay. so i wonder if the next survey will be outdoor work or other types of nonhouse work related work that happens in the home. >> but it would be interesting, house work -- that could be included in house work. to take care of your home. >> maybe. 6:27 our time right now. we're watching a developing story involving the unrest in baltimore. a new federal investigation into the city's police department expected to be announced in the
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coming hours. what the investigation will be looking for. this fantastic friday may have you wanting to head to the national harbor to enjoy this beautiful weather. take a live look right now. high temperatures at 6:31. but first breaking news on the national mall right now after a pedestrian is hit by a car near the world war ii memo
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we're following some breaking news this morning. >> a pedestrian has been struck near the national mall. let's get right to the scene and news4's megan mcgrath. what's happening? >> reporter: well i can tell you within the last half hour or so, all of the lanes of traffic here on 17th street have reopened. got a little congestion because there's some construction in the area, but it's due to the construction. not to lane closures. this after a pedestrian was struck right here on 17th street, basically directly across from the world war ii memorial. it happened while we were here earlier reporting on that flyover that's going to be happening later on today. the striking vehicle did stay on the scene. they had some front end damage.
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i was able to see the pedestrian who was struck. it appeared to me he may have been a jogger. he was on the street, had some injuries there. but was conscious and talking. and was transported to the hospital. at this point though all lanes are open. keep in mind there's going to be a lot of activity at the world war ii memorial today. be aware of pedestrians in the area. with more on other traffic problems we'll send it over to melissa. >> good morning. we have a brand new crash. this just popped up. this is a report of a cyclist struck at east deer park. in the area of gaithersburg high school. beltway looking good.of the beltway is getting slow on the outer loop. look at 270 into and out of town everything looking good. in prince george's county no major issues. just the normal slow downs inbound branch and indian head highway. 66 west of ox road looking good with the light volume. tom? some of the rural areas we have a little bit of fog that's
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showing up. got this photo posted on my twitter page by patricia sherwood. this is in charleston west virginia. you see fog in the area, eastern sky lit up on fire this morning there with a few high clouds coming in. at good news on the pollen count. the oak tree pollen is peaked and is now decreasing. but the pollen count itself is still high. some mulberry and pine mixing in as well. highs today feeling like summertime well into the 80s. partly cloudy to our west. lots of sunshine around the met row area and the bay. 6:33. the justice department expected to announce it will launch an investigation into the baltimore police department. the agency will look into possible excessive abuse use allegations. tracie potts has more. >> reporter: aaron, yeah, "the washington post" and the associated press are quoting sources saying that that announcement could come as soon
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as today. let's clarify because the pattern and practices civil rights investigation that they would launch is different than what they have already got going in baltimore. they wouldn't be looking at a specific case or they wouldn't be looking at specific officers. they'd be looking at the entire department to see if there's some sort of pattern of civil rights abuses. this is actually an investigation that baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings-blake requested to help restore confidence in her police department. our affiliate up in baltimore got a comment from the police commissioner saying he welcomes this. that they do have fewer lawsuits and complaints but they need to prove that to the public. there were a lot of hints from loretta lynch the new attorney general about this last week and we can see an announcement as early as today. >> tracie potts, thank you. the man who flew a gyrocopter on to the capitol lawn heads to court. hughes was charged with
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violating restricted air space and operating an unregistered air craft when he landed on the west lawn earlier this month. hughes could spend one to four years in jail if convicted. police are enwhoing you can help them -- are hoping you can help them find a man who may have touched a teenager inappropriately. this happened on tuesday in prince william county. a man approached a 17-year-old girl on creek branch way in gainesville. they say the man touched herb arm and had a brief conversation with the girl before getting into a dodge ram pickup and driving away. it doesn't appear that the man wanted to harm the girl. but want to talk to him. we're learning more about what caused a death of a mary washington student. the house mate stephen van der briel is charged with her murder. he also sent numerous text messages to messages to mann before she was killed. she was mentioned in threats on
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the social media sites like yik yak. there's no indication right now that those threats are connected to the murder. the school says it disagrees with many parts of the complaint. the student organization filed a federal complaint yesterday. the school disagrees with some of the allegations there, but takes the allegation of gender based violence seriously. the tories will govern britain for another five years. prime minister cameron will meet with the queen today to tell her he has the support following the election. early results indicate the conservative party won by a resounding victory. if you work downtown you'll be seeing dozens of planes fly over you in the day ahead. don't be alarmed though. why the world war ii era planes are taking to the sky. a new problem in gaithersburg. a crash involving a cyclist. details ahead.
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but first giving back to the community. a special gift that
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fairfax county wants your input to help guide the future of the bus network. the transportation department holding public workshops throughout may and june to get feedback about the plan for the fairfax connector. it plans to expand bus service over the next ten years and the first meeting is next tuesday. today some kids in prince george's county will get to meet an nfl star. torrey smith will be at oxon hill high school. the former baltimore raven will present a $5,000 check to the school. students won the amerigroup challenge. it was created to teach students about staying healthy and seeing the doctor for a regular checkup. oxon hill high school had the
6:41 am
highest number of students participate. 6:41 right now. you can check out the european embassies tomorrow in d.c. >> amelia segal has more on what kind of weather we can expect. looks pretty. >> eun, it is it beautiful out here this morning. off of massachusetts avenue today and tomorrow will be nice. here's the forecast if you want to come by the european union embassies out. you can find out more information on my facebook and twitter pages. isolated shower is possible mainly by tomorrow morning. the clouds are breaking up. a little bit humid getting into the afternoon hours. for the most part, a mix of clouds and sunshine and a high around 83. another comfortable start. so what to wear not only tomorrow but today as well. short sleeves are going to be just fine and you need the sunglasses. better chance that you're dealing with a shower or maybe even a storm for mother's day. tom has more on that in ten. but now here's melissa with a
6:42 am
check of the roads. >> thank you. volume looking good. track track headed northbound on 95 just after lorton, no problems. actually pretty light and moving along fairly well. 355 at east deer park in front of gaithersburg high school, we had a report of a cyclist struck no lanes blocked. remember to listen to our friends from wtop when you hop in your car. 66 inbound looking good as well. see you in a couple of minutes. an emotional night in fairfax county that brought out big crowds. at stake how the school district's nondiscrimination policy is worded. why there was a push for change. but first, we are following breaking news now involving a terrorist attack overnight. what we're learning about this attack that boko haram is carrying out right now in af people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with
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at dunkin' breakfast just got zestier with guacamole made from real avocados, tomatoes, cilantro, and lime the new bacon guacamole flatbread. ole, indeed! america runs on dunkin'. welcome back. 6:45. the unprecedented event happening over the skies of d.c. today that will leave you in awe. why you want to adjust your schedule to see it and the major travel disruption it will cause. but first a quick look at your weather and traffic. >> a little big of fog in the rural areas, a light haze. temperatures by 8:00 mid 60s. upper 70s by noon. it will feel like summer like
6:46 am
into the low to mid 80s. a few high clouds coming through. melissa? >> brand new crash in springfield. right there at 95. as we take the first 4 traffic tracker up 95 north getting volume as you make your way closer and closer to the beltway. happening now, several students are hurt in boko haram's latest violent attack in nigeria. the extremists opened fire at a college today and set off bombs. five students were wounded by gun fire. and children trying to run from a school next door were hurt jumping over walls and from windows. boko haram attacked their school last year and killed 40 students. they also kidnapped hundreds of school girls as you may remember in nigeria last year. i'm kristin wright at the live desk. a man will be sentenced for murdering a howard university student. rasdavid lagarde killed 22-year-old omar sykes during an attempted robbery on july 4, 2013.
6:47 am
he pleaded guilty in february. lagarde and an accomplice tried to rob sykes and a friend as they were walking back to campus from watching fireworks. lagarde faces 20 to 30 years behind bars. this morning, the 19-year-old who police say attacked a man inside a metro station will be in court. elijah smith has a preliminary hearing today. police say in april smith punched 69-year-old albert langeberg inside the metro station. if he's convicted he could face quite a bit of jail time because a d.c. law allows for harsher penalties if the man is over 65. a man is recovering after fire crews rescued him from the elevator shaft. somehow he found himself wedged between a service elevator and the wall of a building on connecticut avenue in cleveland park. he was trapped from the waist down. in this video here it shows the firefighters talking to the man as they figure out how to get him out. about half an hour later, rescue teams finally got him on the stretcher and on his way to the trauma center.
6:48 am
they had to use air bags to separate the elevator from the wall. we're still working to see how badly he was injured. the fire on a greyhound bus in stafford county may have been started by a man stowed away in the luggage compartment. virginia state police say the man may have lit a cigarette. he's badly burned now. police say he got into the compartment in new york. the bulls was heading for lap -- the bus was headed for atlanta. the driver pulled over when he noticed smoke and led to the major traffic backup. no one else was hurt. 6:48 is your time right now. today the skies over d.c. will allow you to see really a spectacular tribute to world war ii veterans. dozens of world war ii aircraft will fly in formation over the national mall. i want to go to news4's megan mcgrath who is live with a preview this morning. megan? >> reporter: well aaron, it will be quite an air show. actually here at the world war ii memorial, this isn't a bad spot to come and see the flyover. you can watch -- stay close to the memorial.
6:49 am
but it's quite a sight to see. the aircraft will be flying in formations that represent major battles in the war. and the flyover marks the 70th anniversary of the victory in europe day. and there are going to be dozens of vintage aircraft participating in this. it starts at 12:10. it will go over the national mall, the flyover, as well as by the world war ii memorial. the p-38 lightning and the b-29 fortress will be part of this. worth mentioning that reagan national airport will suspend flights from 12:10 to 1:00 this afternoon. hundreds of people are expected to gather here at the world war ii memorial and the mall. if you want a good spot the mall isn't a bad place to be. the aircraft are going to go along the independence avenue side of the mall. there are plenty of open areas
6:50 am
along that stretch. so if you can't see it for yourself we'll be streaming it as well on our nbc4 app so you can watch it that way. back to you, aaron. >> megan mcgrath, thank you. if you're a world war ii veteran who wants to relive the camaraderie of the mess hall days, you can head to the martin's tavern. it has served every president from truman to george bush. truman was president in 1945 as allied powers were closing in on victory in world war ii. the million mom's march is this weekend. it's to support mothers who have lost children at the hands of police officers. this morning the group will lobby on capitol hill. this afternoon, they'll host an afternoon social at the lincoln memorial park. tomorrow's march starts at 10:00. well, they made a name for themselves by taking on cab companies and now uber wants to
6:51 am
take on google. landon dowdy has more on that. good morning. >> good morning. they have made a bid for nokia's business called here for as much as $3 billion. "the new york times" said they're competing with a group of automakers including bmw, audi and mercedes-benz. while google maps is most popular here in the u.s. here could help the carpooling link passengers to drivers. eun, back over to you. >> landon dowdy, thank you. have a good weekend. the caps will try to move on to round three of the stanley cup playoffs tonight. the caps lead the rangers three games to one headed into game five. the puck drops at madison square garden at 7:00 tonight. >> go caps let's wrap this up. and the wizards are really hoping they can see john wall on the court tomorrow for game three against atlanta hawks. it's not looking good though. the team says it's still evaluating whether wall can play after learning he had five fractured bones in his hands. he was playing through all this pain for game one.
6:52 am
can you imagine the wizards have a 10-40 record when wall is not on the court. tomorrow's game at 5:00 p.m. i mean we don't want him to have a serious or more permanent injury so we want him to rest up. >> this is an opportunity for the other players to really step up. >> go wizards. >> tom, let's talk about this forecast. we're winning i think today. >> yeah, beautiful day for the world war ii plane flyover. i can't wait to see the b-29 the only one left flying. i did see it up close at the air and space museum in virginia a couple of days ago. an amazing airplane. right now around the region we have a cool morning, in the 50s. most of maryland and virginia. in the upper 50s, 60s in the suburbs. patchy fog, southern fauquier culpepper and the shenandoah valley. visibility is a quarter of a mile until 10:00 a.m. and later today the temperatures
6:53 am
mid 60s by 8:00 and by noon upper 70s. hitting low to mid 80s by mid afternoon. for saturday looking great for the susan g. komen race for the cure. low 80s, partly cloudy. a few clouds in the morning with a sprinkle and then sun in the afternoon. partly sunny for mother's day. highs in the mid 80s. here is new model timing just in on sunday's chance of rain. the areas in green may be a few sprinkles on the eastern shore. but motion of the day will stay dry. throughout most of the region later in the afternoon though this area in green, some showers move in by south of washington. then they creep off to the west. maybe a few passing showers into the shenandoah valuely isley. later in the evening. a greater chance of some passing showers on monday. into next week we'll have it warm on tuesday. cooler wednesday, thursday. and remaining dry.
6:54 am
melissa has breaking news on 270. >> 270 southbound at falls road got this crash off to the left side of the roadway. thank goodness right? especially on a friday morning. it was slowing things down. looks like you're okay southbound at falls road in the main lanes. we were worried about volume building up. but they got it moved oed out of the way. take a look here, first 4 traffic tracker heading in on 395, quite slow right here at the beginning of 395. 66 at nutley, no problems there. wide look at things everything actually looking typical. you can see the slowdowns the traffic tracker will see on 395 as we drive live. 29 95, b.w. parkway, everything looks good and pretty typical for this time of the day. prince george's county same sort of thing. >> 6:54 a controversial divide over gender identity came down to one vote for fairfax county schools. the school board voted in changer of the nondiscrimination policy to include gender identity. emotions overflowed inside the
6:55 am
auditorium packed with teachers students and parents last night. some said they're confused by how the change will affect their children. the only board member to vote against the change says teachers are already meeting the needs of students. >> setting this policy is going to set off a firestorm that isn't needed. that my -- that my fellow teachers don't need in order to accommodate them. >> the school district will hire a consultant to look at policies including bathroom use and locker rooms. get ready to firm up your memorial day travel plans. aaa will share the holiday travel forecast. that's helpful for you as you budget for gas prices, hotels and airfares and it has data about whether the prices are going up and town. aaa will share the predictions on how many drivers will be packing the roads. if history is any indication tons of people out there. if you're out and about in silver spring this morning, grab a free coffee and doughnuts
6:56 am
while supplies last. >> we're partnering one goodies food truck from 7:00 to 9:00. right there in downtown. >> time for now four things to know. today around noon does dozens of world war ii aircraft will have a flyover. they're making 70 years since the allyied victory. forecasters say conditions today and tomorrow appear to be ripe for storms that could produce more powerful tornados. breaking news in nigeria. suspected boko haram attacked a business school there. at least five students were shot and 45 others hurt in an attack at that business school. today the justice department is expected to announce it will launch an investigation into the baltimore police department.
6:57 am
the city's mayor asked for the investigation after six police officers were charged in the death of freddie gray. go sleeveless a warm summer like day. mid-morning in the 60s. by noontime upper 70s. mid afternoon into the mid 80s. a few high clouds coming through. >> thank you, tom. that's the broadcast this morning. thanks for waking up with us. "today" s
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. breaking overnight. severe weather across the country. tornadoes ripping through parts of the south. >> it's hitting right now. >> the first named storm of the hurricane season ana bearing down on the carolinas. and where spring snow is blanketing the west. we've got itll covered. blowing it off? tom brady addresses comments on deflategate since that report linking him to cheating. >> has this detracted from your joy of winning the super bowl? >> absolutely not. >> and what is brady saying about skipping the patriots visit to the white house? smoke in the cabin. smoke on a


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